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Index of SAP tables


/AIN/02000001 - Barcode Customizing
/AIN/ACTIVITIES - Activity definition
/AIN/ACTTYPE - Action Types
/AIN/ACTTYPEBP - Action Type - Bus. Proc. - Dev. Role
/AIN/ASGN_PRF_FORMAT - Assign profile to GTIN and Flt value
/AIN/ASSIGNDOC - Assign Document /AI...

/ASU/SHOW_NOTE - Show SAP Note via Web-Browser
/ASU/SSM - ASU Simple Schedule Manager
/ASU/START - Start ASU Toolbox
/ASU/UPGRADE - Start ASU Toolbox in Upgrade Mode


/BA1/F4_15_IR_REL01 - Customizing Release Procedure
/BA1/F4_ARC_SEL_DATE - Date Values for Access to Archive
/BA1/F4_CSCEN_SHOW - Versions of Combined Scenarios
/BA1/F4_FXV02 - Edit Exchange Rate Volatility
/BA1/F4_FXV03 - Display Exchange Rate Volatility
/BA1/F4_FX_02 - Edit Exchange Rates /BA...

/BCV/AUTH_CHECK - Perform Authorization Check
/BCV/AUTH_HOLDER - Where-Used List of User Group in ACL
/BCV/CONS_CHECK - Perform Consistency Check
/BCV/DEL_PERS - Delete Personalization and User Data
/BCV/DEL_SSHOT - Delete Snapshots
/BCV/GRPING - Define Groupings for BCV Objects /BC...

/BDL/SDCC - Service Data Control Center
/BEV1/91000075 - '
/BEV1/91000082 - Material Sorting 1
/BEV1/91000083 - Material Sorting 2
/BEV1/91000084 - Material Sorting 3
/BEV1/91000085 - Material Sorting 4
/BEV1/91000086 - Material Sorting 5 /BE...

/BGLOCS/A0 - Transaction types for Tax Depr. Plan
/BGLOCS/FI_AA01 - Tax Depreciation Plan
/BGLOCS/FI_CFS - Cash Flow Statement
/BGLOCS/FI_CFSREP_BG - Cash Flow Direct Method for BG
/BGLOCS/FI_CV - Bulgarian Country Version Settings /BG...

/BKC/SOL21 - Clone&Test!
/BKC/SOL21ACKLON - Copy Accounting Data
/BKC/SOL21ACKLUP - Import of copied accounting data
/BKC/SOL21ANON - Maintenance of anonymization rules
/BKC/SOL21FICOKLON - Copy of FI/CO master data
/BKC/SOL21KLCC - Where-used list for clusters /BK...

/BOBF/CONF_BO_CHECK - Check BOPF-Configuration of BOs
/BOBF/CONF_UI - BOPF: Business Object Configuration
/BOBF/CONF_UI_RPT - BOPF: Business Object Prototyping
/BOBF/CUST_UI - BOPF Enhancement Workbench
/BOBF/TEST_UI - BOPF: Test Business Object
/BOBF/TOOL_CC_LOG - Contract Compliance Check Log /BO...

/BSNAGT/ARC_CU - Maintain residence time
/BSNAGT/ARC_DELETE - Delete Archived Messages
/BSNAGT/ARC_PREP - Select Messages to Archive
/BSNAGT/ARC_RELOAD - Reload Archived Messages
/BSNAGT/ARC_WRITE - Archive Selected Messages
/BSNAGT/FILE_MONI - Connector Monitor /BS...


/CCEE/FISIFP_A - ©ifrant 1450: Povezava s konti
/CCEE/FISIFP_B - ©ifrant 1450: Vrsta poslov
/CCEE/FISIFP_C - ©ifrant hi¹nih bank: tip zapisa
/CCEE/FISI_VKO1 - Enter coefficients for revaluation
/CCEE/RSFIAA_TD - Tax Depreciation - Serbia /CC...

/CEECV/BTE - Data Selection: Dispatch
/CEECV/BTFI_BAL - Balance Sheet Lithuania
/CEECV/BTFI_INV_REG - Invoice Register for Lithuania
/CEECV/BTFI_PLSTA - P&L Statement Lithuania
/CEECV/BTI - Data Selection: Receipt
/CEECV/BTLOM - FT: Enjoy: Period-end Closings /CE...

/CIDCAD/SORTSTRG_CHG - Changing of Sort string of Doc BOM
/CIDEON/CHECK_TR - Transport check for package
/CIDEON/FPU_MAPT - Mapping Table /CI...

/CPD/ATTACH_CONFIG - Schema for Attachment Folder
/CPD/MPLINK - Master Project Type Link
/CPD/MPSTG_PROFILE - Stage Profile Configuration
/CPD/MP_SOBJ - Sub Object Maintenence Transaction
/CPD/OBJ_ATR_PROFILE - Object Attribute Profile
/CPD/OBJ_LINK_PROF - Related Object Link Transaction /CP...

/CRYSTAL/RLS - Row Level Security Definitions
/CRYSTAL/RLSFCN - Edit allowable function list
/CRYSTAL/RPTADMIN - Administer Crystal Report Content
/CUM/ANALYSIS - CU: Compare Plan vs. Actual Costs
/CUM/CM01 - CU: Create Construction Measure
/CUM/CM02 - Change Construction Measure
/CUM/CM03 - Display Construction Measure
/CUM/CM04 - CU: Delete Construction Measure
/CUM/CMNR - No. Range Maintnce: /CUM/CMNUM /CU...

/CWM/CHECK_TRANSIT - Analysis of Stock in Transit
/CWM/IMG - IMG Catch Weight Management
/CWM/MESSAGES - CWM Message Attributes
/CWM/RHU_STOCK_DIFF - Correction of HU Stock Differences
/CWM/STOCK - Stock Overview
/CWM/STOCK_CHECK - Check Stock Variance /CW...


/DSD/01002309 - IMG Activity: /DSD/VC_CALTYP
/DSD/56000001 - IMG Activity: /DSD/SL_CON_RN
/DSD/91000222 - IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_DRVTXT
/DSD/91000223 - IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_TRADAT
/DSD/91000224 - IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_RAARTT
/DSD/91000225 - IMG Activity: /DSD/HH_RACKDRS /DS...


/EACA/CHANGE_TEMPLAT - Characteristics for GL - Templates
/EACA/GLCONTROL - Characteristics for GL - Templates
/EACA/GLPOST_ACCDATA - Post G/L Acct Document to Data Basis
/EACA/GLPOST_ACCSYST - G/L Acct Doc. for Accounting System
/EACA/GLPOST_REFDOC - Enter Sample Documents
/EACA/GLPST_REF_ACCS - Enter Sample Documents /EA...

/ECRS/DVI_EDIT - Edit Import Default Values
/ECRS/MENU_MD - Menu for Master Data
/ECRS/MENU_RP - Menu for Intrastat
/ECRS/POI_EDIT - Maintain Providers of Information
/ECRS/RP_EDIT - Edit Intrastat Declarations
/ECRS/WL_DELETE - Delete Worklist /EC...

/EHR/81000215 - IMG activity: Basis parameters
/EHR/81000216 - IMG activity: Evaluation path
/EHR/81000217 - IMG activity: output formats
/EHR/81000218 - IMG activity: names of XML elements
/EHR/81000220 - IMG activity: scenarios for trans.
/EHR/SOL71_DOWNV1 - Output Formats /EH...

/EIO/MM01 - Create IL and ILC data
/EIO/MM02 - Change IL and ILC data
/EIO/MM03 - Display IL and ILC data
/EIO/MMUPL - Upload IL and ILC data


/FLDQ/13000001 - IMG activity: /FLDQ/AD_VAL_CNT
/FLDQ/13000002 - IMG activity: /FLDQ/AD_QTR_OBJ
/FLDQ/88000005 - IMG activity: /FLDQ/AD_SA17
/FLDQ/88000006 - IMG activity: /FLDQ/AD_SCR_RVW
/FLDQ/88000007 - IMG activity: /FLDQ/AD_SCR_DUP /FL...

/FMP/MP_CHANGE - Change Material Prices
/FMP/MP_COMPARE - Compare Material Prices
/FMP/MP_DISPLAY - Display Material Prices
/FMP/MP_HISTORY - Display Material Prices History
/FSCAA/ADD_SHLP - Additional search helps
/FSCAA/VC_FIELD - Structure Definition and Fld Mapping
/FSCAA/V_IF_2_CLASS - Relation Interfaces and Classes
/FSIH/CNCL - Give Notice on Expired Ins. Policies
/FSIH/DISB - Disburse Insurance Premiums
/FSIH/REPL - Compare Pymnt Plans for Ins. Policy /FS...


/GBFRM/MYV_CUST_DPR - Maintain Data Providers
/GBFRM/MYV_DISP_PERS - Display personalization settings
/GBT/EVENT_COLLECT - Collect Events from ERP
/GBT/FILTER_APPLY - Apply Filter for ERP Events
/GBT/FILT_AGGR_VIEW - Define Views for Filter/Aggregation
/GBT/LOGSYS_CONFIG - Configure Logical Systems /GB...

/GC1/INIT - Garbage Collector: Initial Screen
/GC1/LOG - Garbage Collector: Activities/Logs
/GC1/OVERVIEW - GC: Overview of Obj. Type Relats
/GC1/SCOPE - Overview: Garbage Collector
/GC1/START - Garbage Collector Run

/GEP/42000026 - IMG Activity: /GEP/FLEET_V_LOC
/GEP/42000027 - IMG Activity: /GEP/FLEET_T_CPO
/GEP/42000029 - IMG Activity: /GEP/FLEET_V_VCO
/GEP/42000030 - IMG Activity: /GEP/FLEET_T_SET
/GEP/FLEET - Graphical Resource Planning: Fleet

/GRCPI/AC_EXPORT - AC 4.0/5.3 data export
/GRCPI/GRIAOVERVIEW - Qulified ABAP Report Overview
/GRCPI/GRIARPTCHK - Report Validation
/GRCPI/GRIARTA - Business Rule Exection
/GRCPI/GRIA_EAM - EAM Launchpad Logon /GR...

/GSINS/BRBPADD - Brasil: BP Enhancement Details
/GSINS/CLAIMREP - Print claim report
/GSINS/MTPL_SEGMENT3 - Composing of segment 3
/GSINS/NLGBA_IMPORT - Import GBA Messages /GS...


/IAM/ACTPARTYBRF_QIM - Show Partner Determin. for Activity
/IAM/ACT_NO_RANGE - Activity Number Range Intervals
/IAM/BPUSER - Determine Business Partner for Users
/IAM/ISSPARTYBRF_QIM - Show Partner Determination for Issue
/IAM/ISS_NO_RANGE - Issue Number Range Intervals
/IAM/MANAGE_JUMP - /IAM/: Jump Manager /IA...

/IBS/35000023 - IMG Activity
/IBS/95000055 - IMG Activity
/IBS/RB_ACC_CREATION - RBD: Automatic Account Creation
/IBS/RB_ASSIGN_CALL - RBD: Assign Administrator
/IBS/RB_ASSIGN_CO - RBD: Assign Administrator
/IBS/RB_DEVL - RBD: Dev. List Value Adjustment /IB...

/IPRO/67000026 - IMG Activity: /IPRO/MGT_OVERLAY
/IPRO/67000049 - IMG Activity: /IPRO/LIST_ALL_VARS
/IPRO/ACTIVE_VAR - List Active Variables
/IPRO/CLASSIF_GEN - Set Up Classification System
/IPRO/CLAUSE_COUNT_L - List Active Elements
/IPRO/DEF_DUET_MAP - Set Default Mapping for Duet Attrib /IP...

/ISDFPS/11000002 - IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/CUST_TRANS
/ISDFPS/11000003 - IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_FE01
/ISDFPS/11000004 - IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_FE03
/ISDFPS/11000005 - IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_FE04
/ISDFPS/11000006 - IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_FE05
/ISDFPS/11000007 - IMG Activity: /ISDFPS/_FE06 /IS...

/IWBEP/92000012 - IMG Activity
/IWBEP/92000018 - IMG Activity
/IWBEP/ANA_SRV_GEN - Analytics Service Generator
/IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUP - Cleanup of Model Cache
/IWBEP/CONFIG_CHECK - Check Configuration of BEP
/IWBEP/ERROR_LOG - GW Backend Error Log /IW...

/IXOS/DCRSA_PRFC - Server Group (pRFC) Configuration
/IXOS/DC_A_CMU_ACU - Adjusting customizing
/IXOS/DC_A_CMU_ADA - Adjust datatypes for admi.. settings
/IXOS/DC_A_CMU_CGA - Initial creation of $GARMISCH
/IXOS/DC_A_CMU_DGR - Deleting generated reports /IX...


/J7L/LDE - Lean Data Entry As Transaction


/KJRTAX01/ATMIGALVD - Display Trans. Data - Delete (JP)
/KJRTAX01/ATMIGDEL - Delete Asset Transaction Data (JP)
/KJRTAX01/ATMIGINS - Insert Asset Transaction Data (JP)
/KJRTAX01/MIG_PRDCD - Migration of Add. Dep. Code (JP)
/KJRTAX01/PDEL - Delete Data Migr. from Last Yr (JP)
/KJRTAX01/PINS - Data Migration - Last Year (JP) /KJ...

/KYK/ME53N - Display Purchase Requisition
/KYK/MIGO_GI - Post Goods Issue
/KYK/MIGO_GR_OTHER - Goods Receipt Other
/KYK/MIGO_MB01 - Post Goods Receipt - Purchase Order
/KYK/MIGO_MB03 - Display Material Document
/KYK/MIGO_MB11 - Post Goods Movement /KY...


/LIME/42000001 - Determine Node Width
/LIME/86000063 - Process Type
/LIME/86000064 - Maintain Index Tables
/LIME/86000065 - Hierarchy
/LIME/86000066 - Grouping Parameter
/LIME/86000067 - Types for Quantity Calculation /LI...

/LOCSRM/RFX_EFD - Call RFx Earmaked Funds Documents
/LSIERP/MATURITY - TCode for Maturity Payments Report
/LSIERP/PROCEEDS - Process Payment Items
/LSIERP/TQ_CHECK_INC - Check Termination Quotation
/LSIERP/TQ_CHECK_LOG - Protokoll fuer Pruefung und Beginn
/LSIERP/TQ_DEL_LOG - Loeschprotokoll Angeb. z.VB anzeigen
/LSIERP/TQ_DEL_RES - Display Results of Termination Quote /LS...


/MFS/INVDELTA - FieldService delta load
/MOC/29000011 - IMG Activity
/MOC/29000017 - IMG Activity
/MOC/ACTBP - Assign Part./Pos. to Act.Temp. Role
/MOC/ACTSTRC - Display Activity Template Structure
/MOC/ACT_NO_RANGE - Activity Number Range Intervals
/MOC/CRBP - Assign Part./Pos. to CR Type Role /MO...

/MRE/INIT_DOWNLOAD - Retail Execution: Initial Download
/MRSS/26000002 - IMG Activity: /MRSS/SCHED009
/MRSS/26000003 - IMG Activity: /MRSS/SCHED041
/MRSS/26000004 - IMG Activity: /MRSS/SGE_ASS_CHECK
/MRSS/26000006 - IMG Activity: /MRSS/RSG_PM_INT
/MRSS/26000007 - IMG Activity: /MRSS/SCHED004 /MR...


/NAM/ABC_NTH_FACTOR - ABC Nth Factor Report
/NAM/ABC_REDUC_SUBS - ABC Reduced Subscriptions Report
/NAM/BONUS_ITEM - Create Bonus Day/Up-Give Items
/NAM/BONUS_LOG - Bonus Day / Upgive Item Log
/NAM/BULK_CHG_CUST - Mass Changes of Customer Master
/NAM/BULK_CRED_MEMO - Mass Creation of Credit Memos /NA...

/NFM/ANARM - Rate Analysis, MM
/NFM/ANARS - Rate Analysis, SD
/NFM/BSLM - Exchange Key, Vendor
/NFM/BSLS - Exchange Key, Customer
/NFM/CONVM - Currency Conversion for Rates, MM
/NFM/CONVS - Currency Conversion for Rates, SD /NF...


/OLC/REBUILD_COSTS - Rebuild PM/CS order operation costs
/OPT/68000122 - IMG activity: /OPT/VIM_IMG100
/OPT/68000123 - IMG activity
/OPT/68000124 - IMG activity: /OPT/VIM_IMG_800
/OPT/68000125 - IMG activity: /OPT/VIM_IMG_101
/OPT/68000126 - IMG activity: /OPT/VIM_IMG_801
/OPT/68000127 - IMG activity: /OPT/VIM_IMG_112 /OP...

/ORS/7_2_APB - Maintain Appr.Paths (APB)
/ORS/7_2_APB1 - Maintain CCODE search help (APB1)
/ORS/7_2_APB_INT - Maintain Appr.Paths (INTERNAL)
/ORS/CR_REQNR_APB_1 - Create Requisitioner in APB_1
/ORS/DISP_REQNR_REQ - Display Requisitioner Request
/ORS/DISP_SH - Display Instruction (Non PO) /OR...

/OSP/CHECKTOOL - Duet Checktool
/OSP/ESACHECK - Duet Web Services Check
/OSP/SLD - SLD for Duet
/OSP/TR_ACE_STRT - Business Environment Configurations
/OSP/TR_CAN_SCHDULE - BM Cancel Scheduler /OS...

/OTEB/SWF_MAINTBODY - Maintenance of email body text
/OTEI/ACT_LOG - OpenText EFM Activity Log
/OTEI/ACT_LOG_CLEAN - Consistency check for activity log
/OTEI/COPY_IMG_CUST - Copy EFM specific IMG customizings
/OTEI/DU_EMAIL - Email Maintenance Dialog
/OTEI/FU_CONFIG - Start configuration application /OT...


/PEC/SLIC_CP - Accenture HCM License Cockpit
/PICM/IAM_ACT_SNUM - Number Range for Activities
/PICM/IAM_ISS_SNUM - Number Range for Issues
/PLMB/05000139 - IMG Activity
/PLMB/57000007 - IMG Activity
/PLMB/57000021 - IMG Activity
/PLMB/57000052 - IMG Activity
/PLMB/AUTH_ROLE_CHK - Check PFCG Role Assignments
/PLMB/AUTH_UGRP_CHK - Display Duplicate User Groups /PL...

/POA/50000001 - Define Global Settings for CLM
/POA/50000002 - Define Applications for CLM
/POA/50000003 - Define Authoring Domains for CLM
/POA/50000004 - Maintain System Registry for CLM
/POA/50000005 - Technical Configurations
/POA/CLM_API_TESTER - Test Adapters /PO...

/PTGWFI/BIR_DB - Transaction to call BIR Dashboard
/PTGWFI/CANC_INV_05 - Cancel PO invoice, re-ent PO
/PTGWFI/CANC_INV_06 - Cancel PO invoice, re-ent Non-PO
/PTGWFI/CP_INST_CHK - Cross Product installation check
/PTGWFI/DEL_INV_01 - Delete Non-PO invoice, re-ent Non-PO
/PTGWFI/DEL_INV_02 - Delete Non-PO invoice, re-ent PO /PT...


/RPM/CLNTCOPY - Client copy report transaction
/RPM/CUST_COPY - Client copy report transaction


/SAPAPO/FCSTOUTL - Outlier Correction Settings
/SAPAPO/LRP_ACCESS - Dummy Transaction for Auth. Check
/SAPAPO/LRP_ACCESS1 - Dummy Transaction for Auth. Check
/SAPAPO/LRP_CONFIG - WFM Core Customizing
/SAPAPO/LRP_GW_CT - Control Data Flow GW -> WFM Adapter
/SAPAPO/LRP_GW_NR - Maintain Number Range: /SAPAPO/GW /SA...

/SCMB/DF_CHAIN - Definition of Maximum Chains in Flow
/SCMB/DF_CUST - Document Admin. in Flow (Custom.)
/SDF/AD - Show Alert Detail List
/SDF/CD_CCA - Custom Code Analysis
/SDF/E2E_TRACE - SAPGUI based E2E trace
/SDF/EXTRACTOR_GEN - Extractor Generation
/SDF/MON - Schedule Monitoring Set
/SDF/SQL - Display SQL Monitor Data /SD...

/SEPC/XFER_ALL_RES - Display Transfer Results - ADMIN
/SEPC/XFER_ORDERS - Transfer PM Orders
/SEPC/XFER_ORD_RES - Display PM Order Transfer Results
/SEPC/XFER_PROJECT - Transfer Projects
/SEPC/XFER_PROJ_RES - Display Project Transfer Results
/SEPC/XFER_RESULTS - Display Transfer Results /SE...

/SLOAE/ANALYSIS - Analytic service analysis execution
/SLOAP/DOWNLOAD_DAT - Download LT Analysis data
/SLOAP/MAPPING - Maintain Mapping for LT Analysis
/SLOAP/MODULE_GEN - Generation of function modules
/SLOAP/TITLE_TRANS - LT Analysis-Title Translation Tool /SL...

/SPE/ASN01 - ASN cancelling in returns process
/SPE/ASN02 - Compensating transaction for ASN cn.
/SPE/CDMON - Transportation Cross-Docking Monitor
/SPE/COPY_CHAR - Copy fixed characteristics to logon
/SPE/CRM_QUOT - Report for monitoring quotations
/SPE/CVAL01 - Define Validation Routines /SP...

/SRMERP/44000475 - IMG Activity
/SRMERP/BRFP_DSS_SC - Determine SC Document Subset
/SRMERP/BRFP_DS_APPR - Determine Approver for Decision Set
/SRMERP/BRFP_DS_SC - Determine SC Decision Set
/SRMERP/BRFP_FOOTY - Follow-On Object Type
/SRMERP/BRFP_FOO_TYP - Follow on Object Type Determination /SR...

/SSF/AB - Analysis browser & Download
/SSF/PB - Project browser & test environment
/SYCLO/ADMIN - Administration & Monitoring Portal
/SYCLO/CACHE_PURGE - Cache Area Purge Utility
/SYCLO/CFGPANEL_DIS - Agentry SAP Framework Conf (View)
/SYCLO/CFG_BAPI - ConfigPanel - BAPI Wrapper Settings
/SYCLO/CFG_EFI - ConfigPanel - EFI Settings
/SYCLO/CFG_EXCHOBJ - ConfigPanel - Exchange Object /SY...


/TDAG/80000009 - Specify Incoming Types
/TDAG/80000011 - Specify Material Categories
/TDAG/80000020 - Specify Environment Parameters
/TDAG/80000021 - Specify Selection Criteria BOMBOS
/TDAG/80000025 - Specify Regulatory Lists
/TDAG/80000027 - Manage User Exits /TD...


/UI2/CACHE - Register service for UI2 cache use
/UI2/CACHE_DEL - Delete cache entries
/UI2/CHIP - Chip Registration
/UI2/CUST - Customizing of UI Technologies
/UI2/NAV - Register navigation objects
/UI2/NAVPROV - Define navigation provider /UI...


/VIRSA/ALERTGEN - Activity Monitoring
/VIRSA/FFARCHIVE - Log Data Auto Archive
/VIRSA/FFCHNGLOGS - Configuration Change Log
/VIRSA/MICCONFIG - Virsa MIC User mapping Configuration
/VIRSA/RE_DNLDROLES - Role Expert 4.0 /VI...

/VSO/91000206 - IMG Activity: /VSO/P_V_PRTYP
/VSO/91000207 - IMG Activity: /VSO/P_V_F_PRTYP
/VSO/91000208 - IMG Activity: /VSO/M_ACT_STAT
/VSO/91000209 - IMG Activity: /VSO/M_PLT_TP
/VSO/91000210 - IMG Activity: /VSO/R_V_TVTK
/VSO/91000211 - IMG Activity: /VSO/M_PROFIL /VS...


/WSCGMBH/39000001 - IMG-Aktivity: /WSCGMBH/C
/WSCGMBH/39000002 - IMG-Aktivity: /WSCGMBH/C_ARBPL
/WSCGMBH/39000003 - IMG-Aktivity: /WSCGMBH/C_TSKCD
/WSCGMBH/39000004 - IMG-Aktivity: /WSCGMBH/C_TMPL
/WSCGMBH/39000005 - IMG-Aktivity: /WSCGMBH/C_OPRST
/WSCGMBH/39000006 - IMG-Aktivity: /WSCGMBH/C_TCMES /WS...


/XFT/AHS_C01 - Application help: general
/XFT/APPLCREP - Application Layer -> Content Rep.
/XFT/APPLLAYDE - Application layer: Definition
/XFT/APPLLAYRFC - Application layer: RFC destination
/XFT/BOR_CUSTOMIZING - Customizing Application Files (BOR)
/XFT/CAC_ADM02 - XFT Administration Center (Change) /XF...

/XLSO/ACCESSCODE_CON - Access Code Consumption Details
/XLSO/ACT_VAL_CONFIG - Validity Period for User Activation
/XLSO/APPR_REQ - Approval for Co. Booking & Cancelltn
/XLSO/ASGN_CHAG_ROLE - Assign or Change Role of Learner
/XLSO/ASSIGN_USR_COM - Link or Deactivate Learner to Compny
/XLSO/BOOKING_APPR - Booking Approval Request /XL...

/XPPM/EVA_CUST - Konfiguration EVA (PPM CS)
/XPPM/EVA_LOG_ANA - Transaction for User-Log
/XPPM/EVA_POC_CALC - POC Caluclation for cProjects
/XPPM/FW_SWITCH - PPM CS Solution Switch


0000 - Dialog Box for Customizing
00_PTSPPS_INCLUPD - Activate Functionality


0100 - Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order
0184 - Delivery item category determination


0817_CHG - Change Object
0817_CUST - SAP ArchiveLink: Bar Code Entry
0817_DIS - Display Object
0817_INS - Create Object


0CJBQ1 - Customizing Billing Plan Ps


0DIS01 - Distribution profile


0FIEHGF001_01 - Define Handling Methods
0FIEHGF002_01 - Retrieval of Object Data
0FILA - Customizing LAE Initial Screen
0FILA000R - Reasons for Changes
0FILA000R_1 - Define Reasons for Change
0FILA001CE_1 - Change Processes Rest. NEWL 0FI...

0FMCA_FORMNUM - Number range maintenance: FMCA_FORM
0FPM001 - Define Standard Texts for Carry/Fwd
0FPM002 - Import Logo for Reporting


0K01 - List of Costing Variants
0KE0 - EC-PCA: Transfer prog. for act. data
0KE1 - EC-PCA: Delete Transaction Data
0KE2 - EC-PCA: Del. Profit Ctr Master Data
0KE3 - EC-PCA:Delete Transaction Data(Bkgd)
0KE4 - EC-PCA: Update settings
0KE5 - EC-PCA: Controlling Area Settings 0KE...

0KM1 - CO Variant Maintenance: Cost Centers
0KMV - List Variants, CCA/ABC Master Data
0KW1 - CO Area Settings, Business Processes
0KW2 - Change Business Process Attributes
0KW3 - CO Variant Maintenance: CO-OM-ABC
0KW7 - Master Data Report: Cost Objects
0KW9 - Import Business Process Reports
0KWD - Delete Business Processes 0KW...


0MEC - Settings for B2B Sched. Agreements


0PEG01 - General Settings
0PEG02 - Allowed Movement Types
0PM3 - Define Career Groups and Texts
0PMDIKEY - Distribution Keys


0REP - Start of program, etc. from IMG


0SHP - Customizing for delivery types


0TBLP01 - Customizing - TBLP


0VI1 - Maintain selection variants calc.
0VI2 - Maintain selection variants settl.
0VI3 - Selec.var. coll. run shipment costs
0VI4 - Selec.var. coll. run shipment costs
0VLK - Customizing for delivery types
0VLKAIP - Customizing: Del. Type Determin. AIP
0VLP - Customizing/deliv.item categories
0VLPAIP - Customizing: Del.Itm.Cat.Determ. AIP
0VRF - Definition of Route Determination
0VSD - Stat. Groups: Trans. Service Agent
0VSE - Units of measmnt. for Transp. stat.
0VSF - Statistics Update: Shipment
0VSH - Customizing Global Shipping Param.
0VST - Statistics Groups: Shipment Types
0VSU - Assign Statistics Group/Shipmnt Type 0VS...

0VT0 - Maintain Selection Variants
0VT1 - Maintain PersInChargOfShip SelectVar
0VT2 - Maintain Tranport.Process. SelectVar
0VT3 - Maintain Selection Var. Registration
0VT4 - Maintain Selection Variant Registr.
0VT5 - Maintain utilization select.variants 0VT...

0VU0 - Tracking Operations and Events
0VU1 - Tracking: Partner code types
0VU2 - Tracking: Tracking ID code types
0VU3 - Tracking: Location code types
0VU4 - Tracking: Route type code types
0VVT - Set Up Express Delivery Company
0VVT_TVSHP - Activate Exp. Dlv. Company Globally
0VVT_VC_VXSIQ - XSI: External Qualifier
0VVT_V_VLBLTD - Service Agnt as Express Dlv. Company
0VVT_V_VXSI - Express Dlv. Company's Master Data
0VVT_V_VXSI1 - Tracking Status Details 0VV...

0VX0 - Maintain Selection Variants - Japan
0VX1 - Maintain Selection Variants MITI
0VX2 - Selection variants - Customs decl JP
0VX3 - Selection variants - Customs decl JP


1KE0 - EC-PCA: Transfer prog. for plan data
1KE1 - EC-PCA: Analyze Settings
1KE3 - EC-PCA: Rebuild matchcodes
1KE4 - EC-PCA: Customizing monitor
1KE4N - Profit Center Where-Used List
1KE4NS - Where-Used List Administration 1KE...


2KE0 - PrCtr: Field usage assessment
2KE1 - PrCtr: Data control assessment
2KE2 - PrCtr: Field group definition
2KE3 - PrCtr: Field group texts
2KE4 - PrCtr: Field usage distribution
2KE5 - PrCtr: Data control distribution 2KE...


3KE1 - EC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
3KE1N - EC-PCA: Create Actual Assessment
3KE2 - EC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
3KE2N - EC-PCA: Change Actual Assessment
3KE3 - EC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment
3KE3N - EC-PCA: Display Actual Assessment 3KE...

3KOV - Cycle Overview


4KE1 - EC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
4KE1N - EC-PCA: Create Actual Distribution
4KE2 - EC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
4KE2N - EC-PCA: Change Actual Distribution
4KE3 - EC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution
4KE3N - EC-PCA: Display Actual Distribution 4KE...


5NZI - Number range maintenance: RP_IRCERT
5NZL - Leave View Transaction
5NZT - New Zealand Terminations


6KEA - Profit Center: Display Changes


7KE1 - Change Plan Costs/Revenues
7KE2 - Display Plan Costs/Revenues
7KE3 - Change Plan Inventories
7KE4 - Display Plan Inventories
7KE5 - Change Plan Statisitcal Key Figures
7KE6 - Display Plan Statisitcal Key Figures 7KE...


8AS5 - PCA: Balance Carryforw.Field Transf.


8KAL - Controlling Areas: ALE for PCA
8KE1 - PCA: Rollup: Create Field Assignment
8KE2 - PCA: Rollup: Change Field Assignment
8KE3 - PCA: Rollup: Display Field Assignmnt
8KE4 - PCA: Rollup Substitution
8KE5 - PCA: Rollup Substitution
8KE6 - PCA: Delete Rollup Field Assignment 8KE...


9KE0 - Create Profit Center Document
9KE1 - Change Cost/Revenue Balances
9KE2 - Display Cost/Revenue Balances
9KE3 - Change Balance Sheet Accnt Balances
9KE4 - Display Balance Sheet Accnt Balances
9KE5 - Change Statistical Key Fig. Balances 9KE...


AACCOBJ - Display Active Acct Assgnmt Elements
AAEP1 - Procedure for Single Records: AA
AAEP2 - Procedure for Final Results: AA
AARC - Archiving Asset Accounting
AARDB1 - RDB: Archive Single Records
AARDB2 - Delete Archived Single Records
AART - Reading of Archive Data
AASRPDEL - Reorganization Single Records Proc.
AATENV1 - Create Data Collection
AATENV2 - Create Test Cases
AATENV3 - Execute Test Cases
AAVN - Recalculate base insurable value


AB01 - Create asset transactions
AB01L - Create asset transactions
AB02 - Change asset document
AB03 - Display Asset Document
AB08 - Reverse Line Items
ABAA - Unplanned depreciation
ABAAL - Unplanned depreciation
ABAD - Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
ABAD0 - Derivation: Initial Screen
ABAD_OLD - Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer
ABAKL - Last Retirement on Group Asset ABA...

ABB1 - Correction of Asset Accounts
ABCO - Adjustment Posting to Areas
ABCOL - Adjustment Posting to Areas
ABDBG_TRACE - Debugger Trace
ABF1 - Post Document
ABF1L - Post Document in Ledger Group
ABGF - Credit Memo in Year after Invoice
ABGFL - Credit Memo in Year after Invoice
ABGL - Enter Credit Memo in Year of Invoice
ABGLL - Enter Credit Memo in Year of Invoice
ABIF - Investment support
ABIFL - Investment Support
ABMA - Manual depreciation
ABMAL - Manual Depreciation
ABMR - Manual transfer of reserves
ABMRL - Manual transfer of reserves
ABMW - Reverse asset trans. using doc. no.
ABNA - Post-capitalization
ABNAL - Post-Capitalization
ABNAN - Post-Capitalization
ABNC - Enter post-capitalization
ABNE - Subsequent Revenue
ABNEL - Subsequent Revenue ABN...

ABSE61 - SE61 for ABAP, ABEN and DYNP Objects
ABSO - Miscellaneous Transactions
ABSOL - Miscellaneous Transactions
ABSO_OLD - Miscellaneous Transactions
ABST - Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA
ABST2 - Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA ABS...

ABT1 - Intercompany Asset Transfer
ABT1N - Intercompany Asset Transfer
ABUB - Transfer between areas
ABUBN - Transfer between areas
ABUM - Transfer From
ABUML - Transfer within Company Code
ABUMN - Transfer within Company Code
ABUZSM - Maintain Line Item Schema ABU...

ABZE - Acquisition from in-house production
ABZEL - Acquisition from In-House Production
ABZK - Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
ABZO - Asset acquis. autom. offset. posting
ABZOL - Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry
ABZON - Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry ABZ...


AC00 - Service Master
AC01 - Service Master
AC02 - Service Master
AC03 - Service Master
AC04 - Service Master
AC05 - List Processing: Service Master AC0...

AC10 - Class Hierarchy with Services
ACACACT - Calculate and Post Accruals
ACACAD - ACE Account Assignment
ACACADCONT01 - Accrl Acct Detmn: Mntn Entry Area 01
ACACADCONT02 - Acct Determntn: Mntn Entries Area 02
ACACADMETA01 - Acct Determntn: Define Rule Area 01
ACACADMETA02 - Acct Determntn: Define Rule Area 02 ACA...

ACB1 - Compact Account Balance Display
ACBD - Display Shared Buffer: ATP Check
ACC01 - Account Maintenance FI-AA
ACCESS_SEQ_CRM_FG - Access Sequences for Free Goods
ACCESS_SEQ_CRM_PD - Access Sequences for Product Determ.
ACCMAP - Convert Depreciation Areas
ACCR - Personal Menu Volker Hofmann
ACCR01 - Create Accrual/Deferral Document ACC...

ACEACM - Accrual Methods
ACEADET - Accrual Engine: Acct Determination
ACEADETCUST - Accrual Engine: Acct Determination
ACEADETCUST_D - Accrual Engine: Acct Determn Display
ACEADETCUST_DISP - Accrual Engine: Acct Determn Display
ACEADET_D - Accrual Engine: Change Acct Detrmntn ACE...

ACF_WHITELIST_SETUP - Install ACF Security List
ACLA - Define Archiving Classes
ACNR - No. Range Maintenance: Ext. Service
ACO1 - Activities for Authorization Check
ACO2 - Authorization Check Object Types
ACO3 - Allowed Activities per Object Type
ACO4 - Change Documents for ACO Objects
ACOMPXPD - Progress Tracking Evaluations
ACO_ADMIN_OTYPE - Object Category for Auth. Admin. ACO...

ACPTOOL - for admin cock pit sanity check tool
ACSET - Maint.Acct Types for Acct Asgmt Obj.
ACTEXP_APPR - Approve Working Times and Trips
ACTEXP_APPR_LITE - Approve Working Times and Trips


AD08 - Enter G/L Account Posting
AD0M - New A&D functionality
AD1T - Clear down payment requests
AD20 - Search help maintenance (for IMG)
AD21 - Matchcode maintenance (for IMG)
AD31 - Plan data handling
AD32 - Costs-to-complete evaluation
AD3P - Plan data handling profile
AD3V - Version type and text maintenance
AD43 - Assessment Preprocessor with rollup
AD4P - Customize assessment: stat.key figs.
ADAA - Activity Allocation Conversion
ADA_COCKPIT_LVC - liveCache im DBA Cockpit
ADA_COCKPIT_VOL - liveCache Volumes in DBA Cockpit
ADBOS01 - SD-SRV Reporting: Quantity Flow
ADBOS02 - SD-SRV Reporting: BOS w. Hierarchy
ADBOS03 - SD-SRV Reporting: BOS w/o Hierarchy
ADBT - ORF: Stock Calculation (Batch)
ADCO99 - Closure of SM Orders
ADCPL1 - Maintain CMC FFFC Parameters
ADCPL10 - Display CMC UserStatus Setup
ADCPL2 - Display CMC FFFC Parameters
ADCPL3 - Maintain CMC Settings
ADCPL4 - Display CMC Settings ADC...

ADEX - Order-material transfer posting
ADFSHM01 - Flight Scheduling: Aircraft Types
ADFSHM010 - Flight Scheduling: Flight Status
ADFSHM011 - Flight Scheduling: Flight Route
ADFSHM012 - Flight Scheduling: Terminals
ADFSHM013 - Flight Scheduling: Maintain profiles
ADFSHM014 - Maintain fields fields for profile ADF...

ADIP - SPEC 2000: Initial Provisioning
ADJNR - Number range maintenance: ADJNR
ADPMPS - PM/PS Integration
ADPMPS2 - PM/PS Integration
ADPRCP - Copy Partner Profiles for SPEC 2000
ADPT - Component Maintenance Cockpit
ADRE - ORF: Results Report
ADRF - ORF: Stock Calculation
ADS2KARCH - SPEC2000 IP Data Archiving
ADS2KIPUPL_CUST - SPEC2000 IP Upload: Gen. Customizing
ADS2KIP_PROF - User Profile
ADS2KSTAT - Update IP status after creating mast
ADS2KUPL - SPEC2000 Initial Provisioning Upload
ADS2KUPL1 - Resume Upload ADS...

ADTBOS01 - Maintenance: SD-SRV Valid Reports
AD_SPC_MOI - Customizing: Model ID Codes
AD_SPC_S1S - Customizing: Doc. Type f. Stock Inq.


AEAN - Trigger Group Message Determination
AEUB - Limit transaction types


AFAB - Post depreciation
AFABN - Post Depreciation
AFAF - Assets with errors
AFAMA - View Maint. for Deprec. Key Method
AFAMD - View Maint. Declining-Bal. Method
AFAMH - Maintain Maximum Amount Method AFA...

AFBN - Include New Depreciation Area
AFBP - Create depreciation posting log
AFO_AP_EXP_MMIG - FO Int.: Exposure Pos - Migration
AFO_AP_EXP_MUPD - FO Int.: Exposure Pos - Mass Process
AFO_AP_GT_CRE_UPD - Create/Update FO for Generic Trans.
AFO_AP_LOAN_MMIG - FO Integration: Loans - Migration
AFO_AP_LOAN_MUPD - FO Integration: Loans - Mass Proc.
AFO_AP_POS1_MMIG - FO Int.: Class SA - Migration AFO...

AFWA - Create/Maintain Analysis Structures
AFWBM - Edit Master Data for Benchmark
AFWBMPH - Assign Benchmark to PH Nodes
AFWFL - AFWCH: Filter Maintenance
AFWFLT - AFWCH: Filter Maintenance
AFWKF_AA - Key Figures and Eval. Procedures AFW...

AFX_ACT_SNUM - Number Range Maint.: AFX_ACT Object
AFX_CUST_CHECK - Check: Archiving Customizing
AFX_CUST_DEPL - Distribute Global Ctrl Customizing
AFX_GLOBAL_CTRL - Control Archiving: Check Table
AFX_GLOBAL_CUST - Archiving Control: Settings
AFX_GLOBAL_PBP - Archiving Ctrl: Package Form. Procs AFX...


AIAB - AuC Assignment of Dist. Rule
AIAO - C AM Maint. list vers. gen. line itm
AIAZ - Display Dist. Rule Allocation
AIBU - Transfer Asset under Const.
AIDMM - Create Material Master Data IDocs
AIDNR - Create EPC Number Range IDocs
AIDNR_MASTER - Define EPC Serial Number Ranges
AIIO - C AM Maintain List Version AuC
AISF - FX Exposure
AISFSS - Single Value Analysis: FX Exposure
AISGENKF - Key Figure Analysis
AISGENKF_LAYOUT_DEF - SVA: Define Key Figure Layout
AISPL - Einzelwertanalyse: Gewinn & Verlust
AISS - Single Val. Analysis - Sensitivities AIS...


AJAB - Year-End Closing
AJRW - Fiscal Year Change


AKAB - List purchasing arrangements
AKE1 - Create Condition
AKE10 - Transfer Prices: Display Overhead
AKE2 - Change Condition
AKE3 - Display Condition
AKE4 - Copy Condition
AKE5 - PCA Transfer Prices: Create Prices AKE...

AKKO - Promotion pur. pr. conditions
AKOF - C FI Maintain Table TAKOF
AKVA - List sales arrangements
AKVK - Promotion sales price conditions


AL08 - Users Logged On
AL11 - Display SAP Directories
AL11_OLD - Display SAP Directories
AL12 - Display Table Buffer (Exp. Session)
AL13 - Display Shared Memory (Expert Mode)
AL15 - Customize SAPOSCOL destination
ALLOC_BATCH_RUN - To run Allocation in the batch mode
ALM99 - JBALMCTRL Control Tables
ALM_01 - ALM: Assign CF Type to CF Indicator
ALM_ME_DEBUG - MAM Debugging Settings
ALM_ME_GENERAL - Smartsync Settings
ALM_ME_INVENTORY - Inventory Management Profile
ALM_ME_NOTIF - Notification Processing Profile ALM...

ALO1 - Determine ASH/DOREX Relationships
ALRTCATDEF - Editing Alert Categories
ALRTCATDEF_SEL - Define Alert Category
ALRTDISP - Display Alerts
ALRTINBOX - Alert Inbox
ALRTMON - Alert Monitor
ALRTPERS - Personalize Alert Delivery ALR...

ALVIEWER - ArchiveLink Viewer in the Web


AM04 - Changes to Asset Classes
AM05 - Lock Asset Class
AMADEUS - Amadeus Direct
AMC_LOG_ADMIN - Administration of ABAP Messaging Cha
AMC_LOG_PROCESSING - Selection of AMC Log Entries
AMC_SHOW_LOG_LIST - Show List of activated AMC Logs
AMEN - ABAP Tools Menu
AMRP - Send Stock/Requirements List


ANA_STRUCT_GEN - OLTP Metadata Repository
ANA_STRUCT_GEN_ALM - OLTP Metadata Repository
ANA_VAR - Table Analysis: Analysis Variants
ANHAL - Maintain Cutoff Value Key
ANK0 - Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Asset Class Data
ANK1 - Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Control Specif.
ANK2 - Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Allocations
ANK3 - Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Net Worth Valuat.
ANK4 - Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Insurance Data
ANKA - Directory of asset classes ANK...

ANNETTE - Check Archiving Documentation
ANSICHT - Maintain Asset Views
ANSICHT00 - Assignment Trans.Group - Asset View
ANST_SEARCH_TOOL - Automated Note Search Tool
ANVEST - Maintain Investment Support Measures
ANZARCH - Display Reloaded Structures


AO11 - Assign number range
AO21 - Screen layout for deprec. areas
AO25 - Unit-of-prod. depreciation
AO31 - Specify Depreciation Area
AO32 - Assign net worth tax area
AO33 - Net worth tax field selection
AO41 - Add to insurance specifications
AO42 - Insurance field selection
AO51 - Leasing field selection
AO52 - Add to leasing entries
AO61 - Assign user fields
AO67 - Define Transaction Type
AO68 - Define Transaction Type
AO69 - Account assignmt. KTNAIB
AO71 - Document type for posting deprec.
AO72 - Specify posting procedure
AO73 - Define Transaction Type
AO73_INV - Define Transaction Type
AO74 - Define Transaction Type
AO75 - Define Transaction Type AO7...

AO80 - Define Transaction Type
AO81 - Define Transaction Type
AO82 - Define Transaction Type
AO83 - Define Transaction Type
AO84 - Define Transaction Type
AO85 - Account assignmt Acquisitions AO8...

AO90 - Account assignmt Acquisitions
AO90_ACI - Maint. Technical Clearing Account
AO90_OLD - Account assignmt Acquisitions
AO91 - Specify field group authorization
AO92 - Logical field groups
AO93 - Ord. Depreciation Acct Assignment AO9...

AOBJ - Archiving object definition
AOBJ_DOCU - Display Archiving Object Docu.
AOBK - Depreciation areas/Reduction rules
AOBV - Maint. of rules for delivery costs
AOCO - Cost center check (across
AOLA - Master Data Tab
AOLAPOST - Tabstrip Posting Transactions
AOLK - Tab Layout for Asset Master Data


APB_CALL_IS_QUERIES - Call Infoset Queries
APB_ISR_CUST - ISR Scenario Customizing
APB_LPD_CALL_B_I_TXN - Call Transaction via Batch Input
APB_LPD_CALL_ISQ - Launch an Infoset Query
APB_LPD_CALL_RW_REP - Start Report Writer Reports APB...

APER_RESET - Reset Periodic Posting Run
APOLLO - Apollo Bypass
APPCHANGE - Reporting Options for Appraisals
APPCREATE - Create Appraisal
APPDELETE - Delete Appraisal
APPDISPLAY - Display Appraisal
APPSEARCH - Reporting Options for Appraisals
APPTAKEBACK - Reset Appraisal Status to 'Active' APP...


AR01 - Call Asset List
AR02 - Call Up Asset History Sheet
AR03 - Call Up Depreciation List
AR04 - Call Up Depreciation + Interest List
AR05 - Call Up Asset Acquisition List
AR06 - Call Up Asset Retirement List AR0...

AR10 - Call Up Insurance List
AR11 - Investment Grants
AR11N - Investment Grants
AR12 - Call Up Asset Directory
AR13 - Call Up Prim. Cost Plan. Dep./Int.
AR14 - Call Up Manual Depreciation List AR1...

AR20 - Retirement comparison
AR21 - Mid-quarter Alert Report
AR22 - Analysis of retirment revenue
AR23 - Italy: Asset register
AR24 - Italy: Assets at 3rd party
AR25 - Depreciation posted AR2...

AR30 - Display Worklist
AR31 - Edit Worklist
AR32 - Call Create Worklist
AR32N - Call Create Worklist
ARAL - Display Application Log
ARCHGUIDE - Data Archiving Guide
ARCH_PROT - Archiving Logs
ARCU_COIT1 - Residence Times for CO Line Items
ARKO - KOBRA: Archiving
ARMO - Schedule Monitor: Asset Accounting
ARQ0 - FIAA - Ad hoc reports
ARRAY_CREATE - Generate Column Group
ART0 - FIAA - Information System
ARTE - Replace Articles in Layout Modules
AR_CUST - Archiving Engine - Configurator
AR_ENGINE - Archiving Engine
AR_FACTORY - Archiving Factory
AR_HDS - Assignment of Residence Times
AR_MIGRATION - Archiving engine migration launchpad AR_...


AS01 - Create Asset Master Record
AS02 - Change Asset Master Record
AS03 - Display Asset Master Record
AS04 - Asset Changes
AS05 - Block Asset Master Record
AS06 - Delete Asset Record/Mark for Delet. AS0...

AS100 - Legacy Data Transfer using Excel
AS11 - Create Asset Subnumber
AS11_FMIM - Create AuC Subnumber
AS21 - Create Group Asset
AS22 - Change Group Asset
AS23 - Display Group Asset
AS24 - Create Group Asset Subnumber
AS25 - Block group asset
AS26 - Mark group asset for deletion AS2...

AS81 - Create Old Group Assets Data
AS82 - Change old group asset
AS83 - Display old group asset
AS84 - Create legacy group asset subnumber
AS91 - Create Old Asset
AS92 - Change Old Asset
AS93 - Display Old Asset
AS94 - Create Legacy Asset Subnumber
ASACT - Activate Application Stat. Types
ASCC - Assets on My Cost Center - GUI Vers.
ASCC_GUI - Assets on My Cost Center
ASEM - My assets
ASEM_GUI - My Assets - GUI Version
ASIM - Simulation of asset posting
ASKB - Periodic Asset Postings
ASKBN - Periodic APC Posting Run
ASMN - Asset Master Menu
ASOKEY - Definition of SAP Function OPENKEY
AS_ADMIN - SAP AS: Administration
AS_AFB - Archive File Browser


AT01 - Create Asset Master Record (old)
AT02 - Change Asset Master Record (old)
AT03 - Display Asset Master Record (old)
AT11 - Create Asset Subnumber (Old)
AT21 - Create Group Asset (old)
AT22 - Change Group Asset (old)
AT23 - Display Group Asset (old)
AT24 - Create Group Asset Sub-Number (old)
AT81 - Create Old Group Asset (old)
AT82 - Change Old Group Asset (old)
AT83 - Display Old Group Asset (old)
AT84 - Display Old Group Asset Sub-No.(old)
AT91 - Create Old Asset (old)
AT92 - Change Old Asset (old)
AT93 - Display Old Asset (old)
AT94 - Create Old Asset Sub-Number (old)
ATC - ATC Administration
ATC_A - ATC Administration
ATC_F - ATC for FA
ATP01 - Cancel/Delete Prod. Avail. Req.
ATPC01 - Maintain number range for PAR
ATPS - ATP Check: Send Customizing
ATRA - ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis
ATRANSGRP - Transaction Group Maintenance
ATRA_E2E - ABAP Obj. Runtime Analysis for E2E


AUFW - Maintain Revaluation Measures
AUN0 - FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN1 - FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN10 - FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN11 - FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN2 - FI-AA Asset Summary
AUN3 - FI-AA Asset Summary AUN...

AUT01 - Configuration of Logging
AUT02 - Configuration of Navigation Help
AUT03 - Display Configuration
AUT04 - Configuration of Long Text Logs
AUT05 - Deletion of Long Texts
AUT10 - Evaluation of Audit Trail AUT...

AUVA - FI-AA Incomplete Assets


AW01 - Asset Explorer
AW01N - Asset Explorer
AW01_AFAR - Asset Explorer
AW01_OLD - Asset Master Rec: Display Val.Fields
AWUW - Assignment LIS except/BOR event


AXPD - Progress Tracking Evaluations
AXTEXT - Extensibility Extension Types Reg.
AXTOBJ - Extensibility Generation Registry
AXTREG - Extensibility Registry
AXTSHOW - Display and analyze Enhancements
AXTSYS - Extensibility Tool System Info
AXT_EXT_GEN_SESSION - Extension Generation by Session ID AXT...


B1B2 - Create Magnetic Media files


BA01 - Table T005BU
BA10 - Subsystem Configuration
BA11 - Config. Transceiver / Upload Files
BALA - ALE Application menu
BALD - ALE Development
BALE - Area Menu for Administration
BALM - ALE Master data
BANKT_PAR_DETAIL_Y - Par.Process. Item Postings: Detail
BANKT_PAR_MODE_Y - Par.Process. Item Postings: General
BANKT_PAR_REALLOC_Y - Program to Create Interval Table
BANK_CUS_CHDOC - Customer Setting Change Doc. Tool
BANK_CUS_CHDOC_DEV - Developer Setting Change Doc. Tool
BANK_CUS_JC - Definition of Job Nets BAN...

BAPI - BAPI Explorer
BAPI45 - BAPI Browser
BAPIPPLAN - Test Tool for Payment Plan BAPIs
BAPIW - BAPI Explorer
BASIS_CL01 - Call CL01 (if it exists)
BASIS_CL02 - Call CL02 (if it exists)
BASIS_O1CL - Call O1CL (if it exists)
BATCHMAN - Transfer of External CO Data
BAUP - Bank Data Transfer


BBC1 - Procurement Card Company
BBC2 - PCard Company: Company Codes
BBC3 - Procurement Card: Blocking Reasons
BBM1 - Create Procurement Card Master
BBM2 - Change Procurement Card Master
BBM3 - Display Procurement Card Master
BBNU - Number Range Maintenance REQREQ
BBP0 - Start Menu for SAP B2B Procurement
BBPADDREXT - Maintain Vendor Address - External
BBPADDRINTC - Maintain Addresses for Own Company
BBPADDRINTV - Maintain Vendor Address (Internal)
BBPAPPL - Define EBP Applications
BBPAPPL_DISP - Define EBP Applications BBP...


BC01 - Business Partner: Form of Address
BC03 - Business Partner: Marital Status
BC04 - Business Partner: Property Regime
BC05 - Business Partner: Employee Group
BC06 - Business Partner: Rating
BC07 - Business Partner: Cred. Rat. Instit. BC0...

BC10 - Business Partner: Loan to Manager
BC11 - Business Partner: Employment Status
BC12 - Business Partner: GBA Information
BC13 - Business Partner: Partner Grouping
BC14 - Business Partner: Address ID
BC15 - No. Range Maint.: BP_PARTNR Partner BC1...

BC20 - Business Partner: Salutation
BC401_BOOD - Demonstration: 00 Transactions
BC401_CALD_CRE_CUST - Demonstration: New Table Entry
BC401_CALD_CTA_U - Demonstration: Transaction Call
BC401_TABD_SORT - Demonstration: Sorted Table
BC401_TABD_STAND - Demonstration: Standard Table
BC402_CALD_CONN - Demonstration: Program Calls BC4...

BC50 - Business Partner: Role Type
BC51 - Business Partner: Role Category
BC52 - Business Partner: BP View
BC53 - Business Partner: Relationship Cat.
BC54 - Business Partner: Screen
BC55 - Business Partner:Screen-View Assign. BC5...

BC60 - Business Partner: Role Category View
BC61 - Business Partner: Application
BC62 - Business Partner: Applicat.Role Cat.
BC63 - Business Partner: Phonetic Search
BC64 - Business Partner: Role Csat. Text ID
BC65 - Business Partner: Field Groups BC6...

BC70 - BP: Field Modification Activated
BC71 - Business Partner: Field Mod.Role Cat
BC72 - Business Partner: Notes (Role)
BC73 - Business Partner: Notes (general)
BCA0 - BP: Business Partner - Applic.Cust.
BCA_CONDIND_REL01 - Customizing Release Procedure
BCA_CONDSTD_REL01 - Customizing Release Procedure
BCA_CUS_AK - Determine Rate Type - Currency Swap
BCA_CUS_CC - Determine Rate Cat. - Currency Swap
BCA_CUS_REL_PROC - Customizing Release Procedure BCA...

BCG0 - Bar chart: Maintain field definition
BCG1 - Bar chart: Maintain form definition
BCG2 - Bar chart: Maintain graphic profile
BCG3 - Bar chart: Maintain form assignment
BCG4 - Bar chart: Maintain option profile
BCG5 - Bar chart: Maintain color assignment BCG...

BCMK - Maintain employee sub-group
BCT0 - Create Contact
BCT1 - Change Contact
BCT2 - Display Contact
BCTM - Business Partner Contacts
BCTNUM - Number Range Maintenance: BCONTACT
BCT_SARA - Archiving of Customer Contacts BCT...

BC_DATA_GEN - Create Data for Flight Data Model


BD10 - Send Material
BD100 - IDoc display object channel view
BD101 - Consistency check
BD102 - Outbound registry
BD102_EOIO - Registry Outbound EOIO
BD103 - Inbound registry BD1...

BD20 - IDoc passed to application
BD21 - Select change pointer
BD22 - Delete change pointers
BD23 - Delete serialization data
BD24 - Send Cost Elements
BD25 - Send Activity Type BD2...

BD30 - Distribute material object list
BD31 - Distribute document object list
BD32 - Distribute plant allocations(matBOM)
BD33 - Distribute material variants (ALE)
BD34 - Distribute order BOM
BD35 - Send Business Process Groups BD3...

BD40 - Read change pointer for group
BD41 - Dispatch IDocs for group
BD42 - Check IDocs for group
BD43 - Post IDocs for group
BD44 - Assign Message Types to Serlz. Group
BD47 - Dependencies between methods BD4...

BD50 - Activate Change Ptrs for Mess. Type
BD51 - Maintain function modules (inbound)
BD52 - Activ.change pointer per
BD53 - Reduction of Message Types
BD54 - Maintaining Logical Systems
BD55 - Maintain IDoc Conversion BD5...

BD60 - Additional data for message type
BD61 - Activate Change Pointers - Generally
BD62 - Define Segment Conversion Rule
BD62OLD - Define Segment Conversion Rule
BD63 - Transport ALE Tables of Message Type
BD64 - Maintenance of Distribution Model BD6...

BD70 - Synchronize Number Ranges
BD71 - Define FM for dependent bus. object
BD72 - Activate Events
BD73 - Reposting of IDocs (ALE)
BD75 - Convert IDoc Status
BD77 - Distribution of control data BD7...

BD81 - Filter objects parameter filtering
BD82 - Generate Partner Profiles
BD83 - Send IDocs after an ALE error
BD84 - Post IDocs after ALE error
BD85 - Consistency check for transfer
BD86 - Consistency check for sales BD8...

BD91 - Send Characteristic
BD92 - Send Class
BD93 - Send Classification
BD95 - Specify ALE object types
BD96 - filter objects of receiver determin.
BD97 - Assign RFC dest. to Logical Systems BD9...

BDA4 - Specify ALE object types
BDA5 - Distribute documents
BDBG - Create ALE Interface for BAPI
BDBP - Hierarchy maintenance of BAPI param.
BDBR - Register BAPI for Data Transfer
BDBS - Generate coding for mapping
BDC5 - Consistency of Customizing Data
BDCCC - Check Center: ALE Basis Cust. Data
BDCCV - Maintain Items
BDCONTACTS - Comments created in Biller Direct
BDCP - Number Range Maintenance: ALE_CP
BDCPMIG - Migrate Change Pointers BDC...

BDD5 - Application Consistency Check
BDFDF - Request Fund
BDFDS - Send fund
BDFG - ALE Interfaces from Function Module
BDLR - Registration of transfer program
BDLS - Convert Logical System Names
BDLSC - Objects for Special Treatment
BDLSM - Definition of Conversion Matrix
BDLSS - Conversion of Logical System Names
BDLST - Start Conversion Process BDL...

BDM2 - Monitoring: IDocs in Receiving Sys.
BDM5 - Technical Consistency Check
BDM6 - Monitor: Check input workflow
BDM7 - ALE Audit: statistical analyses
BDM8 - ALE Audit: Sending the confirmations
BDM9 - Reorganizing the audit database BDM...

BDR1 - Display application log for recovery
BDR2 - Reorganization of recovery data
BDRC - ALE: Determine Recovery Objects
BDRL - ALE: Process recovery objects
BDTP - Business Process- Maintain Templates
BDT_COMPARE - Compare Control Table Entries
BDWE02 - Call we02
BDWE02_2 - Empty Input Field in SE38
BDXA - Distribution of Distribution Groups
BDXD - Import of ALE Requests
BDXE - Generation of ALE Requests
BDXI - Model Display (Specific)
BDXJ - Maintenance of Distribution Groups
BDXK - Convert CONDAT Objects in Dist.Group BDX...

BD_GEN_GRCP - General Recipe Distribution
BD_GEN_SRCP - Replicate Site Recipe


BERE - Business Event Repository
BERP - Business Processes
BERPC - Business Processes


BF01 - P&S BTEs
BF02 - Bus. Events: Assignment of app.comp.
BF03 - Business Event Repository: Overview
BF05 - Process BTEs
BF06 - Processes: Allocation of appl.comp.
BF07 - Process Interfaces: Overview BF0...

BF11 - BTE Evaluation Criteria
BF12 - Partners
BF21 - SAP Application Products
BF22 - Business Framework: Partner Products
BF23 - Activate Partner Products
BF24 - Customer Products
BF31 - Application modules per Event
BF32 - Partner Modules per Event
BF34 - Customer Modules per Event
BF41 - Application Modules per Process
BF42 - Partner Modules per Process
BF44 - Customer Modules per Process
BFST - Attibutes for Selection of Events


BG00 - Number Range Maintenance: BGMK_NR
BGM1 - Create Master Warranty
BGM2 - Change Master Warranty
BGM3 - Display Master Warranty
BGM6 - Warranty Entry for Technical Object
BGMN - Warranty Processing


BH05 - Maiantain personnel area


BIBS - Examples of User Interface Design
BIC - Transfer Bank Data from BIC Database
BIC2 - Transfer BIC Data
BICBH03 - Display Batch History


BKDR - Maintain transfer rules
BKDS - Sender Structure Maintenance
BKK_ACCNT_REACTN - Account Reactivation
BKK_ARC_PRENOTE_CUST - Object specific customizing -PRENOTE
BKK_ARC_PRENOTE_DISP - Display archived prenotes
BKK_CLOS_REL01 - Release tool cust for Accnt closure
BKK_CLS_PRENOTIF - Account Closure Prenotification
BKK_CORR_LOG - Application log: mature report BKK...


BLOG - Overview of BRE Run


BM00 - Batch Management
BMA1 - Maintain Prop./Prod. Units
BMA2 - Percentage proportion calculation
BMA3 - Prop./prod. quant. from base quant.
BMA4 - Base quant. from prop./prod. quant.
BMAA - Batch Archiving Runs
BMBC - Batch Information Cockpit
BMC1 - Create Class (Class Type 'BATCH')
BMC2 - Change Class (Class type 'BATCH')
BMC3 - Display Class (Class Type 'BATCH')
BMCC - Integrity Check for Batch Classif.
BMCHCL - Batch Class Conversion
BMOBPRO - Original Batches in Production
BMOBPUR - Original Batches in Procurement
BMSM - Update the standard features
BMUW - Assign Worklist Folder
BMUWT - Maintain Worklist Cat. f. Batches
BMV0 - Manage Data Transfers
BMVN - Number Range Maintenance: DI_JOBID


BNK_APP - Approve Payments
BNK_BATCH - Create Batches
BNK_BNK_COM_REL01 - Assign Release Object to Release Pro
BNK_BNK_INI_REL01 - Payment approval-First step
BNK_INCMNG_MSG_MONI - Incoming status message monitor
BNK_LG_SGN - Digital Signature Logs for Approval BNK...

BNR - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_DBRE


BOB - Business Object Builder
BOBF - BOPF: Business Object Configuration
BOBT - Business Object Builder - Test
BOPF_EWB - BOPF Enhancement Workbench
BOPF_GENERATE_CI - Generate BOPF Constants Interface
BORC1 - Maintenance of User Groups
BORGR - GR Automotive
BORGR_B - GR Automotive: Posting
BORGR_C - GR Automotive: Clearing
BORGR_V - GR Automotive: Preliminary Entry
BOS02 - SD: Service Entry - Web Transaction
BOS02_WAP - Service Entry Sheet: WAP Transaction
BOSECP - Costing: Costs -> Conditions
BOSMM - Subcontractor/Vendor Processing
BOSPR - Create Subcontractor Pur. Req.
BOSPS01 - BOS: Project Cost Transfer Program BOS...


BP - Maintain Business Partner
BP0 - Business Partner, Initial Screen
BPACC - Line derivation budgeting documents
BPACCR - Acc Derivation Budget Entry Document
BPAR_ARCH - Business Partner: Conversion to CBP
BPAR_ARCHW - Fin. transaction: Create archive
BPAR_ARCH_W - Business Partner: Create Archive
BPB1 - Evaluation of Business Partner/Roles
BPB2 - Evaluation of Business Parter Data
BPB4 - Evaluation of Partner Relationships
BPC1 - Create Business Partner
BPC2 - Change Business Partner
BPC3 - Display Business Partner
BPC4 - Create Bus. Partner Using Reference
BPC5 - Change Business Partner - Copy
BPCA - Partner:Change Documents - Addresses BPC...

BPH - Business Partner Group Hierarchy
BPH_TYPE - Maintain Hierarchy Categories
BPMD - Master Data Tab
BPMDCS - Master Data Tab
BPMDFI - Customer Company Code Master Data
BPMDGD - Master Data Tab
BPMDSD - Customer Company Code Master Data
BPOMEAS - BPO Application Measurement
BPS0 - Business Planning
BPSHOW00 - Analysis report: Bdgting/Overall pl.
BPS_DOWN - Load Model Files to PC
BPS_EXCEL - Excel Interface Builder
BPS_INFO - Hidden
BPS_RM - Reminder Report STS BPS...

BPVENDCHECK - BP<->Vendor check transaction
BP_CLEANSE - Edit Data Cleansing Case
BP_CLEANSE_RELEASE - Release Data Cleansing Case
BP_CLEANSE_RESET - Reset Data Cleansing Case
BP_FMCA_CUSTOMER - Maintain Contract Partner/Customer
BP_FMCA_VENDOR - Maintain Contract Partner/Vendor
BP_LOCA - Example: Business Partner Locator BP_...


BRECLEAR - BRE: Reorganisation or Deletion
BREE - BRE Execution
BRF - Business Rule Framework - Workbench
BRF+ - BRFplus Workbench
BRFACS01 - BRF: Create Abstract Action
BRFACS02 - BRF: Change Abstract Action
BRFACS03 - BRF: Display Abstract Action
BRFACT01 - BRF: Create Concrete Actions BRF...

BRPL1 - Contract Account Sheet (Norway)


BS02 - Maintain status profiles
BS03 - Display status profiles
BS12 - Maintain object types
BS13 - Display object types
BS22 - Maintain system status
BS23 - Display system status
BS32 - Maintain processes
BS33 - Display processes
BS42 - Maintain Status Selection Profiles
BS43 - Display status selection
BS52 - Maintain authorization key
BS53 - Display authoriztaion key
BSANLY_ACT_BUNDLE - Call Activation Screen
BSANLY_BI_ACTIVATION - Manage BI Content Activation
BSMO - Object type control in Mass Change
BSMV - Transaction control in Mass Change
BSP_DLC_DESIGN - Customer Design Objects
BSP_DLC_DESIGN_G - Customer Reference Design Objects
BSP_DLC_SDESIGN - SAP Design Objects
BSP_DLC_SDESIGN_DISP - Copy SAP Design Objects
BSP_DLC_SDESIGN_DL - SAP Design Obj. (per Obj. Type)
BSP_DLC_SDESIGN_GEN - SAP Ref. Design Objects BSP...

BSSP_BOR_OBJECT - Display Tx for a Business Object
BSSP_CONTENT - Content Browser
BSSP_DOCFLOW - Fields for Document Rel. Browser
BSSP_DRB_OBJECT - Display Tx for a Business Object

BSV1 - Where-used list for transaction
BSV2 - Where-used list for system status
BSVV - Parameterizable status workflow evnt
BSVW - Linkage Status Update-Workflow Event
BSVX - System Status Events
BSVY - System/User Status Events BSV...

BS_ANLY_CD - Start Chart Designer
BS_ANLY_OIP_MODELER - Operational InfoProvider
BS_ANLY_OP_BIA - BIA for Classic InfoSets
BS_CONTEXT - Context According for Global Context
BS_INOB - Incident Observation
BS_PERIOD_TOOLSET01 - BS Period Toolset - Customizing BS_...


BTREE - Overview of BRE Programs


BUA1 - Create contact person
BUA2 - Change contact person
BUA3 - Display contact person
BUB1 - BuPR: Create BP relationship
BUB2 - BuPR: Change BP relationship
BUB3 - BuPR: Display BP relationship
BUB4 - BuPR: Create BP role definition
BUB5 - BuPR: Change BP role definition
BUB6 - BuPR: Display BP role definition BUB...

BUC0 - BP Cust: Forms of Address
BUC1 - BP Cust: Address Type
BUC2 - BP Cust: Groupings
BUC3 - BP Cust: Data Origin
BUC4 - BP Cust: BP Role->Address Type
BUC5 - BP Cust: Academic Titles BUC...

BUG1 - Create Business Partner, General
BUG2 - Change Business Partner, General
BUG3 - Display Business Partner, General
BUG4 - Bus. partner general deletion flag
BUI1 - Create Prospect
BUI2 - Change Prospect
BUI3 - Display Prospect
BUI_PST_TRANS - BUI Persistence Service Admin UI
BUKFBATCH - Key Figures - Batch Processing
BUM1 - Create Employee (BP)
BUM2 - Change Employee (BP)
BUM3 - Display Employee (BP)
BUMR - BP Relationships: Config. Menu
BUN2 - Change student (in role grouping)
BUN3 - Display student (in role grouping)
BUNA - Number Range Maintenance: BP_PADRNR
BUP0 - BDT, Multiple Call (Funct. Grp BUSS)
BUP1 - Create Business Partner
BUP2 - Change Business Partner
BUP3 - Display Business Partner
BUPAARCH - Business Partner Archiving
BUPAARCHBDT - BDT Business Partner Archiving BUP...

BUR0 - BuPR: Contact Person Departments
BUR1 - BuPR: Contact Person Functions
BUR2 - BuBR: Contact Person Authority
BUR3 - BuPR: Contact Person VIP Indicator
BUR4 - BP: Marital property regime
BURC_LAYOUT - Custom. Rel.Category -> Log. Group BUR...

BUS0 - BDT: Application Objects
BUS1 - BDT: Applications
BUS10 - BDT: Search Help
BUS11 - BDT: Assgn BAPI Field to Field Group
BUS2 - BDT: Field Groups
BUS23 - BP Tax: Data Sets BUS...

BUT021_INS - Update BUT021 from BUT021_FS
BUTI - Update Without Dialog
BUTJ - Generate Test File (DI)


BV02 - BAV Transfer / Loans Initial Screen
BV03 - BAV Trnsfr / Real Estate Init.Screen
BV11 - BAV Display / Securities Init.Screen
BV12 - BAV Display / Loans Initial Screen
BV13 - BAV Display/ Real Estate Init.Screen


BW03MAST - Generate general DataSources
BW03MASTER - Generate summ.table trans. structure
BW07 - BW20PI: Gen. SET Hierarchies for BW
BW09 - BW20PI: Product Hierarchy for SAP BW
BW10 - BW20PI: Log. Gen. Hierarchy for BW
BWCA - SAPoffice: Internet Calendar
BWCCMS - CCMS Monitor for BW
BWFS_AB_DATUM_SET - Date from Which Data is Read
BWFS_INFOSOURCE_DELT - Maintain InfoSources for Delta Pos.
BWFS_INFOSOURCE_INIT - Maintain InfoSources for Pos. Init.
BWFS_INIT_DATE_SET - Date of Position Initialization
BWFS_PROT - BW Extraction Log
BWFS_TIMESTAMPS_DELA - Deletes Time Stamp Per InfoSource BWF...

BWMSSPROCS - Transaction for MSS SP Maintenance
BWOM01 - BCT-CO: Change Report Row Hierarchy
BWOM02 - BCT-CO: Displ/Check Report Row Hier.
BWP0 - Date: Maintain Key Figure
BWP1 - Date Event
BWP2 - Date Origin
BWP3 - Duration: Maintain Key Figure
BWP4 - Dates: Assgn. of Table to Value Type
BWP5 - Duratn: Assg. of Table to Value Type BWP...

BWS1 - Assign System Status to BW Status
BWS2 - Assign User Status to BW Status
BWSP - SAPoffice: WWW
BWST - Gener. DataSource for BW Status Obj.
BWWF_WI_DECI - Execute User Decisions
BWWI_EXECUTE - Executing a work item (WEBgui)


BYPASS - Bypass for All Reservation Systems


C000 - Overhead Cost Controlling


C201 - Create Master Recipe
C202 - Change Master Recipe
C203 - Display Master Recipe
C210 - Delete Costing Ind. for Operations
C211 - Delete 'Flexible Duration' Ind. Oper
C223 - Maintain Production Versions
C223_D - Display Production Version
C251 - Print Master Recipes
C252 - Print Production Versions
C260 - Recipe Development on Time Basis
C261 - Change Document Display Master Rec.
C298 - Delete Master Recipes
C299 - Archive Master Recipes
C2N2 - Number ranges master recipe


CA00 - Routing Menu
CA01 - Create Routing
CA02 - Change Routing
CA03 - Display Routing
CA10 - Std. Text for Task List/Order
CA11 - Create Reference Operation Set
CA12 - Change Reference Operation Set
CA13 - Display Reference Operation Set
CA21 - Create Rate Routing
CA22 - Change Rate Routing
CA23 - Display Rate Routing
CA31 - Create Reference Rate Routing
CA32 - Change Reference Rate Routing
CA33 - Display Reference Rate Routing
CA51 - Print Rtg/Ref.Op.Set, Fields Fixed
CA60 - Changes in Routings/Ref. Op. Sets
CA61 - Change Documents for Routing
CA62 - Documents for Ref. Op. Sets
CA63 - Change documents for rate routings
CA64 - Change documents for ref. rate rtgs
CA70 - PRT Where-Used Lists
CA72 - PRT Where-used Lists: EquipTL Types
CA73 - Standard Networks for PRT
CA75 - Mass Replace PRT
CA75N - Mass Change:Production Resource/Tool
CA77 - Bulk Replacemt PRT: Equip.TL Type CA7...

CA80 - Use of Work Center in Task Lists
CA81 - Master recipe usage and resources
CA82 - Where-used Lists EQUI Work Center
CA83 - Standard Networks for Work Center
CA85 - Replace Work Center in Task Lists
CA85N - Mass replacement: work center CA8...

CA90 - Use of Ref. Op. Set in Routings
CA95 - Replace Ref. Op. Set in Task Lists
CA95N - Mass Change:Ref.OperationSet Ref.
CA96 - Update material master
CA97 - Mass scheduling using mat. master
CA97N - Material Master Update - New CA9...

CAA0 - Process instr. usage in recipes
CAA1 - Create Contract Account
CAA2 - Change Contract Account
CAA3 - Display Contract Account
CAA5 - Mass replace proc.instr. in mst.rcp.
CAAT - Foreign Trade Atrium CAA...

CAC0 - Master recipe menu
CAC1 - Time Sheet: Maintain Profiles
CAC2 - Time Sheet: Field Selection
CAC3 - Time Sheet: Rejection Reasons
CAC4 - CATS: Profile Authorization Groups
CAC5 - Define Customer Fields CAC...

CADE - CATS: Delete Transaction Data
CADO - Time Sheet: Display Data
CADT - Downtime for Capacity Category
CALL_BLKCLM - Call View Column Attributes
CANCDIS01 - Collective Processing Distribution
CANINVDOC - Call transaction MR8M from Portal
CANM - Number range maintenance: ROUTING_M
CANMATDOC - Tcode for MIGO cancel from Portal
CANR - Number range maintenance: ROUTING_R
CAOR - Display Report (Structure-Related)
CAPP - CATS: Object-Related Approval
CAPS - Approve Times: Master Data
CARH - BP Control: External Applications
CARP - BP Cust: Fld. Mof. Ext. Application
CAS1 - CA Control: Application
CAS2 - CA Control: Field Groups
CAS3 - CA Control: Views
CAS4 - CA Control: Sections
CAS5 - CA Control: Screens
CAS6 - CA Control: Screen Sequence Variants CAS...

CAT2 - Time Sheet: Maintain Times
CAT2_ISCR - CATS: Maintain Times (Init. Screen)
CAT3 - Time Sheet: Display Times
CAT3_ISCR - CATS: Display Times (Initial Screen)
CAT4 - CATS: Approve Data
CAT5 - Data Transfer CATS -> PS CAT...

CAUSE - Causes: Check Solution Path
CAVC_TEST - Configurator API test
CAWM - Business Partner Configuration Menu


CB23 - Download of Master Tables for CC5
CB25 - Upload Request CC5
CB32 - Initial Download of Orders via CC3
CB33 - Download of Master Tables via CC3
CB34 - Delta Download of Orders via CC3
CB35 - Upload request for CC3
CB37 - Initial Download of Activities CC4
CB38 - Master data download CC4 CB3...

CB40 - Upload request for CC4
CB42 - Initial Download of Orders via CC2
CB43 - Transfer of master data via CC2
CB44 - Delta Download of Orders via CC2
CB45 - Upload request for CC2
CB85 - Maint. Print Control for Proc. Ords
CBCACT - Maintenance CBP planning actions
CBCAT - Maintenance CBP Problem Categories
CBCBRG - Maintenance of v_cbp_brg
CBCF - Maintenance CBMRP flags
CBCMLGMRP - Maintenance defaults (MRP)
CBCMLGSOP - Maintenance defaults (SOP) CBC...

CBDE - PDC records with system errors
CBESH_ANF_GEN - Annotation File Generator
CBESH_ANNO_GEN - Create Annotation File
CBESH_TR_OD - OData Annotation Mapping Transaction
CBESH_TR_SEM - Maintain semantic object table
CBESH_TR_TEMPID - Maintain template ID table
CBGLWB - Function Workbench
CBGLWB_CU_BP - EHS LWB Definition of Sel. Functions
CBGLWB_CU_PAR - EHS LWB Gobal Settings
CBGL_BS - EHS: Print Using Bar-Code Scanner
CBGL_CD03 - EHS: Display Change Documents
CBGL_CL02 - EHS: Edit Customer-Specific Labels CBG...

CBHR11 - EHS-INT: Create External Person
CBHR12 - EHS-INT: Change External Person
CBHR13 - EHS-INT: Display External Person
CBHR21 - EHS-INT: Create Authority
CBHR22 - EHS-INT: Change Authority
CBHR23 - EHS-INT: Display Authority CBH...

CBIH00 - Industrial Hygiene and Safety
CBIH02 - EHS: Edit Work Area
CBIH03 - EHS: Display Work Area
CBIH12 - EHS: Edit Risk Assessment
CBIH13 - EHS: Display Risk Assessment
CBIH14 - EHS: Amount Overview CBI...

CBMRP - CBP requirements planning
CBN_GW_GEN - C'estBON Search Generator
CBP - Constraint Based Planning Workbench
CBP1 - MRP master data download
CBP2 - MRP transactional data download
CBP3 - SOP master data download
CBP4 - Start inintialization (MRP)
CBP5 - Display ext. Planning Log SOP CBP...

CBRC01 - Only Rep.: Ext. Business Partners
CBRC02 - Only Rep.: Int. Business Partners
CBRC03 - Imported By
CBRC04 - Bonded Warehouse
CBRC10 - Substance Volume Tracking: Appl. Log
CBRC11 - Regulation Check: Blocked Orders CBR...

CBWA00 - Area Menu Waste Management
CBWABDT - BDT Configuration Menu Waste Mgmt
CBWAMD - Waste Management Master Data


CC00 - Engineering Change Management Menu
CC01 - Create Change Master
CC02 - Change Change Master
CC03 - Display Change Master
CC04 - Display Product Structure
CC04P - Parameter Transaction for CC04 CC0...

CC11 - Create Material Revision Level
CC12 - Change Material Revision Level
CC13 - Display Material Revision Level
CC15 - Change Document Revision Level
CC16 - Display Document Revision Level
CC22 - Change Object Management Records
CC23 - Display Object Management Record
CC31 - Create Change Request
CC32 - Change Change Request
CC33 - Display Change Request
CC60 - Browser hierarchy
CC62 - Conversion of change packages
CC90 - Number Ranges for Change Numbers
CC92 - Distribute change number
CC93 - Number Range Maintenance: TECHS
CCA1 - Initial screen for archiving
CCAA - Change tables for archiving
CCAC - Reset Set-Get Parameter CAC
CCAD - Delete archived change tables
CCAPPS - Custom Code Analysis Applications
CCAR - Read archived data CCA...

CCF1 - Create Message: Error Management
CCF2 - Change Message: Error Management
CCF3 - Display Message: Error Management
CCM2 - Configuration Control Workbench
CCMONITOR_RRIF - Start Report/Report Interface
CCMON_DOC_CALL - Call Doc. Display for CCtr Monitor
CCMP_RABOX - Remote Action Box via SAPGui for HTM
CCMSBISUITE - Reporting Suite CCM...

CCPPL - CCP: Execute Planning Folders
CCPPM - CCP: Edit Plannng Folders
CCPPMD - CCP: Display Planning Folders
CCPX - CCP: Planning Folders, Direct Start
CCR - Customizing Check Report
CCR_EMERGENCY - Customizing Check for Old Op. VA
CCS - Cost Component Split
CCSECA - Admin. of Key Versions for PAYCRV
CCSECM0 - Migration to SSF Application PAYCRV
CCSECM1 - Execute Conversion
CCSECV_DATA_DEL - Deletion of Credit Card Data
CCSEC_LOG_DEL - Delete Payment Card Log CCS...

CCTM - Maintain Standard Variant
CCUNDO - Undo Changes
CCV2 - Change Output: Document Management
CCW1 - Task-specific Workflow Customizing
CCZU - Allocation: Material to Valid.Prof.
CC_APPS - Custom Code Analysis Applications
CC_MIGRATION - Migration of Credit Cards


CD - IMG for FS-CD
CDESK - CAD Desktop
CDESK_CUS - Customizing CAD Desktop
CDESK_DEL_DBTRACE - CAD Desktop: Delete Trace
CDESK_READ_DBTRACE - CAD Desktop: Analyze Trace
CDESK_SAVE_DBTRACE - Save Database Trace


CE00 - Menu: CAPP-based calc. of std.values
CE01 - CEP: View
CE02 - CEP: Transfer
CE03 - CEP: Review
CE11 - Create standard value formula
CE12 - Change standard value formula
CE13 - Display standard value formula
CE16 - Use of CAPP elements (single-level)
CE21 - Create standard value method
CE22 - Change standard value method
CE23 - Display standard value method
CE31 - Create standard value process
CE32 - Change standard value process
CE33 - Display standard value process
CE41 - Simulate calculation of std. values
CEMN - Cost Element Accounting
CEPC - Display Table CEPC
CEP_CUST_WF - Maintain Distibution Workflows
CEP_IAC_PO - ITS Transaction Project Overview
CEP_R3_MON - SAP Transaction: Monitoring
CEP_SA_DEFCLAS - Default Classes
CEP_SA_DOCBOM - Document 2 BOM CEP...

CERTMAP - Certificate Assignment
CERTREQ - Certificate enrollment
CERTRULE - Rule based Certificate Mapping
CERTRULE_MIG - Rule based Cert. Mapping Migration
CES1 - Create Set (Resource Planning)
CES2 - Change Set (Resource Planning)
CES3 - Display Set (Resource Planning)
CES4 - Delete Set (Resource Planning)
CEV1 - Create value variable(res. planning)
CEV2 - Change value variable (res.planning)
CEV3 - Display value variable(res.planning)
CEV4 - Delete value variable (res.planning)
CEVC - Copy custom. tab. for std.val. calc.
CEVF - Number ranges for CAPP formulas CEV...

CEWB - PP: Engineering Workbench
CEWO - CE: Structure of product folder
CE_CL_EXTRACT - Extract Class Database


CF00 - Prod. Resources/Tools Master Menu
CF01 - Create Production Resource/Tool
CF02 - Change Production Resource/Tool
CF03 - Display Production Resources/Tools
CF10 - PRT: Use of PRT master in prod.order
CF11 - PRT: Use of material in prod. order
CF12 - PRT: Use of document in prod. order
CF13 - PRT: Use of equipment in prod. order
CF15 - PRT: Use of PRT master in network
CF16 - PRT: Use of material in network CF1...

CF20 - PRT: Use of PRT master in orders
CF21 - PRT: Use of material in orders
CF22 - PRT: Use of document in orders
CF23 - PRT: Use of pc. of equip. in orders
CF25 - PRT: PRT Master Usage in PM Order
CF26 - PRT: Material Usage in PM Orders CF2...

CFB_NAV - Start Transactions
CFB_RB_APPL_LOG - CFB RBQ Application Log
CFC01 - cFolders Backend Integr. Customizing
CFC02 - Mapping of Attributes
CFC1 - Maintain Operating Mode ADC
CFC2 - Customizing Parameters
CFC3 - CIF: Initial Transfer for Block Size
CFC4 - Maintenance of Object Infos CFC...

CFDS - Customizing - MRP based DS(APO)
CFE01 - Export Documents to cFolders
CFE02 - Export Objects to cFolders
CFE03 - Export iPPE Objects to cFolders
CFG1 - Display CIF Application Log
CFG3 - Find in Application Log
CFGD - Delete Application Log Entries
CFG_TRACE_NAV - VMC RFC Trace Navigator
CFG_USER_EXIT_DEV - Variant Function Development
CFI01 - Import Documents from cFolders
CFI02 - Import Objects from cFolders
CFI03 - Import iPPE Objects from cFolders
CFL1 - Current Settings
CFM1 - Create Integration Model
CFM2 - Manually Activate Integration Models
CFM3 - Activate Integration Models (Bkgd)
CFM4 - Display Integration Models
CFM5 - Integration Model Object Search
CFM6 - Modify Integration Model CFM...

CFNA - Maintain PRT number range: FHM_CRFH
CFO1 - Production Sched. Profile APO CIF
CFO3 - Scheduling Parameters in APO CIF
CFP1 - Analyze and Send Changes
CFP2 - Analyze and Send Changes
CFP3 - CIF: PPM Transfer of Data Changes
CFP4 - Delete PPM Change Pointer
CFQ1 - Display qRFC Monitor
CFS0 - Display Serialization Channels
CFS1 - Serialization Channels Display (Prg)
CFS2 - Display All Today's TRFCs
CFSRMPO - SRM PO Transfer Customizing
CFXORG - Assignment for Business Partner
CFX_UD_BUTTON - Define Pushbuttons
CFX_UD_STATUS_ACTION - Define Status Actions


CG00 - Basic Data Environment
CG02 - Substance Workbench
CG02BD - Specification Workbench
CG02CALL - Call Specification Workbench
CG05 - Distribute Specification
CG12 - Edit Phrases
CG13 - Display Phrases
CG1B - Edit Phrase Sets
CG1C - Display Phrase Sets
CG2A - Create Generation Variant
CG2B - Edit Generation Variant
CG2C - Display Generation Variant
CG31 - Import Phrases
CG32 - Import Sources
CG33 - Import Specifications
CG34 - Import Report Template
CG35 - Import Property Tree
CG36 - Import Reports CG3...

CG42 - Edit Report Templates
CG43 - Display Report Templates
CG4B - Edit Cover Sheet Template
CG4C - Display Cover Sheet Template
CG4D - Edit Acknowl. of Receipt Template
CG4E - Display Acknowl. of Receipt Template CG4...

CG50 - Edit Report
CG54 - Report Information System
CG55 - Validate Report
CG56 - Release Report
CG57 - Assign Report Versions
CG58 - Set Report to Historical CG5...

CGA1 - EHS: Maintain Specification Type
CGA2 - EHS: Val.Asg.Type/Specification Type
CGA3 - EHS: Authorization Object
CGA4 - EHS: Identification Category
CGA5 - EHS: Value Assignment Text Type
CGA6 - EHS: Value Assignment Assessment CGA...

CGB1 - EHS: Number Range for Spec. Key
CGB2 - EHS: No. rng. maintenance record no.
CGB3 - EHS: Number range record counter
CGB4 - EHS: Number range phrase key
CGB5 - EHS: No. range maint.: SAP_CLASSR
CGB6 - EHS: No. range maint.: SAP_CHARCR CGB...

CGC1 - EHS: Validity area
CGC2 - EHS: Usage profile
CGC3 - EHS: Property Tree
CGC4 - EHS: Identification listing
CGC5 - EHS: Report Symbol Group
CGC6 - EHS: Report Symbol CGC...

CGD1 - EHS: Phrase languages
CGE2 - Packaging Workbench
CGK1 - EHS: Namespaces for characteristics
CGNAV - Business Document Navigator
CGQM - Specify QM Interface
CGSADM - WWI and EH&S Expert Server Admin.
CGVAI01 - EHS: Value Asst Type Entry Function
CGVAI02 - EHS: Initial Filling TCG11_VAI
CGVERSION - EHS: Product Information


CHANGERUNMONI - Call Change Run Monitor
CHECKFM - Check Correction Modules
CHECKMAN - Check Manager: Display Check Results
CHECKMAN_A - CheckMan: Administration
CHECKMAN_E - Check Manager: Check Exceptions
CHECKMAN_F - CheckMan for Final Assembly
CHECKMAN_O - CheckMan Online Object Check CHE...

CHGOBJ1 - Number range maint: CHGCOMPS
CHKPT - Call Up Checkpoint Maintenance View
CHPV1 - Spec.Syst: Assignment class template


CI01 - Create CIAP Document
CI02 - Change CIAP Document
CI03 - Display CIAP Document
CI10 - Cust: Select Techn. Param. for Comm.
CI11 - PDC Groups
CI12 - Deviation Record.-Selection Variants
CI21 - Communication parameters for KANBAN
CI23 - Download master data for Kanban
CI25 - Upload Request in KK5
CI31 - Communication parameters for PM
CI32 - Init. transfer of operations for PM
CI33 - Transfer of master data for PM
CI34 - Delta transfer of operations for PM
CI35 - Generate Upload Request CC3
CI36 - Communication parameters for PS CI3...

CI40 - Generate Upload Request CC4
CI41 - Communication parameters for PP
CI42 - Init. transfer of operations for PP
CI42N - PP-PDC: Download Operations
CI43 - Transfer of master data for PP
CI44 - Delta transfer of operations for PP CI4...

CI50 - Transfer production requirements
CI51 - Transfer production commitments
CIB2 - Update CC2 PDC messages
CIB3 - Update CC3 PDC messages
CIB4 - Update CC4 PDC messages
CIB5 - Update CC5 PDC messages
CIC0 - Customer Interaction Center
CIC1 - Scripting: Assign Texts
CIC2 - Scripting: Variable Maintenance
CIC3 - Sales Summary
CIC4 - Archiving Logging
CIC5 - Archiving Infostore CIC...

CIF - APO Core Interface
CIFPUCUST - Customizing CIF External Procurement
CIFPUCUST01 - CIF Source of Supply Determination
CIFPUCUST02 - CIF External Procurement Orders
CIP2 - CC2: Update PDC messages
CIP3 - CC3: Update PDC messages
CIP4 - CC4: Update PDC messages
CIP5 - CC5: Update PDC messages
CIPV - Posting PDC records
CISV - CIS Vendor Verification Process
CISVU - Update Vendor master
CIS_VENDOR - Vendor Master Data Update
CITI_VENTAS - CITI Ventas report
CI_IMPORT - Import Device Properties


CJ00 - Find Digital Signatures
CJ01 - Create Work Breakdown Structure
CJ02 - Change Work Breakdown Structure
CJ03 - Display Work Breakdown Structure
CJ06 - Create Project Definition
CJ07 - Change Project Definition CJ0...

CJ11 - Create WBS Element
CJ12 - Change WBS Element
CJ13 - Display WBS Element
CJ14 - Display WBS Element (From DMS)
CJ20 - Structure planning
CJ20N - Project Builder
CJ21 - Change Basic Dates
CJ22 - Display Basic Dates
CJ23 - Change Forecast Dates
CJ24 - Display Forecast Dates CJ2...

CJ30 - Change Project Original Budget
CJ31 - Display Project Original Budget
CJ32 - Change Project Release
CJ33 - Display Project Release
CJ34 - Project Budget Transfer
CJ35 - Budget Return from Project CJ3...

CJ40 - Change Project Plan
CJ41 - Display Project Plan
CJ42 - Change Project Revenues
CJ43 - Display Project Revenues
CJ44 - Act. overhd: Projects, ind. process.
CJ45 - Act. ovhd: Projects, coll. process. CJ4...

CJ70 - Maintain Project Settlement LIs
CJ72 - Project: Act. amt. line item settlmt
CJ74 - Project Actual Cost Line Items
CJ76 - Project Commitment Line Items
CJ7E - Plan Data Transfer: Projects
CJ7G - Plan Data Transfer: Projects CJ7...

CJ80 - Availability Control - Overview
CJ81 - Update Report List
CJ88 - Settle Projects and Networks
CJ8A - Act.-setlmt: Proj. retirmt. from IM
CJ8G - Actual Settlement: Projects/Networks
CJ8V - Period Close for Project Selection CJ8...

CJ91 - Create Standard WBS
CJ92 - Change Standard WBS
CJ93 - Display Standard WBS
CJ9B - Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Collective)
CJ9BS - Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Indiv.)
CJ9B_OLD - Copy Project Cost Planning (old) CJ9...

CJA1 - Proj.Rel.Order Receipts: Coll.Proc.
CJA2 - Proj.Rel. Order Receipts: Ind.Proc.
CJAL - Send project
CJB1 - Generate Settmt Rule: Coll.Proc.
CJB2 - Generate Settmt Rule: Indiv.Proc.
CJBBS1 - Planning Board Report Assignment
CJBBS2 - Structure Overview Report Asst
CJBN - Reconstruct Availability Control
CJBV - Activate Project Availabilty Control CJB...

CJC1 - Maintenance Dialog for Per.
CJC2 - Maintain Planned Status Changes
CJCD - Change documents: WBS
CJCF - Carry Forward Project Commitments
CJCO - Carry Forward Project Budget
CJCS - Standard WBS CJC...

CJE0 - Run Hierarchy Report
CJE1 - Create Hierarchy Report
CJE2 - Change Hierarchy Report
CJE3 - Display Hierarchy Report
CJE4 - Create Project Report Layout
CJE5 - Change Project Report Layout CJE...

CJF1 - Create Transfer Price Agreement
CJF2 - Change Transfer Price Agreement
CJF3 - Display Transfer Price Agreement
CJF4 - Transfer Price Agreement List
CJFA - Analysis of Data Trans. into PS Cash
CJFN - CBM Payment Converter CJF...

CJG1 - Enter Transfer Price Allocation
CJG3 - Display Transfer Price Allocation
CJG4 - Enter Trsfr Price Allocation: List
CJG5 - Cancel Transfer Price Allocation
CJH1 - Reconstruct Project Inheritance
CJH2 - Project Inheritance Log
CJI1 - Project Budget Line Items
CJI2 - Budget Line Items: Document Chain
CJI3 - Project Actual Cost Line Items
CJI3N - Projects Line Items Actual Costs New
CJI4 - Project Plan Cost Line Items
CJI4N - Projects Line Items Plnd Costs New CJI...

CJK2 - Change Statistical Key Figures
CJK3 - Display Statistical Key Figures
CJL2 - Collective Agreement
CJN1 - Reval. ACT: Projects Ind.Pro.
CJN2 - Reval. ACT: Projects Col.Pro.
CJNO - Number range maintenance: FMCJ_BELNR
CJO8 - Overhead COMM: Projects Ind.Pro.
CJO9 - Overhead COMM: Projects Col.Pro.
CJP1 - Create Project Plan Adjustment
CJP2 - Change Project Plan Adjustment
CJP3 - Display Project Plan Adjustment
CJP4 - Delete Project Plan Adjustment
CJPN - Number Range Maintenance: Proj.Items
CJPU - Execute Project Plan Adjustment CJP...

CJR2 - PS: Change plan CElem/Activ. input
CJR3 - PS: Display plan CElem/Activ. input
CJR4 - PS: Change plan primary cost element
CJR5 - PS: Display plan primary cost elem.
CJR6 - PS: Change activity input planning
CJR7 - PS: Display activity input planning CJR...

CJS2 - PS: Change stat. key figure planning
CJS3 - PS: Display stat. key fig. planning
CJS4 - PS: Change stat. key figure planning
CJS5 - PS: Display stat. key fig. planning
CJSA - Data Transfer to SAP-EIS
CJSB - Select Key Figure and Characteristic CJS...

CJT2 - Project Actual Payment Line Items
CJV1 - Create project version (simulation)
CJV2 - Change project version (simulation)
CJV3 - Display Project Version (Simulation)
CJV4 - Transfer project
CJV5 - Delete simulation version
CJV6 - Maintenance: Version administration CJV...

CJW1 - EURO: Adjust Project Budget
CJZ1 - Act. Int Calc.: Projects Coll. Proc.
CJZ2 - Actual Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc.
CJZ3 - Plan Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc.
CJZ5 - Plan Int.Calc.: Project Coll.Prc.
CJZ6 - Actual Int.Calc.: Indiv.CO Order Prc
CJZ7 - Planned Int.Calc: Indiv.CO Ord.Proc. CJZ...


CK00 - Product costing initial screen
CK11 - Create Product Cost Estimate
CK11N - Create Material Cost Estimate
CK13 - Display Product Cost Estimate
CK13N - Display Material Cost Estimate
CK22 - Organizational Measure
CK24 - Price Update with Cost Estimate
CK31 - Print Log of Costing Run
CK32 - CK BATCH: Print logs
CK33 - Comparison of Itemizations
CK40N - Edit Costing Run
CK40N_STAT - Analyze Statistics for Costing Run
CK41 - Create Costing Run
CK42 - Change Costing Run
CK43 - Display Costing Run
CK44 - Delete Costing Run CK4...

CK51 - Create Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK51N - Create Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK53 - Display Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK53N - Display Order BOM Cost Estimate
CK55 - Mass Costing - Sales Documents
CK60 - Preselection for Material/Plant
CK61 - CK Batch Processing
CK62 - Find Structure: BOM Explosion
CK63 - CK Batch Processing
CK64 - Run: Cost Estimate of Objects
CK65 - CK Batch Processing CK6...

CK74 - Create Additive Costs
CK74N - Create Additive Costs
CK75 - Change Additive Costs
CK75N - Change Additive Costs
CK76 - Display Additive Costs
CK76N - Display Additive Costs CK7...

CK80 - Flexible Cost Component Report
CK80_99 - Material: Cost Components
CK81 - Overview of Reports
CK82 - Select Cost Estimates
CK83 - Print Cost Estimates in Background
CK84 - Line Items in Cost Est for Product CK8...

CK90 - Mixed Costing
CK91 - Create Procurement Alternatives
CK91N - Edit Procurement Alternatives
CK92 - Change Procurement Alternatives
CK93 - Display Procurement Alternatives
CK94 - Change Mixing Ratio CK9...

CKA1 - Std Cost Est to Profitability Anal.
CKAPP01 - Materials To Be Costed
CKAPP03 - Sales Order Item to be Costed
CKAV - Check availability
CKC1 - Check Costing Variant
CKCM - Costing Model
CKECP - Ad Hoc Cost Estimate
CKECP1 - Easy Cost Planning: Central Access
CKECPCP - Ad Hoc Cost Estimate for cProjects
CKECPCP_DIR - Ad Hoc Cost Est cProjects (Direct)
CKECPEWT - Ad Hoc Cost Estimate
CKECPINT - Easy Cost Planning CKE...

CKFA - Split Display for Production Order
CKM3 - Material Price Analysis
CKM3N - Material Price Analysis
CKM3OLD - Material Price Analysis
CKM3VERYOLD - Display Material Ledger Data
CKM9 - Show Customizing Settings for Plant
CKMACD - Value Flow Display f. Activity Types CKM...

CKNR - Maintain Number Ranges: KALK
CKR1 - Reorganization in Product Costing
CKR3 - Write Archive
CKR5 - Reorganize in Background
CKRA - Archive: Create and Remove Index
CKRU00 - Create ML Costing Run
CKRU01 - ML Costing Run, Create Profile CKR...

CKSBX - Administration Shared Buffer
CKTC - Concurrent Costing -XiPPE Dialog
CKU1 - Update Material Price
CKUC - Multilevel Unit Costing
CKVF - Show Whether Marking/Release Allowed
CKW1 - Create Production Lot Cost Est.
CKW3 - Display Production Lot Cost Est.
CKW4 - Activate Production Lot Cost Est.
CKWE - Determine Value Added


CL00 - Classification Menu
CL01 - Create Class
CL02 - Classes
CL03 - Display Class
CL04 - Delete Class
CL20 - Assign Object to Classes
CL20N - Object Assignments
CL21 - Display Object in Classes
CL22 - Allocate Class to Classes
CL22N - Assign Class to Superior Classes
CL23 - Display Class for Classes CL2...

CL30 - Find Objects in Classes
CL30N - Find Objects in Classes
CL31 - Find Object In Class Type
CL6A - Class List
CL6AN - Class List (ALV)
CL6B - Object List
CL6BN - Object List (ALV)
CL6C - Class Hierarchy
CL6D - Classes Without Superior Class CL6...

CLABAP - Display ABAP class library
CLB1 - Batch Input for Classification
CLB2 - Direct Input for Classification
CLB2_APPLI - Collaboration: Applications
CLB2_APPLI_PLATF - Collaboration: Application Settings
CLB2_AUTH_CONT - Collaboration: Authorization Context
CLB2_AUTH_METH - Collaboration: Authorization Methods CLB...

CLCO - 2.1A Copy Tables for Classes
CLCP - Copy Classification C Tables
CLD0 - Distr. Configuration Profile (Netwk)
CLD1 - Distr. Configuration Profile (Matl)
CLD2 - Distribute Global Dependencies
CLD3 - Distr. Variant Tables (Structure)
CLD4 - Distr. Variant Tables (Data)
CLEAR - Start Data Cleansing Tool
CLEAR_INT - Start Data Cleansing Tool (Internal)
CLEAR_INT2 - Data Cleansing: Direct
CLGT - Set Up Tables for Search
CLHI - Distribution of Class Hierarchies
CLHP - Graphical Hierarchy Maintenance
CLIST - Configuration Ctrl.: Component List
CLIST_UPD_RESB - Internal TCode for CLIST Reservation
CLJP - Specify Japanese calender
CLM1 - Create Claim
CLM10 - Claim Overview
CLM11 - Claim Hierarchy
CLM2 - Change Claim
CLM3 - Display Claim
CLMM - Mass Change for Assigned Values CLM...

CLNA - Namespace f. Classes/Characteristics
CLNK - Number Ranges for Class Maintenance
CLOCO - Closing Cockpit - Execution
CLOCOC - Closing Cockpit - Customizing
CLOCOC_SLL - Closing Cockpit for LLS
CLOCOS - Closing Cockpit - Aggregated View
CLOCOS_MY - Closing Cockpit - Aggregated View
CLOCOT - Closing Cockpit: Preparation CLO...

CLST - Create Class Statistics
CLUNDO - Undo Changes (CA-CL)
CLVL - Maintain Variable Lists
CLW1 - Allocate Material Group Hierarchy
CLW2 - Display Material Group Hierarchy
CLWA - Create Material Group (MMS)
CLWB - Change Material Group (MMS)
CLWC - Display Material Group (MMS)
CLWD - Delete Material Group (MMS) CLW...


CM00 -
CM01 - Cap. planning, work center load
CM02 - Capac. planning, work center orders
CM03 - Capac. planning, work center pool
CM04 - Capac. planning, work center backlog
CM05 - Capacity plan.:Work center overload CM0...

CM10 - Capacity leveling
CM11 - Maintain flow control
CM21 - Capacity leveling SFC planning table
CM22 - Capacity leveling:SFC planning table
CM23 - Capacity leveling: SFC orders tab.
CM24 - Capacity leveling: PM indiv. tab.
CM25 - Capacity leveling: Variable
CM26 - Capacity Leveling: Proj.View Tabular CM2...

CM30 - Cap. leveling: PM indiv.cap.graph.
CM31 - Cap. leveling: SFC orders graphical
CM32 - Cap. leveling: PS graph.
CM33 - Cap.leveling: PM work cntr. graphic
CM34 - Cap.leveling: PM work cntr. tab.
CM35 - Capacity leveling: PI work CM3...

CM40 - Capacity leveling in the background
CM41 - Evaluation of leveling in background
CM50 - Capacity level.: SFC work cntr list
CM51 - Cap.level.: SFC individual.cap. list
CM52 - Cap.leveling: SFC orders list
CM53 - Capacity leveling: PS elem/version
CM54 - Capacity leveling: PS list via vers.
CM55 - Cap.leveling: PS list WCntr/version CM5...

CM99 - Generate basic capacity load
CMAC_FEE_CALC - Fee Calculation Report
CMAP0 - Configurable Semantic Mapping
CMATRANGE - Add CWD Material Range
CMC0 -
CMCE - Copy Table Contents ResourcePlanning
CMCH - Check overall profile
CMCMT - Claim Control Maintenance
CMCY - Copy table entries, capacity planng.
CMD1 - Create Output: Direct Procurement
CMD2 - Change output: Direct procurement
CMD3 - Display Output: Direct Procurement
CMECUST - CME Customizing
CME_CHAR_DSCOPE - Assign Definition Scope to Char.
CMFN - Number Range Maint: CMF_PROTOK (SAP)
CMIG - iPPE Migration Tool
CMMAP01 - Planning Hierarchy frm Master Data
CMMAP02 - Maintain FM for Master Data Hier.
CMMAP03 - Display FMs for Master Data Hier.
CMMAP04 - Maintain FMs for Master Data Attribs
CMMAP05 - Display FMs for Master Data Attribs
CMM_LREV - Revaluation of Logistics Documents CMM...

CMOD - Enhancements
CMP2 - Workforce Planning: Project View
CMP3 - Workforce Planning: Work Center View
CMP9 - Workforce Planning - Reporting
CMPC - Workforce Planning Profile
CMPC1 - Cond.: Field Cat. Campaign Determin.
CMPC2 - CondTab: Create (Campaign Determ.) CMP...

CMS1 - Create set (PPC)
CMS2 - Change Set
CMS3 - Display Set
CMS4 - Delete Set
CMSORG - Organizational Unit in CMS
CMS_ACG_01 - Coverage Gap CMS...

CMTCUS01 - CM application: General settings
CMTCUS11 - Maintaining life cycle profile
CMTCUS21 - Configuration definition
CMTCUS22 - Maintain number range for CM product
CMTCUS31 - Configuration folder: Gen. settings
CMTCUS32 - Maintain number range for CM folder CMT...

CMV1 - Create variable
CMV2 - Change variable
CMV3 - Display variable
CMV4 - Delete value variable
CMWO - Configuration Management Workbench
CMWODISP - CM Workbench - Display transaction
CMX01 - XSteps: Register Applications
CMX02 - XSteps: Define BAdI Filter Values
CMX03 - XSteps: Register Services
CMX04 - XSteps: Release Namespaces
CMX05 - XSteps: BADI Monitor
CMX10 - XSEditor:Maintain BAdI Filter Values CMX...

CM_CUST - IMG Retail
CM_TEST_0 - Control Tests (Internal)
CM_TEST_1 - Test for Single IO Test
CM_TEST_2 - Test Program for KW Document Bridge
CM_TEST_3 - Demo Program for Composite Control
CM_TEST_4 - Test for single IO test CM_...


CN01 - Create Standard Network
CN02 - Change Standard Network
CN03 - Display Standard Network
CN04 - Edit PS Text Catalog
CN05 - Display PS Text Catalog
CN06 - MPX Download: Standard Network CN0...

CN11 - Create standard milestone
CN12 - Change standard milestone
CN13 - Display standard milestone
CN19 - Display Activity (From DMS)
CN20 - Dsply network/act.bsc data init.scrn
CN21 - Create Network
CN22 - Change Network
CN23 - Display Network
CN24 - Overall Network Scheduling
CN24N - Overall Network Scheduling CN2...

CN30 - Processing PDC error records
CN33 - PDM-PS interface
CN34 - Maintain release table TCNRL
CN35 - Control stock / account assignment
CN36 - BOM Transfer Profile
CN37 - BOM Allocation Field Selection CN3...

CN40 - Project Overview
CN41 - Structure Overview
CN41N - Project structure overview
CN42 - Overview: Project Definitions
CN42N - Overview: Project Definitions
CN43 - Overview: WBS Elements CN4...

CN50 - Overview: Capacity Requirements
CN50N - Overview: Capacity Requirements
CN51 - Overview: PRTs
CN51N - Overview: PRTs
CN52 - Overview: Components
CN52N - Overview: Components CN5...

CN60 - Change Documents for Projects/Netw.
CN61 - Standard network
CN65 - Change documents order /network
CN70 - Overview: Batch variants
CN71 - Create versions
CN72 - Create Project Version
CN80 - Archiving project structures
CN81 - PS: Archiving project - preliminary
CN82 - PS: Archiving project structures
CN83 - PS: Archiving project - Info System
CN84 - PS: Archiving project - admin.
CN85 - PS: Delete operative structures CN8...

CN98 - Delete Standard Networks
CN99 - Archiving Standard Networks
CNACLD - PS ACL Deletion Program transaction
CNB1 - Purchase requisitions for project
CNB2 - Purchase orders for project
CNC4 - Consistency checks for WBS
CNC5 - Consistency checks sales order/proj.
CNE1 - Project Progress (Individual Proc.)
CNE2 - Project Progress (Collective Proc.)
CNE5 - Progress Analysis
CNFOWB - Forecast Workbench
CNG1 - Netw./Hier.: Maintain frame types
CNG2 - Netw./Hier.: Maintain form def.
CNG3 - Netw./hier.: maintain color definit.
CNG4 - Netw./Hier.: Maintain graph. profile
CNG5 - Netw./Hier: Maintain options profile
CNG6 - Netw./hier.: Maintain node type CNG...

CNL1 - Create delivery information
CNL2 - Change delivery information
CNL3 - Display delivery information
CNLDSTINIT - Initialization: Lang.-Dep.Short Txts
CNMASS - Mass Changes in Project System
CNMASSPROT - Display log f. mass changes PS
CNMM - Project-Oriented Procurement
CNMT - Milestone Trend Analysis
CNN0 - Number Range for Library Network
CNN1 - Number range maint.: ROUTING_0
CNPAR - Partner Overview
CNPAWB - Progress Analysis Workbench
CNPRG - Network Progress
CNR1 - Create Work Center
CNR2 - Change Work Center
CNR3 - Display Work Center
CNS0 - Create deleivry from project
CNS40 - Project Overview
CNS41 - Structure Overview
CNS42 - Overview: Project Definitions
CNS43 - Overview: WBS Elements
CNS44 - Overview: Planned Orders CNS...

CNTRY_CONV - Country Code
CNVA_00555_IMG - Runtime Estimation IMG
CNVA_00555_RUNTM_CCD - Runtime Analysis for CC Delete
CNVA_00555_RUNTM_GEN - Trigger Runtime Estimation
CNVA_00555_TRIGGER - Trigger Runtime Estimation
CNVA_CCD_ANA - Trigger CC Delete Downtime Analysis
CNVA_CCD_ANA_IMG - CC Delete Downtime Analysis IMG CNV...

CNW1 - WWW: Confirmation
CNW4 - Project Documents


CO00 -
CO01 - Create production order
CO01S - Adding simulation order
CO02 - Change Production Order
CO02S - Change simulation order
CO03 - Display Production Order CO0...

CO10 - Production order with project
CO11 - Enter Time Ticket
CO11N - Single Screen Entry of Confirmations
CO12 - Collective Entry of Confirmations
CO13 - Cancel confirmation of prod. order
CO14 - Display confirmation of prod. order CO1...

CO20 - Orders acc. to Order Numbers
CO21 - Orders for Material
CO22 - Orders for MRP Controller
CO23 - Orders for the production scheduler
CO24 - MissingPartsInfoSyst
CO26 - Order information system CO2...

CO30 - Standard trigger points
CO31 - Create standard trigger point
CO32 - Change standard trigger point
CO33 - Display standard trigger point
CO40 - Converting Planned Order
CO41 - Coll. Conversion of Planned Orders
CO42 - Act. Overhead: Prod.Ordr Ind.Pro.
CO43 - Act. Overhead: Prod.Ordr Col.Pro.
CO44 - Mass processing of orders
CO46 - Order progress report CO4...

CO51 - Send Process Messages
CO52 - Evaluate Process Data
CO53 - Control Recipe Monitor
CO53XT - Monitor Control Instructions/Recipes
CO53_BJS - Send Control Instructions/Recipes
CO54 - Message Monitor CO5...

CO60 - Find PI Sheet
CO60D - PI Sheet: Display
CO60E - PI Sheet: Change
CO60XT - Find Work Instructions
CO60_VM - ALV Variant Maint. PI Sheet Worklist
CO62 - Delete Process Messages CO6...

CO78 - Archiving orders
CO80 - Number range maintenance: AUF_RUECK
CO81 - Number assignment: routing to order
CO82 - Number ranges for orders
CO83 - Number range maintenance: RESB
CO84 - No. Range for ReqmtsTrackgNo. (KBED)
CO86 - Field Selection for PP Confirmations CO8...

CO99 - Set Status 'Closed'
COA1 - PP: Archiving orders - preparation
COA2 - PP: Archiving orders
COA3 - PP: Archiving orders - retrieval
COA4 - PP: Archiving order - administration
COA5 - Proc.Order: Archiving Prep. Program
COA6 - Process Order: Archiving COA...

COB1 - Create batch search strategy - prod.
COB2 - Change batch search strategy - prod.
COB3 - Display batch search strategy- prod.
COC0 -
COCB - Process Management
COCM - OCM - Initiating object
COCM1 - OCM - Procurement
COCM2 - OCM - Picking
COCPCPR - Cockpit for Controlling Integration COC...

CODC - Change Documents for Network
COEBR - Batch Record
COF1 - Filter prof. - maintain prod. order
COF4 - Maintain filter profs.for proc.order
COFC - Reprocessing Errors Actual Costs
COFI - Create Command Files
COGI - Postprocess Faulty Goods Movements
COHV - Mass Processing Production Orders
COHVOMPRINT - Print Production Orders
COHVOMRELEASE - Release Production Orders
COHVPI - Mass Processing: Process Orders
COIB - As-Built for Serialized Material
COID - Select Object Detail Lists in PP-PI
COIF - Production Notes
COIK - Picking list
COINTCOCP - Cockpit for Controlling Integration
COINT_TP - Controlling Integration: Reposting COI...

COMAC - Collective Availability Check
COMCPRAUTHGROUP - Authorization Groups
COMCPRD_BSP_ID - Number Range Maintenance: PRD_BSP_ID
COMCPRFORMAT - Format of the Product ID
COMCPRLOGSYS - Prod.ID: Storage Type in Log. System COM...

CON1 - Actual Reval.: Prod.Ordr Ind.Pro.
CON2 - Actual Reval.: Prod.Ordr Col.Pro.
CONC - No.Range for CtrlRecipes: COCB_CRID
COND_POWL_CUS1 - Condition: POWL Variant (Header)
COND_POWL_CUS2 - Condition: POWL Variant (Item)
COND_POWL_START - Condition Information: Start POWL CON...

COOIS - Production Order Information System
COOISPI - Process Order Information System
COOPC - OPC Test Environment
COOPC1 - Define Settings for SAP ODA
COOPCI - Define OPC Items
COOPCS - Define OPC Servers COO...

COP1 - Plan HUs - General
COP11 - Plan HUs Without Sales Order
COP12 - Plan HUs for Sales Order
COP13 - Plan HUs for Delivery
COP14 - Plan HUs for Purchase Order
COP2 - Pack HUs - General COP...

COR1 - Create Process Order
COR2 - Change Process Order
COR3 - Display Process Order
COR4 - Customizing Process Order RecTypePar
COR5 - Collective Process Order Release
COR6 - Single Process Order Confirmation COR...

COS1 - Sort profiles - maintain prod. order
COS4 - Sort profiles - maintain proc. order
COSS - Transport of C Tables
COTB - Transport table contents SFC
COTF - Comm. File Missing Parts Info System
COW1 - Production Order Workplace
COWBHUWA - GI HU for Production Order
COWBHUWE - GR HU for Production Order
COWBPACK - Packing in production orders
COWF1 - Task Customizing (Production Order)
COX1 - Create Order (Internally)
CO_ARCH_PISHEET - Archive PI Sheets
CO_ITEM_WR - Archive CO Line Items


CP01 - Create Business Process
CP02 - Change Business Process
CP03 - Display Business Process
CP04 - Delete Business Process
CP05 - Process: Display Changes
CP06 - CO-ABC Planning: Activity Inputs CP0...

CP12 - Edit Business Processes
CP13 - Business Processes: Master Data Rep.
CP14 - Delete Business Processes
CP20 - Business Alloc Structure Display
CP26 - CO-ABC Planning: Quantities & Prices
CP27 - CO-ABC Planning: Display Qty/Price
CP30 - Business Process: Change Management
CP46 - CO-ABC Planning: Stat. Key Figures
CP47 - CO-ABC Planning: Display Stat. KF
CP65 - Create ABC Planning Layout (ActInpt)
CP66 - Change ABC Planning Layout (AcInput)
CP67 - Display ABC Planning Layout (AcInpt)
CP75 - Planning Layout: Create Qtys/Prices
CP76 - Planning Layout: Change Qtys/Prices
CP77 - Planning Layout: Display Qtys/Prices
CP85 - Create ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)
CP86 - Change ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)
CP87 - Display ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)
CP97 - Copy Planning for Business Processes
CP97_OLD - Business Processes: Copy Plan
CP98 - Copy Planning for Business Processes
CP98_OLD - Business Process: Copy Act. to Plan
CPAE - Actl. Template Alloc: Prof. Analysis
CPAR - Archiving Business Processes
CPAS - Act. Template Alloc.: Bus. Processes
CPB1 - Business Processes: Act. Line Items
CPB9 - Planning Report for Bus. Processes
CPBA - Run Selected Reports
CPBB - Select Reports
CPBL - Bus. Processes: Planning Overview
CPBP - Business Processes: Plan Line Items CPB...

CPC1 - Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC1N - Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC2 - Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC2N - Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC3 - Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.
CPC3N - Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc. CPC...

CPE_FA_MAINT_GROUP - Cond. Maintenance Groups for CPE FA
CPFX - Predistrib. of Fixed Costs:Processes
CPF_A_BRFAPP - CPF Customizing BRFplus Application
CPF_A_CAT - CPF Customizing Parameter Catalog
CPF_A_DS_ROUT - CPF Customizing Data Source Routine
CPF_A_FORM - CPF Customizing Formula
CPF_A_ROUT - CPF Customizing Routine CPF...

CPH1 - Create Business Process Group
CPH2 - Change Business Process Group
CPH3 - Display Business Process Group
CPH4 - Change Standard Hierarchy (BusProc)
CPH4N - Change Standard Hierarchy
CPH5 - Display bus. process std. hierarchy CPH...

CPI1 - Enter Statistical Key Figures
CPII - Price calc. in actl: process
CPK1 - Create Task Cost Data
CPK2 - Change Task Cost Data
CPK3 - Display Task Cost Data
CPMA - Target=Actual-IAA: process
CPMB - ABC: Plan Reconciliation
CPMN - Activity-Based Costing Menu
CPP1 - Create Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP1N - Create Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP2 - Change Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP2N - Change Actual Assess. for Processes
CPP3 - Display Actual Assess.for Processes
CPP3N - Display Actual Assess.for Processes CPP...

CPS1 - Variance Calculation: Processes
CPS2 - Actual Cost Splitting: Processes
CPSP - Split Plan Costs
CPT1 - Create Template
CPT2 - Change Template
CPT3 - Display Template
CPT4 - Delete Template
CPT6 - Formula Plan for Bus. Processes
CPTA - Actual Template Allocation: Order CPT...

CPUA - Plan Template Allocation: Order
CPUB - Plan Template Allocation: Orders
CPUK - Plan Template Allocation: Project
CPUL - Plan Template Allocation: Projects
CPV1 - Create Actual Process Distribution
CPV1N - Create Actual Process Distribution
CPV2 - Change Actual Distribution Process
CPV2N - Change Actual Distribution Process
CPV3 - Display Actual Process Distribution
CPV3N - Display Actual Process Distribution CPV...

CPZI - Actual overhead calc.: process
CPZP - Plan Overhead: Business Processes


CQ85 - Maintain prt control for insp. order


CR00 - Resource Planning Menu
CR01 - Create Work Center
CR02 - Change Work Center
CR03 - Display Work Center
CR04 - Test Work Center Formulas
CR05 - Work Center List CR0...

CR10 - Work center change documents
CR11 - Add Capacity
CR12 - Change capacity
CR13 - Display Capacity
CR15 - Capacity where-used
CR21 - Create Hierarchy
CR22 - Change Hierarchy
CR23 - Display Hierarchy
CR24 - Create Resource Network
CR25 - Change Resource Network
CR26 - Display Resource Network CR2...

CR31 - Create Hierarchy
CR32 - Change Hierarchy
CR33 - Display Hierarchy
CR40 - Work center usage in deleted object
CR41 - Archiving work centers
CR60 - Work center information system
CRA1 - PP: Archiving work centers
CRA2 - PP: Archiving delete work centers
CRA3 - PP: Archiving work cntr maintenance
CRAA - Display Work Center
CRAF - Archive Data File
CRAH - Create Work Center CRA...

CRC1 - Create Resource
CRC2 - Change Resource
CRC3 - Display Resource
CRC4 - Change Default Resource
CRCC - Current Settings - Resources
CRCONFIG - Certificate Revocation Configuration CRC...

CRDCS1 - Credentialing Correspondence Print
CRDIMG - Credentialing Implementation Guide
CRDSNROASID - Number Range Maintenance: CRD_AS_ID
CRD_APPL_03 - Call VCRD_CassgT CRD...

CREATE_CRM_Q - Create CRM Qualifications
CREATE_EPM_IBC - Create IBC's for the EPM Scenario
CREATE_MASS_ID_MAP - Transaction for Mass ID Mapping
CRF1 - Credit Cards: Read Original Data
CRF2 - Credit Cards: Delete Standard File
CRF3 - Credit Cards: Edit Standard File
CRF4 - Credit Cards: Edit Log
CRIT - Call the Criteria Manager
CRK1 - Create Card Document
CRK2 - Change Card Document
CRK3 - Display Card Document
CRMBS02 - Maintain Status Profiles
CRMBS03 - Display Status Profiles
CRMBS42 - Maintain Status Selection Profiles
CRMBS43 - Display Status Selection Profile
CRMBS52 - Maintain Authorization Keys
CRMBS53 - Display Authoriztaion Key CRM...

CRNA - Number Range Maintenance: CR_ARBPL
CRNH - Number range maintenance: CR_HIERAR
CRNK - Number Range Maintenance: CR_KAPA
CRO0 - Display Card Types
CRO1 - Maintain Card Types
CRO2 - Display Field Control
CRO3 - Maintain Field Control
CRO4 - Display Selection Codes
CRO5 - Maintain Selection Codes CRO...

CRQ1 - Create work center
CRQ2 - Change work center
CRQ3 - Display work center
CRR1 - Evaluate Card Master Records
CRR2 - Evaluate Card Documents
CRR3 - Evaluate Log File

CRS1 - Create Credit Card Master Record
CRS2 - Change Credit Card Master Record
CRS3 - Display Credit Card Master Record
CRT0 - Copy C Tables Work Center
CRT1 - Work Center Options in Rel. 2.1A
CRT2 - Settings Work Center Rel. 2.2a
CRT3 - Upload C Tables Resource 3.0a
CRT4 - Field selection transfer settings
CRTD - Payment Card: Create Example File CRT...

CRWBD - Replication Workbench
CRWBD_GENBASELINE - Test of Transfer Inside WF


CS00 - BOM Menu
CS01 - Create Material BOM
CS02 - Change Material BOM
CS03 - Display Material BOM
CS05 - Change Material BOM Group
CS06 - Display Material BOM Group CS0...

CS11 - Display BOM Level by Level
CS11H - Display BOM level by level-SAP HANA
CS12 - Multilevel BOM
CS12H - Display multilevel BOM - SAP HANA
CS13 - Summarized BOM
CS13H - Display Summarized BOM - SAP HANA CS1...

CS20 - Mass Change: Initial Screen
CS21 - Mass Material Change: Initial Screen
CS22 - Mass Document Change: Initial Screen
CS23 - Mass Class Change: Initial Screen
CS25 - Archiving for BOMs
CS26 - BOM deletion CS2...

CS31 - Create class BOM
CS32 - Change class BOM
CS33 - Display class BOM
CS40 - Create Link to Configurable Material
CS41 - Change Material Config. Allocation
CS42 - Display Material Config. Assignment
CS51 - Create standard BOM
CS52 - Change standard BOM
CS53 - Display standard BOM
CS61 - Create Order BOM
CS62 - Change Order BOM
CS63 - Display Order BOM
CS71 - Create WBS BOM
CS72 - Change WBS BOM
CS73 - Display WBS BOM
CS74 - Create multi-level WBS BOM
CS75 - Change multi-level WBS BOM
CS76 - Display multi-level WBS BOM CS7...

CS80 - Change Documents for Material BOM
CS81 - Change Documents for Standard BOM
CS82 - Change documents for sales order BOM
CS83 - Change documents for WBS BOM
CS84 - Change documents for class BOM
CS90 - Material BOM Number Ranges
CS91 - Number Ranges for Standard BOMs
CS92 - Number Ranges for Sales Order BOMs
CSA1 - Enqueue test for dialog RFC
CSA2 - Current settings
CSAB - Browse Sales Order BOM
CSADMIN - Content Server Administration
CSC5 - Single-Level Class Where-Used List
CSCPMCL - Maintain material completion levels
CSCPPLPA - Maint. routing param with materials
CSD5 - Single-Level Doc. Where-Used List
CSI_INSTANCE_LOG - CSI: Instance Log Display
CSI_PROFILE - CSI: Profile Administration
CSI_PROVACCOUNT - Cloud Provider Account
CSK1 - Sales order BOM multi-lev. explosion
CSK2 - Multi-level sales order BOM
CSK3 - Sales order BOM - summarized BOM
CSKB - Start order Browser
CSMB - Start material BOM browser
CSMONITOR - Knowledge Provider Monitor
CSP1 - Multi-level WBS BOM explosion
CSP2 - WBS BOM multi-level BOM
CSP3 - WBS BOM - summarized BOM
CSPB - Start WBS BOM browser
CSPC - Customer Specifications
CSRC_TRACE - Switch for BOM Recursion Trace


CT01 - Create Characteristic
CT02 - Change Characteristic
CT03 - Display Characteristic
CT04 - Characteristics
CT05 - Create Characteristic
CT06 - Display Characteristic CT0...

CT10 - Characteristics List
CT11 - CT12
CT12 - Where-Used List for Char.Environment
CT21 - Batch Input for Characteristics
CT22 - Maint. Seq. File for Characteristics
CT23 - Display Chars for Change Number
CT24 - Display Change Numbers Used
CT25 - Where-Used List of Chars in Deps
CTBW - Table Maint. for BW and Classes
CTBW_META - Generating Metadata
CTCP - Copy C tables for characteristics
CTCX - Table entries for scheduling
CTEW - TEW For Catt
CTNK - Number Ranges for Characteristics
CTOB - Object overview: Table entries
CTU6 - Function Tree with Tree Control
CTW_PFAC_IMP_ADM - Maintain Responsibilities


CU00 -
CU01 - Create Dependency
CU02 - Change Dependency
CU03 - Display Dependency
CU04 - Dependency List
CU05 - Dependency Where-Used List CU0...

CU10 - Dependency Maintenance - Statuses
CU11 - Dependency Maintenance - Groups
CU12 - Dependencies - Objects
CU13 - Dep. Maint. - allowed dep. types
CU14 - Maintenance Auths for Dependencies
CU15 - Maintenance Auths for Dependencies CU1...

CU21 - Create Dependency Net
CU22 - Change Dependency Net
CU23 - Display Dependency Net
CU31 - Create Knowledge Base Object
CU32 - Change Knowledge Base Object
CU33 - Display Knowledge Base Object
CU34 - Create Runtime Version for SCE
CU35 - Change Runtime Version for SCE
CU36 - Display Runtime Version for SCE CU3...

CU41 - Create Configuration Profile
CU42 - Change Configuration Profile
CU43 - Display Configuration Profile
CU44 - Material Configuration Overview
CU45 - Standard Network Config. Overview
CU50 - Material Config. Simul./Modelling
CU51 - Order BOM
CU51E - CE: Order BOM (eoASL)
CU52 - Display Order BOM
CU52E - CE: Display Order BOM
CU55 - CE: WBS BOM (eoPSL) CU5...

CU60 - Table Maintenance
CU60E - MS Excel Upload of Variant Tables
CU61 - Create Table Structure
CU62 - Change Table Structure
CU63 - Display Table Structure
CU64 - Table Structure List CU6...

CU70 - Create Sort Sequence
CU71 - Change Sort Sequence
CU72 - Display Sort Sequence
CU80 - Configurable Mat. Characteristics
CUAL - Distribution of SCE Knowledge Bases
CUCHECK - Check Reports for LO-VC
CUCK - Copy Config. Material
CUD2 - Distr. Conf. Prof. for GM Task List
CUD3 - Distr. Conf. Prof. for Mod. Specs
CUFD - Distribute Variant Functions
CUID - Distribution of Interface Designs
CUK2 - Distribute Dependency Nets
CULL_TRACEFILTER - Filter Param. Low-Level Conf.Trace
CULL_TRACE_DISPLAY - Display Low-Level Trace
CUMODEL - Transaction for Displaying Model
CUNI - Units of measure
CUNK - Number Ranges for Dependencies
CUNR - Number Range Maintenance: CU_INOB
CURR_CONV - Currency Conversion
CURTO_CREATE - PDS Transfer (ERP System)
CURTO_CREATE_FOCUS - Transfer of Order/Project Status
CUSC - Customize Country Version
CUSTMON1 - Objects in Customer Namespace
CUSTSELDEF_FIAA - Selection Tool Default Criteria /CUS
CUSTSELDEF_IM_FA_IA - Selection Tool Default Criteria /CUS
CUSTSEL_FIAA - Customizing of Selection Tool CUS...

CUTRACE - Extended Dependency Trace
CUTRC - Start of Message Handling Trace
CUUPDMV - Update Material Variants


CV00 - Document Management
CV01 - Create Document Info Record
CV01N - Create Document
CV02 - Change Document Info Record
CV02N - Change Document
CV03 - Display Document Info Record CV0...

CV11 - Create Document Structure
CV12 - Change Document Structure
CV13 - Display Document Structure
CV130 - TEST_CV130
CV15 - Change Document BOM Group
CV16 - Display Document BOM Group CV1...

CV22 - Change Frontend Type
CV30 - Display Transfer Log
CV31 - Find CAD Interface Errors Online
CV80 - Change Documents for Doc. Structure
CV90 - Number ranges for documents
CV91 - Number Ranges for Doc. Structures
CVAD - Initial Screen for Archiving
CVAR - Archive DMS Tables
CVAW_CUST - Customizing for CVAW
CVD1 - Edit Report Shipping Orders
CVD2 - Edit Report Recipient
CVD3 - EHS: Maintain report recipient (P)
CVD5 - Edit Data Provider
CVI0 - Document distribution
CVI1 - Create recipient list
CVI2 - Change recipient list
CVI3 - Display recipient list
CVI4 - All recipients of a document
CVI6 - Display documents of recipient CVI...

CVLO - Delete Archived DMS Table Entries
CVRC1AVGE1 - RC1AVGE1 - Authorization Test
CVRC1AVGE2 - RC1AVGE2 - Authorization Test
CVRC1WWIDP - RC1WWIDP - Authorization Test
CVRC1WWIWP - RC1WWIWP - Authorization Test
CVRCVDCREO - Export of EH&S Documents
CVRCVDDISP - RCVDDISP - Authorization Test CVR...

CVSE_CUSTOMIZING - Customizing for SE document search
CVSE_MAINTAIN - Find and process document(s)
CVSE_SEARCH - Find document with search engine
CVSE_VERIFY - Documents in the search engine index

CVW1 - Internet scenario for doc. search
CVW2 - Index search DMS in WWW
CVW3 - Find documents in the World Wide Web
CVW3A - Find documents in the World Wide Web
CVW4 - Display document lists in WWW
CVW4A - Display document lists in WWW CVW...


CWBQM - QM: Engineering Workbench
CWVT - Merchandise Distribution


CX00 - SAP Cons.: Application Menu
CX00N - SAP Cons.: Application Menu
CX01 - SAP Cons: General Configuration Menu
CX01N - SAP Cons.: Configuration Menu
CX0A1 - Edit Characteristics
CX0A2 - Edit Field Groups CX0...

CX10 - Create cons charts of accounts
CX11 - Change cons charts of accounts
CX12 - Display cons charts of accounts
CX13 - Create FS items
CX14 - Change FS items
CX15 - Display FS items CX1...

CX20 - Consolidation Monitor
CX21 - Enter Additional Financial Data
CX22 - Display Additional financial data
CX23 - Default Values for Activity Entry
CX24 - Preparation for Divestiture
CX25 - Upload Reported Financial Data CX2...

CX30 - General download
CX31 - Specific download
CX32 - Upload Financial Data, Offline Entry
CX33 - Upload IPI AFD, Offline Data Entry
CX34 - Database list of totals
CX34A - DB List of Totals - Cons Logic CX3...

CX40 - Currency translation
CX50 - Enter posting document
CX51 - Change posting document
CX52 - Display posting document
CX53 - Number range maintenance
CX54 - Intercompany elimination
CX55 - Validate documents CX5...

CX60 - Enter changes in investments
CX61 - Display changes in investments
CX62 - Enter Changes in Investee Equity
CX63 - Display Changes in Equity
CX64 - Group shares
CX65 - Changes in investments CX6...

CX70 - Rollup
CX71 - Generation of cons group sets
CX72 - Number ranges for set generation
CX73 - Rollup batch processing
CX7B0 - Read Customizing Data from SAP BW
CX7B1 - Data transfer initialization CX7...

CXA0 - Mass reversal
CXA1 - FS item hierarchies
CXA2 - Item Categories
CXA3 - CU: Assign validation groups
CXA4 - CG / Validation Group Assignments
CXA5 - HI: Assign cons tasks CXA...

CXB1 - Versions
CXB2 - Consolidation frequencies
CXB3 - Global System Settings
CXB4 - Generate Authorizations for CGs
CXB5 - Central maintenance of master data
CXBCS20 - BCS Session Manager Menu CXB...

CXC0 - Selection criteria FICDOW20
CXC2 - Data Entry Groups
CXC4 - Data entry profiles
CXC5 - Cons: Selection parameters FICDOW00
CXC6 - Cons: Selection parameters FICDOW10
CXC8 - Assign PC Pathname to CG/CU CXC...

CXD1 - Currency translation methods
CXD2 - Exchange Rate Indicators
CXD3 - Cur.Trl.aff.Earnings: FS Items
CXDL - Delete trans. data in Cons ledger
CXDL1 - Delete trans. data in Cons ledger
CXDT_EXT - Translation: Decentral Texts CXD...

CXE0 - Task groups
CXE0P - Assignment Archiving Log
CXE1 - Document Types
CXE2 - Consolidation task groups
CXE3 - Consolidation tasks
CXE5 - Post selected items CXE...

CXG1 - Integrated Entry from Invest./Equity
CXGP - Global parameters
CXGWMIG - Migration of Goodwill Entries
CXH1 - Minority Interest Items
CXH2 - Appropriation Items for the Group
CXH3 - Minority Appropriation Items
CXH4 - Statistical Equity Capital
CXH5 - Other Comprehensive Income
CXH6 - Oth.Compreh.Income: Offsetting Item CXH...

CXI0 - Global Settings for C/I
CXI1 - Consolidation of investments tasks
CXI2 - C/I system utilization
CXI3 - C/I Activities: Default Sequence
CXI4 - Consolidation of investments methods
CXI5 - Activity/Method Type: Asgn Doc.Types CXI...

CXJ1 - Equity Method: Scope of Rptd Data
CXJ2 - Reported Items for Equity Method
CXJ3 - Posted Items in Equity Consolidation
CXJ4 - Reported items for investments
CXJ5 - Reported Items for Changes in Equity
CXL1 - Create Ledger
CXL2 - Change Ledger
CXL3 - Display Ledger
CXL4 - Delete Ledger
CXLP1 - Display Archived Audit Trail
CXLP2 - Delete Archived Logs CXL...

CXM0 - Migrate Master Data EC-CS - SEM-BCS
CXM01 - Migration EC-CS - SEM-BCS: Mapping
CXM1 - Edit Method Hierarchies
CXM2 - Display method hierarchies
CXMF - Changeover to Physical File Names
CXN0 - Map Secondary Cost Elements
CXN001 - Delete Docs from Realtime Updates
CXN01 - Maintain Transaction Types of Cons
CXN011 - Define Profit Center Groupings
CXN013 - Integr. Cons Units - PrCtr Cons
CXN023 - Integr. Cons Groups - PrCtr Cons CXN...

CXOC1 - Organizational Change Numbers
CXOC2 - Top Groups, Organizational Changes
CXP0 - Call Log Display
CXP01 - Migration EC-CS - SEM-BCS: Log
CXP1 - Assign Task groups
CXP2 - Tasks for Carryforward
CXP3 - Tasks for Data Collection
CXP4 - Tasks for Validation of Rptd Data CXP...

CXR0 - Run drilldown report
CXR1 - Create drilldown report
CXR2 - Change drilldown report
CXR3 - Display drilldown report
CXR4 - Form for creating reports
CXR5 - Form for changing reports CXR...

CXS1 - Carry Forward Balances
CXS3 - Carryforward Items
CXS4 - Non-carryforward Items
CXSA - Display Set Maintenance
CXSB - Change Set Maintenance
CXSC - Create Set Maintenance CXS...

CXV1 - Validation
CXV2 - Create Validation
CXV3 - Change Validation
CXV4 - Display Validation
CXV5 - Maintain equivalency relationship
CXVM - Call View Maintenance CXV...


CY00 - Engineering Menu
CY38 - Resource planning format
CY39 - Sort layout key maintenance
CY40 - Planning table sort key maintenance


CZ48_1 - PS-CM: Create Planning Layout
CZ48_2 - PS-CM: Change Planning Layout
CZ48_3 - PS-CM: Display Planning Layout
CZ48_4 - Transport Planning Layouts
CZ48_5 - Import Planning Layouts


D45RL_OI_5 - Event Handling; on_close_event


D620AW_BOOD - Demonstration: 00 Transactions
D620AW_BOOS - Sample Solution: 00 Transactions
D620AW_ENMD - Demonstr.: Screen Enhncmt w.BusAd-In
D620AW_ENMS00 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In
D620AW_ENMS01 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In
D620AW_ENMS02 - Exercise: Screen Ehncmt w.Bus.Add-In D62...


DA_CONTROL - Data Archiving Control
DA_SARA - Cross-Archiving-Object Check/Delete


DB01 - Analyze Exclusive Lockwaits
DB02 - Tables and Indexes Monitor
DB02OLD - old DB02DB02
DB02_MSS - Db02 for MS SQL Server
DB03 - Parameter changes in database
DB05 - Analysis of a Table Acc. to Index DB0...

DB11 - Create Database Connection
DB12 - DBA Backup Logs
DB12OLD - DBA Backup Logs (OLD)
DB12_MSS - DB12 Multiconnect transaction
DB13 - DBA Planning Calendar
DB13C - Central DBA Planning Calendar DB1...

DB2 - DB2 z/OS: Select Database Activities
DB20 - Update DB Statistics
DB20ORA - Update DB Statistics: Oracle
DB21 - Configure DB Statistics
DB24 - Administrative Database Operations
DB26 - DB Profile:Monitor and Configuration DB2...

DB33 - DB System check (configure, IFMX)
DB34 - Dbspace extension (IFMX)
DB36 - DB6: Alert Configuration
DB37 - DB6: Alert Message Log
DB4COCKPIT - iSeries: Cockpit for CCMS Transact.
DB4DB12 - iSeries: Backup and Recovery
DB4DGN - Diagnostics
DB4LCK - Lock Monitor
DB50 - SAP DB Assistant
DB50N - Database Assistant
DB59 - MaxDB/liveCache System Overview
DB6BACKHIST - DB6: DBA Planning Calendar
DB6CLP - DB6: Command Line Processor
DB6CST - DB6: Analyze Cumulative SQL Trace
DB6CST_LST - DB6: Analyze Cumulative SQL Trace
DB6DB21 - DB6: RUNSTATS Control DB6...

DBACOCKPIT - Start DBA Cockpit
DBCO - Database Connection Maintenance
DBG_ABAP_EDITOR - Debugger -> ABAP Editor
DBG_BROWSER - Debugger -> Repository Browser
DBG_MEMORY_DIFFTOOL - Debugger: Call Memory Inspector
DBG_SCREEN_PAINTER - Debugger -> Screen Painter
DBG_TABLE_TO_EXCEL - ABAP Debugger: Table as Excel File


DC10 - Define document types
DC20 - Define data carrier
DC30 - Define workstation application
DCSWI - Document Browser Switch
DCSWITCH - Browser and ACL switch


DDA_BR - DDA ALV Display
DDCHECK - Classification of DDIC Structures
DD_PONUM - Number range maintenance: DD_PONUM
DD_TRNUM - Number range maintenance: DD_TRNUM


DECK - Cash Holding Years
DEDT - Define Downtime
DELETE_COL_SETTINGS - Delete Column Configuration
DELETE_FACTS - Delete from the fact table
DELETE_MDT_SETTINGS - Delete Manager's Desktop Settings
DELETE_NF_SETTINGS - Delete Framework Settings
DELETE_OM_SETTINGS - Delete Object Manager Settings
DELG1 - Edit Outbound Delivery Groups DEL...

DEMO_CR_CAR_RENTAL - Call Car Rental Demo
DEMO_OO_METHOD - OO Trans. for Local Instance Method
DEMO_REPORT_TRANSACT - Report Transaction with SelScrn 500
DEMO_SCREEN_FLOW - Demonstration for Dynpro Sequences
DEMO_SELSCREEN_DYNP - Selection Screen as Initial Dynpro
DEMO_STRING_PROCESS - Character String Processing DEM...

DEVBOOK - Project management
DEVICE_CONFIG - Device Configuration
DEV_DA_CONTROL - DEV Entries Control DA
DEXP - Expediting


DGA1 - DG: Activation DG Checks
DGA10 - Assign DG check schema/SD documents
DGA2 - DG-Check Schema-Determ. Routine
DGA3 - DG - Check Methods
DGA4 - Usage Profile DG Check Routines
DGA5 - DG: Countries en Route DGA...

DGC2 - DG: Specify Transport Type
DGC4 - DG: Define DG Classes
DGC5 - DG: Define Water Pollution Classes
DGC6 - DG: Specify Danger Label
DGC8 - Text IDs standard/user-defined texts
DGC9 - DG: Dialog type for ident. no. DGC...

DGD1 - Maint. and Assign Regulation Profile
DGD2 - Assignmt Regul. Profile/Indic. Cat.
DGD3 - Checkbox Struc. for T/O-T Materials
DGE4 - First database via DGP1
DGE5 - DG Filling from Spec. Management
DGE6 - DG Simul. of Filling from Spec. Mgmt
DGP0 - Basic Data: Environment
DGP1 - Create Dangerous Goods Master
DGP10 - Generate Phrase Sets
DGP2 - Change Dangerous Goods Master
DGP3 - Display Dangerous Goods Master
DGP5 - Report for sending dangerous goods DGP...

DGR1 - Displaying DG master data
DGR2 - Dangerous goods: Change document
DGR3 - Display DG Packaging Data
DGR4 - Display DG Packaging Data
DGSD - Display Report Logs
DGTD - DG: Maintain mat-dependent texts
DGTU - DG: Maintain mat-independent texts
DGU0 - DG: Conversion of Customizing Tables
DGU1 - DG: Conversion of DG Reg. tables
DGU2 - DG: Conversion Texts/Descriptions
DGU3 - DG: Converting the DG Descriptions
DGUC - DG: Test refer. integrity regulation
DGUD - DG: Test ref. integrity of C tables DGU...


DIACLC1 - Logbook: counter type definition
DIACLC2 - Customizing for cntr upd in Logbook
DIACLC3 - Logbook: Dig. signature customizing
DIACLC4 - Log Entry Type customizing
DIACL_CUST_LBK_SMODE - Set logbook sync mode
DIAN_DISPLAY_INFO - Dian Display Document Information DIA...

DICTIONARY - Terminology and Glossary Maintenance
DIMSP_NOTIF_TYPE - Maintain MSP Notification type
DIMSP_REVI_TYPE - Maintain MSP Revision type
DIOHFWC1 - Application definition (cust.)
DIOHFWC2 - Node type specification (Customizing
DIOHFWC3 - Hierarchy definition (customizing)
DIOHFWC4 - Fcode definitions (customizing)
DIS01 - Collective Processing Distribution
DIS01N - Distribution: Collective processing
DIS05 - Cost Distribution: Overview
DISCALC - Calculation of Low-Level Codes
DISRP - Distribution: Run Profile
DISRPM - Pegging: Run Profile Messages DIS...

DIWPSC2 - Custom. of Time Interval in MEB
DIWPSC3 - Customizing of Fleet for the MEB
DIWPSC4 - Customizing of Revision Type
DIWPS_REVNR - Number range maintenance: WPS_REV
DIWPS_REVNRS - Number Range Maintenance: WPS_REV
DI_0MVTPM - Movement Types for PM/CS Orders
DI_0PCS1 - SN Criteria in Sales Documents
DI_0PCS2 - Stock Determ. Rule PM/CS Orders
DI_0PCS3 - Customizing Stock Determ. in PM/CS
DI_PCS1 - Stock Det. Rules for Special Stock
DI_SCCOUNT - Meas.Point for Subcontracting DI_...


DL10 - Download
DL11 - Create download profile
DL12 - Change condition download profile
DL13 - Display condition download profile
DLC2 - Comparison of Delivery Confirmations
DLCN - Delivery Confirmation Matching
DLOG - BRE: Overview of Extract Generation


DMC - Start DMC Interface
DMCAPP - Maintain Applications in DMC Tool
DMCEQ - Check Program for Object Equality
DMCISB - Maintain Direct Input 2
DMCMON - MWB: Transfer Monitor DMC...

DMEE - DMEE: Format Tree Maintenance Tool
DMEE1 - DMEE: Format Tree Maintenance Tool
DMEE1_DEBUG - DMEE: Format Tree Expert Mode
DMEE_DEBUG - DMEE: Format Tree Expert Mode
DMF_RFCLOG - DMF RFC application log
DMLCUST - Customizing for MDF Objects
DMLCUSTOBJTYPE - Customizing for MDF Object Types
DMS_CONV01 - Document Start Conversion
DMS_FOLDER1 - Find favorites
DMS_PDFCONV - PDF Conversion
DMS_REG01 - Document Registration for Conversion
DMS_SERDEPLOY - Deployment of services
DMS_VWR - Visual Enterprise Viewer DMS...

DMWB - Document Modeling Workbench


DNOTIF - Basic Notification
DNOTIFREP - Basis Notification Reporting
DNOTIFWL - Basic Notifications Worklist
DNOTIFWL_EWT - Basic Notifications Worklist
DNOTIF_EWT - Basic Notification
DNOTIF_FCT - Basic Notification DNO...

DNW7AW_OO_D1 - Demo: OO Transaction
DNW7AW_OO_S1 - Solution: OO Transaction
DNW7AW_OO_S2 - Solution: Refactoring Assistant


DOBJ - Def. of Data Destruction Objects
DOCCHG_FB05 - Post with Clearing


DP101 - Reset Billing Plan Date
DP60 - Change Accounting Indicator in LI
DP70 - Conversion of Individual Orders
DP80 - SM: Resource-Related Quotation
DP81 - PS: Sales Pricing
DP82 - PS: Sales Pricing Project
DP90 - CS: Resource-Related Billing Doc.
DP91 - SD: Resource-Related Billing Doc.
DP93 - Res.-Rel. Billing Btwn Comp. Codes
DP94 - Billing btwn Co.Codes (Coll.Proc.)
DP95 - Resource-Rel. Billing, Coll.Processg
DP96 - Res-Rel.Billing Collect.Proc - Sales DP9...

DPCOMMON_BUPAUI - Determine BUPA User Interface
DPCOMMON_MAP_P_S - DPCOMMON: Partner to System Mapping
DPCOMMON_MAP_U_P - DPCOMMON: User to Partner Mapping
DPRL - Change Material When Profile Deleted
DPRV - Change Material When Profile Changed
DPR_C_SYST - Assign System Status to BW Status
DPR_C_USST - Assign User Status to BW Status
DPR_DWNLD2MSP_CUST - Field Assgmt for MS Project Export
DPR_DWNLD_2_MSP_CUST - Field Assgmt for MS Project Export DPR...

DPWTY_IMG - IMG Dealer Portal Warranty


DRAIRPORT - Display Airport Data
DRAW_RES - Display Reserve Fields
DRBBOOK - Display Company Booking
DRBOOK - Display Booking
DRB_SHOW_CALL_DUMMY - DRB Call for Layout Maintenance
DRC1 - Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient
DRC2 - Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient
DRC3 - Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient
DRC4 - Conditions: V_T681F for R DR
DRC5 - Access Sequences: Deriv. Recipient
DRC6 - Strategy Types: Derivation Recipient DRC...

DRE - Delivery-Related Analyses
DRFCC - Check DRF Customizing
DRFF - Define Filter Criteria
DRFIMG - Cust. Data Replication Framework
DRFLIGHT - Display Flight Data
DRFLOG - Analyze Replication Log
DRFLOGDEL - Delete Replication Log DRF...

DRP0 - Network Graphic
DRP4 - Network Graphic/Quotas View
DRP8 - Maintain Materials Deployment
DRP9 - Maintain Plant Categories
DRPA - Definition of DRP Planning Run
DRPB - Deployment: Background Processing DRP...


DSAL - Digital Signature Logs
DSC1 - Create CondTables: Derivation Sender
DSC2 - Create CondTables: Derivation Sender
DSC3 - Create CondTables: Derivation Sender
DSC4 - Conditions: V_T681F for R DS
DSC5 - Access Sequences: Derivation Sender
DSC6 - Strategy Types: Derivation Sender DSC...

DSETGEN - BRE: Create Error Extract from Log
DSINA - Display Backlog Entry in Extract
DSLOG - Signature Tool: Log Display
DSM - Decision Service Manager


DTCONVERT - Convert Master Data
DTEXPORT - Master Data Export
DTIMG - Data Transfer Customizing
DTIMPORT - Master Data Import
DTLMON - MWB: Transfer monitor
DTMONITOR - Data Transfer Monitor
DTR0 - Enter Downtimes


DUMMY_MASS_EINE - Dummy transaction for mail execution
DUMMY_MASS_EKKO - Dummy transaction for mail execution
DUMMY_MASS_MARC - Dummy transaction for mail execution
DUMMY_MASS_VENDOR - Load programs global data


DVC1 - Derivation: No. Range f. Deriv. No.
DVC2 - Derivation: No. Range f. Cond. Recds
DVC8 - Assignmt of Search Procedure to Evnt
DVCO - Condition Records Via Bill of Mat.
DVDC - Delete Extended Batch Where-Used Lst
DVDL - Delete Derivation Log
DVMAN - Perform Manual Derivation
DVMO - Monitor
DVR1 - Create Derivation Recipient Record
DVR2 - Change Derivation Recipient Record
DVR3 - Display Derivation Recipient Record
DVS1 - Create Derivation Sender Record
DVS2 - Change Derivation Sender Record
DVS3 - Display Derivation Sender Record
DVSA - Shipping Approval
DVSP - Set Up Derivation


DWDM - Development Workbench Demos


DXCF - DARTX Field Catalog
DXCS - DARTX Segment Catalog
DXEV - DARTX Extract Administration
DXVW - Data View Administration
DXX01 - DARTX Maintain Authorization Groups
DXX02 - DARTX Segment Maintenance
DXX03 - DARTX Maintain SAP Segment Control
DXX04 - DARTX Maintain MasterData Indicators
DXX05 - DARTX Application Maintenance
DXX06 - DARTX Reference Table Maintenance DXX...


DZ00 - Introduction to


E1DY - Create/Rep. Dynamic Schedule Records


E25M - Extend Budget Billing Plan
E25T - Select BillOrder/Uninvoiced BillDocs
E2DY - Change/Display Dyn. Schedule Records


E309 - Define Air Pressure Areas
E3DY - Delete Dynamic Schedule Records


E40A - Display Sched. Recs
E40B - Change Sched. Recs
E41A - Display Portion
E41B - Create Portion
E41C - Change Portion
E41D - List of Sched. Master Recs
E41E - Delete Portion
E41F - Display MR Units E41...

E42A - Display Parameter Recs
E42B - Create Parameter Recs
E42C - Change Parameter Recs
E42D - List of Parameter Recs
E42F - Delete Parameter Rec
E43A - Generate Sched. Recs for Rec Types
E43B - Generate SRs of all MRUs of Portion
E43C - List of Sched. Recs
E43D - List of all MRUs of a Portion
E43E - Activate Meter Reading Units
E4DY - Delete Dynamic Schedule Records


E61CD - Delete Correspondence Data
E61D - Delete Budget Billing Plan
E61K - Maintain Defaults for BB Procedure
E61L - Charges Plan Active for Div. Cat. 06
E61M - Adjust BB Plans Automatically
E61PSD - Stop Payment Scheme E61...


EA00 - Test Billing of a Contract
EA04 - Maintain Specifs for PayMeth.Determ.
EA05 - Display and Release Outsortings
EA10 - Document Invoicing
EA10_AGGRBILL - Create Aggregated Bill
EA10_COLL - Create collective bill
EA11 - Budget Billing Invoicing
EA12 - Request Budget Billing Amounts
EA12IC - Req.Budg.Bill.Amts for IC (Deregul.) EA1...

EA20 - Reverse Billing Document
EA21 - Adjustment Reversal Billing Docs
EA22 - Display Billing Document
EA22_TOOL - Billing Tool
EA24 - Delete Adj. Reversal frm Bill.Order
EA25 - Create Partial Bill (Individual) EA2...

EA30 - Create Rate
EA31 - Change Rate
EA32 - Display Rate
EA33 - Mass Processing: Bill Reversal
EA34 - Mass Processing: Full Reversal
EA35 - Create Schema EA3...

EA40 - Display Print Document
EA43 - Generate SRs of a Record Type
EA44 - Delete Sched. Recs
EA44M - Mass Deletion of Schedule Records
EA45 - Create Consumption and Partial Bill
EA46 - Create Consumption and Partial Bill EA4...

EA50 - Create Operand
EA51 - Change Operand
EA52 - Display Operand
EA53 - Create Rate Cat.
EA54 - Chg. Rate Cat.
EA55 - Display Rate Cat. EA5...

EA60 - Print Invoicing Document
EA61 - Create BB Plan
EA61EX - Budget Billing Change
EA61IC - Create Budget Billing Plan for IC
EA61PS - Create Payment Scheme
EA62 - Change BB Plan EA6...

EA70 - Create Billing Cal. Value
EA71 - Change Billing Cal. Value
EA72 - Display Billing Cal. Value
EA73 - Create Gas Procedure
EA74 - Change Gas Proced.
EA75 - Display Gas Procedure EA7...

EA80 - Change Vol. Corr. Fact.Proc.
EA81 - Display Vol. Corr. Fact. Proc.
EA85 - Maintain Burning Hour Calendar
EA86 - Copy Burng Hr Calendar for One Year
EA87 - Rate Determination
EA88 - Maintain Variant EA8...

EA90 - Change Price
EA91 - Display Price
EA92 - Maintain Price Adjustment Clause
EA97 - Evaluation 1: Variants R/2 <-> ERP
EA98 - Evaluation 2: Variants R/2 <-> ERP
EA99 - Eval. of Variants EA9...

EABBP - Archive Budget Billing Plans
EABI - Billing/Invoicing log display
EABICO - Bill Correction
EABIH - Archive Billing Document Headers
EABIL - Archive Billing Document Line Items
EABR - IS-U Billing EAB...

EACCBAL - Acct Balnce Display for Deregulation
EACCMAIN - Manual Acct Maintenance for Supplier
EACOLLREV - Select Reversed Documents (SR)
EADYN - Define Dynamic Period Control
EAFACTS - Archive Installation Facts
EAIN - Billing/Invoicing log display
EALOGBI_1 - Detail display: MiniApp EMAP_LOGBI
EALOGIN_1 - Detail display MiniApp EMAP_LOGIN
EALZ - Logical Register Numbers
EAMABI - Mass Billing
EAMACB - Consumption History from Inv. Line
EAMACF - Consumption History from Inst. Facts
EAMACH - Mass Overall Check
EAMASI - Mass Billing Simulation
EAMICAG - Change AMI Activation Group EAM...

EAN1 - Create GTIN Mapping
EAN2 - Change GTIN Mapping
EAN3 - Display GTIN Mapping
EAN4 - Create GTIN Mapping with Template
EANC1 - Cond.: Field Cat. GTIN Mapping
EANC2 - CondTab: Create (GTIN Mapping) EAN...

EAOUT - Display Outsourcing for Bill/Inv.
EAOUTL - Cross-Contract Billing
EAOUT_1 - Detail display MiniApp EMAP_OUTBIIN
EAPDH - Archive Print Document Headers
EAPDL - Archive Print Document Line Items
EARDISP01 - Display Archive: Print Doc. Header
EARDISP02 - Display Archive: Print Document Itms
EARDISP03 - Display Archive: Billing Document
EARDISP04 - Display Archive: Budget Billng Plans
EARDISP05 - Display Archive: Billing Doc. Lines
EARDISP06 - Display Archive: MR Results EAR...

EASIBI - Create Individual Bill
EASICH - Individual Overall Check
EASIM - Simulation Scenarios
EASIM01 - Simulation f. Backbill. and PE Bill.
EASISI - Create Individ. Simulation
EASY - Tool:Search For/Call-Up Transactions EAS...

EATAXROUND_JP - Amount Rounding for Jap. Tax Calcul.
EATB - ISU: Turbo Billing
EATR - Mass Activity: Create Bill/Part.Bill
EAXX - IS-U Billing
EA_BSCHEXT_DISP - Billing Schema Extension Overview
EA_DOWNLOAD - Download Billing Master Data
EA_TRANSPORT - Complete Transport of Master Data
EA_UPLOAD - Upload Billing Master Data


EBAA - Connection object overview
EBO1 - Create boleto for bills
EBPMSG - Create Message in EBP for Sol.Mgr.
EBPP - EBPP - Demo
EBPP_APAR_SUPPORT - Support Transaction for Bill. Direct
EBPP_AR_CONTACTS - EBPP: Remarks Created
EBPP_AR_MATCH - EBPP: Assignmt of User to Accounts
EBPP_AR_T042ICC - Account Determination Payment Cards EBP...

EBR_CATCFOP - CFOP Category Determination -ISU
EBR_COMPROVRET - Yearly discounted IRPJ by customer
EBR_LIVICMS - Update EBRLIVICMS table for Brazil
EBR_MATCATCFOP - Mat Categ Determination CFOP - ISU
EBR_TE011BR - Quantity dependent tax determination EBR...

EBW_DQ_CS - Marketing: Consumpt. -> Delta Queue
EBW_DQ_SS - Sales Statistics -> BW Delta Queue
EBW_SS_MON - Analysis of BW Extraction Orders


EC01 - Org.Object Copier: Company Code
EC02 - Org.Object Copier: Plant
EC03 - Org.Object Copier: Controlling Area
EC04 - Org.Object Copier: Sales Organizatn
EC05 - Org.Object Copier: Distribution Chnl
EC06 - Org.Object Copier: Division EC0...

EC10 - Org.Object Copier: Personnel Area
EC11 - Org.Object Copier: Personnel Subarea
EC12 - Org.Object Copier: Employee Subgroup
EC13 - Org.Object Copier: Purchasing Org.
EC14 - Org.Object Copier: Storage Location
EC15 - Org.Object Copier: Material Type EC1...

EC20 - IS-U Front Office
EC25 - IS-U navigator
EC30 - Maintain rate data
EC31 - Display Rate Data
EC50 - Create Move-In Doc.
EC50E - Create Move-In Document
EC51 - Change Move-In Document
EC51E - Change Move-In Document
EC52 - Display Move-In Doc.
EC52E - Display Move-In Document EC5...

EC60 - Initial Processing: Move-In/Out
EC6F - Initial Processing: Move-In/Out
EC70 - Accel.Entry: Move-In / Out / In/Out
EC85 - Create Disc. Doc.
EC86 - Change Disc. Doc.
EC87 - Display Disc. Doc.
ECBWPP - Prepare Extrapolation Indexes
ECENV_BP - Data environ. for business partner
ECENV_CO - Data environ. for connection object
ECENV_DV - Data environment for device
ECHE - Assignment of Visible Components
ECHT_CUST4INBOUNDSRV - Create ECH Process for Service Oper.
ECHT_PLX_MAINTENANCE - Define Payload Extraction Attributes
ECH_DEFLT_RESOL_SAP - SAP Default Resolution Strategy
ECH_MONI - Error and Conflict Handler Order
ECH_MONI_SEL - Error and Conflict Handler Selection ECH...

ECICACC - Konfiguration Autocall & Config
ECLP1 - Create Loyalty Account
ECLP2 - Change Loyalty Account
ECLP3 - Display Loyalty Account
ECMCUST - Customizing for ECM
ECMO - Overview of ECOs
ECMR - Overview of ECRs
ECM_APP_CONF - Edit ECM App to Rep mapping (custom)
ECM_APP_CONF_SAP - Edit ECM App to Rep mapping (SAP)
ECM_APP_SETTINGS - Edit ECM App definitions (custom) ECM...

ECNC - IS-U Navigator: Customizing
ECON1 - Maintain Concession Eligibility
ECON2 - Display Concession Eligibility
ECOP - Main Program for Entity Copier
ECP_CT04 - Change Characteristics
ECP_CT05 - Create Characteristics
ECP_FUNCT_TYPE - Maintain iView function types
ECRD1 - Create Redemption
ECRD2 - Change Redemption
ECRD3 - Display Redemption
ECRD4 - Mass Printout of Redemption Vouchers
ECRMREPL - Error Handling Replication CRM/IS-U
ECRMREPLM - Error Handling Replication CRM/IS-U ECR...

ECVBP02 - Customer Data Overview
ECVCO00 - Connection object overview
ECVE - Export Resources from Web Repository
ECVM - Generate Language Version Cust. Info
EC_TUTORIAL_TCD - eCATT Tutorial: TCD Command
EC_TUTORIAL_TESTDATA - eCATT: Demo for Test Data Management


EDATEXAGGR - Export Aggregated Messages
EDATEXAGGRMON - Monitor Aggregated Messages
EDATEXDELETE - Delete Data Exchange Task
EDATEXEVENTDUE - Monitoring of Due Date of Task
EDATEXEXECUTE - Execute Data Exchange Tasks
EDATEXEXECUTEMA - Mass Act.: Execute Data Exch. Tasks EDA...

EDEREG_ANALYSE - Analyses for POD/Service Provider
EDEREG_PODGROUP_GEN - Generate Point of Delivery Groups
EDESK_CUS - Customizing in Engineering Desktop
EDESK_IPPE - Product Designer Workbench
EDM1 - Monitor Profile Import
EDX_BALANCING - EDX: Message Comparison
EDX_DEL - EDX: Delete Messages (Test)
EDX_DUMP - EDX: Save Messages with Errors
EDX_LINK - EDX: Link Document to Attachments
EDX_LIST - EDX: Message Overview
EDX_POLL - EDX: Polling List Web Dynpro EDX...


EE25 - Budget Billing Amounts
EE52 - IS-U: Change Notification
EE53 - IS-U: Display Notification
EE72 - IS-U: Change Work Order
EE73 - IS-U: Display Work Order
EE73_WM_NOTIF_1 - Detail Display for MiniApp WM_NOTIF
EE73_WM_ORDER_1 - Detail display for MiniApp WM_ORDER
EEAK - Employment equity - Canada
EEDM00 - EDM Frame
EEDM01 - Maintain Profile
EEDM02 - Display Profile
EEDM04 - Maintain Profile Allocation
EEDM05 - Display Profile Allocation
EEDM06 - Create Profile Header EED...

EEFO_CREDIT_CREATE - Front Office: Create Credit Memo
EEFO_INSTMNTPLN_CREA - Front Office: Create Installmt Plan
EEIS1 - Output Unbilled Contracts
EEIS2 - Ouput Contr.Accts w/o BB Amounts
EEIS3 - Output Portion w/o BB Amount
EENERGY_AUD_IN - Transaction for Energy Audit India
EERCH_DEL - Only Relevant for DE
EERCH_EXP - Billing Document Extraction - Export
EERCH_IMP - Only relevant for Germany
EERD_DATA_DEL - Delete Print Document Extracts
EERD_DEL - Only Relevant for DE
EERD_EXP - Print Document Extracts - Export EER...

EEWB - Easy Enhancement Workbench
EEWC - System Data Maintenance
EEWM_CU_ANALYSIS - Analyze Operations in Task Lists
EEWM_ILCH - Change Inspection List
EEWM_ILCR - Create/Extend Inspection List
EEWM_ILDI - Display Inspection List EEW...

EEXTSYNPROF - Maint. View for Ext. Synth. Prof. ID
EE_CRM_CLASS_GENER - Generate class for set type


EFAK - IS-U Invoicing
EFAKTOR - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_FAKTOR
EFCC - Print Workbench Mass Processing
EFCM - Print Workbench Form Class Processg
EFCS - Print Workbench: Form Class
EFGM - Print Workbench Mass Processing
EFGN - Print Workbench: Mass Activation
EFRANCH_CHNG - Change Franchisee Management
EFRANCH_CRTE - Create Franchisee Management
EFRANCH_DISP - Display Franchisee Management
EFRANCH_EFFC - Performance evaluation for Franchise
EFRANCH_PODL - Proof of Delivery
EFRM - Print Workbench: Application Form EFR...

EFTP - Print Workbench Mass Processing
EFTR - Print Workbench: Generate Trans.List
EFTRADM - Translation of Application Forms
EFTRADMLANGUS - Print Workbench Mass Processing
EFTRLANGVEC - Language Transport Form Objects
EFTRSL - Print Wbench Trans. for Translation EFT...

EFUD - Print Workbench: Application Form


EG01 - Create Device Category
EG02 - Change Device Category
EG03 - Display Device Category
EG04 - Create Register Group
EG05 - Change Register Group
EG06 - Display Register Group EG0...

EG14 - Create Command
EG15 - Change Command
EG16 - Display Command
EG17 - Create Command Group
EG18 - Change Command Group
EG19 - Display Command Group EG1...

EG27 - Create Device Group
EG28 - Change Device Group
EG29 - Display Device Group
EG30 - Full Replacement
EG31 - Full Installation
EG32 - Full Removal
EG33 - Technical Installation
EG34 - Billing-Related Installation
EG35 - Billing-Related Removal EG3...

EG41 - Change device info record
EG42 - Device modification
EG43 - Display device info record
EG44 - Create device info record
EG50 - Inst./Removal/Repl.: Reversal
EG51 - Installation Reversal
EG52 - Reverse Technical Replacement
EG53 - Reverse Technical Removal
EG60 - Maintain Logical Register
EG61 - Display Logical Register
EG70 - Maintain Rate Data
EG71 - Display Rate Data
EG72 - Maintain Device Allocation
EG73 - Display Device Allocation
EG75 - Create Register Relationships
EG76 - Change Register Relationships EG7...

EG80 - Create Sample Lot
EG81 - Change Sample Lot
EG82 - Display Sample Lot
EG83 - Compile Sample Lot
EG84 - Determine Lot Devices
EG85 - Draw Sample Devices from Lot EG8...

EG90 - Create repl. orders/notifications
EG97 - Perform Certification
EGCONTRACT - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_GCONTR
EGMN - IS-U Device Management
EGPB - Assign Breakpoint to User
EGR - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_DGEN
EGRID_OVRW - Grid Overview
EGW1 - Create Winding Group
EGW2 - Change Winding Group
EGW3 - Display Winding Group


EHFND_BOPF_TEST - BOPF BO Test Data Handling
EHFND_CTRL_EXPORT - Export Control Regitser
EHFND_CUST_GENERATOR - EHS Management Customizing Generator
EHFND_LISU_CREATE - Create Listed Substance BOs
EHFND_LOC_SNRO - Specify Number Range for Location
EHFND_MWB - EHSM Mapping Workbench EHF...

EHHSS_AGT_SNRO - Maintain Number Range: EHHSSAGTID
EHHSS_INC_CFG_WFTASK - EHS Mgmt: Assign users to WF Tasks
EHHSS_INC_CR_FORM - EHS Mgmt: Generate Inc. Offline Form
EHHSS_JOB_SNRO - Maintain Number Range: EHHSSJOBID
EHHSS_RAS_CFG_WFTASK - EHS Mgmt: Assign users to WF Tasks
EHHSS_RAS_SNRO - Number range maintenance: EHHSSRASID EHH...

EHIL - IS-U Tools
EHPRC_80000009 - Specify Incoming Types
EHPRC_80000020 - Specify Environment Parameters
EHPRC_80000021 - Specify Selection Criteria BOMBOS
EHPRC_80000025 - Specify Regulatory Lists
EHPRC_80000027 - Manage User Exits
EHPRC_80000031 - Specify Env Parameters for Backend EHP...

EHQL - EH&S-QM: Display Logs
EHQMC1 - EH&S-QM: Maintain Types of Chars.
EHQMNUMCODE - EHS: Maintain Number Range for Codes
EHQMNUMGRP - EHS: Maintain No.Range for Code Grps
EHQMNUMSLST - EHS:Maintain No.Range for Phrase Set
EHSAMBTAET - Medical Services
EHSAMED - Occupational Health
EHSASSIGN - Assignment Protocol to Person
EHSASSLTA - Assignment LTA Rating from Work Area
EHSASSPERS - Person list for protocol assignment
EHSBC02 - Edit Brief Consultation EHS...

EHVD - HTML Customer Overview: Select Data


EI01 - UIS: Activate Update
EI03 - UIS: Change Communication Structure
EI10 - UIS: Execute Evaluation
EI11 - UIS: Create Evaluation
EI12 - UIS: Change Evaluation
EI13 - UIS: Display Evaluation
EI14 - UIS: Settings for Standard Analysis
EI18 - UIS: Create Field Catalog EI1...

EI20 - UIS: Display Field Catalog
EI21 - UIS: Create Info Structure
EI22 - UIS: Change Info Structure
EI23 - UIS: Display Info Structure
EI24 - UIS: Create Update
EI25 - UIS: Change Update EI2...

EI30 - UIS: Simulate Document Update
EI31 - UIS: Statistics Update
EI32 - UIS: Setup of Statistical Data
EI35 - Set up stock statistics
EI44 - UIS: Rate Statistics Selection
EI45 - UIS: Rate Statistics Selection
EI72 - CO-PA: Statistical Update
EI80 - Check Document transfer COPA/BW/UIS
EIDECOM1 - Communication on Basis of Serv.Prov.
EIDECOM2 - Communication on Basis of Serv. Type
EIDESERV1 - Define Service Types
EIDESERV2 - Define Process Control
EIDESERV3 - Define Own Billable Services
EIDESERV4 - Define Third Party Billable Services EID...

EINF - IS-U Information System
EINV_AGR - Processing eFaktura Agreement
EINV_MASS - Mass update of CA with einvoice ref
EINV_NO - Number range maintenance: EINVNO
EINV_R - Process receipt file for eInvoice
EIS1 - UIS: Current Settings




EK01 - Acct Determ.: IS-U Receiv. Accounts
EK02 - Acct Determ.: IS-U Rev. Accts
EK03 - IS-U Argentinian Tax Determination
EK04 - Activ.Code Distrib.Type in Argentina
EK05 - Activ.Code Distrib.Type in Argentina
EK06 - Defaults for Acct Display BB Amounts EK0...

EK11 - Specifs: Source Item Charges in IP
EK12 - Down Payment Specifications
EK13 - Down Paym./Rec. Clearing Information
EK14 - C FI Maintain Table TFK022A/B
EK15 - Dunning Charge Invoicing
EK16 - Document Type: GI and VAT Perception EK1...

EK20 - Activate 2-Level Tax Determ. Code
EK21 - Maintain 2-Step Tax Determ. Ident.
EK22 - Payment Migration: Specifications
EK23 - Down Payment Request Payment Proc.
EK25 - Create Loan
EK26 - Change Loan EK2...

EK70 - Cust. Item Ind. -> Payment Block
EK71 - Cstmzng: Aggr. Posting of Inbnd Bill
EK72 - Transactions for Aggregated Posting
EK73 - Aggr. Bill: Trans. -> Offsetting Tr.
EK74 - Dereg. - Maintain Factory Calendar
EK75 - Conversion Int./Ext. Transaction EK7...

EK81 - Account Determ.: IS-T Receiv. Accnts
EK82 - Account Determ.: IS-T Revenue Accnts
EK92 - Create Payment Plan
EK93 - Change Payment Plan
EK93C - Combined Change of Payment Plans
EK93M - Adjust Payment Plans Automatically
EK94 - Display Payment Plan
EK94C - Combined Display of Payment Plans EK9...

EKND - IS-U Customer Service
EKS1 - PURCHIS: Statistics Update: Item Lvl
EKSR - Remove BBP from Collective Bill
EK_M100 - Defaults for Payment Medium ID
EK_R017 - Doc. Type for Stat. Fee in Argentina
EK_R100 - Def. Info. for Payment Medium ID
EK_R200 - Def. Info. for Security Dep. Transf.
EK_R201 - Def. Info for Sec.Dep.Trans. Revers.
EK_R230 - Dunning Grouping for Collections EK_...


EL01 - Execute Order Creation
EL06 - Execute Mass Order Creation
EL09 - Execute Order Creation
EL16 - Execute Order Output
EL18 - Execute Estimation
EL20 - Fast Entry
EL22 - Fast Entry With Correction
EL27 - Correction of Implausible Results
EL27_MRUNIT - Correct Implausible MRs for MR Unit
EL28 - Single Entry
EL29 - Correction of Plausible Results EL2...

EL30 - Estimate Meter Reading Results
EL31 - Manual Monitoring
EL32 - Automatic Monitoring
EL35 - Meter Reading Order Output
EL37 - Reverse Meter Reading Order Creation
EL37_WO_MRUNIT - Reverse MRRs w/o Order Creation EL3...

EL40 - Maintain Street Route
EL41 - Display Street Route
EL42 - Display Meter Reading Units
EL43 - Device Overview
EL44 - MAU Planning Meter Reading Orders
EL50 - Create Meter Reading Group
EL51 - Change Meter Reading Group
EL52 - Display Meter Reading Group
EL56 - Change Periodic Consumption
EL57 - Display period consumption
EL59 - Mass Change Meter Reading Units EL5...

EL60 - Activation EB for Individ. Install.
EL61 - Activation EB for Amount of Install.
EL62 - Deactivation of EB for Ind. Install.
EL70 - List of Implausible MR Results
ELDM - Monitoring of IDocs Processed
ELEU - Upload of Meter Reading Results
ELMRDEL - Delete Reversed Meter Readings
ELMU - Upload
ELOC - Manage Container Location
ELSIG00 - Signature Strategy
ELSIG01 - Authorization Grp Digital Signatures
ELSIG02 - Digital Signature
ELSIG03 - Signature Method for Signat. Object
ELSIG03N - Signature Method for Signat. Object
EL_MA_MRIDOC - Process IDocs with errors


EM10 - Goods Movement via Serial Numbers
EMAIL - SAPconnect Easy EMail
EMASN - IDoc Monitor for Inb. Ship. Notific.
EMC_JP - Transaction code for Japan EMC
EMDUSCRTRQ - Create MDUS Request
EMDUSCRTRQ_MA - Mass Activity: Create MDUS Request
EMDUSFORM - Edit Time-of-Use Formula
EMDUSIFACE - Edit Time-of-Use Interface
EMFOR - Monitor for Forecast/JIT Del.Sched.
EMIGALL - IS-U Migration
EMIGCMP - IS-U Migration Company Maintenance
EMIGCNV - IS-U Mig: Maintain Conversion Obj.
EMIGCOM - Compare with migration Customizing
EMIGFLD - IS-U Migration: Maintain Fields
EMIGFVA - Fixed Value Maintenance EMI...

EMJIT - IDoc Monitor for JIT Calls
EMMA - Log Analysis and Case Creation
EMMAC1 - Create Case
EMMAC2 - Change Case
EMMAC3 - Display Case
EMMACAP - Run Automatic Processes for Cases
EMMACC - Cust. Tab. Add. Data in Transaction EMM...

EMORD - IDoc Monitor for SD Orders
EMSG - Maintenance of Message Groups
EMTB - Mass Activity: Turbo Billing
EMU1 - Convert Loans to EURO
EMU2 - Reset Conversion to EURO


EN00 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_ERDK
EN01 - Subscreens for Simple Notification
EN03 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EHAU
EN04 - Number Range Maint.: ISU_EVBS
EN05 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EDCN
EN06 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EANL EN0...

EN10 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EWAORD
EN11 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EZWG
EN12 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EKOG
EN13 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EEAG
EN15 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EABL
EN17 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EVER EN1...

EN20 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDETRA
EN22 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EDSC
EN23 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EPREI
EN25 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EABP
EN27 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_DEVGRP
EN40 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDCDOC
EN41 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDCDCI
EN43 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EKON
EN50 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EEIN
EN55 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EAUS
EN70 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_PRDOC
EN80 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_TE271
EN99 - General Foreign Trade Processing
ENBI - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_BIRUN
ENCLEAN - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_ECLEAN
ENCO - Printing / Communication
ENCONDI - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_CONDI
ENDELIVER - Number Range Maintenance: EWAEL_DELI
ENEDMCR - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_CR
ENEDMFI - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_FI
ENEDMIB - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_IB
ENEDMPRO - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDMP
ENEDMPROT - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDMPT
ENEDMSC - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EDM_SC ENE...

ENFO - Foreign Trade/Customs: Init. Screen
ENGK - Legal control
ENGR - Periodic Declarations
ENHE_SYNCSUB - Match Up Specification Data
ENHE_SYNCUNIT - Match Up Dimension/Unit of Measure
ENIDESWD - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_IDESWD
ENIN - Number range maint. ISU_INDEXN
ENLO - Documentary Payments
ENLP - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_LOGLPR
ENNR - No. Range Maint.: ISU_LOGINR
ENOBJAD - Number Range Maintenance: EWA_OBJAD
ENPA - FT: Enjoy: Period-end Closings
ENPR - Preference Handling
ENPS - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EABP
ENRD - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_ERDMP
ENROB - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EWAROB
ENROUTE - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EROUTE
ENSAMPLE - Number Range Maintenance: EWAEL_SMPL
ENSERVAD - Number Range Maintenance: EWA_SERVAD
ENSL - Cockpit: Sanctioned Party List
ENSV - Foreign Trade Data Maintenance
ENTOUEXCEPT - TOU Exception Number Range ISU_TOUEX
ENVD - CIC: Data Environment Maintenance
ENVOUCHER - Number Range Maintenance: EWAWA_PGR
ENWDPL - Number Range Maintenance: EWAEL_WDPT
ENWDPPROC - Number Range Maintenance: EWAEL_WDPP
ENWEIGH - Number Range Maintenance: EWAWA_WPNR
ENWEIGHFAV - Number Range Maintenance: EWAWA_WFAV
ENWEIGHOFL - Number Range Maintenance: EWAWA_WONR
ENWK - No. Range Maint.: ISU_EWIK ENW...

ENZD - Customs Objects: Documentation/Info.
ENZW - No. Range Maint.: ISU_LOGIZW


EOLA - Master Data Tab


EP01 - Customizing: Transaction Statistics
EP02 - Customizing: Stock Statistics
EPA1 - Create Print Action Record
EPA2 - Change Print Action Record
EPA3 - Display Print Action Record
EPAR - List Print Action Records
EPDHIER - Display Hierarchy of MDT Category
EPDTYPE - IS-U MD Generator: MDT Categories
EPERS - IS-U Report Var. Maint. for MiniApps
EPFCGROUP - Price Simulation Group
EPFCGROUP_DISPLAY - Display Price Simulation Groups
EPIC_BC - Start Bank Communication Monitor
EPIC_BRM - Bank Receipt Management
EPIC_BRM_CLAIM - Claim Bank Receipts
EPIC_BRM_EDIT - Claim Bank Receipts
EPIC_BRM_POST - Claim Bank Receipts
EPIC_LOGON - Maintain Bank Comm logon data EPI...

EPLOT - Repayment on Account
EPMC - Customizing: Plant Manager
EPM_REPORT_START - Start Report With Variant
EPODSRVC1 - Create point of delivery services
EPODSRVC2 - Change point of delivery services
EPODSRVC3 - Display point of delivery services
EPOD_ARCHIVE_DL - Deleting the Proof of Delivery
EPOD_ARCHIVE_WR - Archiving the Proof of Delivery
EPPM - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_PREPAY
EPRACT - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_PRACT
EPREPAY - Amount Mgmt of Prepayment Meter
EPREPAYFREE - Release locked PPM entries
EPREPAY_RELEASE - Release locked PPM entries
EPRICE_UPLOAD - Import IS-U Prices from Excel
EPRODCUST - IS-U MD Template: Customizing EPR...


EQ01 - Field Selection: Contract (IMG)
EQ02 - Field Sel: Connection Object (IMG)
EQ03 - Field Selection: Premise (IMG)
EQ04 - Field Selection: Installation (IMG)
EQ05 - Field Sel: Device Location (IMG)
EQ06 - Field Sel: Initial Screen - Move-Out EQ0...

EQ10 - Field Selection for Property (IMG)
EQ11 - Field Selection for WDO Header
EQ12 - Field Selection for WDO Item
EQ20 - Field Sel. for Accel. Weighing Entry
EQ30 - Search Help for Parameter Recs (IMG)
EQ31 - Search Help for Portions (IMG)
EQ32 - Search Help for MR Units (IMG)
EQ33 - Search Help for Contracts (IMG)
EQ34 - Search Help for Conn. Objects (IMG)
EQ35 - Search Help for Premises (IMG) EQ3...

EQ40 - Search Help for Command Groups (IMG)
EQ42 - Search Help for Winding Groups (IMG)
EQ43 - Search Help for Device Categs (IMG)
EQ44 - Search Help for Devices (IMG)
EQ45 - Search Help for Lots (IMG)
EQ46 - Search Help for Rates (IMG) EQ4...

EQ50 - Search Help for Franchise Cont.(IMG)
EQ51 - Search Help for Print Docs (IMG)
EQ52 - Search Help for BB Plans (IMG)
EQ53 - Search Help for Billing Docs (IMG)
EQ54 - Search Help for Move-In Docs (IMG)
EQ55 - Search Help for Move-Out Docs (IMG) EQ5...

EQ60 - Search Help for Cont. Location (IMG)
EQ61 - Srch Help for BP for Cont.Loc. (IMG)
EQ62 - Srch Help for Guarantor Cntrct (IMG)
EQ80 - Check Sub-Transactions for Rates
EQ81 - Display Migration Handbook (IMG)
EQ82 - Billing Master Data Transport (IMG)
EQ83 - Check Rates (IMG)
EQ84 - Check Activities (IMG)
EQ85 - Check Statistics Groups (IMG) EQ8...

EQ90 - Task Customizing for IS-U (IMG)
EQDTRIGGERMA - Process Qty Determination Trigger
EQMANAGER - Easy Query Manager
EQPREVIEW - Display for EQ Result Set Preview
EQSBGRFCMONITOR - bgRFC Monitor with Inbound Queue


ER30 - Maintain Poli. Reg. Struc. Hierarchy
ER31 - Maintain Political Regional Struct.
ER32 - Display Political Regional Structure
ER3D - Display Poli. Reg. Struct. Hierarchy
ERCH_EXTR - Extracts: Export Billing Docuemnts
EREC01 - Transfer to FI- single cont. mode
EREC02 - Transfer to FI invoicing 3rd party
EREC03 - Aggregated Posting to Contract Acc.
EREG - IS-U Regional Structure
ERN1 - No. Range Maint.: ISU_TE227
EROD - Transfer Master Data to Route Plan.
ERONEW - Maintain Service Frequency
EROUTE - Route
ERS_IT - Number range maintenance: ERS_IT


ES20 - Create Contract
ES20C - Tab Strip for IS-U Contract
ES21 - Chg. Contract
ES22 - Display Contract
ES27 - Multiple Contract Maint.
ES28 - Multiple Contract Display ES2...

ES30 - Create Installation
ES30CONTAIN - Tabstrip: Reference Values
ES30HEAT - Tabstrip: Reference Values
ES30LIGHT - Tabstrip: Reference Values
ES30REFVAL - Tabstrip: Reference Values
ES31 - Change Installation ES3...

ES43 - Create Franchise Contract
ES44 - Change Franchise Contract
ES45 - Display Franchise Contract
ES50 - Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EPROP
ES51 - Create Ownership
ES52 - Change Ownership
ES53 - Display Ownership
ES54 - Reverse Property
ES55 - Create Connect. Object ES5...

ES60 - Create Premise
ES61 - Change Premise
ES62 - Display Premise
ES64 - Change Connection Object
ES65 - Create Device Loc.
ES66 - Change Device Loc. ES6...

ESALES_SVOFFERS - Maintain Settings for File Table
ESARA01 - IS-U Archiving: Print Docmt Header
ESARA02 - IS-U Archiving: Print Document Items
ESARA03 - IS-U Archiving: Billing Document
ESARA04 - IS-U Archiving: Budget Billing Plans
ESARA05 - IS-U Archiving: Billing Doc. Lines ESA...

ESD1 - IS-U Business Master Data
ESD2 - IS-U Technical Master Data
ESDF - Maint. of Add. Field Descriptions
ESDL - External Scheduler Application
ESDP - Maintain Tolerance Profile
ESFM_GVA1 - Grouped Value Adjustment: Create
ESFM_GVA2 - Grouped Value Adjustment: Change
ESFM_GVA3 - Grouped Value Adjustment: Display
ESFM_GVA4 - Grouped Value Adjustment: Approve
ESFM_GVANR - Number range maintenance: ESFM_GVANR
ESH_ADM_TREX_DEST - Set TREX Destination
ESH_COCKPIT - Connector Administration Cockpit
ESH_EXTR_USER - ESH Set Extraction User for Indexing
ESH_IMG - Customizing Enterprise Search
ESH_INA_SEARCH - Enterprise Search ESH...

ESIMD - IS-U Archiving: Reorg. Sim. Docs
ESPLOG - Display IDoc STOACT Log
ESR_CHK_CL - Esr Changelist Check
ESR_CHK_F7 - Esr F7 Checks
ESWTMON01 - Monitoring of Switch Documents


ETHI - Aggr. Posting Serv. Prov. CA
ETHIM - Mass Act. Aggr. Posting for ServProv
ETHIM_BW - Delta: Bill Processing by Third Prty
ETHIM_TAX - Aggregated Posting for SP with Tax
ETHI_DIS - Evaluation of DFKKTHI Entries
ETHI_SUM_DIS - Evaluation of DFKKTHI_SUM Entries ETH...

ETOUCONSASSIGN - Alloc. Consumption Pattrn to Profile
ETOUEXCEPT01 - Display and Maintain TOU Exceptions
ETOUEXCEPT02 - Create TOU Exceptions
ETOUEXCEPTPRG01 - Edit Time-Of-Use Exception Programs
ETOUEXCEPTRESP01 - Display/Maintain TOU Exception Resp.
ETOUEXCEPTRESP02 - Create TOU Exception Response ETO...

ETP_DELETE_TASKS - Deleting tasks
ETRANSF - Mass Activity - Aggregated Posting
ETRANSF_DIS - Display Transfer Data
ETRM - IS-U Scheduling


EUNLD - Delete Unneeded Billing Doc. Lines
EUPTSP - GP Content Transport


EVAL - BRE Statistics PARALLEL Mass Billing
EVE0 - Application Overview
EVKK - IS-U Contract Accounts R/P


EW00 - Conversions for the Euro
EW01 - EMU Conversion: Package Overview
EW04 - EMU Conversion: Field-Rel. Control
EW06 - EMU Conv.: Form Routines per Package
EW07 - EMU Conv.: Form Routines per Table
EW08 - EMU Conv.: Acct Determination in FI EW0...

EW10 - EMU: Load Organization Objects
EW11 - EMU: Load CO-PA Objects
EW13 - EMU: Load Conversion Info for LIS
EW14 - EMU: Load Conversion Info for EIS
EW16 - Records No. of Largest Tables
EW17 - Determine Required Database Memory EW1...

EW28 - EMU: Load CO Objects
EW29 - EMU: Load Tables for FI-SL
EW30 - FI Previous Open Item Reconciliation
EW35 - FI Previous Clearing Procedures
EW36 - FI Documents/Trans.Figures Analysis
EW38 - EMU Conversion: MM Stock Value List
EW38_HIERARCHY - Chge List Proc. for Ord.Hierarchies
EW39 - FI Open Item Selection EW3...

EW40_HIERARCHY - Multi-level List Proc.for Ord.Hier.
EW45 - FI D/C G/L Accts Analysis bef.Conv.
EW46 - MM Edit Contract Release Order Docu
EW47 - Create Standard Package
EW48 - MM Display Archived Purchasing Docs
EW49 - MM MM --> FI Balance Comparison EW4...

EW50 - MM Post Adjustment Documents
EW51 - FI S/L-G/L Reconciliation Analysis
EW53 - FI Check Customizing
EW55 - FI Adjust D/C G/L Accounts
EW57 - EMU Conv: Start Postprocess.Programs
EW58 - EMU Conv.: Conversion Programs Start EW5...

EW61 - EMU Conv.: CO Credit w.Settl.Tables
EW62 - EMU Conv.: CO Settlmnt Tables Recon.
EW63 - EMU Conv.: CO Commt Totals Structure
EW64 - EMU Conv.: CO Dwn Pmnt Totals Struc.
EW65 - EMU: CO-AA Comparison for Investmnts
EW67 - EMU: AA Summary Records Selection EW6...

EW72 - FI Subsequent Open Item Selection
EW73 - Investment Programs Adjustment
EW74 - FI Subseq.Open Item Reconciliation
EW75 - FI Subsequent SL/GL Reconciliation
EW76 - FI Docs/Trans.Figures Reconciliation
EW77 - FI Docs/Transaction Figures Adjustmt EW7...

EW80 - MM Totals Comparison MBEW
EW82 - MM Stock Value List
EW84 - List MM Differences
EW93 - EMU: Load Conversion Info for FI-SL
EW95 - EMU Conversion: Tables and Programs
EW96 - EMU Conv.: Check Conversion Table
EW98 - EMU Conv.: Check Conversion Program
EW99 - Overview of all Packages EW9...

EWA0 - EMU Conv: RE Load CO Objects
EWA1 - FI-AA: Analysis of assets w/errors
EWA2 - FI-AA: Asset before&after comparison
EWA3 - Reconcil. of critical FI-AA documts
EWA6 - Lock AA Transaction Types
EWA7 - AA Totals Record Reconciliation EWA...

EWBC - Customizing: Front Office Processes
EWBE - Customizing: Editor Step
EWC0 - RKAABR01: Order Settlement Analysis
EWC1 - CO-PA Reports Translation
EWC2 - CO Reconciliation Ledger
EWC4 - Reconciliation of Parked Docs FM
EWCF - Confirm Euro Currency Customizing
EWCK - Currency Check BKPF, KONV EWC...

EWEBIAC_ACCT_INFO - ISS Accounts Information
EWEBIAC_A_PAY - ISS Direct Debit Mandate
EWEBIAC_A_PAY_CIC - ISS Direct Debit Mandate as ESS
EWEBIAC_CALLBACK - ISS Initiate Callback
EWEBIAC_CH_MD - ISS Change Bill Address EWE...

EWF1 - Display FI/AA Adjustment Differences
EWF2 - Display Open Item Total at Key Date
EWF3 - Display Critical Documents
EWF4 - Display Clearing Proced.Adjustment
EWF7 - Delete Table EWUFI_SOP
EWF8 - Compare Index w.Transaction Figures EWF...

EWG5 - Consolidation Staging Ledger
EWHV - Generic IAC for Cluster Objects
EWIC - LCC: Provider
EWK0 - Customer Development: Find Fields
EWK1 - Cust.Development: Report Txt
EWK2 - Cust.Development: Curr.on Screen
EWK3 - Customer Development: Assign Rule
EWK4 - Customer Development: Save Selection
EWM1 - MM Fill Fields in EBAN
EWM3 - Match MM Sales Values
EWM4 - MM Purchase Order History Adjustment
EWM6 - Reconcile GR/IR Clearing Account
EWMA - IS-U Work Management
EWS1 - EMU Conv.: Check Analysis Program
EWS2 - Evaluate Archived Data
EWS3 - List of Critical Archives
EWSH - EMU Procedure Monitor
EWT0 - Change Plan Year for Chngover Pckge
EWT1 - Set Ability to be Restarted
EWT2 - Activate a Changeover Package
EWT3 - Start Forecast
EWTF - Table Selection for RESTART/NO VIEW
EWUD - EMU mass conversion in cust. master
EWUL - Currency conversion vendors
EWUM - Conversion Sequence/Server Assignmnt
EWUO - Transaction data for EMU conversion
EWUS - Maintain Largest Tables
EWUT - EMU: TA currency changeover FX/MM/DE EWU...

EWWA - Currency Select.f.Changeover Package
EWWB - Determining Ratios & Exchange Rates
EWX1 - FI Analyze: Open Items
EWX2 - FI Analyze: Open Items
EWX3 - FI Analyze: Doc. Splitting Adjustmt
EWX5 - FI Analysis: Cost Element Check
EWX7 - FI Post: Post Documents Subsequently
EWZ5 - Lock Users
EWZ6 - Unlock System
EWZA - Confirm System Settings


EXCL_TABLE - Transaction to exclude table
EXEORGCHEARM - Parameter transaction for TG01000008
EXPD - Expediting
EXPD_STNUM - Number Range Status Information
EXPG - Agent Determination
EXPL_MSS - Call the explain in a new window
EXPO_ANA - Analysis of a FOX Folder
EXPO_READ - Read & Visualize FOX Storage EXP...

EXTID_DN - External Identification Type DN
EXTID_ID - External Identification Type ID
EXTSDL - Administer the External Scheduler


E_DEREG_SYST - Deregulation: System Settings
E_JBP_CUST - Customizing JBP
E_JBP_SYST - SAP System Settings for JBP


F-01 - Enter Sample Document
F-02 - Enter G/L Account Posting
F-03 - Clear G/L Account
F-04 - Post with Clearing
F-05 - Post Foreign Currency Valuation
F-06 - Post Incoming Payments F-0...

F-18 - Payment with Printout
F-19 - Reverse Statistical Posting
F-20 - Reverse Bill Liability
F-21 - Enter Transfer Posting
F-22 - Enter Customer Invoice
F-23 - Return Bill of Exchange Pmt Request
F-25 - Reverse Check/Bill of Exch.
F-26 - Incoming Payments Fast Entry F-2...

F-30 - Post with Clearing
F-31 - Post Outgoing Payments
F-32 - Clear Customer
F-33 - Post Bill of Exchange Usage
F-34 - Post Collection
F-35 - Post Forfaiting F-3...

F-40 - Bill of Exchange Payment
F-41 - Enter Vendor Credit Memo
F-42 - Enter Transfer Posting
F-43 - Enter Vendor Invoice
F-44 - Clear Vendor
F-46 - Reverse Refinancing Acceptance F-4...

F-51 - Post with Clearing
F-52 - Post Incoming Payments
F-53 - Post Outgoing Payments
F-54 - Clear Vendor Down Payment
F-55 - Enter Statistical Posting
F-56 - Reverse Statistical Posting F-5...

F-60 - Maintain Table: Posting Periods
F-62 - Maintain Table: Exchange Rates
F-63 - Park Vendor Invoice
F-64 - Park Customer Invoice
F-65 - Preliminary Posting
F-66 - Park Vendor Credit Memo F-6...

F-90 - Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
F-91 - Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing Acct
F-92 - Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer


F.01 - ABAP Report: Financial Statements
F.02 - Compact Journal
F.03 - Reconciliation
F.04 - G/L: Create Foreign Trade Report
F.05 - Foreign Currency Valuation
F.06 - Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L Assts F.0...

F.10 - G/L: Chart of Accounts
F.11 - G/L: General Ledger from Doc.File
F.12 - Adv.Retrn for Tax on Sales/Purchases
F.13 - Automatic Clearing without Currency
F.14 - ABAP/4 Report: Recurring Entries
F.15 - ABAP/4 Report: List Recurr.Entries F.1...

F.20 - A/R: Account List
F.21 - A/R: Open Items
F.22 - A/R: Open Item Sorted List
F.23 - A/R: Account Balances
F.24 - A/R: Interest for Days Overdue
F.25 - Bill of Exchange List F.2...

F.30 - A/R: Evaluate Info System
F.31 - Credit Management - Overview
F.32 - Credit Management - Missing Data
F.33 - Credit Management - Brief Overview
F.34 - Credit Management - Mass Change
F.35 - Credit Master Sheet F.3...

F.40 - A/P: Account List
F.41 - A/P: Open Items
F.42 - A/P: Account Balances
F.44 - A/P: Balance Interest Calculation
F.45 - A/P: Set Up Info System 1
F.46 - A/P: Evaluate Info System F.4...

F.50 - G/L: Profitability Segment Adjustmnt
F.51 - G/L: Open Items
F.52 - G/L: Acct Bal.Interest Calculation
F.53 - G/L: Account Assignment Manual
F.54 - G/L: Structured Account Balances
F.56 - Delete Recurring Entry Documents F.5...

F.61 - Correspondence: Print Requests
F.62 - Correspondence: Print Int.Documents
F.63 - Correspondence: Delete Requests
F.64 - Correspondence: Maintain Requests
F.65 - Correspondence: Print Letters (Cust)
F.66 - Correspondence: Print Letters (Vend) F.6...

F.70 - Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request Dunning
F.71 - DME with Disk: B/Excha. Presentation
F.75 - Extended Bill/Exchange Information
F.77 - C FI Maintain Table T045D
F.78 - C FI Maintain Table T045B
F.79 - C FI Maintain Table T045G F.7...

F.80 - Mass Reversal of Documents
F.81 - Reverse Posting for Accr./Defer.Docs
F.90 - C FI Maintain Table T045F
F.91 - C FI Maintain Table T045L
F.92 - C FI Maintain T012K (Bill/Exch.)
F.93 - Maintain Bill Liability and Rem.Risk
F.97 - General Ledger: Report Selection
F.98 - Vendors: Report Selection F.9...


F/LA - Create Pricing Report
F/LB - Change pricing reports
F/LC - Display pricing reports
F/LD - Execute pricing reports


F00 - SAPoffice: Short Message
F000 - Accounting
F010 - ABAP/4 Reporting: Fiscal Year Change
F01N - Debit Position LO Single Reversal
F01O - Vacancy RU single reversal
F01P - Accruals/deferrals single reversal
F01Q - Debit position MC single reversal
F01R - MC settlement single reversal F01...

F04N - Vendor Foreign Currency Valuation
F05N - Customer Foreign Currency Valuation
F06N - Foreign Currency Val. (G/L Accounts)


F101 - ABAP/4 Reporting: Balance Sheet Adj.
F103 - ABAP/4 Reporting: Trnsfr Receivables
F104 - ABAP/4 Reporting: Receivables Prov.
F107 - FI Valuation Run
F107_A2MT - Assign Transaction Types to Actions
F107_MT2A - Assign Transaction Types to Actions F10...

F110 - Parameters for Automatic Payment
F110S - Automatic Scheduling of Payment Prog
F110S_DD_PRENOTIF - Payment Runs After DD Pre-Notif.
F111 - Parameters for Payment of PRequest
F11CS - Config.TR Display Payment Program
F11CU - Config.TR Maintain Payment Program F11...

F13E - Automatic Clearing With Currency
F13L - Autom. Clearing Spec. to Ledger Grp
F15 - F15 Interface
F150 - Dunning Run
F17P - Bal. Confirmation (Customer) as PDF
F18P - Bal. Confirmation (Vendor) as PDF


F48A - Document Archiving


F53A - Archiving of G/L Accounts
F53V - Management of G/L Account Archives
F56A - Customer Archiving
F58A - Archiving of Vendors


F61A - Bank archiving
F64A - Transaction Figure Archiving
F66A - Archiving of Bank Data Storage


F8+0 - Display FI Main Role Definition
F8+1 - Maintain FI Main Role Definition
F8+2 - Display FI Amount Groups
F8+3 - Maintain FI Amount Groups
F8+4 - Maintain Account Assignment Groups
F8+5 - Maintain General Role Definition F8+...

F801 - Create Payment Request
F802 - Change Payment Request
F803 - Display Payment Request
F804 - Changes to Payment Requests
F805 - Delete Payment Request
F806 - Create Payment Request F80...

F810 - Number Ranges Payment Request
F811 - Create Collective Payment Request
F812 - Change Collective Payment Request
F813 - Delete Collective Payment Request
F814 - Reverse Collective Payment Request
F815 - Display Collective Payment Request F81...

F820 - Coll. Payment Request Number Ranges
F821 - Default Doc. Type for Request Type
F822 - Set Automatic Payment Block
F823 - Revenue Type/Object Class Assignment
F824 - Print Request
F831 - Create Recovery Request
F832 - Change Recovery Request
F833 - Display Recovery Request
F835 - Delete Recovery Request
F836 - Create Recovery Request
F837 - Change Posted Recovery Request F83...

F840 - Display Object
F841 - Change Object
F842 - Create Object
F843 - Object Classes
F844 - Define Summary Keys
F845 - Close Posting Day F84...

F850 - G/L Account Determination (FM)
F851 - Fiscal Year Identification (FM)
F852 - Assign Fiscal Year Identification FM
F853 - Posting Variants (FM)
F854 - Assign Company Code Groups (FM)
F855 - Acct Determination Characteristcs FM F85...

F860 - Revenue Types
F861 - Revenue Types/Company Code
F862 - Revenue Types/Commitment Items
F863 - Functions
F864 - Processor
F865 - Main and Secondary Revenue Types F86...

F870 - Posting a Parked Request
F871 - Create Payment Request (Local Auth.)
F872 - Change Payment Request
F873 - Display Payment Request
F874 - Release Payment Request
F875 - Delete Payment Request F87...

F880 - Reverse Deferral
F881 - Create Acceptance Request
F882 - Change Acceptance Request
F883 - Display Acceptance Request
F884 - Release Acceptance Request
F885 - Delete Acceptance Request F88...

F890 - Reverse Temporary Waiver
F891 - Create Clearing Request
F891B - CR Transfer Between Different Funds
F892 - Change Clearing Request
F893 - Display Clearing Request
F894 - Release Clearing Request F89...

F8B1 - C FI Maintain Table TBKBC
F8B2 - C FI Maintain Table TBKCB
F8B3 - C FI Maintain Table TBKCR
F8B4 - C FI Maintain Table TBKDC
F8B5 - C FI Maintain Table TBKLA
F8B6 - C FI Maintain Table TBKPD F8B...

F8M1 - Calculate Penalty Surcharge
F8O0 - Delete Assignment Cust./Obj/Rev.Type
F8O1 - Master Data Objects: Delete Data
F8O2 - Control Different Functions
F8O3 - Assignment Rounding Units CoCd Var.
F8O4 - Document Type/Request Type Assgt
F8O5 - Automatic Approval/Posting Control F8O...

F8P0 - Spplt Dnng Proc. Assgt to Dnng Area
F8P1 - Change Dnng Proc. Asst to Dnng Area
F8P2 - Dunning Block in Customer Line Items
F8P3 - Delete Assignment Cust./Rev.Type
F8P4 - Delete Customer Execution Data
F8P5 - Delete Subldgr Account Preprocessing F8P...

F8Q1 - Create Recurring Payment Request
F8Q2 - Create Recurring Acceptance Request
F8Q3 - Change Standing Request
F8Q4 - Display Standing Request
F8Q5 - Release Standing Request
F8Q6 - Delete Standing Request F8Q...

F8R1 - Additional Setting Dunn.Procd.for FM
F8R2 - Assgmt Dnng Procedure/Dunning Area
F8R3 - Display Addtl Sttng Dnnn Prd. FM
F8REL - Release of Payment Requests
F8REV - Cancellation of Payment Requests
F8V1 - Export execution data
F8XX - Payment Request No. Ranges KI3-F8BM


F90ABKST - Archiving Bank Statements
F90ACFBAL - Archiving Balance Carry Forwards
F90AINCAL - Archiving Account Balancing Details
F90AITEM - Archiving Payment Items
F90AORDER - Archiving Payment Orders
F90APECAL - Archiving Account Balancing Data F90...

F91LTC - Call Fixed-Term Deposits
F92LTC - Collection of Fixed-Term Deposits
F93LTC - Postprocessing Fixed-Term Deposits
F94LTC - Restart Fixed-Term Deposits
F95LTC - Pre-notification of Maturity
F960 - Application Log Cash Concentration
F961 - Application Log FI Transfer
F962 - Application Log Balance Sheet Prep.
F963 - Appl. log prep.(backdated)
F970 - Account Balances
F970_VAL - Balance List on Key Date
F971 - Account Locks
F972 - Overdraft List
F973 - Display reconcil. balance list 1
F974 - Display reconcil. balance list 2 F97...

F980 - Interest Acc/Def Individ. Statement
F982 - Edit general conditions
F983 - Display General Conditions
F984 - Release General Conditions
F984_DR - Release Deleted Conditions
F985 - Edit Interest Conditions F98...

F991 - Mass Acct. Balancing (Int./Charges)
F992 - Application Log Account Balancing
F992EX - Application Log Acct Balancing EDT
F993 - Accrual/Deferral for General Ledger
F994 - Application Log Accrual/Deferral
F995 - Restart Account Balancing F99...

F9A0 - BCA: Block Checks
F9A1 - Create Check
F9A10 - Edit Lock
F9A11 - Delete Check
F9A12 - Creat Check Stack
F9A13 - Request Check Stack (Customer) F9A...

F9B1 - BCA: Posting cut-off paym. transact.
F9B2 - Posting Cut-Off Pay. Trans. Batch
F9B3 - User Log Currency Changeover
F9B4 - BCA: Report Currency Conversion
F9BKST_CORR - Correction Report for Bank Statement
F9BKST_CORR_LOG - Log of Correction Report for Bank St F9B...

F9C11 - Maintain Reports End of Day Process.
F9C12 - Scheduling Reports End of Day Proc.
F9C3 - Number Range Maintenance: BCA_PAORN
F9C4 - Authorization types
F9C6 - BCA: Field Modification Account Type
F9C7 - BCA: Field Modification Activity F9C...

F9D1 - Messages
F9DDCC - Currency Conversion Dir. Debit Order
F9FOCC - Forward Order Currency Changeover
F9FOLLOWUP - Account Resubmission
F9G1 - Create acct holder
F9G2 - Change acct holder
F9G3 - Display Account Holder
F9G4 - Create Authorized Drawer
F9G5 - Change Authorized Drawer
F9G6 - Display Authorized Drawer F9G...

F9H0 - Account Hierarchy Change History
F9H1 - Create Account Hierarchy
F9H2 - Change Account Hierarchy
F9H3 - Display Account Hierarchy
F9H4 - Cash Concentration: Single Run
F9H5 - Cash Concentration: Restart F9H...

F9I1 - Create Payment Order - External
F9I1PLAN - Create Planned Order Externally
F9I2 - Create Payment Order - Internal
F9I2PLAN - Create Planned Order Internally
F9I3 - Display Payment Order
F9I3PLAN - Display Planned Order F9I...

F9J0 - Display Application Log
F9J1 - Reconcile with Legacy System
F9K1 - Create Account
F9K2 - Change account
F9K3 - Display Account
F9KAC - Release Account Closure
F9KD - Account Closure
F9KE - Application Log Account Closure F9K...

F9L4 - Posting Date for Closing in Dialog
F9LBDT - Development in BDT Environment
F9LTC - Fixing Fixed-Term Deposits
F9LU - Payment Notes for Returns
F9M01 - S Table: Field Status Maintenance
F9M02 - Table: Function Variant Maintenance
F9M03 - Assign Function Variants
F9M04 - Field Groups per Object
F9M05 - Field Status per Activity
F9M06 - Field Status per Document Type F9M...

F9N1 - Create Bank Statements
F9N10 - Overview End of Day Processing
F9N11 - Start End-of-Day Processing
F9N12 - Overview of Current Mass Runs
F9N13 - Accts. Blocked by Single Balancing
F9N14 - Duplicate Creation Bk.State. Restart F9N...

F9O01 - Create stand. order
F9O02 - Change stand. order
F9O03 - Display Standing Order
F9O43 - Release Standing Order
F9O6 - Delete stand. order
F9O61 - Confirm Standing Order Deletion F9O...

F9PEXDE1 - Create EFT
F9PEXDE4 - Application Log of Outgoing PT
F9PEXDE5 - EFT File Overview of Incoming PT
F9PI06 - Delete Payment Item
F9PICC - Planned Item Currency Changeover
F9PINDE1 - Import EFT F9P...

F9S1 - CA Control: Applications
F9S18 - CA Control: Activities
F9S19 - CA Control: Field Mod. per Activity
F9S2 - CA Control: Field Groups
F9S3 - CA Control: Views
F9S4 - CA Control: Sections F9S...

F9T0 - Archiving Payment Orders
F9T1 - Delete payment orders
F9T2 - Reloading Payment Orders
F9T3 - Reading Payment Order Archives
F9T4 - Managing Payment Order Archives
F9T5 - Archiving Standing Orders F9T...

F9VW - Preparation of Currency Changeover
F9Z1 - Changing Default Values


FA39 - Call up report with report variant
FAA_CHECK_ACTIVATION - Check If Can Be Activated
FAA_CHEK_AREA_4_PARV - Check of Area Configuration
FAA_DO_ACTIVATION - Check and Activation
FAA_GENMAP - Generate Mapping Methods
FAGL21 - Create General Ledger Rollup
FAGL22 - Change General Ledger Rollup
FAGL23 - Display General Ledger Rollup
FAGL24 - Delete General Ledger Rollup
FAGL25 - Execute General Ledger Rollup
FAGL3KEH - General Ledger: Default Profit Ctr FAG...

FAIB01 - Rule Administration
FAIB02 - Build Intermediate Layers
FAIB03 - Balance Sheet Valuation
FAIB04 - Market Prices
FAIB05 - Balance Sheet Values by Account
FAIB06 - Display Intermediate Layers FAI...

FAKA - Config.: Show Display Format
FAKP - Config.: Maintain Display Format
FAR1 - S FI-ARI Maint. table T061A
FARA - S FI-ARI Maint. table T061P/Q
FARB - C FI-ARI Maint. table T061R
FAREA_MODE - Setting: Determination of Funct.Area
FARI - AR Interface: Third-party applicatns
FARY - Table T061S FAR...


FB00 - Accounting Editing Options
FB01 - Post Document
FB01L - General Posting for Ledger Group
FB02 - Change Document
FB03 - Display Document
FB03L - Document Display : G/L View FB0...

FB10 - Invoice/Credit Fast Entry
FB11 - Post Held Document
FB12 - Correspondence Request
FB13 - Release for Payments
FB15 - Assign Items
FB16 - Assign Items FB1...

FB21 - Enter Statistical Posting
FB22 - Reverse Statistical Posting
FB2E - Reconciliation btwn affiliated comps
FB31 - Enter Noted Item
FB41 - Post Tax Payable
FB50 - G/L Acct Pstg: Single Screen Trans.
FB50L - Enter G/L Account Doc for Ledger Grp
FB60 - Enter Incoming Invoices
FB65 - Enter Incoming Credit Memos
FB70 - Enter Outgoing Invoices
FB75 - Enter Outgoing Credit Memos
FB99 - Check if Documents can be Archived
FBA1 - Customer Down Payment Request
FBA2 - Post Customer Down Payment
FBA3 - Clear Customer Down Payment
FBA6 - Vendor Down Payment Request
FBA7 - Post Vendor Down Payment
FBA7_OLD - Post Vendor Down Payment FBA...

FBB1 - Post Foreign Currency Valn
FBBA - Display Acct Determination Config.
FBBCX - Post Document with Currency Exchange
FBBP - Maintain Acct Determination Config.
FBBRVO - Vendor Operation
FBCB - Balance Carryfwd for Ledger Group
FBCJ - Cash Journal
FBCJ3 - Display Cash Journal
FBCJC0 - C FI Maintain Tables TCJ_C_JOURNALS
FBCJC1 - Cash Journal Document Number Range

FBD1 - Enter Recurring Entry
FBD2 - Change Recurring Entry
FBD3 - Display Recurring Entry
FBD4 - Display Recurring Entry Changes
FBD5 - Realize Recurring Entry
FBD9 - Enter Recurring Entry FBD...

FBE1 - Create Payment Advice
FBE2 - Change Payment Advice
FBE3 - Display Payment Advice
FBE6 - Delete Payment Advice
FBE7 - Add to Payment Advice Account
FBF1 - C80 Reporting Minus Sp.G/L Ind.
FBF2 - Financial Transactions
FBF3 - Control Report
FBF4 - Download Documents
FBF5 - Reports Minus Vendor Accounts
FBF6 - Document Changes FBF...

FBIC001 - Check Assignment of Accounts
FBIC002 - Automatically Assign Accounts
FBIC003 - Create Additional Fields
FBIC004 - Activate Transaction Data Tables
FBIC005 - Create Additional Fields
FBIC006 - Create Additional Fields FBI...

FBKA - Display Accounting Configuration
FBKF - FBKP/Carry Out Function (Internal)
FBKP - Maintain Accounting Configuration
FBL1 - Display Vendor Line Items
FBL1H - Vendor Line Item Browser
FBL1N - Vendor Line Items
FBL2 - Change Vendor Line Items
FBL2N - Vendor Line Items
FBL3 - Display G/L Account Line Items FBL...

FBM1 - Enter Sample Document
FBM2 - Change Sample Document
FBM3 - Display Sample Document
FBM4 - Display Sample Document Changes
FBMA - Display Dunning Procedure
FBMCA01A - Create FX Position Adjustment FBM...

FBN1 - Accounting Document Number Ranges
FBN2 - Number Range Maintenance: FI_PYORD
FBO1 - Mass act: Create Boleto from OI
FBO1C - Boleto: Mass cancellation
FBO1S - Boleto: Single Boleto from OI
FBOL2 - Create Boleto DME File
FBOL3 - Display boleto
FBOLBANK - Boleto: Bank selection by percentage FBO...

FBP1 - Enter Payment Request
FBPM - Payment medium program of PMW
FBPM1 - Cross-Payment Run Payment Medium
FBPM2 - Status Report
FBR1 - Post with Reference Document
FBR2 - Post Document
FBRA - Reset Cleared Items
FBRC - Reset Cleared Items (Payment Cards)
FBRC001 - Maintain Message Templates
FBRC002 - Maintain Placeholders FBR...

FBS1 - Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc.
FBS_SE_TCT_FIN_MDM_A - Testplan Financial MDM
FBTA - Display Text Determin.Configuration
FBTP - Maintain Text Determin.Configuration
FBTR - VAT Refund
FBU2 - Change Intercompany Document
FBU3 - Display Intercompany Document
FBU8 - Reverse Cross-Company Code Document
FBV0 - Post Parked Document
FBV1 - Park Document
FBV2 - Change Parked Document
FBV3 - Display Parked Document
FBV4 - Change Parked Document (Header)
FBV5 - Document Changes of Parked Documents FBV...

FBW1 - Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request
FBW2 - Post Bill of Pmt Request
FBW3 - Post Bill of Exchange Usage
FBW4 - Reverse Bill Liability
FBW5 - Customer Check/Bill of Exchange
FBW6 - Vendor Check/Bill of Exchange FBW...

FBZ0 - Display/Edit Payment Proposal
FBZ1 - Post Incoming Payments
FBZ2 - Post Outgoing Payments
FBZ3 - Incoming Payments Fast Entry
FBZ4 - Payment with Printout
FBZ5 - Print Check for Payment Document FBZ...


FC038 - Compare Test Groups
FC039 - Comparison by Selection Criteria
FC10 - Financial Statements Comparison
FC10N - Financial Statements
FC11 - Data Extract for FI Transfer
FC17 - Commodity Prices: Change
FC80 - Document C80
FC82 - Document C82
FCAA - Check Archiving
FCBOL - Boleto: mass cancellation
FCC1 - Payment Cards: Settlement
FCC2 - Payment Cards: Repeat Settlement
FCC3 - Payment Cards: Delete Logs
FCC4 - Payment Cards: Display Logs
FCCR - Payment Card Evaluations
FCH1 - Display Check Information
FCH2 - Display Payment Document Checks
FCH3 - Void Checks
FCH4 - Renumber Checks
FCH5 - Create Check Information
FCH6 - Change Check Information/Cash Check FCH...

FCIWCU00 - Generate DataSources
FCKR - International cashed checks
FCML0 - Transfer ML Data to CO
FCML1 - Transfer Depreciation to CO
FCML2 - Alternative Accounts for ML Postings
FCML4 - Real-Time Integ. for Parallel COGM
FCMLACC - HANA Accelerator for Material Ledger
FCML_AGG - Derivation Rules for ML aggregation FCM...

FCOACTIV - Activate Failure Cost Processing
FCOACTIV_REM - Activate Failure Cost Processing
FCOACTIV_SFC - Activate Failure Cost Processing
FCODOC - Display Failure Cost Documents
FCOEX - Start Additional Expense Posting
FCOMENU - Menu Tree for Failure Costs FCO...

FCRD - Credit Cards
FCV1 - Create A/R Summary
FCV2 - Delete A/R Summary
FCV3 - Early Warning List
FCZZ - Maintain Commodity Master Data
FC_BW_BEX - Business Explorer Analyzer
FC_BW_RSA1 - Administrator Workbench
FC_BW_RSZDELETE - Delete BW Query Objects
FC_BW_RSZV - Maintain BW Variables


FD-1 - Number range maintenance: FVVD_RANL
FD01 - Create Customer (Accounting)
FD02 - Change Customer (Accounting)
FD02CORE - Maintain customer
FD03 - Display Customer (Accounting)
FD04 - Customer Changes (Accounting)
FD05 - Block Customer (Accounting) FD0...

FD10 - Customer Account Balance
FD10N - Customer Balance Display
FD10NA - Customer Bal. Display with Worklist
FD10NET - Customer Balance Display
FD11 - Customer Account Analysis
FD15 - Transfer customer changes: send FD1...

FD24 - Credit Limit Changes
FD32 - Change Customer Credit Management
FD33 - Display Customer Credit Management
FD37 - Credit Management Mass Change
FDCS01 - Specify Derivative Contract Spec.
FDCS17 - Edit Commodity Prices
FDCS_IMG - Customizing DCS based Market Data Mg
FDCS_MD_ARCH - Archiving of DCS Price Quotations
FDCS_MD_QUALITY - Quality Check of Commodity Prices
FDCU - Loans customizing menu FDC...

FDFD - Cash Management Implementation Tool
FDI0 - Execute Report
FDI1 - Create Report
FDI2 - Change Report
FDI3 - Display Report
FDI4 - Create Form
FDI5 - Change Form FDI...

FDK43 - Credit Management - Master Data List
FDKTRANS - Transport User Actions FI_AP/AR
FDKUSER - Internet: User Action Assignment
FDM_AUTO_CREATE - Create Dispute Cases Automatically
FDM_COLL01 - Collections Management
FDM_COLL_SEND01 - Send Data
FDM_CREATE_PROPOSAL - Proposal for Automatic Assignment
FDM_CUST00 - Activate Dispute Management FDM...

FDOO - Borrower's notes order overview
FDTA - TemSe/REGUT Data Administration
FDTT - Treasury Data Medium Administration
FDT_DEPLOYMENT_LOG - Display BRFplus deployment logs
FDT_HELPERS - BRFplus Helper Reports/Transactions
FDT_LEAN_TRACE - Transaction to generate lean trace
FDT_PROCESS_LOG - Display BRFplus process logs FDT...

FDUNN - Dunning Loans


FEBA - Postprocess Electronic Bank Statmt
FEBAN - Bank statement postprocessing
FEBAN_BROWSER - Displays the Note to Payee
FEBA_ACCOUNT_BALANCE - Display Account Balance
FEBA_BANK_STATEMENT - Postprocessing Bank Statement
FEBA_CHECK_DEPOSIT - Postprocessing Check Deposit Trans. FEB...

FEC14 - Clearing groups
FEC6 - Regulatory indicator assignment
FEC7 - Regulatory indicators
FEC8 - CO transaction type handling
FECA - Customizing Archiving
FECC - Control of messages by the user FEC...

FEOD - Drill down (Old version)
FEOT - Flow of cost trace (Old version)
FEP4 - Plan versions
FEP5 - Fiscal year dep. version parameters
FEP6 - Plan versions
FEP7 - Fiscal year dep. version parameters
FER0 - Standard cost adjustment
FER1 - Trace flow of primary costs
FER2 - Post primary costs
FER3 - Post variance allocations
FER4 - Direct postings
FER5 - Prepare drill down FER...

FESA - Summarized final objects
FESR - Import of ISR File (Switzerland)
FEUB - Adjust VIBEPP after EURO conversion
FEUI - Real Estate Implementation Guide
FEV1 - Controlling area dependent parameter
FEV10 - Secondary cost elem. to be ignored
FEV11 - Regulatory indicator assignmnt field
FEV13 - Clearing cost elements
FEV13A - Cost element variants
FEV2 - Company code dependent parameters FEV...


FF$3 - Send planning data to central system
FF$4 - Retrieve planning data
FF$5 - Retrieve transmission results
FF$6 - Check settings
FF$7 - Check all external systems
FF$A - Maintain TR-CM subsystems FF$...

FF-1 - Outstanding Checks
FF-2 - Outstanding Bills of Exchange
FF-3 - Cash Management Summary Records
FF-4 - CMF Data In Accounting Documents
FF-5 - CMF Records fr.Materials Management
FF-6 - CMF Records from Sales FF-...

FF.1 - Standard G/L Account Interest Scale
FF.3 - G/L Account Cashed Checks
FF.4 - Vendor Cashed Checks
FF.5 - Import Electronic Bank Statement
FF.6 - Display Electronic Bank Statement
FF.7 - Compare Payment Advices FF....

FF/1 - Compare Bank Terms
FF/2 - Compare value date
FF/3 - Archive advices from bank statements
FF/4 - Import Electronic Check Deposit List
FF/5 - Post electronic check deposit list
FF/6 - Deposit/loan mgmt analysis/posting FF/...

FF63 - Create Planning Memo Record
FF65 - List of Cash Management Memo Records
FF67 - Manual Account Statement
FF68 - Manual Check Deposit Transaction
FF69 - Cash Mgmt: Totals Record Correction
FF6A - Edit Cash Mgmt Pos Payment Advices FF6...

FF70 - Cash Mgmt Posit./Liquidity Forecast
FF71 - Cash Position
FF72 - Liquidity forecast
FF73 - Cash Concentration
FF74 - Use Program to Access Cash Concntn
FF7A - Cash Position FF7...

FF:1 - Maintain exchange rates
FFA1 - Compare Advices with Bk.Stmt Advices
FFB4 - Import Electronic Check Deposit List
FFB5 - Post electronic check deposit list
FFCD - Cash deconcentration
FFL_OLD - Display Transmission Information
FFS_OLD - Display Transmission Information
FFTL - Telephone list
FFW1 - Wire Authorization
FFWR - Post Payment Requests from Advice
FFWR_REQUESTS - Create Payment Requests from Advice
FFZK - C FI Maintainence Table T018Z
FF_1 - Standard G/L Account Interest Scale
FF_3 - G/L Account Cashed Checks
FF_4 - Vendor Cashed Checks
FF_5 - Import Electronic Bank Statement
FF_6 - Display Electronic Bank Statement


FG99 - Flexible G/L: Report Selection
FGI0 - Execute Report
FGI1 - Create Report
FGI2 - Change Report
FGI3 - Display Report
FGI4 - Create Form
FGI5 - Change Form FGI...

FGL6 - IRE: One Time Posting - Gen. Contr
FGM0 - Special Purpose Ledger Menu
FGRP - Report Painter
FGRW - Report Writer Menu
FGSODN_IT1 - Number range maintenance: FIN2_IT


FI01 - Create Bank
FI02 - Change Bank
FI03 - Display Bank
FI04 - Display Bank Changes
FI06 - Set Flag to Delete Bank
FI07 - Change Current Number Range Number FI0...

FI12 - Change House Banks/Bank Accounts
FI12CORE - Change House Banks/Bank Accounts
FI12_OLD - Change House Banks/Bank Accounts
FI13 - Display House Banks/Bank Accounts
FI13_OLD - Display House Banks/Bank Accounts
FIAAHELP - FI-AA Utility Programs
FIAAHELP_DARK - FI-AA Utility Programs Dispatcher
FIAAIN_PO_TRACK - Transaction Code for PO Tracking AA
FIAAPT_MAPAS - Transaction code for Mapas Fiscais
FIAAQA_DEPR - Depreciation Reporting for Qatar
FIAA_MESSAGES_SEARCH - Search for SE91 Messages in FI-AA FIA...

FIBAN - Maintain IBAN
FIBB - Bank chain determination
FIBC - Scenarios for Bank Chain Determin.
FIBD - Allocation client
FIBF - Maintenance transaction BTE
FIBHS - Display bank chains for house banks FIB...

FICAAOLA - Master Data Tab
FICAARCHBDT - BDT Contract Account Archiving
FICADELE - Contract Account Deletion
FICADELEBDT - BDT Contract Account Deletion
FICAIMG - IMG for Contract AR/AP
FICBR_REP_DMEE - Trans for assigning DMEE to category FIC...

FIEH01 - Process Contracts with Errors
FIGLQA_ITR - Income Tax Returns - Qatar
FIGLSA_SAMA - SAMA Banks Creation
FIHB - In-house bank
FIHB0 - Number Range Maintenance
FIHB1 - Assignment of Bnk Statement to IHB
FIHB4 - Assignment of IHB to Bookkeeping
FIHB5 - Data for Automatic Payments
FIHB6 - Assignment of Bnk Statement to IHB FIH...

FIKZPROPTAX - Property tax Kazakhstan
FIKZRGIN - Define incoming invoice number range
FIKZRGOUT - Define outgoing invoice number range
FIKZTRTAX - Transport tax Kazakhstan
FIKZ_MAT_MOVE - VAT Classification For Mat.Documents
FILAACETRANS - Transfer ACE Documents to Accounting
FILAADJ - Manual Changes to Value ID Contents
FILAADJREV - Reverse Value ID Change
FILAADJREV_2 - Reverse Value ID Change
FILAADJ_2 - Manual Changes to Value ID Contents
FILAADMN - Process Processing Initial Screen FIL...

FIMA - Financial Calculations
FIMA_TEST_DI - FiMa Test for Daily Interest
FIMA_TRACE - User Dialog for FIMA Trace
FINB_ACCO - Activation of All Configuration
FINB_ACINST_CHANGE - Change/Set Accounting Instance
FINB_CCD_ADD - Classes for Customizing Dispatcher
FINB_CONF_AFTER_NOTE - Rework after SAP Note Implementation
FINB_CONF_START_IMG - Define Configuration (SAP)
FINB_CONF_WB - Maintain Configuration Aspect FIN...

FIOA - Interest on Arrears Calculation
FIOR - Create Orbian Bank
FIOTPKOFIMAINTAIN - Maintain Derivation Rule Entries
FIOTP_NRIV - One-Time PostingsNumber Range Maint.
FIPAY_BDGTS01 - Subsequent SPL Screening
FIPAY_CUST01 - Maintenance View V_FIPAY_T042_GTS
FIPOS - Create Commitment Items
FIPRB01 - FIPR Control: Applications
FIPRB02 - FIPR Control: Field Groups
FIPRB03 - FIPR Control: Views FIP...

FIQA_BANKRECONCL - Bank Reconcilation Report
FIQA_FIN_ST_BAL - QA Balance Sheet Report
FIQA_JVMOF - Number range maintenance: FIQA_MOF2
FIQA_MOFEXCP - MOF Serial Number Exceptions
FIQA_PFMOF - Number range maintenance: FIQA_MOF1
FIQA_RVMOF - Number range maintenance: FIQA_MOF3 FIQ...

FIRPGR - Repetitive Code Groups Maintenance
FISA_ABRF8 - Account Balance - Form 8
FISA_ADJRF13 - Adjustment Report - Form 13
FISA_CASHREQ - Cash Safe Filling Request
FISA_CHECKCOLL - Encashed and Uncashed Checks
FISA_CSFR - Cash Safe feeding Reimbursement
FISA_ECF12 - Form 12 - Employee Consignment FIS...

FITP_RESPO - Contact Partner Responsibilities
FITP_SETTINGS - Settings for Travel Planning
FITP_SETTINGS_TREE - Tree Maintenance Current Settings
FIWTAR_VEND_EXMP - Vendor exemption update
FIWTIN_NR_COPY - Copy Number Range
FIWTIN_QRETURNS - Quarterly Returns for India
FIWTQA_CERT - Withholding Tax Certificate
FIWTQA_DMTPC - QA :Monthly ClearingTax Payment Code
FIWTQA_MCL - Monthly Clearing of WHT (Qatar) FIW...

FIZA_VAT - SA: VAT reporting
FI_APAR_SEPA_CONV - Create SEPA Mandates in Mass Run
FI_APAR_SEPA_CUST - FI General Settings for SEPA
FI_APAR_SEPA_FIELDS - FI Changeable Fields for SEPA
FI_DRILLDOWN - GT Documents for FI Document


FJA1 - Inflation Adjustment of G/L Accounts
FJA2 - Change Last Adjustment Dates
FJA3 - Balance Sheet/P&L with Inflation
FJA4 - Infl. Adjustment of Open Items (FC)
FJA5 - Infl. Adj. of Open Receivables (LC)
FJA6 - Infl. Adj. of Open Payables (LC) FJA...


FK01 - Create Vendor (Accounting)
FK02 - Change Vendor (Accounting)
FK02CORE - Maintain vendor
FK03 - Display Vendor (Accounting)
FK04 - Vendor Changes (Accounting)
FK05 - Block Vendor (Accounting) FK0...

FK10 - Vendor Account Balance
FK10N - Vendor Balance Display
FK10NA - Vendor Balance Display
FK10NET - Vendor Balance Display
FK15 - Transfer vendor changes: receive
FK16 - Transfer vendor changes: receive FK1...

FK59 - C FI-CA Table maintenance TFK044A
FKCB - FI-CA Dunning - Customizing
FKCJ - BP Control: Activities
FKCUMTAX - Summarize Tax Lines UK
FKEXMA - Monitor Tax Exemptions
FKI0 - Execute Report
FKI1 - Create Report
FKI2 - Change Report
FKI3 - Display Report
FKI4 - Create Form
FKI5 - Formular ändern FKI...

FKJOCMDR - Job Commander Standalone
FKJOCMDR1 - Job Commander from FuMo (List)
FKJOCNT - Job Container
FKJOXTR - Job Container
FKKBIXBIT02_TRANS - Transfer Raw Data to Billable Items
FKKBIXBIT02_TRANS_MA - Transfer Raw Data to Billable Items
FKKBIXBIT4_ARCH - Archiving of Billed Items
FKKBIXBIT4_ARCH_CUS1 - Res. Time Archived Billable Items
FKKBIXBIT4_ARCH_DEL - Delete Archived Billed BITs
FKKBIXBIT4_ARCH_MA - Archive Billed Items FKK...

FKLOCK01 - Check Conditional Locks
FKLOCK2 - Set Processing Locks
FKMT - FI Acct Assignment Model Management
FKPC - Payment card processing
FKR1 - Vendor
FKR2 - Rate Types / Vendor
FKR3 - Conversion Exchange
FKR4 - Currency Conversion
FKR5 - Rate Code Conversion
FKR7 - Product Type Maintenance FKR...

FKTB - Shareholding Forms
FKTF - Finan. Mrkt Supervisory Board Mess.
FKTVS - Val. Simul.for Data Trfr Super.Board


FLB1 - Postprocessing Lockbox Data
FLB2 - Import Lockbox File
FLBFILE - Generate a Test Lockbox File
FLBP - Post Lockbox Data
FLBPC1 - Create BP from Vendor
FLBPC2 - Link BP to Vendor FLB...

FLCC1 - Create Customer
FLCC2 - Change Customer
FLCC3 - Display Customer
FLCU1 - Create Customer
FLCU2 - Change Customer
FLCU3 - Display Customer FLC...

FLEXBRE - BRE: Parallel Execution of BRE
FLEXFIN - Update Obselete Backlog Entries
FLEXLOG - Total Log of Parallel BRE Run
FLOREO - Customizing of Logical Doc. Reorg.
FLQAB - Assignment from Bank Statement Info.
FLQAC - Assignment from FI Information
FLQAD - Assignment from Invoices
FLQAF - Assignment from Document Chains
FLQAL - Assignment from Invoices
FLQAM - Manual Assignment FLQ...

FLT02 - Flight Scheduling: Generate Details
FLVN1 - Create Vendor
FLVN2 - Change Vendor
FLVN3 - Display Vendor


FM+0 - Display FM Main Role Definition
FM+1 - Maintain FM Main Role Definition
FM+2 - Display FM Amount Groups
FM+3 - Maintain FM Amount Groups
FM+4 - Display FM Budget Line Groups
FM+5 - Maintain FM Budget Line Groups FM+...

FM03 - Display FM Document
FM03A - Display FM Document with Archive
FM2BL_DERIVE - Derive FM totals transfer to BL
FM2BL_DERIVE1 - Derive FM totals transfer to FI
FM2BL_DERIVER - CO-PA Rule for FM transfer to BL
FM2BL_DERIVER1 - CO-PA Rule for FM transfer to FI
FM2E - FM: Change Budget Document
FM2F - FM: Display Budget Document FM2...

FM3G - Commitment Item Hierarchy
FM3M - Index of Commitment Items
FM3N - Commitment Items for G/L Accounts
FM48 - Change Financial Budget: Initial Scn
FM48_1 - PS-CM: Create Planning Layout
FM48_2 - PS-CM: Change Planning Layout
FM48_3 - PS-CM: Display Planning Layout
FM49 - Display Financial Budget: Init.Scrn
FM4G - Budget Structure Element Hierarchy FM4...

FM5I - FIFM: Create Fund
FM5M - Index of Funds
FM5S - FIFM: Display Fund
FM5U - FIFM: Change Fund
FM6I - FIFM: Create Application of Funds
FM6M - Index of Application of Funds
FM6S - FIFM: Display Application of Funds
FM6U - FIFM: Change Application of Funds
FM71 - Maintain Cover Pool
FM72 - Assign FM Acct Asst to Cover Pool
FM73 - Create Cust. for Distr.inCollec.Exp.
FM78 - Charact.Groups for Cover Pools
FM79 - Grouping Chars for Cover Pool
FM7A - Indiv. Processing of CE Rules FM7...

FM80 - Budget Incr. Rev. Maint. - Display
FM81 - Budget Incr. Rev. Maint. - Update
FM9B - FM: Copy Budget Version
FM9C - Plan Data Transfer from CO
FM9D - FM: Block Budget Version
FM9E - FM: Unblock Budget Version
FM9K - FIFM: Change Budget Structure
FM9L - FM: Display Budget Structure FM9...

FMA1 - Matching: Totals and Balances (CBM)
FMA2 - Matching: CBM Line Items and Totals
FMA3 - Matching: FI Line Items (CBM)
FMA4 - Matching: FI Bank Line Items (CBM)
FMAA - Matching: Line Items and Totals (FM)
FMAB - Matching: FI FM Line Items FMA...

FMB0 - CO Document Transfer
FMBB - Budgeting Workbench
FMBBC - Create Entry Document
FMBELI - Processing list
FMBG1 - Input tax adjustmnt(monthly) for PCO
FMBG2 - Input tax adjustmnt (yearly) for PCO FMB...

FMC2 - Customizing in Day-to-Day Business
FMCAALOT - Approval Write-Off
FMCAARFB0 - Residence Time of Form Bundle
FMCAARFB1 - Archiving of Form Bundle
FMCAARFB2 - Activate AS for Form Bundles
FMCABILL - Public Sector Billing FMC...

FMD1 - FM: Change Carryforward Rules
FMD2 - FM: Display Carryforward Rules
FMD7 - FM: Change Supplement Budget Plan
FMD8 - FM: Display Supplement Budget Plan
FMD9 - FM: Change Suppl. Coll. Expend. Plan
FMDA - FM: Change Budget Plan FMD...

FME1 - Import Forms from Client 000
FME2 - Import Reports from Client 000
FME3 - Transport Forms
FME4 - Transport Reports
FME5 - Reorganize Forms
FME6 - Reorganize Drilldown Reports FME...

FMF0 - Payment Selection
FMF1 - Revenue Transfer
FMFA_0001 - FMFA: Applications
FMFA_0002 - FMFA: Field Groups
FMFA_0003 - FMFA: Views
FMFA_0004 - FMFA: Sections FMF...

FMG1 - Create Budget Structure Template
FMG2 - Change Budget Structure Template
FMG3 - Display Budget Structure Template
FMG4 - Delete Budget Structure Template
FMG5 - Generate BS Object from BS Template
FMGL - Maintain Text for Grouping FMG...

FMHC - Check Bdgt Structure Elements in HR
FMHG - Generate Bdgt Struc Elements in HR
FMHGG - Generate BS Elements f. Several Fnds
FMHIE_CHANGE - Process Hierarchy
FMHIE_CHKINCONDATA - Check MBS Data for Inconsistencies
FMHIE_CHKINCONDISTR - Check Distr. for Inconsistencies FMH...

FMIA - Indiv. Processing of Revs Incr. Bdgt
FMIB - Posting Line-Based Budget Increase
FMIC - Generate Additional Budget Incr.Data
FMIF - Correction Report for RIB-FB
FMIK - Copy Rules for Revs Incr. the Budget
FMIL - Delete Rules for Revs Incr. Budget FMI...

FMJ0 - Manual Zero Carryforward
FMJ2 - Year-End Closing: Carryfwd Cmmts
FMJ2_D - Carryfwrd Cmmt Accrd. to Entry Date
FMJ3 - Reverse Commitments Carryforward
FMJA - Budget Year-End Closing: Prepare
FMJB - Budget Year-End Closing: Determine FMJ...

FMKFDEF - FM Definition of Key Figures
FMKFR01 - Display budget data
FMKO_RFFMKHPL - Budget plan
FMKUDB - Display database settings
FMKUDELDATA - Delete BCS database tables
FMKUDOCRESET - Reset BCS Entry Documents FMK...

FML1 - Create FI-SL Customizing Ledger
FML2 - Change FI-SL Customizing Ledger
FML3 - Display FI-SL Customizing Ledger
FML4 - Delete FI-SL Customizing Ledger
FMLD - Ledger Deletion
FMLF - Classify Movement Types FML...

FMMACGPERC - Edit percentage per cover group
FMMC - FM Obligation Closeout
FMMDAUTO - FM: Auto. Creation of Master Data
FMMDCICOPY - Copy commitment item substrings
FMMDFCCOPY - Copy funds center substrings
FMMDFDCOPY - Copy fund substrings FMM...

FMN0 - Subsequent Posting of FI Documents
FMN0_PAY - Reconstruction of Payment Docs
FMN1 - Reconstruction of Parked MM Docs
FMN3 - Transfer Purchase Req. Documents
FMN3N - Reconstruction of Purch. Requisition
FMN4 - Transfer Purchase Order Documents FMN...

FMOD - Override FM Update Date
FMOPER - Open Budgeting Periods
FMP2 - Delete Financial Budget Version
FMPAYCORR - FM Payment lines correction program
FMPAYD - Process Payment Distribution
FMPEBADJ - Tax Adjustments
FMPEBTIL - Document Statement
FMPEBTTL - Tax Totals FMP...

FMR0 - Reconstruct Parked Documents
FMR1 - Actual/Commitment Report
FMR2 - Actual/Commitment per Company Code
FMR3 - Plan/Actual/Commitment Report
FMR4 - Plan/Commitment Report w.Hierarchy
FMR5A - 12 Period Forecast: Actual and Plan FMR...

FMSA - Create Funds Center in FM Area
FMSB - Change Funds Center in FM Area
FMSC - Display Funds Center in FM Area
FMSD - Change Funds Ctr/Hierarchy Variant
FMSE - Display Hierarchy Variant/Funds Ctr
FMSF - Change Funds Ctr Hierarchy Variant FMS...

FMTB - Transfer Commitment/Actuals to FI-BL
FMTEXT - Budget Text Organizer
FMTFDERIVE - FM Object Assignment - Customizing
FMTFDERIVER - G/L Acct Deriv. Rules - Maintenance
FMTFR - HHM Object Assignment - Maintenance
FMTR - FM budgetary ledger trace FMT...

FMU0 - Display Funds Reservation Doc.Types
FMU1 - Maintain Funds Reservation Doc.Types
FMU2 - Display Funds Reservtn Fld Variants
FMU3 - Maintain Funds Resvtn Field Variants
FMU4 - Display Funds Reservation Fld Groups
FMU5 - Maintain Funds Reservatn Fld Groups FMU...

FMV1 - Create Forecast of Revenue
FMV2 - Change Forecast of Revenue
FMV3 - Display Forecast of Revenue
FMV4 - Approve Forecast of Revenue
FMV5 - Change FM Acct Asst in Fcst of Rev.
FMV6 - Reduce Forecast of Revenue Manually FMV...

FMW1 - Create Funds Block
FMW2 - Change Funds Block
FMW3 - Display Funds Block
FMW4 - Approve Funds Blocking
FMW5 - Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Blkg
FMWA - Create Funds Transfer FMW...

FMX1 - Create Funds Reservation
FMX2 - Change Funds Reservation
FMX3 - Display Funds Reservation
FMX4 - Approve Funds Reservation
FMX5 - Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Resvn
FMX6 - Funds Reservation: Manual Reduction FMX...

FMY1 - Create Funds Commitment
FMY2 - Change Funds Commitment
FMY3 - Display Funds Precommitment
FMY4 - Approve Funds Precommitment
FMY5 - Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Prcmmt
FMY6 - Reduce Funds Precommitment Manually FMY...

FMZ1 - Create Funds Commitment
FMZ2 - Change Funds Commitment
FMZ3 - Display Funds Commitment
FMZ4 - Approve Funds Commitment
FMZ5 - Change FM Acct Asst in Funds Commt
FMZ6 - Reduce Funds Commitment Manually FMZ...

FM_CHECK_VERRECHNUNG - Check Customizing Clearing Control
FM_CISUB_SET1 - Create Cmmt Item Substrings Group
FM_CISUB_SET2 - Change Cmmt Item Substrings Group
FM_CISUB_SET3 - Display Cmmt Item Substrings Group
FM_CLEAR_ACC - Clarification Worklist - FM AcctAsgt
FM_CM_EXCLUDE - Exclude Credit Memo for Pmt Offset FM_...


FN-1 - No.range: FVVD_RANL (Loan number)
FN-4 - Number range maintenance: FVVD_PNNR
FN-5 - Number range maintenance: FVVD_SNBNR
FN-6 - Number range maintenance: FVVD_RPNR
FN09 - Create Borrower's Note Order
FN11 - Change borrower's note order
FN12 - Display borrower's note order
FN13 - Delete borrower's note order
FN15 - Create borrower's note contract
FN16 - Change borrower's note contract
FN17 - Display borrower's note contract FN1...

FN20 - Create borrower's note offer
FN21 - Change borrower's note offer
FN22 - Display borrower's note offer
FN23 - Delete borrower's note offer
FN24 - Activate borrower's note offer
FN2A - Change other loan application FN2...

FN30 - Create policy interested party
FN31 - Change policy interested party
FN32 - Display policy interested party
FN33 - Delete policy interested party
FN34 - Policy interested party in applic.
FN35 - Policy interested party in contract FN3...

FN40 - Create other loan interested party
FN41 - Change other loan interested party
FN42 - Display other loan interested party
FN43 - Delete other loan interested party
FN44 - Other loan in applic.
FN45 - Other loan interested prty in cntrct FN4...

FN5A - Other loan application in contract
FN5V - Payoff other loan contract
FN61 - Create collateral value
FN62 - Change collateral value
FN63 - Display collateral value
FN80 - Enter manual debit position
FN81 - Change manual debit position
FN82 - Display manual debit position
FN84 - Change waiver
FN85 - Display Waiver
FN87 - Change Write-Off Debit Position FN8...

FNA0 - Policy application in contract
FNA1 - Create Mortgage Offer
FNA2 - Change Mortgage Offer
FNA3 - Display Mortgage Loan Offer
FNA4 - Mortgage Offer Withdrawal
FNA5 - Mortgage Offer in Contract FNA...

FNB1 - Transfer to a Loan
FNB2 - Transfer from a Loan
FNB3 - Document Reversal - Loans
FNB8 - BAV Information
FNB9 - BAV transfer
FNBD - Loans-Automatic bal.sheet transfer FNB...

FNCD - Transfer Customizing for Dunning
FNCL - Consumer Loan
FNCL_ADMIN - Consumer Loan Administration
FNCL_DISB_MIG - Migration of Old Disbursement Data
FNCL_DISPLAY - Display Consumer Loan
FNCL_EDIT - Change Consumer Loan FNC...

FNDD - Convert Dunning Data in Dunn.History
FNDD_CREATE - Transaction for drawdown creation
FNDEF_PAST_DUE - Display Open Items After Due Date
FNDOCSSHOW - Display Individual Documents
FNEN - Create Loan
FNENALG - Create General Loan
FNENHYP - Create Mortgage Loan
FNENPOL - Create Policy Loan
FNENSSD - Create Borrower's Note Loan
FNESRIN01 - CML: Invoice Printing FNE...

FNF1 - Rollover: Create file
FNF2 - Rollover: Change file
FNF3 - Rollover: Display file
FNF4 - Rollover: Fill file
FNF9 - Rollover: Evaluations
FNFO - ISIS: Create file FNF...

FNG2 - Total Loan Commitment
FNG3 - Loan Commitment
FNGEN_PRODUCT_ATTR - Processing Attrib. for Loans General
FNGEN_PRODUCT_CHNG - Changing Products for Loans General
FNGEN_PRODUCT_CREA - Creating Products for Loans in Genrl
FNI1 - Create mortgage application
FNI2 - Change mortgage application
FNI3 - Display Mortgage Loan Application
FNI4 - Mortgage Application Withdrawal
FNI5 - Mortgage application to offer
FNI6 - Mortgage application in contract FNI...

FNK0 - Multimillion Loan Display (GBA14)
FNK1 - Loans to Managers (GBA15)
FNKO - Cond.types - Cond.groups allocation
FNKWGFLAG - Maintain GBA Reporting Indicator
FNKWGRAT - Maintain Debtor Ratings
FNL1 - Rollover: Create Main File
FNL2 - Rollover: Change Main File
FNL3 - Rollover: Displ. Main File Structure
FNL4 - New business
FNL5 - New business
FNL6 - New business FNL...

FNM1 - Automatic Posting
FNM1P - Automatic Posting (parallelized)
FNM1S - Automatic Posting - Single
FNM1S_NODD - Automatic Posting - Single
FNM1_NODD - Automatic Posting
FNM2 - Balance sheet transfer FNM...

FNN4 - Display General File
FNN5 - Edit general file
FNN6 - Display general main file
FNN7 - Edit general main file
FNN8 - Display general main file
FNN9 - Edit general overall file FNN...

FNO1 - Create Object
FNO2 - Change Object
FNO3 - Display Object
FNO5 - Create collateral
FNO6 - Change collateral
FNO7 - Display collateral FNO...

FNP0 - Edit rollover manually
FNP4 - Rollover: Display file
FNP5 - Rollover: Edit File
FNP6 - Rollover: Display main file
FNP7 - Rollover: Edit main file
FNP8 - Rollover: Display overall file FNP...

FNQ2 - New Business Statistics
FNQ5 - Transact.type - Acct determinat.adj.
FNQ6 - Compare Flow Type/Account Determin.
FNQ7 - Generate flow type
FNQ8 - Automatic Clearing for Overpayments
FNQ9 - Int. adjustment run FNQ...

FNR0 - Loans: Posting Journal
FNR6 - Insur.prtfolio trends - NEW
FNR7 - Totals and Balance List
FNR8 - Account Statement
FNR9 - Planning List
FNRA - Other accruals/deferrals FNR...

FNS1 - Collateral number range
FNSA - Foreign currency valuation
FNSARACUST - Customizing Loan Archiving CML
FNSB - Master data summary
FNSFP - Contracts for the Finance Project
FNSIM_CORR - Simulate Backdated Condition Change FNS...

FNT0 - Loan correspondence (Switzerland)
FNT1 - Automatic Deadline Monitoring
FNT2 - Copy text modules to client
FNTDPRODPROFILE - Assign Profiles to Products
FNUB - Treasury transfer
FNV0 - Payoff policy contract
FNV1 - Create mortgage contract
FNV2 - Change mortgage contract
FNV3 - Display mortgage contract
FNV4 - Contract Full / Partial Recission
FNV5 - Disburse Contract FNV...

FNWF - WF Loans Release: List of Work Items
FNWF_REP - Release Workflow: Synchronization
FNWO - Loans: Fast Processing
FNWS - Housing statistics
FNX1 - Rollover: Create Table
FNX2 - Rollover: Change Table
FNX3 - Rollover: Display Table
FNX6 - Rollover: Delete Table
FNX7 - Rollover: Deactivate Table
FNX8 - Rollover: Print Table FNX...

FNY1 - New Business: Create Table
FNY2 - New Business: Change Table
FNY3 - New Business: Display Table
FNY6 - New Business: Delete Table
FNY7 - New Business: Deactivate Table
FNY8 - New Business: Print Table FNY...

FNZA - Account Determination Customizing
FN_1 - Table maint. transferred loans
FN_2 - Table maintenance transf. partner
FN_ACC_STMT - Reprint of Account Statement
FN_AUTODRAFT_PROCESS - Create Auto Debit Files
FN_BILLNUM - Number Range Maintenance Bill Number
FN_BILL_DISPLAY - Display Bills FN_...


FO/E - Create exception real estate
FO/F - Maintain exception real estate
FO/G - Display exception real estate
FO/H - Create groups except. real estate
FO/I - Change groups except. real estate
FO/J - Display groups except. real estate FO/...

FO01 - Real estate management leasing
FO03 -
FO04 -
FO05 -
FO08 - Reversal input tax distribution
FO10 - Reserved for real estate
FO11 - Number range maintenance: Land reg.
FO12 - Field status: Management contract
FO13 - Activate Settlement Unit
FO13U - Activate Settlement Unit
FO14 - Land register: Display FO1...

FO20 - Reserved for real estate
FO21 - Create business entity
FO22 - Change business entity
FO23 - Display business entity
FO24 - Follow-up post. inc.pmnt rejections
FO25 - Number Range for Business Entity FO2...

FO30 - Maintain lease-out
FO31 - Create property
FO32 - Change property
FO33 - Display property
FO35 - Create building
FO36 - Change building FO3...

FO40 - Reserved for real estate
FO49 - Check index for real estate
FO4B - Stand.settings rental agreemnt analy
FO4C - Stand.settings rental agreemnt analy
FO4D - Stand.Settings Bus.Entity Analysis
FO4E - Standard settings property analysis FO4...

FO5G - Real Estate report list
FO5O - Import reports
FO5P - Generate reports
FO5Q - Rental Units Standard Analysis
FO5R - Real Estate report layouts
FO5T - Lease-Out Analysis: New Selection FO5...

FO60 - Reserved for real estate
FO61 - Create settlement unit
FO61U - Create Master Settlement Unit
FO62 - Change settlement unit
FO62U - Change Master Settlement Unit
FO63 - Display settlement unit FO6...

FO70 - Reserved for real estate
FO77 - Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_NKSET
FO79 - Maintain Rent Adjustm.History
FO7P - Property Standard Analysis
FO7Q - Buildings Standard Analysis
FO7R - Reporting tree VI10 FO7...

FO80 - RA debit positions - Log
FO81 - Display Rent Adjustm.History
FO82 - Create Management Contract
FO83 - Change Management Contract
FO84 - Display management contract
FO85 - Simulate debit position/man.contract FO8...

FO91 - VICP report tree
FO94 - Number range maintenance:FVVI_BEBE
FO95 - Create correction items
FO96 - Change correction items
FO97 - Display correction items
FO98 - Delete correction items FO9...

FOA0 - Simulate Index Rent Adjustment
FOA1 - Calculate rent adjustment: Index
FOA2 - Rent adjustemnt: Display logs
FOA3 - Calculate rent adjustment: CH
FOA4 - Rent Adjustment - Reserved
FOA5 - Activate rent adjustment: Index FOA...

FOB0 - Number range maintenance:FVVI_SOID
FOB1 - Lease-Out One-Time Postings
FOB4 - Check Real Estate Acct Determination
FOB9 - Rent Adj. - Reminder Print ALL
FOBA - RE archive residence times
FOBB - Rent Adj. - Reminder Print CGP FOB...

FOCNOI - Real Estate: BDN - CN Templates
FOCORRITEM - Correction Items Report
FOCPTL - Overview of Letters and Text Modules
FOCP_COLLATERAL - Print Rental Collateral for LO
FOCP_COLLATERAL_VAL - Corr. Differ. Char: Deposit Types
FOCP_RADJ_ADJMOD_VAL - Corr. Differ. Char: Rent Adj. Modus FOC...

FOD0 - Copy Customizing Cross-IS
FOD1 - Copy Real Estate Customizing
FOD2 - Copy Customizing for Related Applic.
FOD9 - CustDarwinRealEst:Create ac.sttl.var
FODA - Cust.darwinRealEst:Chnge ac.sttl.var
FODB - Cust.darwinRealEst: FOD...

FOE1 - Create: Rental Unit
FOE2 - Change: Rental Unit
FOE3 - Display: Rental Unit
FOE5 - Number range maintenance: MIETEINH
FOE6 - Run drilldown report
FOE7 - Create drilldown report FOE...

FOF9 - VIFI report tree
FOFI - Real Estate Management master data
FOFO - Mass release
FOFV - Real estate third-party mgmnt
FOG1 - Create Provis. Agreement
FOG2 - Change Provis. Agreement
FOG3 - Display Provis. Agreement
FOG4 - Supplement Provis. Agreement
FOG8 - Sign provisional agreements
FOG9 - Activate Commercial Lease-Outs FOG...

FOH1 - Create Heating System
FOH2 - Change Heating System
FOH3 - Display Heating System
FOH9 - Management contract: Fee list
FOHA - Import A-tape
FOHB - Post external acct sttlmnt result FOH...

FOI0 - RE Contract: Development Menu
FOI0SCS - RE Contract: Development/Customizing
FOI1 - RECN-BDT: Applications
FOI10 - RECN-BDT: Search Help
FOI2 - RECN-BDT: Field groups
FOI3 - RECN-BDT: Views FOI...

FOJ0 - Contract: Application Menu
FOJ1 - Maintain Comparative Group
FOJ2 - Display Comparative Group of Apartm.
FOJ3 - Real Estate Implementation Guide
FOJ4 - Cash Flow Generator General Contract
FOJ5 - Display Contingencies FOJ...

FOK0 - Maintain key figures
FOK1 - Notice of rental agreement
FOK2 - Edit Rental Deposit Release
FOK3 - Display rental deposit release
FOK4 - Edit rental unit inspection
FOK5 - Display rental unit inspection FOK...

FOL6 - IRE: one-time postings lease-out
FOL7 - IRE: Change record indicator FOL...

FOM4 - Maintain rent reaductios
FOM5 - Display rent reductions
FOMA - Create modernization measure
FOMAFC - RE:Rent Adj.-Index Contract Forecast
FOMAFCC - RE:Rent Adj.-Index Contract Forecast
FOMASS - Number Range for Mass Changes FOM...

FON1 - Simulate full acct settlement: OC
FON2 - Execute service charge settlement:OC
FON3 - Execute full acct settlement: HC
FON4 - Execute full acct settlement: OC+HC
FON5 - Simulate full acct settlement: HC
FON6 - Simulate full acct settlement: OC+HC FON...

FOO1 - Reassign Correction Items
FOO7 - Cust.heat.costs data medium exchange
FOOA1 - Change Object Availability
FOOA2 - Display Object Availability
FOOA3 - Object Availability - Mass Change

FOP2 - Change Real Estate planning
FOP3 - Display Real Estate planning
FOP5 - Simulate flat-rate adjustment
FOP6 - Calculate flat-rate adjustment
FOP7 - Activate flat-rate adjustment
FOP8 - Flat-rate adjustment correspondence FOP...

FOQ0 - Number Range Maintenance: VERGLWOHN
FOQ1 - FVVI: Create Ext. Compara. Apartment
FOQ2 - FVVI: Change Ext. Compara. Apartment
FOQ3 - FVVI: Display Ext. Compara.Apartment
FOQ4 - FVVI: Delete Ext. Compara. Apartment
FOQ5 - RE: Simulate CH rent adj. FOQ...

FOR1 - Rooms: Maintain
FOR2 - Rooms: Display
FOR3 - Number range maintenance:FVVI_SRAUM
FOR5 - Maintain common rooms in building
FOR6 - Display common rooms in building
FOR7 - Maintain rooms in RU via building FOR...

FOS1 - Internal document entry
FOS8 - Single Document Reversal
FOSA - Execute debit position
FOSB - Debit position simulation
FOSC - Debit position reversal
FOSE - Account determination list FOS...

FOT1 - Current Vacancies
FOTA - Rental units: Create data file
FOTB - Change data file rental units
FOTC - Direct input rental units
FOTD - Lease-outs: Create data file
FOTE - Change data file lease-outs FOT...

FOU1 - RFVI: Rent adj. due to EURO Convers.
FOU2 - Maintain sales reports
FOU2N - Maintain Sales Reports
FOU2NS - Enter Sales with Condition Types
FOU3 - Display sales reports
FOU3N - Display sales reports FOU...

FOV0 - Rental agreement number range
FOV1 - Create Lease-Out
FOV2 - Change Lease-Out: Master Data
FOV3 - Display Lease-Out
FOV4 - Supplement Lease-Out
FOV6 - Activate advance payment adjustment FOV...

FOW0 - Real Estate application number range
FOW1 - Real est. comm. application: Create
FOW2 - Real est. comm. application: Change
FOW3 - Real est. comm. application: Display
FOW4 - Real est. priv. application: Create
FOW5 - Real est. priv. application: Change FOW...

FOX0_ACTIVATE_PROFIL - Activate Explosion Profile
FOX0_CHECK_LINKS - Check Object Relationships
FOX0_EXTENSION - Application-specific enhancements
FOX0_LINK_BACK - Inverse Relationship
FOX0_LINK_TYPE - FOX - Object Relationships
FOX0_OBJECT_DATA - Object Data in FOX FOX...

FOYA - Real Estate IXS Incid.Expens.Sttlmnt
FOYB - Invoice for Rent: First Print
FOYC - Invoice for Rent: Repeat Print
FOYS - Status- and transaction control
FOZ0 - Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_ZAEHL
FOZ1 - Rental unit: Applications allocation
FOZ2 - Rent request allocation
FOZA - Acct determ. for LO
FOZB - Customiz.Real
FOZC - Customizing post.interface REstMgmt FOZ...

FO_ANCO_01 - Analysis and Correction VITAXA
FO_ANCO_02 - Analysis/Correction VIBEBE/VIBEOS
FO_ANCO_03 - Analysis/Correction Program VITAXD
FO_BELEGE - Document Analysis Doc. Database BRF
FO_BELEGE_RETAX - Doc. Analysis for RETAX Documents
FO_FVVI_BUKRS - Basic Settings for RE Company Codes FO_...


FP00 - Determine Appl. Component
FP02R - Change Repayment Request
FP02RC - Reset Check Reason in Repymt Request
FP03 - Submission to External Coll. Agency
FP03D - Submit Receivables to Coll. Agency
FP03DM - Mass Act.: Submission to Coll.Agency FP0...

FP18 - Reverse Repayment Request
FP20 - FI-CA Check Deposit List
FP22 - Mass Reversal of Documents
FP25 - Process Check Lot
FP27 - Prior Period Posting to Clarif. Acct
FP2P - Valuation of Promises to Pay
FP2P1 - Process Promise to Pay FP2...

FP30 - Find Payment
FP30C - Find Clarification Cases
FP31 - Find Payment (fromm Payment Run)
FP35 - Process Credit Card Lot
FP40 - Transfer
FP40N - Transfer Items and Requests
FP40P - Process Prepaid Balance
FP40PE - Process Prepaid Error
FP45 - Process Payment Order Lot
FP50 - Manual Outgoing Checks Lot:
FP50FIK - Man. Check Lot: New Recon. Key
FP51 - Data Transfer: Man. Outgoing Checks
FP52 - Postproc.Tfr of Man. Issued Checks
FP53 - Clarif.Process. of Cashed Checks
FP54 - Transfer Encashment Data to Clarif. FP5...

FP60A - Aggregated Distribution Information
FP60BW - Revenue Distribution: BI Extraction
FP60G - Change Distribution Periods
FP60M - Mass Activity: Revenue Distribution
FP60P - Post Revenue Distribution
FP60PM - MassAct. Post Distribution Documents FP6...

FP70 - Returns Lot: Incorrect Bank Data
FPAC - Maint. Document Types Residence Time
FPAC01 - Maintain Correspondence Resid. Time
FPAC02 - Activate AS for Document Archiving
FPAC03 - Activate AS for Paymt Lot Archiving
FPAC04 - Activate AS for Returns Lot Arch.
FPAC05 - Activate AS for contract acct arch. FPA...

FPB0 - Post Payment
FPB1 - Document Transfer
FPB10 - Paymt Lot Transfer - Cust.Struct.Gen
FPB11 - ReturnsLotTransfer - Cust.Struct.Gen
FPB12 - Check Register Transfer
FPB13 - Check Reg. Transfer - Error Proces. FPB...

FPC1 - FI-CA Dunning - Cust.Dunn. Procedure
FPCB - Collective Bill
FPCC - Display Cash Desk Closing
FPCC0002 - Create Account Statements
FPCC0026 - Balance Notification Account Creatn
FPCC0029 - Create Business Partner Statement FPC...

FPD1 - Security Deposit Statistics Report
FPD2 - Overview of Security Deposits
FPDDA2 - Change Debit Memo Notification
FPDDA3 - Display Debit Memo Notification
FPDDAX - Debit Memo Notification (GB)
FPDE - Document Extracts: Overview FPD...

FPE1 - Post Document
FPE1LG - Posting of Provisional Postings
FPE1S - Post Sample Document
FPE2 - Change Document
FPE2C - Reset Check Reason in Document
FPE2M - Mass Document Change FPE...

FPF1 - Create Reconciliation Key
FPF2 - Change Reconciliation Key
FPF3 - Display Reconciliation Key
FPFAGG - Aggregate Reconciliation Key
FPFAV - Favorites
FPFMDY - Executn of Subsequent FM Activation FPF...

FPG0 - Maintain Alternative Posting Data
FPG0SP1 - Default Special Periods
FPG0SP2 - Special Period with G/L Transfer
FPG0SP3 - Special Period When FI Period Closed
FPG1 - Transfer Posting Totals to G/L
FPG1M - General Ledger Transfer - Mass Run FPG...

FPI1 - FI-CA: Calc. Interest Individually
FPI10 - Analysis of Cleared Items w/Interest
FPI10A - P&I Clarification Case Run
FPI2 - FI-CA: Interest on Cash Sec. Deposit
FPI3 - FI-CA: Overdue Interest Inst.Plan
FPI4 - FI-CA: Display Interest Calculation FPI...

FPK1 - Item Processing
FPL9 - Display Account Balance
FPL9S - Account Balance: Internal Call
FPL9S2 - Account Balance: Internal Call
FPLC - Acct Balance: Fullscreen Chronology
FPLKA - Evaluate Processing Locks
FPLKDEL - Delete Mass Locks Set FPL...

FPM3 - Display Dunning History
FPM3_RELEASE - Release Dunning Notices
FPM4 - Display Returns History
FPMA - Automatic Clearing
FPMANAGER - Maintain Additional Manager
FPMA_PP - Autom. Clearing of Prepaid Accounts FPM...

FPN1 - Number Range Maintenance: FKK_BELEG
FPN10 - Number Range Maintenance: FKKINDPAY
FPN11 - Number Range Maint: FKKPRENOT
FPN2 - Maintain Number Range: FKK_ACCOUNT
FPN3 - Number Range Maintenance: FKK_ZAUFT
FPN4 - Number Range Maintenance: FKKPYFORM FPN...

FPO1 - FI-CA: OI List per Key Date
FPO1P - OI List for Key Date (Parallel)
FPO1_ACC - FI-CA Key Date-Specific OI List(Acc)
FPO2 - Reconciliation of OI's in G/L
FPO2P - Reconciliation of OIs in G/L
FPO4 - Item Evaluation FPO...

FPP - Framework for Parallel Processing
FPP1 - Create Contract Partner
FPP1_C - Create CP with Cust. Integration
FPP1_V - Display CP with Vendor Integration
FPP2 - Change Contract Partner
FPP2A - Activate Planned Changes FPP...

FPR1 - Create Installment Plan
FPR2 - Change installment plan
FPR3 - Display installment plan
FPRA - Display Adjusted Receivables
FPRB - Prepare Valuation Areas for DE
FPRD - Installment Plan Printing FPR...

FPS1 - Load of Polling Data to Bank Buffer
FPS2 - Generate Payment Advice from Polling
FPS3 - Intraday Statment
FPSA - CA Selection
FPSC - Display Day-End Closing
FPSCHEDULER - Execute Mass Activity FPS...

FPT1 - Check Totals Tables
FPT1M - Check Totals Records - Mass Run
FPT3 - Alternative Period Transfer
FPT4 - Analyze Status of Transfer
FPT5 - Display documents for reconcil. key
FPT6 - Recreate Totals Records FPT...

FPU1 - Maintenance of regrouping accounts
FPU2 - Tfr Posting to Other Company Code
FPU5 - Transfer Documents to Another Acct
FPU6 - History of Transfer
FPUCT_RFC - RFC Destination for Telco Tax
FPVA - Dunning Proposal
FPVB - Dunning Activity Run
FPVBUND - Adjustment to Percentage of Ownersh.
FPVBUND1 - Maintenance of VBUND History
FPVC - Mass Reversal of Dunning Notices
FPVT - Transfer Dunning Telephone List FPV...

FPW1 - Foreign Currency Valuation
FPW2 - Log Records for For. Crcy Valuations
FPW3 - Event-Controlled Inverse Posting
FPWLM - Manage Worklists
FPWLMN - Manage Worklists
FPY1 - Payment Run / Debit Memo Run
FPY1A - Analysis Tool for Payment Runs etc.
FPYE1 - Year-End Postings
FPYP - Direct Debit Pre-Notification (SEPA)
FPYS - Payment Run (Direct Payers)
FPZD - Reorganize Payment Documents
FPZP - Payment Form Items Overview
FPZW - Receivables correction
FPZWH - Evaluate Adjusted Receivables
FP_DEL_DFKKQSR - Delete Withhold. Tax Reporting Data
FP_DEL_DFKKREP01 - Deletion of Tax Rep. Data (Belgium)
FP_DEL_DFKKZP_ARCIND - Delete Indexes for Arch. Payment Lot
FP_DEL_REPZM - Delete EC Sales List Data
FP_FILTER2 - Change Filter
FP_FILTER3 - Display Filter FP_...


FQ00 - FI-CA Technical Settings
FQ0015 - Account Assignment of Other Taxes
FQ0017 - Account Assignment for Telco Taxes
FQ0018 - Maintain Tax Interface Version
FQ0021 - Tax at Clearing Tax Code
FQ0025 - Tax Specifications FQ0...

FQ1031 - FI-CA: Incoming Pmnt Specifications
FQ1032 - FI-CA: Post Payment Order Specs
FQ1033 - FI-CA: Credit Card Lot Specs
FQ1035 - FI-CA: Specs for Man. Checks Lot
FQ1036 - FI-CA: Specs for Check Encashment
FQ1037 - FI-CA: Specs for Check Encashment FQ1...

FQ2000 - Fund Accounting Settings FI-CA
FQ2001 - Acct Determination f. Fund Clearing
FQ2002 - Additional Information for FM and GM
FQ2010 - FM Acct Assgt for Subseq. FM Activtn
FQ2101 - FI-CA: Document Type for Perception
FQ2102 - FI-CA: Tax Determ. Code - Argentina FQ2...

FQ4000 - Maintain FI-CA Rule Variants
FQ8000 - Mapping EDR for Operand
FQ8106 - Calculation Rules for Scheduling
FQ8110 - Documtent Types of Billing Document
FQ8115 - Aggregation of Billable Items
FQ8117 - Derive BIT Class Discount Base Items
FQ8118 - Derive Acct Asgnmt Disc. Base Items FQ8...

FQA1 - Archiving of FI-CA documents
FQAT02 - Follow-Up: Variants for Act. Type 2
FQAT03 - Follow-Up: Variants for Act. Type 3
FQAT04 - Follow-Up: Variants for Act. Type 4
FQAUTH - FI-CA Special Authorizations
FQB1 - Correspondence Data Fields
FQB10 - FI-CA: Bollo Specifications
FQB2 - Correspondence Data Fields
FQB4 - FI-CA Corresp. - Application Forms
FQB9 - FI-CA: Ital. Stamp Tax Returns,Specs
FQC0 - C FKK Acct Determination (General)
FQC1 - C FKK Account Determination */0010
FQC1005 - Prefix for Lot IDs-Acct Stmt Transfr
FQC1071 - C FKK Account Determination */R600
FQC1075 - C FKK Acct Determination */1075
FQC1091 - Acct Determination */1091 FQC...

FQD1 - Productive Start - Delete Test Data
FQD2 - Synchronization - Maintain Variants
FQDM0 - Posting Area 3000
FQDM1 - Posting Area 3001
FQDM2 - Posting Area 3002
FQDPR - Maintain Defaults for Data Privacy FQD...

FQEVENT - Display Event
FQEVENT_0551 - Display Event 0551
FQEVENT_0553 - Display Event 0553
FQEVENT_0554 - Display Event 0554
FQEVENT_0965 - Display Event 0965 FQE...

FQFUND - Activation Status Fund Accounting
FQGRP - Balances Groups
FQH0 - Specifications for Diff. Postings
FQH1 - Specifications for Diff. Postings
FQH2 - Spec. for Document Type Payment Cat.
FQH4 - Cash Desk/Cash Journal: CD Accounts
FQH5 - Specifications for Diff. Postings
FQH6 - Specif. for Dep./Withdrawal Posting FQH...

FQI1 - Maintain Interest Keys
FQI2 - Display Interest Keys
FQI3 - Maintain spec. for int. on inst.plan
FQI4 - Maintain Interest Entries
FQI4Z - Interest: Additional Functions
FQI5 - Maintain Cash Sec.Deposit Entries FQI...

FQK1 - TFK021R (account balance: Search)
FQK2 - TFK021R (account balance: Select)
FQK3 - TFK021R (account balance: Sort)
FQK5 - TFK021R (account balance: Add.field)
FQK50 - Derivation of Credit Segment
FQK51 - Maintain Credit Segment FQK...

FQM0 - FI-CA Dunning - Cust.Dunn.Groupings
FQM1 - FI-CA Dunning - Cust.Dunn.Procedures
FQM2 - FI-CA Dunning - Cust. Dunning Levels
FQM3 - FI-CA Dunning: Cust.Min/Max Amounts
FQM4 - FI-CA Dunning-Cust.Dun. Charges Type
FQM5 - FI-CA Dunning - Cust.Dunn.Groupings FQM...

FQOGRM - Post Gen. Request Specification Docs
FQORD1 - Request: Doc. Generation Specificats
FQP1 - Define Payment Methods
FQP2 - Item Indicator
FQP3 - Payment Medium Formats
FQP4 - Company Code Details for Payment
FQP5 - Payment medium formats:Note to payee
FQP6 - Settings for Check Creation FQP...

FQR1 - FI-CA Returns - Reason Settings
FQR2 - FI-CA Returns - AcctDet Settings
FQR3 - Returns - Allocate Return Reason
FQRP17 - Tax at Clearing Tax Code
FQS1 - Fast Entry: Item List
FQS2 - Fast Entry: G/L Item List
FQS3 - Fast Entry: Payment Lot
FQSE1 - Security Deposit: Clearing
FQSEC - Security Deposit: Special Parameters
FQTFK020C - FI-CA Maintenance Table TFK020C
FQU1 - FI-CA: Transfer Posting: Addl Specs
FQU2 - Transfer Items: Trans. Determination
FQUD - Customer Queries
FQUK - Vendor Queries
FQUS - G/L Account Queries
FQV085 - Provisional Premium Receivables
FQV093 - RFC Destination
FQV094 - Derivation Ext. Product & Rev. Type
FQV095 - Derivation HVORG/TVORG for Tax Line
FQV096 - Tax-Rel. Insurance Object Categories
FQV160 - GP Duplicates: Specs PH Change FQV...

FQXI01 - Derivations for Down Payment Request
FQZ01 - FI-CA: Acct Det-Alt. Acct Reversal
FQZ01F - Alt. Accts for Aperiodic Invoicing
FQZ02 - FI-CA: Charge-Off Specs
FQZ02A - FI-CA: Charge-Off Specs
FQZ03 - FI-CA: Mass Write-Off Specifications
FQZ03A - FI-CA: Mass Write-Off Specifications FQZ...

FQ_ENH_BROKR - Create Enhancement: Broker
FQ_ENH_CCARD - Create Enhancement: Payment Cards
FQ_ENH_EINV - Tcode for Einvoice Norway activation
FQ_ENH_LDGRP - Create Enhancement: Ledger Group
FQ_ENH_LOCKT - Create Enhancement: Lock Comment
FQ_ENH_NEWGL - Create Enhancement: FI-GL (New) FQ_...


FR01 - Change original commitments
FR02 - Display original commitments
FR04 - Change original payments
FR05 - Display original payments
FR07 - Change Release for Commitment Bdgt
FR08 - Display Release Commitments FR0...

FR10 - Change Release for Payment Bdgt
FR11 - Display Release Payments
FR15 - Change Supplement Commitments
FR16 - Display Supplement Commitments
FR19 - Change Supplement Payments
FR20 - Display Supplement Payments
FR23 - Change Return Commitments
FR24 - Display Return Commitments
FR27 - Change Return Payments
FR28 - Display Return Payments
FR50 - Enter Original Budget
FR51 - Enter Release
FR52 - Enter Supplement
FR53 - Enter Return
FR54 - Distribute Original Budget
FR55 - Distribute Release FR5...

FR60 - Display Document
FR61 - Park Original Budget
FR62 - Park Release
FR63 - Park Supplement
FR64 - Park Return
FR65 - Park Original Budget Distribution FR6...

FR70 - Post Parked Document
FR71 - Cancel Parked Document
FR72 - Display Parked Document
FR73 - Change Parked Document
FR81 - Loc.Auth.: Budget Reduction
FR86 - Loc.Auth.: Enter Residual Budget
FR87 - Distribute Budget Types with Release
FR88 - FM: Loc.Auth.: Mass Release
FR89 - Reverse Document
FR90 - Loc.auth: Distribute budget types
FR91 - Loc.Auth.: Transfer with auto. rel.
FR92 - Reconstruction of Release Groups
FRACTIV - Activate Subdivision
FRC0 - Display Profit Center -> FM AcctAss.
FRC1 - Maintain Cost Element -> FM Act Asgt
FRC2 - Display Cost Element -> FM Acct Asgt
FRC3 - Maintain Cost Center -> FM Act Asgmt
FRC4 - Display Cost Center -> FM Acct Asgmt
FRC5 - Maintain Order -> FM Acct Assgmnt FRC...

FRD1 - Maintain G/L Account -> Commt Item
FRD2 - Display G/L Account -> Commt Item
FRE01 - Initial Transfer of Data to F&R
FRE02 - Transfer Changed Data to F&R
FRE03 - Transfer Time Series Data
FRE04 - Transfer Open Orders to F&R
FRE05 - Transfer Changed Sls Prices to F&R
FRE06 - Processing of Order Inbound Buffer FRE...

FRFCSUB1 - Process Substring1 Fund Center
FRFCSUB1_SET - Create Funds Center Substring1 Group
FRFCSUB2 - Process Substring2 Fund Center
FRFCSUB2_SET - Create Funds Center Substring2 Group
FRFCSUB3 - Process Substring3 Fund Center
FRFCSUB3_SET - Create Funds Center Substring3 Group FRF...

FRH1 - Loc.Auth.: Enter Budget Release
FRH2 - Loc.Auth.: Enter Local Block
FRH5 - No longer used
FRH6 - Create Release Group Profile
FRH7 - Transfer of Residl Bdgts from CoverP
FRHU2 - Random creation of HUs FRH...

FRML02 - Edit Recipe Formula
FRML03 - Display Recipe Formula
FRML04 - Formula Information System
FRMLC01 - Customizing: Formula Level Assignmt
FRMLC02 - Customiz.: Formula Conversion Assig.
FRMLC03 - Custom.: Check Function/Level Assig. FRM...

FRSTRID - Define Subdivision
FRSUBDIV - Define Substrings


FS00 - G/L acct master record maintenance
FS00001 - Create Business Partner
FS00002 - Change Business Partner
FS00003 - Display Business Partner
FS00101 - Create Business Partner Customer
FS00102 - Change Business Partner Customer FS0...

FS10 - G/L Account Balance
FS10N - Balance Display
FS10NA - Display Balances
FS15 - Copy G/L account changes: Send
FS16 - Copy G/L account changes: Receive
FSAA - Display Address for Bal.Confirmatns
FSAP - Addresses for Balance Confirmations
FSAV - Balance Confirmations: Reply View
FSBPCC_TAXC - Enter Tax Compliance Types
FSBPCC_TAXC2CTRY - Enter Countries for Tax Compliance
FSBPCC_TAXCRSN - Enter Reasons for Compliance Status
FSBP_CREATE_RC_CP - Create Change Pointer for Reconc.
FSBP_CREATE_RC_CP_DP - Reconcile Purpose of Use
FSBP_TC_CUST_CHECK - Check Consistency of Customizing FSB...

FSCD - Change Document List
FSCDEXPIRY1 - Create Expiry Notes
FSCPAR01 - FI-CA: Bal. Int. Calc. Archiving
FSCPBAC - Acct Balance Interest Notification
FSCPBAH - Balance Interest Calculation History
FSCPI1 - Balance Interest Calculation Run FSC...

FSE0_EXPORT_DETAILS - Data Export for Elect. F/S: Accounts
FSE0_EXPORT_NODES - Data Export for Electronic F/S:Items
FSE0_XBRL - F/S Version Acc. to XBRL Taxonomy
FSE1_XBRL - F/S Version from XBRL Taxonomy
FSE1_XBRL_COPY - F/S Version: A/c Assignment Transfer
FSE2 - Change Financial Statement Version FSE...

FSF1 - Financial Calendar
FSH01 - Flight Scheduling : Master Data
FSH01N - Flight Scheduling : Master Data
FSH02 - Flight Scheduling : Detail Data
FSH02N - Flight Scheduling : Detail Data
FSI0 - Execute report
FSI1 - Create Report
FSI2 - Change Report
FSI3 - Display Report
FSI4 - Create Form
FSI5 - Change Form FSI...

FSK2 - Maintain Sample Rules
FSK2_OLD - Maintain Sample Rules
FSL_EVALUNR - Number Range Maintenance: SL_EVALU
FSL_VALU_NR - Number Range Maint.: SL Valuation
FSM1 - Create Sample Account
FSM2 - Change Sample Account
FSM3 - Display Sample Account
FSM4 - Sample Account Changes
FSM5 - Delete Sample Account

FSO2 - Change Finan.Statement Vers. (old)
FSO3 - Display Finan.Statement Vers. (Old)
FSP0 - G/L acct master record in chrt/accts
FSP1 - Create Master Record in Chart/Accts
FSP2 - Change Master Record in Chart/Accts
FSP3 - Display Master Record in Chart/Accts
FSP4 - G/L Account Changes in Chart/Accts
FSP5 - Block Master Record in Chart/Accts FSP...

FSRD - Loans Regulatory Reporting CH
FSRG - Money Mkt Regulatory Reporting CH
FSRW - Securities Regulatory Reporting CH
FSS0 - G/L account master record in co code
FSS1 - Create Master Record in Company Code
FSS2 - Change Master Record in Company Code
FSS3 - Display Master Record in Comp.Code
FSS4 - G/L Account Changes in Company Code
FSSA - Display Bal.Confirmatns Sel.Criteria FSS...

FST2 - Maintain Account Name
FST3 - Display Account Name
FS_BUT021 - Data Transfer to but021_fs


FT10002 - Create Treasury partner
FT10003 - Create Treasury partner
FTB01001 - Create Principal Loan Partner
FTB01002 - Change Principal Loan Partner
FTB01003 - Display Principal Loan Partner
FTB01501 - Create Issuer
FTB01502 - Change issuer
FTB01503 - Display issuer FTB...

FTEX - Exp.bill.doc.analysis
FTE_BSM - Bank Statement Monitor
FTE_BSM_CUST - Customizing: Bank Statement Monitor
FTE_POWL_LINE_ITEMS - line items display for powl
FTE_POWL_POSTPROC - postprocessing
FTE_POWL_STMT_DISP - bank statment display for POWL FTE...

FTGR - Import Gds Receipt Analysis
FTIM - Import Order Analysis
FTI_FAS157_LEVEL3 - Level3 details report
FTI_FAS157_LEV_LOAN - Maintain levels for Securities
FTI_FAS157_LEV_OTC - Maintain levels for OTC deals
FTI_FAS157_LEV_SEC - Maintain levels for Securities
FTI_FAS157_OVERVIEW - FAS157 Compliance Overview FTI...

FTLC_TBSCOP - SAPscript: Standard Texts
FTR01 - Maintain Number Ranges
FTR02 - Bill of Exchange List
FTR03 - Bill of Exchange Transactions
FTR04 - Reversal of Bill Transactions
FTR05 - Printout of Transaction Records
FTR06 - Inflation Adj. of Monetary Items FTR...

FTUS - Foreign Trade: Maintain User Data
FTW0 - Tax data retention and reporting
FTW1A - Extract Data
FTWA - Extract data
FTWAD - Associated data detector
FTWB - Retrieve archived data
FTWC - Merge extracts FTW...

FTXA - Display Tax Code
FTXP - Maintain Tax Code
FT_PULL_FILES - Upload Customs Data


FV02 - Reverse Correction Items
FV08 - Reverse input tax treatment run
FV11 - Create condition
FV12 - Change condition
FV13 - Display condition
FV50 - Park G/L Account Items
FV50L - Park G/L Acct Doc. for Ledger Group
FV53 - Display Parked G/L Account Document
FV60 - Park Incoming Invoices
FV63 - Displayed Parked Vendor Document
FV65 - Park Incoming Credit Memos
FV70 - Preliminary Entry Outbound Invoices
FV73 - Display Parked Customer Document
FV75 - Park Outgoing Credit Notes
FVBTEP - BTE Process Text Module for RE
FVCP - Copy Program for Form Variants
FVD_CORR_HISTORY - Display Correspondence History
FVD_CORR_PRINT_LOG - Appl. Log for Correspond. Print Run
FVD_CORR_PRINT_START - Start Correspondence Print Run
FVE3 - Foreign Exchange Valuation
FVE4 - Quotation Currency Conversion
FVE7 - Reverse Forex Valuation
FVI5 - Electronic rent collection
FVIESR - RE: Import POR data (Switzerland)
FVIQ - Legacy data transfer of compos.rates
FVIR - Legcy Data Trnsfr:Reset Option Rates
FVMCA01A - Park FX Position Adjustment
FVMCA01AL - Park FX Position Adjust. for LG
FVMCA01J - Park MCA Journal
FVMCA01JL - Park MCA Journal for Ledger Group
FVMCA01S - Park FX Swap
FVMCA01SL - Park FX Swap for Ledger Group FVM...

FVOE - Edit Transfer Table. Opt.Rates
FVOI - Create Transfer Table Opt.Rates
FVOP - Transfer Opt.Rates to Prod.System
FVVC - Transfer input tax correct.values
FVVD - Lgcy Data Reset Inp.Tax.Correct.Val.
FVVE - Data Transfer Input Tax Correction
FVVOZ - Balance Interest Calc. Ins. Object
FVZA - Inflow/outflow list report


FW - FW.. reserved for VV-Securities
FW-1 - Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_ANLA
FW-2 - Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_BEKI
FW-3 - Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_ORDER
FW-4 - Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_PNNR
FW-5 - Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_KMNR
FW-6 - Number range maintenance: FVVW_KMNR FW-...

FW17 - Maintain Security Price
FW18 - Display Security Price
FW20 - Create Securities Account
FW21 - Display Securities Account
FW22 - Create CoCd Position Indicators
FW22A - Create Sec. Acct Position Indicators
FW23 - Change CoCd Position Indicators
FW23A - Change Sec. Acct Position Indicators FW2...

FW43 - Customizing Currency Swap Accounts
FW44 - Customizing portfolio items
FW45 - Customizing lock flags
FW46 - Customizing holding share
FW47 - Customizing tax rates
FW48 - Customizing dealers FW4...

FW51 - Customizing valuation principles
FW52 - Customizing valuation classes
FW53 - Customizing valuation in CoCd
FW54 - Customizing typ
FW55 - Customizing:
FW56 - Customizing user-specific loan key FW5...

FW60 - Customizing sec.class relation.types
FW61 - Customizing valuation principles
FW62 - Customizing valuation principles
FW63 - Customizing rate type
FW84 - Customizing security type
FW85 - Customizing funds type
FWAA - Execute Amortization
FWAB - Securities accruals/deferrals
FWACR - Reverse Amortization
FWAR - Securities accr/defer. reset
FWAS - Reverse accrual/deferral
FWBA - BAV Transfer/Securities Init. Screen
FWBC - BAV Info. - Securities Init. Screen
FWBJ - Posting journal
FWBK - Balance sheet transfer
FWBS - Manual Posting
FWCP - Calculate Position
FWDG - Class information
FWDP - Securities account list
FWDS - Reverse Securities Account Transfer
FWDU - Securities Transfer
FWER - Exercise Security Rights
FWER_DRAWING - Drawable Bonds: Mass Processing
FWER_STORNO_NEU - Reversal Rights
FWIW - Securities information
FWK0 - Edit corporate action
FWKB - Post corporate action
FWKS - Reverse corporate action
FWLL - Proportion of Equity and Voting Rept
FWMY - Securities management
FWO0 - Display Flows from Oper. Valn Area
FWO1 - Create order
FWO2 - Change order
FWO3 - Display order
FWO4 - Create order execution
FWO5 - Change order execution FWO...

FWPA - Period-end closing
FWPA_EMERGENCY - Old Period-End Closing - Emergencies
FWPL - Display Last Period-End Closing
FWPR - Reset Period-End Closing
FWR1 - Customizing Acct Assignm. Refer.(Mod
FWSB - Rate/price valn
FWSO - Automatic debit position
FWSS - Reverse Rate/Price Valuation
FWSU - Reverse Balance Sheet Transfer
FWTU - Securities Deadline Monitoring
FWUP - Update Planned Records
FWZA - TR Securities: Account Determination
FWZB - Treasury: Acct Deter. SEC Transact.
FWZE - Manual debit position
FWZZ - Class Master Data
FW_CSPRD - Credit Spread - Securities


FXI0 - Execute Report
FXI1 - Create Report
FXI2 - Change Report
FXI3 - Display Report
FXI4 - Create Form
FXI5 - Change Form FXI...

FXMN - Call Additional Components (FDMN)
FXXX - Processes for witholding tax code


FY01 - FI Transport T060* in Client <> 000
FY02 - EB: Transfer acct assignment + T028D
FY03 - EB: Transfer acct stmt (T028H/I)
FY04 - EB: Transfer checks recd (T028H/I)
FYMN - Call Additional Components (IMG)


FZ-1 - Number Range Maintenance: FVV_DEBIT
FZ-2 - Number Range Maintenance: FVV_PARTNR
FZ-3 - Number Range Maintenance: FVV_VORG
FZ-4 - No.range maintenance:FVV_ADRNR
FZ-5 - Number Range Maintenance: FVV_OBJNR
FZ-6 - No.range maintenance:FVV_PARTID FZ-...

FZ03 - BAV Data ANL, AEN, ANZ Real Estate
FZ06 - BP customizing: REst. default values
FZ10 - Loans: Circular R5/97
FZ11 - Securities: Circular R5/97
FZ12 - Circular R5/95 Real Estate
FZ12_BADI - Circular R5/95 Real Estate
FZ13 - Money Market: Circular R5/97
FZ14 - Access PRF-0 for Eq.-Linked Life.Ins FZ1...

FZ20 - Customizing Number Components
FZ30 - Customizing restraint on disposal
FZ31 - v-tzv04
FZ32 - Cust. Stock Indicator BAV (Display)
FZ33 - Customizing tax office stock indic.
FZ34 - Cust. Stock Indicator BAV (Change)
FZ37 - Customizing conversion extern.roles FZ3...

FZ41 - Customizing Internal Partner Role
FZ42 - Customizing customer applicatn type
FZ43 - Customizing Address Type
FZ44 - Customizing Object Type
FZ45 - Customizing Partner Install. Param.
FZ46 - Customizing Partner Forms of Address FZ4...

FZ50 - Customizing Legal Form
FZ51 - Customizing Finan.Acctng Asset Group
FZ52 - Customizing Reasons for Reversal
FZ53 - Customizing PRF- Number
FZ54 - Customizing PRF - Subsection
FZ55 - Customizing Insurance Branch FZ5...

FZ60 - Customizing BAV Group 101 (Loans)
FZ61 - Customizing BAV Group 101 (Real Est)
FZ62 - Customizing BAV Group 102
FZ63 - Customizing BAV Group 102 (Secur.)
FZ64 - Customizing BAV Group 102 (Real Est)
FZ65 - Customizing PRF-Number FZ6...

FZ70 - Customizing BAV Group 501 (Secur.)
FZ71 - Customizing BAV Group 501 (Real Est)
FZ73 - Customizing Sub-section Relationship
FZ74 - Customizing BAV Group 501 Relatnship
FZ75 - Customizing BAV Group 201 (Loans)
FZ76 - Customizing BAV Group 201 (Secur.) FZ7...

FZ80 - Customizing BAV Grp R11/76 (RealEst)
FZ81 - Customizing BAV Group R2/87 (Loans)
FZ82 - Customizing BAV Group R2/87 (Secur.)
FZ83 - Customizing BAV Grp R2/87 (Real Est)
FZ84 - Cust. Stat.reporting asset type
FZ85 - Customizing Asset Type DV3/DV8 (Sec) FZ8...

FZ91 - Customer input per product type
FZ92 - Customizing default-ProdTyp/CoCd(DW)
FZ93 - Customizing Default-ProdTyp/CoCd(DI)
FZ94 - Customizing Default Value PART (DD)
FZ95 - Customizing Default Value PART (DW)
FZ96 - Customizing Default Value PART (DI) FZ9...

FZA0 - Customizing Int. Indicator 1
FZA1 - Customizing Int. Indicator 2
FZA2 - Customizing Int. Indicator 3
FZA3 - Customizing Int. Indicator 4
FZA4 - Customizing Int. Indicator 5
FZA5 - Customizing Int. Indicator 6 FZA...

FZB0 - Customizing Int. Indicator 11
FZB4 - List of trustees
FZB5 - Statements
FZB6 - Control Parameters for BAV Statement
FZB7 - Statements
FZB8 - BAV-Lists Securities Control FZB...

FZC4 - Maintain Ratings
FZC5 - Maintain Legal Entity
FZC6 - Maintain Product Types-DW (
FZC7 - Maintain Product Types-DW(CoCd data)
FZC8 - Maintain Changes in Net Assets
FZC9 - Maintain Valuation Types FZC...

FZD4 - VV Plausibility Checks
FZFD - Assign planning levels
FZID - Number Range Maintenance: FVVZ_IDENT
FZKB - Clear Trivial Amnts for Cons. Loans
FZKL - Account Clearing Loans
FZLR - VV Returned debit memos
FZM4 - Treasury Mgmt information system
FZMN - Treasury Management basic functions
FZNB - Payment Postprocessing
FZP0 -
FZP1 - Create Natural Person
FZP2 - Create Legal Person
FZP3 - Change Partner
FZP4 - Display Partner
FZP5 - Choose Partner FZP...

FZR1 - Create Rating Agency
FZR2 - Change Rating Agency
FZR3 - Display Rating Agency
FZUA - Auto. Process Unscheduled Repayment
FZW0 - Resubmission of Application Area
FZW1 - Create Messages / MAILS
FZW2 - Change Messages / MAIL
FZW3 - Display Messages / MAIL
FZW4 - Delete Messages / MAIL
FZW5 - Maintain Text Objects: Table TTXOB FZW...

FZXR - Flow types per posting application
FZZB - Cust.: Sort criteria selection
FZZC - Customizing: Sort criteria values
FZZD - Customizing: Planned item-search
FZZE - Custzomizing: IPD-transaction types


F_0BF - Z4 Rep. FTR: Download Reporting Data
F_0BN - Z4 Report FTR on Basis of Rec./Pay.
F_71 - DME with Disk: B/Excha. Presentation
F_72 - Mass Bill/Exch.Liability Maintenance
F_75 - Extended Bill/Exchange Information
F_76 - Extended Bill of Exchange List (ALV)
F_77 - C FI Maintain Table T045D
F_79 - C FI Maintain Table T045G F_7...

F_90 - C FI Maintain Table T045F
F_CO_01 - Report RFSUMB00 Colombia
F_CZ_01 - Report RFSUMB00 Czech Republic
F_DD_PRENOTIF_DEL - List of Dir. Debit Pre-notifications
F_DD_PRENOTIF_ITEM - Item Direct Debit Pre-notification
F_DD_PRENOTIF_LIST - List of Dir. Debit Pre-notifications
F_IT_01 - Report RFSUMB00 Italy
F_PT_01 - Report RFSUMB00 Portugal
F_RFUMSV25 - Transfer Posting for Deferred Tax
F_RO_01 - Report RFSUMB00 Romania
F_SK_01 - Report RFSUMB00 Slovakia
F_TR_01 - Report RFSUMB00 Turkey


GA11 - Create FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA11N - Create FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA12 - Change FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA12N - Change FI-SL Actual Assessment
GA13 - Display FI-SL actual assessment
GA13N - Display FI-SL Actual Assessment GA1...

GA27 - Create FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA27N - Create FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA28 - Change FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA28N - Change FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA29 - Display FI-SL Planned Assessment
GA29N - Display FI-SL Planned Assessment GA2...

GA31 - Create FI-SL actual distribution
GA31N - Create FI-SL Actual Distribution
GA32 - Change FI-SL actual distribution
GA32N - Change FI-SL Actual Distribution
GA33 - Display FI-SL actual distribution
GA33N - Display FI-SL Actual Distribution GA3...

GA47 - Create FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA47N - Create FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA48 - Change FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA48N - Change FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA49 - Display FI-SL Planned Distribution
GA49N - Display FI-SL Planned Distribution GA4...

GACNFIAA - Golden Audit: Assets (China)
GACN_APAR - Golden Audit: Cust./Vendors (China)
GACN_COMMON - Golden Audit: Common Info. (China)
GACN_DOWNLOAD - Data File Management
GACN_GL - Golden Audit: General Ledger (China)
GADBAVG - ADB Calculate Monthly Averages
GADBCDT - FI-SL Document Types for ADB
GADBCLD - ADB Ledger Customizing
GADBCOR - Corrections to Monthly Average Bals.
GADBKFC - Calculate ADB Key Figures
GADBMM - ADB Move and Merge GAD...

GAL1 - Update Assignment Table EDIMAP
GAL2 - Generate Export/Import
GAL3 - Export of G/L acct transactn figures
GALILEO - Galileo Bypass
GALILEO_SYNCH - Synchronization of Galileo PNRs
GALILEO_VPNR - Galileo Bypass VPNR GAL...

GAOV - Cycle Overview FI-SL
GAR1 - Create Archive
GAR5 - Display Structure of Local DBs
GAR8 - RW/RP Reports for FI-SL Archives
GAR9 - Generate FI-SL Archive/DB Reports
GA_CN_PY - Golden Audit China - Payroll report


GB01 - Document Entry for Local Ledgers
GB02 - Number Range Maint.for Local Ledgers
GB03 - Number Range Maint.f.Global Ledgers
GB04 - Number Range Maint.for Local Ledgers
GB05 - Number Range Maint.f.Global Ledgers
GB06 - Reverse Local FI-SL Actual Documnts GB0...

GB11 - Document Entry for Global Ledgers
GB16 - Reverse Global FI-SL Actual Docmnts
GBC1 - GBC: Method Repository
GBC2 - GBC: Task Definition
GBC3 - GBC: Field and Value Allocations
GBC4 - GBC:No.Range Maintenance(ISU_GBCCON)
GBC5 - GBC:No.Range Maint. (ISU_GBCLNK)
GBCA - GBC: Link Log GBC...


GC01 - Call GS01 for LC
GC10 - FI-LC: Print Companies
GC11 - Create Company Master Record
GC12 - Change Company Master Record
GC13 - Display Company Master Record
GC14 - Delete Company Master Record
GC16 - Create Subgroup Master Record GC1...

GC21 - Enter Individual Fin.Statement Data
GC22 - Display Individual Fin. Stmt Data
GC23 - FI-LC: Document Entry
GC24 - FI-LC: Display Document
GC25 - Maintain Consolidation Number Ranges
GC26 - FI-LC: Journal Entry Report GC2...

GC30 - FI-LC: Mass Reversal
GC31 - FI-LC: Customize Curr. Translation
GC32 - FI-LC: Customizing Consolidation
GC33 - FI-LC: Financial Data Table Maint.
GC34 - FI-LC: Reported Data Table Display
GC35 - FI-LC: Transport Table Entries/Sets GC3...

GC41 - GLT3 - Maintain GLT3 sub-assignments
GC44 - Send Financial Statement Data
GC45 - Delete Subgroup
GC4P - FI-LC Print Step-Consolidated Group
GC50 - Report Selection
GC51 - Report Selection
GC60 - Data for elim. of IC profit/loss
GC61 - Export of Transaction Data
GC62 - Import of Transaction Data
GC63 - Liability Method
GC99 - Consolidation Test Data
GCA1 - FI-SL: Field Usage for Assessment
GCA2 - FI-SL: Data Control for Assessment
GCA3 - FI-SL: Allocations: Data fld descr.
GCA4 - FI-SL: Allocation Field Grp Texts
GCA5 - FI-SL: Allocation Table Information
GCA6 - FI-SL: Field Usage for Distribution GCA...

GCB1 - Change FI-SL Customizing Comp. Code
GCB2 - Display FI-SL Customizing Comp.Code
GCB3 - Copy FI-SL Customizing Company Code
GCB4 - FI-SL: Delete Company Code
GCBA - FI-SL: Valid Document Types
GCBE - Texts for Document Types GCB...

GCCG - Generate Code for FI-SL
GCD0_EXPORT_DETAILS - Display eBilanz Global Common Data
GCD0_EXPORT_SHLDR - Shareholders of Global Common Data
GCD1 - FI-SL Customizing: Diagnosis Tool
GCD1_XBRL - GCD Version from XBRL Taxonomy
GCD2 - List of FI-SL Direct Posting Tables
GCD2_XBRL - Change GCD Revision GCD...

GCE1 - Maintain User
GCEA - Maintain FI-LC ledgers
GCEB - Maintain FI-LC ledgers for conversn
GCEC - Maintain companies for conversion
GCED - Make special settings for conversion
GCEE - FI-LC: Reconcil. of bal. carried fwd GCE...

GCF1 - Create FI-SL Customizng Fld Assign.
GCF2 - Change FI-SL Customizng Fld Assign.
GCF3 - Display FI-SL Customizng Fd Assign.
GCF4 - FI-SL: Delete Field Assignment
GCG1 - Create FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp.
GCG2 - Change FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp.
GCG3 - Display FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp
GCG4 - Copy FI-SL Customizing Global Comp.
GCG5 - FI-SL Customizing: Delete Companies
GCGE - Activate Global Plan Line Items GCG...

GCI1 - Installation of FI-SL Tables
GCI2 - FI-SL: Installation of Object Tables
GCI3 - FI-SL Table Directory
GCI4 - FI-SL Fixed Field Movements
GCIN - Maintain FI-SL tables
GCIQ - Quick installation FI-SL GCI...

GCJU - Diagnosis: Direct Access to Function
GCL1 - Create FI-SL Customizing Ledger
GCL2 - Change FI-SL Customizing Ledger
GCL3 - Display FI-SL Customizing Ledger
GCL4 - Delete FI-SL Customizing Ledger
GCL6 - FI-SL: Copy Ledger
GCLE - Activate Local Plan Line Items GCL...

GCM1 - Conversion
GCP1 - FI-SL: Local Posting Periods
GCP2 - FI-SL Customizing: T001C
GCP3 - FI-SL: Local Fisc.Yr-Dep.Vers.Param
GCP4 - FI-SL: Global Fisc.Yr-Dep.Vers.Para
GCP5 - FI-SL: Local Plan Periods
GCP6 - FI-SL: Global Plan Periods GCP...

GCR1 - Rollup: Create Field Assignment
GCR2 - Rollup: Change Field Assignment
GCR3 - Rollup: Display Field Assignment
GCR4 - FI-SL: Rollup Substitution
GCR5 - FI-SL: Rollup Substitution
GCR6 - FI-SL Customizing:Del.Rollup Fld.A. GCR...

GCS1 - FI-SL: Master Data T800D
GCS5 - Balance Carr. Forward Fld Movements
GCS6 - Global Standard Accounts
GCS7 - Bal.Carr.Forward: Global Std Accts
GCT0 - Transport of Substitutions
GCT1 - Transport Ledger
GCT2 - FI-SL Activation
GCT3 - Control Information
GCT4 - Transport Rollup
GCT5 - Transport: Planning Parameters GCT...

GCU0 - Customizing FI-GLX Menu
GCU1 - Data Transfer from FI
GCU1N - Data Transfer from FI
GCU2 - Generate G1U2
GCU3 - Transfer Data From CO
GCU4 - Subsequent Posting of Data From MM GCU...

GCV1 - FI-SL: Create Activity
GCV2 - Change FI-SL Customizing Activity
GCV3 - Display FI-SL Customizing Activity
GCV4 - FI-SL Customizing: Delete Activity
GCVB - Update Type in FI-SL
GCVI - FI-SL: Actual Versions GCV...

GCW1 - Versions for Currency Translation
GCW2 - Local Translation Methods
GCW3 - Global Translation Methods
GCW4 - Sp.Purpose Ldgr Currency Translation
GCW5 - FI-SL: Historical Curr. Translation
GCW6 - FI-SL: Exchange Rates GCW...

GCX1 - FI-SL: Client-independent user exits
GCX2 - FI-SL: Client-dependent user exits
GCZ3 - Generate Report Groups
GC_GR_NV - Indirect call of GCD3


GD00 - Report Selection
GD02 - FI-SL line item plan documents
GD12 - Flex.G/L: Totals Record Display
GD13 - Totals Record Display
GD20 - Start Selectin FI-SL Line Items
GD21 - Flexible G/L: Document Selection
GD22 - Flex. G/L: Actual Document Display
GD23 - FI-SL: Local Actual Document Display
GD33 - FI-SL: Global Actual Doc. Display
GD42 - Flex. G/L: Plan Document Display
GD43 - FI-SL: Local Plan Document Display
GD44 - FI-SL: Global Plan Document Display
GD51 - Enter Local FI-SL Master Data
GD52 - Change Local FI-SL Master Data
GD53 - Display Local FI-SL Master Data
GD54 - Delete Local FI-SL Master Data
GD60 - Create Code Combinations
GD61 - Maintain Code Combinations
GD62 - Display Code Combinations
GD63 - Code combinations activation
GD64 - Code combinations deactivation
GDS_MATERIAL_EXTRACT - Extraction of Materials for GDS
GDV_EDIT_SNAPSHOT - Edit Value Snapshot


GENC - Generate Source Code
GENEPXML - Generate Enterprise Portal Navb. XML
GENERAL_LEDGER_PERU - General Ledger, Peru
GENIL_BOL_BROWSER - Browser for Business Object Layer
GENIL_MODEL_BROWSER - Model Browser for genIL Applications
GENIL_MODEL_EDITOR - Editor for Genil Models GEN...


GFSRFW - Fastsearch Replication Monitor
GFSWB - Generic Fast Search Workbench
GFTR_C0001 - FTTR: Applications
GFTR_C0002 - TR-TM: Define Field Groups
GFTR_C0003 - FTTR: Views
GFTR_C0011 - TR-TM: Screen Field <--> DB Field
GFTR_C0012 - TR-TM: Field Modification Criteria
GFTR_C0023 - FTTR: Data Sets GFT...


GGB0 - Validation Maintenance
GGB1 - Substitution Maintenance
GGB3 - Maintain Boolean Class
GGB4 - Analysis tool for valid./subst.


GHODOI - DOI Cust: Number Ranges
GHONET - GHONET : Number Ranges
GHOPPC - Cleanup Report Planning Table
GHOTRO - TRO Cust: Number Ranges
GHOVARID - Network object number range


GJ01 - Net Cash Call to Equity Group
GJ02 - JV Gross Cash Call To Equit Group
GJ03 - JV Net Cash Call To Project
GJ04 - JV Gross Cash Call To Project
GJ05 - JV Non-operated cash call to eq grp
GJ06 - JV Non-Operated Cash Call to Project GJ0...

GJ10 - Yearly balance shifting
GJ11 - Joint Venture master data catalog
GJ12 - Billing Ledger Extract
GJ13 - Joint Venture Ledger Extract
GJ14 - Hard Copy Billing
GJ15 - Billing Schedule Manager GJ1...

GJ20 - Venture Bank Account Switching
GJ21 - Recovery indicator
GJ22 - Internal recovery indicator
GJ23 - Change JV partners
GJ24 - Venture classes
GJ25 - Cutback rules / accounts GJ2...

GJ30 - Cutback / project intercompany code
GJ31 - Cutback tables / orders
GJ32 - Cutback rules / orders
GJ33 - Equity types
GJ34 - JV project in suspense
GJ35 - Bank accounts GJ3...

GJ40 - Accounts for supplemental billing
GJ41 - JV Projects for supplemental billing
GJ42 - JV Material Batch-Cond code x-ref
GJ44 - Net profit interest groups
GJ45 - JVA functions / function item types
GJ47 - Billing methods GJ4...

GJ50 - JV Posting rule detail customizing
GJ51 - Bank accounts for cash call print
GJ52 - Non-operated billing forms
GJ53 - Non-operated billing form lines
GJ54 - JOA detailed information
GJ55 - JV valuation area GJ5...

GJ60 - EDI Outbound Base Configuration
GJ61 - JV Clearing billing indicator
GJ62 - JV Bi.Meth./CompCd. assignment
GJ63 - JV Project types
GJ64 - JV Cost center types
GJ65 - JV Order types GJ6...

GJ70 - JOA-maintenance
GJ72 - JOA classes
GJ73 - Special cost elements
GJ74 - Stepped rate rules
GJ75 - JV stepped rate thresholds
GJ76 - Partner process groups GJ7...

GJ80 - JIB account mapping for AFE
GJ81 - JV Billing structure
GJ82 - Create BTCI Sessions for Cash Calls
GJ83 - JV Automatic posting
GJ84 - JVA NPI/CI Netting (without CI Grp)
GJ85 - JV Automated Postings (Cost Calcs) GJ8...

GJ90 - JV Realized exchange differences
GJ91 - JV Unrealized exchange
GJ92 - JV Goods receipt expense orders
GJ93 - JV Goods receipt inventory orders
GJ94 - International Cost Calculations
GJ95 - North American Overhead Calculations GJ9...

GJA1 - Create joint operating agreement
GJA2 - Change joint operating agreement
GJA3 - Display joint operating agreement
GJA4 - JOA master data catalog
GJA5 - Display changes for Joint Op. Agreem
GJA8 - JV JOA screen GJA...

GJB1 - BI for supplemental detail
GJB2 - Account for supplemental detail
GJB3 - Project type for supplemental detail
GJB4 - Cost center type for suppl. detail
GJB5 - Order type for supplemental detail
GJB6 - SDS protocol GJB...

GJC1 - Activate company in JV
GJC2 - Deactivate company in JV
GJCA - Housebank switching
GJCB - JV Cutback Program
GJCB_REV - Cutback Reversal
GJCC - Copy configuration from company code GJC...

GJDA - Delete JOA
GJDC - Dunning
GJDE - Delete Joint Venture Data
GJE0 - EDI invoice service codes
GJE2 - JV Customize EDI Suppl Seg Drivers
GJE3 - JV Customize EDI Segment Components
GJE4 - EDI JIBE condition codes
GJE5 - JV EDI Communications Code
GJE6 - JV EDI Bill Ind to Svc Code mapping GJE...

GJF1 - Create JV assessment cycle - actual
GJF2 - Change JV assessment cycle - actual
GJF3 - Display JV assessment cycle - actual
GJF4 - Delete JV assessment cycle - actual
GJF5 - Execute JV assessment - actual
GJF6 - Overview JV assessment GJF...

GJG1 - Create JV distribution cycle -actual
GJG2 - Change JV distribution cycle -actual
GJG3 - Display JV distribution cycle-actual
GJG4 - Delete JV distribution cycle -actual
GJG5 - Execute JV distribution - actual
GJG6 - Overview distribution - actual GJG...

GJIS - Install JV standard reports
GJJ1 - Generate JADE audit file
GJJ2 - Billing extracts
GJJ3 - JADE file description
GJJA - JV Load Balancing
GJJE - Joint venture event maintenance
GJL2 - C JVA Change Ledger
GJL3 - C JVA Display Ledger
GJL7 - Plan Data Transfer by Documents
GJL8 - Company code (global data)
GJLB - Load Balancing Distribution
GJLI - Summary ledger line items GJL...

GJM1 - Mark Prepaid Inventory
GJM2 - Display Prepaid Inventory
GJNO - Non open item unreal. exchange diff.
GJNR - JV Number range customizing
GJOI - Open line items for cost objects
GJP1 - JVA NPI/CI Netting (with CI Grp)
GJPA - Partner regional addresses
GJPC - Penalty categories
GJPD - Determine CRP pricing procedure
GJPE - Display Documents for re-posting
GJPN - Partner Netting GJP...

GJQ0 - CRP Customising Menu
GJQ1 - Conditions: Procedure for A CR
GJQ2 - Condition Types: SD Pricing
GJQ3 - Maintain Access (Sales Price)
GJQ4 - V-T681F: Index Field Catalog
GJQ5 - Create Conditions (CRP) GJQ...

GJR1 - Summary Ledger Reporting
GJR2 - Billing Ledger Reporting
GJR3 - JV EDI Inbound: IDOC Status Report
GJR4 - EDI: Invoice and Operating Statement
GJR5 - JV EDI Inbound: Unusual Expenditure
GJR6 - JV EDI Inbound: Memo AFE Projects GJR...

GJS1 - Create account set
GJS2 - Change account set
GJS3 - Display account set
GJSX - Call set maintenance
GJT0 - Reverse AM/MM Transfer document
GJT1 - JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT1_OLD - JV Transfer Asset to Project/Order
GJT2 - JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT2_OLD - JV Transfer Asset to Asset
GJT3 - JV Transfer Asset to Asset GJT...

GJU1 - Customizing groups
GJU2 - Customizing group definition
GJU3 - Processes for authorization
GJV0 -
GJV1 - Create Joint Venture Master
GJV2 - Change Joint Venture Master
GJV3 - Display Joint Venture Master
GJV4 - Joint Venture Customizing Menu
GJV5 - Display Change Documents JV-Master GJV...

GJW1 - Create JV-Pricing archive
GJW2 - Delete archived JV-Pricing Data
GJW3 - JV-Pricing Archive-Administration
GJX1 - Conditions: Procedure for A CR
GJX2 - Condition Types: SD Pricing
GJX3 - Maintain Access (Sales Price)
GJX4 - V-T681F: Index Field Catalog
GJX5 - Maintenance text for table T8J156S
GJX6 - Maintenance text for table T8J156X GJX...

GJY01 - Create JV bank account archive
GJY02 - Delete archived JV bank account data
GJY03 - Reload JV bank account data
GJY04 - JV bank archive administration
GJY1 - Create JV-Cutback archive
GJY11 - Create JVA event GJY...

GJZ1 - Create JV-Billing archive
GJZ2 - Delete archived JV-Billing Data
GJZ3 - Reload JV-Billing Archives
GJZ4 - JV-Billing Archive-Administration
GJZ5 - Reporting on Billing-Archives
GJZ6 - RW/RP Reports for Billing-Archives GJZ...

GJ_GD13 - Display JVA and JV-Billing totals
GJ_GD20 - JVA and JV-Billing items
GJ_SUS_CC - JV cost centers in suspense
GJ_SUS_CC_DISP - Display JV cost centers in suspense
GJ_SUS_ORD - JV orders in suspense
GJ_SUS_ORD_DISP - Display JV orders in suspense GJ_...


GL10 - Flexible G/L: Transaction figures
GL20 - Number Ranges FI-SL Rollup
GL21 - Create rollup
GL22 - Change rollup
GL23 - Display rollup
GL24 - Delete rollup
GL25 - Execute rollup GL2...

GLA1 - Activate flexible G/L
GLAREP - Flex. G/L:RW/RP reports for archives
GLARI1 - Flex. GL: Line item archiving
GLART1 - Flex. GL: totals archiving
GLBW - Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L Assts
GLC1 - Flexible G/L: Currencies
GLC2 - Flex.G/L: Activate local ledger
GLCF - Blnce carrd fwrd: Summ for P&L accts
GLDE - Deletion of Flex G/L transactn data
GLE_AFX_ACT - No. Range Maintenance Object:AFX_ACT
GLE_AFX_CUST_DEPLOY - Use Archive Customizing
GLE_FX_CUST_COPY - Copy FX rates customizing
GLFLEXCUS - New General Ledger Accounting
GLFLEXIMG - Flexible G/L Customizing
GLFLEXSPL - New General Ledger Accounting
GLGCA1 - Flexible G/L: Field use assessment
GLGCA2 - Flexible G/L: Data control assessmt
GLGCA3 - Flexible G/L: Data field allocation
GLGCA4 - Flexible G/L: Field group texts
GLGCA5 - Flexible G/L: Table information
GLGCA6 - Flexible G/L: Field use distribution GLG...

GLL1 - Create ledger
GLL2 - Change ledger
GLL3 - Display ledger
GLL4 - Delete ledger
GLLI - Activate Local Plan Line Items
GLN1 - Flexible G/L:Actual Document Types
GLN2 - Flexible G/L: Plan Document Types
GLOBAL_TEMPLATES - Global authorization templates
GLO_PRAD - Delimitation of PD for Local Transp.
GLO_PRKD - Delimitation of PD for Pocket Money
GLO_PRTD - Delimitation of PD for Public Transp
GLO_PRVA - Scale Local Transport
GLO_PRVT - Scale Public Transport GLO...

GLP2 - Flexible G L: Versions
GLPA - Offsetting account determination
GLPCA - Display Table GLPCA
GLPCP - Display Table GLPCP
GLPCT - Display Table GLPCT
GLPLADM - FI-SL: Planner Profile Maintenance GLP...

GLR1 - Flex. G/L: Create rollup ledger
GLR2 - Flex. G/L: Change rollup ledger
GLR3 - Display flex. G/L rollup ledger
GLR4 - Flex. G/L: Delete rollup ledger


GM01 - Warranty categories
GM02 - Warranty types
GM03 - Initial transactions
GM04 - Warranty counter categories
GMAACT - Calculate and Post Accruals
GMABILLING - Set Accrual Method by Billing Rule
GMABUKRS - Set Accr. Calculation by Company
GMAGRANT - Set Accrual Method by Grant
GMAPOST - Transfer ACE Docs to Accounting
GMAPSADCONT01 - Acct Determntn: Maintn Entry Step 01 GMA...

GMBDGTOVIEW - GM Budget Overview
GMBDGTOVIEWD - GM Budget Overview Direct
GMBUNR - GM change document number ranges
GMCA_BCF - MCA Balance Carryforward
GMCA_BILA - MCA Financial Statement
GMCA_CHK_BAL - Validate FX Balances
GMCA_CHK_CONF - Check MCA Configuration
GMCA_CHK_DOCRATE - Validate ExRates Appl.for Calc.Equiv
GMCA_CHK_RATES - Validate Exchange Rates GMC...

GMDERIVE - GM Assignment - Customizing
GMDERIVER - GM Assignment - Maintenance
GMEDNR - GM entry document number ranges
GMGAAPPOST - Post Grants Manangement GAAP Accrual
GMGRANT - Grant Master - Single Screen
GMGRANTD - Grants Master - Display Only
GMGRANTWF - Approve Grant
GMGRAUTH - Grant Authorization Groups
GMIDCPOST - Calculate GM Indirect Cost
GMLDBW - GM Special Ledger BW Extractors
GMMPRBB - Increase Budget from Revenues
GMNRG - Set Not Relevant Grant
GMPRAUTH - Program Authorization Groups
GMPROGRAM - GM Sponsored Program Master Data
GMRBDERIMD - GM: Assign Proposal for RIB Master D
GMRBDERIRO - GM: Derive RIB Object From Posting
GMRBGENMD - Generate Master Data for GM RIB
GMRBIDXREC - Reconstruct Index for GM RIB
GMRBRULE - Edit Single Rule for RIB Object
GMRELATIONSHIPS - Maintain Grant Relationships GMR...

GMS1 - GM BDT Applications
GMS100 - GM BDT field group per activity
GMS101 - GM BDT field group per role category
GMS102 - GM BDT Authorization Types
GMS103 - GM BDT Field Groups Authorization
GMS104 - GM BDT Visual Screen Tool GMS...

GMTEXTID - GM Text ID maintenance
GMTRANSLATE1 - Translation: Initial Screen
GMWHEREUSED - Where-Used GM Assignments
GM_AWARD_TYPE - Maintain award types
GM_BDGT_COPY_VERSION - Copy GM Document between Versions
GM_BDGT_DEL - Delete GM Budget Documents
GM_BDGT_DOC_TYPE - Budget Document Types
GM_BDGT_RANGES - Number range maintenance: GRANT_BDGT
GM_BDGT_REASON_CODES - Plan/Budget Reason Codes GM_...


GP12N - FI-SL: Change Plan Data
GP12NA - FI-SL: Display Plan Data
GP30 - Maintain Distribution Keys
GP31 - Create Distribution Key
GP32 - Change Distribution Key
GP33 - Display Distribution Key
GP34 - Delete Distribution Key
GP41 - Create Planning Parameters
GP42 - Change Planning Parameters
GP43 - Display Planning Parameters
GP44 - Delete Planning Parameters
GP52 - Local Source Data to Plan
GP52N - Local Model Plan
GP62 - Global Source Data to Plan
GP82 - Flexible G/L: Enter plan values
GP83 - Flexible G/L: Display plan values
GPDARCH01 - GPD Archiving: WBS Selection
GPDARCH02 - GPD Archiving: Repl.obj. Selection
GPDARCH03 - GPD Archiving: WBS Display
GPDARCH04 - GPD Archiving: Customizing
GPDARCH05 - GPD Archiving: Customizing (message)
GPSHAD_NEW - Preparation of Shadow Table
GPSHAD_UPDATE - Update of Shadow Table


GR11 - Create Standard Layout
GR12 - Change Standard Layout
GR13 - Display Standard Layout
GR14 - Delete Standard Layout
GR17 - Export standard layouts
GR18 - Import standard layouts GR1...

GR21 - Create Library
GR22 - Change Library
GR23 - Display library
GR24 - Delete library
GR27 - Export libraries
GR28 - Import libraries GR2...

GR31 - Create report
GR32 - Change Report
GR33 - Display report
GR34 - Delete report
GR37 - Export reports
GR38 - Import reports GR3...

GR51 - Create report group
GR52 - Change Report Group
GR53 - Display report group
GR54 - Delete report group
GR55 - Execute Report Group
GR57 - Export report groups GR5...

GRACRABATCH_MONITOR - Batch Risk Analysis Monitor
GRAC_ACT_USAGE_SYNC - Action Usage Synchronization
GRAC_ALERT_GENERATE - Alert Generation
GRAC_AUTH_SYNC - Authorizations Synchronization
GRAC_BATCH_RA - Risk Analysis In Batch Mode.

GRCT - Report Writer: Control Tables
GRE0 - Report Writer: Extract Management
GRE1 - Report Writer: Display Extracts
GRE5 - Report Writer: Delete Extracts
GRE6 - Report Writer: Print Extracts
GRE7 - Report Writer: Validity of Extracts
GRE8 - Extracts: User Settings GRE...

GRFNMW_ADMIN - MSMP Power User / Debug
GRFNMW_CN_VERA - MSMP Process Active Version Maint.
GRFNMW_CONFIGURE - MSMP Workflow Configuration (Expert)
GRFNMW_DBGMONITOR_WD - MSMP Instance Runtime Monitor
GRFNMW_DEBUG - MSMP Process Debug Settings GRF...

GRLV - List variants for line items
GRM1 - Display Grouping WBS Elem Assign.
GRM2 - Display MRP Group Assignments
GRM3 - Colective Processing: Assignments
GRM4 - Change Grouping Element Assignments
GRM5 - Maintain MRP group assignments
GRM6 - Grouping Consistency Check GRM...

GRP1 - Report Writer: Display Extracts
GRP5 - Report Writer: Delete Extracts
GRP6 - Report Writer: Print Extracts
GRP7 - Report Writer: Validity of Extracts
GRPCBU - Connect User and Person

GRR1 - RW: Create Row/Column Structure
GRR2 - RW: Change formula
GRR3 - RW: Display formula
GRR4 - Create model
GRR5 - Change model
GRR6 - Display model GRR...

GRW_PORTAL_LAUNCH - Start Report Group from Portal
GRW_PORTAL_LAUNCHNEW - Start Report Group from Portal


GS01 - Create set
GS02 - Change Set
GS03 - Display Set
GS04 - Delete set
GS07 - Exports sets
GS08 - Import sets GS0...

GS11 - Create Variable
GS12 - Change Variable
GS13 - Display Variable
GS14 - Delete Variable
GS17 - Export variables
GS18 - Import variables GS1...

GS32 - Create/Change Key Figures
GS33 - Display Key Figures
GSCD - Activate change documents
GSFNR - Document Display for a GSFNR
GSP_CD - Maintain constants
GSP_KD - Maintain account determination
GSP_KD1 - Maintain acct deter: 0 balance
GSP_KD2 - Maintain acct deter: Additional rows
GSP_LD - Define item type
GSP_LZ1 - SAP internal item cat. assignment GSP...

GSTA - Subsequent Pstng of Stat.Key Figures


GTDIS - General Table Display
GTRBILLDOC_ARCH - Archive Grantor Billing Doc. (AP/AR)
GTRBILL_DISP - Display Grantor Billing Doc. (AP/AR)
GTRBILL_NR - Maintain Number Range: GTRBILL
GTRDERIVE - GTR Object Assignment - Customizing
GTRDERIVER - GTR Object Assignment - Maintenance
GTRINV_MULTI_BP_S - Grantor Invoicing (multiple BP rec.) GTR...

GT_ACT_DB - Activate New DB Configration
GT_CUS - Set Customer Type
GT_DL - Upload Inbound File from GT
GT_DLN - Upload Inbound File from GTS
GT_IVL - Invoice List
GT_UL - Create Outbound File for GT GT_...




GVAR - Maintenance of Fiscal Year Variants
GVTR - FI-SL: Balance Carry Forward
GVTR_NACC - FI-SL: Balance Carry Forward


GWUG - FI-SL: Global Currency Translation
GWUL - FI-SL: Local Currency Translation


GZZG - Generate FI-SL completely


HAP_TAB_CONF - Start Tab and Process Configuration


HB01 - Create Business entity
HB02 - Change Business entity
HB03 - Display Business entity
HB11 - Create Building
HB12 - Change Building
HB13 - Display Building
HB18 - Sales mode building display
HB21 - Create Sales units
HB22 - Change Sales units
HB23 - Display Sales units
HB28 - Sales display 'Sales units'
HB31 - Create Lot
HB32 - Change Lot
HB33 - Display Lot
HB38 - Sales driven display lot
HBA2 - Change affected building list
HBA3 - Display affected building list
HBAG - Master data generation for re-scm
HBCX - Order cancellation for RE-SCM
HBF2 - Change Fit-List
HBF3 - Display Fit-List
HBIS1 - Building List Report
HBIS2 - Business entity List report
HBIS3 - Sales unit List report
HBIS4 - Lot List report
HBPF - Pre-Sales Browser (no splash)
HBPS - Pre-Sales Browser
HBR2 - Change Rules
HBR3 - Display Rules
HBS0 - (old) Create RE-SCM Sales Order
HBS1 - (old) Create RE-SCM Inquiry
HBS2 - (old) Create RE-SCM Quotation
HB_CO44 - Enhanced project scheduling


HCMWAOKOPL1 - Cost Planning


HDBC - ERP Accelerators: Settings
HDBHIER - Maintain set hierarchies for HDB
HDBS - ERP Accelerators: Settings
HDBS_ERROR - ERP Accelerators: Settings
HDBVIEWS - Analysis and generation of HDB views
HDB_APPL_SYNC - Sync Accelerator Config Entries HDB...

HDS - Initial Screen - HDS
HDS2 - HDS: Alternative Initial Screen
HDS_HELP - HDS Implementation Aids
HDS_OVERVIEW - HDS: Overview of HDS Trees
HDS_START_DIRECT - HDS Start for Parameter Transaction


HELLO_T_WORLD - Hello World
HER1 - Branch to Money Market Structure
HER2 - Branch to Foreign Exchange Structure
HER3 - Branch to Derivatives Structure
HERB - Structure call TRGF


HIER - Application Hierarchy Maintenance
HINU_ESEP_DI - E-Separation: Display Requests
HINU_ESEP_MUG - E-Sep : Assigning Users/Position
HINU_ESEP_TP - E-Separation Trigger Processes


HMC2 - DG: Specify Transport Type
HMC4 - DG: DG Classes and Letters
HMC6 - DG: Dialog Danger Label
HMC7 - DG: Dialog DG Reg-Spec PackagingCode
HMC9 - DG: Dialog Packaging Regulation
HMCA - EHS DGM: Hazard Inducer Types HMC...

HMU1 - Convert Haz.-Inducers to Substances
HMU2 - Convert Hazard-Inducing Substances
HMU3 - Convert Dangerous Goods Descriptions
HMU4 - Convert Non-DG Indicators
HMXD - DG: Hazard-Inducing Substances
HMXV - DG UN Number and Description
HMY1 - Converting Phrases in Table Fields


HOSH - Maintenance View for Table ADMI_CRIT


HPAYBR_DISP_LOG - View Legal Reports Logs
HPAYPL1 - Per period


HR00 - HR Report Selection
HR99B00_HRCSW_NFWOF - Switch Output with Form Framework
HR99S00_DAQVIEW - DAQ viewer
HR99S00_TEMSE_VIEWER - Temse Viewer
HRALEX_PROTOCOL - Log Extended ALE Distribution
HRASR00_WFC_COMP - Interactive Components
HRASR00_WFC_DRAFT - Draft for Process Start
HRASR00_WFC_DRAFTERR - Draft for Process Start with Error
HRASR00_WFC_EXCPTHND - Exception Handling: Asynchron. Call
HRASR00_WFC_PROC - Workflow Template for Sample Process HRA...

HRBAS_CHECK_INFTY - Test Decoupled Infotypes
HRBAS_GENL_MDL_BWROS - Model Browser for GenIL Applications
HRBAS_HRPDBOL_TA - Edit Infotype Objects in BOL HRPD
HRBEN0000 - Benefits Application Menu
HRBEN0001 - Enrollment
HRBEN0003 - Participation Monitor HRB...

HRCCEAU_CADV - Display of Advance pay results
HRCCEAU_PU01 - Delete Advance pay results AU (Q4)
HRCLM0001 - Claims processing data entry
HRCLM0002 - Record Claims
HRCLM0010 - Jump from IMG to maintenence views
HRCLM0015 - Display Entitlements and Claims HRC...

HRDCT_D_TABLES - Declustering Transparent Tables
HRDCT_LOAD_PT_B2 - Declustering - Initial Load PT B2
HRDCT_LOAD_PY_BR - Initial declustering
HRDCT_LOAD_PY_CN - Declustering Tools - Initial Load PY
HRDCT_LOAD_PY_IN - Declustering Tools - Initial Load PY
HRDCT_LOAD_PY_RD - Declus. Tools: Initial Data Transfer HRD...

HREFI_UPDATE - E-filing Update Infotypes
HREIC - Start Employee Interaction Center
HREIC_ADJCUST - Customizing Synchronization for EIC
HREIC_AUTHQUERY - Define Authentication Query
HREIC_CATALOG_EIC - EIC:Catalog for Evaluation Forms
HREIC_CATEGORY - EIC: Maintain Category Catalog HRE...

HRFBN0001 - Enrollment
HRFBN0012 - GB Flexbens Core Plan Enrolment
HRFBN0013 - GB Flexbens Standard Plan Enrolment
HRFBN0014 - Termination of Participation
HRFBN0041 - Jump from IMG into Maintenance Views
HRFBN0072 - Participation HRF...

HRGPBSSNORHR_GB_HEID - Number range maintenace HR_GB_HEID
HRGPBSSNORP08_HESA - Number range maintenace P08_HESA
HRGPBS_HESA_NISR_C01 - HESA NISR new records conversion
HRGPBS_HESA_NISR_C02 - Batch input for HESA NISR
HRGPBS_IN1 - CLASS Interface (TemSe or Database) HRG...

HRICP_CONSM_DEL - Deletion of Consumers
HRIDMDISPLAYLOG - HR-IDM: Display wizard log
HRINT_WF_NHXIFOLWUP - Follow up workflow for New Hire msg.
HRLDAP_MAP - Assign Query Field -> LDAP Attribute
HRMGE0010 - Offer Letter for global employees
HRMGE0020C - Change Items List
HRMGE0020D - Display Items List
HRMGE0030 - Compensation Overview (GECCO)
HRMGE0050 - Customize Office templates
HRMGE0060 - Generate Compensation Packages HRM...

HROBJ - Customizing HR
HROM - Organizational Management reports
HRPADBG_CNUM - Number Range Maintenance: HR_BG_CNUM
HRPADJP_BP_ASNPRD - Assignment period generation for BP
HRPADJP_BP_PNTASN - Tool: Retire. benefit Point Assign.
HRPADJP_BT_BOTAX - Business Office Tax List
HRPADJP_CP_ASNPRD - Assignment period generation for CP
HRPADJP_CP_BNCHK - Tool: Benefit Eligibility Check HRP...

HRRCF_ACT_CREA_2 - Wflow Customizing Follow-Up Activity
HRRCF_APPROVE_POS - Workflow Customizing for Approvals
HRRCF_APPROVE_REQ - Workflow Customizing for Approvals
HRRCF_APPROVE_REQ_2 - Workflow Customizing: Approvals (WD) HRR...

HRSFI_AR_HRP1000 - SFI Analytics Report: HRP1000
HRSFI_AR_HRP1001 - SFI Analytics Report: HRP1001
HRSFI_AR_PA0000 - SFI Analytics Report: PA0000
HRSFI_AR_PA0001 - SFI Analytics Report: PA0001
HRSFI_AR_PA0002 - SFI Analytics Report: PA0002
HRSFI_AR_PA0007 - SFI Analytics Report: PA0007 HRS...

HRTMC_ADJUST_TM_REL - Adjust Talent Relationships
HRTMC_CATALOG_TMC - TMC Catalog for Appraisal Forms
HRTMC_COMP_FOLLOW_UP - Transfer Competency Assessments
HRTMC_CONF_ASSESS - Start WD Application
HRTMC_LPA - Reporting LPA: EE Independent

HRUA_MIGRAWARDS - Migration of Awards Data
HRUA_MILITARY_LIST - Military Status List
HRUA_MILITARY_STATUS - Military Status Management
HRUA_T54 - Form T-54a
HRUCDTF0 - DME: Cancel Transfers
HRULCALCSEN - Results of Seniority Calculation HRU...

HRWAOCOMP - EWT: Compensation
HRWAOHEAD - EWT: Headcount Plan
HRWAOSTATUSQUO - Status Quo Reporting
HRWFD_EM - WFD - HCM Employee Maintenance
HRWF_SETVACANCY - Maint. WF 01000040: Create Vacancy
HRWPC_CMP_WORKFLOW - Workflow Custom. Comp. Adjustment HRW...

HR_FEED_SUBSCRIPTION - Subscribe User and Role to Work Feed
HR_LSO_AD_HOC_QUERY - SAP LSO: Ad Hoc Query (Courses)
HR_NAMESPACE - Query HR Namespace


HSMC01 - Activate Hazardous Substance Checks
HSMD - EHS: Hazardous Substance
HSMR01 - EHS: Fill Hazardous Substance Master
HSMR02 - EHS: Distribute Haz. Subs. Master
HSMR03 - EHS: Change Doc. Haz. Subs. Master
HSMR04 - EHS: Activate Phrases HSM...




HU00 - Handling units
HU02 - Creating and Changing Handling Units
HU03 - Display of HUs
HU04 - Creation of HUs with stock
HU05 - Display of HUs for object
HUCANC - Matl Doc. Cancellation of HU Gds Mvt
HUCOWA - Display Staged HUs
HUCOWE - Display Manufactured HUs
HUDIFF - Adjustment of HU Stocks
HUEX - Number Range Maintenance: HU_VEKP
HUGO - Settings for Travel Planning
HUIBD - Handling Units for Inbound Delivery
HUIND - Database Indexes for Handling Units
HUINV01 - Create HU Phys. Inventory Documents
HUINV02 - Change HU Phys. Inventory Document
HUINV03 - Enter Counted Qty for HU Phys. Inv.
HUINV04 - Analysis of HU Phys. Inv. Documents HUI...

HUMAT - Handling Units Related to Matl Doc.
HUMO - HU Monitor
HUNK - Number range maintenance: LE_HU
HUNKUMP - Number range maintenance: LE_HU_UMP
HUOBD - Display HUs for Outbound Delivery
HUP1 - HU creation in production
HUP10 - Stock: Plan HUs - General
HUP11 - Stock: Plan HUs Without Order
HUP12 - Stock: Plan HUs for Order
HUP13 - Stock: Plan HUs for Delivery
HUP14 - Stock: Plan HUs for Purchase Order HUP...

HUTRA - Display HUs for Shipment
HUVTRF - Assign HUs to a Shipment


I009 - Location/AccAsst No. Range (ILOA)


I18N - Internationalization


IA00 -
IA01 - Create Equipment Task List
IA02 - Change Equipment Task List
IA03 - Display Equipment Task List
IA04 - Display PM/SM Task List (A,E,T)
IA05 - Create general task list IA0...

IA10 - Display Task Lists (Multilevel)
IA11 - Create FunctLoc Task List
IA12 - Change FunctLoc Task List
IA13 - Display FunctLoc Task List
IA15 - Task List Original Change Docs
IA16 - Cost Maintenance Task Lists IA1...

IA21 - Evaluate Task List Change Documents
IA24 - Archiving of PM Task Lists
IA25 - Deletion of PM Task Lists
IA29 - Display Task Lists
IAC_FLIGHT - Flight Example Program
IAOCPRA - Log Entries for Cockpit (cProjects)
IAOCPRB - Marking of Errors Manually
IAOCPRC - Delete and Clean Up
IAOM0 - Business Scenario Translator
IAOM1 - Maintain Controlling Scenario
IAOM2 - Maintain Controlling Integration IAO...


IB01 - Create Equipment BOM
IB02 - Change Equipment BOM
IB03 - Display Equipment BOM
IB05 - Change Equipment BOM Group
IB06 - Display Equipment BOM Group
IB07 - Assign Equipment BOM to Plant IB0...

IB11 - Create Functional Location BOM
IB12 - Change Functional Location BOM
IB13 - Display Functional Location BOM
IB15 - Change FunctLocation BOM Group
IB16 - Display FunctLocation BOM Group
IB17 - Create FunctLoc. BOM Plant Assignmnt IB1...

IB51 - Create IBase
IB52 - Change IBase
IB53 - Display IBase
IB54 - Change Two Installed Bases
IB55 - Display Two Installations
IB56 - Expand IBase IB5...

IB61 - Create Installed Base with Reference
IB80 - Change Documents for Equipment BOM
IB81 - FunctLocation BOM Change Documents
IB90 - Equipment BOM Number Ranges
IB91 - FunctLocation BOM Number Ranges
IBANMD - Generate IBAN
IBI2 - Plant Maintenance Batch Input
IBIP - PM: Batch Input Utility
IBIPA - Transaction for BAL of IBIP
IBNR - Processing IBNR Reserves
IBR01 - Enter Broker Report
IBR02 - Broker Collections Acct Bal. Display
IBR03 - Broker Desktop
IBR04 - Clarify Broker Report
IBR05 - Display Broker Report History
IBR06 - Display Customers For Broker IBR...

IBSPI_RFCDEST - RFC Destination IBS-PI Functions
IBSSI_RFCDEST - RFC Destination for IBS Functions
IB_COM_CUST_01 - IBase: Customizing IBase Category


IC00 -
IC37 - SM37 for Incremental Conversion Jobs
ICKF - Customer-Specific Key Figures
ICLAPPTOPC - File from Appl.Server to Frontend
ICLARCH - Archive Claim Data
ICLBP101 - Create Retailer
ICLBP102 - Change Retailer
ICLBP103 - Display Retailer
ICLBP11 - Create Repair Shop ICL...

ICM1COND - Change Condit.Maint. of Remuneration
ICM1CONDB - Change Condit.Maint. of Valuation
ICM1CONDC - Create Condit.Maint. of Liability
ICM2COND - Change Condit.Maint. of Remuneration
ICM2CONDB - Change Condit.Maint. of Valuation
ICM2CONDC - Change Condit.Maint. of Liability ICM...

ICNV - Incremental Conversion
ICON - Display Icons
IC_LTX - Remote Part of Launch Transaction
IC_LTXE - Remote Part of Launch Transaction


IDAR_CONDGEN - Condition Maintanance Argentina
IDBK - Maintain Books
IDCFM_FRAM_DICHECK - Consolidate Assignment Check
IDCFM_FRCR_1 - Capit. Reserve Reconciliation
IDCFM_FRIM_CREATE - Record Impairment
IDCFM_FRIM_DISPLAY - Display Impairment
IDCFM_FRIM_EXPERT - Manual Input of Expert Values
IDCFM_FRRF_CUCHECK - FIFO Reevaluation Customizing Check IDC...

IDDH - Used Prenumbered Forms Report
IDHU_DOWNP_VAT - Down Paymnt - Recalculate Tax Amount
IDIN_ASSETBLK - Asset Block Data
IDIN_FIAA_TAX - Tax Area for Asset Block calculation
IDIN_FIAA_TRGR - ID Transaction Group for IT report
IDLB - Maintain Document Lots and Books
IDMIMG - Key Mapping Customizing
IDMX_MONTHREPORT - Monthly Invoice Report (Mexico)
IDM_INTEG_CUST - Customizing of SPML Configuration
IDM_INTEG_CUST_I - Maintain SPML Configuration
IDOC - IDoc: Repair and check programs
IDPH1 - Currency Diffs for Partial Payments
IDREPFW_EVN_MGMT - Rep.Framework:Management of Events
IDREPFW_IMPORT - Rep.Framework:Import of Settings
IDREPFW_REP - Reporting Framework - Start
IDREPFW_RUNINR - Number range maintenance: IDREPFWRID
IDSAUZAK - Zakat Levy Declaration
IDSAU_TD_AGTL - Tax depr. KSA - Asset Group Totals
IDSAU_TD_MAIN - Tax Depr. of Fixed Assets (KSA)
IDVD - Void Unused Prenumbered Forms
IDX1 - Port Maintenance in IDoc Adapter
IDX2 - Meta Data Overview in IDoc Adapter
IDX5 - IDoc Adapter - Monitoring
IDXP - Monitor for Message Packages
IDXPW - IDoc Package Wizard


IE00 -
IE01 - Create Equipment
IE01_ISU_C - Create Equipment
IE02 - Change Equipment
IE03 - Display Equipment
IE05 - Change Equipment IE0...

IE10 - Multiple Equipment Entry
IE20 - Replacement Equipment Search
IE25 - Create Production Resource/Tool
IE31 - Create Fleet Object
IE36 - Display Vehicles
IE37 - Change Vehicles
IE4N - Equipment Installation and Dismant.
IE4NCGP - Maintain General Settings for IE4N
IE4NORG - User-Group-Specific Settings
IE4NUSR - User-Specific Settings
IECS - Technical Objects
IEQCM1 - Change of Equipment History
IE_RCT_SUBMIT - Transaction to execute RCT program
IE_RCT_UPDATE - Transaction to update RCT Response


IF00 - Production Resources/Tools
IFCU - Consumption Transaction
IFW_DELETE - Invoice forecasting deletion
IFW_FORECAST - Invoice forecasting run


IGN1 - Create Policyholder
IGN2 - Change Policyholder
IGN3 - Display Policyholder
IGN_SEARCH_APPLIC01 - Create Search Application
IGN_SEARCH_APPLIC02 - Change Search Application
IGN_SEARCH_APPLIC03 - Display Search Application IGN...


IH01 - Functional Location Structure
IH02 - Reference Location Structure
IH03 - Equipment Structure
IH04 - Equipment Structure
IH05 - Material Structure
IH06 - Display Functional Location IH0...

IH10 - Display Equipment
IH11 - Display Functional Location
IH12 - FunctLocation Structure
IH18 - Ref. Location List (Multi-Level)
IH20 - Where-Used List Time
IH22 - Where-Used List Time Interval
IHB0101 - Account Holder In-House Cash: Create
IHB0102 - Account Holder In-House Cash: Change
IHB0103 - Account Holder In-House Cash:Display
IHC0 - Payment Order Browser
IHC01 - Cross-Bank Area Orders
IHC02 - Reverse Additional POs from Currency
IHC1ED - Create External Payment Order
IHC1EP - Create External Payment Order
IHC1EP_MUL - Manual Ext. PO for several recipient IHC...


IK01 - Create Measuring Point
IK01R - Create Reference Measuring Point
IK02 - Change Measuring Point
IK02R - Change Reference Measuring Point
IK03 - Display Measuring Point
IK03R - Display Reference Measuring Point IK0...

IK10R - Transfer Data from Ref Measuring Pnt
IK11 - Create Measurement Document
IK12 - Change Measurement Document
IK13 - Display Measurement Document
IK14 - Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK15 - Take Up Measurement Reading Transfer IK1...

IK21 - Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK22 - Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK31 - Create MeasReading Entry List
IK32 - Change MeasReading Entry List
IK33 - Display MeasReading entry list
IK34 - Collective Entry of MeasDocuments
IK41 - Display MeasDocs From Archive
IK51 - MeasReading Transfer Structure
IK52 - MeasReading Transfer History
IK71 - Create Meas. Document in Internet
IK81 - Create Linear Reference Pattern
IK82 - Change Linear Reference Pattern
IK83 - Display Linear Reference Pattern
IKKW - Valuation Variant Generic Object
IKKZ - Costing Variant Generic Object


IL01 - Create Functional Location
IL02 - Change Functional Location
IL03 - Display Functional Location
IL04 - Create FunctLocation: List Entry
IL05 - Change Functional Location
IL06 - Data Transfer From FunctLocation IL0...

IL10 - Reusability of Historical Labels
IL11 - Create Reference Location
IL12 - Change Reference Location
IL13 - Display Reference Location
IL14 - Create RefLocation: List Entry
IL15 - Change Reference Location IL1...

IL20 - Change Functional Location
IL21 - Heal from INHB
ILMAPK - Audit Package Maintenance
ILMAPT - Audit Package Template Processing
ILMARA - Audit Area Processing
ILMAUT - Call Audit Trail Wrapper Report
ILMDOWLB - Download Browser local reporting ILM...


IM00 - Investment programs
IM01 - Create Investment Program
IM02 - Change Investment Program
IM03 - Display Investment Program
IM05 - Reassign Measures/Approp.Requests
IM11 - Create Investment Program Position
IM12 - Change Investment Program Position
IM13 - Display Inv. Program Position
IM20 - Ongoing settings for inv. program
IM22 - Change Investment Program Structure
IM23 - Display Investment Program Structure
IM24 - Create Investment Program
IM25 - Create Investment Program
IM27 - IM: Open new approval year IM2...

IM30 - Change Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.
IM31 - Display Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.
IM32 - Change Budget of Inv. Prog. Position
IM33 - Display Budget of Inv.Prog.Position
IM34 - Determining Default Plan Value IM
IM35 - Change Plan on Inv. Program Position IM3...

IM40 - Change supplement on operative objs
IM41 - Display suppmt on operative objects
IM42 - Change budget operative objects
IM43 - Display budget operative objects
IM44 - Determining Default Budget Value IM
IM48 - Change return on operative objects IM4...

IM52 - Process budget distribution
IM53 - Display budget distribution
IM54 - Investment Program Reorganization
IM64 - Transfer from Old Investment Program
IMA0 - Appropriation Requests
IMA1 - Create appropriation request
IMA11 - Individual Processing
IMA12 - Individual Processing (Planner)
IMA13 - Individual Processing (Web Trans.)
IMA1N - Create Appropriation Request IMA...

IMB0 - IM Summariz: Replicate hierarchy
IMB1 - IM Summariz: Replicate curr. values
IMB2 - IM Summariz: Replicate entities
IMB3 - IM Summariz: Current values in file
IMB4 - IM Summariz: Entities in file
IMB5 - IM Summariz: Values from file IMB...

IMC0 - IM Summarization: Execute Report
IMC1 - IM Summarization: Create report
IMC2 - IM Summarization: Change report
IMC3 - IM Summarization: Display report
IMC4 - IM Summarization: Create form
IMC5 - IM Summarization: Change form IMC...

IMD0 - App.req: Execute report
IMD1 - App.req: Create report
IMD2 - App.req: Change report
IMD3 - App.req: Display report
IMD4 - App.req: Create form
IMD5 - App.req: Change form IMD...

IME0 - Execute Inv. Program Report
IME1 - Create cap.inv.program report
IME2 - Change cap.inv.program report
IME3 - Display cap.inv.prog. report
IME4 - Create layout set for inv.prog. rep.
IME5 - Change layout set for inv.prog. rep. IME...

IMI0 - CI Management Info System
IMIG - Incremental Migration
IMKBUD - Original Budget = Current Budget
IML1 - Define Long Text Templates
IML1W - Define Long Text Templates - Word
IMLX - Define Long Text Templates
IMLXW - Define Long Text Templates - Word
IMP - Start of Mass Processing
IMPBA3 - Plan/Budget Adjustment (Projects)
IMPBA4 - Plan/Budget Adjustment (Orders)
IMP_CUST - Maintenance Mass Processng Customzng
IMP_TRIGGER_NUMBERS - Number Range Maintenance: IMP001 IMP...

IMR1 - Values for Capital Investment Prog.
IMR1_ALV - ALV Reporting Investment Program
IMR3 - Delete Whole Capital Investment Prg.
IMR4 - App.Req. w/o Distrib., w/o Variants
IMR5 - App.Req. w/ Distrib., w/o Variants
IMR6 - App.Req. w/o Distrib., w/ Variants IMR...

IMSL - Set language for text
IMV1 - Changes to Investment Programs
IMV2 - Changes to CI Program Positions
IM_ARCR - Archiving of Approp. Requests
IM_ARDE - Delete Archived App. Requests
IM_ARMA - Admin. of App. Request Archives
IM_AVCHANA - Monitor Avail.Ctr. for Inv.programs
IM_AVCHANA_ORD - Monitor Avail.Ctr. for Inv.programs
IM_AVCHANA_WBS - Avail. Ctrl Monitor for WBS Elements IM_...


IN01 - Create object link
IN02 - Change object link
IN03 - Display object link
IN04 - Create FunctLoc Object Link
IN05 - Change FunctLoc Object Link
IN06 - Display FunctLoc Object Link IN0...

IN15 - Change FunctLoc Object Network
IN16 - Display Object Network for FunctLoc
IN18 - Change Object Network for Equipment
IN19 - Display Object Network for Equipment
IN20 - Object link number ranges
IN21 - Create Object Network
IN22 - Change Object Network
IN23 - Display Object Network
IN24 - Multi-Level FuncLoc Network List
IN25 - Multi-Level Equipment Network List IN2...

IN30 - Number Range Maintenance: NetwAttr
IN31 - Create Network Attribute Values
IN32 - Change Network Attribute Values
IN33 - Display Network Attribute Values
IN34 - Network Attribute List
INEX - Initial Data Entry of ExtractINSTSET
INM_DFM_CUST - Synchronization customizing
INM_HCG - Generate Hana Content
INOT - Create SM/PM Notification IDoc
INSO - Area Menu for Insurance in BDT
INSO0001 - BDT Control: Applications
INSO0002 - BDT Control: Field Groups
INSO0003 - BDT Control: Views
INSO0004 - BDT Control: Sections
INSO0005 - BDT Control: Screens INS...

INTERV - Installn Interval for Backlog Set
INVADV01 - Payment Advice Note Dialog
INVDOC01 - Bill Dialog
INVDOC02 - Bill Dialog - Sales Tax Statement
INVMASSPROC - Mass Act: Bill/Paym.Adv.Note Proc.
INVMON - Inbound Bill Monitoring
INVRETPER - Define Retention Period INV...


IOCI_FCON2 - OCI:Convert HTML Field Values
IOCI_FCONV - OCI: Convert HTML - SAP Field
IOCI_FUNCM - OCI: Conversion Functions
IOCI_ORGU - OCI: Assign Catalogs to Order Type
IORD - Create SM/PM Order IDoc


IP00 - Maintenance Planning Menu
IP01 - Create Maintenance Plan
IP02 - Change Maintenance Plan
IP03 - Display Maintenance Plan
IP04 - Create Maintenance Item
IP05 - Change Maintenance Item IP0...

IP10 - Schedule Maintenance Plan
IP11 - Maintain Maintenance Strategies
IP11U - Rescheduling of Maintenance Plans
IP11Z - Maintain Cycle Set
IP12 - Display Maintenance Strategies
IP12Z - Display Cycle Set IP1...

IP20 - Maintenance plan number assignment
IP21 - Maintenance item number assignment
IP22 - Maintain number range: OBJK_NR
IP24 - Scheduling overview list form
IP25 - Set deletion flag for maint. plans
IP30 - MaintSchedule Date Monitoring
IP30H - Mass Schedule Maintenance Plans
IP31 - Maintenance Plan Cost Display
IP40 - Add Service Plan for Purchasing
IP41 - Add single plan
IP42 - Add strategy-controlled plan
IP43 - Add multiple counter plan
IP50 - Create ref. for maint. contract item
IP51 - Maintenance contract item lists
IP62 - Material Where-Used List: Task Lists
IPCS - Maintenance Planning
IPM2 - Change Permit
IPM3 - Display Permit
IPMACT - Calculate and Post Accruals
IPMADCONT01 - Accrl Acct Detmn: Mntn Entry Area 01
IPMADMETASGL - Act Dtmn: Define Simple Set of Rules
IPMARCHPREP - Preparation of the Archiving Run IPM...


IQ01 - Create Material Serial Number
IQ02 - Change Material Serial Number
IQ03 - Display Material Serial Number
IQ04 - Create Material Serial Number
IQ08 - Change Material Serial Number
IQ09 - Display Material Serial Number IQ0...

IQ10 - Change UII
IQ11 - Display UII
IQM1 - Create cond. records qual.notificatn
IQM2 - Change cond.records qual.notificatn
IQM3 - Display cond.records qual.notificatn
IQM_CM_CONFIG - IQM Information Consistency
IQS1 - Create Notification - Extended View
IQS12 - Process Task
IQS12_EWT - Process Task
IQS13 - Display Task
IQS13_EWT - Display Task
IQS2 - Change Notification - Extended View IQS...


IR00 - PM Resource Planning Menu
IR01 - Create Work Center
IR02 - Change Work Center
IR03 - Display Work Center
IRF2 - Optimal Rotable Float: Initial scree
IRF4 - ORF: Maintain Ess. Code Table
IRF5 - ORF: Batch Processing
IRF6 - Batch Processing Report
IRFC1 - Profiles for Single Item Calculation
IRFC2 - Profiles for Batch Processing IRF...

IRMPOL - ILM Policies
IRM_CAT - IRM Policies
IRM_CUST - IRM Customizing
IRM_CUST_BS - IRM Customizing (Business Suite)
IRWCCUST - ILM Cockpit Reporting Customization


IS00 - Number range maintenance: ISMP
IS01 - Solution DB - Create/Display/Change
IS02 - Text Indexing for Solution Database
IS03 - Number range maintenance: ISOL
ISAESCR86EKES - Aggregate Vendor Confirmations
ISAESCRME84MD07 - Start MD07 via Report
ISAUTO_MRNB - Automotive Revaluation
ISAUTO_OMRM - ERS Customer-Specific Notifications
ISAUTO_SICASN1 - Create Inbound Delivery (Web)
ISAUTO_SICASN2 - Update Inbound Delivery (Web) ISA...

ISBROK_ACTBAL - Broker Balance Display
ISCA - Define Symptom Type
ISCB - Define Solution Type
ISCC - Define Symptom Categories
ISCD - Define Solution Categories
ISCDTOOL12 - Internal: Payt Plan Simulation Test
ISCDTOOL13 - Internal: Payt Plan Tables Display ISC...

ISE0 - Funds Management
ISHN1 - Create Shift Note
ISHN2 - Change Shift Note
ISHN3 - Display Shift Note
ISHN4 - List Shift Notes for Tech. Objects
ISHR1 - Create Shift Report for Techn. Obj.
ISHR2 - Change Shift Report for Techn. Obj. ISH...

ISIPI_CP - Consignment processing (Web)
ISIPI_CS - Display current schedules (Web)
ISIPI_ESP - External Service Provider Service
ISIPI_OEPM - Ordering packaging material (Web)
ISIPI_POD - Proof of Delivery
ISIPI_PUL - Display current pickup sheets (WEB) ISI...

ISJP_CR - Invoice Summary Processing
ISJP_MD - Master Data for Invoice Summary
ISJP_PR - Invoice Summary Printing
ISJP_SNRO - Number Range for Invoice Summary
ISJP_STR - Invoice Summary Status Report
ISJP_VA - Maintenance of Virtual Accounts ISJ...

ISMCA00 - Account Assgt for Main Transaction
ISMCA01 - Account Assgt for Sub-Transaction
ISMCA03 - Derive Transaction from IS-M
ISMCA04 - Derive Document Type from IS-M
ISMCA05 - Derive Document Type from IS-M
ISMCA06 - Derive Document Type from IS-M ISM...

ISNR - Number range maintenance: ISDB
ISP4 - Text
ISSR_DSUMB - Transfer Stat. Rep. Data
ISSR_GEN_TOPINCL - Transaction to generate top include
IST01 - Generate Phone Number Reconnect File
ISTCA00 - Account Determ.: IS-T Receiv. Accnts
ISTCA01 - Account Determ.: IS-T Revenue Accnts
ISTCA10 - IS-T Account Display: Specifications
ISTCA31 - Cash Desk: Specifications
ISTCA32 - Cash Desk: Specifications IST...

ISUBDMARK - Configuration marker function
ISUCC - CIC customizing menu
ISU_BOL_BROWSER - Browser for Business Object Layer
ISU_BOL_TREE - Utilities BOL Tree definition
ISU_CRM_IL_REMOTE - Dummy for Remote IL Access
ISU_IL_MODEL - Utilities genIL-model definition ISU...


IT00 - Test IAC
IT01 - Maintain IDES path for Internet
IT03 - Test IAC: internal development
IT12 - Test IAC language-dependent
IT13 - Test IAC: language-independ template
IT18 - Test IAC: start service via call TA
IT19 - Test IAC: Call Trans Skip Screen
IT50 - IAC Test Includes
IT5200 - ITS Test Transaction with S Message
ITAGCYCALL - Call Agency Coll. with Activity
ITAGCYCOINS - Agency Collections: Coins Shares
ITAGCYCOMMCTRL - Agency Coll.: Commission Monitoring
ITAGCYCOSTCTRL - Agency Collections: Cost Control
ITAGCYCUST - IMG Activities for Agency Coll.
ITAGCYSUBCOMMCLR - Agency Coll.: Clear Stat. Comm. ITA...

ITBLIST - Italy Black List Declaration
ITC_ORG_MAPPING - Define iTime Clock Org Mapping
ITMF_NF_ACCT - Accounting Nota Fiscal Writer
ITMOBILE00 - Test Transaction for Mobile Devices
ITMOBILE01 - Test Transaction for Mobile Devices
ITMOBILE02 - Test Transaction for Voice Input
ITRBX - Test IAC for sapjulep Rabaxes
ITS150_DES_1 - ITS150: Design Changes
ITSMOBILE_CERT_VOICE - ITSmobile Voice Certification
ITSR00 - Foreign Trade Declaration (Generic)
ITSR02 - FTRD Customizing Check Report
ITS_DOCU - ITS SAP Script Documentation
ITVAT_D - VAT report for Italy: detailed list
ITVAT_M - Monthly VAT report for Italy
ITVAT_Q - VAT quarterly report for Italy
ITVCL - Vendor Customer List (Italy)
ITW5200 - Wrapper for it5200


IUEEDPPLOTAALC2 - Distribute Aggr. Paymnt from Billing
IUEEDPPLOTAALC3 - Allocate Payment to Distr. Lot
IUEEDPPLOTAALC4 - Process Distr. Lot (Rev. and Reset)
IUEEDPPLOTAALC5 - Process Distribution Lot
IUID_GENERATE - Generation of Internal UIIs
IUID_MAN_MAINT - Create IUID Change Messages Manually
IUUC - maintain tables for IUUC
IUUCAT - Analysis Tasks
IUUC_ACTIVATE_UC_MOD - Activate unicode conversion mode
IUUC_CMP_TAB_ENTRIES - compare # tab entries in snd/rcv sys
IUUC_CONTROL_UMG - Prepare IUUC mode for Unicode conver
IUUC_CREATE_MT_ENTRY - Create Mass Transfer ID IUU...


IW00 -
IW12 - Document flow list
IW13 - Material Where-used List
IW20 - Quality Notification No. Assignment
IW21 - Create PM Notification - General
IW22 - Change PM Notification
IW23 - Display PM Notification
IW24 - Create PM Malfunction Report
IW25 - Create PM Activity Report IW2...

IW30 - Notification List (Multi-Level)
IW31 - Create Order
IW33 - Display PM Order
IW34 - PM Order for PM Notification
IW36 - Create PM Sub-Order IW3...

IW40 - Display Orders (Multi-Level)
IW40N - Operation Cost Overview
IW41 - Enter PM Order Confirmation
IW42 - Overall Completion Confirmation
IW43 - Display PM Order Confirmation
IW44 - PM Order Collective Confirmation IW4...

IW51 - Create Service Notification-General
IW52 - Change Service Notification
IW53 - Display Service Notification
IW54 - Create Service Notification-Malfn.
IW55 - Create Activity Report
IW56 - Create service request IW5...

IW61 - Create Historical PM Order
IW62 - Change Historical Order
IW63 - Display Historical PM Order
IW64 - Change Activities
IW65 - Display activities
IW66 - Change Tasks IW6...

IW70 - Orders Overall Network Scheduling
IW72 - Change Service Order
IW73 - Display Service Order
IW74 - Change Contract for Serviceable Item
IW75 - Display Serviceable Item Contract
IW81 - Create Refurbishment Order
IW8W - Goods Receipt f. Refurbishment Order
IWBK - Material availability information
IWP01 - Audit Package Handling
IWP_AREA - Define Audit Area
IWP_CALLBACK_DEFINE - Define Callback Destination
IWP_COMPARE_AREA - Compare Audit Area with Meta-Data
IWP_CREP - Content Repos. Retention Warehouse IWP...

IWR1 - Create / Change Revision
IWR2 - Display Revision
IWWW - Create Service Notification (WWW)


I_GRAPH_MONITOR - Monitor for Jobs


J&00 - IS-M: Views/Clusters for Cond.Tech
J&S0 - IS-M: Create Output
J&S1 - IS-M: Create Output w/Reference
J&S2 - IS-M: Change Output
J&S3 - IS-M: Display Output


J-01 - Update Maintenance for MDIS
J-02 - Std Analyses Std Settings MDIS
J-03 - Media Info System: Mtn.Requirements
J-04 - Media Info System: Maintain Formulas
J-05 - MDIS: Overview of Field Catalogs
J-20 - MDIS: Update Settings
J-31 - IS-M: Access Std Analyses for MDIS
J-33 - IS-M: Var.Std Analyses - User MDIS
J-34 - IS-M: Perform Eval.of Info System
J-35 - IS-M: Create Eval.of Info System
J-36 - IS-M: Change Eval.of Info System
J-37 - IS-M: Display Eval.of Info System J-3...

J-40 - IS-M: Display Evaluation Structure
J-50 - IS-M: Exception Analysis MDIS
J-61 - IS-M: Create Selection Version MDIS
J-62 - IS-M: Change Selection Version MDIS
J-63 - IS-M: Display selection version MDIS
J-64 - IS-M: Sel.Vers.: Schedule Job MDIS
J-6A - IS-M: Selection Version Tree MDIS
J-6B - IS-M: User-Spec.Sel.Vers.Tree MDIS J-6...

J-A1 - IS-M/SD: Customer Anal. - Selection
J-A4 - IS-M/SD: Sales Off.Anal. - Selection
J-A7 - IS-M/SD: Product Anal. - Selection
J-AA - IS-M/SD: Plant/Ctry Anal. -Selection
J-AD - IS-M/SD: Sales Agent Anal. - Sel.
J-AG - IS-M/SD: Promotion Anal. - Selection J-A...

J-C1 - IS-M/SD: Std Settgs f.Customer Anal.
J-C2 - IS-M/SD: Std.Sett.f.Sales Off.Anal.
J-C3 - IS-M/SD: Std.Sett.f.Product Analysis
J-C4 - IS-M/SD: Std.Sett.f.Plant/Ctry Anal.
J-C5 - IS-M/SD: Std.Sett.for Sales Ag.Anal.
J-C6 - IS-M/SD: Std.Sett.for Prom.Analysis J-C...

J-F1 - IS-M/SD: Reorg.LIS Data f.Sales Ord.
J-F2 - IS-M/SD: Reorg.LIS Data for CorrOrd.
J-F3 - IS-M/SD: Update LIS Delivery Data
J-F4 - IS-M/SD: Reorg.LIS Data for Billing
J-FA - IS-M/SD: LIS Upd.Simul.f.Sales Order
J-FB - IS-M/SD: LIS Update Sim.Corr.Order J-F...

J-IX - IS-M/SD: Initialize Gen.LIS Data
J-K1 - IS-M/AM: Business Partner Analysis
J-K2 - IS-M/AM: Order Simulation
J-K3 - IS-M/AM: Restructure Order Update
J-K5 - IS-M/AM: Analyse BU, Cont.Component
J-K6 - IS-M/AM: Maintain TJHMC1
J-K7 - IS-M/AM: Maintain TJHMC3 J-K...

J-L1 - IS-M: LIS Billing Simulation Update
J-M1 - Media information system
J-M2 - Media information system


J/43 - Create cond.table for comm.settlemt
J/44 - Change cond.table for comm.settlemt
J/45 - Display cond.table for comm.settlemt
J/63 - Create cond.table for HDel.settlemt
J/64 - Change cond.table for HDel.settlemt
J/65 - Display cond.table for HDel.settlemt
J/72 - IS-M: Output processing from NAST
J/73 - Message Overview
J/H1 - Create pricing report COA scale
J/H2 - Change pricing report COA scale
J/H3 - Display pricing report COA scale
J/H4 - Execute pricing report COA scale
J/H5 - Create Condition List Prices JA
J/H6 - Change Condition List Prices JA J/H...

J/LA - Create Condition List
J/LB - Change Condition List
J/LC - Display Condition List
J/LD - Execute Condition List
J/LE - IS-M/SD: Create Pr.Report- Post.Chrg
J/LF - IS-M: Change Pr.Report f.Post.Sett J/L...

J/P0 - Create cond.table for postal settlmt
J/P1 - Change cond.table f.postal settlemt
J/P2 - Display cond.table f.postal settlemt


J1A3 - MM goods issue revaluation
J1A5 - MM Warehouse stock report (Arg.)
J1A6 - Modify Official Document Number
J1A7 - Average cost valuation
J1AANIV - AFIP Response File Upload
J1AB - Number range maintenance: J_1AOFFDOC J1A...

J1B1 - Create Nota Fiscal (Writer)
J1B1N - Create Nota Fiscal (Writer) - Enjoy
J1B1N_IMP - Upload Data for NF from MS Excel
J1B2 - Change Nota Fiscal
J1B2N - Change Nota Fiscal - Enjoy
J1B3 - Display Nota Fiscal J1B...

J1G0 - Hellenization global settings
J1G4 - MYF - Load customer data
J1G5 - MYF - Load vendor data
J1G6 - Import MYF data
J1GAL0 - Maintain J_1GALC
J1GAL1 - Maintain J_1GAR_AL_V J1G...

J1I0 - Customizing wizard
J1I2 - Sales Tax Register
J1I3 - Modvat utilzation in batch
J1I5 - Register creation for RG23 and RG1
J1I57AE - New Monthly Returns Report Rule 57AE
J1I6 - Modvat forecast J1I...

J1S! - IS-M: CH/F: VAT Payment Types
J1S$ - IS-M: CH: WEMF-Spec. Cat.Processing
J1S( - IS-M: CH: PTT Settlement Check
J1S) - IS-M: CH: Daily WEMF Update
J1S+ - IS-M: CH/L: Item Cat.f.PTT Settlemt
J1S/ - IS-M: CH: Weight Groups for Post Tax J1S...

J1UFAB08 - FI-AA reversal documet posting 4.6C
J1UFBVC - Currency balance value evaluation
J1UFCOMP - Act compare
J1UFEXP - Export report J1U...

J1_MASSPO - Mass Maintenance: Temporary Pricing


J2GCMD - Check customer master files
J2GCMK - Check vendor master files
J2GFM - Maintain J_2GFIELDV
J2GFMC - Maintain J_2GFIELDV - Company
J2GFMD - Maintain J_2GFIELDV - Customers J2G...

J2I0 - Asset Installation
J2I5 - Extract
J2I6 - Print Utility
J2I7 - CIN: SAPScript reporting customizing
J2I8 - Avail.of subs credit for Cap Goods
J2I9 - New Monthly Returns Report Rule 57AE J2I...


J3G# - Field Selection - Operator's Report
J3G$ - Create PBE Document
J3G& - Field Selection Equi. Insurance Data
J3G( - Create Tax/Insurance Data
J3G) - Change Tax/Insurance Data
J3G. - Transaction Calls for Joint Ventures J3G...

J3KLANDA - Alternative country codes
J3KNA14 - Foreign payment order
J3KNA14_PRIM - Remark control Foreign Payment Order
J3RALFAO1 - AO-1 Advance Report
J3RALFFMCHECK - Check New Version of Inventory Card
J3RALFGEN - Russian Legal Form Generator
J3RALFINV1 - INV-1 Inventory List of Fixed Assets
J3RALFINV10 - Inventory of unfinished repairs J3R...


J4G1 - Check Settlement Data for Recipient
J4G2 - CEM - Master Data
J4GA - ETM: Create Conditn Table (PrcList)
J4GB - ETM: Change Conditn Table (PrcList)
J4GC - ETM: Display Conditn Table (PrcList)
J4GD - ETM: Create Condition Record-PrcLst J4G...


J5KFHLFADAC - Advance Accounting
J5KFHLFCASH15 - Cash Journal Reports
J5KFHLFINV12 - Assets Inventory List (Kazakhstan)
J5KFHLFNMA1 - Acceptance of Intangible Assets
J5KFHLFNMA2 - Accounting of Intangible Assets
J5KFHLFOS1 - Acceptance of Fixed Assets J5K...


J6NA - DocuLink: Administration
J6NP - DocuLink: Customizing
J6NV - Start project view
J6NY - DocuLink
J6NZ - Call DocuLink (internal TC)


J7L0 - REA Article: Display References
J7L1 - Create REA Article: Initial Screen
J7L2 - Change REA Article: Initial Screen
J7L3 - Display REA Article: Initial Screen
J7L4 - REA Annual Prepaid Declaration
J7L5 - Create REA Packaging: Initial Screen J7L...


J8A3 - Archiving from File system
J8A7 - Customizing DesktopLink
J8A8 - IXOS-DesktopLink via SAP SHORTCUT
J8AF - Forms Management
J8AM - Archive from Filesystem J8A...


JARC - IS-M: Archiving Development


JB02 - Bank Single Transaction Costing
JB04 - Bank Risk Management
JB05 - IS-B: Bank regulatory reporting
JB06 - Bank RM Configuration Menu
JB07 - IS-B: Settings menu - bank reg.rep.
JB08 - Bank STC Configuration Menu JB0...

JB12 - Limit Management
JB121 - Definition
JB16 - Costing Rule List
JB18 - Display Req./Opt.Control
JB19 - Asset/Liability Management
JB1C - Display Product Type JB1...

JB20 - Maturity Pattern
JB21 - Maturity Pattern - Volume Assignment
JB22 - Calculate Core Deposits
JB2X - Securities
JB3M - List of curr. supported field names
JB3P - Maintain variant groups
JB3Q - Maintain Variants
JB3R - Schedule variant group
JB3S - Define variant group
JB41 - Create SD Condition
JB42 - Change SD Condition
JB43 - Display SD Condition
JB46 - Maintain Costing Sheet
JB47 - Maintain SD Condition Types
JB48 - Maintain Access Sequence JB4...

JB5X - Forex
JB68 - Interpolate yield curves
JB69 - Maintain Int. Rates for Yield Curves
JB69T - TimeOFday dep. IR's for Zcurves pf1
JB6X - Derivatives
JB72 - Display int.rates for
JB72T - IR's for timeOFday dep. ref. int.
JB73 - Display int. rates for date
JB73T - TimeOFday dep. IR's for date
JB81 - Maintain account
JB88 - Maintain Output Fields
JB91 - Maintain Aggregation
JB92 - Display Aggregation Value Fields
JB99 - Test Menu ONLINE Integration
JBA1 - Maintain Base Portfolio
JBA2 - Maintain Cash Flow Type
JBA3 - Maintain balance type
JBA4 - Maintain Maturity Scenario
JBA5 - Maintain summarization rule
JBA6 - Assign Summarization Rule to CF Type JBA...

JBB0 - Create Position Object
JBB1 - Change Position
JBB2 - Display Position
JBB3 - IS-B. Edit Position Values
JBB4 - Display Position Values
JBB5 - Edit characteristics JBB...

JBC0 - Sample Customizing - Organization
JBC1 - Sample Customizing - Basis Data
JBC2 - Sample Customizing - Treasury
JBC3 - Sample Customizing - Basis
JBC4 - Sample Customizing - Money Market
JBC5 - Sample Customizing - Forex JBC...

JBDAC_DEL - Deletion of Account Master Data
JBDBALCOST - Volume Cost. Costing Rule Derivation
JBDCD - Delete Change Pointers
JBDCPNUM - No. Range Maint.: Object JBD_CPID
JBDCR - Change Relevance
JBDDRBCA1 - BCA: Maintain Derivation Strategy JBD...

JBFR - Customize Function per Register
JBFS - Maintain Due Date Scenario
JBG0 - CO-PA Bank: Edit Operating Concern
JBG0O - CO-PA Bank: Edit Operating Concern
JBGK - Maintain Yield Curve Types
JBGKN - Maintain Yield Curve Types
JBHTL - Translate Characteristic Hierarchies
JBHTR - Transport Characteristic Hierarchies
JBI1 - PA transfer structure CO
JBIR - Goto reference interest rates
JBIRM - Reference Interest Rate Maintenance
JBIRMTD - Goto time-dependent int. rate. maint
JBJJ - Display Assgmt of Bal.Type>Cost.Rule
JBJK - Change Assgmt of Bal.Type>Cost.Rule
JBK1 - Preliminary Costing: Create Form
JBK2 - Preliminary Costing: Change form
JBK3 - Preliminary Costing: Display Form
JBKA - SAP Banking: Costing Sheet Analysis
JBKR - Customize Account Assignment Ref.
JBKW - Actual Process Allocation: Fin. Obj. JBK...

JBL7 - Current Settings Market Risk
JBLDC - Var. Transaction Ledger Dimensions
JBLF - Determine Log Number
JBLM - Block Size for EDT
JBLS - Bank Profit.Analysis - Curr.Settings
JBLZ - Maturity band JBL...

JBM0 - Maintain Eval.Types (Addition)
JBM1 - Maintain Eval Types - Value Fields
JBM10 - Euro Reversal: Variable Transaction
JBM2 - Maint. Transact. Disbursements
JBM3 - SAP Banking: EURO Log Administration
JBM4 - SAP Banking: EURO Conversion Lo/FT JBM...

JBNPV - Maintain NPV
JBPB - Define Period Block
JBPD - Update Character. for Process Costs
JBPERIOD - Period values
JBPF - Customize Portfolio Data
JBPH - Portfolio hierarchy
JBP_CUS_DIST_DER1 - Derivation Strategy DIS1 (Distrib.) JBP...

JBR0 - Maintain Market Data Shifts
JBR0_OLD - Maintain Market Data Shifts
JBR1 - Check Selected Settings
JBR10 - RM: Maintain External Key Figures
JBR10EXT - External Key Figures for FO
JBR10S - RM: Display External Key Figures JBR...

JBSTCOND - Maintain Standard Conditions
JBSV - Maintain Service
JBSY - IS-B: Treasury Master Data
JBT1 - Maintain Costing Rule
JBTA - Costing Rule for Node Costing
JBTLSVORMERK - Maintain LS Selection Table
JBTM - SAP R/3 Top Menu
JBTZ - Maintain Cash Flow JBT...

JBUB - Non-Int. Bearing Positions: Maintain
JBV0 - Maintain Master Data of Volatilities
JBV61 - Assign Ref. Int. Rates to Vol. Names
JBV62 - Assign Currency Pair to Vol. Names
JBV63 - Assign Sec.ID No. to Volatility Name
JBV64 - Assign Index to Volatility Name
JBVCP - Volatilities for Commodity Prices JBV...

JBW0 - Execute Report
JBW0_MONITOR - Display Selection of Frozen Data
JBW1 - Create Report
JBW2 - Change Report
JBW3 - Display Report
JBW4 - Create Form JBW...

JBYC - Overview/Maintenance of Yield Curves
JBYCN - Overview/Maintenance of Yield Curves
JBZK - Assign Condition Types->Cond. Groups


JC9A - IS-M: Condition Master Data
JC9B - IS-M: Condition Master Data - Sales
JC9C - IS-M: Condition Master Data
JC9D - IS-M: Condition Master Data
JCP4 - IS-M: Master Data f.Postal Charges
JCR0 - IS-M/SD: Postal Charges, Gen.BI Sess
JCR1 - IS-M/SD:Postal Charges, Display Data
JCR2 - IS-M/SD: Extract Postal Charges
JCS0 - IS-M: Create Condition
JCS1 - IS-M: Create Condition w/Reference
JCS2 - IS-M: Change Condition
JCS3 - IS-M: Display Condition


JD01 - IS-M: Create Gen.Rule for Edition
JD02 - IS-M: Change Gen.Rule for Edition
JD03 - IS-M: Display Gen.Rule for Edition
JD04 - IS-M: Create Gen.Rule f.Truck Route
JD05 - IS-M: Change Gen.Rule f.Truck Route
JD06 - IS-M: Display Gen.Rule f.Truck Route JD0...

JD10 - IS-M: Create Ad Pre-Prt.(Fast Entry)
JD11 - IS-M: Change Ad Pre-Prt.(Fast Entry)
JD12 - IS-M: Display Ad Pre-Prt.(Fast Ent.)
JD20 - IS-M: Create Gen.Rule for Media Prod
JD21 - IS-M: Change Gen.Rule for Media Prod
JD22 - IS-M: Display Gen.Rule for Med.Prod.
JD31 - IS-M: Create Publication
JD32 - IS-M: Change Publication
JD33 - IS-M: Display Publication
JD34 - Create Edition
JD35 - Change Edition
JD36 - Display Edition JD3...

JD40 - IS-M: Coll.Processing of Issues
JD41 - IS-M: Collective Issue Display
JD42 - Automatic Issue Generation
JD43 - Issue Numbering
JD44 - IS-M: Coll.Issue Proc.for Pub.Date
JD45 - Move Publication Date of Issue JD4...

JD51 - IS-M: Edit Edition Gen.Triggers
JD52 - IS-M: Display Edition Gen.Triggers
JD55 - IS-M: Create Issue Archiving
JD56 - IS-M: Delete Issue Archiving
JD57 - IS-M: Reload Issue Archiving
JD58 - IS-M: Management of Issue Archiving JD5...

JD70 - IS-M: Arrival Times of TP Objects
JD71 - IS-M: Editions of Publications
JD72 - IS-M: Displ.Edition Publ.Calendar
JD73 - IS-M: Edition Overview
JD74 - IS-M: Overview of Issue Weights
JD75 - IS-M: Issue Overview JD7...

JD81 - IS-M: Edit Bundling Rule
JD82 - IS-M: Display Bundling Rule
JD83 - IS-M: Maintain Edit.Bundling Group
JD84 - IS-M: Display Edition Bundling Group
JD85 - IS-M: List Editions in Bundling Grp
JD85_A - IS-M: List Editions in Bundling Grp JD8...

JDMPS0 - IS-M: Edit Media Product Master Data
JDMPS1 - IS-M: Display Media Prod.Master Data
JDPOST01 - Edition Postal Data


JF01 - IS-M/SD: Create Billing Document
JF02 - IS-M: Change Billing Document
JF03 - IS-M: Display Billing Document
JF04 - IS-M: Create Billing Document
JF05 - Create Billing Interface
JF06 - IS-M: Billing Logs JF0...

JF11 - IS-M: Reverse Billing Document
JF12 - IS-M: Reverse Coll. Billing Run
JF2A - IS-M: Reorg.Billg Index aft.Canc.
JF2B - IS-M: Tfer Postings Bef.STax Reg.
JF61 - List of Open Items and Balance
JF87 - IS-M/SD: Create Rev.Acct Det.Table
JF88 - IS-M/SD: Change Rev.Acct Det.Table
JF89 - IS-M/SD:Display Rev.Acct Det.Table
JFAF - IS-M: Billing Document Check List
JFB2 - IS-M: Data Transfer f.Bank Return
JFB3 - IS-M: Reconc.List for Bank Return
JFB4 - IS-M: Ords fr.Bank Rtns for Change
JFB4_A - IS-M: Ords fr.Bank Rtns for Change
JFB5 - IS-M: Ref.Transfer of Bank Returns
JFBF - IS-M: Billing Document Flow JFB...

JFCA - IS-M/SD: Billing Doc.Authorization
JFCB - Check Payment Cards Before Billing
JFCC - Checking Log for Payment Cards
JFCO - Issue - Addit. Account Assignment
JFCO_PVA - Edition - Additional Account Assgmt
JFF1 - Maintain number range: ISP_FIBU
JFFB - Doc.According to Billing Cond.Types
JFFI - FI Journal for Revenue Posting/Dist.
JFJOURNREVPER - Posting Journal for Per. Rev. Accr.
JFLI - IS-M/SD: List Billing Documents
JFM1 - Media Sales + Distribution - Billing
JFNF - Set Up Indexes
JFNL - Non-Billed Deliveries
JFP2 - Billing Docs not Transfd to RF/FI
JFP3 - Collective Proc./Transfer Assignment
JFRA - Posting Journal for Revenue Accrual
JFRE - IS-M: Revenue Distribution Journal
JFREVENUECOCKPIT - Revenue Accrual Cockpit
JFRJ - IS-M: Outgoing Invoice Journal
JFRT - Orders Not Billed
JFSI - IS-M/SD: Simulate Billing
JFSU - IS-M: Information on Coll.Proc.
JFT1 - Individual Transfer to FI
JFT2 - Collective Transfer to FI
JFT3 - IS-M/SD: Payment Card Transfer
JFT4 - Collection Transfer for Billing
JFT5 - IS-M/SD: Bank Returns Transfer
JFT6 - IS-M/SD: Transfer Revenue Distrib. JFT...

JFU1 - Individual Transfer to FI
JFU2 - Collective Transfer to FI
JFU3 - IS-M/SD: Bank Returns Transfer
JFU4 - Collection Transfer for Billing
JFUV - Transfer Issue to Financial Accounts
JFVL - Open Issue Account Assignments
JF_ITALY_VAT_01 - Setting for VAT Reporting
JF_ITALY_VAT_02 - VAT Reporting - Italy


JG01 - IS-M: Create General Bus.Partner
JG02 - IS-M: Change General Bus.Partner
JG03 - IS-M: Display General Bus.Partner
JG07 - IS-M/SD: Create Carrier
JG08 - IS-M/SD: Change Carrier
JG09 - IS-M/SD: Display Carrier JG0...

JG10 - IS-M/SD: Create Service Company
JG11 - IS-M/SD: Change Service Company
JG12 - IS-M/SD: Display Service Company
JG16 - IS-M/SD: Create Sales Customer
JG17 - IS-M/SD: Change Sales Customer
JG18 - IS-M/SD: Display Sales Customer JG1...

JG20 - IS-M/SD: Change Retailer
JG21 - IS-M/SD: Display Retailer
JG34 - IS-M/SD: Create Commission Recipient
JG35 - IS-M/SD: Change Commission Recipient
JG36 - IS-M/SD: Display Commission Recipt
JG40 - IS-M/SD: Create Field Collector
JG41 - IS-M/SD: Change Field Collector
JG42 - IS-M/SD: Display Field Collector
JG43 - IS-M/SD: Create Researcher
JG44 - IS-M/SD: Change Researcher
JG45 - IS-M/SD: Display Researcher JG4...

JG50 - IS-M/SD: Change Forwarding Agent
JG51 - IS-M/SD: Display Forwarding Agent
JG55 - IS-M/SD: Create Postal Data
JG56 - IS-M/SD: Change Postal Data
JG57 - IS-M/SD: Display Postal Data
JG58 - IS-M/SD: Create Sales Cust.(Central) JG5...

JG60 - IS-M/SD: Display Sales Cust.(Cent.)
JG61 - IS-M/SD: Create Retailer (Central)
JG62 - IS-M/SD: Change Retailer (Central)
JG63 - IS-M/SD: Display Retailer (Central)
JG90 - IS-M: Block Order/Bill.Doc. - Change
JG91 - IS-M: Block Order/Bill.Doc.-Display
JG92 - IS-M: Block Roles - Change
JG93 - IS-M: Block Roles - Display
JG94 - IS-M: Change BP Deletion Flags
JG95 - IS-M: Display BP Deletion Flags JG9...

JGA0 - IS-M: Maintain Address Management
JGA0N - Maintain Addresses
JGA1 - IS-MP: Display Address Management
JGA1N - Display Addresses
JGA2 - IS-M: Maintain Business Partner Asgt
JGA3 - IS-M: Display Bus.Partner Assignment JGA...

JGB3 - IS-M: Add.Synch. IS-M -> Standard
JGB4 - IS-M: Add.Synch. IS-M -> Non-SAP
JGB5 - IS-M: Transfer Customers on Hand
JGB6 - IS-M: BTCI Session BP Data Transfer
JGB7 - IS-M: conn. IS-M->FI
JGB8 - IS-M: Bank con.synchronization log JGB...

JGCL - IS-M: BP Classification
JGKS - IS-M: Sales Summary
JGM0 - Business Partner
JGMIG_ADDRBP - Migrate Business Partner Addresses
JGMIG_ADDRORD - Migrate Order Addresses
JGMIG_ADDR_LOG - Log for Address Migration
JGR1 - IS-M/SD: SC Employee Turnover
JGR2 - IS-M: Service Company Employees
JGR3 - IS-M: Overview of Fwding Agents
JGSEPA01 - IS-M: Use of SEPA Mandates
JGSEPA02 - Mandate Usage (Display)
JGV3 - IS-M: Maintain Lost Time for SC EE
JGV4 - IS-M: Display Lost Time for SC EE
JGV7 - IS-M: Maintain Employment Relnship
JGV8 - IS-M: Display Employment Relnship
JGWWWIU1 - IS-M: Create Internet User
JGWWWIU2 - IS-M: Change Acc.Data for Int.User
JGZ0 - Check SAP BP Customizing
JGZ1 - IS-M: Create Customer
JGZ2 - IS-M: Change Customer
JGZ20 - IS-M: Create Sales Customer
JGZ21 - IS-M: Change Sales Customer
JGZ22 - IS-M: Display Sales Customer JGZ...


JH00 - IS-M: Condition Refs Check List
JH01 - IS-M: Condition Refs Check List
JH51 - Display UM for pricing
JH52 - Design Ad Type: Admissibility
JH53 - General Ad Type: Admissibility
JH54 - UM for Ads & Pricing (Display)
JH55 - Ad Type Design Admissibility (Displ)
JH56 - General Ad Type Admissibility(Displ) JH5...

JH60 - Generate schedule lines
JH61 - Display generation period
JH62 - Item list according to date type
JH64 - Status/char.attributes for item
JH65 - Data transfer for new orders
JH66 - Data transfer for old orders JH6...

JH70 - Status/Char.Attributes for AI SLine
JH72 - Status/char.attributes for com.SLine
JH73 - Status/Char.Attribute DT Sched.Line
JH75 - Manual on-screen mark up check
JH76 - Data trans.for new commercial orders
JH77 - Status/Char.Attributes S.Line/Ad Spc JH7...

JH84 - Grouping for Fixed Spaces Planning
JH85 - Fixed spaces capacity
JH86 - Date-spec. capacity for fixed spaces
JH89 - IS-M/AM: Order Transfer to TS Online
JH89_A - IS-M/AM: Order Transfer to TS Online
JH91 - Create Conditions
JH92 - Create conditions using template
JH93 - Change Conditions
JH94 - Display Conditions
JH99 - Order transfer from emerg.sys.ACCESS
JHA0 - IS-M: Sales Area Menu
JHA1 - IS-M/AM: Create Order
JHA1N - IS-M/AM: Create Order
JHA1X - IS-M/AM: Create Order
JHA2 - IS-M/AM: Change Order
JHA2N - IS-M/AM: Change Order JHA...

JHB1 - IS-M: Ad Insert Planning
JHB10 - IS-M/AM: Online Planning
JHB1_A - IS-M: Ad Insert Planning
JHB2 - IS-M: Commercial Planning
JHB3 - IS-M: Commercial Planning Export
JHB4 - IS-M/AM: Fixed Spaces Planning JHB...

JHC1 - Contact Conversion
JHC2 - Maintain positioning factor
JHCA - Archive
JHCB - Archive
JHCNTENT_REP_CALL - IS-M: Access Report With Variant
JHCP_CHANGE - Change Contact Person JHC...

JHD1 - Create Condition Records (JA)
JHD2 - Change Condition Records (JA)
JHD3 - Display Condition Records (JA)
JHD4 - Create Condition Records (JB)
JHD5 - Change Condition Records (JB)
JHD6 - Display Condition Records (JB) JHD...

JHE0 - Account Determination: Display Table
JHE1 - Account Determination: Create Table
JHE2 - Account Determination: Change Table
JHE7 - Dynam.cond.maint.f.pricng for c.ord.
JHEB - Account Determination: Create Table
JHEC - Account Determination: Change Table JHE...

JHF0 - IS-M: Billing
JHF1 - IS-M/AM: Create Billing Document
JHF2 - IS-M/AM: Change Billing Document
JHF3 - IS-M/AM: Display Billing Document
JHF7 - IS-M/AM: Collective Billing Run
JHF8 - IS-M/AM: Reverse Bill.Coll.Processng JHF...

JHG1 - Create Condition Table (JC)
JHG2 - Change Condition Table (JC)
JHG3 - Display Condition Table (JC)
JHGP - IS-M/AM: Overview Coll.Billing Run
JHGR - IS-M/AM: Individual Release (Dialog)
JHGS - IS-M/AM: CSetBill. Reverse Dialog JHG...

JHH1 - IS-M: Display Revenue Object Doc.
JHINSSERT_DET - Enter Series Determ.Rule Parameters
JHK1 - IS-M: Pricing Proc.Det.for Pricing
JHK4 - Activate Condition Index
JHK8 - Condition table: Change index (JA)
JHK9 - Reorganize condition indexes
JHKD - Condition table: Change index (JC)
JHKE - Condition table: Change index (JE) JHK...

JHM0 - IS-M/AM: Interface Records Contents
JHM1 - IS-M/AM: Data Generat.for New Order
JHM2 - IS-M/AM: Generate Contract Data
JHM3 - IS-M/AM: Data Gen.for Legacy Order
JHM4 - File Check for Order Migration
JHN1 - IS-M: Create Condition Table (JK)
JHN2 - IS-M: Change Condition Table (JK)
JHN2JM - IS-M: Change Condition Table (JK)
JHN3 - IS-M: Display Condition Table (JK)
JHN4 - IS-M: Create Condition Records (JK)
JHN5 - IS-M: Change Condition Records (JK) JHN...

JHO2 - IS-M: Change Responses
JHO3 - IS-M: Display Responses
JHO4 - Number range maintenance: ISP_CHINR
JHO5 - Display Box No.Resubmission Date
JHP0 - IS-M: Sales Agent Settlement
JHP1 - IS-M: Create Sales Agent Settlement
JHP2 - IS-M: Change Sales Agent Settlement
JHP3 - IS-M: Display Sales Agent Settlement
JHP7 - IS-M: SlsAgent Settlement Coll.Proc.
JHP8 - IS-M/AM: Reverse Coll.SlsAgnt Sett. JHP...

JHR0 - IS-M: Contract Settlement
JHR1 - IS-M/AM: Create Final Settlement
JHR2 - IS-M/AM: Change Settlement
JHR3 - IS-M/AM: Display Settlement
JHR4 - IS-M/AM: Settlements List
JHR5 - IS-M/AM: Create Interim Settlement JHR...

JHSA - Evaluate Collective Processing Run
JHSP - IS-M: Collective Processing Log
JHSR - IS-M/AM: Reorganize Coll.Processing
JHT1 - Create Condition Table (JA)
JHT2 - IS-M: Change Condition Table (JA)
JHT3 - Display Condition Table (JA)
JHT4 - Create Condition Table (JC)
JHT5 - Change Condition Table (JC)
JHT6 - Display Condition Table (JC) JHT...

JHV1 - IS-M: Create Contract Requirements
JHV2 - IS-M: Change Contract Requirement
JHV3 - IS-M: Display Contract Requirement
JHV4 - Maintain number range: COA
JHV5 - IS-M: Maintain Substitute Reqs
JHV6 - Overview of Contract Requirements JHV...

JHW0 - IS-M: Contract Monitoring
JHW1 - IS-M: Create Contract
JHW2 - IS-M: Change Contract
JHW3 - IS-M: Display Contract
JHW3_IAC - IS-M/AM: Query Contract
JHW4 - IS-M: Display BP Hierarchy JHW...

JHZ1 - IS-M/AM: Number Range Obj.for Order
JH_COPY_FUNC_CALL - IS-M: Access Copying Function
JH_P - Maintain Print Parameters
JH_PUB_CHANGE - Publications Collective Change Order


JI20 - IS-M: IVW Audit Report (General)
JI21 - IS-M: IVW Audit Rep.for Daily Papers
JI22 - IS-M: IVW Audit Report for Magazine
JI30 - IS-M: Average Audit Report Qties
JI31 - IS-M: Period Comparison of AR Qties
JI32 - IS-M: AR Monthly Revenue Accrual
JI33 - IS-M: AR Distribution Analysis
JI34 - Daily CAR Statistics (w/o Hierarchy)
JI35 - CAR Quantity Statement for Period JI3...

JI40 - Edit PCode Area Evaluation Variants
JI41 - Display PCode Area Eval.Variants
JI42 - Edit Postal Code Evaluation Areas
JI43 - Display Postal Code Evaluation Areas
JI44 - Assign Postal Codes to Eval.Areas
JI45 - Display PCode-Eval.Area Assignment JI4...

JIA0 - Update Circulation Book for ABC
JIA1 - Manage Audit Reports (Period)
JIA2 - Delete Circulation Book Records
JIA3 - Display ABC Update Log
JIA4 - Recompile Returns in Circ.Book
JIAA - IS-M/SD: Circulation Book Overview JIA...

JII0 - Update Circulation Book for Audit
JII1 - Close/Open IVW Audit Period
JII2 - Delete Daily AR Statistics Data
JII3 - Update Circulation Book for Audit
JIM1 - IS-M/SD: Circulation Auditing
JIRECATEGORIZE - IS-M: Recategorize Subscrip. Orders
JISDCIRCCAT - IS-M/SD: Mass Maint.of Aud.Rpt Cat.
JISDSCSDORD - Audit Report Categorization SD Order
JIT0 - Sequenced JIT Call - Main Screen
JIT1 - JIT Call Inbound
JIT2 - Change JIT Call
JIT3 - Display JIT Call
JIT4 - JIT Call Inbound: Simulation
JIT5 - JIT Call Fast Change (1 screen) JIT...

JIU1 - Change Edition Audit Report Type


JJ/0 - IS-M: Maintain Forms
JJ/C - IS-M: Billing Print Parameters
JJ11 - Create Conditions
JJ12 - Create conditions using template
JJ13 - Change Conditions
JJ14 - Display Conditions
JJ20 - IS-M/AM: Order Archiving
JJ21 - IS-M/AM: Order Archiving Order-Del.
JJ23 - IS-M: Archiving Order Management
JJ24 - IS-M: Display Archive Orders
JJ25 - IS-M/AM: Archive Display Full Run
JJ26 - IS-M/AM: Archive Order Check JJ2...

JJ30 - IS-M/AM: Billing Archiving
JJ31 - Billing Archiving - Billing-Delete
JJ33 - IS-M: Billing Archiving Management
JJ34 - IS-M: Display Billing Archive
JJ35 - IS-M/AM: Archive Display Full Run
JJ36 - IS-M/AM: Archive Billing Check JJ3...

JJ40 - IS-M/AM: Contract Archiving
JJ41 - IS-M/AM: Contract Archiving Delete
JJ43 - IS-M: Archiving Contract Management
JJ44 - IS-M: Display Archive Contract
JJ45 - IS-M/AM: Archive Display Full Run
JJ46 - IS-M/AM: Archive Contract Check JJ4...

JJ50 - IS-M: Display M/AM Address Changes
JJ60 - IS-M/AM: Media-Mix Archiving
JJ61 - IS-M/AM: Archiving Med-Mix Delete
JJ63 - IS-M: Media-Mix Archive Management
JJ64 - IS-M/AM: Display Media-Mix Archive
JJ65 - IS-M/AM: Archive Display Full Run
JJ66 - IS-M/AM: Archive Media-Mix Check JJ6...

JJA0 - IS-M: Sales Support
JJA1 - IS-M/AM: Create Contact Person
JJA2 - IS-M/AM: Change Contact Person
JJA3 - IS-M/AM: Display Contact Person
JJA4 - IS-M/AM: Number Range Maint. PARTNER
JJADVSLSZ_WEEKDAYS - Define Weekdays for AdvertSalesZones JJA...

JJB1 - IS-M: Create Booking Unit
JJB2 - IS-M: Change Booking Unit
JJB3 - IS-M: Display Booking Unit
JJB7 - IS-M: Create Date-Specific BU
JJB8 - IS-M: Change Date-Specific BU
JJB9 - IS-M: Display Date-Specific BU JJB...

JJC1 - IS-M: Ad Insert Processing Type
JJCAMPAIGN_CRM - IS-M: Campaigns With CRM Reference
JJCAMPAIGN_NOCRM - IS-M: Campaigns Without CRM Refernce
JJCP_ACT - IS-M/AM: Activate Contact Person
JJCP_CHANGE - IS-M: Change Contact Person

JJD0 - IS-M: Services
JJD1 - IS-M: Create Service
JJD2 - IS-M: Change Service
JJD3 - IS-M: Display Service
JJD4 - Maintain number range: ISP_DIEN
JJF2 - IS-M: Change Condition Table (JF)
JJF3 - IS-M: Change Condition Table (JG)
JJF5 - IS-M: Change Condition Records (JF)
JJF7 - IS-M: Change Condition Table (JA)
JJFK - IS-M: Requirement for output deter.
JJFM - IS-M: Change Condition Table (JH) JJF...

JJG1 - IS-M/AM: Create Media Customer
JJG2 - IS-M/AM: Change Media Customer
JJG3 - IS-M/AM: Display Media Customer
JJG4 - Maintain Telephone Barring List
JJG5 - Maintain Telephone Barring List
JJG6 - Display barred telephone list JJG...

JJH0 - IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy
JJH2 - IS-M: Change BP Hierarchy
JJH3 - IS-M: Display BP Hierarchy
JJI1 - IS-M: Create Content Component
JJI2 - IS-M: Change Content Component
JJI3 - IS-M: Display Content Component
JJI4 - IS-M: Coll.Entry of Content Comps
JJI5 - IS-M: Coll.Processing of CCs
JJI6 - IS-M: Coll.Display of Cont.Comps JJI...

JJK0 - Call up dynamic condition mainten.
JJK1 - Dynam.cond.maint.f.pricng for c.ord.
JJK2 - Dyn.Cnd.Maint.f.Contrct Disc.Pricing
JJK3 - Pric.for Commis.
JJK4 - Dynam.cond.maint.f.pricng for c.ord.
JJK5 - . JJK...

JJL2 - IS-M: Standard Access Analyze Pages
JJL3 - IS-M: Standard Access Analyze Pages
JJL4 - Std Settings for Sales Agnt Analysis
JJP2 - Generate booking unit - content
JJP3 - Delete Booking Unit Content
JJP4 - Generate Production Units
JJP5 - Display generation status
JJP6 - IS-M: Display Generated PUs
JJP7 - IS-M/AM: Coll.Maintenance of PUs JJP...

JJS0 - IS-M: Area Menu - Structures/Dist.
JJS1 - Maintain Bank Details Barring List
JJS1_BKID - IS-M: Bank Details ID Maintain Excp.
JJS2 - Display Bank Details Barring List
JJS2_BKID - IS-M: Bank Details ID Display Excep.
JJS3 - Number Range Maintenance: ISP_SINR JJS...

JJUPSELL - IS-M: Maintain Upselling Proposals
JJV002 - RJJGA002
JJV003 - RJJGA003
JJV1 - IS-M/AM: Create Sales Agent Contract
JJV2 - IS-M/AM: Change Sales Agent Contract
JJV3 - IS-M: Display Sales Agent Contract
JJV4 - IS-M/AM: Edit Exclusion Requirements JJV...

JJW1 - IS-M/AM: Add Sales Activity
JJW2 - IS-M/AM: Change Sales Activity
JJW3 - IS-M/AM: Display Sales Activity
JJWA - IS-M/AM: Edit Address List
JJWB - IS-M/AM: Create Letter
JJWM - IS-M/AM: Create Mailing JJW...

JJXX - IS-M: Configurat.Reqs and Formulas


JK01 - Create Subscription Order
JK01X - Create Subscription Order
JK02 - Change Subscription Order
JK02X - Change Subscription Order
JK03 - Display Subscription Order
JK03X - Display Subscription Order JK0...

JK11 - Create retail order
JK11X - Create Retail Order
JK12 - Change retail order
JK12X - Change Retail Order
JK13 - Display retail order
JK13X - Display Retail Order JK1...

JK21 - Create coupon order
JK21X - Create Coupon Order
JK22 - Change coupon order
JK22X - Change Coupon Order
JK23 - Display coupon order
JK23X - Display Coupon Order JK2...

JK31 - Create Gift Distribution Order
JK31X - Create Gift Distribution Order
JK32 - Maintain order f.char.transfer dist.
JK32X - Maintain Order f.Char.Transfer Dist.
JK33 - Display order for char.transfer dis.
JK33X - Display Order for Char.Transfer Dis. JK3...

JK41 - Create Subscription Offer
JK41X - Create Subscription Offer
JK42 - Change Subscription Offer
JK42X - Change Subscription Offer
JK43 - Display Subscription Offer
JK43X - Display Subscription Offer JK4...

JK51 - Create retail offer
JK51X - Create Retail Offer
JK52 - Change retail offer
JK52X - Change Retail Offer
JK53 - Display retail offer
JK53X - Display Retail Offer JK5...

JK61 - Create xx offer - not used
JK62 - Change xx offer - not used
JK63 - Display xx offer - not used
JKA1 - Create External Delivery Order
JKA1X - Create External Delivery Order
JKA2 - Change External Delivery Order
JKA2X - Change External Delivery Order
JKA3 - Display External Delivery Order
JKA3X - Display External Delivery Order JKA...

JKB1 - Create internal order
JKB1X - Create Internal Order
JKB2 - Change internal order
JKB2X - Change Internal Order
JKB3 - Display internal order
JKB3X - Display Internal Order JKB...

JKCOMPL1 - IS-M/SD: Create Customer Complaint
JKCOMPL1_FM - IS-M/SD: Create Complaint (Func.Mod)
JKCOMPL1_PRESET - IS-M/SD: Create Complaint (Defaults)
JKCOMPL1_WWWTEMP - IS-M/SD: Create Complaint (Posted.)
JKCOMPL2 - IS-M/SD: Change Customer Complaint
JKCOMPL3 - IS-M/SD: Display Customer Complaint JKC...

JKD0 - Edit Delivery Viability Optimization
JKD1 - Display Delivery Via.Optimization
JKD3 - IS-M/SD: Delivery Viab.Optimization
JKD4 - Publications for Address
JKFB01 - IS-M/SD: Mass Incoming Payment
JKGP - IS-M: Generate Ad Pre-Print Order
JKK0 - Order processing - central maint.
JKK1 - Order management - central display
JKLIABACC - Liability Account Analysis
JKLIAB_REVERSE - Reverse Liability Account Transfer
JKON - IS-M: Generic Condition Maintenance
JKP1 - Create Ad Pre-Print Order
JKP2 - Change Ad Pre-Print Order
JKP3 - Display Ad Pre-Print Order
JKR1 - Create customer complaint
JKR2 - Change customer complaint
JKR3 - Display customer complaint
JKR4 - Release customer complaint
JKR8 - Release return
JKRA - Create Return JKR...

JKS1 - IS-PSD: Analysis of live subscrips
JKS2 - IS-PSD: Compar.Live Subs (Std/Free)
JKS3 - IS-PSD: Compare live sub.trans (all)
JKS4 - IS-PSD: Transacs affecting live subs
JKS5 - IS-PSD: Compare live subscr.transacs
JKS6 - IS-M: Daily Retail Sales JKS...

JKU1 - Where-used list of BP in order
JKU2 - Orders for Carrier Route
JKU3 - Orders for geography
JKU4 - Orders for item types
JKU5 - Ad Pre-Print Orders for Carr.Route
JKU6 - Ad Pre-Print Orders for Carr.Edition JKU...

JKVIAC_RESTORE - Activate IAC Changes After Planning
JKVIAC_SUSPEND - Suspend IAC Changes Before Planning
JKVIAC_SUSPEND_OV - Overview of Suspended IAC Changes
JKWA - IS-M: WBZ Outb.Proc., Data Carrier
JKWB - WBZ Stock List (Record Type 119)
JKWC - IS-M: WBZ Outbound, Manual Comm.
JKWD - IS-M: WBZ, Delete Entries, RtnFile
JKWE - IS-M: WBZ, Inbound Processing
JKWF - IS-M/SD: WBZ, Overview JKW...

JKX1 - IS-M: Create Order Archive
JKX11 - IS-M/SD: Read Archived Complaints
JKX2 - IS-M: Delivery Archiving - Delete
JKX21 - IS-M/SD: Archive Amo.Data for Acct
JKX3 - IS-M: Reload Order Archive
JKX31 - IS-M/SD: Archive Liability Account JKX...

JKY4 - Transfer Subscription Changes
JKY7 - Data transfer for sales docs (fMod.)
JK_RJKBST80 - TI, FI Conversion Statistics


JL1D - IS-M: Transfer EE Comm.Settlement
JL1E - IS-M: Transfer SC Comm.Settlement
JL1F - IS-M: Transfer EE HDel.Settlement
JL1G - IS-M: Transfer SC Home Del.Sett.
JL2A - IS-M: Reverse Coll.Proc.EE Commiss.
JL2B - IS-M: Reverse Coll.Proc.SC Commiss.
JL2C - IS-M: Reverse Coll.Proc.EE Home Del.
JL2D - IS-M: Reverse Coll.Proc.SC Home Del.
JL60 - IS-M: Create EE Comm.Settlement
JL60_SIM - IS-M: Simulate EE Comm. Settlement
JL61 - IS-M: Change EE Comm.Settlement
JL62 - IS-M: Display Comm.Settlement EE
JL63 - IS-M: Reverse Comm. Settlement EE
JL64 - IS-M: Coll.Run for Comm.Sett EE JL6...

JL70 - IS-M/SD: Create HDel.Settlement EE
JL70_SIM - IS-M/SD: Simulate EE Home Del. Sett
JL71 - IS-M: Change HDel.Settlement EE
JL72 - IS-M: Display HDel.Settlement EE
JL73 - IS-M: Reverse HDel. Settlement EE
JL74 - IS-M: Coll.Run for HDel.Sett EE JL7...

JL80 - IS-M/SD: Display Collective Runs
JL81 - IS-M: Disp.Coll.Proc.EE Comm.Sett.
JL82 - Display Coll.Commission Sett Run- SC
JL83 - IS-M: Disp.Coll.HDel.Sett.Run - EE
JL84 - IS-M: Disp.Coll.HDel.Sett.Run - SC
JLAA - IS-M: Exceps f.Transfer to HR/RP
JLAB - IS-M: Monitor Missing BP Substits
JLAC - IS-M: Transfer Lost Times to HR
JLAD - IS-M: Monitor Missing Absences
JLAK - Document by Billing Condition Types
JLAP - IS-M/SD: Settlement Transfers JLA...

JLC0 - IS-M: Maintain Acct Det.Data (J0)
JLC1 - IS-M: Maintain Acct Det.Data (J1)
JLC2 - IS-M: Maintain Acc.Assgt Data (J2)
JLCB - Master Data on Payment Terms
JLCD - Master Data on Payment Terms for SC
JLCE - IS-M: Settlement Data for SComp. JLC...

JLI3 - IS-M: Transfer Del.Sett to RP
JLI4 - Tfer Del.Billing to Human Resources
JLI5 - IS-M: Tfer Comm.Sett - Human Res
JLL1 - Create Pricing Report
JLL2 - Change Pricing Report
JLL3 - Display Pricing Report
JLL4 - Execute Condition List
JLLA - Create Pricing Report
JLLB - Change Pricing Report JLL...

JLM1 - IS-M: Home Del.Service Settlement
JLM2 - IS-M: Serv.Settlement for Comm.
JLM3 - IS-M: Serv.Settlement for Comm.
JLP0 - IS-M: Postal Circulation of Edition
JLP1 - IS-M: Determine Postal Circulation
JLPA - IS-M: Postal Charge Forecast for PDI
JLPB - IS-M: Post.Charges for Labeled PP
JLPC - IS-M: Postal Charges for RCP
JLPD - IS-M: Overv of Goods Arr.Lists PDI JLP...

JLSDHDSETTLEMENT - Interface for HDel. Settlemt Update
JLT1 - IS-M/SD: Transfer EE FI
JLT2 - IS-M/SD: Transfer SC HDel.Sett to FI
JLT3 - IS-M/SD: Transfer EE FI
JLT4 - IS-M/SD: Transfer SC FI
JLTA - IS-M/SD: Access EE HDel.Sett.Transf.
JLTB - IS-M/SD: Access SC HDel.Sett.Transf. JLT...

JLU1 - Commission Due Dates
JLW7 - IS-M: Create Cond.Tab.-EAD HDel.
JLW8 - IS-M: Change Cond.Table-EAD HDel.
JLW9 - IS-M: Disp.Cond.Table for HDeliv.
JLX7 - IS-M: Create Cond.Tab.f.ExpAccDet.
JLX8 - IS-M: Change Cond.Tab.f.ExpAcDet.
JLX9 - IS-M: Disp.Cond.Table f.ExpAccDet.


JM01 - IS-M: Create Material
JM02 - IS-M: Change Material
JM03 - IS-M: Display Material


JN01 - IS-M: Create Research
JN02 - IS-M: Change Research
JN03 - IS-PSD: Display Research
JN04 - IS-M: Create Bank Returns Research
JN05 - IS-M: Change Bank Returns Research
JN06 - IS-M: Display Bank Rtns Research JN0...

JN30 - Condition Master Data
JND0 - IS-M: Reorg.Output Cont.(Order)
JND1 - IS-M: Reorg.Output Cont.(Billing)
JND2 - IS-M: Reorg.Output Cont.(Settlement)
JND3 - IS-M: Reorg.Output Cont.(Dist.ErrH.)
JND4 - IS-M: Reorg.Output Contr.(Research)
JND5 - IS-M: Outpt Control Reorg.(Add.Chge) JND...

JNS0 - IS-M: Sales Output
JNS1 - IS-M: Billing Output
JNS2 - IS-M: Settlement Output
JNS3 - IS-M: Complaint Output
JNS4 - IS-M: Resubmission Output
JNS5 - IS-M: Address Change Output JNS...


JP02 - Change Title Master
JP03 - Display Title Master
JP20 - Media Product Master Browser
JP20NEU - Media Product Master Browser
JP21 - Create Media Product Family
JP22 - Change Media Product Family
JP23 - Display Media Product Family
JP24 - Create Media Product JP2...

JP30 - Move Media Issue Publication Date
JP31 - Log: Move Publ. Date of Media Issue
JPBDCCR - Create OR Data Collector
JPBDCDL - Reset OR Data Collector
JPC1 - Create Media Prod.Mast.from WBS Elmt
JPC3 - Log Media Prod.Mast.from WBS Element
JPC4 - Create Media Prod.Mast.from App.Req.
JPC6 - Log Media Prod.Mast.from App.Req.
JPECPFE - Define Formula Element
JPECPPK - Define Pricing Key
JPECPVT - Define Characteristic Patterns
JPMDG1 - Define Master Data Template
JPMDG2 - Maintain Generation Profile
JPMDG3 - Generate Media Product Master Recs
JPMDG4 - Log Media Product Master Rec.Gen.
JPMG0 - Edit Issue Sequence
JPMG1 - Display Issue Sequence JPM...

JPS1 - Create Ad Insert
JPS2 - Change Ad Insert
JPS3 - Display Ad Insert
JPSEG01 - Extend Organizational Units
JPSEG01_PROT - Extend Organizational Units: Log
JPSEG02 - Copy Org. Units from Template JPS...

JPTSTARTER - Assign Basic Edition to Media Prod.
JPTSTARTERPRICE - Assign Basic Edition to Media Prod.


JR01 - IS-M/SD: Create Truck Route
JR01E - IS-M/SD: Create Truck Route
JR02 - IS-M/SD: Change Truck Route
JR02E - IS-M/SD: Change Truck Route
JR03 - IS-M/SD: Display Truck Route
JR03E - IS-M/SD: Display Truck Route JR0...

JR10 - IS-M: Mass Rec.of Daily Truck Routes
JR11 - IS-M: Create Daily Truck Route
JR12 - IS-M/SD: Change Daily Truck Route
JR13 - IS-M: Display Daily Truck Route
JR14 - IS-M: Auto.Gen.of Daily Truck Routes
JR15 - IS-M: Edit Gen.Trigs for Truck Rtes JR1...

JR20 - IS-M: Display Unloading Via.Sets
JR24 - Copy Generation Triggers for Routes
JR25 - IS-M: Maint.Unl.Via.Set (Del.Round)
JR26 - IS-M:Summ.Unl.VSet maint.- spec.days
JR27 - IS-M:Display Unl.Via.Set (Del.Round)
JR28 - IS-M: Maintain Unloading Via.Set JR2...

JR30 - IS-M: Access Unload.VSet Display
JR32 - IS-M/SD: Edit Unloading Rule
JR33 - IS-M: Display Unloading Rule
JR34 - IS-M: Unloading Point Sequence
JR36 - Display Unloading Rules
JR40 - IS-M/SD: Replace Unloading Points
JR50 - IS-M: Shipping Archiving - Create
JR51 - IS-M: Shipping Archiving - Delete
JR52 - IS-M: Shipping Archiving - Reload
JR53 - IS-M: Shipping Archiving - Reload
JR54 - IS-M: Delivery Archiving - Create
JR55 - IS-M: Delivery Archiving - Delete JR5...

JR60 - IS-M: Dly Truck Route Arch. - Reload
JR61 - IS-M: Daily Truck Route Arch.-Manage
JRPRESHIP - IS-M: Log. Del. Type for Preshipping


JS01 - IS-M: Create Geographical Units
JS02 - IS-M: Change Geographical Units
JS03 - IS-M: Display Geographical Units
JS04 - IS-M: Edit Geographical Hierarchy
JS05 - IS-M: Display Geographical Hierarchy
JS06 - IS-M: Edit Carrier Route-Geo.Assgmts JS0...

JS10 - IS-M: Create Postal Code
JS11 - IS-M: Change Postal Code
JS12 - IS-M: Display Postal Code Data
JS13 - IS-M: Create Cities
JS14 - IS-M: Change Cities
JS15 - IS-M: Display Cities JS1...

JS20 - IS-M: Change P.O.Box Racks
JS21 - IS-M: Display P.O.Box Racks
JS22 - IS-M: Edit Truck Route-Edit.Assgmt
JS24 - IS-M: Display Truck Rte-Publ./Edit.
JS26 - IS-M: Edit Distr.-Distr.Assignment
JS27 - IS-M: Display Distr.-Distr.Assgmt JS2...

JS30 - IS-M: Edit Org.Structure-Geo.Unit
JS31 - IS-M: Display Org Struc.-Geo.Unit
JS32 - IS-M: Edit Org. Hierarchy
JS33 - IS-M: Display Org.Hierarchy
JS34 - IS-M: Edit Unloading Point Seq.
JS35 - IS-M: Display Unloading Pt Seq. JS3...

JS40 - Check Run for Change Number
JS41 - Release Change Number
JS41ALOG - IS-M: Change Number Log
JS42 - Analyze Change Number
JS43 - IS-M: Create Gen.Change Number
JS44 - IS-M: Modify Change Number JS4...

JS50 - IS-M: Display Round Sequence
JS51 - IS-M: Edit Round Sequence
JS54 - IS-M: UPt Sequence, Reorganization
JS55 - Analysis of Orders on Change Number
JS70 - IS-M: Update addresses
JS70N - Address Update
JS71 - Refresh Structures
JS72 - Status of Postal Change Service
JSA1 - Geo.Units in Carrier Routes
JSA2 - Postal Units in Carrier Route
JSA3 - Organizational Units in Carr.Routes
JSA4 - Carrier Routes in Geo.Units
JSA5 - Postal Units in Geo.Units
JSA6 - Unloading Points in Geo.Units JSA...

JSB1 - Split Entire Postal File
JSB2 - IS-M: Postal Transfer DMun.Key
JSB3 - IS-M: Transfer City Data
JSB4 - IS-M: Transfer City District Data
JSB5 - IS-M: Transfer Postal Code Data
JSB6 - IS-M: Transfer Data on Streets JSB...

JSE0 - Update Postal Data - Germany
JSE01 - Refresh Postal Code-City Assignments
JSE02 - Evaluate City References
JSE03 - Evaluate Street References
JSE1 - Transfer Cities, Postal Codes - USA
JSE10 - Transfer Streets - Italy JSE...

JSGEOGEO - IS-M/SD: Create Geo-Geo Assignments
JSGEOPOST - IS-M/SD: Create Geo-Geo Assignments
JSM1 - IS-M: Organizational structure


JUC016 - BP Conversion Industries T016 TB023
JUC05 - BP Conv. Occupations TJG05 TB028
JUC37 - BP Conversion Grouping TJG37 TB001
JUC39 - BP Conversion Role Categs TJG39 TBZ0
JUC41 - BP Conversion Origin TJG41 TB005
JUC43 - BP Conversion FOAs TJG43 TSAD3 JUC...

JUPART - Conversion IS-M BP to SAP BP


JV01 - IS-M: Create Carrier Route
JV02 - IS-M: Change Carrier Route
JV03 - IS-M: Display Carrier Route
JV04 - Create Delivery Round-BP Assignment
JV04_A - Maintain Home Delivery Round
JV06 - Display Carr.Route-Bus.Partner Assgt JV0...

JV10 - IS-M: Edit Delivery Viability Set
JV12 - Display Delivery Viability Set
JV13 - IS-M: Maintain BP Deliv.Via.Sets
JV15 - IS-M: Display BP Delivery Via.Sets
JV17 - IS-M: Deliveries/Unloading VSets
JV18 - Delta Betw.Postal and ZEBU Data JV1...

JV21 - IS-M: Maintain Cont.Packing Rule
JV23 - IS-M: Display Cont.Packing Rule
JV24 - IS-M: Create Variants
JV26 - IS-M: Display Variants
JV27 - IS-M: Edit Shipping Schedule
JV28 - IS-M: Container/Postal Pack Numberg JV2...

JV30 - IS-M: Bundling
JV31 - IS-M: Container Packing
JV34 - IS-M: Import Changes into ZEBU
JV37 - IS-M: Set Order Deadline
JV38 - IS-M: Init.Transfer of ZEBU Data
JV40 - IS-M: List Shipping Problem Messages
JV40_A - IS-M: List Shipping Problem Messages
JV41 - IS-M: Create Shipping Prob.Message
JV42 - IS-M: Change Shipping Prob.Message
JV43 - IS-M: Display Shipping Prob.Message
JV44 - IS-M: Evaluate Shipping Prob.Message JV4...

JV50 - IS-M: Edit ZEBU File
JV51 - IS-M: Display ZEBU File
JV55 - Create agent district
JV56 - Change agent district
JV57 - Display agent district
JV59 - IS-M: Update Daily Delivery Stats