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D45RL_OI_5 - Event Handling; on_close_event

D620AW_BOOD - Demonstration: 00 Transactions

D620AW_BOOS - Sample Solution: 00 Transactions

D620AW_ENMD - Demonstr.: Screen Enhncmt w.BusAd-In

D620AW_ENMS00 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS01 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS02 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS03 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS04 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS05 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS06 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS07 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS08 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS09 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS10 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS11 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS12 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS13 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS14 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS15 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS16 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS17 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS18 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMS19 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In

D620AW_ENMT - Copy Template: Demo Scr Enh.w.BAdI

DA_CONTROL - Data Archiving Control

DA_SARA - Cross-Archiving-Object Check/Delete

DB01 - Analyze Exclusive Lockwaits

DB02 - Tables and Indexes Monitor

DB02OLD - old DB02DB02

DB02_MSS - Db02 for MS SQL Server

DB03 - Parameter changes in database

DB05 - Analysis of a Table Acc. to Index

DB11 - Create Database Connection

DB12 - DBA Backup Logs

DB12OLD - DBA Backup Logs (OLD)

DB12_MSS - DB12 Multiconnect transaction

DB13 - DBA Planning Calendar

DB13C - Central DBA Planning Calendar

DB13COLD - Central DBA Planning Calendar (OLD)

DB13OLD - DBA Planning Calendar (OLD)

DB14 - Display DBA Operation Logs

DB14OLD - Display DBA Operation Logs (OLD)

DB15 - Data Archiving: Database Tables

DB16 - Display DB Check Results

DB16ORA - Display DB Check Results: Oracle

DB17 - Configure DB Check

DB17ORA - Configure DB Check: Oracle

DB2 - DB2 z/OS: Select Database Activities

DB20 - Update DB Statistics

DB20ORA - Update DB Statistics: Oracle

DB21 - Configure DB Statistics

DB24 - Administrative Database Operations

DB26 - DB Profile:Monitor and Configuration

DB26ORA - DB Profile Maintenance: Oracle

DB2ACCEL - DB2 Accelerator Control Center

DB2B - DB2 z/OS: Buffer pool tuning

DB2BW - BW Analysis Tool

DB2C - DB2 z/OS: Catalog Browser

DB2D - DB2 z/OS - Deadlock Monitor

DB2J - DB2 z/OS: Manage JCL Jobs

DB2SPACE - DB2: Space Analysis

DB2SYSPARM - DB2: System Parameters

DB2T - DB2 z/OS - Timeout Monitor

DB2U - DB2 z/OS: Long Running Transactions

DB2W - DB2 z/OS: Workload Manager Monitor

DB2X - DB2/390: database check

DB2_IXFIX - DB2-z/OS: index fix (padded, codepg)

DB33 - DB System check (configure, IFMX)

DB34 - Dbspace extension (IFMX)

DB36 - DB6: Alert Configuration

DB37 - DB6: Alert Message Log

DB4COCKPIT - iSeries: Cockpit for CCMS Transact.

DB4DB12 - iSeries: Backup and Recovery

DB4DGN - Diagnostics

DB4LCK - Lock Monitor


DB50 - SAP DB Assistant

DB50N - Database Assistant

DB59 - MaxDB/liveCache System Overview

DB6BACKHIST - DB6: DBA Planning Calendar

DB6CLP - DB6: Command Line Processor


DB6CST - DB6: Analyze Cumulative SQL Trace

DB6CST_LST - DB6: Analyze Cumulative SQL Trace

DB6DB21 - DB6: RUNSTATS Control

DB6DBALOG - DB6: DBA Log Viewer

DB6DBM - DB6: Database Manager Configuration

DB6DBP - DB6: Database Configuration

DB6EXL - DB6: Analyze Exclusive Lock Waits

DB6EXPLAIN - DB6: Explain SQL Statement

DB6FSC - DB6: File System Configuration

DB6PARHIS - DB6: Show Parameter History

DB6PERF - DB6: DB2 UDB Cockpit Performance

DB6PLAN - DB6: DBA Planning Calendar

DB6SPACE - DB6: Space Analysis

DB6SQC - DB6: Analyze SQL Cache

DB6STATS - DB6: Run Single Statistics

DB6SYSCFG - DB6: System Registration

DB6TAC - DB6: Analyze Table Snapshot

DB6TRC - DB6: Trace Status

DBACOCKPIT - Start DBA Cockpit





DBCO - Database Connection Maintenance

DBG_ABAP_EDITOR - Debugger -> ABAP Editor

DBG_BROWSER - Debugger -> Repository Browser

DBG_MEMORY_DIFFTOOL - Debugger: Call Memory Inspector

DBG_SCREEN_PAINTER - Debugger -> Screen Painter

DBG_TABLE_TO_EXCEL - ABAP Debugger: Table as Excel File

DC10 - Define document types

DC20 - Define data carrier

DC30 - Define workstation application

DCSWI - Document Browser Switch

DCSWITCH - Browser and ACL switch

DDA_BR - DDA ALV Display

DDCHECK - Classification of DDIC Structures

DD_PONUM - Number range maintenance: DD_PONUM

DD_TRNUM - Number range maintenance: DD_TRNUM

DECK - Cash Holding Years

DEDT - Define Downtime

DELETE_COL_SETTINGS - Delete Column Configuration

DELETE_FACTS - Delete from the fact table

DELETE_MDT_SETTINGS - Delete Manager's Desktop Settings

DELETE_NF_SETTINGS - Delete Framework Settings

DELETE_OM_SETTINGS - Delete Object Manager Settings

DELG1 - Edit Outbound Delivery Groups

DELTACUST - Balance Sheet Valuation Delta Run

DEMO_CR_CAR_RENTAL - Call Car Rental Demo

DEMO_OO_METHOD - OO Trans. for Local Instance Method

DEMO_REPORT_TRANSACT - Report Transaction with SelScrn 500

DEMO_SCREEN_FLOW - Demonstration for Dynpro Sequences

DEMO_SELSCREEN_DYNP - Selection Screen as Initial Dynpro

DEMO_STRING_PROCESS - Character String Processing

DEMO_ST_METHOD_CALL - Method Call from ST

DEMO_TABSTRIP - Test Transaction Tabstrip

DEMO_TCD - DEMO of a TCD Recording

DEMO_TRANSACTION - Demonstration Transaction

DEVBOOK - Project management

DEVICE_CONFIG - Device Configuration

DEV_DA_CONTROL - DEV Entries Control DA

DEXP - Expediting

DGA1 - DG: Activation DG Checks

DGA10 - Assign DG check schema/SD documents

DGA2 - DG-Check Schema-Determ. Routine

DGA3 - DG - Check Methods

DGA4 - Usage Profile DG Check Routines

DGA5 - DG: Countries en Route

DGA6 - DG: Alloctn Chk Schema/Chk Methods

DGA7 - Usage Context DG Check Schema

DGA8 - DG-CheckSchemaDetRoutineShipmentDoc

DGA9 - Allocate DG-CheckSchema/ShipmentDoc

DGAA - DG: Output Cond. for MatMast Fields

DGAB - DG: Profile for DG Ind. in Del. Head

DGAC - DG: Controlling EDI Processing

DGC2 - DG: Specify Transport Type

DGC4 - DG: Define DG Classes

DGC5 - DG: Define Water Pollution Classes

DGC6 - DG: Specify Danger Label

DGC8 - Text IDs standard/user-defined texts

DGC9 - DG: Dialog type for ident. no.

DGCA - DG: Hazard Notes

DGCB - DG: Labels for Printing

DGCC - DG: Hazard Identification Numbers

DGCD - DG: Hazard-Inducing Substances

DGCE - DG: VbF Classes

DGCF - DG: Storage Hazard Classes

DGCG - DG: Processing Status

DGCH - DG: Maintain indicator profile

DGCI - DG: Date Determination

DGCK - Txt names for DG MatMast ind. txts

DGCL - DG: Primary and Secondary Languages

DGCM - DG: Assign check list

DGCN - DG: Assign check list (pack.)

DGCR - DG: Regulations

DGCS - Texts for mode of transport cats.

DGCV - DG UN Number and Description

DGCW - Reactivate DG Indicators

DGD1 - Maint. and Assign Regulation Profile

DGD2 - Assignmt Regul. Profile/Indic. Cat.

DGD3 - Checkbox Struc. for T/O-T Materials

DGE4 - First database via DGP1

DGE5 - DG Filling from Spec. Management

DGE6 - DG Simul. of Filling from Spec. Mgmt

DGP0 - Basic Data: Environment

DGP1 - Create Dangerous Goods Master

DGP10 - Generate Phrase Sets

DGP2 - Change Dangerous Goods Master

DGP3 - Display Dangerous Goods Master

DGP5 - Report for sending dangerous goods

DGP5S - Report to Simulate Sending

DGP7 - Display import logs

DGP8 - Delete import logs

DGP9 - Activate phrase library

DGPEX2 - Exceptions to DG Regulations:

DGPEX3 - Exceptions to DG Regulations:

DGPEX5 - Init.Distr. of Exceptions to DG Regs

DGPREL - Dangerous Goods Product Release

DGR1 - Displaying DG master data

DGR2 - Dangerous goods: Change document

DGR3 - Display DG Packaging Data

DGR4 - Display DG Packaging Data

DGSD - Display Report Logs

DGTD - DG: Maintain mat-dependent texts

DGTU - DG: Maintain mat-independent texts

DGU0 - DG: Conversion of Customizing Tables

DGU1 - DG: Conversion of DG Reg. tables

DGU2 - DG: Conversion Texts/Descriptions

DGU3 - DG: Converting the DG Descriptions

DGUC - DG: Test refer. integrity regulation

DGUD - DG: Test ref. integrity of C tables

DGUM - DG: Convert field LWDG to MasterData

DGUT - Migrate Indicators for Transport

DIACLC1 - Logbook: counter type definition

DIACLC2 - Customizing for cntr upd in Logbook

DIACLC3 - Logbook: Dig. signature customizing

DIACLC4 - Log Entry Type customizing

DIACL_CUST_LBK_SMODE - Set logbook sync mode

DIAN_DISPLAY_INFO - Dian Display Document Information

DIAN_EXTRACTION - Diana Data Extraction Within ERP

DIAN_GENERATION - Dian Files Generation

DIAN_MIGRATION - Dian Customizing Migration

DICTIONARY - Terminology and Glossary Maintenance

DIMSP_NOTIF_TYPE - Maintain MSP Notification type

DIMSP_REVI_TYPE - Maintain MSP Revision type

DIOHFWC1 - Application definition (cust.)

DIOHFWC2 - Node type specification (Customizing

DIOHFWC3 - Hierarchy definition (customizing)

DIOHFWC4 - Fcode definitions (customizing)

DIS01 - Collective Processing Distribution

DIS01N - Distribution: Collective processing

DIS05 - Cost Distribution: Overview

DISCALC - Calculation of Low-Level Codes

DISRP - Distribution: Run Profile

DISRPM - Pegging: Run Profile Messages

DIWPSC2 - Custom. of Time Interval in MEB

DIWPSC3 - Customizing of Fleet for the MEB

DIWPSC4 - Customizing of Revision Type

DIWPS_REVNR - Number range maintenance: WPS_REV

DIWPS_REVNRS - Number Range Maintenance: WPS_REV

DI_0MVTPM - Movement Types for PM/CS Orders

DI_0PCS1 - SN Criteria in Sales Documents

DI_0PCS2 - Stock Determ. Rule PM/CS Orders

DI_0PCS3 - Customizing Stock Determ. in PM/CS

DI_PCS1 - Stock Det. Rules for Special Stock

DI_SCCOUNT - Meas.Point for Subcontracting

DL10 - Download

DL11 - Create download profile

DL12 - Change condition download profile

DL13 - Display condition download profile

DLC2 - Comparison of Delivery Confirmations

DLCN - Delivery Confirmation Matching

DLOG - BRE: Overview of Extract Generation

DMC - Start DMC Interface

DMCAPP - Maintain Applications in DMC Tool

DMCEQ - Check Program for Object Equality


DMCISB - Maintain Direct Input 2

DMCMON - MWB: Transfer Monitor

DMCRULE - Maintain Global Transfer Rules

DMCWB - Workbench for DMC Development

DMC_CU - Content Upgrade

DMC_MDS_ADDTOBUFFER - Add transport request to buffer

DMEE - DMEE: Format Tree Maintenance Tool

DMEE1 - DMEE: Format Tree Maintenance Tool

DMEE1_DEBUG - DMEE: Format Tree Expert Mode

DMEE_DEBUG - DMEE: Format Tree Expert Mode

DMF_RFCLOG - DMF RFC application log

DMLCUST - Customizing for MDF Objects

DMLCUSTOBJTYPE - Customizing for MDF Object Types

DMS_CONV01 - Document Start Conversion

DMS_FOLDER1 - Find favorites

DMS_PDFCONV - PDF Conversion

DMS_REG01 - Document Registration for Conversion

DMS_SERDEPLOY - Deployment of services

DMS_VWR - Visual Enterprise Viewer

DMWB - Document Modeling Workbench

DNOTIF - Basic Notification

DNOTIFREP - Basis Notification Reporting

DNOTIFWL - Basic Notifications Worklist

DNOTIFWL_EWT - Basic Notifications Worklist

DNOTIF_EWT - Basic Notification

DNOTIF_FCT - Basic Notification

DNOTIF_FCT_EWT - Basic Notification

DNO_CUST01 - Settings for Notification Type

DNO_CUST02 - Settings for Partner Types

DNO_CUST03 - Settings for Note Types

DNO_CUST04 - Basic Notification: User Settings

DNO_CUST05 - Subscreen Control

DNO_NOTIF - Number Range Maintenance

DNO_UPDATE - Manual Adjustment

DNW7AW_OO_D1 - Demo: OO Transaction

DNW7AW_OO_S1 - Solution: OO Transaction

DNW7AW_OO_S2 - Solution: Refactoring Assistant

DOBJ - Def. of Data Destruction Objects

DOCCHG_FB05 - Post with Clearing

DP101 - Reset Billing Plan Date

DP60 - Change Accounting Indicator in LI

DP70 - Conversion of Individual Orders

DP80 - SM: Resource-Related Quotation

DP81 - PS: Sales Pricing

DP82 - PS: Sales Pricing Project

DP90 - CS: Resource-Related Billing Doc.

DP91 - SD: Resource-Related Billing Doc.

DP93 - Res.-Rel. Billing Btwn Comp. Codes

DP94 - Billing btwn Co.Codes (Coll.Proc.)

DP95 - Resource-Rel. Billing, Coll.Processg

DP96 - Res-Rel.Billing Collect.Proc - Sales

DP97 - Res-Rel. Billing Collect. Proc.-Srvc

DP98 - Resource for Billing Request

DP99A - Doc.Flow Reporting - Res.-Rel. Bill.

DP99B - Doc.Flow for Res.-Rel. Bill. - SD

DP99C - Doc.Flow for Res.-Rel. Bill.-Service

DPCOMMON_BUPAUI - Determine BUPA User Interface

DPCOMMON_MAP_P_S - DPCOMMON: Partner to System Mapping


DPCOMMON_MAP_U_P - DPCOMMON: User to Partner Mapping

DPRL - Change Material When Profile Deleted

DPRV - Change Material When Profile Changed

DPR_C_SYST - Assign System Status to BW Status

DPR_C_USST - Assign User Status to BW Status

DPR_DWNLD2MSP_CUST - Field Assgmt for MS Project Export

DPR_DWNLD_2_MSP_CUST - Field Assgmt for MS Project Export

DPR_DX_PROJECT - Upload Excel data to Proj. Mgmt.

DPR_D_GEDA - Generate DataSource f. BW Status Obj

DPR_EVE_ATTR_OBJ - Proj. Mgmt: Define Attr./Obj.Type

DPR_EVE_BATCH_DPO - Extract Projects

DPR_EVE_EXTRACT - Project Management: Define Extracts

DPR_EVE_SEVERITY - Project Management: Define Severity

DPR_EVE_THRESHOLD - Proj. Mgmt: Define Threshold Values

DPR_EVE_VIEW - Proj. Mgmt: Define Evaluations

DPR_FIN_GECCO_COCP - Controlling Cockpit in R/3

DPR_FIN_GECCO_R3_CUS - Cost Collector Customizing in R/3

DPR_FIN_GECCO_R3_REP - Replication of Accounting Charact.

DPR_FIN_GECCO_RATES - Replicate Cost/Revenue Rates

DPR_FIN_GECCO_TRANSF - Project Transfer to R/3 CO


DPR_UPLDFRMSP_CUST - Field Assignmt for MSProject Import

DPR_UPLD_FR_MSP_CUST - Field Assignmt for MSProject Import

DPWTY_IMG - IMG Dealer Portal Warranty

DRAIRPORT - Display Airport Data

DRAW_RES - Display Reserve Fields

DRBBOOK - Display Company Booking

DRBOOK - Display Booking

DRB_SHOW_CALL_DUMMY - DRB Call for Layout Maintenance

DRC1 - Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient

DRC2 - Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient

DRC3 - Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient

DRC4 - Conditions: V_T681F for R DR

DRC5 - Access Sequences: Deriv. Recipient

DRC6 - Strategy Types: Derivation Recipient

DRC7 - Search Proc.: Derivation Recipient

DRCARR - Display Carrier

DRCONN - Display Connection

DRCOUNTRY - Display Country

DRCUSTOM - Booked Flights for Customer

DRE - Delivery-Related Analyses

DRFCC - Check DRF Customizing

DRFF - Define Filter Criteria

DRFIMG - Cust. Data Replication Framework

DRFLIGHT - Display Flight Data

DRFLOG - Analyze Replication Log

DRFLOGDEL - Delete Replication Log

DRFOUT - Execute Data Replication

DRFRSD - Display Object Replication Status

DRFRSDEL - Delete Replication Status

DRFSUB - Subscribe Objects for Replication

DRP0 - Network Graphic

DRP4 - Network Graphic/Quotas View

DRP8 - Maintain Materials Deployment

DRP9 - Maintain Plant Categories

DRPA - Definition of DRP Planning Run

DRPB - Deployment: Background Processing

DRPBOOK - Display Private Booking

DRPLANETYPE - Display Aircraft Type

DRPM - Deployment for Material

DRPO - Deployment for Material

DRPS - Calculate Safety Stock

DRPW - Deployment for Plant

DSAL - Digital Signature Logs

DSC1 - Create CondTables: Derivation Sender

DSC2 - Create CondTables: Derivation Sender

DSC3 - Create CondTables: Derivation Sender

DSC4 - Conditions: V_T681F for R DS

DSC5 - Access Sequences: Derivation Sender

DSC6 - Strategy Types: Derivation Sender

DSC7 - Search Procedures: Derivation Sender

DSETGEN - BRE: Create Error Extract from Log

DSINA - Display Backlog Entry in Extract

DSLOG - Signature Tool: Log Display

DSM - Decision Service Manager

DTCONVERT - Convert Master Data

DTEXPORT - Master Data Export

DTIMG - Data Transfer Customizing

DTIMPORT - Master Data Import

DTLMON - MWB: Transfer monitor

DTMONITOR - Data Transfer Monitor

DTR0 - Enter Downtimes

DUMMY_MASS_EINE - Dummy transaction for mail execution

DUMMY_MASS_EKKO - Dummy transaction for mail execution

DUMMY_MASS_MARC - Dummy transaction for mail execution

DUMMY_MASS_VENDOR - Load programs global data

DVC1 - Derivation: No. Range f. Deriv. No.

DVC2 - Derivation: No. Range f. Cond. Recds

DVC8 - Assignmt of Search Procedure to Evnt

DVCO - Condition Records Via Bill of Mat.

DVDC - Delete Extended Batch Where-Used Lst

DVDL - Delete Derivation Log

DVMAN - Perform Manual Derivation

DVMO - Monitor

DVR1 - Create Derivation Recipient Record

DVR2 - Change Derivation Recipient Record

DVR3 - Display Derivation Recipient Record

DVS1 - Create Derivation Sender Record

DVS2 - Change Derivation Sender Record

DVS3 - Display Derivation Sender Record

DVSA - Shipping Approval

DVSP - Set Up Derivation

DWDM - Development Workbench Demos

DXCF - DARTX Field Catalog

DXCS - DARTX Segment Catalog

DXEV - DARTX Extract Administration

DXVW - Data View Administration

DXX01 - DARTX Maintain Authorization Groups

DXX02 - DARTX Segment Maintenance

DXX03 - DARTX Maintain SAP Segment Control

DXX04 - DARTX Maintain MasterData Indicators

DXX05 - DARTX Application Maintenance

DXX06 - DARTX Reference Table Maintenance

DXX07 - DARTX Data Set/Segment Assignments

DXX08 - DARTX Data Set Maintenance

DXX09 - DARTX Global Settings Maintenance

DXX10 - DARTX Maintain Segment Relationships

DXX11 - DARTX Maintain Sel.Parameter Display

DXX12 - DARTX Directory Group Maintenance

DXX13 - DARTX Maintain Customer Seg. Control

DXX14 - DARTX Maintain Reference Crcy/Qty

DXXV - Define Data View

DXXVW - Execute Data View

DZ00 - Introduction to

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