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K002 - Condition(s) for Customer
K003 - Sales Tax, Germany


K23D - Account Assignments to be Reposted


K70D0 - Export Data for Unit Cost Estimate to Reference Objects
K7100003 -


K810001 - Summarization level KT: 800 KE 01 CE1IDEA 000310
K810002 - Summarization level ST: 800 KE 01 CE1IDEA 000310
K810003 - Summarization level KT: 800 KE 01 CE1IDEA 000311
K810004 - Summarization level ST: 800 KE 01 CE1IDEA 000311
K810005 - Summarization level KT: 800 KE 01 CE1IDEA 000313
K810006 - Summarization level ST: 800 KE 01 CE1IDEA 000313 K81...

K830001 - Summarization level KT: 400 KC 01 CF996 000001
K830002 - Summarization level ST: 400 KC 01 CF996 000001
K830003 - Summarization level KT: 400 KC 01 CF996 000002
K830004 - Summarization level ST: 400 KC 01 CF996 000002
K840001 - Summarization level KT: 800 KK 01 KKROBJ 000001
K840002 - Summarization level ST: 800 KK 01 KKROBJ 000001
K840003 - Summarization level KT: 800 KK 01 KKROBJ 000002
K840004 - Summarization level ST: 800 KK 01 KKROBJ 000002
K840005 - Summarization level KT: 800 KK 01 KKROBJ 000003
K840006 - Summarization level ST: 800 KK 01 KKROBJ 000003 K84...


K9000 - Derivation table for derivation rule $
K9001 - Derivation table for derivation rule A01
K9066 - Ableitungstabelle für Ableitungsregel M10
K9067 - Ableitungstabelle für Ableitungsregel M10
K9068 - Ableitungstabelle für Ableitungsregel M20
K9070 - Ableitungstabelle für Ableitungsregel C10 K90...

K9RALR0000472SAP - Derivation Rule: Destination from Flight Segment
K9RALR0000473SAP - Derivation Rule: Departure Location from Flight Segment
K9RALR0000474SAP - Derivation Rule: Rotation from Flight Number
K9RALR0000475SAP - Derivation Rule: Region from Destination
K9RALR0000476SAP - Derivation Rule: Flight Type from Flight Number
K9RALR1000001SAP - Derivation Rule: Strategic Business Unit from Customer Group K9R...


KABA00 - Stucture of the Parameter/Select Option Table
KABA01 - Screen Fields SAPLKABA: Background Processing
KABA01_DATE - Screen Fields SAPLKABA: Subscreen Dates
KABA01_EVNT - Screen Fields SAPLKABA: Subscreen Event
KABA01_GENERAL - Screen Fields SAPLKABA: General Data
KABA01_INDICATOR - Screen Fields SAPLKABA: Indicators KAB...

KACCT - Internal table for release of set contents
KACTFLOW_Q - CO-OM: Activity flow: Quantity
KACZ - Overhead Selection Screen
KAEPX_DATA - KAEPX: Relevant Fields for KAEPX Select
KAEPX_DATA_CARRIER - KAEPX: Transfer Structure of Additional Selection Criteria
KAEPX_FIELDS - KAEPX: Selected Fields
KAEP_BDG - Field List for Budget Line Items
KAEP_BDG_RC - Report Currency Enhancement for KAEP_BDG KAE...

KAKO - Capacity Header Segment
KAKO_RE - Capacity Categories for Screens With Multi Lines
KAKT - Capacity Description
KALA - Costing Run: General Data/Parameters
KALAMATCON1 - Selection List for Costing Run
KALAMATCON2 - Selection List for Costing Run: Material List
KALAUSER - User-Dependent Settings for Costing Run
KALC - Material Quantity Calculation - Formulas
KALCB - Buffer Table for KALC KAL...

KANKL - Internal Table for Writing Off Set Contents (ANLKL)
KANZ - Assignment of Sales Order Items - Costing Objects
KAP8_TIMEST - BW PS: Time Stamp Tables for Delta Extraction
KAPA - Shift Parameters for Available Capacity
KAPA_API01 - API structure: capacities, initial screen
KAPA_API02 - API structure: capacities, header data
KAPA_API03 - API structure: capacities, intervals of available capacity
KAPA_API04 - API structure: capacities, shift values KAP...

KARTE - Kanban Data Structure
KASSC - Internal table for release of set contents
KASS_FIELDS - Various Fields for Function Group KASS
KAST - Index: sales order - bill of material
KAUF - Administration data for internal orders
KAUF_IND - Index for order numbers
KAUF_RESULT - Result structure
KAVIS_HEMAIL_LINE_TYPE - Hash Value f. E-Mail Address for Vendor XML Payment Advice
KAZA - General structure for KAZY and KAPA
KAZB - Overhead Calculation: Initial Screen
KAZB_STAT - Internal structure for the KAZB type group
KAZS - Overhead: Costing Sheet
KAZST - Overhead: Costing Sheet Overview
KAZT - Dictionary fields for function group KAZT KAZ...


KBALHDR - Change document structure: Generated by RSSCD000
KBAP001 - Funds Management/Position Management Interface
KBAPRETURN - Return Parameters
KBAS_CELEMRPLCO_BULK_MSG - Bulk confirmation about replication of cost element
KBAS_CELEMRPLRQ_BULK_MSG - Bulk replication request for cost element
KBAS_COSTCTRGRPHRYRPLCO_MSG - Confirmation for replication of cost center group hierarchy KBA...

KBD_OM_ACI_BP2BP_POST_S - Structure Activity Input BP to BP: Check/Post
KBD_OM_ACI_BP2CA_POST_S - Structure Activity Input BP to CCtr/Acty: Check/Post
KBD_OM_ACI_BP2CC_POST_S - Structure Activity Input BP to CCtr: Check/Post
KBD_OM_ACI_BP2OR_POST_S - Structure Activity Input BP to Order: Check/Post
KBD_OM_ACI_CA2BP_POST_S - Structure Activity Input CCtr/Acty to BP: Check/Post
KBD_OM_ACI_CA2CA_POST_S - Structure Activity Input CCtr/Acty to CCtr/Acty: Check/Post KBD...

KBED - Capacity Requirements Records
KBED01 - Capacity Requirement Records (for LDB) - 01
KBED01_UPDATE_RELEVANT - Fields relevant to the update from KBED/Z (sim. vers.)
KBED01_UPD_OP2VS - Fields from KBED01(Sim.vers.) NOT relevant for update
KBED01_UPD_VS2OP - Fields from KBED01(Sim.vers.) NOT relevant for update
KBED01_UPD_VS2VS - Fields from KBED01(Sim.vers.) NOT relevant for update KBE...

KBFM - Transfer structure for FB 'RWIN_CALL_WITH_KBFM'
KBKO - Header Record for Capacity Requirements
KBKOI - KBKO Include Structure (Capacity Requirements Header)
KBKP - Document Header (Account Maintenance)
KBLD - Screen fields for SAPMKBLD
KBLDVA - Field Catalog for Value Adjustments
KBLD_FMSP - Rule-Based Account Distributions result flag
KBLD_PRINT - Form Data for Earmarked Funds
KBLE - Document Item Processing: Manual Document Entry
KBLESUM - Totals Table KBLE KBL...

KBM_CLASS_DATA - Data for sales order-BOM allocation class
KBS1_ALV_FIELDS - Base Object Costing Fields for Overview List
KBS1_ALV_SELECTION_FIELDS - Selection Base Object Cost Estimates (Selection from List)
KBVL - Individual Customer Plng File Entry, MRP Area Long-Term Plng
KBVLEXT - Planning file entries MTO: Enhanced structure for ALV grid
KBVM - Individual Customer Planning File Entry, MRP Area
KBWOM_FUNDMGMT - Fields: Funds Management
KBWSL - Internal Table for Writing Off Set Contents (BWASL)
KBXXN_TC_ORDER - Field Sequence in Table Control for Manual Actual Postings


KCBPRB - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
KCC_COM_LIST - List of comments
KCC_DOCU_FIELDS - Comments in EIS: Structure for Documentation Data Elements
KCC_FIELDS - Field structure for definition of a comment table
KCC_TKCCOT - Directory of the comment tables
KCDAP - Data Transfer: Application Programs
KCDBN - Data transfer: package of sender structures
KCDBNS - Data transfer: package - sender structures
KCDBNT - Data transfer: sender structure package - texts
KCDDIDEP - Data transfer: structure of the compound characteristic
KCDDIFIE - Data transfer: DDIC information KCD...

KCH_CHANGE_POINTER - Change Management: Change Pointer
KCK710 - Comments for FPI
KCK770 -
KCK880 -
KCK899 - comments for 899
KCK996 - comments for 996
KCK999 - comment table 999 KCK...

KCMDTBP_ALL - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
KCMDTCC_ALL - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
KCMDTPC_ALL - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
KCMDTPC_BUKRS - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
KCOFP - Transfer structure for COFP setup/update (value type =62
KCONS - Consent Data: Consent data provided for legal entity
KCONSKCONS - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
KCONS_CHNL - Consent Data: Communication Channels
KCONS_CHNL_T - Consent Data: Communication Channels description
KCONS_CUST_ORG - Consent Data: Customer defined Legal Entity KCO...

KCPY_S_DONE - List Structure for Plan Integration of Network/ECP
KCR05_SCREEN - Screen Structure for View Resource
KCR06_SCREEN - Screen Structure for View Link
KCR07_SCREEN - Screen Structure for View for Cost Center/Activity Type
KCR08_SCREEN - Screen Structure for View for Business Process
KCR09_SCREEN - Screen Str. for View for Cost Center/Act.Type - Time-Dep.
KCRMCO_IS_CSCEN_ADD_FIELDS - Reporting Complex Scenario: Additional Fields KCR...

KCSADDCOFP - Additional COFP fields due to customer solutions
KCSCOFP - Fields added to COFP for customer solution
KCSKAB - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
KCSKSB - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
KCSL - SAP-EIS: Data slices
KCSLA - SAP-EIS: assigning data slices to tables KCS...

KCTVTPL - Structure for Formula Planning Templates
KCTV_ERR_IDX - Table Entries with Errors
KCTV_VALUES - Values for Formula Planning Display
KCVAR - SAP-EIS: data slice variables
KCVART - SAP-EIS: data slice variable meanings


KDFIT - Internal structure for field descriptions
KDLIT - Internal structure for list output
KDL_LOIO - KEN: Instances of Logical Information Objects
KDL_LOIOT - KEN: Description of Logical Information Objects
KDL_LOPR - KEN: Attributes of Logical Information Objects
KDL_LORE - KEN: Outgoing Links of Logical Information Objects
KDL_LORI - KW: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects KDL...

KDM_CHKF - KPro Demo: File Name of Last Check-Out
KDM_CHKO - KPro Demo: Check-Out Data for Physical Information Object
KDM_CONT1 - KPro Demo: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
KDM_IDXSTA - KPro Demo: Status Table for Indexing Documents
KDM_LOIO - KPro Demo: Instance of Logical Information Objects
KDM_LOIOT - KPro Demo: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects KDM...

KDPB - Allocation Index Independent Requirements to Sales Order
KDPBO - Open allocations from customer reqmt/reservation/dep.reqmt
KDPBS - Open allocations from customer reqmt/reservation/dep.reqmt
KDPL - Index customer order -> planned order
KDP_CHKF - KW: File Name of Last Check-out
KDP_CHKO - KW: Physical Information Object Check-out Data KDP...

KDST - Sales Order to BOM Link
KDSTB - Buffer Table for KDST Records
KDSTS - KDST - Supplement
KDS_NODE - Node Table for General Structure Storage
KDS_NODER - General Structure Storage References
KDS_NODET - General Structure Storage Node Names KDS...

KDVL - Individual Customer Planning File Entry, Long-Term Planning
KDVM - Individual Customer Planning File Entry


KE1_PRCTRGRP_RPLCTN_CO - Confirmation for replication of profit center group hierarch
KE1_PRCTRGRP_RPLCTN_RQ - Replication request for profit center group hierarchy
KE1_PRCTR_RPLCTN_BULKCO - Bulk confirmation about replication of profit center
KE1_PRCTR_RPLCTN_BULKRQ - Bulk replication request for profit center
KE1_SX_PRCTRGRP - Profit Center Group
KE1_SX_PRCTRGRP_RPLCTN_WS - Auxiliary Structure for Replication of Profit Center Groups KE1...

KEABC_DYNPTAB - KEABC: Selection in Dialog Box
KEBAN - Transfer Structure for Read Accesses
KECMRFCCHA - RFC Transfer Structure for Charact. Assignment CRM - CO-PA
KECMRFCQNT - RFC Transfer Structure for Quantity Field Assignmt CRM/CO-PA
KECMRFCVAL - RFC Transfer Structure for Value Field Assignment CRM/CO-PA
KECRM_T8A10 - PCA: Substitution for CRM Integration
KED1_S_FIELD_TRANS - Mapping of ABAP field name to database field name
KED1_S_ORDER_BY - Sort order for read accesses
KED1_S_SEL - Selection criteria for read accesses
KED1_S_SF - Field list for read accesses
KEDRCOPA - CO-PA Characteristic Derivation: Global Structure
KEDRHELP - Characteristic Derivation: Structure for F1/F4 KED...

KEFV_ADDON - Distribution Key Maintenance - Application-Specific Add-Ons
KEFV_ADDON_ITEM - Structure for Distribution Key Add-Ons Interface
KEFV_FVALUE - Distribution Keys: Factor Value Structure
KEFV_MAIN_SCREEN - Distribution Key Screen Structure
KEFV_MNT_ITEM - Distribution Key Maintenance: Tree Item Structure
KEFV_NEW_SPRED - Dialog Structure for New Distribution Key Dialog Box KEF...

KEKO - Product Costing - Header Data
KEKO_CC - Additional Data for Concurrent Costing
KEKO_ENQUE - Lock Arguments for Cost Estimates
KEKO_ENQUEUE_WERKS - Lock Arguments for Cost Estimates (Plant Level)
KEKO_GRC - Extensions for GR Costing KEK...

KENNZAHL - Specifies Key Figure for Logistics Controlling Analysis
KEO_APPL - Enterprise Organization: Applications
KEO_CHANGE_MDATA - Enterprise Organization: Adapt Master Data During Generation
KEO_FIELDLIST - Enterpr.Structure: Non-active Fields in Master Data Mainten.
KEO_GENREQU - Structure for Generation Request
KEO_ORGUNIT_RESPONSIBILITY - Enterprise Organization: Org.Unit - Responsible Person
KEO_PRIN - Structure (Print EO) KEO...

KEPH - Product Costing: Cost Components for Cost of Goods Mfd
KEPH_VB - Keph extended by sales document for sales order archiving
KEPM_DYNPRO_ACOP - Copy Screen Structure for Automatic Planning Method
KEPM_DYNPRO_ADEL - Screen Structure for Deletion of Planning Method
KEPM_DYNPRO_ADIS - Screen Structure for Planning Method Distribution
KEPM_DYNPRO_AEVN - Screen Structure for Planning Method Revaluation KEP...

KERFC_DRULE_DETAIL - Derivation Rule Details
KERFC_RULE - Derivation Rule
KERFC_RULE_FIELD - Derivation Rule Field
KERFC_RULE_VALUES - Derivation Rule Entry

KEYBESTAND - Key structure for position
KEYCHANGEC - Control String for Checking Key Changes
KEYCHECK - Control String for Checking the Key
KEYCOMPL_INDICATOR_STY - Indicator for Key Completion
KEYDEPOT - Keys for securities account selection KEY...


KFM_CATEGORY - Define Key Figure Categories
KFM_INTERVAL - Define Intervals for Value Determination of Key Figures
KFM_KF_ADM_VAR - Variants for Administrator Key Figures
KFM_KF_ADM_VART - Variants for Administrator Key Figure Texts KFM...

KFPE - Transfer Price Agreement: Allocation History
KFPEW - Clearing Amounts in Various Currencies
KFPK - Document Header: Transfer Price Agreement/Allocation
KFPK_BELNR - Document Header: Transfer Price Agreement
KFPK_DAT - Document Header: Transfer Price Agreement/Alloc.Data Fields
KFPK_EXIT - Document Header: Export Enhancement Transfer Price Agmt KFP...


KGALC - Record layout for allocation cycle
KGALF - Field description for combination fields (T811F)
KGALK - Record layout for allocation key fields
KGALL - Record layout for field list display
KGALP - Period table for allocation update
KGALR - Field description for combination fields (T811R) KGA...

KGPROT - Log Table: Child Allowance


KHS1 - Internal Structure CKHS + CKHT
KHSK - Key Fields CKHS
KHSU - Internal Structure CKHS without Keys
KHTU - Internal Structure CKHT


KIDNO_RAN - Range structure, payment reference
KIND_STRU - Transfer Structure: Appraisal Type
KINX - Marking Table for Completed Actions
KIPL_OBJNR - Object Numbers for KIPL
KIS1 - Internal Structure CKIS + CKIT
KISK - Key Fields CKIS
KISU - Internal Structure CKIS without Keys
KISU_IPPE - Additional Data for iPPE Costing
KISX - Additional Fields in Table KIS1 (not in CKIS) KIS...

KITEM - Structure for SET Breakdown of Financial Statement Items
KITU - Internal Structure CKIT


KJCCSJ3DBI01 - Rate Categories for Reestimation
KJCCSJ3DBI02 - Rate Types WITHOUT Reestimation
KJCCSJ3DBI03 - Naming Convention for Operands for Installed Demand
KJCCSJ3DBI03T - Naming Convention for Operands for Installed Demand
KJCCSJ3VBI03 - Generated Table for View
KJCCSJ3_S_BI01_WDEMAND - Rows for Table for Installed Demand KJC...


KK1UPTEVEN - Structure for Uploading Time Events
KKA0100 - Structure for Screen SAPMKKAA-0100 and SAPMKKAC Screens
KKA1000 - Structure for Screen SAPMKKAA-1000
KKA2000 - Structure for Screen SAPMKKAA-2000
KKA3000 - Structure for Screen SAPMKKAA-3000
KKAABGR - Results Analysis Data Cumulative to Date
KKAACAL - Interface for transfer of determ. of capitalization value KKA...

KKB0 - Reporting Screen Fields for Costing
KKB1 - Table for Select Options
KKB2 - Table with Report Parameters
KKB3 - Value Table for Field
KKB4 - Report Parameter Fields
KKBC - Report Table for Cost Object Controlling CO Object KKB...

KKEA1 - Control Data from Customizing for Unit Costing
KKH01 - Screen fields for product costing/unit costing view maint.
KKH02 - Cost components already defined
KKHIE - General CO-PC Hierarchy Table
KKK01 - Screen fields for customizing costing control
KKNA1 - General Data in Customer Master
KKOP - Historical Balance Audit Trail: Sub-Ledger Account Items
KKOP_DATA - Document Data
KKOP_KEY - Document Key
KKOS - Historical Balance Audit Trail: Subledger Accts Master Rec.
KKOS_DATA - Balance Audit Trail Data
KKOS_KEY - Balance Audit Trail Key KKO...

KKP01 - Screen Fields Customizing for Cost Objects
KKPA - Internal Structure for Function Group KKPA
KKPH_NODE - Process Manufacturing: Hierarchy Object
KKPI_INITIAL_SCREEN_DATA - Batch input: single-level product cost est. add header data
KKPP - Help Fields on Screens for Singel-Level Product Costing
KKPP_REF - Reference Structure of a Material Cost Estimate KKP...

KKRAMERK - General Criteria Fields for Summarization Classes
KKRCOUNT - Counters for database statistics
KKRDHIE - Internal Structure for the Blocked Object: Summ. Hierarchy
KKRDYN00 - General Screen Fields for Summarization (Costing)
KKRKEYF - Key Fields for Summarization (Costing)
KKRMKOR - Reference Characteristics (Orders) KKR...

KKS00 - Variance Calculation: Fields Used Everywhere
KKS00A - Variance Calculation: Screen Fields (Objects)
KKS00B - Variance Calculation: Screen Fields (Parameters, Control)
KKS00C - Variance Calculation: Parameters for the List Tool
KKS00D - Variance Calculation: Work Fields (Test, ...)
KKS00E - Variance Calculation: Schedule Manager... KKS...

KKV01 - Screen Fields for Customizing Variance Calculation
KKWERKS_RTABLINE - Structured Line for Range Table Plant


KLABEPOS - Line Items for the Risk of the Position
KLACCLINE - Results Structure for Account Condition Line
KLADDONFAK - Determination of the Add-On Factor
KLAH - Class Header Data
KLAHD - Class Header + Description + External Date Formats
KLAH_DATA - Important data from tables KLAH and SWOR KLA...

KLBASD - Class: basic data
KLBBASID - Calculation Base ID
KLBBASIDT - Text Table for KLBBASID: Calculation Base
KLBDTSCREEN - FO Integration Limit Part: Handling for Spec. Screen Fields
KLBEPOS - Line Items for the Risk of the Position
KLBEST - Overview of Position Information KLB...

KLCALC - Control Values for Default Risk and Limit System
KLCFDATS - Predecessor and Successor Cash Flow Dates: Settlement Risk
KLCLUST - Cluster for Distributed Data Use
KLCLUSTER - Cluster for Distributed Data Use
KLCMMAPPING - Mapping Table for CM and Business Partner
KLCOCU - Assignment of County <-> Domestic Currency/Currencies KLC...

KLDAT - Table structure for characteristics in a class
KLDATESHIFT - Shift Validity Date of Settlement Risk for FX Option
KLDATS - Base Dates for MVC, RCP, Fiction and Original Term
KLDATTIMSTMP - Date, Time, Time Stamp
KLDATUM_SO - Ranges Table for Date
KLDEPCONTROL - Control Values for End-of-Day Processing KLD...

KLEGZU - Assignment of TR Product/Tran. Type to CL Default Risk Rule
KLETPARAM - Report Parameter for Balance Audit Trail
KLEV - Determination Procedure
KLEVARRTEXT - Texts for Determination-Procedure-Specific Settings
KLEVC - Determination-Procedure-Specific Settings
KLEVCT - Text Table in Customizing for Determination Procedure KLE...

KLFACILITY - Link for Connecting Facility with Drawings
KLFACTORS - Factors for Attributable Amount Determination
KLFAZ - Credit Limit: Header Structure for Facilities
KLFAZ01 - Facilities (Header)
KLFAZ01MD - Facilities (Data Structure for Object Number Generation)
KLFAZ01_DI - Facility Data Char (Direct Input) KLF...

KLGEWFAK - Weighting Factor for Settlement Risk
KLGRADE_METHODE - Valuation - Valuation Method
KLGSTR - Credit Limit - Basic Structure
KLIDELEMENT - ID of the Text Element and its Contents
KLINTNR - Credit Limit: Admin. of Internal Key for Check Transactions
KLINTORG - Internal Organizational Unit
KLJCUR - External Key Fields for Original Objects in Credit Limit
KLKEYS - External Key Fields for Original Objects in Credit Limit
KLKLAT - Class: descriptions
KLKO01 - Credit Limit: Selected Elementary Transaction
KLLEVEL - Status of Task
KLLIMITEXCEEDED - Management of Exceeded Limits per Product/Transaction Type
KLLIMITPROD - Exceeded Limits
KLLR01 - Assignment of Country - Rating/Recovery Rate Determination
KLLR02 - Assignment of Country - VaR%
KLLR03 - Assignment of CEQ Class - CEQ in Percentage KLL...

KLMAXLIMIT - Limit per Product Type/Transaction Type
KLMDGENERIC - Master Date for Transaction Selection
KLMERK - Structure for Characteristics Directly Assigned to Class
KLMERKA - Direct Characteristics of a Class with Attributes
KLMERKAV - Direct Characteristics of a Class with Attributes
KLMERKM - Structure for Comparing CL Data in Online FO Maintenance KLM...

KLNETTING - Netting Group Link to Single Trans. (and Collateral Groups)
KLNORDEREXT - Credit Limit: External Order Numbers
KLNORM - Class: standards fields
KLNT01 - Definition of Netting Group
KLNT01T - Text Table for KLNT01
KLNT02 - Definition of Netting Factor Assignment KLN...

KLOB - Class - Object (Object List Header)
KLOBJ01 - CL: Financial Object Fields (General) Enhanced
KLOBJ01FDUE - CL: Include for Financial Object Fields Enhanced (for EDT)
KLOBJ02 - CL: Financial Object Fields Enhanced (for EDT)
KLOBJANBETRIN - Input of Attributable Amount Determination
KLOBJDERI - Financial Object Structure for Derivation (Limit) KLO...

KLPA - Customer/Vendor Linking
KLPARAM - Credit Limit: Tab for Controlling Ext. Default Risk Rates
KLPERC - Collateral: Percentage Rates
KLPRAB - Logging of Attributable Amounts (Issuer Risk)
KLPRBASIS - Overall Structure for Logging AAD
KLPREHLOG - Persistent Error Handling KLP...

KLRATINGRRFZU - Assignment of Rating to Recovery Rate Determination
KLRECEIVER - User-Recipient Relationship
KLREGDEF - Definition of Variable Assignment Rule
KLREL_LIMITID_T - Text Table for Limit IDs
KLREL_LIMIT_ASS - Assignment of Relative Limits to Portfolio Hierarchy Nodes KLR...

KLSBV - Collateral Valuation Procedure
KLSBVT - Text Table for KLSBVT
KLSDCARPARAM - CP Risk Fields for Control for External Transactions
KLSDCCHARSENUM_S - Display Names of Limit Characteristics
KLSDCCHARS_S - Display of Limit Characteristics of a Transaction
KLSDCCONTROL - Control Values for Single Transaction Check KLS...

KLTAGENDSF - Selection Filter for End-of-Day Processing
KLTAGENDSF1 - Table for View Maintenance for End-of-Day Processing
KLTERM - Structure for Date Determination
KLTERMFIND - Date Determination Rules

KLVARBELTEXT - Texts for Variable Assignment
KLVMERA - Inherited Characteristics of a Class with Attributes
KLVMERK - Structure for Inherited Characteristics
KLXAKT - Global Settings for Default Risk and Limit System
KLXCMRT - CM Data for Risk Objects Derived from Cash Management
KLZU - Display for Objects in a Class
KLZUEXTOBJ - Assignment of External Administration Key to Object Number
KLZUSD - Class: Additional Data
KL_SH_CA - Generated Table for View
KL_SH_EG - Generated Table for View
KL_SH_GS - Generated Table for View


KM07R - Header Data of Reservation Online
KMA1L - Dynpro fields list processing SAPMKMA1
KMA1S - Dynpro fields view selection SAPMKMA1
KMAS_D - Screen Fields for Master Data Selection (FUGR KMS0 - KMS7)
KMAT_NST - INOB Object Identifier: NESTED-KMAT/Customer BOM
KMAT_NST_KEY - Logical Key of Nested KMAT/Customer BOM
KMBW - SP Calculations: Competitor Prices (Internal Processing)
KMBW_DISPLAY - SP Calculation: Display Structure for Competitor Prices
KMBW_VB - SP Calculations: Internal Structure for Posting Comp. Prices
KMCBO_PROPERTY_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
KMCBO_PROPERTY_KEY - Proxy Structure (Generated)
KMCBO_RESOURCE_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
KMCBO_RESOURCE_KEY - Proxy Structure (Generated)
KMCWS_ADD_RESOURCES_TO_BASKET - Proxy Structure (generated)
KMCWS_ADD_RESOURCES_TO_BASKET1 - Proxy Structure (generated) KMC...

KMDMY - FI Account Assignment Model: Input Fields
KMIX - Sales price calculation: Mixed price (internal processing)
KMI_CHKF - KMI: File Name of Last Check Out
KMI_CHKO - KMI: Check Out Data for a Physical Information Object
KMI_CONT - KMI:: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
KMI_IDXSTA - KMI: Status Table for Indexing Documents
KMI_LOIO - KMI: Instances of Logical Information Objects KMI...

KMKPF - FI: Account Assignment Model Header Information
KMMCOFP - Trsfr Structure for Mat.Comps and Ext.Acts to Plan Cashflow
KMPMG_WA_TYP - Component Quantities for Subitems in a Purchase Order
KMP_GROUPITEM - XI Value Mapping: Representation (Internal)
KMP_REPRESENTATION - XI Value Mapping: Representation
KMP_REPRESENTATION_PAIR - XI Value Mapping: Representation Pair
KMS_ADDRESS - CRM Middleware Key Mapping Service: Key mapping of addresses
KMS_SITKEY - Site ID and local key
KMVCT - Internal table for release of set contents
KMZEI - FI: Account Assignment Model Item Information


KNA1 - General Data in Customer Master
KNA1BRAZIL - Customer Master Data - Brazil
KNA1EXIT - Interchange Point for Adding to the Customer Master (KNA1)
KNA1VV - Generated Table for View
KNA1_APP_DI - Customer Master (General Part) Direct Input Append Structure
KNA1_BF - Help structure for KNA1 for decoupling KNA...

KNB1 - Customer Master (Company Code)
KNB1_APP_DI - Business Partner: (Direct Input) Company Code Data Customer
KNB1_DI - Business Partner: (Direct Input) Company Code Data Customer
KNB1_FS - Customer Company Code
KNB1_KEY_S - Key: Company Code Data Customer with Client
KNB1_MEM - Customer Master: Company Code Data + Status Information KNB...

KNC1 - Customer master (transaction figures)
KNC1_AEDAT - Generated Table for View
KNC1_BAK - Customer Master (Transaction Figures)
KNC3 - Customer master (special G/L transaction figures)
KNC3_AEDAT - Generated Table for View
KNC3_BAK - Customer Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures) KNC...

KNEA - Assign Bank Details and Payment Methods to Revenue Type
KNEX - Customer Master: Legal Control - Sanctioned Party List
KNEX_KEY_S - Key: Sanctioned Party List Customer Master with Client
KNKA - Customer master credit management: Central data
KNKA_AEDAT - Generated Table for View
KNKK - Customer master credit management: Control area data
KNKKF1 - Credit Management: FI Status Data
KNKKF1V - Additional A/R summary display fields
KNKKF2 - Credit Management: Open Items by Days in Arrears KNK...

KNMT - Customer-Material Info Record Data Table
KNMTK - Customer-Material Info Record Header Table
KNMT_BTE - Customer-Matl Info Record with Business Transaction Events
KNMT_REF - Generated Table for View KNMT_REF
KNM_DAT - Transaction/Report Data Structure: Customer Usage Monitor
KNM_USK - Component Data Structure: Customer Usage Monitor KNM...

KNOB - Assignment of Cost Est. Number to Config. Object
KNOBJTAB - Buffer Table for Allocation Numbers
KNSAPWLUS - SAP workload - user structure plus user classification
KNTBE - Substitutions during account assignment check
KNTBL - Coding Block
KNUKN - Structure: Node - Parent Node
KNUMAMMUPD - Rebate Arrangements Per Reversal Billing Documents
KNUMAS - Assignment KNUMAs Old - New
KNUMA_LI - Arrangement line in list output from settlement runs
KNUMA_RAN - Range Table for Agreement Number
KNUMA_STY - Rebate Arrangements KNU...

KNVA - Customer Master Unloading Points
KNVA_KEY_S - Key: Uploading Point Customer with Client
KNVD - Customer master record sales request form
KNVD_KEY_S - Key: Document Request Sales for Customer with Client
KNVH - Customer Hierarchies
KNVH_APPL_LOG - Structure for Error Log in Customer Hierarchy KNV...

KNZA - Permitted Alternative Payer


KO001 - Dialog Boxes in STRD, STRH, STRI, STRU
KO004 - Function Module Interface STRF_LOG_MOD_SAPNAMES
KO007 - Fields for the Function TRINT_TADIR_POPUP
KO008 - Screen Fields for Querying Request
KO013 - Screen Fields Request Header (TR_REQUEST_MODIFY, editor)
KO015 - Packages: Interface KO0...

KO100 - CTS: Object Types with Description
KO101 - Program IDs with Description
KO102 - CTS: Check Results with Message Information
KO105 - Object Types
KO110 - Structure for Syntax of Sub-Objects (or Transport Objects)
KO14 - SAPLKO14 screen fields KO1...

KO200 - Interface Structures for Objects in CTS
KOAS - Settlement Selection Screen
KOBJSTAT - CO Object Posted To Status (Act./plan costs revenues exist)
KODATINFO - SD Archive Conditions: Period Information
KOFA_PSPNR - WBS elements for account assignment/billing
KOGA - Fields allowed for warranty condition structures
KOKP - Open Item Account Balance Audit Trail: Items of ALL Accounts
KOKP_KEY - Open Item Account Balance Audit Trail Key
KOKS - Historical balance audit trail: Subledger accts master rec.
KOKS_KEY - Open Item Account Balance Audit Trail Key
KOMACS - Permitted fields for CO-CCA calc. of imp. costs
KOMAKA - Permitted fields for surcharges RKA
KOMAM - Permitted Fields for Prices in Purchasing
KOMAS - Allowed Fields for Prices in External Services Management
KOMASSO - Interface: Association Management and TEW
KOMAST - Fields Permitted for Price - Tax KOM...

KONA - Agreements
KONADB - KONA : Structure for the Posting
KONADB2 - KONA: Structure for Update
KONAIND - Index: Groups of Conditions/Header Record Conditions
KONALISTMM - Manual Selec. of Reb. Arrangements, Purchasing (List Fields)
KONALISTSD - Manual Selection of Sales Reb. Arrangements (List Fields) KON...

KOPA - Rebate Arrangement/Partner Assignment
KOPAADD - Additional Data: Rebate Arrangement Partners (Purchasing)
KOPRT - Log for condition analysis
KOPV_COPY_INFO - Transfer Struct.: Activities to be Copied, Proj.Scenario 1
KOREA_COUNTRY_SPECIFIC_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
KOREA_COUNTRY_SPECIFIC_INFORM - Proxy Structure (Generated)
KOREA_DATA - Append for Korean Data
KOSA_BALT - Procurement Alternative for Prod Cost Coll. in Make-to-Order
KOST1 - csks + cskt
KOSTL_LSTAR - Cost Center and Activity Type
KOSTL_STR - Reference Structure for T_KOSTL Parameter in Group KALI
KOSTR_STAMM - Percent Distribution of Travel Expen.-Master Account Assign. KOS...

KOT3521 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer/Material
KOT3522 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer Hierarchy/Material
KOT4001 - Debited Company Code
KOT4002 - Debited Company Code/Debited Business Area
KOT4003 - Debited Company Code/Debited Business Area/Recipient
KOT4004 - Debited Co. Code/Debited Business Area/Recipient/Equi. Type KOT...


KPARALLEL_VAL - Amount in contr. area and obj- currency (parallel valuation)
KPC_ACCOUNTING_PERIOD_IDINTERV - Proxy Structure (generated)
KPC_DATE_INTERVAL - Proxy Structure (generated)
KPC_KOKRS_KSTAR - Cost Element with Controlling Area
KPC_LINE_ITEM_COMMITMENT - Commitment Line Items
KPC_LINE_ITEM_PAYMENT - Payment Line Item KPC...

KPEP_S_MARK_1 - Output Structure for alv_grid (Dynp 250)
KPEP_WLM_ACTVT_TEXT - Transaction Texts of a Step in the Worklist
KPEP_WLM_HIEDATA - Hierarchy Data for Monitor
KPEP_WLM_MESSDATA - Structure for the Worklist Monitor: Message List
KPEP_WLM_NODE - Worklist Monitor: Node Structure
KPEP_WLM_OBJDATA - Object-Related Data for the Worklist Monitor KPE...

KPI_EQUI_STRUC - Data structure to calculate KPIs
KPI_S_VOLUMES - KPIs for Medium and Volume
KPLU1 - Structure of internal revaluation tables
KPP0A - CO planning processor: Structure char. table, fixed fields
KPP0B - CO planning processor: Screen fields initial screen
KPP0C - CP PlanProcessor: Table structure for generated coding
KPP0D - Co Planning processor: dimension table structure
KPP0DA - CO Planning Processor: Dimension Table, Field Dependencies
KPP0DD - CO PlanProcessor: Dimension table appendix - dictionary info KPP...

KPROCHKF - KPRO: File name of last check-out
KPROCHKFCD - KPRO: CD: File Name of Last Check-out
KPROCHKO - KPro: check-out data for a physical information object
KPROCHKOCD - KPRO: CD: Check-out Data for a Physical Information Object
KPROIDXSTA - KPRO: Status table for indexing documents
KPROLOIOTD - KPRO: CD: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects KPR...

KPU1K - Screen fields for revaluation key fields
KPU1P - Revaluation percentages
KPU2_DYNP - Screen fields for function group KPU2
KPU2_OBJNR - Activate integrated planning: Object number table
KPU2_SCAN - KPU2: Scan Structure
KPU3_ACTUAL_LINE - KPU3: Assignment structure: Act.bus. tran. -> plan bus.tran. KPU...

KPVAEN - Structure for Subscreen 500 Program SAPMWB01
KPZP0 - Measuring Point Structure: Totals and Period Val.(PZPS,PZPP)
KPZP1 - Measuring Point Structure: Quantities f. Crnt and Prev. Per.


KRB_KEYTAB - Kerberos Keytab Entry
KRB_KEYTAB_ALGINFO - Kerberos algorithm Info
KRB_KEYTAB_ALG_NAME - Kerberos algorithm name
KRB_KEYTAB_LOCK - Kerberos Keytab Lock Structure
KREDFLDLINE - Rows of the List of Fields for the Return Structure KREDMESS
KREDMESS - Messages on field checks in vendor master
KREDVOR_NEU_ALT - New/old values for forwarding vendor default data
KRED_F4 - Vendor master data; Work fields for search help
KRED_PART - Partner data for a vendor partner function
KREO - Fields for reorg. transaction KRE...

KRFTIV_KR_DEB_STRUCT - Structure to create the adobe file for the korea tax report
KRIF - Richie Riffle
KRIF_OBJ - Configuration Parameters for Object
KRZVAR - Dummy Structure for F4 Help Recipe Source Type


KSA00 - Cost Centers, Accrual Costs
KSA01 - Administration for Cost Center Accrual
KSA02 - Cost Centers, Accrual Maintenance
KSA03 - Access Sequence Selection List
KSA04 - Selection List for Overhead Condition Types
KSA05 - Selection List for Target=Actual Cost Elements KSA...

KSC00 - CO-ABC: Structure for splitting planned costs /init. screen
KSC10 - CO-ABC: Plan Cost Splitting / List Display Structure
KSC11 - CO-ABC: Planned cost splitting / List display struct. detail
KSC20 - Transfer Structure for Splitting Individual Objects
KSCHL_KEY - SP Calc.: Condition Type with Application and Use
KSCHL_RAN - Range Table for Message Type KSC...

KSEL_COOI - Field list for additional selection criteria COOI
KSEL_COVP - Field list for additional selection criteria COVP
KSITEM - Structure for SET breakdown of Subitems
KSML - Characteristics of a Class
KSML_SEL - KSML w/ additional characteristic data for object selection
KSML_VALID - Validity of KSML Entries (Regarding Assigned Characteristic)
KSOP - Plan Requirements for Business Processes from SOP/LTP Orders
KSPP - Integration of planned costs CO - logistics
KSS00 - SAPMKSS0 Screen Fields: Variances, Cost Center/Bus. Process
KSS01 - SAPMKSS0 list fields: cost center variances
KSS02 - Internal structure of variance calculation on cost centers
KSS03 - SAPMKSS0: Structure for ITAB RESULT (cost center var.)
KSS04 - SAPMKSS0: Structure for ITAB DETAIL (Cost center var.)
KSS04_ABW - SAPMKSS0: Structure for ITAB DETAIL (Cost center var.) KSS...

KSTAR_RESRC - Cost element and resource
KSTCS - Structure for key fields (selection criteria)
KSUR_TM_TARGET - Receiver with user and object


KTAAR_RAN - Range Table for Activity Type
KTADIR - Directory of Repository Objects
KTCUR - Internal table for release of set contents
KTH_DT_TOBE_EXTENDED3 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
KTKD_RANGE - Range for Account Group (KTOKD)
KTOF - Acct Determination: Customizing
KTOK_RANGE - Range for Account Group (KTOKK)
KTRAKEY - Transfer Structure to Correction for Transport
KTVAR_AA - General Ledger Accounts from Asset Accounting


KUAGV - Sold-to Party View of the Customer Master Record
KUAGVZ - Customer Modifications:Sold-to Party View of Customer Master
KUAKDK - Customer Condition Groups: Sold-to Party View of Cust.Master
KUAUF - Sequential Reading of MSKA
KUKL_RANGE - Range for Customer Classification (KUKLA)
KUKON - Customer Master View for Condition Maintenance
KUKOV - Condition View of Customer Master Record
KUMKO - Structure for cumulation of condition values in BOMs
KUND01 - Transfer structure for determining customer keys
KUND02 - Transfer structure for determining customer/co. code keys
KUND03 - Transer structure for determining customer/sales keys
KUNDE - Sequential Reading of MSKU
KUNGR_RAN - Range Structure for Customer Group Selection
KUNNR_RAN - Range structure for customer selection KUN...

KUPAV - Cust.Master View: Partners (Data from TKNVP w/Address)
KUPUF - Customer buffer for customer column display in MD04
KUREV - Bill-to Party's View of Cust.Master Record
KUREVZ - Bill-to party view of the cust.master: Customer modification
KURGV - Payer's View on Customer Master Record
KURGVZ - Payer view of the customer master: Customer modification
KUSE - Prod.Cstg: User-Specific Settings (Depends on Cstg Variant)
KUWEV - Ship-to Party's View of the Customer Master Record
KUWEVSCHED - Ship-to Party's View of the Customer Master Record
KUWEVZ - Ship-to party view of the cust.master: Customer modification


KV011 - Variances: Output Quantities
KV011V - Variances: Output Quantities for Target Cost Versions
KV012 - Variances: Costs
KV013 - Variances: Values
KV014 - Explanation Facility for Scrap, WIP: Valuation Data (Header)
KV015 - Splitting: Import BAdI KV0...

KV20A - Common Structure in Variance Tables
KV20A_IND - Indicators of the Target Cost Version
KV20B - Structure for Transferring Target Cost Versions
KV20C - Screen Fields for SAPLKV20
KV20D - Valuation Strategy for WIP and Scrap
KVBUK - Kredit Limit Check: Status Fields
KVERI_CLNT - Generated Table for View
KVEWE_RAN - Range Table for Use of Condition Table


KWA1 - Structure for dynpro fields for trans cde KSCK, funcGrp KWA1
KWA2 - Structure for dynpro fields for func.grp KWA2 TransCde KSCP
KWBCHKF - KW BDS Demo:: File Name of Last Check Out
KWBCHKO - KW-BDS-Demo:: Check-Out Data for a Physical Info Object
KWBCONT - HJRTest: Table for Document Content (Import/Export)
KWBIDXSTA - KW BDS Demo:: Status Table for Document Indexing
KWBLOIO - KW BDS Demo:: Logical Information Object Instances
KWBLOIOT - KW BDS Demo:: Logical Information Object Descriptions KWB...

KWCHAIN - KEN: Industry sectors and their root sectors
KWCONTENT_COMPARE - For the Comparison of IO Content in Different Systems
KWCONT_DISP_DEL - Deletion or Display of Table Contents
KWDELTA_TR - IWB: Transport Requests for Delta Delivery
KWDELTA_WL - IWB: Worklist for Delta Delivery (Content)
KWDEL_HEAD - Content Deletion Report: History
KWDEL_RES_OBJ - Content Deletion Report: Details for Info Objects
KWDEMOPROP - Auxiliary Structure for Additional Attribute in Area KW_DEMO
KWD_CL_VSP - Virus Scan Profile for PHIO Class KWD...

KWEB_CHANGE_REQUEST_2_R3 - Communication Structure: ISR ChangeRequest@Web
KWFCOST - Period relevant task cost data
KWFOLDERS - Folders that are processed by 'Reorg' Report
KWG_ORG_SELOPT - Selection Options for Loans to Managers Indicator
KWG_STRUCT - GBA Structure
KWH_BG - Background Processes for Knowledge Warehouse
KWMCHKF - KW Media demo: File name of last check-out
KWMCHKO - KW Media demo: Check-out data for a physical info object
KWMIDXSTA - KW Media Demo: Status Table for Indexing Documents
KWMLOIO - KW Media Demo: Instances of Logical Information Objects
KWMLOIOT - KW Media Demo: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
KWMLOPR - KW Media Demo: Attribute Values of Log. Information Objects KWM...

KWNCHKF - KW: File Name of Last Check-out
KWNCHKO - KW: Physical Information Object Check-out Data
KWNIDXSTA - SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents: IWB2
KWNLOIO - KEN: Instances of Logical Information Objects
KWNLOIOT - KEN: Description of Logical Information Objects
KWNLOPR - KEN: Attributes of Logical Information Objects KWN...

KWPWCHKF - KW: File Name of Last Check-out
KWPWCHKO - KW: Physical Information Object Check-out Data
KWPWCONT1 - KWPW Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
KWPWIDXSTA - SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents: IWB1
KWPWLOIO - KEN: Instances of Logical Information Objects
KWPWLOIOT - KEN: Description of Logical Information Objects KWP...

KWR3LINK_510 - Structure for Screeb 510 and 520
KWS_ATTR_DISP - Display Attributes
KWS_DIALOG - SIWH: Dialog Fields
KWS_FILE_IOCL - File Name + Folder + Info Object Class + Structure Class
KWS_FILE_IOCL_PROP - File Name + Folder + IO Class + Structure Class + Attributes
KWS_OH_SETTINGS - KW: Settings for Object Handler
KWTCHKF - SKWF Test: File Name of Last Check Out
KWTCHKO - SKWF Test: Check Out Data for a Physical Information Object
KWTCONT - SKWF Test: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
KWTFLOIO - SKWF Test: Instances of Logical Information Objects
KWTFLOIOT - SKWF Test: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects
KWTFLOPR - SKWF Test: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects KWT...

KWUSER_CONTEXT_AUTH - User and All His/Her Authorizations for KW
KWUSER_VALUES - Transfer structure for authorization values for object
KWVALUE - Structure with VALUE 128 Characters Long


KX9RABA0000108 -
KXXC_CHRDF - Active Excel: List of the Available Fields
KXXC_CHRVL - Interactive Excel: Value of a Characteristic
KXXC_DEPDF - Active Excel: Definition of Dependencies Between Fields
KXXC_DEPVL - Active Excel: Ties for the Dependencies
KXXC_DREQV - Active Excel: Definition of the Data Matrix
KXXC_EASPS - Active Excel: Available Aspects KXX...


KYACQ - Internal table for release of set contents
KYDD1 - Texts for data mining dialog boxes


KZAZU - Key Figure Assignment for Aggregate Version Copy


K_KBUKA - Generated Table for View
K_WF_PLOMC - Generated Table for View K_WF_PLOMC

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