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P000 - Conditions for Packing Object
P0000 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Actions)
P0000_ABA - HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Actions)
P0000_AF - Additional Query Fields
P0001 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)
P0001_ABA - HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment) P00...

P0100 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0100 (Social Insurance B)
P0100_AF - Additional Query Fields
P0101 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0101 (Tax B)
P0101_AF - Additional Query Fields
P0102 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0102 (Grievances NA)
P0102_AF - P01...

P0200 - HR Master Record - Infotype 0200 (Garnishments DK)
P0200_AF - Additional Query Fields
P0201 - HR Master Record Infotype 0201 (Basic Pension Payments)
P0201_AF - Additional Query Fields
P0202 - HR Master Record Infotype 0202 (Entitlements)
P0202_AF - Additional Query Fields P02...

P0302 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Actions)
P0302_AF - Additional Query Fields
P0303 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0303 (Premium Reduction NL)
P0303_AF - Additional Query Fields
P0304 - HR Master Rec.: Infotype 0304 (Additional Info on Basic Pay)
P0304_AF - Additional query fields P03...

P0400 - HRMS-VE: Master Record for SSO Infotype (IT0400)
P0400_AF - Additional Fields Abap Query for SSO Infotype (IT0400)
P0401 - HRMS-VE: Master Rec. for Severance Payments Infotype(IT0401)
P0401_AF - Additional ABAP Query fields f.Severance Pymnts IT (IT0401)
P0402 - HR Master Data for Infotype 0402
P0402_AF - Additional Query Fields P04...

P0500 - Payroll Infotype: US Benefits Data in Arrears (ARRRS)
P0500_AF - Additional Query Fields
P0501 - Payroll Infotype: US Benefits Data in Ded Not Taken (DDNTK)
P0501_AF - Payroll Infotype: US Benefits Data in Ded Not Taken (DDNTK)
P0502 - HR-SG-PS:Letter of Appointment details
P0502_AF - Additional Query Fields P05...

P0600 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0600
P0600_AF - Additional Query Fields
P0601 - Absence Quotas (Infotype Structure 0601)
P0602 - HR Master Record: Infotyp 0602 (Retirement Plan Cumulation)
P0603 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0603
P0603_AF - P06...

P0700 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0700
P0700_AF - Additional query fields
P0701 - HR Terminations Data Container : Infotype 0701
P0702 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0702
P0703 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0703
P0704 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0704 P07...

P0800 - Personnel Master Record for Infotype 0800
P0800_AF - Additional Fields for Query
P0801 - Personnel Master Record for Infotype 0801
P0801_AF - Additional Fields for Query
P0802 - Personnel Master Record for Infotypd 0802
P0802_AF - Additional Fields for Query P08...

P0900 - Human resources master record infotype 0900 (sales data)
P0900_AF - Additional Query Fields
P0901 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0901 (Purchasing Data)
P0901_AF - Additional Query Fields
P0902 - HR Master Record for Infotype 0902
P0902_AF - Additional Query Fields P09...

P0ASB - Assignment Subsystem -> PDC Group
P0SUB - Subsystems to Non-SAP Systems
P0SUT - Texts for Subsystem


P1000 - Infotype 1000: Object Name
P1000_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1001 - Infotype 1001: Relationships
P1001_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1001_FIN_ALV - Output Structure in ALV for Financings
P1001_OLD - Infotype 1001 with ADATA Old Length (Rel. 2.2/3.0/3.1) P10...

P11D - Proxy Structure (generated)
P11DB - Proxy Structure (generated)
P11D_CONV - Conversion of evaluation class 11 to cummulation wage types
P11_ABS_HRERROR_TEXT - Error text transfer table for error handling
P11_ALV_HE - HR-IE: General List output header
P11_EHCS_ACH - EHECS: ALV Structure Analitics Checks P11...

P1201 - Infotype 1201: Object Methods
P1201_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1205 - Infotype 1205: WF Process to be Executed
P1205_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1206 - Infotype 1206: WF Work Item Text
P1206_AF - Additional Query Fields P12...

P13P1_AGEST_ALV - Structure fo PIF interface ALV list
P13P1_PIF_ALV - Structure fo PIF interface ALV list
P13_ABS_TAB - Structure for Absence table IT0573
P13_L2006X_ADJ - Structure for L2006X_ADJ for IT0573
P13_P0011 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0011 (Ext.Bank Transfers)
P13_P0023L - HR Master Record: Infotype 0023 (Previous Employment) P13...

P1403 - Infotype 1403
P1403_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1404 - Infotype 1404: Task-related exposures
P1404_AF - Additional Query Fields
P14_EA_EXIT - BADI Structure for Section B in EC form
P14_EA_SECF_EXIT - BADI Structure for Section F in EA form P14...

P1500 - Infotype 1500: Budget Administration
P15001 - Type 1 record DM10 tape
P15002 - Record 2 structure for DM10/M on magnetic medium
P15003 - Record 3 structure for DM10/M on magnetic medium
P15005 - Table structure
P1500_AF - Additional Fields: Query Infotype 1500 P15...

P1600 - Infotype 1600: Organizer ID (F)
P1600_AF - Additional Fields Query
P1601 - Infotype 1601: statutory requirements (F)
P1601_AF - Additional Fields Query
P1610 - Infotype 1610: US EEO / AAP Categories
P1610_AF - P16...

P1701 - Infotype 1701: Status Attributes
P1701_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1702 - Infotype 1702: Personal Data
P1702_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1703 - Infotype 1703 (Challenge)
P1703_AF - Additional Query Fields P17...

P1800 - InfoType 1800: Industry
P1800_AF - Additional Fields: Query
P1801 - InfoType 1801: Account Assignment
P1801_AF - Additional Fields: Query
P1802 - InfoType 1802: Relevance
P1802_AF - Additional Fields: Query P18...

P1930 - Infotype 1930: Risk Type
P1930_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1933 - Infotype 1933: Applicant Refree Details
P1933_AF - Additional Query Fields
P1934 - Infotype 1934
P1934_AF - Additional Query Fields P19...


P2001 - HR Time Record: Absences Infotype (2001)
P2001_AF - Additional Query Fields
P2002 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2002 (Attendances)
P2002_AF - Additional Query Fields
P2003 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2003 (Substitutions)
P2003_AF - Additional Query Fields P20...

P2151 - Structure of feature 2151C
P21EJ - Structure of feature P3262
P21G1 - Children data
P21H2 - Structure to query function module Enduring absences
P21H3 - Structure to function modules Entry and leaving date
P21IV - Date interval P21...

P22IT - Structure for Feature 22RET
P22J_ALV_CEC_LIST - ALV node for report RPCECKJ0
P22J_ALV_EAD - ALV node for report RPCEADJ0
P22J_ALV_EAD_DATA1 - ALV node for report RPCEDAJ0
P22J_ALV_EAD_LIST - Employee list for report RPCEADJ0
P22J_ALV_IDP_DETAIL - ALV node for report RPCIDPJ0 P22...

P23ABS_LIST - Absence list for report RPIABSS0_NEW
P23FN - Grouping parameters for functionality based cust. entries
P23HRERROR_CE - CE Transfer table for HR error handling
P23KU - Container for Annual Tax Statement
P23KU1 - Container1 for Annual Tax Statement
P23KU_TEMP - Container for Annual Tax Statement P23...

P2401 - Structure for KSA features
P24AP - Structure for Feature AEAPD Additional Personal Data for UAE
P24DP - KSA: Structure for Feature 24CAD With Subtype for Dependants
P24NI - Saudization Nitaqat Program
P24NI_TYP - Nitaqat Type of National
P24NT - Nitaqat Type of National P24...

P2500 - HR Master Record for Infotype 2500
P2501 - HR Master Record for Infotype 2501
P2502 - HR Master Record for Infotype 2502
P25DEL_STORED_ESS - IR8A details stored in the cluster
P25DEL_STORED_IR8A - IR8A details stored in the cluster
P25KEY_TEXT - Structure for key fields and text P25...

P28_P0006L - HR Master Record: Infotype 0006 (Addresses)
P28_P0528 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0021/0528 (Family/Rel.Person CN)
P29MSIM_CCBU_01 - Employee wage accounts CBU
P29MSIM_CCBU_ALV_01 - MS: CBU results display
P29MSIM_CDAT_01 - (Dependents) additional data
P29MSIM_CDAT_ALV_01 - MS: Additional Data result display
P29MSIM_DEXP_01 - Company business address/production address
P29MSIM_RLAB_01 - Work contracts P29...

P2APL - Different Payment
P2B2_AB - HCM Declustering B2 - Absences
P2B2_ABWKONTI - HCM Declustering B2 - Absence Quotas (Table ABWKONTI)
P2B2_ALP - HCM Declustering B2 - Alternative Payment Table ALP
P2B2_ANWES - HCM Declustering B2 - Attendances (Table ANWES)
P2B2_ANWKONTI - HCM Declustering B2 - Attendance Quotas (Table ANWKONTI)
P2B2_AT - HCM Declustering B2 - Table for AT P2B...

P2CKT - Account Allocation to Subsystems
P2CN_BI - Payroll result: Social Insurances and PHF (CN)
P2CN_CNREI - Payroll result: structure for retro difference details
P2CN_CNREO - Payroll result: structure for retro difference details
P2CN_CNSP - Payroll result: Special Payment (CN)
P2CN_II - Payroll result: Social Insurances and PHF (CN) P2C...

P2EF1 - Paramters of feature for attachment
P2EF2 - Parameters for defining area key
P2EF3 - Parameters for request log constant
P2EF4 - Parameters for Policy document
P2IN_CCO - Payroll India - Car and Conveyance
P2IN_EPF - Payroll structure for Provident Fund Infotype
P2IN_ESI - ESI - Payroll Structure India
P2IN_EXM - Payroll structure for exemptions
P2IN_GEM - Payroll India - Global Employment
P2IN_GRY - Payroll structure for Gratuity P2I...

P2POC_EXCHANGE_FAULT_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
P2POC_EXCHANGE_LOG_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
P2POC_MDMP2POSETTINGS1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
P2POC_MDMP2POSETTINGS_MESSAGE1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
P2POC_MDMP2POSTATUS1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
P2POC_MDMP2POSTATUS_MESSAGE1 - Proxy Structure (Generated) P2P...

P2RA_ABP - Deltas for National Table Cluster PC
P2RA_BZU - Payroll Result: Organizational Assignments (A)
P2RA_CMASS - Payroll Result: Garnishment (A) - Net Parts
P2RA_DFRT - Payroll Result for Other Payroll Periods
P2RA_GRDLG - Payroll Result: Garnishment (A) - Bases
P2RA_GUTHA - Payroll Result: Garnishment (A) - Credit P2R...

P2UR_FUP - table FUP - future periods
P2UR_RUAVE - Cumulations for calculation of averages
P2UR_RURT - Payroll Results: Results Table
P2UR_RUSTA - Russian Statuses
P2UR_TAX - Russian Tax


P3000 - Work Center: Infotype 3000 - PP Basic Data
P3003 - Defaults for Operation/Activity at Work Center
P3005 - Infotype 3005 - Scheduling data
P3006 - Infotype 3006: Relationship of Capacity to Work Center
P3007 - Infotype 3007: CAP Technical Data
P30GROUPS - Grouping for P30 P30...

P3140 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3140
P3140_AF - Additional Query Fields
P3200 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3200
P3202 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3202
P3202_AF - Additional Query Fields
P3203 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3203
P3203_AF - Additional Query Fields
P3204 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3204 P32...

P3301 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3301
P3301_AF - Additional Query Fields
P3302 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3302
P3302_AF - Additional Query Fields
P3303 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3303
P3303_AF - Additional Query Fields P33...

P3527 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3527
P3527_AF - Additional Query Fields
P3528 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3528
P3528_AF - Additional Query Fields
P3529 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3529
P3529_AF - Additional Query Fields P35...

P3743 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3743
P3743_AF - Additional Query Fields
P37_FORM_CONTR - Interface HBRCONTR for PDF form
P3893 - Personnel Master Record Infotype 3893 (Time Account Status)
P3893_AF - Additional Fields for Query
P3894 - HR Master Data Infotype 3894
P3894_AF - Additional Fields for Query
P39_AFP - Structure for AFP Statement
P39_AFP_PDF - Structure for AFP Statement (PDF)
P39_AFP_PDF_TOT - AFP Report Detail Page Totalizations
P39_APV - Structure for APV Statement
P39_APV_PDF - Structure for APV Statement (PDF)
P39_APV_PDF_TOT - APV Report Detail Page Totalizations P39...

P3GLG - details
P3GLI - Items
P3PR_RS_BUKRS - Range for company code
P3PR_RS_COMBO - Range for posting transaction combo
P3PR_RS_CRENR - Range for HR payee
P3PR_RS_CRETY - Range for HR payee type
P3PR_RS_DUEDT - Range for due date
P3PR_RS_GSBER - Range for business area P3P...


P4000 - Infotype 4000: Applicant Events
P4000_AF - Additional Query Fields
P4001 - Infotype 4001: Applications
P4001_AF - Additional Query Fields
P4002 - Infotype 4002: Vacancy Assignment
P4002_AF - Additional Query Fields P40...

P41_FORM_MIAQ - Adobe form conversion for korea MIAQ
P41_FORM_MIAQ2 - sturcture for MIAQ2 and MIAQ3
P41_FORM_MIAQ_TABLE_LIST - Adobe form conversion for MIAQ Korea
P41_FORM_SEPR - HKRSEPR0 pdf interface parameter
P41_FORM_SEPR_COMPANY - HKRSEPR0 pdf company P41...

P42_FORM_LLIJ - interface hr_tw_llij
P42_FORM_PTWL0 - structure type for table p42_form_ptwl
P444V - Planning Versions: Info Structures
P445E - Planning Object Index for Rough-Cut Planning Profiles
P445G - Parameters for PLOB Version_Key Figure
P445H - Verification: Hier.Ctg./Hier.Form/Plan.Object/GSTRU (SOP)
P445S - Possible Version Statuses
P445T - Version Status Text P44...

P46_HPLCDNT0 - Log structure for report HPLCDNT0
P46_HPLU3XC0 - Log structure for utility program HPLU3XC0
P46_HPLUAPZ0 - Log structure for utility program HPLUAPZ0
P46_HPLUDEN0 - Log structure for utility program HPLUDEN0
P46_HPLUFEP1 - Log structure for utility program HPLUFEP1 P46...

P48_ALVHDMF - Employee Information per Company (ALV Display)
P48_ALVTAX - Employee Information per Company (ALV Display)
P48_REDI - Structure for Philippines EDI reports


P5003 - Infotype 5003
P5003_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5003_EXP - Infotype 5003 Expanded Structure
P5003_URL - Infotype 5003
P5004 - Infotype 5004
P5004_AF - Additional Query Fields P50...

P5102 - Infotype 5102: Candidate Information
P5102_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5103 - Infotype 5103: Work Experience
P5103_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5104 - Infotype 5104: Education
P5104_AF - Additional Query Fields P51...

P5221 - Infotype 5221: Job Calssification AE
P5221_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5300 - Infotype 5300: Industry
P5300_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5301 - Infotype 5301: Account Assignment
P5301_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5302 - Infotype 5302: Relevance
P5302_AF - Additional Query Fields P53...

P549B - Feature Directory
P5500 - Infotype 5500
P5500_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5500_EXP - Infotype 5500 Expanded Structure
P5501 - Infotype 5501
P5501_AF - Additional Query Fields
P5501_EXP - Infotype 5501 Expanded Structure P55...

P593R - Application Status: SI Reimbursement for Rehabilitants


P6070 - Infotype 6070: WFM extended data
P6070_AF - Additional Query Fields
P6075 - Infotype 6075: Spec. Org. Mngt
P6075_AF - Additional Fields for Query
P6075_EXP - Info Type 6075 Expanded Structures
P6076 - P60...

P6200 - Infotype 6200: Planned Operations
P6200_AF - Additional Query Fields
P62ANBAU - Utility NBAU process
P62NBAU - Structure for setting up collective order


P7002 - Infotype 7002
P7002_AF - Additional Fields for Query
P7002_EXP - Infotype 7002 Expanded Structure
P7003 - Infotype 7003: RBP-OM Assignment Strategy
P7003_AF - Additional Fields for Query
P7004 - Infotype 7004: RBP-OM Performer Capacity P70...

P7400 - Infotype 7400: Key Indication
P7400_AF - Additional Query Fields
P7401 - Obsolete
P7401_AF - Obsolete
P7401_EXP - Obsolete
P7402 - Internal Work Experience P74...

P7600 - Infotype 7600: Collab Ctx Attr
P7600_AF - Additional Query Fields
P7601 - Infotype 7601: Collab Ctx Attr
P7601_AF - Additional Query Fields
P778AT - Screen Fields for T778A
P77PD - SAP Structural Graphics: Additional Structure for T77PD
P77PM - SAP Structural Graphics: Additional Structure for T77PM
P77QP - Screen Fields for T77QP (Variable Detail Selection of..)
P77SX - Screen Fields for PD User Interface Control
P7900 - Infotype 7900
P7900_AF - Additional Query Fields
P7900_EXP - Infotype 7900 expanded structures
P7901 - Infotype 7901: Processing Rule
P7901_AF - Additional Query Fields
P7902 - Infotype 7902: Ext. Learning Community P79...


P9019 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0019 (Monitoring of Dates)
P9075 -
P9099 - HR Master Record for Infotype 9099
P9100 - Info Type 9100: Field Info Type
P9100_AF -
P9101 - Info Type 9101
P9220 - HR Master Record for Infotype 9220
P9220_AF - Additional Query Fields
P9222 - HR Master Record for Infotype 9222
P9222_AF - Additional Query Fields
P9223 - HR Master Record for Infotype 9223
P9223_AF - Additional Query Fields P92...

P9390 -
P9429 -
P9500 -
P9500_AF -
P9640 -
P9640_AF -
P9701 -
P9725 - HR Master Record for Infotype 9725
P9741 - HR Master Record for Infotype 9741
P9742 - HR Master Record for Infotype 9742
P9825 - HR Master Record for Infotype 9825
P9901 - Infotype 9901: eQuest Posting Information
P9929 - HR Master Data for Infotype 0402
P9945 - HR Master Record for Infotype 9945
P9990 - HR Master Record for Infotype 9990
P9991 - HR Master Record for Infotype 9991
P9992 - HR Master Record for Infotype 9992 P99...


PA0000 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Actions)
PA0001 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)
PA0002 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data)
PA0003 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status)
PA0004 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0004 (Challenge)
PA0005 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0005 (Leave Entitlement) PA0...

PA2001 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2001 (Absences)
PA2001_UGR - Generated Table for View PA2001_UGR
PA2002 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2002 (Attendances)
PA2002_UGR - Generated Table for View PA2002_UGR
PA2003 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2003 (Substitutions)
PA2004 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2004 (Availability) PA2...

PA3140 - HR Master Record: Infotype 3140
PA3200 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3200
PA3202 - HR Master Record: Infotype 3202
PA3203 - HR Master Record: Infotype 3203
PA3204 - HR Master Record: Infotype 3204
PA3205 - HR Master Record: Infotype 3205 PA3...

PA9019 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0019 (Monitoring of Dates)
PA9075 -
PA9099 - HR Master Record: Infotype 9099
PA9220 - HR Master Record: Infotype 9220
PA9222 - HR Master Record: Infotype 9222
PA9223 - HR Master Record: Infotype 9223 PA9...

PAALI_DYNP - Screen Structure for Group of Alternative Lines
PAAWC_DYNP - Screen Structure for Alternative Work Centers
PABALVHD - Display structure of summarized JIT call header by ALV
PABALVIT - Display structure of summarized JIT call item by ALV
PABASN - Linking Summarized JIT Call - Shipping Notification
PABCD - HR Literals
PABDIA - Dialog structure for JIT calls
PABDIA_AS - Append Structure for JIT Calls PAB...

PACKAGE_INFO - Package Information
PACKAGE_TAB - Salary packaging package table
PACKCHECK_EXCEPT - Exceptions for Package Check
PACKCONTROL - Communication Structure for Pack Transn Control Parameters
PACKDATA - Communication Structure Packing Data Subscreen
PACKET_INFO - Information for Packet for Processing PAC...

PAD007 - Additional Data for 1001 Subtype 007 (Condition for GUM)
PAD011 - Attributes for Cost Center Assignment
PAD03 - Registered Patches
PAD067 - Additional Data for Temporary Assignments
PAD071 - Additional Data for Temporary Assignments
PAD21 - Supplementary Data for Relationship 'Is Equipped' PAD...

PAEAC - Actions for Feature
PAEAD - Structure for Feature AEEAD UAE
PAEAP - Structure for Feature AEAPD Additional Personal Data for UAE
PAEDP - UAE:Structure for Feature AECAD With Subtype for Dependants
PAEP1 - Field String for Feature: SAPBS
PAEP_0023_3358 - Other/Previous Employers For IT3358 PAE...

PAFLO - FLO-Specific Alternative Data
PAFLOD - Application Data for FLO Relationships
PAFLO_DB - FLO-Specific Alternative Data: Buffer Table Structure
PAFRM - RMS-FRM: Alternative Segment for Object Category FRM
PAFRM_DB - RMS-FRM: PVS Formula Alternative: Time-Dependent Attributes
PAGB_ASHE - ASHE Return Data
PAGEATTR - Format Attributes for Document
PAGEATTR2 - Format Attributes for Document
PAGEDS - Structure of page table in list processor (pagetab)
PAGEDS1 - Structure of page table in list processor (pagetab)
PAGE_CONFIG_PROPERTIES - Page Builder: Settings of Configuration Parameters PAG...

PAHI - History of system, DB and SAP parameter
PAHI_PARAM_SEL - Select the Parameters to Be recorded
PAKCHEKLIN - Client/Server Relationship for Package Check
PAKCHEKLN2 - Server Object and Check Result for Package Check
PAKCHEKLN3 - Client/Server Object and Check Result for Package Check
PAKCHEKTB3 - Structure for Multi-Table Package Check
PAKCHEKTYP - User-Specific Setting for Package Check (obsolete)
PAKCHKSTRU - Line Structure for Messages from the Package Check PAK...

PALTID - iPPE Alternative: Time-Independent ID and Attributes
PALTID_DB - Identification for an Alternative Segment
PALTTX - iPPE Alternative: Texts
PALTTX_DB - Texts for Alternatives in the Database Layer
PAMA_EDGES_STRUCT - Structure for Pattern Matching Machines
PAMODC - Capacity Requirement of an Activity-Resource Relationship
PAMODCD - Structure: Capacity Reqmt of an Activity-Resource Relatshp
PAMODC_DB - Capacity Reqmt of an Activity: Time-Dependent Attributes
PAMODC_DYNP - Mode C Representation on the Interface
PAMODC_LI - Capacity Requirement Enhancements for Activity_Mode PAM...

PANNNN - HR Master Record: Infotype NNNN
PANRED - Possible Entries for Form of Address
PAOCFEC_EEKEYMAP - Employee Key Mapping
PAOCFEC_EXTMAP - Employee Central Extensibility Mapping Configuration
PAOCFEC_H_IT_SEL - Generated Table for View
PAOCFEC_KMAPCOMC - Company Code Key Mapping
PAOCFEC_KMAPCOSC - Cost Centre Key Mapping PAO...

PAPARTNER - SD partner that can be used in CO-PA
PAPBS00WBRPACLOG - Action Log PWE (Obsolete): New Table PAPBS00WBRP_LOG
PAPBS00WBRP_DATA - Transaction Data
PAPBS00WBRP_LOG - Action Log - Used for Logging in the PWE
PAPBS00_PWEBFLOW - Business Flow Exchanger
PAPBSDENV_ANZR - Entitlement Periods PAP...

PAR01 - Data for generation of the DGI-SIJP diskette
PAR02 - HRMS-AR: Deductions performed - R.G.4110 - DGI
PAR03 - Temse file for business address
PAR04 - Temse file for employer
PAR05 - Temse file for named person
PAR06 - Temse file for family members/next of kin PAR...

PASST - Strategies for Partner Search
PAST - Index Project - BOM
PAT00 - Patch Steps
PAT01 - Patch Status
PAT02 - Conflicts Between Patches and Add-Ons
PAT03 - Patch Directory
PAT03_ATTR - Patch Attributes (Release, Operating System, Database...)
PAT03_PRE - PAT...

PAU01 - Field String for Feature in 13RIP
PAU04 - Field String for Feature in 13TRF
PAUABS - Structure for leave management (Reduction of Absences)
PAULP - Field String for Feature in 13LVP
PAUSPR - Proficiencies
PAUTM - Structure for leave management (LWOP handling) PAU...

PAWTY - Warranty Claim Category (PVS Alternative)
PAY2BPBS - SAP-HR : Belgian Public Sector Payscales
PAY99_CUMUL_PERSON_RESULT - Unfiltered person cumulation tables- international
PAY99_GLOBAL_SWITCHES - Internat., Global, Pers.Assignt-Dependent Switch in RPCALCx0
PAY99_GLOBAL_VAR - Intern, Global, Pers.Assignt-Dependent Variables in RPCALCx0
PAY99_INTERNAL - Internal tables for the payroll image
PAY99_INTERNAL_PERAS - Internal tables and variables for the payroll image PAY...

PA_SSTRCV1 - Generated Table for View
PA_SSTRCV2 - Generated Table for View
PA_SSTRCV3 - Generated Table for View
PA_SSTRCV4 - Generated Table for View


PB0001 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)
PB0002 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data)
PB0006 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0006 (Addresses)
PB0007 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0007 (Planned Working Time)
PB0008 - Applicant Master Record Infotype (Basic Pay)
PB0009 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0009 (Bank Details) PB0...

PB2ADATA - HR-B2A: Transfer Data
PB2ADATB - HR-B2A: Transfer Data
PB2ADATEMAIL - HR-B2A: Data Table for Incoming E-Mails
PB2ADATSTR - HR-B2A: Data Table for Strings
PB2AMGR - HR-B2A: Application Data
PB2ASTAT - HR-B2A: Status Management PB2...

PB3208 - Applicant data infotype 3208 (model)
PB3255 - Applicant data infotype 3255 (model)
PB3257 - Applicant data infotype 3257 (model)
PB3258 - Applicant data infotype 3258 (model)
PB3259 - Applicant data infotype 3259 (model)
PB3302 - Applicant data infotype 3302 (model) PB3...

PB4000 - Infotype 4000: Applicant Events
PB4001 - Infotype 4001: Applications
PB4002 - Infotype 4002: Vacancy Assignment
PB4003 - Infotype 4003: Applicant Activities
PB4004 - Applicant Data Infotype 4004 (Status of Recurring Tasks)
PB4005 - Infotype 4005 (Applicant's Personnel Number) PB4...

PBAB - Interface table: reducing independent requirements
PBABA - Table supplement for Table PBAB
PBABI - PREFIX for structure PBAB
PBABX - Interface requirements reduction with additional data
PBACKUPDB4 - Partial Backups of the SAP Database Library on iSeries
PBAS_CUST - Structure for T77S0 Switch PBA...

PBC01 - Structure for Subtype-Dependent Feature
PBC02 - Limited P0001 Structure for 549B
PBC03 - Limited P0001 Structure for 549B
PBCH - Direct input for characteristic values in demand management
PBCURSOR - Package Builder: Cursor Position
PBDEVC_T - Generated Table for View
PBED - Independent Requirements Data
PBEDOUT - Output Structure Details Planned Independent Requirements
PBELEMNODE - Package Builder: Node Structure for Visible Elements
PBELEMTYPS - Package Builder: Element Typs for Visible Elements
PBELEMTYPT - Package Builder: Text Visible Elements in Tree
PBELSTTXT - Package Builder: Texts for Element Stability PBE...

PBFCONTENT - Content of presentation buffer (PRES)
PBFREE - Table with released quantities for INTTAB PBVABI
PBG01 - OSI properties Bulgaria
PBG02 - Difference table of payroll results
PBG03 - BG: T549 interface for features with CLTIM
PBG04 - Interface for features with CTTYP (Contract type)
PBGS - Totals line: independent requirements
PBG_ERLOS - Structure for LOS of ER PBG...

PBHI - Independent Requirements History
PBIC - Ind. reqmts index for customer requirements (without RV)
PBID - Planned independent requirements index: MRP area
PBIM - Independent Requirements for Material
PBIMOUT - Output Structure Items Planned Independent Requirements
PBINSCAL - Package Interfaces: Table Control Fields for ACL
PBINSCEL - Package Builder Interfaces: Screen Fields for Elements PBI...

PBKD - Allocation index: customer reqmts to ind. requirements
PBKDS - Totals record allocation index: customer reqmts to ind.reqmt
PBKDT - Work table: maintaining header data of ind. requirements
PBKEY - Key for applicant data
PBKF - Configuration of independent requirements
PBKO - Independent requirements key for configured ind.reqmts dates PBK...

PBLAYOUT - Layout Data for Portal Builder (Internal Data)
PBLF - Indep. reqmts data table for long-term planning
PBLYDATA - Layout Data for Portal Builder (Internal Data)
PBMSG - Internal structure for collecting messages (indep reqmts)
PBM_CLASS_DATA - Data for the class of the project BOM assignment
PBM_CLASS_DATA_VIEW - Texts for project BOM assignments
PBM_CTRL_DATA - Control data for the class for the project BOM assignment
PBNNNN - Applicant data infotype NNNN (model)
PBPACKDATA - Copy of SCOMPKDTLN for Displaying Package Data
PBPASCCP - PB Package Tool: Screen fields for Packages Included
PBPASCIF - PB: Screen Fields for Package Maintenance - Interfaces
PBPASCUP - PB: Screen Fields for Package Maintenance - Use Access
PBPT - Table of ind. requirements item data
PBPTVB - Reference structure for XPBPT PBP...

PBRANC - Industries
PBRLIST_GRH - List items structure report HBRGRH0 (alimony)
PBR_13PROV01 - Process 13th Salary Provision
PBR_13PROV02 - Contributions Calculation
PBR_7BR03 - Relate wage types PBR...

PBSDDK601_002 - DME: Denmark Header
PBSDDK601_012 - DME: Denmark, Payments
PBSDDK601_022_1 - Debitorname / Address
PBSDDK601_022_2 - Debitorname / Address
PBSDDK601_022_3 - Debitorname / Address
PBSDDK601_042 - DME: Denmark Payment Information to PBS PBS...

PBTDT - Work table: maintaining independent requirements
PBTEXT - CO11N Labels of Pushbuttons
PBTFUNCMON - Monitoring (CSA): Info on the last FM called
PBTMONIDIR - Contents of the monitor data in CSA
PBTOOLFLAG - Indicators used in Package Builder Tools
PBTPGMMON - Monitoring (CSA): Info on application program PBT...

PBUTTON - CO11N Constants G_PBx
PBVAB - Work table for reducing planned requirements
PBVPV - Material index for consumption of planning
PBWLA - Evaluated Wage Type Table
PBZO - Table for independent requirements allocation objects
PBZU - Ind. reqmts control table for allocating customer reqmts


PC01AO512 - Data Access Tax Audit: LGART Descr. Data Release
PC01AO512K - Data Access Tax Audit: LGART KUMUL Work Structure
PC01B2A_SVEM - SI-Specific Storage E-Mails for Procedure for Returning Data
PC01B2A_SVEMSTAT - SI-Specific Storage E-Mails for Procedure for Returning Data
PC01_DSE_S_FRAGEN - Garnishment Third-Party Debtor Declaration: Questions
PC01_DSE_S_GLAUBIGER - Garnishment Third-Party Debtor Declaration: Creditor PC0...

PC13Q - Superannuation structure for Australia
PC15_CLPC_WT01 - Cluster PC weekly viewer: Monday
PC15_CLPC_WT02 - Cluster PC weekly viewer: Tuesday
PC15_CLPC_WT03 - Cluster PC weekly viewer: Wednesday
PC15_CLPC_WT04 - Cluster PC weekly viewer: Thursday
PC15_CLPC_WT05 - Cluster PC weekly viewer: Friday PC1...

PC200 - Payroll Results Key
PC200A - Person Payroll Result Key
PC201 - Cluster: Technical Version
PC201_PAY - Information on Creation
PC202 - Payroll Status Information
PC203 - Payroll Results: Name of Employee PC2...

PC301 - Applicant data: Version (technical)
PC30K - SMTH and SQTR for Superannuation (Australia)
PC30L - Payroll Structure: RETT Table
PC36T - Payroll Results: Work Center/Basic Pay
PC3AC - Applicant Activities
PC3AL - Key for clusters AL and AN (PCL3) PC3...

PC400 - Documents: Key for Long-Term Documents
PC401 - Documents: Key for Short-Term Documents
PC402 - Documents: Version
PC403 - Documents: Header
PC404 - Documents: Table
PC405 - Key: Logging of Report Starts PC4...

PCA01 - Limited P0001 and P0224 structure for Canada
PCA11 - Field list for RCOPCA11
PCADF - EC-PCA: Special Field Information for Function Group PCAD
PCAEE - Limited P0001 structure for EEA report (CA)
PCALAC - Activities per Payroll Result
PCAL_AS - HR: Structure for generated schema in CALC PCA...

PCBUFKEY_PCL2 - Buffer Key Including Archiving Group
PCBWA_PCA_MD - BW EC-PCA: Extraction of Authorizations for Profit Center
PCBWA_USER - BW Extraction: Last Extracted User for Profit Center
PCCES_DATAREF_DATAREF - Data Reference (REF TO DATA) & Data Reference
PCCES_DATAREF_PERIOD - Data Reference (REF TO DATA) to Sorted Periods
PCCES_DATAREF_PERIOD_DATAREF - Data Reference (REF TO DATA) & Periods & Data Reference
PCCES_DIST_PAYROLL_DATA - Input data for distribution function (XDIST) PCC...

PCDHDR - Change document header
PCDHDR_OLD - Change document header

PCEC - Prenumbered Checks
PCEE0 - List of fields for feature: Special payments (Spain)
PCERE - Activities per Payroll Result
PCERH - History of Payroll Posting Runs
PCERT - Payroll Posting Runs
PCERV - Attributes for Posting Runs PCE...

PCFIELDS - List of Fields for Profit Center Accounting
PCFIL - Data for PC File Names (Path, Name, Extension, etc.)
PCFILE - Components of a PC file name as structure
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_BOOK - Blueprint for Database Table SBOOK
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_BOOK_DET - Blueprint for Database Table SBOOK
PCFT_BSP_EXAMPLE_DATA - Fields for Popin PCF...

PCH01 - HR-CH: Employee Attributes
PCH01_EXT_ENTRY - HR-CH: PF Posting with Extended Information
PCH01_FIELDLIST_WA - HR-CH: Field List Line
PCH01_IDXLIST_WA - HR-CH: Index List Line
PCH01_INFTYREC - HR-CH: Infotype Selection Option (Range) Line
PCH01_WF - HR-CH: Workflow Fields PCH...

PCIND - Deltas for International Table Cluster PC
PCINT - International Data Table for Cluster PC
PCITEM - Product Catalog Items Communication Structure
PCKIW - Structure for Kiwi Saver
PCK_DATA - Packing data
PCL1 - HR Cluster 1
PCL2 - HR Cluster 2
PCL3 - HR Cluster 3
PCL4 - HR Cluster 4
PCL5 - HR/RP Cluster 5; HR Planning Usage
PCL5_KEY - Key Structure for PCL5 PCL...

PCMH - Production campaign header
PCMHB - Buffer table for production campaign owner
PCMH_KEY - Production campaign number
PCMO1 - Pegged production campaign: material
PCMO1B - Buffer table for production campaign pegged reqmt - material
PCMO1_KEY - Production campaign - material PCM...

PCN10 - Feature for Employees to Pay Additional Tax
PCNAD - Deltas for National Table Cluster PC
PCNAT - National Table for Cluster PC
PCNA_RANGE - Range options
PCNCP - Features for Coporate Pension Management Structure (China)
PCNDT - Feature for Employee Group of Tax Reduction for Disability PCN...

PCO21 - Item structure for list HCOCTER0
PCOEG - Structure for characteristic 38EGP
PCOFS - Structure for characteristic 38FSP
PCOLMR - Color Key Master Record
PCOLMRT - Text Table for Color Key Master Record PCO...

PCPITMS - Primary Costs Planning Items PCP...

PCRRETAILA - Actual line item table
PCRRETAILB - Generated Transfer Structure for Table PCRRETAILT
PCRRETAILC - Object Table 2
PCRRETAILO - Object Table 1
PCRRETAILP - Plan line items table
PCRRETAILT - Totals Table PCR...


PCTE_TPL - Structure for Formula Planning Templates
PCTE_VALUES - Values for PCA Formula Planning Layout
PCTVTAKEYD - Screen Structure Sales Areas in Product Catalog Maintenance
PCT_TAB - Conversion Table for PCT Objects PCT...

PCXML_ERROR - Error collection structure


PD1203 - Addition to HRS1203
PD3DBAN - HR-DDU: Address Data Module
PD3DBEU - HR-DDU: Data Module - European Insurance Number
PD3DBGB - HR-DDU: Data Module - Birth Details
PD3DBKS - HR-DDU: Data Module - Miners'/Sailors' Insurance
PD3DBKV - DEUEV: Data Module Health Insurance
PD3DBME - HR-DDU: Reporting Facts Data Module PD3...

PDA01 - Internal struct. for PP pair formation/determ. of act. times
PDACT_HIDE - Internal Act_hide Structure for SEUT Display
PDASSIGN - Assignment of Persons to Job/Organizational Unit per Date
PDATE - Supplies the WBS Dates Determined in the Network PDA...

PDBCA - Shift Planning: Reqmts Definition Accumulated Accdg to Types
PDBCD - Shift Planning: Reqmts Definition Accumulatd on Daily Basis
PDBCI - Shift Planning: Reqmts Def. Accumulated on Interval Basis
PDBCW - Shift Planning: Reqmts Def. Accumulated in Weekly Overview
PDBD1 - Shift Planning: Screen Fields for Requirements Definition
PDBD2 - Shift Planning: Screen Fields for Requirements Definition PDB...

PDC04 - Reference Table Structure
PDC06 - Status of Pair Formation
PDC07 - Table of Days to Be Recalculated
PDC09 - Table with Pointer To Incorrect PDC Messages
PDC10 - Cluster B1: Key
PDC11 - Cluster B1: Version Administration PDC...

PDDATASET - Structure for Data Transfer of PD Data
PDDT_REQUEST - Input Data: Product Determination
PDDT_RESULT - Product Determination Result
PDDT_TABL_000 - Include for Condition Tables (KOTD001) - Prod. Determination
PDEPBSVASEN_FSPA - Assessed Employment Periods
PDEPBSVASEN_FSPB - Assessed Employment Periods with Their Selection Class
PDEPBSVASEN_SIPA - Simulated Employment Periods
PDEPBSVASEN_SIPB - Simulated Employment Periods with Their Selection Class
PDEPBS_AVKAT_F4 - Feature Structure for Insurance Category
PDEPBS_AVZUGBN_F4 - Feature Structure for Insurance Category PDE...

PDF_FOOTER - Batch Log PDF: Data Footer Line
PDF_HEADER - Batch Log PDF: Header Data
PDGUID - GUIDs for Project Definition
PDGUIDBT - Document Table for GUIDs for Project Definition
PDHIT - Hit List of Persons (sorted according to suitability)
PDINF - Structure with Info Type for Function Module Call
PDMAINT_STLAN_STR - Selection for BOM Type
PDMAINT_STLAN_V - Generated Table for View PDMAINT_STLAN_V
PDMATCHUP - Assign Person to Cover Requirements of the Period
PDMSG - PD: Structure for Function Module RH_DOCU_IN_LIST
PDM_BASELINE - Baseline data in the Product Structure Browser
PDM_BILLOFCUS - Order BOM Header Data in Product Structure Browser PDM...

PDNAV - RHNAVIG0 Screen Fields
PDN_MAP_HEADER - Product Designer: Mapping Table for Headers
PDN_MAP_ITEM - Product Designer: Mapping Table for Items
PDORDU15 - Confirmation Structure for LCOCIU15
PDORDU18 - Confirmation Structure for LCOCIU18
PDORG - Shift Planning: Organizational Unit Data
PDORG_SAPO - Relate Structure for PD Object with SAP Org.Object
PDORQ - Qualifikation Requirement in Order
PDOWFD_VER - Versions of WF Definitions of WF Task PDO...

PDPBSDNEUG_UEB - Carried Over to DNeuG: General HR Master Record
PDPBSDNEUG_UEB_T - Carried Over to DNeuG: Personnel Pay Scale Information
PDPBSTVOED_UEB - Transfer to TVoeD: Personnel Master Record Before Transfer
PDPBSTVOED_UEB_ALV - Structure for Output of TVoeD Transfer Table
PDPBSZV363 - Estimated Tax-Free Contributions (Acc. to Sec.3 No.63)
PDPBSZVABM - Dereg. from Compulsory Insurance (Record Type 40), ZVE-PBS PDP...

PDQPR - HR PLAN Report RHQPROF0 Screen 2000 'Qualifications Profile'
PDQTR - HR PLANNING Screen: New Position Assignment for Person
PDRA1 - Auxiliary Structure for Room Reservation Management
PDRCA - Shift Planning: Reqmts Definition for Internal Calendar
PDREQ - Shift Planning: Requirements Matchup
PDRHCI - Screen Fields for Infotype Copier
PDRHCOSTC_READ - Structure for Screen Fields of FuGr RHCOST_READ
PDRHCT - Input and Screen Fields for Function Group RHCT PDR...

PDSEL - Definition of Conditions for Accessing Objects
PDSMAINT_BUNIT_V - Generated Table for View
PDSMAINT_COMP_STR - Structure for Database Tables
PDSMAINT_EINA_STR - Structure for Info Record Information
PDSMAINT_EINE_STR - Data Structure for Info Records
PDSMAINT_HEAD_STR - Structure for Saving Header Data for PDS PDS...

PDTASK - Texts for Task Editing
PDTASK_REL - Relate Structure for Task with Agent
PDTASK_TYP - Selection List for Task Type
PDTC - Internal Table for Planned Delivery Time Calculation
PDTC_T_EBELN - Table for Storing Data Temporarily
PDTC_T_MBLNR - Material Document Number PDT...

PDVER_BW_V - Generated Table for View PDVER_BW_V
PDV_DISTKEY - Distribution Key for Production Version
PDV_LOCKMODE - Lock Mode for Production Version
PDV_LOCPROPOS - Issue Storage Location for Production Version
PDV_LOCRECEIV - Receiving Storage Location for Production Version
PDWFCTASK - Screen Fields for Customer Enhancements of Standard Objects
PDWISTAT - Transfer Structure for Work Item Status
PDWORK - Additional structure for workplaces in the PD order.


PEAPL - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
PEDUCA - Education and Training
PEFOUNDCP - Careers Found in Career and Succession Planning
PEFOUNDOBJ - Objects Found in Career and Succession Planning
PEGDATA - Interface structure for static pegging
PEGEXC_WRK_GRP - Pegging: Distribution of surplus, scrap, lost, plant & group
PEGOB - Peg (master data of the CO object)
PEGOBLOG - Reporting structure for pegging process
PEGOBQTY - Pegging objects and assigned quantities structur
PEGPOINTER - Pegging pointer to replenishm./requirem./cmp WBS element PEG...

PEHV1 - Personnel Record Infotype 0006 (Addresses) US
PEHV6 - Master personnel record infotype 0021 (Family members)
PEICG - HREIC: Decision Fields for Features EICSL and EICGR
PEICP - HREIC: Decision Fields for Features EICPT
PEKES - Variant Vendor Confirmations
PEKKO - Auxiliary Fields, Purchasing Document Header Printout
PEKPO - Auxiliary Fields, Purchasing Document Item Printout
PEKPOS - Generic Article Fields for Printing of Purchasing Documents
PEKPOV - Variant Fields for Printing of Purchasing Documents
PEMPLOYEE - Employee Data for Telephone List
PEN_REGUP_LST - Include structure for PPA fields in RFZALI20
PEOPLE - OM Structure for Overview People List
PEOPLE_KEY - OM: Overview Structure for Buffer_key of People List
PEPAPPL - Schedule Manager: Applications
PEPAPPLT - Schedule Manager: Application Name
PEPLAN_DAUER - Display Duration of Plan Items
PEP_FIELDS - Period-End Partner: Reference Structure
PERCNTG_OVERHEAD_US - ALV display of Percentage Overhead for US
PERFBTCST - Structure of output list (job performance analysis)
PERFDATA - Statistical Record for Performance Window
PERFTABDEF - saposcol result table PER...

PES0PEF - Contract management: 0PEF tables maintenance
PES1110000 - Template 111
PES14 - Document T5E04 (Registered company name and work centers)
PES1900000 - Annual statement of deductions: Rec.type 00 (00)
PES1900001 - Annual statement of deductions: Rec. type 01 (00)
PES1900002 - Annual statement of deductions: Rec. type 02 (00) PES...

PEVAT - Attributes for Posting Runs
PEVPT - Table of Evaluation Periods (FctMod RP_EVALUATION_PERIODS)
PEVSH - History of Payroll Posting Runs
PEVSH_YERK - Productive runs for Year End Reporting
PEVST - Payroll Posting Runs PEV...

PEX01 - Export structure for modules such as WV_EXAMPLE_01
PEX2000 - Interface Structure for Infotypes 2001/2002 (w/o AA Objects)
PEX2000REF - Interface Structure for Infotypes 2001/2002 (w/o AA Objects)
PEX2000_CO - Interface Structure for ITs 2001/2 (Activity Allocation)
PEX2000_FI - Interface Structure for Infotypes 2001/2 (Cost Assignment)
PEX2003GEN - Interface Structure IT 2003: General Info - No Acct Assgmt PEX...


PFAART - Branches of Study
PFACLREC - Collection Record of Application Statistics
PFACT - Period-End Partner: Log (Action-Log Information)
PFACT_FIELDS - Period-End Partner: Action Log Information (Fields)
PFADREC - SAP statistic: table record
PFAIM_CF_FTMATCH - Assignment Cash flow type to PA flowtype PFA...

PFBATCHSTEPREC - Statistics Subrecord with Details of Batch Step
PFBTC - Period-End Partner: Log (Batch Information)
PFBTCINF - Batch info in SAP statistic records
PFBTCREC - Batch rec. of SAP statistic
PFBTCSTEP - Statistics rec (Type batch step)
PFBTC_FIELDS - Period-End Partner: Batch Information (Felder) PFB...

PFCG_ALV_MENU_STATISTIC - ALV Representation of Role Menu Statistics Analysis
PFCLIREC - Statistic Client Record
PFCOMMON - Common part of SAP statistic
PFCOMMON64 - Common part of SAP statistic
PFDBCONSUBREC - Database Connections Subrecord
PFDBPREC - SAP statistic: table record
PFDIAINF - Dialog info of SAP statistic record
PFDIAREC - Dia rec of SAP statistic
PFDIAREC64 - Dia rec of SAP statistic
PFDICT - SAP statistic: structure for DDIC fields PFD...

PFECHKPROT - Line in log of profile parameter check
PFEDY - Struture of Fields in SAPFH5AE
PFEPARSTRU - Structure for parameter description
PFESIREC - ESI Statistics Subrecord
PFESISUMREC - Sum of All ESI Actions PFE...

PFFCT - Period-End Partner: Functions
PFFCTT - Period-End Partner: Functions (Text)
PFFILEHTBL - PF4 Help 'Profiles in global profile directory'
PFFLD - Period-End Partner: Organizational Log Information
PFFLD_HIERARCHY - Period-End Partner: Additional Fields
PFFLD_INFO - Period-End Partner: Organization Unit Information PFF...

PFHEAD - Statistic sub header
PFHTPCREC - SAP Statistic: HTTP Client Record
PFHTPDREC - SAP Statistic: HTTP Client Destination Record
PFHTPINF - HTTP Info of SAP Statistic Record
PFHTPREC - HTTP Record of SAP Statistic
PFHTTPREC - HTTP Server Subrecord PFH...

PFI22 - Structure item for Vacation List (HFICVAC0)
PFIIFALVTABLE - ALV OUtput Structure for Accounts That Are Not Posted
PFINTITEM - Statistic Record for Passport Item with Integer Value
PFISALARY_ORG - Salary for Finnish reporting
PFITEMKEY - Application/Item Key Pair to Identify Passport Item
PFI_HFICTAX0 - Structure for Displaying Data in Report HFICTAX0 PFI...

PFLCPHTBL - Help structure for F4 Help code pages (profile maintenance)
PFLLNGHTBL - F4 Help 'Logon language'
PFLOG - Period-End Partner: Log
PFLOG2 - Schedule Manager: Contains all Pflog Fields
PFLOG_ALL - Period-End Partner: Log (Overall Structure)
PFLOG_ALL2 - Schedule Manager: Contains all Fields for Global PFLOG_ALL PFL...

PFM2_BINDING - WF: Period monitor: Data flow
PFM2_D0300 - Schedule Manager: Program
PFM2_D0301 - Schedule Manager: Flow Definition
PFM2_D0330 - Schedule Manager: User Decision
PFM2_D0390 - Schedule Manager: Parallel Section
PFMHEAD - Statistic main header PFM...

PFNAMEHTBL - PF4 Help: 'Name of a profile'
PFNDY - SAPFH5AN Screen Fields
PFNORM - Statistics rec (Type normal)
PFOAUXFIELDS - Auxiliary Fields for Declaration
PFOBI_S_EXTR_GO_00IP - Extraction Structure Table PFO_GO_00IP
PFOBI_S_EXTR_GO_00IS - Extraction Structure Table PFO_GO_00IS
PFOBI_S_EXTR_GO_00IV - Extraction Structure Table PFO_GO_00IV
PFOBI_S_EXTR_GZO - Extraction Structure Table PFO_GZO
PFOBI_S_EXTR_SEG - Extraction Structure Table PFO_SEG PFO...

PFPAR - Period-End Partner: Processing Parameters
PFPASSPORT - Passport Statistic Record
PFPMHIDE - HR-FPM: Hide Structure for FPM - tree
PFRFCCDEST - Statistics rec (type RFC Destination)
PFRFCCDREC - SAP statistic: RFC client destination record
PFRFCCLI - Statistics rec (type RFC Client)
PFRFCCREC - SAP statistic: RFC client record
PFRFCDEST - Statistics rec (type RFC Destination)
PFRFCSDEST - Statistics rec (type RFC Destination) PFR...

PFSDY - Structure for Help Fields in SAPFH5AS/SAPFH5AB
PFSEL - Period-End Partner: Selection Criteria
PFSELCRIT - Period-End Partner: Selection Criteria
PFSMTP_CLIENT_DEST_STATISTIC - SMTP Client Destination Statistics Record (Composite Record)
PFSMTP_CLIENT_STATISTIC - SMTP Client Statistics Record (Single Record)
PFSMTP_SERVER_DEST_STATISTIC - SMTP Server Destination Statistics Record (Composite Record) PFS...

PFTAB - Statistics rec (type table)
PFTABREC - SAP statistic: table record
PFTIINTREC - Time Interval Record
PFTRAIL - Trailer of SAP statistic record
PFTREXREC - TREX Subrecord of Statistics
PFTREXSUMREC - TREX Totals Record of Statistics PFT...

PFUUIDITEM - Statistic Record for Passport Item with Integer Value
PFVMC_REC - Virtual Machine Container Statistics Record
PFWEBSERVICEREC - Web Service - Subrecord of Statistics
PFWEBSERVICESUMREC - Web Service - Totals Record of Statistics
PFWTY - Structure with wage type for features


PGABS - Sales Plan
PGABV - Sales Plan
PGABV_ALLG - PGABV for Several Key Figures
PGAN - Proportional Factors per Planning Object Relation (SOP/LIS)
PGBAU - Transfer Structure for Product Groups
PGBCALBUFF - HR-GB: Personal Calendar Buffer
PGBCTIN - HR GB: Values Held in Payroll Driver for Court Orders
PGBED - Product Group Members
PGBNI - HR-GB: Structure for NI function modules
PGBNIIN - HR GB: Values Held in Payroll Driver for National Insurance PGB...

PGCOLS - Column Index for SOP
PGDATA - Transfer Structure for Material Master/Product Group Dialog
PGEN_QUE - General Structure for Data 1000/1001 in PCH Queries
PGET - Table for graphic of indep. reqmts schedule lines
PGHI - Product group hierarchy
PGMI - Product Group/Member Allocation
PGMIT - Product Group Members
PGPDATA - Proxy Structure (generated)
PGPDATA1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PGPDATA10 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PGPDATA11 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PGPDATA2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PGPDATA3 - Proxy Structure (generated) PGP...

PGR01 - Payroll & Tax date (ST) - Greece
PGR02 - Social Insurance data (SV) Greece
PGR03 - Payroll Standard Elements (SE) Greece
PGRURG - Requirement Urgency Groups
PGRURGTX_T - Requirement Urgency Groups - Text Table
PGRURG_V - Generated Table for View PGR...

PGSTA - Stocks of product group members
PGTAB - Transfer Structure for Product Groups
PGUMF - Table of the Conversion Factor of UoM for Product Groups
PGUMREF - Fixed Conversion to General Planning Hierarchy: LIS
PGVER - Transfer Structure for Product Groups - Usage
PGWIL - Work item list for static pegging
PGWLINT - Pegging work list interface structure
PGX_TS_TREEFUNCTION - Structure for Defining Functions in Tree Header
PGX_TS_TREENODE - Structure for Nodes in PrjGrafX Tree
PGZU - Product Group/Member Quantity Conversions


PHA2_BUPA_PHA201 - Screen Structure for View PHA201, Spec.(Branch of Study)
PHA2_BUPA_PHA202 - Screen Structure for View PHA202, Spec.(Addnl Qualification)
PHA2_BUPA_PHA203 - Screen Structure for View PHA203, Specification (Position)
PHA2_BUPA_PHA204 - Screen Structure for View PHA204, Specification (Function)
PHANTOM_PART_MV_DS - Maintenance Structure for Attribute PHANTO
PHANTOM_PART_MV_S - Maintenance Structure for Attribute PHANTO PHA...

PHELP - Interface between Help-Processor and C-Basis
PHELP_PBAG - Help processor: Property set for help field
PHIE_CHABASNM - BW: InfoObject for Hierarchy
PHIFI - Table for Entries/Withdrawals (Function Module RP_HIRE_FIRE)
PHINH - Header Table for Take Over
PHINT - Phase In Table
PHIN_CI_PHINT - include for Customer specific fields in the PHINT
PHIN_EQUI_SEL - PHIN: selected equipments for handover/takeover PHI...

PHK_FORM_COVLIST_STR - Cover list structure
PHK_FORM_CUSTL - Customizing Employee List
PHK_FORM_IR56B2002 - Data elements only appear on Form HR_HK_IR56E2002
PHK_FORM_IR56E2002 - Data elements only appear on Form HR_HK_IR56E2002
PHK_FORM_IR56F2002 - Data elements only appear on Form HR_HK_IR56F2002 PHK...

PHONENR_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining PHONEN Attribute
PHONENR_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining PHONEN Attribute
PHONE_NUMBER1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
PHONE_NUMBER13 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PHQ_CTAB - RFC Transfer Table for HQ Without Structure
PHR01 - Structure of difference table Croatia
PHR02 - Structure of difference table Croatia
PHR03 - SI properties Croatia
PHR04 - Structure of difference table for tax calculation
PHR06 - Structure ..
PHRBT20 - HRHR: structure of items in break-down list of bank transfer PHR...

PHTMLB_FLI - Form Layout Items
PHTMLB_FLI_CUST - Form Layout Items
PHTMLB_FLI_TEXT - Form Layout Items PHT...

PHYSICAL_ADDRESS - Proxy Structure (generated)
PHYSICAL_SYSTEM - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PHYSICAL_SYSTEM1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PHYSICAL_SYSTEM2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PHYSICAL_SYSTEM4 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PHYSICAL_SYSTEM_KEY - Proxy Structure (generated) PHY...


PI005 - Data Structure for Leave Overview: Infotype 0005
PIATPCS_RET - Sales Requirements After Backorder Processing (ATPCS_RET)
PIBA - Process planning interface: Production requirements
PIBASEDATA - Basis data for a packing instruction
PIBA_BTC - Transfer structure for external production requirements
PIBOPXVBEP - APO Backorder Processing: Scheduled Dates (Copy BOP_XVBEP)
PIBZ - Process planning interface: Production commitments
PIBZ_BTC - Transfer structure for prod.commitments to ext. applications PIB...

PICHD - Parts Interchangeability Header Data (Sus+MPN)
PICIC - Parts Interchangeability Code
PICKFIELDS - Fields to Use Callback Function on
PICMAP - Mapping Table for Interchangeable Materials as in PICHD
PICM_S_PROJECT_DETAILS - PICM Analytics : Master project with items
PICPS - Parts Interchangeability Item (SuS+MPN) PIC...

PIDS - Parameter ID and value list for a specific user
PID_FORM_SEL - Structure 1 Report HIDCTAX1
PID_HIDCJAM0_FORM_STR - Merged structure for interface HIDCJAM0
PID_HIDCJAM1_EMP_PDF - Employee Details
PID_HIDCJAM1_EMP_YS_PDF - Employee Details - Totals
PID_HIDCJAM1_FORM_STR - Merged structure for interface HIDCJAM1 PID...

PIE1OILKV - Plug-In Copy of IDoc Segment E1OILKV (from IS-Oil)
PIEXCHANGE_FAULT_DATA - Proxy Structure (generated)
PIEXCHANGE_LOG_DATA - Proxy Structure (generated)
PIE_HIECEOY0_P11_P35L_R_PDF - HR-IE: Reporting structure EOY Certificate of Pay/Tax/PRSI
PIE_HIECEOY0_P35_PDF - Structure (P11_P35_C and T500C) for Form HR_IE_P35_2003 PIE...

PIFDESCLIN - Package Interface Structure with Short Text
PIFIND_CTRL - Control Structure for Packing Instruction Determination
PIFSAVSIGN - Indicator for Package Interface Generic Save
PIFSESSION - Table for storing the Session Information.
PIGDATA - Data types used in function group SPIG
PIGDESCR - PIGFarm: Description of content table
PIG_DATA - Data types used in function group SGRAPHICS
PIHUERRSTAT - Comparison of HU Item with Packing Instruction Item
PII_ERRLOG_TAB_WA - PI Interpreter: Workarea of Internal Error Log Table
PII_NODE_ATTRB - PI Interpreter: Node Attribute in Syntax Graph
PIKP - Packing Instruction Header
PIKP_DYN - Old Dynamic Data for Packing Instruction Header
PIKP_LXVAS_APPEND - Append structure for VAS Template
PILOA - Iloa from archive date
PIMATERIAL - Materials of a packing instruction with sub-packing instrns
PIMBC - Entry Parameters for Market-Basket Price Calculation
PIN16 - Company code wise wagetype details
PINA1 - Contains Wtypes & Amounts for ALMOD
PINAC - Structure for feature 40ACK
PINAD - Structure for Advanced Claims Payment Date
PINAG - Allowance grouping splits table
PINALV - ALV Display structure for report RPCDTEU0 PIN...

PIOIL_KNVV - Plug-In Copy of Some IS-Oil Fields in KNVV
PIOIL_MARC - Additional IS-Oil Fields in MARC
PIOR_OVERHEAD_CN - ALV display of prior overhead for cn
PIOR_OVERHEAD_US - ALV display of prior overhead for us
PIPDD - Import structure for PRICING_DOC_DISPLAY
PIPO - Packing Instruction Items
PIPO_DYN - Old Dynamic Data for Packing Instruction Items
PIPO_ROW - Communication Structure for Packing Object Item Data
PIQ1000 - Screen Fields for Infotype 1000 (Student)
PIQ1034 - Work Fields for Infotype 1034
PIQ1766T - Descriptions for IT 1766
PIQ1767T - IT 1767: Descriptions for Flat Part
PIQ1767TAB_T - Structure: Table Section for IT 1767
PIQACADCAL_REFERENCE_DATA - Relative Academic Session Data PIQ...

PIRETRIEVE_SINGLE_ALERTS_IN - This datatype specifies the consumer, for which the alerts s
PIRETRIEVE_SINGLE_ALERTS_OUT - This is the return data type for the alerts retrieval
PIRETRIEVE_SINGLE_ALERTS_REQUE - This is the request message for retrieving single alerts fro
PIRETRIEVE_SINGLE_ALERTS_RESPO - This is the response message for retrieving single alerts fr
PISCDTCNVFLD - Transfer Structure for Programmed Mapping
PISINGLE_ALERTS_INFORMATION - This represents a single alert for component ComponentID, ru
PISLI - Import Structure for SHOPPING_LIST.....
PISPC - Import structure for SALES_PRICE_CALCULATE_..
PISPR - Import Structure for SALES_PRICE_READ etc. PIS...

PIT01 - Structure for Features COVRU and COVMA (absence regulations)
PITEXTUPD - Copy of Customer Master Structure for BTE 1321
PITGR - Infogroup Structure (IT0000 + IT4000)
PIT_FORM_STAMPA - Output Structure for Adobe form
PIT_FORM_STAMPA_PERS - Output structure on Adobe form conversion
PIT_FORM_STRINGA_STR - Output Strings PIT...

PIUGMD_S_DOMAIN_TS - FinBasis Master Data: Domain with Time Stamp
PIUGMD_S_DSFIELD - FinBasis Master Data: DataSource Fields
PIUGMD_S_DSFIELDT - FinBasis Master Data: Texts of DataSource Fields
PIUGMD_S_DSOURCE - FinBasis Master Data: DataSource
PIUGMD_S_DSOURCET - FinBasis Master Data: DataSource Texts
PIUGMD_S_DSOURCE_TS - FinBasis Master Data: DataSource with Time Stamp PIU...


PJDONE_T - Selection Options for PJFINADONE (Checkbox)
PJERRP_T - Selection Options for PJERRPROT (Checkbox)
PJHERR_T - Selection Options for PJFINAHERR (Checkbox)
PJP00 - Communication structure for RPCEADJ0
PJPBT - Structure of Business Office Tax Features
PJPCP - Structure for Feature 22CPP
PJPSK_INTERIM_RT - Interim result table for shukko settlement calculation
PJPSK_P0851_WTGRP - Shukko Cost charging info per wagetype grouping
PJPSK_RANGE_LGART - Range of wagetypes included in a wagetype grouping PJP...

PJSERR_T - Selection Options for PJFINASERR (Checkbox)
PJSERV_T - Selection Options for PJSERVER
PJSYST_T - Selection Options for PJSYST
PJTERM_T - Selection Options for TSP02F Terminal


PKAB_AUTOMATIC_IDENTIFICATION2 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PKAB_AUTOMATIC_IDENTIFICATION3 - AutomaticIdentificationLabel By Elements Query Data Type
PKAB_AUTOMATIC_IDENTIFICATION4 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
PKAB_AUTOMATIC_IDENTIFICATION5 - AutomaticIdentificationLabel By Elements Response Data Type
PKAB_AUTOMATIC_IDENTIFICATION6 - AutomaticIdentificationLabel By Elements Response Message Ty PKA...

PKCAPA_DEMAND - Requirement Structure for Kanban Calculation
PKCAPA_REQ - Kanban Calculation: Requirement Situation in Control Cycle
PKCAPA_RES - Kanban Calculation: Capacity Situation of Resource
PKCAPA_TGR - Kanban Calculation: Requirement Situation of Trigger Group
PKCAPA_WC - Work Centers for Kanban Calculation
PKCH - Batches and Quantities in KANBAN PKC...

PKEC - Error Log for Kanban Calculation
PKEK - Error Log for Kanban (Event-Driven KANBAN)
PKEN - Dummy Table for Creating a Block.Object for Sec.Key Tab.PKHD
PKER - Error Log of the Kanban Containers
PKERALT - Error Log for Kanban Alert
PKERG - Complete Structure for Error Tables PKE...

PKFCAT - Field Catalog KANBAN Error Display
PKGPERMDAT - Use Access Data for Package (without User/Provider Package)
PKHD - Control Cycle
PKHD4PKMC - Control Cycle Structure for Standard PKMC
PKHD5 - Downl.Str. from SAP to BDE Systems for Kanban Control Cycle
PKHDCALC - Parameters for Kanban Calculation
PKHDSEL - Selection Structure for Control Cycles (ALV Popup)
PKHD_ALV - Header Structure for ALV Kanban/Control Cycle Evaluation PKH...

PKJIT_WITHOUT_WM_STRUC - JIT Call from Non-WM Source Storage Location
PKJIT_WITH_WM_DEL_STRUC - JIT Call from WM Supply Storage Location with Delviery
PKJIT_WITH_WM_TO_STRUC - JIT Call from WM Supply Storage Location with Transfer Order
PKKBZ - Control Cycle Additional Data Kanban Board
PKKUM - Structure of Container Data
PKMIN - Mass Insertion of Control Cycles
PKMIT - Input Data: Correspondence
PKMSTATUS_ALV - Structure for Mass Lifecycle Status Change of Control Cycle
PKOMU - Personal Account Assignment Templates for G/L Account Items
PKORD_OUT - Orders for Kanban In-House Production
PKOSA - Transfer Structure for Production Cost Collector
PKOSA_AUART - Generated Table for View PKOSA_AUART
PKOSA_CONNECT - Transfer Structure Order Data for Prod. Cost Collector Link
PKOSA_PROC_A - Generated Table for View PKO...

PKPR - Change Proposals from Kanban Calculation
PKPRNHD - Print From Control Cycles
PKPRNPS - Print from Kanbans
PKPS - Control Cycle Item / Kanban
PKPS5 - Download Struc. from SAP to BDE System for Kanban Container
PKPSHD - Deviating Control Cycle Data for Kanban PKP...

PKR81205 - InfoType 812 Append YEA05
PKR81208 - InfoType 812 Append YEA08
PKRAPP01 - Deduction fields for 2001 YEA
PKRAPP02 - Deduction fields for 2002 YEA
PKRAPP03 - Deduction fields for 2003 YEA
PKRAPP04 - Deduction fields for 2004 YEA PKR...

PKSB - Dependent Requirements for Kanban Calculation
PKSB_ALV - Dependent Requirements for Kanban Calculation
PKSB_DAY - Dependent Reqts for Kanban Calculation (Aggr. and Smoothed)
PKSD - Control Cycle Item/Additional Data for Kanban With Delivery
PKSHOWCALL - Display Calls
PKSL - Detailed Selection of the Dependent Requirements PKS...

PKTMP - Conversion table for PKPS / please do not use
PKUSR - User Settings for Kanban Transactions
PKWAITING_KANBAN - Waiting Kanban in Trigger Group
PKWAP - Field String for Feature - Additional Personal Data for KW
PKWB - Structure of Update for Table PKPS
PKWLD - Long Leave Distribution Decision Tree
PKWLQ - Liquidation Control Data for Feature LIQEE(Kuwait)
PKW_BT_KNB - Structure for KW National Bank PKW...


PLAB - Relationships
PLABB - Record table for relationships
PLABD - Relationships I/O Table
PLABE - Copy of Table PLABB, add. to the Index of Doc. Table, PLABB
PLACEMENT_QUALITY_MV_DS - Struct. for Maintaining Attribute PLACEM
PLACEMENT_QUALITY_MV_S - Struct. for Maintaining Attribute PLACEM PLA...

PLCC_ASSET - Asset Master Record at Given Date (ANLZ and ANLA)
PLCP_SHTXT - Short Texts for Repository Objects
PLDAT_KURST - PS Payment Planning: Planning Date Rate Type
PLDOCDATA - Document references for HU owner and HU reservation
PLDOC_KEY - Key of Log Records for Infotypes
PLEAVE_ABSENCE - Leave Entitlement and Leave Absence Structure
PLFH - Task list - production resources/tools
PLFHB - Structure of the PRT allocation
PLFHD - Dialogue structure PRTs in task lists
PLFH_B - Document table for PRT assignments
PLFH_DI - Structure of PRTs in task lists for direct input
PLFH_DI_DS - PRTs routings for direct input (for datasets) PLF...

PLGRP_BW_V - Generated Table for View PLGRP_BW_V
PLG_DOCUMENT - Structure for Planogram Path
PLIX - Generated Table for View
PLKM - Planned order components
PLKNZEA - IO Structure: Order Planning Indicator
PLKO - Task list - header
PLKOB - Structure for record table for task list headers
PLKOD - I/O table for task list headers
PLKOGMTL - Structure of General Task List Classification Data PLK...

PLL00 - Incentive Wages: Key for Cluster L1
PLL01 - Incentive Wages: Version Administration for Cluster L1
PLL04 - Incentive Wages: Participation in Groups
PLL10 - Incentive Wages: Key for Cluster G1
PLL11 - Incentive Wages: Version Administration for Cluster G1
PLL14 - Incentive Wages: Person List PLL...

PLM03TD02A1 - Structure 1 for Program RM03TD02
PLM03TD02B1 - Structure 2 for Program RM03TD02
PLMATDATA - Material Data for Material to be Packed
PLMC_ASSESSMENT - Question List - Valuation
PLMC_ASSESSMENTT - Question List Valuation, Text
PLMC_ASSES_PROF - Question List - Valuation Profile PLM...

PLNAL_ARC - Archiving structure for task list alternatives
PLNAL_DEL - Task lists that should be deleted without archiving
PLNHDR - CO Planning: Header Information for BAPIs
PLNHDR_SKF - CO Planning: Header Info for SKF BAPIs
PLNNR_ARC - Archiving structure for the reorganization of groups
PLNNR_LOCK - Locked groups PLN...

PLOBJCOM - Info Cube: Cost Centers and Components
PLOBJS - Dummy Table for Locking Planning Objects
PLOG - Planning and Organization File
PLOGDB - Update Table for Planning and Organizational File
PLOGI - Table Index HRP*
PLOGI_DEL - Transport PD Objects to be Deleted PLO...

PLPB - Long-term planning: Independent requirements versions
PLPH - CAPP: Sub-operations
PLPHB - Buffer Table for Sub-operations
PLPHCAP - Additional fields for CAPP in PLPH
PLPHD - Dialog Structure for sub-operations in task lists and orders
PLPHDTB - Datub PLP...

PLQTYDATA - Dialog Fields for Packing Quantities in Pack.Trans.ScrnCont.
PLRFCOMM - Comm. Structure for RF Transfer Order: HUs and shipment
PLSC - Planning scenarios in long-term planning
PLSHIPDATA - Dialog Fields for Shipping Data in Pack.Trans. Screen Cont.
PLSR - Scheduling results
PLSRB - Document table for scheduling results
PLST - Status table for planned order processing
PLSV - Structure for collective availability check - planned orders PLS...

PLTV - Fields relevant for scheduling
PLTX - PS Texts (Library Network)
PLTXB - PS Texts (Document Tables PLTX and PSTX)
PLTXD - PS Texts (Online Table PLTX and PSTX)
PLTXINF - Additional Info for PS Text I/O Table PLTXD
PLTXSPRAS - Language Key for PS Texts PLT...

PLUGDEST - Customizing Table for Connector Destinations
PLWP - Allocation of maintenance packages to task list operations
PLWPB - Doc.Table Structure Maint.Package Allocations for Operation
PLWPD - Task List/Maint.Package Allocation I/O Structure
PLWPPM - Work Fields Maint.Package Allocation
PLWRK_RANG - Range Table for Plant Number - For General Use
PLZU - Routing data for group


PM002 - Transfer Structure for Feature PM002
PM004 - Transfer Structure for Feature PM004
PM005 - Structure for Feature PM005
PM008 - HR-FPM: Structure for Feature PM008
PM0D1 - SAPMH5A0 Screen Fields
PM0DY - PD: SAPMH5A0 Screen Fields PM0...

PM102 - Structure for Feature
PM210 - Structure for Decision Tree PM210
PM310 - Structure for Characteristic PM310
PM37T - Customizing Tables in Web Environment for Att. or Abs.
PMAIPPP - Capital investment program, Search strategy
PMAPL - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
PMARC_AFIH - PM Archiving Structure AFIH
PMAUSART - Transfer Structure for Expenditure Type (Plus Name)
PMAWKEY - Structure for Funds Reservation Keys

PMBETRG - Structure for Amounts
PMBM003 - Structure for Document Comparison (HHM-FPM)
PMC0002 - Transfer Structure for USER EXIT PMMN0002
PMCEQ - Determine the criteria for position visibility on enh skl
PMCHECK - Logo Display Option: 'Check Overall Budget'
PMCO - Cost structure of maintenance order
PMCO1 - Cost profile: Value category proposal
PMCO2 - Cost structure: Job key figures (PMIS) PMC...

PMDFU - Default Rules from Customer Enhancement
PMDFU_SRD_OLC - OLC: Default Settlement Rule OLC SRD BAdI
PMDSMNTL - Extract Structure for Equipment Dismantling
PME01 - Limited P0001 Structure for T549B
PME02 - Extended Control Data for Feature in T549B
PME03 - Field String for Feature in T549B
PME04 - Field String for Feature - Screen Control
PME05 - Field String for Feature in T549B
PME06 - Decision Table for T549B in Time Management PME...

PMFELDLIST - HR-FPM: Table Field Structure with Texts
PMFLAGS - Flags if certain conversions have been run
PMGAR - Field String for Feature: International Garnishments
PMGES_ACTIVATION_ALV - ALV display for the mass activation
PMGES_ASI_TXT - Assignment type
PMGES_CHANGE_IMPACT_ALV - Display of policy change impacts PMG...

PMHITLIST - PM/SM Personnel Hitlist Structure
PMID1 - HR-ID:Structure for usage in feature IDPEN
PMIQCONT01 - Document Content Table (Import/Export)
PMIS_EIS - Transfer of Key Figures fr. PMIS to Other Info Systems (EIS)
PMITOB_EQ_INSTALL_EXT - Install Equipment
PMKBED - PM/SM KBED structure
PMLCM - HR-IN : structure for feature 40 LCM
PMLST - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
PMMMM - HR Master Record for Infotype NNNN
PMMRCKF - IMG: Assign QUAN Fields to UNIT Fields
PMMRCKFA - IMG: Update PMIS Measurement Document: Assignments and Units
PMMRCKFB - IMG: Consumption Key Figures in PMIS: Function and Arguments
PMNTTRMS - CDB Customers: Terms of Payment
PMOD_RANGE - Range for Forecast Model: (PRMOD in Table PROP)
PMONTH - Possible Entries Month
PMORD_P - Preselection Key for PM/SM Order Structure
PMPARTNER - PM/CS Person Partner Structure
PMPERSONPARTNER - PM/CS Person Partner Structure
PMPF1 - Strucure for feature 13PF1 for PIF interface
PMPL - PM: Print log
PMPLAN - PM task list structure (header)
PMPLANAVO - PM Task List Structure (Operation) PMP...

PMQ10 - Career and Succession Planning Screen 1000
PMQ20 - PD Career and Succession Planning Screens 20nn
PMQ21 - PD Career and Succession Planning Screen 21nn
PMQ22 - PD: Career and Succession Planning Screen 2200
PMQ25 - PD: Jobs in Career Model for Career & E&T Planning
PMQ31 - PD Career and Succession Planning Screens 31nn PMQ...

PMRED - Structure for decision characteristics legal programs
PMRESTRICT - Restriction for structure search
PMRHB1 - Structure for Function Group RHB1
PMRHB1_2 - Structure for Function Group RHB1_2
PMRHB1_3 - Structure for RHB1: Update
PMRHB1_4 - RHB1: Structure for Mass Planning PMR...

PMSBA - Structure for Feature Social Balance (BSOBA)
PMSDO - PM organizational data for SD documents
PMSDO_INFO - Info structure for COI3
PMSDO_PROD - Service product
PMSDY - PD: SAPMH5AS Screen Fields
PMSELTL - PM: Transfer Structure TL Transfer in PM Order PMS...

PMTARIF - PMG: Structure for PSG Rates
PMTDW - Structure for PIDW Feature
PMTIMEINFO - PM Availability of technicians
PMTIMELIST - Display structure
PMTRWAZ - Transfer Structure for Standard Weekly Working Time
PMTX_ORIG - Help fields for the updating of texts PMT...

PMUN1 - Field String for Feature: PAAP
PMUN2 - Field String for Feature: Screen Control
PMUN3 - Field String for Feature: Determine SPA/TG
PMUN4 - Field String for Feature: Determine Dependency Allowance
PMUN5 - Field String for Feature: UNQUO quota entitlement identifier
PMUN6 - EG structure to determine calculation rule PMU...

PMVORNR - PM: Structure that only contains the operation number
PMWCCP_BREAKDOWN_TIMES - Work Centers and Interruption Times by Notifications
PMWCCP_BW - Capacity and Usage for Work Center
PMWO - PM Order: Structure for Confirmation Check
PMX01 - HRMS-MX: Structure for calculation of Integrated Daily Wage
PMX02 - HRMS-MX: Structure for showing IMSS notifications
PMX03 - HRMS-MX: TemSe for description of SDI calculation
PMX04 - HRMS-MX: Interval for notification of SDI by personnel no.
PMX05 - HRMS-MX: Log for notification of Integrated Daily Wage
PMX06 - Struct. for IMSS employee REGISTRATIONS w/ SUA data format PMX...

PMY_EPFBAL_STR - Merged structure for interface HR_MY_EPFBAL
PMY_FORM_EA - Structure for EA PDF(2010)
PMY_FORM_PCB2 - Structure for PCB2 PDF
PMY_FORM_SEL - HR-MY: Selection screen and search help for Malayasia
PMY_HAJTBL096M_STR - Merged structure for interface HR_MY_HAJTBL096M
PMY_HAJTBL096M_STR1 - Payment data (Tabung Haji monthly report-MY). PMY...

PMZULAGE - PMG: Structure for Allowance-Wage Types
PM_M_ADMCN - Generated Table for View


PNACT - PVS Activity Node: Attributes
PNACTD - Attributes of the Activity Node ACT
PNACTHD - iPPE Attribute in Routing Header
PNACTHDD - Attributes of the Activity Node ACT
PNACTHD_DB - PVS Node as Activity: Time-Dependent Attributes
PNACTHD_DYNP - Screen Data for Activity Basic Data PNA...

PNBK - Prenotification: New bank data from master records
PNBK_ALV - PNBK with long account number
PNBK_FI - Prenotification (neutral communication structure)
PNCMP - PVS Component Node: Attributes
PNCMPD - PVS Component Node: Attributes
PNCMP_DB - PVS Component Node as Component: Time-Dependent Attributes
PNCOL - PVS Color Node: Attributes
PNCOLD - PVS Color Node: Attributes
PNCOL_DB - PVS Node as Color Node: Time-Dependent Attributes PNC...


PNEQR - RMS - RCP Equipment Requirement Node: Attributes
PNEQRAENNR - RMS - RCP: Generic Key for EQR Change Status
PNEQRD - RMS-RCP: Attributes of Equipment Requirement (EQR) Node
PNEQR_DB - RMS - RCP:PVS Node EQR: Time-Dep. Attributes (DB Structure)
PNFLO - PVS Factory Layout Node: Attributes
PNFLOD - PVS Factory Layout Node: Attributes
PNFLOR - PVS Factory Layout Nodes: Assigned Resources
PNFLORD - PVS Factory Layout Nodes: Assigned Resources
PNFLOR_DB - PVS Factory Layout Node: Assigned Resource DB Structure
PNFLO_DB - PVS Factory Layout Node: Database Structure PNF...

PNGEN - Generic Engineering Node: Attribute Table
PNGEN_DB - Update Structure for GEN Node
PNHD - Prenotification: Files created in ACH format
PNNNN - Special Fields for Different Infotypes
PNNNN_AF - HR Query: Additional Fields for all Infotypes
PNNNN_EXP - HR Work Area for Expanded Table Infotypes
PNODD - Time-Dependent Data Fields: PVS Component Node
PNODES_TWB - Hierarchy Tool: Parent nodes for test plans

PNPOBA - RMS-RCP: Attributes of 'Process Action' POB Node
PNPOBA_DB - RMS-RCP: Time-Dependent Attributes for Action
PNPOBD - RMS-RCP: Attributes of the Process Object (POB) Node
PNPOBO - RMS-RCP: Attributes of the 'Process Operation' POB Node
PNPOBO_DB - RMS-RCP: Time-Dependent Attributes for Operation
PNPOBS - RMS-RCP: Attributes of POB Nodes, Process and Stage PNP...

PNRCP - Header Node Attributes
PNRCP_DB - Database Structure RCP: Time-Dependent Attributes
PNRES - iPPE Resource Node: Attributes
PNRESCREA_DYNP - Screen Structure: Create Resource Node
PNRESD - iPPE Resource Node: Attributes
PNRESDOC_DYNP - Dialog Structure for Operating Facilities of Document Type PNR...

PNSET - Set Node: Table of Attributes
PNSETD - Set Node: Attribute Fields
PNSET_DB - Set Node: DB Structure
PNTST - Test Node: Attribute Table
PNTSTD - Application Data for TST Node
PNTST_DB - Update Structure for Node
PNWTYH - Warranty Claim Header (PVS Node)
PNWTYHD - Application Table Warranty Claim Header
PNWTYH_ALV - Display Structure for Worklist
PNWTYH_DB - DB Table Warranty Claim Header
PNWTYV - Warranty Claim Version (PVS Node)
PNWTYVD - Application Table Warranty Claim Version PNW...


POAPOSCHED - Schedule Lines for APO Purchase Orders
POAPO_SCHED - Schedule Lines for APO Purchase Orders
POBJC_CONSCASTYP - Case type for Consumers
POBJC_CONSUMER - Consumers using the POBJ Framework
POBJC_CONSUMER_T - Name of the consumer
POBJC_LEVEL - Allowed levels for a Consumer
POBJC_LEVEL_T - Allowable levels with text for a given consumer
POBJC_LOGIC_ANCH - List of Logical Anchors POB...

POCAD_SENDPO_TME - Table for storing the last record updated date and time
POCL_CLASS - Control String for Table Type Test with Pool/Cluster
POC_ACTION_HANDLER_TAB_WA - Step Builder: Action Handler and Trigger
POC_ACTION_TAB_WA - Step Builder: Trigger Table
POC_BO_BA - Task POC...

POD_WEREF_STR - Transfer Structure for IDoc DELVRY03
POEXT - Enhancement Fields for Purchase Order
POEXT_DATA_HEADER - Enhancement Fields for Purchase Order (Header Only)
POEXT_DATA_HEADERX - Change Parameter: Enhancement Fields Purchase Order (Header)
POEXT_DATA_ITEM - Erweiterungsfelder der Bestellung (nur Position)
POEXT_DATA_ITEMHEADER - Enhancement Fields for Purchase Order (Item and Header)
POEXT_DATA_ITEMHEADERX - Change Parameter: Enhancement Fields PO Header and Item POE...

POFOFILTER - Portfolio: Filter Function
POFOLIST - Portfolio: List Structure for Display via ALV
POFOLIST_TID - Portfolio: List Structure for Display via ALV
POFO_CONTEXT_BAL - Portfolio: Application Log
POFO_CONTEXT_BAL_TEXT - Portfolio: Application Log
POGS_ARGUMENT_LINE - Line Category for Generic Range
POGS_ARG_DATE - Range Line for Date
POGS_GUARD_ID - Structure with Lock ID
POGS_GUARD_SIM - Structure for Lock Data
POGT_ARGUMENT - Additional Arguments
POGT_POS_GUARD - Lock Objects POG...

POHDR_DSPL - PO header items display for Invoice Verification
POHEAD - Header Information PO
POHIST_CALLTRANS_DATA - Transfer Struct. for Documents (Purch. Requisition Display)
POHVAL - Generated Table for View
POINT_IN_TIME - Point in Time
POMASS_BUNDLE_FROM_EPMTOESM - Proxy Structure (generated)
POOLCHECK - Control String for Additional Tests for Pooled Table
POPO_COM - Communication Structure for Packing Object Item
POPUPTEXT - Texts for general popup
POPUP_COAS - Work Fields for Document Enhancement Dialog Box
POPUP_NEWGP - Screen Structure for Dialog Box for BP Creation/Cont. Alloc.
POPUP_SHARE - Screen Structure for Container Loc. Data of Table Control POP...

PORC_PRODUCTION_CONFIRMATION_1 - Production Confirmation Cancel Confirmation
PORC_PRODUCTION_CONFIRMATION_2 - Production Confirmation Create Request
PORC_PRODUCTION_CONFIRMATION_3 - Production Confirmation Create Confirmation
PORC_PRODUCTION_CONFIRMATION_4 - Production Confirmation Create Request
PORC_PRODUCTION_CONFIRMATION_5 - Production Confirmation Create Confirmation
PORC_PRODUCTION_CONFIRMATION_6 - ProductionConfirmationSimpleByElementsResponse_sync POR...

POS00 - Is No Longer Used: List of Internal Item Numbers
POSDELIVERITEM - Return Structure for Delivery Items in the Delivery Search
POSED2STATUS - Sales Audit Editor: 2nd Level idoc segment status
POSEDBONHEADER - Sales Receipt Header in Sales Audit Editor
POSEDBONLINEITEMS - Sales Audit Editor: Sales Receipt Item
POSEDCALLERINTERFACE - Caller Interface for Sales Audit Editor POS...

POTAB - Log pool table
POWLR_ACTCHOICE_RESULT_STY - Action bits for choice buttons
POWLR_ACTDEF_MULTI_STY - remote POWL Multiple Action Def
POWLR_ACTDEF_STY - Remote POWL Action Defination
POWLR_ACTDESCR_MULTI_STY - action meta description
POWLR_ACTDESCR_STY - Remaote POWL Action Meta description
POWLR_ACT_CONTEXT_STY - Information about current action to be performed POW...


PP00 - Parameter String for Program Class PP00
PP0A - Parameter string for program class PP0A
PP0B - Parameter String for Program Class PP0B
PP0C - Parameter String for Program Class PP0C
PP0D - Parameter String for Program Class PP0D
PP0E - Parameter String for Program Class PP0E PP0...

PPACE - HR-CH: Fields for module pool SAPMPACE
PPAC_ALL_DI - Prepaid Account DI: All Data (S4)
PPAC_HDR_DI - Prepaid Account DI: All Header Data (S2)
PPAC_HDR_DI2 - Prepaid Accout: Test Structure DI Header Record (Rec.Type 2)
PPARFC - Interface Table for aRFC Processing
PPBICO040 - Generated Table for View
PPBT0 - Screen Fields for HR Budgeting
PPBT1 - Adminsitration of Budget Data for Displaying HR Budget
PPC1TP_PLAF - Generated Table for View
PPC1TP_RESB - Generated Table for View
PPC1_ALL - Generated Table for View
PPC1_APPLOG_PARAM - Parameter for the Application Log
PPCAD - Personnel Cost Planning: Admin.Data for Scenario Group
PPCBP_SYSTEMS_S - Identification of a CBP system and activation status PPC...

PPDHD - Transfer to Accounting: Document Header
PPDIT - Transfer to Accounting: Lines in HR IDOCs
PPDIX - Transfer to Accounting: Index Table for HR IDOCs
PPDMSG - Transfer to Accounting: Table of Error Messages
PPDSH - Payroll Posting Document: Status History
PPDST - Transfer to Accounting: Substituted Acc. Assig. Object PPD...

PPE00 - HR Editor: Common Screen Fields
PPE01 - HR Editor: PE01 Screen Fields to Maintain Pers.Calc.Schemas
PPE02 - HR: PE02 Screen Fields to Maintain Pers.Calculation Rules
PPE03 - HR Editor: PE03 Screen Fields
PPE51_1000 - Structure for PE51 Fields (Screen 1000)
PPE51_1010 - Structure for PE51 Fields (Screen 1010) PPE...

PPFORM - Form Variables
PPFSALMCU - PPF: Persistence Representation Medium Alert (Cust.)
PPFSALMTE - PPF: Persistence Representation Medium Alert (Templ.)
PPFSAPLCON - PPF: Structure for BADI
PPFSAPPCON - PPF: Structure for Determination User Interface
PPFSBCSCU - PPF: Medium Smart Forms Fax (Customizing) PPF...

PPHDBVMSET - PPH: additional material settings
PPHDR - Common Key for PD Infotypes
PPHDX - PD Screen Fields
PPHMRPSET - Settings for MRP Live
PPHQ_APPL - Structure for transfer of applicant data for HQ
PPHQ_SCORE - Structure for transfer of SCORES from HQ via RFC PPH...

PPID - Cross-Contract Payment Plan Identification
PPIO_ENTRY_SC1100 - Dialog Structure for Top Area of Entry Screen in PPIO_ENTRY
PPIO_OLD_VARIANT - Dialog Structure for Function Setup in Workbench
PPKEY - PPKEY: PD Key Structure
PPKIX - Transfer FI/CO: Index of Account Assignment Combinations
PPL01 - Country Specific Screen Fields for infotypes (POLAND)
PPL02 - Country Specific Screen Fields for reports (POLAND)
PPL11 -
PPL12 -
PPL13 -
PPL20 - Layout structure for report HPLCKPP0 ALV list PPL...

PPMAC - Selection of Matchcode Procedure
PPMACO_HR_OBJECT - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
PPMACO_ROLE - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
PPMACO_USER - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
PPMACO_USER_GROUP - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
PPMCGPL_PROJECT_CD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000 PPM...

PPOIX - Index of Payroll Result Lines -> Posting Lines
PPOIX_BW - Structure for PPOIX and BW
PPOPSCNF_ACTIVITY_TEXT - Production Order Operation Confirmation - Activity Text
PPOPSCNF_ACTIVITY_TEXT_INCL - Dummy Structure for Activity Text
PPOPSCNF_CONFIRMATION - Production Order Operation Confirmation Details PPO...

PPPAR - PD Parameter String
PPPAR_EXEP - Cooper structure flag
PPPCH - System Parameter for Database PCH
PPPI_ENTRY_SC1100 - Dialog Structure for Top Area of Entry Screen in PPIO_ENTRY
PPPOS_REV - Payment Plan: Reversal Table for Payment Plan Item
PPPOS_REV_DETA - Payment Plan: Reversal Table Detail Payment Plan Item PPP...

PPRHPR - Screen Fields for Function Group RHPR
PPRMV - external parameter for material varaiants presentation_
PPROP - HR: Transfer default values to fast entry screen
PPROXY_C - Plugin Proxy Configuration for HTTP/HTTPS Client (Host/Port)
PPROXY_F - Proxy Setting for HTTP/HTTPS Client (Filter)
PPROXY_G - General Plugin Proxy Configuration for HTTP/HTTPS Client PPR...

PPSEL - Transfer Selection Parameters for Object ID
PPSFC_OBJECT_AFFLD_P_PDF - Print structure for AFFLD_P
PPSFC_OBJECT_AFFLD_P_S_PDF - Print structure for AFFLD_P
PPSFC_OBJECT_AFVGD_P_PDF - Structure for operation AFVGD_P PPS...

PPTA1 - HR-PT: Annual Income Decl.TemSe - Record Type 1
PPTA2 - HR-PT: Annual Income Decl.TemSe - Record Type 2
PPTA3 - HR-PT: Annual Income Decl.TemSe - Record Type 3
PPTD0 - HR-PT: Remuneration Sheet TemSe - Record Type R0
PPTD1 - HR-PT: Remuneration Sheet TemSe - Record Type R1
PPTD2 - HR-PT: Remuneration sheet TemSe - record type R2 PPT...

PPU12 - PU12 : Data elements with F1 Help
PPU12_F4 - Human Resources PU12: Structure for F4 Help
PPU12_FL - PU12: File Layout
PPU12_IF - PU12: Interface Format
PPU12_SEC - Structure of secondary file PU12
PPVAR - Training & Event Management: Form Parameters
PPVARC - Training & Events: Form Parameters (Customer-Specific)
PPVARDAT - Correspondence: Data on text variables
PPWCCP_BW - PP (PI) Work Center Capacity and Usage


PQA04 - Field String for Feature - Screen Control
PQAAP - Field String for Feature - Additional Personal Data for QA
PQAD8 - Screen Fields for FBs RH_SHOW_QUALI_LEVEL_TEXT - Screen 8000
PQAD9 - Screen Fields for FBs RH_SUBMIT_NEXT_REPORT - Screen 9000
PQAOT - Field String for Feature - Additional Personal Data for QA
PQAP0 - Feature Sturcture for Pension PQA...

PQCA5 - Screen Fields for Report RHQCATA0 - Screen 5000
PQCO5 - Screen Fields for Report RHQCONC0 - Screen 5000
PQME2 - Screen Fields for Report RHQMENU0 - Screen 2000
PQUALI - Qualifications


PRAUS - Save output set-up for dialog box parameters in MD04
PRBAL - iPPE Relationships: Line Balance
PRBAL_DB - Database Structure: Line Balance Relationships
PRBAL_DYNP - Screen Structure - Maintain Line Balance Relationships
PRCC_COND_CT - Condition Types (T685A)
PRCC_COND_DEST - Target Fields for Condition Purposes
PRCC_COND_LIMITS - Condition Types: Lower/Higher Limits for Pricing Elements PRC...

PRDAT_RAN - Price determination date range structure
PRDCAT_RNG - Selection structure for prod. catalogs
PRDCSTITM - Tree Control Item For Report SAPTREV*
PRDCSTITMUPD - Tree Control Item from Report saptrev* (Change)

PRE01 - Help structure for mass access to material
PRE01_STY - Help structure for mass access to material
PRE02 - Structure: material prelim.step IM
PRE03 - Structure: Material - Preliminary Step
PRE04 - Transfer Structure for Prefetch When Reading Material
PRE05 - Transfer Structure for Prefetch When Reading Material PRE...

PRFLO - Application Data for FLO Relationships
PRFLO_DB - Application Data for FLO Relationships: Buffer Structure
PRGEN - GEN Relationships - Relationships Table
PRGEN_DB - Update Structure for GEN Relationship
PRGNMINI - Structure for MiniApps for Role
PRGN_AGR_TXT - Texts for Roles
PRGN_COPY - Composite role copy structure
PRGN_CORR - Correction Table for Modif. Transaction Codes in Area Menus PRG...

PRHGR - Function Group RHGR : General Data
PRHI - Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)
PRHIS - Standard WBS, Edges (Hierarchy pointers)
PRHI_INC - Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)

PRIBPE1MAW1RT - PRICAT: Structure for MAW1 BAPI segment
PRICAT_001 - PRICAT inbound: Assignment of ILN - Vendor - Purch. group
PRICAT_002 - PRICAT inbound: Assignment of ILN mat. group - SAP mat. grp
PRICAT_003 - PRICAT inbound: Assignment of SAP mat. group - purch. group
PRICAT_004 - PRICAT: ID for Supply of Data to Catalog per Material Group
PRICAT_005 - PRICAT: ID for Supply of Data to Catalog per Material PRI...

PRJMAN100 - Display/Change Date of End Date

PRKO - Pricing Relevant Data in Billing Plan
PRKWSTATUSS - Status of KW Documents in a Project
PRK_FOUNDS - List of found occurrences from global search / replace
PRK_SOURCE - Structure for copying PRK source
PRLST - Item List for Hierarchy Processing
PRLSUB - Substitution structure for transport. plang system locations
PRMCOLL - Structure for All Cost Tables - MCB Extractor
PRMCOLL_ZT - Line Type for Data from Work Center - MCB Extractor
PRMEXT - Table for External Work - MCB Extractor
PRMEXT_ZT - Line Type for External Work - MCB Extractor
PRMGMKZ_ZT - Line Type for External Work - MCB Extractor
PRMILESTONESTRUC - Project Milestones PRM...

PRO01 - Difference table of payroll results
PRO02 - Netto from previous result
PRO03 - SI properties Romania
PRO04 - Extension of AB table
PRO05 - Extension of T7RO4R table
PRO06 - Structure .. PRO...

PRPL_CAPA_DETAIL_HEADER - Capacity Evaluation Detail Header Data
PRPL_MDMULTLEVDELAY - Multilevel Delay MRP Element
PRPL_SEL_FIELDS - Selection Fields
PRPL_TIME_PROFILE_DETAILS - Details for Time Profiles Capacity Evaluation
PRPOBA - RMS-RCP: iPPE Relationship: Operation-Action
PRPOBA_DB - RMS-RCP: Time-Dep. Attributes for Operation-Action Relation. PRP...

PRQREV - Structure for screen reversal
PRQ_ZHLG1 - Payment grouping for SAPF111
PRREF - Permitted Object Categories
PRREFH - Permitted Object Categories
PRREFH_MV - Structure for Maintenance of the Set Type PRREF
PRREFV - Generated Table for View PRREFV PRR...

PRSC_CAT - Engagement mgmt: Categories
PRSC_CATDETMAT - Engagement mgmt: Determine Materials for Categories
PRSC_CATUOM - Engagement mgmt: Unit of Measures for Categories
PRSC_CAT_T - Engagement mgmt: Categories Text table
PRSC_CHAR - Engagement mgmt: Characteristics
PRSC_CTRL - Engagement mgmt: Process Control PRS...

PRTAB - Transfer Table from Graphic Selection
PRTC_PROD_GRP - Product Group
PRTC_PROD_GRP_T - Product Group
PRTE - Scheduling Data for Project Item
PRTEB - Document Structure of Table PRTE
PRTEE - Document Structure of Table PRTE PRT...

PRU0004 - Challenge Certificate
PRU0291 - Structure of IT0291 for usage in foreign packages
PRU0298 - Additional screen fields for MP029800
PRU0299 - Structure of IT0299 for usage in foreign packages
PRU1B - Payee info for Garnishemnt
PRU2001 - Structure for link absence IT-2001 PRU...

PRVBE_EXT - External Description of Production Supply Area in iPPE
PRVW_RANGE - Range for Partner Role (PARVW)
PRV_LOG_CP - Table Logging: Codepages and Migration Times
PRWTY - iPPE Relationship: Time-Ind. Ident./Attributes Warranty
PRWTY_DB - Node Relationship in Database View WTY
PRXCTRL - Control Flags for Fields of a Structure
PRXCTRL1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PRXCTRLA - Control Flags and Actions Codes for Fields of a Structure
PRXCTRLD - Control Flags and Actions Codes for Fields of a Structure
PRXCTRLTAB1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PRX_ACK_APP_FAULT - Proxies: Application Error Ack Data PRX...

PRZB - Project Overhead Calculation (Selection Fields Inc.Screen)
PRZNR_S_HIEINTV_0107 - Interface: Hierarchy Intervals
PRZNR_S_HIENODE_0107 - Interface: Hierarchy Elements


PS0000 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Actions)
PS0000_ABA - HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Actions)
PS0000_ABA_APPEND - Append structure for PS0000_ABA
PS0001 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)
PS0001_ABA - HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)
PS0001_ABA_APPEND - Append structure for PS0001_ABA PS0...

PS2001 - Personnel Time Record: Infotype 2001 (Absences)
PS2001_2 - Enhanced Structure PS2001
PS2002 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2002 (Attendances)
PS2003 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2003 (Substitutions)
PS2004 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2004 (Availability)
PS2005 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2005 (Overtime) PS2...

PS3140 - HR Master Record: Infotype 3140 (Child/Nursing Care Leave)
PS3200 - HR Master Record for Infotype 3200 (Flex. Benefit Plans)
PS3202 - Infotype Labour Relations (ZA)
PS3203 - HR Master Record: Infotype 3203 (Leaving Infomation)
PS3204 - HR Master Record: Infotype 3204 (Retirement Allowance JP)
PS3205 - HR Master Record: Infotype 3205 (Heavy Labor Position A) PS3...

PS4000 - Infotype 4000: Applicant Events
PS4001 - Infotype 4001: Applications
PS4002 - Infotype 4002: Vacancy Assignment
PS4003 - Infotype 4003: Applicant Activities
PS4004 - Infotype 4004: Status of Actions
PS4005 - Infotype 4005 (Applicant's Personnel Number) PS4...

PS9019 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0019 (Monitoring of Dates)
PS9075 -
PS9099 - TEST
PS9220 - Payroll Results
PS9222 - Employee Workflow control
PS9223 - Manager approval PS9...

PSACL_FLAGS_TAB - PS Project and Network ACL Flags
PSACL_ST - Structure for PS Profile
PSACL_TAB - Table for PS ACL Integration
PSACR - PSA Document Currencies
PSACTID_EXT - External Format of PS Operation
PSACTIVITY_DETAIL_S - Structure for Activity Confirmation Detail PSA...

PSBAPI_NETW_KEY - Key of Network: Temporary & Final
PSBAPI_PROJ_KEY - Key of Project Definition/WBS: Temporary & Final
PSBM_ALERT - PS Budget Monitoring Alerts
PSBM_EVENT - PS Budget Monitoring Events
PSBM_REPORT - Budget Monitoring Reports
PSBM_REPORT_T - Budget Monitoring Reports PSB...

PSCCR - PSC document line item amounts
PSCD_BUYER_PIF - e-Invoice party_information - Buyer
PSCD_DELIVERYPART_PIF - e-Invoice party_information - DeliveryPart
PSCD_DMEE - e-invoice - DMEE interface
PSCD_EINVO_CHRG_DISC - Structure for E-Invoice Charges and Discounts
PSCD_EINVO_DMEE - E-Invoice Norway Structure PSC...

PSDISPO - Assigned values for availability control
PSDY01 - Dummy structure under PRPS_R for access to CO object
PSDY02 - Dummy structure under AUFK1 for access to CO object
PSDY03 - Dummy structure under ACT01 for access to CO object
PSDY04 - Dummy structure under AUFK2 for access to CO object
PSDY05 - Dummy structure under AUFK3 for access to CO object PSD...

PSEISACC - PS Key Figures: Accounting
PSEISACC2 - PS Key Figures: Accounting
PSEISACT01 - PS Key Figures: Activities
PSEISAFKO - PS Key Figures: PPC Order Header Data
PSEISAFPO - PS Key Figures: Order Item
PSEISAUFK - PS Key Figures: Order Master Data PSE...

PSFACTS_FIELD_DESCRIPTORS - Field Descriptors Structure for Facts Categories
PSFC_COMP - Component information for PSFC layout sets
PSFC_DISP - Help structure for display in production order
PSFC_FRAME - Printing: Size and position for frame
PSFC_HEAD - Header Information for PSFC Layout Sets
PSFEE - Service Charge PSF...

PSG01 - Field String for Feature in T549B
PSG02 - Leave scheme records
PSG03 - Maximum number of absence days w/o proration
PSG04 - Field String for Feature in 25PR1
PSG05 - Eligibility Criteria for Scheme Code and Division Code
PSG07 - HR-PS-SG: Structure for report (Employee Suggestion Scheme) PSG...

PSHD1 - HR Master Record: Control Field
PSHD1_ABA - HR Master Data: Administration Fields
PSHDR - Headers for Infotype Records
PSHDSVCI - Personalized Screen Variants for FI Enjoy Transactions
PSHFT - Screen Fields for Generating Shift Schedule
PSHIFT_PBS - Shift Planning: Shift Abbreviation for Persons PSH...

PSI01 - Output of Working age calculation
PSI02 - RGDIR with ID of period (for reports)
PSI03 - Difference table of payroll results
PSI04 - Netto from previous result
PSI05 - Output of Working age calculation - items
PSI06 - Output of Working age calculation - items PSI...

PSJGNREP - Assgt of reports generated for LDB PSJ to calling report
PSJHIEDATA - Hierarchy data to test LDB PSJ
PSJ_AUFRUFE - Internal management table for LDB PSJ (calls)
PSJ_AUTH - Authorizations for objects selected in LDB PSJ
PSJ_AUTH_M - Authorizations for Objects Selected in LDB PSJ + VSNMR
PSJ_C_LANDSCAPE - System Landscape for Evaluations in the Global Journal PSJ...

PSK01 - RGDIR with ID of period (for reports)
PSK02 - Structure for function Employee status SK
PSK04 - Structure of table 2RT (copy of PC207)
PSK05 - Structure of warning messages for operation SKMSG
PSK06 - Structure for function Employee status SK
PSK07 - PSK...

PSLABS - Certificate
PSLART - School Types
PSLAWYER - Plaintiff Lawyer
PSLA_CONFIG_ST - Structure for lean assembly configuration
PSLA_CONFIG_TBL - Configuration of Commercial Project Inception
PSLI - Reference: Delivery from project PSL...

PSMASTDATA - Master Data for Projects/WBS Elements in Report-Writer
PSMASTDATA1 - Master Data for Projects/WBS Elements in Report-Writer
PSMASTDATA2 - Master Data for Projects/WBS Elements in Report-Writer
PSMATRUE - Sub-quantity of IMSEG for material withdrawals (PS module)
PSMERK - Characteristics for summarization w/o class., Project System
PSMFPTYPE - Customizing table for Funded Program Type PSM...

PSO01 - Payment Requests (Local Authority)
PSO02 - Payment Request Structure (Local Government Screen)
PSO02I - Payment Request Structure (RFC)
PSO02S - Structure Payment Request - G/L Account Information
PSO02SI - Structure Payment Request - G/L Account Information(RFC)
PSO02S_SUBST - PSO02S Fields for Substitution in Requests PSO...

PSPAR - Transfer String for HR Infotype Dialog Modules
PSPID_EXT - External Format of WBS Element
PSPID_RANG - Ranges Table for PROJ-PSPID (Project Definition)
PSPL - Index project -> planned order
PSPLIT - HR: Structure for SPLIT-NATIO in payroll
PSPPT_INDX - System table INDX PSP...

PSRCNPARAM - PS Reporting Parameters
PSRDT - Reclassification Date + Reclassification Type
PSREF - Assignment Values for HR Objects
PSREF_CO - CO Assignment Sizes for HR Objects
PSREF_DYNP - Attributes of Screen Fields in Structure PSREF excl. COBL
PSREF_FI - FI Assignment Sizes for HR Objects PSR...

PSSA_SEL - PS Master Data Compare Reports: Selections
PSSA_SEL_300 - Parameter Consistency Checks Within a Project
PSSCC_ARCH01 - Social Services - Global Archiving Settings
PSSCC_ARCH02 - Social Services - Residence Time for SXP Documents
PSSCC_ARCH03 - Social Services - Residence Time for NCD Documents
PSSCC_ARCH04 - Social Services - Residence Time for DBA Documents PSS...

PST01 - Tax Routine Input (D)
PST02 - Tax Routine Output (D)
PST03 - Gross Taxable Amounts (D)
PSTABD - Dialog structure PSTAB
PSTAT - Condensed status display
PSTHIRD - Third Pary Remittance PST...

PSUM_CONTRACT_INFO - PS Unmeasured Customers: Info at Contract Level
PSUM_CURRENT - PS Unmeasured Customers: Current Data (Period, Freq., Cust.)
PSUM_CUST - PS Unmeasured Customers: Customizing
PSV01 - SI Attribute Figures (D)
PSV02 - SI Attribute Fields (D)
PSV03 - Transfer Structure of SI to Data Carrier (D)
PSV04 - Transfer Structure of SI Data for Official SI Key
PSV05 - Return Structure for Official SI Key
PSVD_HIEBG - Hierarchy code with index for PSVD_OBJEK PSV...

PSWAO_COSTS - PS: Cost Information for Project Definitions
PSWAO_COSTS_PER - Period data
PSWAO_NETW_SCHED_DEV - Network Schedule Deviation
PSWAO_NW_NAME - PS Network Name and Short Text
PSWAO_OBJECT - PS Information for Business Object PSW...

PSXXXX - Payroll Infotype
PSYMB - Symbolic Account Assignment
PSYST - System Fields for HR Infotypes (PA/Recruitment)
PSZIN1 - Proj.Interest Clc.: User Exit 1
PSZPP01 - PS-CM: Payment Planning
PSZZZZ - Empty template structure for PM01 (View-Infotype)
PSZ_KPP0SF - PS CM: Cash Planning: Interface to Applic.-Specific Routines
PS_FVKPA - Generated Table for View
PS_FVKPBA - Generated Table for View
PS_FVKPG - Generated Table for View
PS_FVKPS - Generated Table for View
PS_OBPVK - Generated Table for View
PS_TKA02 - Generated Table for View PS_...


PT006 - Auxiliary Fields for Maintenance of T006 Tables
PT0416 - Time Quota Compensation Infotype: Database Table
PT1002 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1002
PT1016 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1016
PT1017 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1017
PT1018 - Fields for Table Section Infotype 1018
PT1019 - Table Section for Infotype 1019 Required Positions
PT1035 - Fields for table division infotype 1035 PT1...

PT2001 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2001 (Absences)
PT2006 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2006 (Absence Quotas)
PT5003 - Fields of Table Segment Infotype 5003
PT5021 - Numbering
PT5022 - Cell Definition for Appraisal Document
PT5023 - Column Access for Appraisal Element
PT5024 - Role Assignment for Appraisal Element
PT5025 - Appraisal Element Processing PT5...

PT6083 - IS-H: Infotype for Additional Phone Numbers (6083)
PT6084 - IS-H: Infotype Structure for User-Defined Specialties
PT7001 - RBP-OM
PT7002 - RBP-OM Assignment Criteria (Infotype-Specific Fields)
PT7401 - Obsolete
PT7402 - Attachments for Internal Work Experience
PT7403 - Attachments for External Work Experience
PT7404 - Attachments for Education PT7...

PT9101 - Statement for Approval
PTAB - Internal Pointer Table
PTABN - First Illness (A)
PTABS - Table for Absence Valuation (RPCABS10)
PTABU - First Illness (Function Module (A))
PTACN - Cumulation of Absence Types
PTADC - Mega Structure - Redefinition of String NCALE PTA...

PTBINDBW - PA: Table for Indirect Valuation
PTBLPTDOBJECTS - Catalog for Implementations of Time Data Objects
PTBLPTPCLCOUNTRY - TMW Business Logic Processor: Impelementation Type Classes
PTBLPTYPECLASSES - TMW Business Logic Processor: Impelementation Type Classes
PTBSHD_INC - Control Table for Shadow Import During the Upgrade
PTBUF - Structure T510S Buffer for Generating Wage Types PTB...

PTCLFIELDS - Fields for Calendar Display
PTCLWEEKFIELDS - Fields for One Week for Calendar
PTCOR_551A_COR_CALE - ESS Correction Scenario: Structure for Calendar Definition
PTCOR_APL_STRUC - Different Payment (Correction Scenario)
PTCOR_CALE - ESS Correction Scenario: Structure for Calendar Definition PTC...

PTDB1 - Input Structure for RP_GET_BAUSTELLE
PTDB2 - Output Structure for RP_GET_BAUSTELLE
PTDB2_UI - Substructure of PTDB2 for Risk-Free MOVE-CORRESPONDING
PTDB3 - Include Structure for Construction Site Fields PTD...

PTEDC - Megastructure: Redefinition of NCALE bar (ES)
PTESA_CUSTOMIZING_STRUC - Customizing for ESA services
PTESA_EMPLOYEE_TIME_ITEM_STRUC - Request Item for ESA Attendances/Absences
PTESA_ITEM_STRUC - Request Item for ESA Attendances/Absences PTE...

PTFMLAAB - Relationship Between Absences and FMLA Events
PTFMLA_ABS_DYNP - Screen Fields of Absence List in FMLA Workbench
PTFMLA_DED_ABS_POPUP - Fields of Deduction Popup
PTFMLA_DED_RULE_POPUP - Fields of Deduction Popup
PTFMLA_DYNP - Screen Fields for FMLA Workbench
PTFMLA_DYNP_2 - Screen Fields for FMLA Workbench with Text PTF...

PTHD - Table for Print Report in Planning Table
PTH_CTX1A_STR1_PDF - Structure for page1 of form HR_TH_ITF1A
PTH_CTX1A_STR2_PDF - Structure for page1 of form HR_TH_ITF1A
PTH_CTX1A_STR3_PDF - Structure for page2 of form HR_TH_ITF1A
PTH_CTX1A_STR4_PDF - Structure for page2 of form HR_TH_ITF1A
PTH_CTXF1_STR1_PDF - Structure for displaying the income and tax amounts PTH...

PTIDC - Mega-structure - NCALE string redefinition (I)
PTIMEOV1 - Overview of an Employee's Time Data, Part 1
PTIMEOV2 - Overview of an Employee's Time Data, Part 2
PTIM_ESA_IAC_APPROVER - Leave Request: List of Approvers
PTIM_IAC_APPROVER - Leave Request: List of Approvers
PTIM_IAC_T554S - Leave Request Web Application: Auxiliary Structure T554S PTI...

PTJPFWS_ITEMDATA - (Obsolete) Request Item Data for Flexible Work Schedule JP
PTK01 - TE version trip data
PTK03 - Travel Expense Specifications According to Indiv. Receipt
PTK03_APPEND - Enhancement For PTK03 in Extension System
PTK04 - Deductions Due to Gratuitous Entertainment
PTK04_APPEND - Append Deductions
PTK05 - Stopover PTK...

PTLE - Table for Print Report in Planning Table
PTLPE - Field List for RS Dispatch List
PTLRPADREC - Administration Information for HR-LRP Interface
PTLRPERROR - Error messages
PTLRPINFSU - Infotype/Subtype Description for Time Data
PTLRPKADRC - Administration Information for HR-LRP Interface with Key PTL...

PTMLEACONV - Assignment Table IT0005 - IT2006 (RPTLEACONV Report)
PTM_2003_CMP - Time Record Comparison Fields: Substitutions Infotype (2003)
PTM_CALENDAR_EXIT_REC - Transfer of Selection Period
PTM_CHECKMARK_REC - Checkbox Permitted in TMW
PTM_CLST_PERVIEW - Display Structure: Period View RPCLSTB1/B2
PTM_CLST_TABVIEW - Display Structure: Table View RPCLSTB1/B2 PTM...

PTP00 - TE key for trip data
PTP02 - Structure of Travel Expenses Table PTRV_HEAD
PTP02_ITAB - Structure of int. table t_head
PTP04 - TE-VER Key for Trip Data for Versioning
PTP09 - Text for Trip/Period (P.Sect.)
PTP1000 - Structure of Screen SAPMP56T 1000 PTP...

PTQUODED - Deduction of Time Quotas
PTQUODED_A - Structure for Quota Deduction Buffer
PTR01 - Structure element used in programs
PTR02 - Structure element used in programs
PTR03 - Workforce schedule
PTR04 - Standard Selections for HR Master Data Reporting
PTR05 - Structure element used in programs
PTR06 - Structure element used in programs PTR...

PTSAFT_MATACCNT - GL Account based material numbers
PTSAFT_MATPRE - SAFT PT : prefix for material numbers
PTSBK - REM Planning Table: Key for Shared Buffer for Refresh
PTSDC - Leave Calculation
PTT_CH_STR - Structure for Additional Fields for Street CH
PTT_CH_STR2 - Structure for Additional Fields for Street CH
PTT_F_DATES - Individual Data from Cluster B2 Processing
PTT_NL_ORT - Structure for Additional City Fields (NL)
PTT_NL_STR - Structure for Additional Street Fields (NL)
PTU_TIMING_S - Object-Specific Time Information
PTU_TRACE_S - Settings for Trace
PTU_UTIL_IF_S - Structure with Utility Interfaces
PTW01 - Employment Status for Data Deletion
PTWAO_S_ATTAB - Structure for Absence/Attendance Reasons (Web Add-On)
PTWAO_S_COSTC - Structure for Cost Centers (Web Add-On)
PTWAO_S_INFO - Info Field for Time Accounts
PTWAO_S_INFOVALUE - Internal Value of Info Field
PTWAO_S_INORD - Structure for Internal Orders (Web Add-On) PTW...

PTXT1 - Text variables for applicant data standard texts
PTXXXX - Fields for table infotype XXXX
PTYYYY - Fields for Table Part of Infotype YYYY


PU12_C1_LINE - Line Type for PU12_C1_TAB
PUA01 - Structure for Ukrainian social insurance(PF) calculation
PUA021 - avera traces
PUA03 - Structure for Ukrainian social insurance(PF) calculation
PUA04 - HR-PAY: Cumulations for calculation of averages
PUA1B - HR-UA: Payee info for Garnishments
PUA2001 - Structure for link absence IT-2001 (UA) PUA...

PUBLISH_APPLICATION_REQUEST2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
PUBLISH_APPLICATION_REQUEST3 - Proxy Structure (generated)

PUMA - Conversion to External Partner Number (outb.)
PUMK - SAPscript: punctuation mark
PUMS - Project number new key assignment (structure)
PUMSEP - Input Tax, Park Documents: Line Info at Document Level
PUNAAP_ACTION - PAAP: Enhanced personal action
PUNAAP_ADDTABLES - PAAP Line Type For Additional Tables
PUNAAP_INFOTYPE - PAAP: Enhanced Infotype
PUNAAP_INFTY - PAAP Line Type For Infotype Table PUN...

PUPR - Sales price calculation: item at purchasing org. level
PUPR_KEY - Sales price calculation: key fields
PURCHASE_DATA - Structure for Changing Purchase Orders
PURCHASE_ORDER_ITEM - Purchase Order Item
PURCHASE_ORDER_SCHEDULE - Order item schedule line
PURCHWERE - GR/IR Data: Purchasing Documents for Condition Record
PURCH_WERE - GR/IR Data: Purchasing Documents for Condition Record PUR...

PUSHLOG - WAP Push Logging
PUSHTPL - WAP Push Templates
PUTTABNAME - SL136: Structure to Define an Upgrade Command File List
PUTTB - Substituted Tables of a Release
PUTTBC - Exchange Tables for Each SAP Release and Component
PUTTBCEXCP - PUTTB Consistency Check Exceptions (Report PUTTBCHK)
PUTTBEXCPT - PUTTB Consistency Check Exceptions (Report PUTTBCHK) PUT...

PUVT1 - Pool: Unbuffered VERI Table
PUVT2 - Pool: Unbuffered VERI Table


PV000 - Screen Fields for HR Control Record
PV0148 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0148 (Family JP) dummy view
PV016 - HR Master Record View V016 (Complete View 0016)
PV021 - HR Master Record: View V021 (Total Overview 0021 PS Germany)
PV027 - HR Master Record: View V027 (Complete View 0027 PSG)
PV045 - HR Master Record:Infoview V045 (entire view 0045) PV0...

PV281 - HR Master Record View V045 (Complete View 0045)
PV288 - HR CH: HR Master Record View V288 (Complete View 0021)
PV316 - Basic rec. of view 3316 (global view 0016)
PV329 - Basic rec. of view 3298 (global view 0713)
PVACIES - List of Vacancies
PVAEN - Revaluation for Retail Price Changes
PVALT_DYNP - Interface Structure for Assembly Alternative
PVA_RNG - IS-M/SD: Range Table for Edition
PVBASS - SA Assignment Table for iPPE Shop Floor Manufacturing
PVBASS_DB - SA Assignments for iPPE Process Structure
PVBASS_DYNP - Screen Structure for SA Assignments
PVBE - Production Supply Area
PVBW_ATTR - Characteristic for Profile Template Data Sources
PVBW_SOURCES - DataSources for Characteristics of Profile Templates PVB...

PVCMP - PVS Variant (CMP): History Management
PVCMPD - PVS Variant (CMP): Basic Data
PVCMPDD - Component Variant: All Data Fields
PVCMPD_DB - PVS Component Variant/Component: Time-Dependent Attributes
PVCMPD_DB_EXPL - PVS Component Variant/Component: Time-Dep. Attribute Explos.
PVCMPD_DYNP - General Component Variant Data for Display PVC...

PVE21 - Structure item for HARCTER0 List
PVEEC - Employee classification by Occupation
PVEG1 - Generically Buffered Pooled Table for Verification
PVEI2 - Company data
PVEIS - Estructura de archivos temse para ISLR (VE)
PVEME - Field string for VEMOV feature (actions) PVE...

PVFRMD - RMS-FRM: Basic Data of PVS Formula Variant
PVFRMD_DB - RMS-FRM: PVS Variant Basic Data Table with DB Operation Ind.
PVFRMD_LI - RMS-FRM: Basic Data of PVS Item Variant (with Change Number)
PVFRMH - RMS-FRM: PVS Variant (Formula): History Management
PVFRMHD - RMS-FRM: Historical Status of a PVS-FRM Variant
PVFRMH_DB - RMS-FRM: PVS Variant History Table with DB Operation Ind. PVF...

PVGRUND_RAN - Range Table for Reason for Revaluation at Retail
PVINX - Index of New Sales Documents for Product Proposal
PVKT - Supply Area Short Text
PVPOPAX - Generated Table for View PVPOPAX
PVPOPBX - Generated Table for View PVPOPBX
PVPOPBY - Generated Table for View PVPOPBY
PVPOPMX - Generated Table for View PVPOPMX
PVPPPAX - Generated Table for View PVPPPAX
PVPPPBX - Generated Table for View PVPPPBX PVP...

PVRCPD - PVS Header/Recipe Basic Data
PVRCPDD - Attributes for Variants Type 'Recipe'
PVRCPDV - Extended Attributes for Variants Type 'Recipe'
PVRCPD_COPY - Structure for Creating a Recipe
PVRCPD_DB - Header Variant Time-Dependent Attributes
PVRCPD_DYNP - General Item Variant Data for the Recipe PVR...

PVSADMIN - Administrative Data PVS Tables
PVSCSQ - Change Sequence in the PVS
PVSCSQ_DB - Change Sequence in the PVS
PVSDEX - External Indicator for Deleted PVS/iPPE Objects
PVSDEX_DB - Ext. IDs of Deleted PVS Objects for the Database Layer
PVSET - Set Variant: Table of Attributes PVS...

PVTOPAX - Generated Table for View PVTOPAX
PVTOPAY - Generated Table for View PVTOPAY
PVTOPBX - Generated Table for View PVTOPBX
PVTOPBY - Generated Table for View PVTOPBY
PVTOPMX - Generated Table for View PVTOPMX
PVTPPAX - Generated Table for View PVTPPAX PVT...

PVWTY - Warranty Claim Item (PPE Variant)
PVWTYD - Application Table: Warranty Claim Item
PVWTY_ALV - Display Structure for Item
PVWTY_DB - DB Table: Warranty Claim Item
PV_EKPO_MB5T - Generated Table for View
PV_OBEW - Generated Table for View
PV_QBEW - Generated Table for View


PWATTRIB - PW - Attributes
PWERT - Internal structure for forecast values
PWLBM - Structure for change documents; generated by RSSCD000
PWLMT - Structure for change documents; generated by RSSCD000
PWMI_WC - Generated Table for View PWMI_WC
PWMTSTR - HR: Structure for wage maintenance table VD (WMT)
PWSBREAK - HR Transfer Structure: Logistics Shift Definition (Breaks)
PWSDAYGEN - Transfer Structure for WS Function Modules: General Info
PWSDAYGEN2 - Transfer Structure for WS Function Modules: General Info
PWSDAYINT - Transfer Structure for WS Func. Modules: Info on Intervals
PWSGENDAT - Daily Work Schedule: General Information
PWSHDR - Header for Transfer Structures for WS Function Modules PWS...

PWTGROUP - KWPW: All Possible Target Groups
PWWMIT - Structure for change documents; generated by RSSCD000
PWWMV - Structure for change documents; generated by RSSCD000
PWWVT - Structure for change documents; generated by RSSCD000


PX009 - Substructur Infotype 1009: Health Examinations
PX010 - Substructure for Infotype 1010: Authorities and Resources
PX015 - Substructure Infotype 1015: Personnel Cost Planning
PX020 - Substructure Infotype 1020: Demand
PX030 - HR PLANNING: Substructure for Infotype 1030
PX030I - Alternative PX030 structure PX0...

PX500 - Substructure Infotype 1500: Executable Menu Option
PXACONTENT - Content of ABAP/4 program buffer (PXA)
PXACONTENT64 - Content of ABAP Program Buffer (PXA)
PXAINFO - Special informatino on PXA (program buffer)
PXAINFOS - Selected information for PXA (program buffer)
PXARCID - Table for Archiving Indicators for iPPE Objects
PXARCID_DB - Structure for Archiving Indicator for iPPE Object PXA...

PXI_S_SWCV - XI: Software Component Versions
PXKRS - Structure for Creating an External Business event
PXVAF - Import/Export Structure, Inventory Management Value Determ.
PXX11 - Import/Export Structure for Modules such as WV_EXAMPLE_11
PXXXX_AF - Additional Query Fields
PXXXX_EXP - Infotype XXXX expanded structures
PXX_S_CHECK_REL - PY-XX: Enhancement package releases and forbidden switches
PXX_S_PENSIONS_CONTRIB_DATA - Structure to store data concerning to a pension contribution PXX...


PYAREA_INFO - Payroll Area Information for MiniApp MA_MCODE_W
PYCD_PAYT_CARD_SUITE_CHGCONF - Payment Card Suite Change Confirmation Message
PYCD_PAYT_CARD_SUITE_CHGREQ - Payment Card SUITE Change Request Message
PYCD_PAYT_CARD_SUITE_CRTE_CONF - Payment Card SUITE Create Confirmation
PYCD_PAYT_CARD_SUITE_QRY_BYID - Payment Card SUITE Query By Id Message PYC...

PYEAR - Possible Entries Year Number
PYMT_DATA - Payment Data from REGUH, REGUP or PAYH, PAYP for IDoc
PYMT_ITEM - Item Data from REGUP for IDoc FIPARQ01
PYNOSCREEN - Selection Screen Fields (Only as Interface)
PYONUMKR - Auxiliary structure for lock object EPYONUMKR
PYORDH - Payment order header data
PYORDKEY - Transfer structure for payment order function modules
PYORDP - Payment order item data
PYORGSCREEN - PNP900 Selection Screen: Fields for Organizational Selection PYO...

PYSORT_STRUC_MINI - Permitted Sort Fields for PNP Payroll Sorting
PYTIMESCREEN - PNP900: Fields For Time Selection
PYYYY - Infotype YYYY


PZA_EEA2 - EEA2 table structure
PZA_EEA2_DISCI - BAdI Structure for Disciplinary Action
PZA_EEA2_TAB1 - ALV Structure for Workforce Profile
PZA_EEA2_TAB2 - ALV Structure for Workforce Movement
PZA_EEA2_TAB3 - ALV Structure for Disciplinary Action
PZA_EEA2_TAB4 - ALV Structure for Skills Development PZA...

PZI01 - TIP: One Day's Time Data for Time Evaluation
PZI01_MODIF - Transfer String for fct.module hr_tim_get_text_of_tip_values
PZI01_TEXT - TIP: One Day's Time Data for Time Evaluation
PZI01_V3S -
PZI02 - Time Balances for Day to be Evaluated (Table TES) PZI...

PZPE - Line Items for Measuring Point Update
PZPP - Production Measuring Points: Period Values
PZPS - Production Measuring Point for Totals Record
PZUST_RAN - Range Table
PZZZZ - HR Master Data for Infotype View ZZZZ


P_T445A - Generated Table for View

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