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SAP Tables Index by L


Index of SAP tables


L001TAB - Int. lang. table length 128
L002TAB - Int. lang. table length 256
L003TAB - Int. lang. table length 512
L004TAB - Int. lang. table length 8192
L005TAB - Int. lang. table length 100
L006TAB - Int. lang. table length 128 L00...

L03B_DELALLG - General part transfer table L_TO_CREATE_DN
L03B_DELIT - Transfer table item data L_TO_CREATE_DN
L03B_INBIT - Item-related specifications for putaway
L03B_OUTIT - Item-related specifications for stock removal
L03B_TRALLG - General Part Transfer Table L_TO_CREATE_TR
L03B_TRITE - Transfer Table for Item Data L_TO_CREATE_TR L03...

L080A - Work fields for SAPL080A
L081D - Work Fields for SAPL081D


L100TAB - Structure of Length 1000 for the Language Transport
L108TAB - int. spr. table length 108


L236TAB - int. spr. table length 236
L2SKDLITEM - Delivery Items for 2-Step Picking
L2SKTOTAL - Accumulated removal quantities for 2-step picking
L2SKTRITEM - Transfer Requirement Items for 2-Step Picking
L2TC_ADJUST_COND - Condition type - Commodity ID Mapping Items
L2TC_COMP_EXP - Raw exposure aggregation rules
L2TC_CONDICOMM - Condition type - Commodity ID Mapping
L2TC_IM_RELEVANT - Exp. from Material Stock: Relevance Settings
L2TC_IM_SETTINGS - Exp. from Material Stock: General Settings
L2TC_RDP_PROFILE - Risk Distribution Plan: Profile table L2T...


L492TAB - int. spr. table length 492


L8172TAB - int. spr. table length 8172


LA00065611 - SD Monitor: Components 0006561 1st Structure: KALSM_USAGE
LA00065612 - SD Monitor: Components 0006561 2nd Structure: KALSM
LA00065613 - SD Monitor: Components 0006561 3rd Structure: KOZGF
LA00065614 - SD Monitor: Components 0006561 4th Structure: Prestep
LA00065661 - SD Monitor: Components 0006566 1st Structure: Text Det. Res.
LA00065711 - SD Monitor: Evaluation VBFS (Collective Delivery Log) LA0...

LABELS - Fields for accessing WinWord
LABGL - Internal Table for MM/HU/WM Stock
LAB_INFO - Info Structure for Lab
LACTY - Activity catalog
LACTYT - Activity catalog - description
LAE_BILLING_DAT - Payment Schedule
LAE_BILLING_DATA - Payment Schedule
LAE_CRM_BILLPLAN - Payment Schedule
LAE_CRM_CLASS - Contract Classification
LAE_CRM_CONDS - Lease-Accounting-Relevant Conditions
LAE_CRM_HEADER - LAE: CRM Contract Header LAE...

LAFAR_AFAP - Struction of AFAR depreciation parameters
LAGAC - Assign Activity to Activity Groups
LAGDF - Activity Group Definition
LAGDFT - Activity Group - Description
LAGOF - General Interface for Storage Location Determination
LAGP - Storage bins
LAGPL - Generated Table for View LAG...

LALRT - Alert value mapping (threshold)
LALRTV_VV - Generated Table for View
LALRTX_VV - Generated Table for View
LALRTY_VV - Generated Table for View
LALRT_V - Generated Table for View
LAMA2ERP_FLAG - Do NEVER set these Flags; they are for SAP internal use only
LAMX1_INVOICE_LEASING_UPDATE - Proxy Structure (generated)
LAMX1_INV_LAM_UPDATE - Proxy Structure (generated)
LAMX1_INV_LAM_UPDATE_ITEM - Proxy Structure (generated)
LAMX1_INV_LAM_UPDATE_MSG - Proxy Structure (generated)
LAM_BBP_CUF_FIELDS - LAM Scenario Fields as NUMC Structure LAM...

LAND1_RANG - Range table for country 1 of vendor
LANDREGISTER_KEY - Land Registry Key Structure
LAND_RNG - Range for Country
LANG128 - Output structure for records <= 128 places
LANG256 - Output structure for records <= 256 places
LANG512 - Ouptut structure for records <= 512 places LAN...

LAST_CHANGE - Time Last Change Was Made
LAST_MSG - Last message of a transaction
LAST_SETTLEMENT - Date/Time of Trip Accounting
LATCH - Latch Monitoring
LATCH_CHILDREN - Latch Monitoring
LATCH_HOLDER - Latch Monitoring
LATCH_HOLDER_SQL - Latch Monitoring
LATCT - Attribute catalog
LATCTL_VV - Generated Table for View LAT...

LAUFD_SEARCH_BR - Search help for Laufd
LAUTRF - Structure for reference no.assignment for autom.TO creation
LAW2C_PRESTAT - LAW 2.0 Status Management Status Precondition
LAW2C_REASON - LAW 2.0: Reasons for not measuring a LAW system
LAW2C_REASON_T - LAW 2.0: Text table for the non-measurement reason
LAW2C_STATUS - LAW 2.0 Status Management table
LAW2C_STATUS_T - LAW 2.0 Status Management table text table
LAW2D_APPL_LOG - User specific parameters for logging of messages LAW...

LAY0700 - Layout of screen SAPOCS_UI 0700
LAY108 - Layout of Screen SAPLSPAM 0108
LAY150MDRQ - Layout of Modification Transport Table Control
LAY300COMP - Layout of the Package Auswahl Table Control
LAY300PACK - Layout of the Package Queue Table Control
LAYER_CONF - Map Layer Configuration LAY...


LBATC - Work Area for Manual Batch Selection SAPLBATC
LBBIL_BILLING - Internal Tables for Invoice
LBBIL_DB_DATA_TO_READ - Limit Data Selection for Issuing Outputs
LBBIL_HD_ADR - Billing Header: Partner Address Data
LBBIL_HD_CARD - Payment Cards
LBBIL_HD_CUSTDATA - Customer Modification Part for Data Selectn of Billing Doc
LBBIL_HD_DOWNPAY - Down Payment Structure LBB...

LBDBATCH_CUS - Results Table for Batch Determination for User Exit
LBEFU - Delivery Note View for Goods Issue
LBKEY - Stock Fields in Warehouse (HU and Quants)
LBPKOND - Communication structure for conditions for layout area items
LBPKOND_ALE - Comm. Structure Prices in Catalog for ALE
LBPKOND_RT - Comm. structure, prices in catalog with retail price determ.
LBPMAT - Materials in layout area items
LBRATE - Line Balance Rate
LBTEST1 - test
LBVALID - Validity of a Line Balance in iPPE
LBVALID_DB - Validity of a Line Balance Version in iPPE: Database Struct.
LBVALID_DYNP - Line Balance Versions - Screen Structure
LBVALID_LI - LI Structure for Line Balance Effectivities
LBX_FEBRE_BF - Lockbox Invoice Information


LCA02_BTC - Variants for Background Processing of LCA02
LCA02_USR - User-Specific Default Selection
LCAALERTS - liveCache Application Alerts
LCABN - Characteristic
LCABNT - Characteristic descriptions
LCA_CONFI - Table with Configuration Data for LCA Objects LCA...

LCBLGTAB - Export table LC_GET_DOCUMENT_DELTA - Possible Trans.Types
LCBUKRS - Company codes for Consolidation
LCCADDRESS1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_COMMUNICATION1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_EMAIL1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_FACSIMILE1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_MOBILE_PHONE1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)
LCCADDRESS_OFFICE1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert) LCC...

LCDATA - Transfer Table: Char. Value of Analyses in Log. Controlling
LCDBPROCS - lveCache DB Procedures
LCDCC - Customization for Dynamic Cycle Count
LCDCC_V - Generated Table for View LCDCC_V
LCDOCTY_RA - Range for document type LCD...

LCINIT - Control Table for liveCache Initialization (Application)
LCINIT_LOG - Log Entries: Start/Stop/Init of Prep./Postprocessing Reports
LCLEVTAB - Posting status FI-LC
LCMETHOD - Currency translation methods
LCMS_CALL_PARAMETERS - LCM Start Parameters for Transaction
LCMS_CHANGED_DATA - Indicator for Changed Data
LCMS_CP_DEPARTMENTS - Contact Person: Departments + Texts
LCMS_CP_FUNCTIONS - Contact Person: Functions + Texts
LCMS_FLD_ATTRIBUTES - Field Description for LCM UI LCM...

LCOLOBJ - Object List
LCOMM_BG - Comm.structure for TOs for deliveries in background
LCOMS - Communication structure, start mult.proc.from prep.screen
LCPOS - Transfer string for Line Item Reporting
LCPP_INFO_ORDR - Info Transaction WMPP: List Structure Display by Orders
LCPP_INFO_ORDR_LIST - Info Transaction WMPP: Whse Structure for Display by RawMat
LCPP_INFO_PREP_DATA - Transmission Struct.for Data Preparation for WEB Info Module
LCPP_INFO_PRSA - Info Transaction WMPP: Whse Structure for Display by RawMat
LCPP_INFO_PRSA_LIST - Info Transaction WMPP: Whse Structure for Display by RawMat LCP...

LCRACCT_RA - Range for Consolidating Items
LCRASSC_RA - Range for Trading Partner (Consolidation)
LCREVERSE - FI-LC: Documents to be reversed
LCRLEVL_RA - Range for Posting Level (Consolidation)
LCRMVCT_RA - Range for Transaction Types
LCRSUBD_RA - Subgroup range LCR...

LCSB1 - Workfields for Line Item Reporting
LCSUBDTAB - Subgroups to the Company
LCTABLES - liveCache Tables in a OneDB Instance
LCUPLOAD - FI-LC, flexible Upload: possible Fields


LDA01 - Decentralized WMS: Delivery Document Appendix
LDAPAL - Attribute Name and Type with Values
LDAPAPPL - LDAP Application Check Table (Not Used Yet)
LDAPAPPLT - Check Table for LDAP Application (Not Used Yet)
LDAPAS - Attribute Name and Type
LDAPDEFS - LDAP Type Definition LDA...

LDBA - Dynamic nodes in LDBs
LDBB - Authorization objects for logical database
LDBCB - Callback information for logical databases
LDBCB_A - Callback information for dynamically typed nodes
LDBD - Administration information for LDB
LDBG_L - Get or Get Late for logical database LDB...

LDCHTKT - Screen fields for changing no. of takts/capacities
LDERA - Local date: Local era
LDFBPARAMS - LD: Fields for function module paramters
LDGM - Assignment Table Country Groups to Characteristics
LDGMD - Dynamic Part, Country Groups
LDHLP - Help fields for line design
LDILE - Transmission Struct.for Stor.Units for Immediate TO Creation
LDK00 - Status Record for WM Communication Records
LDK01 - Communication Record 01 Decentralized WMS: GR/GI R/2 -> ERP
LDK02 - Communicat.Record 02 Decentralized WMS: Transfer R/2 -> ERP
LDK03 - Communication Rec. 03 Decentralized WMS: Del.Doc. R/2 -> ERP
LDK04 - Communication Rec. 04 LVS Decentr.: DN Supplem. R/2 -> ERP
LDK05 - Communication Record 05 Decentr. WMS: (R/2-ERP): Mat. Master LDK...

LDLBC - Takts/no. of ind. capacities per line segment line balance
LDLBCD - Capacities of a line segment - dialog -
LDLBH - Line balance/planned rate header record
LDLBHD - Dialog strukture LDLBH
LDLBP - Line balance items
LDLBPD - Dialog strukture LDLBP LDL...

LDMDR - Line Hierarchy Material-Dependent Rates
LDMDRD - Dialog Structure LDMDR
LDMDR_CD - Dialog Structure Control Screen Time/Material-Dependent Rate
LDOKU - Screen texts without direct field reference
LDOP - Operation duration
LDOPR - Administration table: Operations for graphic
LDPRF - Display profile
LDPRFT - Display profile - description
LDPRFV_VV - Generated Table for View
LDPRFY_VV - Generated Table for View
LDPRF_V - Generated Table for View
LDPS_CHA_ALL - Transfer Inspection Characteristics to Print Module LDP...

LDQ_APP_NAME_SEL - Selection Structure for Range Table: LDQ Application Name
LDQ_APP_QUEUE_NAME - Data Structure for Getting Data
LDQ_DATA - LDQ Application Data of Unit
LDQ_PROGRESS - Pointer Table of Local Data Queue (Start, Progress, End)
LDQ_QUEUE_DESC - LDQ: Description LDQ Table

LDRLOCK - Blocked Routings
LDRSEL - Structure for selection of routings
LDSCA - FIelds to be displayed for individ. capacities
LDSEQINF - Add. fields for dialog structure planned sequences (PLFLD)
LDSLN - Fields to be displayed for line/line segments
LDSOP - Fields to be displayed for operations
LDSPT - Local date: Separator
LDSQ - Sequence Relationships for Line Design LDS...

LDTA - Cumulated operation times
LDTREEITM - Tree control item for report SAPTREV*
LDTREENODE - Node structure for tree control
LD_CRHD - Generated Table for View


LEADCDISP - CO Planning Processor: Lead Column Display
LEADER_INFO - Manager/Leader Information
LEAD_TIME_MV_DS - Maintenance Structure for Attribute LEAD_T
LEAD_TIME_MV_S - Maintenance Structure for Attribute LEAD_T
LEASING - Leasing LEA...

LECI_CARD - Extended Pass for Registration at the Checkpoint
LECI_CARD_DYN - Entry of Data for the Extended Pass
LECI_CARD_SELOPT_DYN - Selection Criteria for Determining an Extended Pass
LECI_CHKPT_DYN - Dialog Structure for the Checkpoint
LECI_CHK_PT - Checkpoint
LECI_CHK_PTT - Checkpoint: Text Table LEC...

LEDLVSTATDISPHEAD - Status View: Delivery (Header and Item)
LEDLVSTATDISPITEM - Status View: Delivery (Header and Item)
LEDLV_BAPI_CONTROL - Internal Control Structure for BAPI Delivery
LEDLV_DB_DATA_TO_READ - Limit Data Selection for Issuing Outputs LED...

LEFT_HAND - Object in the right hand column of the graphic
LEGEND - Display Legend
LEGOD - Execution Control Objects (ECO) definition
LEGODT - Execution Control Objects (ECO) definition - description
LEGOR - ECOs' subscriptions at runtime
LEGRS - Resource-ECO subscription
LEIN - Storage unit header records
LEINM - function module interface in mobile computing (whse logist.)
LEINTM_SLOPT_SHIPM - Selection options for shipment
LEINTM_YSLOPT_DELIVERY - Monitor selection options for delivery
LEINTM_YSLOPT_SHIPM - Selection options for shipment LEI...

LEKKO - Order header for transmission to subsystem
LEKPO - Order item for transmission to subsystem
LELMT - Resource element
LELTA - Allowed resource element type
LELTY - Resource element type
LELTYT - Resource element type - description
LEMOBBUTTON - Additional push button for mobile computing - GR/GI
LEMOBDATA - Additional data for mobile computing
LEMOBTEXT - Additional text for mobile computing - GR/GI
LEMOVBUSTM - Structure: Goods Movement-Relevant Data
LEMOVCHA - Structure for Goods Movements, SLED 1
LEMOVCUS - Structure for Goods Movement, Customizing LEM...

LEN40_DESCRIPTION - Proxy Structure (generated)
LENTY_RUT - Entities Catalog table for Route Management package
LENTY_TSK - Entities Catalog table for Task Management package
LEPAD_PAR - Parameters for Determination Logs
LEPAD_TEXT - Help Texts for Determination Analyses
LEPGR_LIPS_CANC - Structure for Cancelling Individual Items in the Delivery
LEPGR_VBFA_MBLNR_CANC - Selected Material Documents to be Cancelled
LESHPMD - Indicator for active, general repairs/LE-SHP
LESHP_ADD_DATA - Additional Data for Deliveries
LESHP_ADD_DATA_KEY - Keys for Reference Data for Deliveries
LESHP_ALL_DATA_SEGMENTS - Delivery Segments That Are To Be Selected/Buffered
LESHP_DATA - Delivery Segments That Are To Be Selected/Buffered
LESHP_DATA_SEGMENTS - Delivery Segments That Are To Be Selected/Buffered LES...

LETRACONFSTA - Form Structure for Shipment Status Confirmation
LETRA_IV_FIELDS - Transfer Fields to Invoice Verification
LETYH - Entity hierarchy in the priority model
LETYM - Entity hierarchy: modes/weighting factor
LEWEB_IBDLV_SELOPT - Selection Criteria - WEB Inbound Delivery
LEXDT - Execution data (for exception information)
LEXTP - External process - activity mapping
LEXTPV_VV - Generated Table for View LEXTPV_VV
LEXTPY_VV - Generated Table for View LEXTPY_VV
LEXTP_V - Generated Table for View LEXTP_V
LEXUS - Extension 2.0 usage LEX...


LF004 - Structure of the Work Fields for SAPLF004
LF006 - Work Fields for SAPLF006
LF041_ZUO - Allocation of new line items to old line items (SAPLF041)
LFA1 - Vendor Master (General Section)
LFA1BRAZIL - Vendor Master Data - Brazil
LFA1M1 - Generated Table for View
LFA1_APP_DI - Vendor Master (General Part) Direct Input
LFA1_DI - Vendor Master (General Part) Direct Input
LFA1_FS - Vendor Master LFA...

LFB1 - Vendor Master (Company Code)
LFB1_APP_DI - Vendor Master (Company Code) Direct Input
LFB1_DI - Vendor Master (Company Code) Direct Input
LFB1_FS - Vendor Company Code
LFB1_KEY_S - Key company code data vendor with client
LFB1_KR - Vendor Master Enhancement for Korea LFB...

LFC1 - Vendor master (transaction figures)
LFC1_AEDAT - Generated Table for View
LFC1_BAK - Vendor Master (Transaction Figures)
LFC3 - Vendor master (special G/L transaction figures)
LFC3_AEDAT - Generated Table for View
LFC3_BAK - Vendor Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures) LFC...

LFEI - Vendor Master: Preference for Import and Export
LFEUF - Workfields for SAPLFEUF
LFEUR - Work fields for SAPLFEUR
LFIELD_POSTING_DETAIL - Sales Price Calculation: Update Detail Screen
LFIELD_POSTING_MAIN_COND - Sales Price Calaulation: Update of Main Conditions
LFIELD_POSTING_SUPPL_COND - Sales Price Calculation: Update of Supplementary Conditions
LFINF - Delivery information Project System
LFINFOBJ - Delivery inforamation for Project System object
LFINFX - Assignment delivery information to Project System objects LFI...

LFLR - Vendor Master Record: Supply Regions
LFM1 - Vendor master record purchasing organization data
LFM1_KEY_S - Key purchasing organization data vendor with client
LFM1_TDNAME_EXTRACT - Extract Structure for DataSource 0LFM1_TDNAME_ATTR
LFM2 - Vendor Master Record: Purchasing Data
LFM2I1 - Include LFM1 LFM2
LFM2_KEY_S - Key purchasing data vendor with client LFM...

LFOBJ - Project System object data (IDs and selected fields)
LFPVB - Delivery Item View for Picking VBLKP + LVBLK
LFSSTN - Sustainability details for Vendor
LFSSTN_CERT - Vendor sustainability certificates
LFS_CREATE_MODE - Create Mode Structure
LFS_MODE - Create Mode Structure
LFS_SSTN - Vendor Master Sustainability Fields
LFS_SSTN_ALV - Vendor Master Sustainability Fields LFS...

LFTYP_RAN - Range structure for vendor billing document category
LFVDDP - Error log for func. mod. TEXT_INTERFACE
LFVI7 - Line item display with Real Estate information
LFVI8 - SAPLFVI8 - Screen-only fields
LFVI9 - SAPLFVI9 - Screen-only fields
LFZA - Permitted Alternative Payee


LGASLIST - List of all logon groups with preferred application server
LGAUS - Transfer Structure for Batch Determination
LGEF1 - For Data Transfer from Substance Database to MGEF
LGEF2 - Substance Number and Its Character Name and Value
LGEF3 - Character Value and Its Transferred Value
LGEN_INVMLERPBYS_QU2 - InventoryManagedLocationERPBySite Query Message
LGEN_INVMLERPBYS_RP2 - InventoryManagedLocationERPBySite Response Message
LGEN_PLANTERP_ADDR_BY_EL_QU - Proxy Structure (Generated) LGE...

LGORT - Material Master View on Storage Location and Batch Selection
LGORT_KEY - Storage location key for POI
LGO_RANGE - Range for Storage Location Number (LGORT)
LGPRI - Priority log
LGPS_EE_CONTRIBUTIONS - LGPS Employee Contributions
LGPS_EE_RATES - LGPS Employee Contribution Rate Changes
LGRQA - Resource qualifications log
LGRWD - Help Fields for the Function Group 'GRWD'
LGRWO - RW: Dynpro Fields of Function Group LGRWO
LGRWR - Dynpro Fields for Report Texts
LGRWR_0150 - Screen Fields for Report Texts
LGRWU - Structure for Fields of Function Group GRWU LGR...

LGSBD - Help Fields for the Function Group 'GSBD'
LGTKA - Task actual execution data log
LGTKL - Task pool log
LGTKS - Task status log


LHMATTR_LHTYPE - Legal Hold Case: Legal Hold Type
LHMATTR_LHTYPET - Legal Hold Case: Legal Hold Type
LHM_CASE_ATTR - Table with Additional Attributes for Legal Hold Cases
LHM_EDIS_REPORTS - E-Discovery Reports (Control Table for F4 Help)
LHM_LH_ARCHIVED - Legal Holds in Archive Files LHM...

LHUMAT - Material Stock of a HU
LHUQUA - Quants for HUs at Goods Movements
LHUQUA1 - Quants for HUs at Goods Movements - Supplement
LHUQUA_VB - Quants for HUs at Goods Movements - Total


LIB_FIELDS - Library Fields (Field Category)
LICENSE - License Entry
LICENSE_DATA - Storage of SAP Licenses
LICENSE_HASH - Index Table to Allow Quicker Access to LICENSE_DATA

LIDEST - New Destination Location (for Storage Bin)
LIEF01 - Transfer structure for determining vendor keys
LIEF02 - Transfer structure for determining vendor/co. code keys
LIEF03 - Transfer structure for determining vendor/POrg keys
LIEFERUNGEN - Deliveries for Picking Waves for ALV / VL35
LIEFER_VORGABE_DATEN - Data that is pre-defined during delivery creation
LIEF_PLUS - Deliveries for Creating Picking Waves + Sorting LIE...

LIFBE - Sequential Reading of MSLB
LIFE - List fields
LIFNR_RAN - Range structure for selection of Account Number of Vendor
LIFNR_RANG - Range table for vendor - general use
LIFRE_RAN - Range category for different invoicing party (wbrk-lifre)
LIF_MW_S - Structure for vendor-related char. value conversion LIF...

LIHWR - Request Header Interface for request w/o reference
LIHWR_CUST_APPEND - Append structure for Customer fields in LIRQh
LIIWR - Request Items Interface for request w/o reference
LIIWR_CUST_APPEND - Append structure for Customer fields in LIRQI
LIKEY_ERROR - Error Message of the LIKEY Library
LIKEY_LICENSE - Data of a LIKEY License
LIKP - SD Document: Delivery Header Data
LIKPD - Dynamic Part of Delivery Header
LIKPUK - Generated Table for View
LIKPUKWA - Header and Status Data for Goods Issue and Reversal of GI LIK...

LIME_EXTDATA - MIGO External Data for MTQ
LIME_MB - Header Data to Map Material Document
LIME_MTQDATA - MTQ-Relevant Data for LIME
LIME_MTQ_SCREEN - Structures for MTQ Subscreen Fields
LIME_QUANTITIES - Structures for Quantities in LIME
LIMTV - View: Delivery Items for Material LIM...

LINE - Line
LINE10 - SAPscript: Text Lines
LINE11 - SAPscript: Text Lines
LINE12 - SAPscript: Text Lines
LINE13 - SAPscript: Text Lines
LINE14 - SAPscript: Text Lines LIN...

LIPOSTV - View: Header and Item Delivery Information
LIPOV - View: Header and Item Delivery Information
LIPOVSTZ - Customer Modification Part for Table LIPOVST
LIPOVZ - Customer modification division for Table LIPOV
LIPOV_GROUP_HEADER - Delivery Monitor: Group List Headings
LIPOV_GROUP_ITEM - Delivery Monitor: Group List LIP...

LIRQD - LES-TRM interface request structure (dependencies)
LIRQH - LES-TRM interface requst structure (header)
LIRQH_CUST_APPEND - Append structure for Customer fields in LIRQH
LIRQI - LES-TRM interface request structure (item)
LIRQI_CUST_APPEND - Append structure for Customer fields in LIRQI
LISAKT - Background Planning Activities
LISAKTTXT - Text table for LISAKT
LISCDERR - LIS Connections: Status of Connection Check
LISCENSYS - LIS: Central Systems and Logical Target Systems
LISCFG_CON - LIS: Personal Settings - Overview
LISCFG_OVR - LIS: Personal Settings - Overview LIS...

LIVPR - Input verification profile
LIVPRV_VV - Generated Table for View
LIVPRY_VV - Generated Table for View
LIVPR_V - Generated Table for View
LIWAV - Delivery Note View for Goods Issue
LIWK - Return Code and Messages for Deliveries


LJRKVB - Reference Structure for XJLRK/YJLRK
LJV02 - IS-PSD: Table for Screen Fields in Module Pool SAPLJV02


LK01 - WM communication record 1
LK02 - WM communication record 2
LKLAH - Class Header (Special Objects)
LKO74 - Screen Fields for SAPLKO74
LKO74S - Display Processing Status for CO Bulk Processing
LKO74SEND - Sender Table for Transfer to SAPLKO74
LKO77V - Tax code per activity
LKO99 - Structure for function group KO99
LKOFA - Field string for function pool KOFA LKO...

LKP74 - Screen fields for projects
LKSML - Characteristics of a Class
LKSSK - Allocation Table: Object to Class
LKURS - Business Event Booking Procedure in List Entry Screen


LL01 - Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Transfer Order Items
LL02 - Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Transfer Requirement Items
LL03 - Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Posting Change Documents
LL04 - Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Deliveries
LL05 - Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Stocks
LL06 - Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Storage Bins LL0...

LLAKTION - Action for a Whse Activity Monitor Object
LLGRH - Request log
LLGRH_CUST_APPEND - Append structure for Customer fields in LRQSH
LLGRI - Request item log
LLGRI_CUST_APPEND - Request item Log table customer append
LLGRN - Request network log
LLGRQ_CUST_APPEND - Request header Log table customer append LLG...

LLIEF_FLDAPP - Append Structure for Field LLIEF (IS2ERP)
LLIK - Selected delivery headers für multiple processing
LLIKS - Accumulated deliveries for multiple processing
LLINE - Structure of List Line in %_LINE (ABAP/4 Internal)
LLIST - Screen/Work Fields for Field Group List
LLLVW - Whse Activity Monitor Object: Data Management Information
LLMOD - Mode catalog
LLMODT - Mode catalog - description
LLOCT - Site
LLOCTT - Site - description
LLREP - Warehouse Activity Monitor: Block Monitor Object
LLS1 - WM Communication Record Connection to Warehouse Ctrl Unit
LLS2 - WM Communication Record 02 Confirm Release to WCU
LLSR - WM Communication Record Connection to Warehouse Ctrl Unit
LLVEL - Level
LLVELT - Level - description
LLVSX - Blocking a WM object for whse number, stor.type, and quant
LLVSY - Block WM Object for Warehouse Number and Quant


LMADD_ARTNR - Selection Of Articles For New Assignment (For ALV)
LMBI_DO - Operation
LMBI_DO_CUST - Customer data for presentation
LMBI_DO_CUSTOM - Customer data for presentation
LMBI_LOCALITY - Source/Destination locality
LMBI_MOVE_CUST - Customer data for presentation LMB...

LMCB0 - I/O table, F-group MCB0 Logisticis Controlling
LMCB2 - I/O Table for Detailed Info: INVCO/LIS
LMCF1 - Internal Table for Input/Output Diagram
LMCF1_ARB - Work Center
LMCF1_FAUF - Production Order

LMEIN - Units of Measure in WM
LMENU - Menu tree
LMENUT - Menu tree - description
LMENUV_VV - Generated Table for View
LMENUY_VV - Generated Table for View
LMENU_V - Generated Table for View LME...

LMHIS - Dates history table --> Delete
LMNCT - Menu item catalog
LMNCTT - Menu item catalog - description
LMNCTV_VV - Generated Table for View
LMNCTY_VV - Generated Table for View
LMNCT_V - Generated Table for View
LMNRT - Mandatory routes LMN...

LMOBD - Object class ID
LMOBDL_VV - Generated Table for View
LMOBDV_VV - Generated Table for View
LMOBDX_VV - Generated Table for View
LMOBDY_VV - Generated Table for View
LMOBD_V - Generated Table for View LMO...

LMSDCIACT - Integrated Limit Check in CFM: Activation
LMTHD - Methods
LMTHDL_VV - Generated Table for View
LMTHDT - Methods - description
LMTHDV_VV - Generated Table for View
LMTHDX_VV - Generated Table for View
LMTHDY_VV - Generated Table for View LMT...

LMVAR_OF_LMVER - Structure for the Selection of Layout Module Variants
LMVRT - Variant for TRM Monitoring
LMV_AND_LMVV - Layout Module Versions And Version Variants
LMV_VV_TEXT - Layout Modules With Text, Version And Variant


LNGTAUTO - Language Transports: Current Request in SE63
LNGTCOLL - Language Transports: Directory of Collective Transports
LNGTCONF - Language Transports: Parameters for Automatic Recording
LNGTINFO - Generated Table for View
LNGTREQU - Language Transports: All Requests Used in SE63
LNGTSE63 - Language Transports: Current Request in SE63 LNG...

LNK_OBJP_S - Relationship Reference + Position of an Object (A or B)
LNODE - Node
LNODET - Node - description
LNPOS - Structure for variant table lines
LNRDP - Dynpro fields of number range intervals Dynpro 1503x (local)
LNRIV - Number range interval structure, transfer for function mod.


LOADCHECK - Load limit for extended program check
LOANNUMBER - Structure for Contract Numbers
LOANREF - Transfer Structure for Loan Unit
LOANREF_A - Reference Records of Loan Reference Unit for Disbursement
LOANREF_O - Records of Loan Reference Unit for Open Items
LOANREF_OS - Saved Ref. Records Open Items per Business Operation No. LOA...

LOBGR - Object grouping
LOBJDEF - Def. of translation-dependent objects
LOBM_BATCH_CHANGE_CONFIRMATION - BatchChangeConfirmation_sync

LOCAFVC_PS - Cost reports in PS
LOCALIZED_STRING - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LOCAL_TREE_STRUCTURE - Structure of Tree for Local Structure Overview
LOCATION - City, described by different objects in the SAP System
LOCATION_I - City: Identification
LOCATION_N - City information, from a transportation connection point LOC...

LOEKZ_RAN - Range structure for selection of Purchase Info.
LOG3 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
LOGADR_ATTR_FIEB - Attributes of Logical Addresses
LOGADR_ATTR_FIEB_IF - Attributes of Logical Addresses (Interface Structure)
LOGADR_PHAD_FIEB - Physical Address for a Logical Address
LOGBUCH - Logbook: Statistical Information
LOGDN - Assignment of FI Document Key - Logical Transaction LOG...

LOIPLANPER - General Planning Period for Selection
LONGFIELD - Field line
LONGTEXT_EXT - External Format of CATS Long Text
LONGTEXT_INT - Internal Format of CATS Long Text
LONGTYPES - Control String for Checking Long Fields
LONG_DESCRIPTION2 - Proxy Structure (generated) LON...

LOPD_RES - Results structure for LOPD LOG
LOPD_S_RES - Simple log for reorganising LOPD access
LOPL_LOCATION_BULK_REQUEST - Location ERP Bulk Request Asynchronous Message
LOPL_LOCATION_BULK_REQUEST_MES - Location Bulk Request Message Data Type
LOPL_LOCATION_REQUEST - Location Request Asynchronous Message
LOPL_LOCATION_REQUEST_MESSAGE - Location Request Message Data Type LOP...

LORDC_INTFOBJ - Lean Order: Interface Objects
LORDC_MAPPING - Mapping Table for Lean Order Interface
LORD_GAF_EWB_MAP - Obsolete, do not use!
LORD_GAF_EWB_OBJ - Object types for LO GAF Enhancement Workbench
LORD_GAF_EWB_TAB - Sources for cust fields of object types for LO GAF EWB
LORD_MAPPING - Mapping Table for Lean Order Interface LOR...



LPAHI - Work area for parameter history
LPAPS - Application parameters
LPAPSV_VV - Generated Table for View LPAPSV_VV
LPAPSY_VV - Generated Table for View LPAPSY_VV
LPAPS_V - Generated Table for View LPAPS_V
LPDVC - Presentation device
LPDVCV_VV - Generated Table for View LPDVCV_VV
LPDVC_V - Generated Table for View LPDVC_V
LPDX - Planning runtime table: INDX table
LPICKHUSHOW - Structure for F4 for pick-HU during confirmation
LPLTM - Planned time for task creation lags
LPOS - Commitment Items: Long Text Line
LPO_BOM - BOM data (components)
LPO_BOM_GETDETAIL - Selection parameters for BOM data
LPO_CONFIRMATION - Posted Production Confirmation
LPO_DS_OPTION - Checklist to get master data (Material, BOM, WC assignment) LPO...

LPRALV - Data Transport to ALV (Report RLVSDR20)
LPRDR - Log for printer determination
LPROT - Analysis Storage Bin Search
LPRSN - Personalization
LPRSNT - Personalization - description
LPRSNV_VV - Generated Table for View LPR...

LPSTRUC - Listpainter Structure


LQALS - Insp.lots to be updated during creation of TO
LQBL - Bulk Storage Confirmation - Help Table
LQPL1 - Data transf.structure for querying the sample quantities
LQPRS - List Output Structure for Physical Samples
LQUA - Quants
LQUA1 - Help fields for loop processing of LQUA segments
LQUAB - Total quant counts for certain strategies
LQUAE - Internal structure for blocking table LQUA
LQUAS - Quant totals per storage type
LQUAU - Quants that are proposed for posting changes LQU...


LRBKPF - Documents as Result of Logical Document Reorg. (RFB80U00)
LREFN - Help Structure for Multiple Print in WM
LREP1 - Replenishment: Create Transmission Struct.for TO
LREP2 - Replenishment: Determine Transfer Structure for Replenishm.
LREPE - Replenishment: Block Material and Bin for Replenishment
LREPL - WM: Replenishment by TR Through User Exit
LRESB - WM-PP interface: transmission structure LRE...

LRFA - Group Information for Log, Closing Screen
LRFN - Group Numbers per Reference Document Type (Addit. Data)
LRFS - Groups Totaled per Reference Document Type
LRF_D100_S1 - RF Monitor: I/O Fields Screen 100
LRF_D900_S1 - RF Monitor: I/O Fields Screen 900
LRF_LTAK_S1 - RF Monitor: TO Headers in List Display LRF...

LRITK - Request - task progress
LRMSG - Resources messages
LRM_ADK_SWITCH - Use S_IRM Instead of S_LRM for Users Entered
LRM_BS_RST_CONDS - IRM: Conditions for Business Suite and Residence Times
LRM_BS_RST_RULES - IRM: Rules for Business Suite and Residence Times
LRM_BS_RTP_CONDS - IRM: Conditions for Business Suite and Retention Periods
LRM_BS_RTP_RULES - IRM: Rules for Business Suite and Retention Periods LRM...

LROUT - Routing
LROUTC - Labour Relations (ZA) - Outcomes
LROUTC_S - Outcomes (Lab.Rel ZA) with selection flag
LRPART - Labour Relations (ZA) - Participants
LRPART_S - Participants (Lab.Rel ZA) with selection flag
LRPOTCH - Generated Table for View LRPOTCH
LRPROC - Labour Relations (ZA) - Process/Levels
LRPROC_S - Processes/Steps (Lab.Rel ZA) with selection flag
LRP_ADMIN_RECOD - Administrative Data LRP...

LRQNT - Request network
LRQSH - Request
LRQSH_CUST_APPEND - Append structure for Customer fields in LRQSH
LRQSI - Request item
LRQSI_CUST_APPEND - Append structure for Customer fields in LRQSI
LRSE_CLASSES - RSE Class Dictionary - System Table of Classes (Local)
LRSKUNNR - Customer numbers
LRSNC - External vs Internal reason code
LRSNCT - External vs Internal reason code - description
LRSQA - Resource qualifications
LRSRC - Resource LRS...

LRTCP - Capacity assignment for resource types
LRTEX - Route exceptions
LRTEXT - Labour Relations Text
LRTQA - Resource type and resource element qualifications


LS0F_HRTEMOCCUPATION - Reservations per Course
LSACTIVITY - Course Participation Data
LSACTIVITY300 - Course Participation, Prebookings, Cancellations
LSACTIVITYSCR - Formatted Data for Course Participation
LSADDRESS - LSO Building Address (T777A)
LSALERT - Data for Alerts per Participant
LSAM - WM transmission record for transfer order multiple process. LSA...

LSBAPI1002 - Learning Solution - Object Description (Infotype 1002)
LSBAPICATEGORY - Course Group Data
LSBAPICOST - Cost Centers of a Course
LSBAPIDESC - Description
LSBAPIDEVPLAN - Development Plan of Course Types
LSBAPIEGDAT - Course Group Data LSB...

LSCANCELLATION - Participation Cancellation Data
LSCANCELREASON - Cancellation Reason with Text
LSCANCELREASONTEXT - Cancellation Reason with Text and Costs with Currency
LSCANCELREASONTEXT300 - Cancellation Reason Text
LSCANCELREASON_COURSE - Cancellation Reason with Text

LSDELIVERYMETHOD - Learning Solution - Delivery Methods (Texts) / Front End
LSECC - Capacity of Static Execution Control (SEC)
LSEG - Document for Inward and Outward Movements
LSEG1 - Help Fields for Processing LSEG Segments
LSEG_COM - Communication Structure for Posting Warehouse Documents
LSEG_VB - Transmission Structure LSEG + LSEG1 for Update Task
LSELCONDS - Selection conditions for translation (by type) LSE...

LSHR - HR Order Confirmations (Durations/Time Tickets)
LSHRI1021 - Infotype 1021 fields
LSHRI1026 - Infotype 1026 fields
LSHRI5008 - Duration of Courses (FIELDS OF INFOTYPE 5002)
LSHRI5008CHAR - Duration of Courses in Character Format and Full Text LSH...

LSKEYVALUE - Structure for Transporting Values from CL_LSO_CONST
LSLEARNER - Identification of a Learner
LSLEARNERINFO - Information on the Learner
LSLEARNER_INFO - Information on the Learner (Copy)
LSLEARN_ESIGNDOC - LS: Learner Signature Rule 1
LSLSPSRVSTRU - LSP Service Description (Structure)
LSLSPSYSSTRU - Service for Communication with External LMS (Structure) LSL...

LSOALERTTYPE - Data for Alerts per Course
LSOARC_GRST - Gravestone for LSO Archiving Object
LSOBJECTADDRESS - Building Address for Object
LSOBJECTMAIL - General HR Object with E-Mail (SMTP) - Address
LSOBJECTMAIL_COURSE - General HR Object with E-Mail (SMTP) - Address LSO...

LSPAGE_ALIAS - Definition of Page Aliases of SAP Learning Solution
LSPAGE_ALIAS_C - Customizing Table for Definition of BSP Pages
LSPARTDATA - Brief Data on Course Participation
LSPREBOOKING - Prebookings per Participant
LSPRICES - Structure for Course Fees
LSQUALIFICATION - Qualification/Requirement with Scale Proficiency
LSQUALIFICATION_C - Result of Qualification Matchup
LSQUALIFICATION_D - Qualification/Requirement with Depreciation Meter
LSQUALIFICATION_S - Qualification with Scale Table
LSQUALIFICATION_X - Extended Qualification/Requirement
LSQUALIPROF - Qualification with Proficiency LSQ...

LSRSCREEN - DMC Structure: Central Rules
LSRZN - Serving zone
LSSCALE - Scale Table (All Proficiencies with Descriptions)
LSSTRATEGY - Learning Strategy
LSTA_REC - HR-DE: Employment Tax Notification - Key Figures
LSTB - Transfer Structure for SAPscript Forms
LSTC_DNL_GROUP - Grouping of Listing Items (R/3 Download)
LSTC_FIELDCAT - Listing Field Catalog
LSTC_PRP_I_ACSZ - PPR product access
LSTC_PRP_MAP_CND - Listing object linkage: PPR Type <=> condition table LST...

LSURLS - Links to Content of Course Type
LSUTO - Mobile Data Entry: Relationship Shipping Unit to TO
LSWF_CUSTOMIZE - Copy: Workflow Customizing SAP Learning Solution
LSWF_RUNNING - Copy: Current Workflows per Activity Type
LSWOR - Classification System: Keywords
LSWSCUSTOMERAUTHORIZATION - WebService: Customer Authorization in eLSP
LSWSENROLLCOURSE - WebService: List of Courses to Be Booked
LSWSENROLLRETURN - WebService: Return for Enroll User Service LSW...


LTABEXITS - Technical data for object types (translation)
LTAK - WM transfer order header
LTAK1 - Appendix TO header
LTAK_VB - Transmission structure LTAD + LTAK1 for update task
LTAP - Transfer order item
LTAP1 - Help fields for loop processing of LTAP segments LTA...

LTB1 - Create transmission structure for funct.mod.for transf.rqmnt
LTBA - Create transmission structure for funct.mod.for transf.rqmnt
LTBC - Cancel transmission structure function mod.for transf.rqmnts
LTBC1 - Cancel transmission structure function mod.for transf.rqmnts
LTBK - Transfer requirement header
LTBK1 - Help fields for table processing of TR headers LTB...

LTCONV - Conversion table, object type - TADIR object
LTCTW - Crit. time window & dynamic due date priority estimation
LTCX - Generic store for extracts
LTC_PROTEC_STMT1 - Latch Monitoring
LTC_PROTEC_STMT2 - Latch Monitoring LTC...

LTDHTTMPL - ALV: HTML Templates (Language-Dependent)
LTDX - Generic storage of display variants
LTDXADMIN - Display variant management information
LTDXB - Storage of BLOBs for display variants from LTDX
LTDXD - Default display variants LTD...

LTEX - Generic store for extracts
LTEXADMIN - Display variant management information
LTEXTRACT - Extract (internal use)
LTEXT_BI - Batch input structure for long texts
LTEXT_KEY - Layout Object Long Text Lines - Key Fields LTE...

LTFILL - Language tool fill
LTHU - Assignment of Pick-HUs to Transfer Orders
LTHU_CREAT - Structure for Assignment of Pick-HUs to TA
LTHU_SUB - Structure for Transmitting LTHU Records to External System
LTICON - Container fields for icons
LTIF_ACTIVITY - Activity list for presentation
LTIF_ACTUAL_DATA - Actual Data for LES Confirmation
LTIF_ACTUAL_DATA_CUST - Customer Data in LES Confirmation
LTIF_ATTR_PRSNT - Presentation attributes
LTIF_ATTR_VALUE - Allowed values LTI...

LTKEG - Tasks-Execution Group Objects (EGO) mapping
LTKPL - Task pool
LTKPL_CUSTOM_APPEND - Append structure for Customer fields in LTKPL
LTKRT - Task - resource type
LTMC_DISP_TEMP - Generic store for extracts
LTODIR - Object List for Switch
LTODN - Structure for Late Delivery Update
LTRAN - General structure for language import
LTRAN_AUTO - TRM: Automatic distribution result display structure
LTRAN_SHOW - Accounting information display structure
LTRCT - Logical transaction catalog
LTRCTT - Logical transaction catalog - description
LTRCTV_VV - Generated Table for View LTR...

LTSKM_ACC_S_LMODE_TREE - ACC Mode Maintenance - Data structure for table control
LTSKM_ACC_S_LTRMS_WEIGHT - ACC Mode Maintenance - Screen structure for weight
LTSKM_ACC_S_MODE_TEXTS - ACC mode maintenance - Screen structure for text
LTSKM_LTKPL - Task pool structure for monitoring
LTSKM_LTKPL_ALERT - Task pool structure for alerts
LTSKM_LTKPL_PROB_ALERT - Task pool structure for alerts - problematic tasks LTS...

LTVARIANT - Layout (Internal Use)
LTX1 - Data Transfer: Long Texts Data Division
LTX1_TMP - File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input
LTX1_UEB - Data Transfer: Long Texts
LTXT_KEY - Key for reading long texts
LTYPESTECH - Technical data for object types (translation)


LUBQU - Quants for posting change
LUBU - Posting Change Document
LUBU1 - Help fields for table processing of posting changes
LUBUI - Implicit posting change notice
LUCOUPN_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Meals Coupon Deduction
LUNCH_DE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Lunch Deduction
LUNCH_DE_TIME_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Lunch Deduction Time of Day


LV03V - GI Availability: Stock Transport Order
LV05E - Work Area for Function Module SAPLV05E
LV05K - Work Area for Function Module SAPLV05K
LV07B - Work Area for Function Module SAPLV07B
LV07C - Work Area for Function Module SAPLV07C LV0...

LV13F - Conditions: Views - Internal Fields
LV20A - Credit cards: Additional fields
LV45C - Input Fields SAPLV45C
LV45S - Help Fields for SAPLV45S
LV45W_ALV - Structure for Output of Includes SAPLV45W / SAPLV56G
LV50C - Input/Output Work Area for SAPLV50C
LV51B - Delivery Plan: Additional Fields - Online Maintenance
LV52F - EAR Handling: Log Structure
LV70T - Work Area for the Function Module SAPLV70T
LVBLK - Help fields for loop processing of VBLKP segments
LVBPOK - Structure for the WM-PP Area - Identical to GT_VBPOK
LVCDINCL - Subset of DFIES (Conversion Exits)
LVCPERFMON - COM Routines Cost Determination Using monitor_oms
LVCSDBSTAT - Statistical Information of a Server DB LVC...

LVEKP - Help Fields for Loop Processing of VEKP Entries
LVK35 - Work Area for Processing Account Values
LVKDF1 - Work Field for SAPLVKDF
LVKKH - Work Fields for SAPLVKKH
LVKKHF - Help Structure for Field Status Grouping
LVS_RLLT2900_STRUCT - Structure for Display in Report RLLT2900
LVVGC - Value-Added Services (VAS) general customization
LVVGC_S - General VAS customization
LVVGC_V - Generated Table for View LVVGC_V
LVVMO - VAS data for monitoring
LVVOR - VAS orders
LVVOR_COMMIT_S - LVVOR type struct. for commit command during WC transaction LVV...


LWB27 - Trading Contract: Structure Transfer Fields for Copying
LWE_S_STATUS - Runtime Status of a Life and Work Event
LWE_S_WFDID - Structure Workflow Definition ID
LWF1_ADDR_HEADER - Header structure for storing address information
LWF1_ANNEXURE - Structure for annexure of legal form
LWF1_EMP_DETAILS - Structure for LWF Leagal Form
LWKCN - Work center operations
LWMHR_C_PARAMS - Parameters
LWMHR_D_MYM_AGIT - Agenda Items
LWMHR_D_MYM_AGND - Agenda Header
LWMHR_D_MYM_MNGR - Favorite Manager of HR Business Partner
LWMHR_D_MYM_NOTE - Notes of HR Business Partner LWM...

LWRKA - Working Area
LWRKAT - Working Area - description
LWRKKEY - Key for Worklists
LWRKLID - Work list ID for individual translator work lists
LWRKLOCK - Lock Structure for Translation
LWRKOBJ - Object lists for worklists LWR...


LXAVIP - Remittance Information passed to table AVIP
LXAVIR - Remittance Subposition items to be passed to AVIR
LXDCKM_DLV_ALERT - Delivery alert structure
LXDCKM_DLV_SLOPT - Selection fields for inbound deliveries
LXDCKM_GROUP - Definition of WM Groups for TRM Monitor
LXDCKM_GROUP_ADD - Group presentation fields for group creation
LXDCKM_INBDLV_HEADER - Inbound delivery for monitor - Header
LXDCKM_INBDLV_ITEM - Inbound delivery for monitor - Item LXD...

LXEAUTH - Translation Environment: Authorizations
LXELOGS - LXE log events
LXEPPAT_ST_LANG_PAIR - Structure of Language Pair
LXEPROF - Translation Authorization Profiles
LXEPROFV - Values for Translation Authorization Profiles LXE...

LXHME_DCKEY - Cross dock decision key
LXHME_DECTO - Decision link to transfer order - transmission structure
LXHME_GROUP_S - Group structure
LXHME_HLPSL - Delivery Selection help structure
LXHME_HUDAT - Handling unit data
LXHME_HUMAN - HU managed storage location LXH...

LXRFN - Request cross-reference
LXVASM_LMVRT_SCR_S - Maintenance variants structure type
LXVASM_LVVOR - LXVAS order monitor ALV
LXVASM_LVVPO - LXVAS packing objects ALV for monitoring
LXVASM_LVVRO - LXVAS request order monitor ALV
LXVASM_LVVRO_SEL - LXVAS request order monitor ALV LXV...

LXWHS - Cross Docking warehouse level customization
LXWHS_V - Generated Table for View LXWHS_V
LXYRDM_ACTIVITY - Activity structure for monitor
LXYRDM_DLVRY_DOC - Processed delivery documents for yard monitor
LXYRDM_DLVRY_DOC_NP - Not processed delivery documents for yard monitor
LXYRDM_DLVRY_SELECT - Processed delivery documents for yard monitor
LXYRDM_LYLGR - Yard location groups for Yard Monitor
LXYRDM_LYLOC - Locations for Yard Monitor LXY...


LYACT - Yard activities
LYARC_LYYRD - Yard structure for Archiving
LYDTP - Location time-dependent properties
LYDTP_V - Generated Table for View LYDTP_V
LYFAG - Forwarding agent attributes
LYFAG1_V - Generated Table for View
LYGRR - Geographical location groups relationship
LYGRR_V - Generated Table for View LYGRR_V
LYGTP - Yard Scheduling Graphic Tool Personalization
LYLCP - Location type capacity
LYLCP_V - Generated Table for View
LYLGR - Geographical location group
LYLGR1_V - Generated Table for View
LYLGRT - Define Location Groups
LYLOC - Yard location LYL...

LYRSN - Reason codes
LYRSNT - Text Table for Reason Codes
LYRSN_V - Generated Table for View
LYSPF - Scheduling profile
LYSPFT - Text Table for Scheduling Profile
LYSPF_V - Generated Table for View
LYYRD - Yard
LYYRDT - Text Table for Yard
LYYRD_V - Generated Table for View


LZBADR - RE: Partner - State Central Bank Address and Addit.Fields
LZBKZ_LANDL_SUBST - Values Set or Changed by BAdI for LZBKZ and LANDL
LZGDF - Zone group definition
LZGDFT - Zone group - description
LZGZN - Zone Group - Zone Relationship
LZNDF - Zone
LZNDFT - Zone - description
LZNNX - Zone Entry-Exit


L_BWLVS - Generated Table for View
L_LAG1E - Generated Table for View
L_LAG1M - Generated Table for View
L_LAG1S - Generated Table for View
L_LAGP - Generated Table for View

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