SAP T-Codes

SAP T-Codes Index by 7


Index of SAP tables

7KE1 - Change Plan Costs/Revenues

7KE2 - Display Plan Costs/Revenues

7KE3 - Change Plan Inventories

7KE4 - Display Plan Inventories

7KE5 - Change Plan Statisitcal Key Figures

7KE6 - Display Plan Statisitcal Key Figures

7KEA - Create Planning Layout for Costs/Rev

7KEB - Change Planning Layout for Costs/Rev

7KEC - Display Planning Layout for Cost/Rev

7KEF - Create Planning Layout for Inventory

7KEG - Change Planning Layout for Inventory

7KEH - Display Planning Lyt for Inventory

7KEI - Transport Planning Layouts

7KEJ - Import Planning Layouts

7KEK - Create Stat. KF Planning Layout

7KEL - Change Stat. KF Planning Layout

7KEM - Display Stat. KF Planning Layout

7KEO - Correction of Plan Bals with PCA

7KEP - Set Planner Profile

7KEQ - EC-PCA: Reorganize Long Texts