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W000 - Condition Table for Rule Determination $
W001 - External currency field for ANLA change docs.
W093B - External currency field for ANLB/C change docs.


W1A_T_DEBI - Work Area: Customer Tax Category
W1A_T_KRED - Work Area: Vendor Tax Category


W3ADMTX - MinApp Text Table
W3ADMX - MiniApp catalog
W3ATTRCX - Customer Settings for MiniApps
W3ATTRX - MiniApp Attributes
W3BHTMCON - WAB: Contexts for BHTML Functions
W3BHTMCONT - WAB: Texts for Use Contexts (BHTML Functions)
W3BHTMFUNC - WAB: Business HTML Functions
W3BHTMFUNT - Business HTML Function Texts
W3BHTMLPURESEQUENCE - BHTML Sequence W/O Comments and Line Breaks
W3BHTMLSEQUENCE - BHTML Sequence in HTML Template W3B...

W3CONTYPES - WAB: Flow Editor Converter
W3CONVERT - ITS Flow Logic - Converter
W3CONVKEY - ITS: Key for Converting Entry Name from Short -> Long
W3CREATPAT - ITS: Table of Templates for Creating Templates
W3CROSS - WAB: Use in ITS Objects
W3CURSOR - ITS: Cursor position W3C...

W3DEFAULT - ITS: Flow Logic - Default
W3DEVAPP - Relationship Between Application and Device Type
W3DEVAPPS - Relationships Between Application and Device Type
W3DEVAPPWP - Device Dependency of Transactions: Transfer Structure
W3DEVAPPX - Relationship Between Application and Device Type
W3DEVFAV - MWP: Favorites for Mobile Terminals W3D...

W3ERROBJECTS - ITS: List of Objects with Data Errors (Not Readable)
W3EUMOD - ITS: Settings in RSEUMOD
W3EVENT - ITS: Flow Logic - Event
W3EXCEPTON - ITS Flow Logic - Exception
W3FIELDS - Field directory for internal table display in HTML
W3FILE - File name including path
W3FILEMAP - ITS: Flow Logic - Filemapping
W3FINDDYNP - WAB: Find HTML Templates Generated for One Screen
W3FINDINSERVICE - WAB: Search in Service, Query
W3FINDMIME - WAB: Search for MIMEs (Result Structure) W3F...

W3GENSTYLES - W3: Generation Styles for HTML Templates
W3GENSTYLESTEXT - ITS: Generation Style with Description
W3HEAD - Field directory for internal table display in HTML
W3HEXCONV - ITS: Conversion Table for Data Storage
W3HTML - Contains HTML for WWW client
W3HTMLT - WAB: Texts for HTML Files
W3HTMLTAGS - Table of Basic HTML Tags
W3HTML_WAO - Contains HTML for WWW Client (Web Add-On) W3H...

W3ISTDEVS - Cross Transport Problem
W3JSCRATTR - ITS: Attributes for JavaScript Files
W3JSCRT - WAB: Texts for JavaScript Files
W3MAPPING - ITS: Flow Logic - Parametermapping
W3MARK - WAB: Structure for Selecting Rows of a Table
W3MATTR - Attribute structure for Workplace for Web Applications
W3MIME - Contains MIME data for WWW client
W3MIMEAPPL - Assignment of MIME type and application
W3MIMEATTR - ITS: MIME Attributes W3M...

W3OBJLOINF - WAB: Local Information for ITS Objects
W3PARAM - Parameter definitions for various function modules
W3PARAMX - Parameters
W3PARAMX_O - Old Parameter Structure
W3PARAM_O - Old Structure for the Old PlugIn
W3PARAM_WAO - Parameter Definitions for Various Function Modules
W3PARATX - MiniApp Parameter Texts W3P...

W3QUERY - Query string for WWW server
W3QUERY_WAO - Query String for WWW Server
W3RESOATTR - ITS: Attributes for Resource Files
W3RESOKEY - ITS: Language Resource Key
W3RESOPARA - ITS: Parameters for Resource File
W3RESULT - ITS: Flow Logic - Result
W3SERINTP - WAB: Interface Parameters for Services
W3SERINTPS - WAB: Interface Parameters for a Service (Screen Fields)
W3SERINTPT - WAB: Texts for Interface Parameters for Services
W3SERVATTR - ITS: Service Attributes
W3SERVICET - Short Text for Internet Services
W3SERVPAFL - WAB: Indicators for Generating Service Parameters W3S...

W3TEMLATTR - ITS: Attributes for Language-Specific Templates
W3TEMPATTR - ITS: Attributes for Templates
W3TEMPLATE - Generated Table for View W3TEMPLATE
W3TEMPLATE_NEW64 - Generated Table for View
W3TEMPLID - Structure for template IDs in INDX-type tables
W3TEXT - Parameter value for long parameter W3T...

W3XMLPROPERTYINFO - Info for XML Screen Property for Screen
W3XML_EDITOR_CHANGED_ELEMENT - XML Templates, Editor, Changed Elements
W3XML_EDITOR_ELEMENT_PROPS - XML Templates: Structure for ALV of Element Properties
W3XML_EDITOR_ELEMENT_TREE_ITEM - Web Application Builder: Element Tree in XML Editor


WAAL - Material-to-vendor assignment in price maintenance (promo.)
WAALD - Structure: Mat. - vendor assignmnt in price main. Promotions
WAAUFTVZ - Help structure for creating AUVZ and AUVW - alloc tbl gener.
WABEK_AKPF - Form: Promotion Announcement - Promotion header data
WABEK_APOS - Form: Promotion announcement - Promotion item data
WABEK_APOS_ALL - Promotion Announcement: Reference Item, Enhanced
WABEK_EMPF - Form: Promotion announcement - recipient plant / customer
WABEK_KOPF - Form: Promotion announcement - title
WABEK_LW - Form AllocTbl Notif.: Delivery Phases WAB...

WADRUCKER - Printer change for printing announcement
WAEL - Delivery Phases in Retail Promotion
WAELD - Screen Field String for Promotion Delivery Phases
WAFLGBEARB - Flags for subsequent processing
WAFORM_AKT - Structure for form - promotion header
WAFORM_AKT_PDF - Adobe Form WAKT_PRUEFPRO - Promotion Header
WAFORM_POS - Structure for form - items WAF...

WAGGR_BW_V - Generated Table for View
WAGP - Plant/customer group items
WAGPD - Plant/customer group items
WAGU - Validity of plant groups - IS-R
WAGUD - Screen field string for plant group assignment
WAHD - Alternative Required Time Series for the Forecast
WAHD_OVAL - Original Values for Alternative RPM Time Series for Forecast
WAHD_S_AHD_COUPLES - Couples for which Alternative Historical Data Will be Loaded
WAHD_S_CONTEXT_TABNAME - Context Structure for Error Messages in the AHD Scenario
WAHD_S_CONTROL_PACKET_DELETE - Control Structure for Package Processing When Deleting AHD
WAHD_S_CONTROL_PACKET_LOAD - Control Structure for Package Processing During AHD Load WAH...

WAITEMCAT - Structure for item category selection in promotion
WAKC - Assignment of Coupons to Promotion
WAKCD - Screen Structure for Coupons of a Promotion
WAKH - Promotion Header Data, IS-R
WAKHD - Screen field string for promotion header data
WAKHIND - Promotion header data IS-R: index table for conditions
WAKL1 - Structure for Report Promotion: Mat.-Customer (WAKH & WAKP) WAK...

WALE - Material to store assignment to promotion
WALED - Processing of records in WALE table
WALISTUNG - Table for listing
WALL_FEH_RETAIL_ALLOC_CRT_RQ - Application parameter for retail allocation
WALL_RETAIL_ALLOCATION_CONF - Retail Allocation ERP Confirmation MT

WAMONW1 - Screen structure for detailed display of group NAST record
WANARI - Transfer area for output determination - IS-R Promotions
WANAST - Keys for NAST records (IS-R Promotions)
WANASTG - Creation of NAST-OBJKY for output deter. Promotions (group)
WANORPRICE - Standard price of a promotional material
WAPC_FEH_RTLPURGPLN_CRT_RQ - Application parameter for retail purchasing plan
WAPC_RTLPURGPLN_ERP_REQ_STY - Retail Purchasing Plan ERP Request service
WAPPT - Appointments
WAPPTV - Appointments: Worklist
WAPROMTREE - Display promotion in form of hierarchy
WARNG - Saving of RANGES
WARTTAB - Structure for Material Table w. Matl No. and Unit of Meas.
WART_MATERIAL_RETAIL_DEMAND_10 - MatlRtlDmndMgmtBulkReqBrandDesc
WART_MATERIAL_RETAIL_DEMAND_11 - MatlRtlDmndMgmtBulkReqAncrProdCatDesc
WART_MATERIAL_RETAIL_DEMAND_12 - MatlRtlDmndMgmtBulkReqDmndMgmtProperties
WART_MATERIAL_RETAIL_DEMAND_13 - Proxy Structure (Generated) WAR...

WASORT2 - Structure of field SORT2 in NAST record - application WB
WASTE_PRINT_DATA - Additional Fields for Bill Print
WATREEINFO - Administration Data for Tree Control of Promo. Announcement
WAVORLVZ - GR lead time for distribution center
WAWERKART - Structure: plant/promotion item Assignments -> Display
WAZB - Module plant-group assignment
WAZBD - Screen field string for plant-groups module assignment
WAZT - Promotion/themes assignment
WAZTD - Screen field string for promotion theme assignment
WAZW - Promotion/advertising media assignment
WAZWD - Screen field string for promotion ad.-media assignment WAZ...


WB2ACTV - Possible Activities of Global Trade Authorization Objects
WB2APREP - Parameter Structure for Report rwb2_archive-prepare
WB2ATREE - SAP Global Trade Management
WB2B_ADDRESS - Address Type for TradingContract@Net
WB2B_CMM_MTM_EXTR_TC - MtM Extractor Structure for Trading Contract
WB2B_CMM_MTM_EXTR_TC_GENEXT_MA - Substr. in TC Extractor for Generic Del. in BWA/ESH Index WB2...

WB30_SITE_LIST - Structure for Selection by Category in WB30
WBABPR_OBJECT_DATA - Object Data of an ABAP Pragma
WBACCESS_TOOL - Object Type and Access Tool
WBACTINDEX - Update Programs for Navigation Index
WBACTIONS - Operations on Repository object types
WBACTIONST - Texts for operations on Repository objects WBA...

WBBCUSO - Assortment List Parameters for Specific Optimization
WBBGRFCTMP - Log for Where Used Index Update in Backgound Tasks
WBBH - Assortment list header
WBBH_HIDE - Assortment list header for reporting
WBBH_KEY - Assortment list: Object key
WBBH_M - List structure WBBH with selection WBB...

WBCHIPTOOL_DATA - Administration Data of Web Dynpro CHIP Workbench Tools
WBCHKLST - Visualization for syntax errors
WBCHLIREQ - Stucture check list error
WBCLALV - changelist for ALV
WBCLPROT_S - Change List with Success Code for Transport Result Log
WBCONTTYP - Type Information for the Element of a Data Object Container WBC...

WBDRCONM - Subseq. Settlement: Tax ID Aggregation Data, Form Printing
WBDRCONM_PDF - Subseq. Settlement: Tax ID Aggregation Data, Form Printing
WBDRCONT - Subsequent Settlement: Tax Aggregation Data, Form Printing
WBDRCONT_PDF - Subsequent Settlement: Tax Aggregation Data, Form Printing
WBDRCONW - Subsequent Settlement: Plant Aggregation Data, Form Printing
WBDRCONW_PDF - Subsequent Settlement: Plant Aggregation Data, Form Printing WBD...

WBELN_RAN - Range structure for vendor billing documents
WBERROR - Error Structure for Workbench Manager
WBEW - Active Ingredient Valuation
WBEXTTYPES - Workbench: External code for object types
WBF4KSCHL - Trading Contract: Output Structure of Conditions Imput Help
WBFLPROT_S - Queue Flush Protocol Element for one target node
WBGT - Global Trade: Generic Document Information
WBGTD - Dynamic Part of Global Trade Add-On
WBGTD_OLD - Dynamic Part of Global Trade Add-On: Not Required
WBGTVB - Posting Structure
WBGT_CONTEXT_BAL - Additional Data: GTM/TEW: Application Log
WBGT_CONTEXT_BAL_TEXT - Additional Data: GTM/TEW: Application Log WBG...

WBHD - Trading Contract: Commercial Data
WBHDD - Trading Contract: Commercial data, dynamic part
WBHDD_APPEND - Dynamic Data Part
WBHDD_NEW - New Dynamic Data for WBHDD
WBHDEX_KEY - GTM: Key Fields of Structure KOMWBHEEX
WBHDVB - Trading Contract: Commercial Data, Update Structure WBH...

WBINTRST - Agency Business : Intrastat Relevant data
WBIT - Association Item at Step Level
WBITVB - Global Trade: Posting Structure for Table WBIT
WBIT_KEY - GTM: Key Fields in Table WBIT
WBNAVSET - Object Navigator Settings
WBO1 - Log header file for simulative list for load building
WBO2 - Log item file for simulative list for load building
WBO3 - Log file for investment buy
WBO4 - Log, load building, restriction profile used
WBO5 - Calculated Actual Vendor Service Level
WBOATTR - CTS: Request Attributes WBO...

WBPA - Agency Business: Business Partner Assignment
WBPARTADR - Subsequent Settlement: Info on Partner Addresses
WBPAVB - Posting structure, partner vendor billing document
WBPA_APPEND_EHP7 - Additional Data for Agency Business Partner
WBPA_CUSTOMER - Customer Fields for Table WBPA
WBPA_EARETAIL - AB Additional Data for Extension EA Retail WBP...

WBQENTALV - Queue entry fields for ALV
WBQENTRY_S - Entry of Specific Queue (ARS TM)
WBQUANT - Trading Contract: Quantity Check
WBRC - Agency Business: Complaints
WBRCCF - Agency Business: Complaints - Change Fields
WBRCCFVB - AB-CWB: Update Structure for WBRCCF
WBRCVB - AB-CWB: Update Structure for WBRC
WBRC_KEY - Structure for Key Accesses to WBRC/WBRCCF
WBRD - Agency Business: Bank Data Suspense Account WBR...

WBSABE - Subsequent Settlement: Address Data, Coordinator
WBSCREENELEMENTS - Workbench: Elements for Screens
WBSMEASUREMENTMETHOD - List of EV measurement methods
WBSUBTYPE_DATA - Workbench Object Types and Their Parameters
WBSUBTYPE_DATA_ALV - Workbench Object Types: Display in ALV WBS...

WBTABLE - Create Flight: Sample Table for Workbench Tutorial
WBTESTCROSS - Cross Reference to Test Classes
WBTEXTZEILE - Subseq. Settlement: Key Combination in Formatted Form
WBTOOLTYPE - Visualization types for tools
WBTOOL_DATA - Administration Data of Generic Workbench Tool
WBTOOL_SCREENDATA - Screen Elements of a Workbench Tool (Flat Structure!) WBT...

WBW5_CNT_ITEM_SEND - BAPI Struct. Retail STORE for Sending 1 Counted Item
WBW5_CNT_ITEM_SHOW - BAPI Structure for Count List via Retail Store
WBWL_TAB - User-Specific Worklist
WBWORKITEM - Line in Worklist
WBXMLCUST - Obsolete: Settings for XML Workbench Connection


WCA2 - WCM: Work and Requirements
WCAAP - WCM: Application
WCAB - WCM: Valuation
WCABQ - WCM: Log (Valuation)
WCACD - WCM: Operational Class <-> PM Object
WCACE - WCM: Operational Condition <-> Operational Class WCA...

WCB_ADDITIONAL_DATA - additional mapping data
WCB_AGBU_LI - WCB: Agency Business Document Display Structure
WCB_AGBU_STAT_TYPE - WCB: Status and Billing Type for an Agency Business Document
WCB_AG_ITEM_COCO_PERS - Personalization of Display Cond. Contract-Info for Item
WCB_ALL_BILL_DATA - WCB: Data for a Sales Invoice WCB...

WCC0 - WCM: View Profile
WCC0A - WCM: Screen Areas of a View Profile
WCC0B - WCM: Tab Pages of a View Profile
WCC0BT - WCM: Tab Pages of a View Profile (Texts)
WCC0C - WCM: Screen Areas of a Tab Page
WCC0R - WCM: WCM Object <-> View Profile WCC...

WCD1_0WCL_1100_TC - Table control screen structure 1100 (in 0WCL)
WCD1_ALV_OUTTAB - Output ALV Screen 900
WCFCV_CDS_BOLTAG - Generated Table for View
WCFCV_CDS_CONST - Generated Table for View
WCFCV_CDS_FUNCT - Generated Table for View
WCFCV_CDS_OBJTYP - Generated Table for View
WCFCV_CDS_SFUNCT - Generated Table for View
WCFCV_CDS_USERV - Generated Table for View WCF...

WCHECK_DETAIL - Structure: Warranty Check Result Detail
WCHECK_HEADER_DETAIL - Warranty Check: Output Structure Header
WCHECK_V_H - Warranty Check: Output Structure Header
WCLOB - Structure for objects in a class type with class data
WCLS_DATA - Structure of Class-Dependent Data in R/3 Retail
WCMP - Category Management: Project
WCMPSD - Details for Category Management Step
WCMPT - Category Management Project Maintenance: Description
WCMPUSER - Category Management: Assignment User to role
WCMTXFLD - WCM Taxonomy Folder: Instances of Logical Info Objects WCM...

WCOCOF - Condition Contract: Document Flow Data
WCOCOH - Condition Contract: Header
WCOCOH_WCOCOI_V - Generated Table for View
WCOCOI - Condition Contract: Eligible Partner
WCOCOP - Condition Contract: Partner Assignment
WCOL2_S - Structure for function group WCOL WCO...

WCSADM - WCM: I/O Administrative Info
WCSADMCH - WCM: I/O Administration Info (Change)
WCSADMCR - WCM: I/O Administration Data (Create)
WCSALV01 - WCM: WCM Objects
WCSALV02 - WCM: Operational Log - Items WCS...

WCTXTC_PROFILE - Function profile for working context
WCTXTC_PROFILE_T - Description for function profile of working context
WCTXTD_ADJUST - Adjustments to Working Context Attributes
WCTXTD_ADJUST_T - Adjustments to Working Context Attributes - Text Table
WCTXTD_CONTENT - Content of Working Context
WCTXTD_PROVIDERS - Working Context Provider Classes WCT...

WCUS_0WCK - Input/Output Fields for Function Group OWCK
WCUS_TERM - Terms for outline in customizing screens
WCUS_TERM_RS - Description for Retail Store Customizing
WCUS_TERM_WPLG - General Headings for 'WPLG_MAP' Customizing
WCV0 - Generated Table for View
WCV0A - Generated Table for View
WCV0B - Generated Table for View
WCV0C - Generated Table for View
WCV0R - Generated Table for View
WCV0S1 - Generated Table for View WCV...


WDAMG - Structure for base material groups for a hierarchy material
WDAPI_ACTION - Web Dynpro: Action
WDAPI_COMPONENT_USAGE - Web Dynpro: Component Usage
WDAPI_DYNAMIC_METADATA - Web Dynpro: Dynamically Created Metadata
WDBOOK_ARTICLE - WD Demo Bookstore: Item List
WDBOOK_BASKET - WD Bookstore Demo: Shopping Cart
WDBOOK_TOTAL - WD Demo Bookstore Shopping Cart Overview
WDCL_OPTION - Option for WD Client
WDCOMPONENT_USAGE - Web Dynpro: Component Usage
WDC_CTXT_CHECK - Screen Conversion: Checkbox Context Node Type
WDC_CTXT_COLUMN - Screen Conversion: Text Context Node Type
WDC_CTXT_INPUT - Screen Conversion: Text Context Node Type
WDC_CTXT_RADIO - Screen Conversion: Radio Context Node Type WDC...

WDDSS_UI_STAFFING_FIELDS - input readiness fields View StaffingFields.bsp
WDELVERS - Valid Avers Components
WDFECONTROL - Control Determination of Requirements Calculation Data
WDFEDISMM - Help Structure for Valid MRP Types
WDFEMARA - Requirements Calculation: Data From Table MARA
WDFEMINUTE - Log Record: Data For Calculating Store Repenishment Values
WDFR1 - Requirements Planning for Perishables
WDFR_ABN - WDFR Recipient WDF...

WDG_GEN_LOG - Web Dynpro Generation Log
WDG_NAME_VALUE - Name/Value Pair
WDG_TMP_UR_MIME - Structure for Temporary UR MIME Storage
WDG_UIE_LIBRARY_CONSTANTS - Description of the UIE Library Constants
WDG_UIE_LIBRARY_ENUM_TYPES - Type of a UI Library Enumeration

WDHC_AREAS - Help Center Areas
WDHC_CONFIG - Help Center Configuration
WDHC_HELPFUL_LINKS - Help Center: Structure for 'Worth Knowing'/'Useful Links'
WDKACTGRPSTATS - Action group optimization statistics
WDKACTION - Action Definition
WDKACTIONGROUP - Actiongroup <=> Action Assignment
WDKACTIONGROUPAC - Actiongroup Definition
WDKACTIONGROUPT - Actiongroup Definition (Texts)
WDKACTIONSCRIPT - Assignment of Scripts to Action WDK...

WDLCOPY - Log Table for IDoc Copy Management
WDLCOPYLOG - Error Log Table for IDoc Copy Management
WDLS - POS outbound log: Status of data preparation
WDLSO - POS outbound log: object with errors
WDLSP - POS outbound log: IDoc (items)
WDL_ALW - Material list for assortment list WDL...

WDOCF - Trading Contract: Document Flow Fields
WDOCF_NEW - New fields
WDPCUA_FKEY - CUA Toolbar Button
WDP_CONF_SIMPLE_FIELD - Web Dynpro ABAP: Simple Form Configuration
WDP_CONF_SIMPLE_FORM - Web Dynpro ABAP: Simple Form Configuration
WDP_CONF_SIMPLE_TABLE - Table Configuration
WDP_CONF_SIMPLE_TABLECOLUMN - Configuration of Table Column WDP...

WDRCSFCHECK - Table for Web Dynpro CSF Strings for a Later Analysis
WDRD - Delivery Relationships: Recipients per Plant and Material
WDRDEMOIFBAEMAIL - Inbox Demo Web Dynpro IFbA E-Mail
WDRD_EXTWG - Delivery Relationships: Recipients per Plant and Material
WDRD_S_CONTEXT_TABNAME - Context Structure for Error Messages in the DRD Scenario
WDRD_S_CONTROL_PACKET_DELETE - Control Structure for Package Processing When Deleting AHD WDR...

WDSD_CONDITION_MODIFY_STY - Structure for key of modified/created condition records
WDSD_EINA_EINE_STY - WDSD- Purchasing Info Record (Merge of EINA/EINE)
WDSD_EORDC_STY - Source list (Change)
WDSD_LIFNR_MATNR_STY - Structure of vendor-material combinations
WDSD_LIFNR_RANGE_STY - Structure for Vendor Range

WDTYP_RAN - Range structure, document category
WDUI_BI_CONTEXT - Contains All Possible String Context Values for BI
WDUI_BI_CONTEXT_FILTER - Filter Entry for BI Control
WDUI_TABLE_LINE_PASTE_DATA - Table Line of Paste Content
WDYADT_VE_DEFS - Web Dynpro UI element data
WDYEUMOD - Web Dynpro Design Tools: User Settings in RSEUMOD
WDYV_UI_ELEM_DOC - Generated Table for View
WDY_ADT_AU_PROP_BINDING - Test Structure for Web Dynpro ADT property binding
WDY_APPCUST_OUTLINE_DATA - WDA: General Data for the Configuration Editor WDY...


WEB1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
WEBAN - External Currency Fields for EBAN
WEBC - Proxy Structure (generated)
WEBFI_BALANCE_LINE - Balance Display: Structure Balances Display Table
WEBFI_EXT_BALANCE_LINE - Transfer structure 1008/GetBalances
WEBFI_EXT_CURR - Currency Structure WEB...

WECD_PERS_USER - User Personalization
WECS_PAYMENT_DATA - WEC Payment Data structure
WECS_PERS_BAPI - Personalization
WECS_PREF_BAPI - Personalization Preference Structure
WECS_SD_DOCFLOW_ENTRY - SD document flow
WEC_BP_CHKOUTPRF - CheckOut Profile : External structure WEC...

WEIGHTFACT - Weighting Factors for the Forecast
WEIGHT_FACTOR - Weighting Factors for the Forecast
WEIN - IS-R Labeling: Dialog
WEINE - External Reference Fields for EINE
WEIPA - External Reference Fields for EIPA
WEKET - External Reference Fields for EKET
WEKEY - Key fields, GR document access - allocation table
WEKKN - External Reference Fields for EKKN
WEKPO - External Reference Fields for EKPO
WELK - Competitor: Price Entry Document (Header)
WELLEN - Picking Waves Structure for ALV / VL35
WELP - Competitor: Price Entry Document (Item)
WELPK - Competitor: Entry List Header
WELPK_DB - Competitor: Data Base Part of Entry List Header
WELPK_DY - Competitor: Dynamic Part of Entry List Header WEL...

WEPSC - Work Area for Function Group EPSC
WEPSS - Work Area for Function Group EPSS
WERK01 - Transfer structure for determining plant keys
WERK02 - Transfer structure for determining plant/storage loc. key
WERKS - Plant Table for National (Centrally Agreed) Contracts
WERKSLISTE - Plant List for Prices?
WERKSTAB - Assignment of Plants to Materials
WERKS_QUAN - Plant Material Quantities (Structure for Stock Overview) WER...

WESC_APPL - Application in A2A Scenario
WESC_APPLT - Description of Application in A2A Scenario
WESC_APPL_FILT - Configuration: Filters Used in an Application
WESC_APPL_FOBJ - Configuration: Filter Objects Used in an Application
WESC_APPL_IMPL - Configuration: Filters Used in a Service Implementation
WESC_APPL_LG - Language Assignments in Service Implementations WES...

WETI - IS-R Labeling: Reference
WEWU - EMU: Planning of currency conversions
WEWU00 - Structure with WEWU and EWU00 fields
WEWU_KEY - Currency conversion: keys for table WEWU (w/o client)
WEXCTAB - EXCTAB Transfer Structure
WEZLK - SAP Script Structure for Header Data, Rough GR
WEZLP - SAP Script Structure for Item Data, Rough GR


WFABASES_COLLECTION_OBJECT - Collection Object Structure
WFABIWS_BAPI6100DA - Data - Data Record with Continuation Indicator
WFABIWS_BAPI6200 - InfoCubes - Details
WFABIWS_BAPI6200FD - Requested Characteristics/Key Figures from Remote InfoCubes
WFABIWS_BAPI6200SL - Selection criteria for reading (remote)InfoCubes
WFABIWS_FIELD_MAP - Field mapping between BW InfoObjects and OLTP Fields WFA...

WFCD_BUFFER - Change Documents for Workflow
WFCS_FCAST_MSG_DISPLAY - Display Structure for Forecast Log
WFCS_FLAGS_EISBE_MINBE - Flags: Calculate Safety Stock and Reorder Point
WFCS_IDX_INTERVAL - Index Interval for Table Access
WFCS_IMELD - Message Log for Forecasting
WFCS_KUNNR_COUNT - Statistics: Counted Line Items per Customer (for App. Log) WFC...

WFDAAPI_FREE_SLOT - Alert API Free Slot Structure
WFDAAPI_RESOURCE_CAPA - Alert API Resource Free Capacity
WFDAAPI_RESOURCE_CAPA_PCT - Alert API Resource Capacity Percent
WFDAAPI_RESOURCE_SLOTS - Alert API Resource and Slots WFD...

WFERR - Workflow: Error in processes
WFE_S_REQUEST_CRM_ATTRIBUTE - Web Request: Attribute Tag
WFE_S_REQUEST_CRM_ELEMENT - Web Request: CRM Request: Element Tag
WFE_S_REQUEST_CRM_OUTTAB - Web Request: Table for ALV Tree
WFE_S_REQUEST_CRM_ROOT - Web Request: Root Element WFE...

WFF_DATA_CHKF - SDOK: File name of last checkout
WFF_DATA_CHKO - SDOK: Checkout data for physical information object
WFF_DATA_CONT1 - KEN: Document Contents Table (Import/Export)
WFF_DATA_IDXSTA - SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents
WFF_DATA_LOIO - WFF Data: Instances of Logical Information Objects
WFF_DATA_LOIOT - WFF Data: Descriptions for Logical Information Objects WFF...

WFIUT - Workflow: Processes 'in UPDATE TASK'
WFLDMAP - Transfer structure for field representation
WFLOWCUST - Switch in Table T77S0 Group WFLOW
WFMBASES_COLLECTION_OBJECT - Collection Object Structure
WFMBIWS_BAPI6100DA - Data - Data Record with Continuation Indicator
WFMBIWS_BAPI6200 - InfoCubes - Details
WFMBIWS_BAPI6200FD - Requested Characteristics/Key Figures from Remote InfoCubes
WFMBIWS_BAPI6200SL - Selection criteria for reading (remote)InfoCubes
WFMBIWS_FIELD_MAP - Field mapping between BW InfoObjects and OLTP Fields WFM...

WFNV - Workflow: Table not to be used (only LIKE definition)
WFPRC - Workflow: Process object: Definition
WFPRC1 - Workflow: Defaults for creating processes
WFPRCD - Workflow: Process object: Definition: (data part)
WFPRCK - Workflow: Process object: (key)
WFPROCTYP - Workflow: process type incl. description
WFP_EMPLOYEE_DEDUCTION - Simulative Quota Deduction for Shift Planning WFP...

WFQUE - Workflow: Queue for background processing
WFR22_HEADER - Screen Header
WFR22_ITEM - Screen Table Entries
WFR22_MAIN - Structure for Transfer to User Exit: Main Item
WFR22_SUB - Structure for Transfer to User Exit: Sub-Item
WFRECEIVER - Workflow: Link: Recipient (object SOOD role RC)
WFRM_PO_WA_TYP - Structure of Internal Table for Warehouse Orders WFR...

WFSAPLWFNC - Dynpro fields for SAPLWFNC
WFSTACK - Workflow: Stack
WFSTO - Workflow: Work list
WFSYST - System Structure with System Fields for Container Elements
WFTEST - Workflow: Test structure
WFWINEXE - Workflow: Call Windows Program


WGDSC_ERR_CODE - Error Codes Table
WGDSC_ERR_CODE_T - Texts for Error Codes
WGDSC_TI_ID_TYPE - table of trade item types
WGDSC_TI_ID_TY_T - Texts for trade item types
WGDSS_RUNTIME_STATISTIC - Runtime statistic for GDS Item parallel processing
WGDS_ACCEPT_NOTIFICATION_STY - Acceptance Notification WGD...

WGH01 - Structure Material Group/Hierarchy Material/CLINT
WGH04 - MG Material for MATKL or Hierarchy Material for the Class
WGHIER - Mat. Group Hierarchy from Classif. System (Class Type 026)
WGHIER1 - Mat. Group Hierarchy from Classif. System (Class Type 026)
WGLEVEL - Additional Information for Hierarchy Nodes
WGMH_SRS - Head for SRS PDC Goodsmovement
WGMH_SRS_SC - SRS Correction and Release Monitor: Field Attributes
WGMH_SRS_SC_APP - SRS Release Monitor: Append Attachment Field Attributes
WGMP_SRS - Items for SRS PDC Goodsmovement
WGRC_ACT - Current Capacity Data for Doors or Staging Areas
WGRC_ACT_ENH_STY - Capacity Data for Doors/Staging Areas with End Date
WGRC_ACT_ID_STY - Structure
WGRC_ACT_PO - Assignment of Times to Door/Area Capacities
WGRC_ACT_UPD_STY - Update Information for Schedule Lines
WGRC_AEDAT_RSTY - Range for Change Date WGR...


WHERECLAUSE_TYPE - Internal Table with Where Clause Segments
WHERECOND - TODO: Where Condition of Select Clause
WHERETABLINE - Table Structure for 'WHERE (itab)' Statement
WHERE_TAB - Setup Structure for Where Condition of a Select Stat.
WHERE_TAB_HCM - Setup Structure for Where Condition of a Select Stat.
WHERE_TAB_PROPREFIX - Structure for Creating Where Condition/Select Stat. - Copy WHE...

WHIER - Material group hierarchy (structure GHCL) + IS-R indicator
WHT_TRACE - Tracing Withholding Tax Calculation


WIC_BASKET - Screen structure IAC product catalog: Shopping basket
WIC_CCARD - Screen structure IAC online store: payment method
WIC_CCARD_H - Screen structure IAC online store: credit card type, help
WIC_CHILD - Dynpro structure IAC product catalog: variants, components
WIC_CUSTOMER - Screen Structure IAC Online Store: Customer (Address Data)
WIC_CUSTOMER_COUNTRY_H - Screen structure IAC online store: Country help WIC...

WIDTH - Width of the lead column
WIN1_DATS - Date Range for Determining Valid Conditions
WINC_RETAILINCENTIVERPLCTNBKRQ - RetailIncentiveERPStoreOfferReplicationBulkRequest Message
WINC_RTLINCENTIVERPLCTNBKRQ_V1 - RetailIncentiveERPStoreOfferReplicationBulkRequest Message
WINC_S_LRD_FILTER_STRUCTURE - Structure for logical receiver determination filter
WIND - Document Index: Conditions for Automatic Document Adjustment
WINDVB - Document Index: Structure for Posting Worklist WIN...

WIPBATCH_FUNC - WIP Batch - Global Customizing Switch
WIPRT - PM internal print work area - for use in SAPSCRIPT print
WIPRT_JC_FLAGS - Flags for Selecting Content Blocks in a Job Card
WISO_ADDR - SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Address Data Screen Fields
WISO_ADDR_SC - SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Field Attributes for WISO_ADDR
WISO_ADRPRT - SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Print Formatting Address
WISO_BAIT - SAP Ret.Store: IAC Cons. order as per fields BASKET and ITEM
WISO_BAIT_ADD - SAP Retail Store Sales Order: WISO_BAIT Append
WISO_BASK - SAP Retail Store: IAC Consumer Order Subscreen, Item Data WIS...

WITH_0F61 - Structure for Customizing (Screen Fields)
WITH_CTNCL - Numbering class for withholding tax certificate numbers
WITH_CTNCLT - Numbering class text table for withholding tax certificate
WITH_CTNCO1 - Withholding tax certificate numbering concept 1
WITH_CTNCO2 - Withholding tax certificate numbering concept 2
WITH_CTNCO3 - Withholding tax certificate numbering concept 3 WIT...

WIW_META_STR - Who's Who: Structure for Metadata
WIW_RESULT_STR - Who's Who: Structure for Result
WIW_SELECTION_STR - Who's Who: Structure for Selection
WIW_SORTFIELDS_STR - Who's Who: Structure for Sort Fields
WIZARD_INC - Include for SMOFT-Tables
WIZ_DEF - Definition of Wizard Object
WIZ_MODUL - Function Modules for the Wizard Tool
WIZ_STAT - Wizard Status
WIZ_TEXT - Definition of Wizard Object


WKABS - Market-Basket Pr. Calc.: Plant Data for Sales Determination
WKAEKBE - Structure for WKA history
WKAEKBZ - Structure for WKA history
WKALK - Sales Price Calculation: Calculation Header
WKBK - Pricing document: header
WKBK_TEMP_TO_REAL - Pricing Doc. (Header): Assignment Temp. to Real Doc. Nos
WKBP - Pricing document: item
WKBP_KEY - Key for table WKBP
WKBP_TEMP_TO_REAL - Pricing Doc. (Item): Doc. Nr/Item Assignment Temp. to Real WKB...

WKC_WORKCENTRE_WA - Work area for Work Center Services
WKC_WORK_CENTRE_SIMPLE_BY_PLA1 - WorkCentreSimpleByPlantResponse_sync
WKC_WORK_CENTRE_SIMPLE_BY_PLAN - WorkCentreSimpleByPlantQuery_sync
WKKALP - Market-Basket Price Calculation: Item
WKKALP_EXT - Expanded WKKALP Structure
WKK_MVKE - Segment of Structure MKVE for Market-Basket Price Calc.
WKUNNR - Plant Table Customer No.
WKUNNRVKORGVTWEG - Plant Table CusNr SalesOrg. Distr.Chl
WKWLK2 - Extended WLK2 structure (Ex. at plant level or distr. chain)


WLAY_ASSORTMENT - Assortment data for BAPI
WLAY_ASSORTMENT_CONF - Assortment ERP Confirmation Message synchronous
WLAY_ASSORTMENT_REQ - Assortment ERP Request Message synchronous
WLAY_ASSTMTSLE_QRY - Assortment ERP Store Layout Element By ID Query Message sync
WLAY_ASSTMTSLE_REQ - Proxy Structure (Generated) - Assortment ERP SLE Request Msg
WLAY_ASSTMTSLE_RSP - Assortment ERP Store Layout Element By ID Response Message s WLA...

WLB0001 - Structure for controlling investment buy process
WLB0003 - Structure for controlling automatic load building process
WLB0005 - Structure for the special fields of the restriction profile
WLB000A - Transfer Structure for RWVLB00A
WLB0010 - Entry parameters for FM for splitting purchase orders
WLB0013 - Control Parameters for Automatic Load Building (RWVLB013) WLB...

WLC_FILL_VALUE_S - Load Control/Ext. Paral. Proc.: Value for Selection Option
WLC_JOBTIME_STATISTICS - Load Control/Ext. Paral. Proc.: Statistics on Job Runtime
WLC_JOB_CONTROL - Load Control/Ext. Paral. Proc.: Job Control
WLC_JOB_STATISTICS - Load Control/Ext. Paral. Proc.: Parallel Job Statistics
WLC_OPTIONS - Load Control/Ext. Parallel Processing: Options
WLC_PRESEL_CRIT - Load Control/Ext. Paral. Proc.: Preselection Criteria WLC...

WLF1TREE - Vendor Billing Document
WLF1_ERROR - Vendor Billing Document: Error Message Structure
WLF1_ERROR_OUTPUT - Structure for the Output of Error Messages via ALV
WLF1_ERR_LI - Agency business: Error message structure, list processor
WLF1_LIF_ER - Agency Business: Error Message Structure for Bus. Partner

WLISTPROT - Logging of listing activities
WLK1 - Listing Conditions SAP Retail Assortments
WLK11 - Listing Conditions SAP Retail / Folder per Distrib. Chain
WLK1KEY - Key fields of WLK1
WLK1_ALV1 - Output Structure for the ALV for the Table WLK1
WLK1_DOCUMENT - Structure of the Change Documents for Table WLK1
WLK1_DOCUMENT_STRUCTURE - Structure of the Change Documents for Table WLK1 WLK...

WLMT - Texts for layout area item
WLMTD - Screen string for WLMT
WLMT_KEY - Layout area item text - key fields
WLMV - Validity and Status of Layout Module Versions
WLMV_ASORT - WLMV Structure Extended to Include Assortment Field
WLMV_STRUC - Structure: Layout Module Version WLM...

WLOSITEREF - Plant grouping for logistic data
WLVA - Assignment Table for Layout Module Variants for Stores
WLVA_STRUC - Structure: Layout Module Version Variant
WLYMOPTION - Options for layout maintenance


WMAKT_KEY - Material Description - Key Fields
WMAMG - Structure: article/base mat. grp./base mat. grp. description
WMAOB - Structure for mats. with object numbers from Classif. System
WMATNR - Material Table Mat. No.
WMATNRMEBME - Article Table Mat. No. Mebme
WMATNRVKORGVTWEG - Article Table MDPDocNr MatNr S.Org. Distr.Chnl WMA...

WMB01 - WMB01: Struct. for Busn. Vol. Comp.: Arrangements/Purchasing
WMB01_IND - WMB01: Struct. for Busn. Vol. Comp.: Arrangements/Purchasing
WMB02 - Currency Conversion for Volume Rebate (Purchasing)
WMB03 - Structure Displ. Income/Busn. Vol., Arrangements, Purchasing
WMB04 - WMB04 : Structure for business volume data
WMCASS_SEPCDAYPART - Special Day Part Work Rule
WMCL_CHAR - List of Characteristics/Charac. Values for FM Group WMCL
WMCL_MAT - List of Materials for FM Group WMCL
WMDF_INFOSTR1 - Stock Data in Markdown Planning
WMDF_INFOSTR2 - Movement Data in Markdown Planning
WMDVE - Results of Availability Check - ATP Info in Internet
WMDVS - Structure for simulative reqmts - ATP internet information
WMD_ADJ_EXEC_PRO - Adjust and Execute Distribution: Profiles

WMELGNUM - Warehouse Number (Decentralized WM)
WMESS - Structure for Messages
WMFF - Markdown Planning - Stores
WMFFD - Provisional structure for markdown forecasting, stores
WMFH - Markdown Planning - header data
WMFHD - Dialog structure for WMFH
WMFHT - Description of a markdown plan
WMFL - Markdown Planning - Price Lists WMF...

WMGMA - Structure for main article master data
WMGRP_HEAD - Header Structure for Messages when Creating WM TO for Group
WMGRP_ITEM - Item Structure for Messages when Creating WM TO for Group
WMGRP_MSG - Messages for Creating WM TO for Group
WMGWCOPYRULE - Copy Rules for Matrix Maintenance - Material Master
WMINV_IM_NEW - Transfer table new data when posting inventory WM to IM
WMODDB_TWMWQ - Structure for Posting 'Quota Scale for Material/Plant'
WMODDB_WMQK - Structure for Posting Header Data for Quota Scales (test)
WMODDB_WMQKT - Structure for Posting Header Texts for Quota Scales (test)
WMODDB_WMQP - Structure for Posting Item Data for Quota Scales (test)
WMODDB_WMWK - Structure for Posting Header Data for Value Scales (test)
WMODDB_WMWKT - Structure for Posting Header Texts for Value Scales (test) WMO...

WMPK - Markdown rule header
WMPKD - Working structure markdown rule header
WMPR - Markdown rule item
WMPRD - Working structure for markdown rules
WMPRT - Text table for markdown rules
WMPSFEFO_13C1_A - Generated Table for View WMP...

WMQK - Quota Scale: Header Data
WMQKT - Quota Scale: Header Texts
WMQKT_MAINTAIN - Quota Scale Header Text Maintenance
WMQK_MAINTAIN - Quota SCale Header Maintenance
WMQP - Quota Scale: Item Data
WMQP_MAINTAIN - Quota Scale Item Data Maintenance WMQ...

WMSERIAL - Transfer structure serial number with reference
WMSPRAS - Languages in ad. media
WMS_MIGO - Interface for Entering WM Data in MIGO
WMS_MIGO_0100 - WM Palletization in GR: Screen 0100
WMS_MIGO_DISP - Interface for Display of WM Data in MIGO
WMS_MIGO_PAL - WM Palletization in GR: Structure of Internal Table WMS...

WMTO_S - Interface structure of function group WMTO
WMVC_DYNP - Input and output screens of function module group WMVC
WMVC_SEL - Screen structure: Selection for quota scale/manual entry
WMVC_SELQL - Transfer structure: Selected quota scale per characteristic
WMWAERS - Currencies in prod. cat.
WMWK - Value Scale: Header Data
WMWKT - Value Scale: Header Texts
WMWKT_MAINTAIN - Value Scale Header Text maintenance
WMWK_MAINTAIN - Value Scales Header Maintenance
WMWP - Value Scale: Item Data WMW...


WNODE_ETRG - Tree Entries of Billing Orders
WNTY_MSG_S - Warranty: Error Message Table - Row Structure


WOD10001 - Collection of Fields for Online Planning
WOD20001 - Control Parameters for Online Planning in the Workplace
WOD3_DISPLAY_HEADER - WOD3: Display Header Structure
WOD3_DISPLAY_POSITION - WOD3: Display Item Structure
WOD3_ERROR_MESSAGE - Error Messages For Changes To Order Items
WOD3_LISTE - WOD3: Purchase Order List Structure WOD...

WORDT - Word Table
WORDT_2 - Internal Table for Terminology Check
WORD_COUNT - Word count
WORKAREA_TITLE - Function profile for workarea title
WORKAREA_TITLE_T - Description of function profile for workarea title
WORKCT_TXT - Interface: Generic transfer of texts WOR...

WOSA - SAP Retail Store, Store Orders: Entities Table
WOSAV - SAP Retail Store, Store Orders: Document Links
WOSA_ATP - SAP Retail Store: Store Order, ATP Request
WOSB_ALLOCLIST - SAP Retail Store: Alloc.Table Output Struct. Alloc. Tbl.List
WOSB_POSDET - SAP Retail Store: Alloc. Tbl OutpStructure Detail Alloc.Itm
WOSB_POSLIST - StoreWb Alloc tbl output structure - item + del. phase list WOS...


WP3ROLEAGR - Portal Roles: Assignment to Authorization Roles
WP3ROLEDEF - Portal Roles: Definition
WP3ROLEDEFLONG - Long Portal Role Names
WP3ROLEDEFLONGS - Long Portal Role Name - Transfer Structure
WP3ROLEDEFS - Portal Roles: Definition (Interface)
WP3ROLEDEFT - Portal Roles: Short and Long Texts WP3...

WPAB - Material Order Number (Dummy Table for Blocked Objects)
WPAOT2 - POS interface: object table no. 2 for material master
WPAOT2_ALT - POS interface: Alternative object table no. 2
WPAOT3 - POS interface: object table no. 3 for material master
WPART - POS interface: material numbers
WPARTSTM - POS interface: store-related object table for material WPA...

WPBANKDATA - POS interface: person-related data, bank details
WPBBYKONDZ - POS Interface: Target Conditions for Bonus Buys
WPBBYKONH - POS Interface: Header Conditions for Bonus Buys
WPBBYKONS - POS Interace: Bonus Buys Condition Scales
WPBBYKONZ - POS Interface: Target Conditions for Bonus Buys
WPBBYKOPF - POS Interface: Bonus Buy Header WPB...

WPCH_PCHRPLCTNRQ - Request from a leading master data system to align merchand
WPCH_PCHRPLCTNRQ_KEYWORD - store group keyword
WPCH_PCHRPLCTNRQ_MC - Merchandise Category
WPCH_PCHRPLCTNRQ_MCH - Request from a leading master data system (SAP ERP) to an ex
WPCH_PCHRPLCTNRQ_MC_DESC - store group description
WPCH_PCHRPLCTNRQ_MSG - Request from a leading master data system (SAP ERP) to an WPC...

WPDATE - POS interface: table for change times
WPDEL - POS interface: materials to be deleted
WPDTEXT - POS Interface-Outbound: Text with Lenght 25
WPEANCHG - POS interface: Collection of changes to additional EANs
WPERROR_RS - POS interface: possible errors at restart
WPEXCHG - POS interface: exchange rates
WPFAM - Family Pricing: Definition of Families
WPFAMT - Family Pricing: Definition of Families (Texts)
WPFAVOACT - Favorites Information: Activities
WPFAVODEL - Favorites Information for Deletion
WPFAVOINSE - Favorites Information for Creation
WPFAVOMAP - Favorites Information: Mapping to New Node ID When Creating WPF...

WPINDEPEND - POS interface: table for field independency check
WPINFO - Work process info
WPINFOS - Work process info
WPKARTFLAG - POS Interface: Table for Condition Types with Addit. Flag
WPKARTFLAG_V - POS interface: Cond. type table w/ additional flag and usage
WPKONDART - POS interface: POS-relevant conditon types per store
WPKSCHL - POS interface: table for condition types
WPKSCHL2 - Table for Condition Types / Condition Tables
WPKSCHL_PP - POS Interface: Table for Cond. Types with Parallel/Basic Pr. WPK...

WPLANGDFLT - Return Structure for Workplace Language Settings
WPLANGS - Workplace Language Settings for a User
WPLANOGR - Space management: Item data
WPLFA1 - Extended LFA1 structure (planned changes)
WPLFAS - Extended LFAS structure (planned changes)
WPLFB1 - Extended LFB1 structure (planned changes) WPL...

WPMAEX - Extended MAEX Structure (Engineering Change Management)
WPMAKT - Extended MAKT structure (eng. change man)
WPMAMT - Extended MAMT structur for POS interface
WPMARA - Extended MARA structure (eng. chang man)
WPMARC - Extended MARC Structure (Engineering Change Management)
WPMARD - Extended MARD Structure (Engineering Change Management) WPM...

WPNM_ITEMS - NON Merch Items in POS Inbound Processing
WPNODEDRAG - Flavors of LaunchPad Entries
WPOBJTCD - Transaction Code: Object Type Assignment
WPOBJTC_C - Transaction Code for Object Type Assignment (Caller)
WPOCS_AKTION_RANGE - Range Structure for Promotion Number WPO...

WPPDAT - POS interface: personal data
WPPDATA - POS interface: personal data
WPPDOT1 - POS Interface: Object Table 1 for Personal Data
WPPDOT3 - POS interface: object table no. 3 for personal data
WPPERIOD - POS interface: intervals for condition tables
WPPERSAPP - Structure for MiniApps Personalization WPP...

WPQMAT - Extended QMAT Structure (Engineering Change Management)
WPRC_FEH_PRICE_CALC_CRT_RQ - Application parameter for sales price calculation
WPRFCDEST - POS interface: Structure for holding faulty tasks
WPRICE_ORIGIN - Information on Origin of a Sales Condition
WPROLECTRY - Countries from Roles
WPROMO - Promotion Table PromoNo
WPROMODEP - Store-Dependent Promotion Discount Data WPR...

WPSCB01 - POS interface, upload sales docs header data
WPSCB02 - POS Interface, Upload Sales Documents Items
WPSCB03 - POs interface, inbound processing sales docs conditions item
WPSCB05 - POS interface: inbound proc.sales docs, header, conditions
WPSCB06 - POS interface: inbound processing sales docs, header totals
WPSCK02 - POS interface: upload cashier data, items WPS...

WPTAX - POS interface: tax master data
WPTOTLICER - Description of communications problems
WPTOTLIHLP - Work process info: structure for help texts
WPTOTLINFO - Detailed work process info per instance
WPTOTLIUSR - User settings in global work process overview
WPTOTLIUWP - Work processes used WPT...

WPUBON_COMPRESS_INDEX - POS Inbound: Index Compression IMSEG_2 -> IMSEG
WPUBON_DOCUMENT_INDEX - POS Inbound: Index Area for POS Operation
WPUBON_PARSER_INFO_ENTRY - POS Inbound: POS Parser Structure
WPUEX050 - User structure for function exit EXIT_SAPLWPUE_050
WPUEX102 - User structure for function exit EXIT_SAPLWPUE_102 + 110 WPU...

WPWDLSOPAR - POS interface: Structure for WDLSO records in parallel proc.
WPWLK1 - Extended WLK1 structure for POS interface
WPWLK2 - Extended WLK2 structure for POS interface
WPWORKDAYS - POS interface: table of workdays
WPWRGP - POS interface: material groups
WPWRGP_OT1 - POS interface: Store-depend. object table for mat. groups WPW...

WPXST - POS interface: status external subsystems (error messages)


WQMFAW - Help structure for Q notification field selection
WQMFE - Work table for notification item
WQMMA - Work Structure Activities
WQMSM - Work Table for Tasks
WQMUR - Work Table for Causes


WR01D - Temporary address fields
WR01_SIT_DATA - Store/Distribution Center Data

WRART_DAT - F4 Help: Automatic Document Change (Purchasing)
WRART_RAN - Range structure for payment types
WRBA_GENERIC_MAT_STRUC - Reference Structure for Structured Materials
WRBA_IDX_STRUC - Index Area (From To)
WRBA_MARC_MARD_V_STRUC - View Structure Via Plant Art. Master (MARC) and Stock (MARD)
WRBA_MATNR_IDX_STRUC - Index Area for Tables with Material Key
WRBA_MATNR_STRUC - Structure for Material
WRBA_MAT_SITE_KEY_STRUC - Material Plant Key WRB...

WRCTAB3 - Download Structure
WRC_255 - Contains HTML for WWW client
WRC_CHAN - Transfer structure
WRC_CUST - Set Values for Recording Web Dynpro
WRC_DATA - Definition Table for Recording Objects
WRC_DATUSR - Definition Table for Recording Objects WRC...

WREFA - Assigning Plants to Reference Plants
WREFA_L - Assigning Plants to Reference Plants
WRETAIL_CITY_RSTY - Range Location

WRF01A - Transfer Paramters: Change Documents
WRF02K - Structure RF02K Extended
WRF1 - Plant data
WRF12 - Plant / receiving points
WRF12D - Dynamic part, receiving points
WRF1_BLOCKSTY - blocking of replenishment in F&R WRF...

WRHPE_FRAME_CONTROL - PA-PD: Profile Maintenance -> Frame Control
WRHPE_MAIN_CONTROL - PA-PD: Profile Maintenance -> Object Parameters
WRHPE_TREEMBNODE - Common part of a node in model and view
WRHPE_WWW_1002 - PA-PD: Structure Object Description (Infotype 1002)
WRHPE_WWW_1048 - PA-PD: Structure Proficiency Description (Infotype 1048)
WRHPE_WWW_ALTQ - PA-PD: Structure Alternative Qualification Types WRH...

WRKCCP_BW - Structure: Work Center - Standard Capacity for BW
WRKCCP_BW1 - Structure: Work Center Standard Capacity for BW (Intern.Use)
WRKCP_BW_V - Generated Table for View
WRKCP_DT_V - Generated Table for View
WRKCTR_BW - Structure Work Center Header Data for BW
WRKCT_BW_V - Generated Table for View WRK...

WRMA_ACC_PR - Assignment of Accounting Principle
WRMA_ARCH_DELETE_STY - Posting Runs to Be Deleted + Levels on Archiving
WRMA_BI_CD - Condition Types from BI
WRMA_BI_CDT - Text Table: Condition Types from BI
WRMA_CLIENT - RMA Activation
WRMA_COND - Assign Meaning to Condition Types WRM...

WRPC_SALES_PRICE_INFORMATION_6 - Sales Price Information Request Asynchronous Message
WRPC_SALES_PRICE_INFORMATION_8 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WRPC_SALES_PRICE_INFORMATION_9 - Sales Price Information Bulk Request Asynchronous Message
WRPC_SALES_PRICE_INFORMATION_B - Sales Price Information Bulk Request Message Data Type
WRPC_SALES_PRICE_INFORMATION_R - Sales PriceInformation Request Message Data Type WRP...

WRS1 - Assortment
WRS1KEY - Key fields in WRS1
WRS1_LAYCONV - Assortments Where Layout Listing Conditions Checked and Conv
WRS6 - Material groups in the assortment
WRS6KEY - Key fields in WRS6
WRS6_TC_STRUCT - Structure for Table Control WRS...

WRTL_ACTIVITIES - Activities for the Retail Ledger
WRTL_CUST_STR0 - Activation/Deactivation of Company Code
WRTL_CUST_STR1 - Activation/Deactivation of Company Code
WRTL_CUST_STR_VERS - Transfer of CO Planning Versions
WRTL_CUST_STR_VERS0 - Transfer of CO Planning Versions
WRTL_POPUP - Structure for Copying Company Code, Document Type, Version WRT...

WRXMOD - Transfer Structure to User Exit for GR/IR Account Determ.


WS2_BAE_S_DEF_PARAMETER - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WS2_BAE_S_KEYVALUE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WS2_BAE_S_OBJECT_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WS2_BAE_S_PARAMETER - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WS2_BAE_T_DEF_PARAMETERS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WS2_BAE_T_PARAMETERS - Proxy Structure (Generated) WS2...

WSABAPACKNOWLEDGE_ALERTS_RQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSABAPACKNOWLEDGE_ALERTS_RS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSABAPGET_WPTABLE_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSABAPGET_WPTABLE_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSABAPREAD_RAW_SYSLOG_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSABAPREAD_RAW_SYSLOG_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated) WSA...

WSCCMS_ARRAY_OF_STRING - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSCCMS_LOG - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSCEN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSCENTRAL_SYSTEM - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSCHANGE - Change Data for Web Service Objects
WSCHANGE_EXT - Enhanced Change Data for Web Service Objects WSC...

WSDIR_ENTRY - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSDISK - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSDISK_HISTORY - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSDL_DATA - Web Service / Proxy Object: Source of WSDL Source
WSDL_LIKP_XTR - SAP Retail Store GM: Extract from LIKP for Search
WSDL_LIPS_XTR - SAP Retail Store GM: Extract from LIPS for Search WSD...

WSELABTNR - Range table for department
WSELKUNNR - Range Table for Customer Number
WSELMATKL - Range table for material group
WSELMATNR - Range Table for Material Number
WSENQ_GET_LOCK_TABLE_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSENQ_GET_LOCK_TABLE_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated) WSE...

WSFEATURE - Feature of SOAP Application for UI
WSFILESYSTEM - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSFILESYSTEM_HISTORY - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSFILE_CONTENT - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSFLAGS - State of Tool for Web Services WSF...

WSGCINFO - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSGCINFO2 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSGET_ACCESS_POINT_LIST_RQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSGET_ACCESS_POINT_LIST_RS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSGET_ACTIVE_COMPONENTS_RQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSGET_ACTIVE_COMPONENTS_RS - Proxy Structure (Generated) WSG...

WSHAC_TYPE - Structure for MR results that trigger results
WSHEADER - Web Services Definition Administrative Data
WSHEADER_DARK - Dark table of WSHEADER (only for transport reasons)
WSHEAP_INFO - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSHU_SH_CR - SAP Retail Store HU: Search Criteria Shipping Units
WSHU_SH_CR_DARK - SAP Retail Store HU: Dark Search Criteria HUs WSH...

WSICMCACHE_ENTRY - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSICMCONNECTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSICMGET_CACHE_ENTRIES_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSICMGET_CACHE_ENTRIES_RS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSICMGET_CONNECTION_LIST_RQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSICMGET_CONNECTION_LIST_RS - Proxy Structure (Generated) WSI...

WSJ2EEAPPLICATION_ALIAS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSJ2EECACHE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSJ2EECACHE2 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSJ2EECLUSTER_MSG - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSJ2EECOMPONENT_INFO - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSJ2EECONTROL_PROCESS_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated) WSJ...

WSKNOTINFO - Node Information (Workspace Unit Costing)
WSLAN - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSLANHISTORY - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSLINKED_SYSTEM - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSLIST_DEVELOPER_TRACES_RQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSLIST_DEVELOPER_TRACES_RS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSLIST_LOG_FILES_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated) WSL...

WSMAN_PT_BUFFER - Store Manager Portal: Buffer for Availability Display
WSMEMORY - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSMEMORY_HISTORY - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSMSC_CUSTOMIZE_WRITE_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSMSC_CUSTOMIZE_WRITE_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSMSC_DELETE_LINES_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated) WSM...

WSOF - Module Assignment (SAP Retail) to Plants
WSOFKEY - Key fields of WSOF
WSOF_LAYMODVER - WSOF Structure Enhanced with Layout Module and Version
WSOF_UEB - WSOF with a few extra fields
WSOH - Assortment Modules SAP Retail
WSOHD - Dynpro field string for listing module header data WSO...

WSPARAM - WebFlow Service Parameter Structure (Runtime)
WSPARAMETER_RESTRICTION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSPARAMETER_VALUE_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSPARAMETER_VALUE_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSPCIPCSN - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
WSPCIPEFF - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000 WSP...

WSREAD_CCMS_LOG_RQ - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSREAD_DEVELOPER_TRACE_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSREAD_DEVELOPER_TRACE_RS - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSREAD_DIRECTORY_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSREAD_DIRECTORY_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSREAD_DSR_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated) WSR...

WSSAPINSTANCE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSSB_RFC_DOWNPAY_READ - down payment structure for COM read service billing document
WSSB_RFC_HEAD_READ - Header structure for billing document of COM
WSSB_RFC_ITEM_READ - Item structure for billing document of COM
WSSD_CUST - SAP Retail Store: Customer Data
WSSD_CUST_AUTHORITY - SAP Retail Store Customer: Authorities of user WSS...

WSTASK_HANDLER_QUEUE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSTATE_RAN - Agency Business: Range Structure Application Status
WSTAXONOMY_OBJECT - Object Type and Name of a Service Object
WSTAXONOMY_SEARCH - Search structure for taxonomies
WSTEXT_ATTR_READ_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
WSTEXT_ATTR_READ_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated) WST...

WSUBSCR - Help fields in screen IS-R
WSUBST_AENAM_RSTY - Selection Structure Name of Processor on Changing
WSUBST_AENAM_STY - Structure Type Name of Processor on Changing
WSUBST_ARTICLE_SITE_DATA_STY - Communication Structure for Replacement Proposal
WSUBST_CONTAB - Assignment Table (successfully substituted items)
WSUBST_CONTABLE_STY - Structure Type of Assignment Table WSU...

WSVACANCY - Structure for vacancy workflow: Result of vacancy processing
WSVD_ADDR - Address Data
WSVD_ADDR_APP - SRS Vendor Master: Append Structure for Address Data
WSVD_ADDR_APP_SC - SRS Vendor Master: Field Attributes for Append Structure
WSVD_ADDR_SC - SRS Vendor Master: Field Attributes for Address Data
WSVD_BANK - Bank Data WSV...

WSWORK_PROCESS - Proxy Structure (Generated)


WT023S - Internal Processing Table for T023S Data
WTAD - Cumulative values for accounts receivable
WTADAB - Additionals: Documents
WTADABT - Additionals: Documents: Supplementary texts
WTADDI - Additionals for a material
WTADDI_EDIT - Structure for internal edit table for WTADDI
WTADDI_KEY - Key fields in table WTADDI WTA...

WTBKZTAB - FI Document line item
WTDEVC - ABAP/4 Repository Information System: View of TDEVC
WTDY - Text elements / screen fields IS-R screens
WTE070 - Repository Information System: View of Transports
WTEMPLATE - Structure of Screens in Wizard
WTMIGBK - Withholding Tax Changeover - Selected Company Codes
WTMIGCOUNT - Current Number Level of Withholding Tax Conversion Runs
WTMIGGJAHR - Withholding Tax Changeover: Year-Dependent Document Convers.
WTMIGIF - Withholding Tax Changeover: Commands Executed by Tool
WTMIGJOB - Withholding Tax Changeover: Last Job Started
WTMIGMATCH - Withholding Tax Changeover: Creation of Code -> Type/Code WTM...

WTRAD - Runtime Measurement: Log: Item Data
WTRAH - Runtime Measurement: Log: Header Data
WTRA_DISPLAY_PROTOCOL - Runtime Measurement: Log Data - Displayed Fields in ALV
WTREE - Version Management for Reclassification Trees
WTREE_NODE - Description of a Hierarchy Node
WTYBRF_ACC_DOC - BRF Data Source: Accounting Document
WTYBRF_CLM_HDR - BRF Data Source: Claim Header
WTYBRF_CLM_ITM - BRF Data Source: Claim Item
WTYBRF_CLM_VER - BRF Data Source : Claim Version
WTYBRF_CON_CON - BRF Data Source: Contract Details
WTYBRF_CON_HDR - BRF Data Source: Contract Header WTY...


WUEB - Transfer Structure: PO or Delivery Items
WUEBS - Item with Reason for Error
WUEB_VHU_APPEND - WUEB-Append for Returnable Packaging Logistics
WUFTEXT - Text Structure for View Maintenance
WUF_CONTROLLER_AND_FIELD - Name of XML Control Field + Field That Must be Checked
WUF_ERROR - Error Message Structure
WUF_MAPPING - Assignment of Parameters to Fields
WUF_MAPPING_DISP - List Display of All Mappings
WUF_MESSAGE - Error Message WUF...

WUSL1 - Where-Used List: Entity Table
WUSL10 - Where-Used List: Dependent Tables
WUSL11 - Where-Used List: Fields to be Output
WUSL2 - Where-Used List: Text Table
WUSL3 - Where-Used List: Transfer Values
WUSL4 - Where-Used List: Application Assignment WUS...


WVADDAT - Archiving pricing docs: Data to be saved in the archive file
WVAPDO - Archiving pricing documents: Parameter documentation
WVAR_TYPE - Structure for Variable Access
WVBAP - Order Items: Dynamic Division
WVBAP_LOC - Dynamic Part: Order Items + Location Data
WVBAP_VHU_VL10_PACKQTY_VBAP - Additional fields for HU Management
WVBEP - Schedule Lines: Dynamic Division
WVBPA - Sales Document Partner: Dynamic Part
WVBSN - Dynamic division: Change status WVB...

WVCLASS_DATA - Data of a (Service) Class
WVDARLOBJ - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
WVDARLSIC - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
WVDAUSZ - Loans: Payment Data (Change Document Structure)
WVDHGRPF - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
WVDSONSI - Change Document Structure; generated by RSSCD000
WVERALV_MARC - Structure for Stock Display Returns with ALV
WVERALV_MARD - Structure for Stock Display Returns with ALV
WVERALV_MSEG - Structure for Transfer Posting Log with ALV
WVERRET_SHOW - Structure for Displaying Returns Distribution
WVFB - DRS Interface, Intermediate Buffer, Order Item FM
WVFB0001 - Auxiliary structure, store order simulation
WVFB2 - SRS: received external requirement numbers/phys. inv. nos
WVFBSTRIN2 - Store interface: Transfer string, order items FM
WVFBSTRING - Store interface: Transfer string, order items FM
WVFB_CONTR - Structure for Controlling Store Order Dispatcher WVF...

WVIGBA3 - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
WVISEG - Transfer structure for work item
WVKOMP - Sales Price Calculation: Structure with KNUMV and KOMP
WVKP_PRICING_DOC_STY - Selection of pricing documents (header and item criteria)
WVKP_XWKBP_STY - Structure for xwkbp
WVLBARTICLES - Article Data Required for Automatic Load Building
WVLBBSARTRANGE - Range Entry for the BSARRT in RWVLB013
WVLBEKORGRANGE - Range Input for the Purchasing Organization in RWVLB013
WVLBLBPO - Information on Purchase Order Items in the Load Building
WVLBLBPOPR - Purchase Order Items and Purchase Requisition Items
WVLBLBPR - Data for Purchase Requisition Items WVL...

WVMI_ALV_PAH - Output PROACT data with ALV list viewer, header data
WVMI_ALV_PAP - Output PROACT data via ALV list viewer, item data
WVMI_ALV_PAROV - Structure for parameter overview, Replen.with ALV listviewer
WVMI_HELP - VMI: data elements (F1 help)
WVOBJECTTYPES - Registry Table for Object Types
WVOBJECTTYPES_T - Language-Dependent Object Type Data
WVOBJECTTYPE_RT - Runtime Registry Table for Object Types
WVOBJTYPE - Object Type in ABAP Workbench, ADT, Version Mgmt, and so on
WVOBJTYPEALV_SCOPE - Object Types: Structure for Obj. Type Usage Areas in ALV
WVOBJTYPES_SCOPE - Functional Usage Areas for Object Types WVO...

WVZBAVF - Change Document Structure; generated by RSSCD000
WVZBAVV - Change Document Structure; generated by RSSCD000
WVZGPO - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
WVZZKOKO - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
WVZZKOPO - Change Document Structure; generated by RSSCD000


WWAMG - Structure for base material groups for a hierarchy material
WWERT - Structure for Value-Only Material of a Base Material Group
WWG01 - Internal Structure for Function Module ARTICLE_GROUP_READ
WWG02 - Internal Structure with Fields from T023/T023T
WWG4_LOG - Structure for the log object
WWG5_LANGUAGE - Structure for Language Key and ISO Code BAPI Material Group
WWGD - Structure for Material Group Maintenance Screen Fields
WWGDH - Structure for Material Group Maintenance Screen Fields WWG...

WWIACWXX - Structure for 'Who's Who'
WWKK - Market-Basket Pricing Document: Header
WWKK_KEY - Key for WWKK (Market-Basket Pricing Document)
WWKP - Market-Basket Pricing Document: Item
WWKP_KEY - Key for WWKK (Market-Basket Pricing Document)
WWKT - Market-Basket Pricing Document: Short Texts
WWMI - Product catalog
WWMID - Screen field string for ad. media header data
WWMIPRICE - Fields relevant to prices in WWMI
WWMIT - Prod. catalog texts
WWMITD - Screen field string for ad. media description
WWMIT_KEY - Product catalog text - key fields WWM...

WWORKPAPER - Internal work area: Gen. variables for printing shop papers
WWP_BOHANDLE_STY - Handle Number for Entries in the Simulation List
WWP_S_TREE_ITEM - Item Table Structure Especially for Replenishment Workplace
WWS_ZWB - Data for plant/storage location
WWS_ZWB_001 - Enhancement Add-On
WWVT - Product catalog variant text
WWVTD - Screen string for ad. media variant text
WWVT_KEY - Product catalog variant text - key fields
WWWDATA - INDX-type table for storing WWW objects
WWWDATAID - Part of table WWWDATATAB, used as ID for import
WWWDATAINF - Remaining part of structure WWWDATA with additional info
WWWDATATAB - Contents of table WWWDATA
WWWFUNC - Release table for function modules in WebReporting
WWWITS - Structure for ITS templates WWW...


WXAUF_DET_ORDER_QTY - Transfer Structure, User Exit Determin., Reduced Order Qty
WXOS_PRODUCT - Communication Structure Online Store Exit: Product


WYKREDAEND - Were vendor changes processed
WYT1 - Vendor Subrange
WYT1T - Vendor Sub-Range Description
WYT1T_KEY_S - Key description vendor subrange with client
WYT1_KEY_S - Key vendor subrange with client
WYT2 - Vendor-dependent char. value conversion
WYT2M - Vendor-Dependent Characteristic Value Conversion WYT...


WZRE_AB_DOC_VIEW - Agency Business Documents for the Display (POWL)
WZRE_BAL_CONTEXT - Error Context for Application Log
WZRE_BSID_VIEW - Fields of BSID Customer View
WZRE_BSP_USER - User list
WZRE_COMPLAINT_NUMBER_MAP - Assignment From Old to New Number WZR...

WZUONR_RAN - Range structure, assignment number


W_KNA1 - Generated Table for View
W_T024W_ASSIGN - Generated Table for View
W_TFMCA_FORMTYPE - Generated Table for View

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