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Index of SAP tables


D000 - Condition Table for Material Determination $
D000YY - DM Screen Fields for Many Screens, Set in YY Routines
D0100 - Help Structure for Batch Input Processing
D010B - Generated Table for View D010B
D010CONFL - Generated Table for View
D010ENH - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
D010ENHSORT - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
D010INC - Where-Used Table for ABAP INCLUDEs D01...

D0200 - Help structure for screen documentation 200
D020S - System table D020S (screen sources)
D020S_OLD - D020S with Old Name Lengths
D020T - Screen Short Description
D020T_OLD - D020T with old name lengths
D020V - Generated Table for View D02...

D0300 - Help structure for screen 300 (Start Batch Input)
D030S - Transport structure for table (to R/2)
D0400 - Help structure for screen documentation 400
D0500 - Help structure for screen documentation 500
D0800 - Batch input: Screen 800
D0C170400 - Help structure for screen SAPL0C170450
D0GEN - Control table for generation mode
D0PSB0200 - Help structure for screen SAPL0PSB0200


D1000 - Screen Template for Creating Statements
D1000_FIELDS - Fields for Screen 1000
D100L - Transport structure for domain in R/2
D101T - Transport structure for domain texts (to R/2)
D101V - Transport structure for domain values in R/2
D102T - Dictionary: Keyword text (domain structure R/2) D10...

D1100_FIELDS - Fields for Screen 1100
D110L - Transport structure for table fields in R/2
D1110_FIELDS - Fields for Screen 1110
D1120_FIELDS - Fields for Screen 1120
D113T - Dictionary: Heading text (domain structure R/2)
D1209 - Maintenance Field Structure, Task Cost Data
D1400 - Template for Screen 1400 (Statements)
D1400PARA - Parameter for Print Screen: Statements
D1GEN - Import Status for APG (Anticipatory Program Generation)


D2000 - Screen 2000 (SAPMKCEE)
D2SCPYVAR - Variables for Program RSDB2850
D2SYSCOPY - Structure for Table SYSIBM.SYSCOPY (DB2 on OS/390)


D300F1 - DM Screen fields for fgr SDU1, screen 300
D301T - Texts for Program Functions and Menu Bars
D341S - Run-time object for Menu Painter - menu bars
D341SC - Run-time object for Menu Painter - menu bars
D342L - Table for long CUA objects
D342S - Run-time object for Menu Painter - pull-down menus
D342SC - Runtime Object for Menu Painter - Pull-Down Menu
D343S - Run-time object for Menu Painter - function keys D34...


D500FM - DM Screen Fields for FGr SDUM, Screen 500
D502F8 - DM: Screen Fields for No. 502 for SAPLSDU8


D620AW_CISD_FLI - Generated Table for View


DAICDT - Link Definitions
DAICPT - Analyzer Link Points
DAICT - Link Characteristics
DAILY_TIME - Time in Display hh:mm
DAIMT - Analyzer Model DAI...

DANGER_NO - Hazardous material number
DANGER_NOT - Hazardous material number
DANPU - Buffer for column display in MD04, Md05 and so on
DAN_HRFPM - Structure of HRFPM Totals Table
DAN_PPDIT - Structure of Document Rows
DAN_PPOIX - Structure of Index Rows DAN...

DARTEOL_LOG - Lock object for log file
DARTT - DD: Data Class in Technical Settings: Texts
DART_STRUCTURE - Protugal : Dart Struture : DMEE
DASMD - Dialog Structure: Service Master Basic Data
DASMDT - Dialog Structure: Service Master Texts
DAS_ADMIN_STORES - ILM SRS: Structure for Store Administration
DAS_COL_INDEX - ILM SRS: Relationship Between Indices and Collections
DAS_COL_PROP - ILM SRS: Collection Properties; ORIGINS DAS...

DATABASE_ID - Database Identification
DATABROWSE - Internal administration structure for Data Browser
DATAB_RAN - Range Table for the From Date
DATASETNMB - Number of Data Records per DB Area (non-database-specific) DAT...

DAVIS_HEMAIL_LINE_TYPE - Hash Value f. E-Mail Address for Customer XML Payment Advice
DAYCOLLSTR - Business Server Pages (BSP) Collection Item for Day
DAY_COUNT - Structure to store the count values based on the day
DAY_INTERVAL - Interval of Days
DAY_OF_H - Day of Hour; DAY Stamp for OS collector interpretation
DAY_OPTION_LINE_TYPE - IS-H: Option for Preferred Day in Time Slot Search (AM PM)


DB02DODB4 - iSeries: Damaged Object displayed in DB02
DB02HISTDB4 - Structure for History Screen of DB02 for iSeries
DB02INFDB4 - Structure for Main Screen of DB02 for iSeries
DB02LOGBDB4 - Structure for log book of DB02 for iSeries
DB02N_ADCOMO - Oracle monitoring: DDIC ADCOMO
DB02N_ADCOOV - Oracle monitoring: DDIC ADCOOV DB0...

DB2ACCDL - Parameters of Control Center stored procedure DSNACCDL
DB2ACCDS - Parameters of Control Center stored procedure DSNACCDS
DB2ACCJF - Parameters of Control Center stored procedure DSNACCJF
DB2ACCJP - Parameters of Control Center stored procedure DSNACCJP
DB2ACCJS - Parameters of Control Center stored procedure DSNACCJS
DB2ACCMO - Parameters of Control Center stored procedure DSNACCMO DB2...

DB4AVGSPC - iSeries: Avarage Growth Rate per Table
DB4BACKUP - Store DB4 Backup Data
DB4BD_ACCESSOR - DB4: Backend accessor
DB4BD_COLUMN_MAP - DB4: Backend column mapping
DB4BD_CONSTANT - DB4: Backend constant
DB4BD_OPTION - DB4: Backend access option DB4...

DB50KDEF - DB50: Key Definition for Tree Node
DB50NDEF - DB50: Node Definition (Without Key)
DB6ADMACTREF - DB6: action reference entry
DB6ADMALLCTR - DB6: Container Extract
DB6ADMCLAS - DB6: description of data classes
DB6ADMCMD - DB6: Command Line
DB6ADMCON - DB6: Connection administration entry DB6...

DBAAL_CURVAL - DBA Cockpit: Current Alert Value Summary
DBABARL - Data Backup - Data Recovery
DBABD - Information About the Data Files (Oracle)
DBABL - Information About Archive Log Files (Oracle)
DBACTION - Action on database: (u)pdate, (d)elete, (i)nsert
DBACUST - Tool-Specific Settings for DB24 DBA...

DBBHISTADA - SAP DB Backup History for ALV
DBCCSTAT - Structure to take over cursor cache statistics from kernel
DBCHECKDB2 - Configuration of DB2/390 System Check Parameters
DBCHECKORA - Configuration of Database Check
DBCHECK_COND - dbcheckora with field active button
DBCHECK_RESULTS - Oracle: results of dbcheck runs
DBCHISTADA - SAP DB Check History for ALV DBC...

DBDATA - Data Browser Procedure Data
DBDCDEPTB - DD: Persisting of Dependencies Between DD Objects
DBDCGENTB - DD: Persisting Activating Ojects in Mass Activation
DBDEVSDB - SAP DB Devspace Information
DBDIFF - Definition of (Intended) Differences Between DD and DB
DBDIFFINDX - DD: Additional Info on DBDIFF-KEY and INDX Entries DBD...

DBEFU - Purchasing Fields, Inventory Management (Short Version)
DBEOSB - IS-U On-Site Billing
DBERCHE - Condition Data
DBERCHR - Discnt for Bill.Line Item
DBERCHT - Texts for billing documents
DBERCHU - Conversion Steps per Billing Line Item DBE...

DBFIELD - Field description for database tables
DBFIELDL - Field description for database tables
DBFLAGS - Flags and Other Input Parameters for DB_ORA Modules
DBFLDNAM - Only name of a DB table field
DBFTYPE - DB fields with type and type string
DBGLOBINFO - Global Information from Database
DBG_FILES - File Name (for Lock Object)
DBIFCHKRES - Structure for results of DB check for indexes (fields)
DBIHCHKRES - Structure for results of DB check for indexes (header)
DBINDEX - DB index name and unique flag
DBINDFLD - Fields of a DB index
DBINDXADA - SAP DB: Structure for Index Lists
DBINDXINFO - Header information on indexes read from the DB DBI...

DBLEA_RES - Return Structure for Feature DBLEA
DBLV0_RES - Return Structure for Feature DBLV0
DBMSGDB2 - DB2/390 System Check Messages
DBMSGORA - Database Check: Messages
DBMSGSDB - SAP DB: Structure of Message File
DBMUTLSDB - SAP DB: Structure for File dbm.utl
DBNTAB - Table Containing Data about Nametab Database Differences
DBOBJ - Composition of Hybrid Objects
DBOBJECT - Name of a Database Object (Table, Index, View)
DBOM_TREX - Change Pointer for Document Structure D-BOM TREX Search
DBOPTSTATS - Structure for Optimizer Statistics Check
DBORA_SESSION_PARAM - Oracle Session Parameter and Value

DBP011 - Change document structure generated by RSSCD000
DBP021 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
DBP030 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
DBP1000 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
DBP2000 - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
DBPARAC - ORACLE Database Parameters in GV$PARAMETER and SPFILE DBP...

DBRELEASE - Database Release
DBRELINFO - Database Information
DBSAPCHECK - type of db/sap consistency check
DBSAPINFO - Statistical Information from Database and SAP Components
DBSEG - Dialog Supplementation BSEG (Taxes)
DBSET - Detail Information for Tax Items
DBSMSGORA - Structure for DB System Check Messages (Acc. to DBMSGORA)
DBSNP - Database snapshots DBS...

DBTABCHK - Control string for DB-DD table checks
DBTABLOG - Log Records of Table Changes
DBTABPRT - Table of log records for table tupel changes
DBTABSTAT - Table statistics sizes
DBTAB_TEMPPC - database table for temporary Periodic consumption
DBTFCHKRES - Structure for results of DB check for table fields DBT...

DBUHISTADA - SAP DB Update Statistics History for ALV
DBVIEW_PROT - Generated Table for View
DBVL - Planning File Entry, MRP Area, Long-Term Planning
DBVLEXT - Planning file entries: Enhanced structure for ALV grid
DBVM - Planning File Entry, MRP Area
DBVMEXT - Planning file entries: Enhanced structure for ALV grid
DBVSE - Table for Oracle DB Snapshots of V$SYSTEM_EVENT DBV...

DBWBHI - Generated Table for View
DBWBHI_COM - Generated Table for View
DBWBHK - Generated Table for View
DBWEEKALL - DBSpace Weekly Change Detail
DBWEEKAVE - DBSpace Weekly Change Average
DB_AUART - Generated Table for View
DB_COM_ITEM - Generated Table for View
DB_JBRKNZ - Generated Table for View
DB_JBRKNZTYPTAB - Generated Table for View
DB_LOP_L_HD_IT - Generated Table for View
DB_LOP_M_HD_IT - Generated Table for View DB_...


DCACTSTRUC - DD: General reference structure in ABAP/4 DD (activation)
DCADD_RESULT - DD: Additional Information for Structure Change
DCAPPENDS - Appends for a table
DCASTATMSG - DD: Message about curr. statistics for DOMA/DTEL/TTYP
DCAUFV_ST - Work Center Header Data
DCBOASSCHK - DD: Checks for Nodes of a BO Structure
DCBOCHK - DD: Check Bar for BO Structure Checks
DCBODBTBCHK - DD: Checks for database tables for a BO node
DCBOGET - DD: Result when reading a DDIC BO
DCBOHDCHK - DD: Checks for header of a BO structure
DCBONDCHK - DD: Checks for Nodes of a BO Structure DCB...

DCCHECKRES - ABAP Dict.: Check result for element of an indexed set
DCCHKAUTH - DD: Control structure for authority check
DCDATATYPE - DD: Check string for a data type
DCDDLCHK - DD: DDL checks - for example, used names
DCDDLSACTCTRL - DD: Controls the activation of a DDIC BO
DCDDOBJ - DD: DD objects and their type
DCDELDEPTB - DD: For dependencies during mass-deletion
DCDELTB - DD: Objects to be deleted in the mass activation program DCD...

DCEIACTCHK - Control String for Checks of an External Index
DCEIACTDET - Control String for Activation Program Actions for Ext. Index
DCEIACTRES - Contains Results of Activation of an Ext. Index
DCEIACTSTP - Computed Steps for Activating an External Index
DCEIDATCHK - Control String for External Index: Definition Data Selection
DCEIPHYCHK - Control String for External Index: Physical Definition DCE...

DCFIELDDAT - Structure for Describing a Field with Contents
DCFIELDINL - Description of a field in a field list
DCFLC_BO - Decoupling: Business Object (Entity)
DCFLC_BOT - Decoupling: Business Object (Texttable)
DCFLC_BO_OPERAT - Decoupling: Used Variant for BO and used Structures for BO
DCFLC_BO_STEP - Decoupling: Implementation of steps for each BO DCF...

DCGENTAB - DD: Mass activation and deletion
DCGENTB - DD: Objects to be activated in the mass activation program
DCIMPDD - DD: Handle actions following DD import
DCINSPCHK - Control Structure for Code Inspector
DCINVDEPTB - DD: Dependencies between DD objects (inverse)
DCIX030L - Nametab header, database structure DDNTT & exp. flag byte
DCIX031L - Nametab Structure, Database Structure DDNTF
DCLCHANGE - Information on last changer
DCMATCHCTR - Field description for proposal for matching
DCMATCHRES - Match between two fields
DCMCIDGET - Control structure for DD_MCID_GET
DCMCIDPUT - Control string for function module DD_MCID_PUT
DCMCOBGET - Control structure for DD_MCOB_GET
DCMCOBPUT - Control string for function module DD_MCOB_PUT DCM...

DCNAME - DD: Checks for Object Name (TTYP, DTEL, DOMA)
DCNAMEDINC - DD: Control Checks for Named Includes
DCNTABGEN - DD: Control string for nametab generation
DCNTDELTB - DD: Information about Nametab to be Deleted
DCOBACTDET - Control string for actions of search help activator
DCOBJBEZ - Name of a DDIC object
DCOBJDEF - Name of a DDIC object with status
DCOBJDEP - Structure for describing a dependency in DDIC
DCOBJDUPTR - DD: For DD Objects with Occurrence in Several Trs (MrgAct)
DCOBJIF - Interface for DDIC objects DCO...

DCPOTRCHK - ABAP/4 Dict.: check list for checks pool -> transparent
DCRANGETT - Check String of Special Attributes of a RANGES Table Type
DCROWTYPE - DD: Control Bar for Tests of Type Definition by Row Type
DCRTOBDEF - DD: Origin of the runtime object at conversion
DCRTYPCHK - DD: Checks of line type of a table type
DCSACTCTRL - DD: Control Parameter for Single Activator of Mass Activator
DCSHACTCHK - Control string for checks of search help object
DCSHACTDET - Control string for actions of search help activator
DCSHACTRES - Contains results of a search help activation
DCSHATCHG - DD: changes to search help header
DCSHATCHK - Control string for param. assignments for s.h. inclusions DCS...

DCTABDGET - Control Structure for DD_TABD_GET
DCTABDPUT - Control String for Function Module DD_TABD_PUT
DCTABLACT - ABAP/4 Dictionary: Control Structure for Activation Program
DCTABLACTE - Contains target values for DCTABLACT
DCTABLCMP - Reference Structure for Function Module DD_TABL_WA_CMP
DCTABLCTRL - DD: Contains Additional Info for Activator (Input Structure) DCT...

DCUAST - Interface between ABAP and kernel help
DCUNITGET - Control structure for DD_TABL_UNI_GET
DCUSEDTYPE - DD: Control Bar for Tests of Type Definition for Data Elem.
DCVALTAB - DD: Checks for Value Table
DCVIBTCHG - DD: Changes in Table Fields
DCVIBTCHK - Control String for Base Table Checks
DCVIDEP - Structure for describing a dependency in DDIC
DCVIDEPTAB - DD: Handing of view dependencies
DCVIEWACT - Control String for Execution of View Activation Program DCV...

DCXMLBAGCL - Control Structure for Displaying BAPIs in XML
DCXMLBAPID - Description of a BAPI for the IFR
DCXMLBASCL - Control Structure for Displaying BAPI as an XML Schema
DCXMLBATCL - Control Structure for Displaying BAPIs as an XML Template
DCXMLDDRCL - Control Structure for Displaying a Type in XML
DCXMLDDSCL - Control Structure for Displaying Type as an XML Schema DCX...


DD0102V - Generated Table for View
DD01D - Dynpro fields for domain
DD01L - Domains
DD01LV - Generated Table for View
DD01T - R/3 DD: domain texts
DD01TV - Versioning: foreign languages for domains DD0...

DD10L - Lock table for DD activation
DD12B - DD: Secondary Index Headers for Structured Objects
DD12BT - Text Table for DD12B (Texts for Nodes Indexes)
DD12BV - DD: Secondary Keys Structured Objects, Header + Text
DD12D - Screen fields for index maintenance
DD12DB2 - DB2/390: Index Parameters DD1...

DD20L - Matchcode objects
DD20T - AS400-T_MCOBJECT: MC Object Texts
DD20TV - AS400-T_MCOBJECT: MC Object Texts
DD20V - Generated Table for View
DD20VD - Version display: matchcode objects
DD20VVT - Generated Table for View DD2...

DD30L - Search helps
DD30T - Search help texts
DD30TV - Versioning: foreign languages for search helps
DD30V - Generated Table for View
DD30VD - Version Display: General Attributes of Search Helps
DD30VV - Generated Table for View DD3...

DD40D - Screen Fields for Table Types
DD40L - Table types (internal tables defined in DD)
DD40T - Text on table types
DD40TV - Versioning: foreign languages for table types
DD40V - DD: Interface structure for table types
DD40VD - Version display: table types DD4...

DD50D - Screen Fields for Type Groups
DD51D - Screen Fields for Lock Objects (Same Fields: DD25D Views)
DD52D - Interface Structure for Base Tables of a Lock Object
DD53D - Screen Fields for Lock Object Fields
DD90L - Header Information for External Index
DD90T - R/3-DD: Text for External Index
DD90V - Generated Table for View
DD91S - DocID Key Definition of External Index
DD91V - DocID Key Definition of External Index
DD92S - Mapping of R/3 Data on External Index DD9...

DDACL - Exclusion times for ABAP/4 Dictionary actions
DDACTIONS - DD: Structure for display ACTION -> text
DDACTRES - DD: Activation result incl. dependent propagation
DDADDBOINFO - DD: Additional BO Information
DDADDBOINFOTRANSIENT - DD: Additional BO Structure Information (not stored on DB)
DDADDSTOBJINFO - DD: Additional BO Information DDA...

DDBOOK - Output control table manual
DDBOOL - Reference Structure for Interfaces
DDBTCMPTIT - Column information for comparison of repeat groups
DDBT_CFLD - Description of a non-elementary component of a structure
DDBT_DATA - Information about a component of a complex data object
DDBT_DATD - Type for packing complex data DDB...

DDCACHE - DD: Control String for Read Routines
DDCCOND - Conditions for Status Switch during Conversion
DDCCURRSTA - DD: Conversion, statistics, intermediate values
DDCDIM - DD: Conversion, number of table lines
DDCHECKINFO - DD: Check Information Table
DDCHKMESS - ABAP/4 Dict.: contains messages for NA checks DDC...

DDDBFEATURES - DD: Contains DB-spec.features & re. who has implemented it
DDDBFEATUREST - DD: Contains DB-spec.features & re. who has implemented it
DDDBOPERA - Virtual table of outstanding DB operations
DDDBOPS - Virtual table of outstanding DB operations
DDDBSPACE - Structure for DBSpaces/Tablespaces
DDDBUTMREQ - Interface for mass processing requests DDD...

DDENA - Lock argument fields
DDENQS - Lock object structure for Dictionary objects (inc. index)
DDENQ_LIKE - Ref. Fields for Parameters of the ENQUEUE Function Module
DDENQ_TABNAME - DD: Name of a lock table for use in lock module
DDERR - R/3 DDIC: Error Code From Modules
DDERR_O - Return code structure in consistency layer of the DD DDE...

DDF4ATTRVA - Document Attribute with Value for Indexing/De-indexing
DDF4DBTRIG - Tables and Triggers
DDF4EXIXS3 - Mapping of R/3 Data on External Index
DDF4GP - Management data, generated programs for F4 help
DDF4IDCTRL - Control Structure for Data Selection for an External Index
DDF4IDPROT - Structure for Log Table for Updating External Indexes DDF...

DDGENTAB - DD: Structure of Gentab (Mass Activation Program)
DDGR_NAME - DD: Names of DD objects for graphic algorithms
DDGR_OBJ - DD: Object lists for graphic algorithms
DDGR_REL - DD: Relations list for graphic algorithms
DDGR_RELIX - DD: Relation over object index for graphic algorithms
DDHDFLG3 - DD: Header flag 3 expanded
DDHDFLG4 - DD: Header flag 4 expanded
DDHDFLG5 - DD: Header flag 5 expanded
DDHDFLG6 - DD: Header flag 6 expanded
DDHEADER - DD: DB/DD-Relevant Additional Information for Distribution
DDHELPSTRT - Table Fields for Reference DDH...

DDICNVCHE - DD: Condition variables for incremental conversion
DDICNVCTRL - Control String for Transaction ICNV
DDICNVDAYS - DD: Days of Week
DDICNVDIST - Distribution of data records of base tables
DDICNVENQ - DD: Structure to lock the ICNV DDI...

DDKONTEXT - Context of DD Maintenance
DDL2DDICERR - DD: Error Transfer Structure DDL -> Dictionary Object
DDLANGUFLAG - Control Structure for Lang. Flag
DDLANGUFLAGWA - Control Structure for Lang. Flag
DDLBBUFTST - Test: Recognize Access to Buffered Tables
DDLCH - Logical Channel Info from the R/3 Repos. - Standard Version
DDLDEPENDENCY - DD: Objects in a DDL Source DDL...

DDMASS - DD: Structure for mass activator parameters
DDMASSAC - DD: Control operations for DD objects during mass activation
DDMASSTST - DD: Control Structure for Test Mode Mass Activation Program
DDMATASKCT - DD: Control Parameter for Mass Act. for Each Task
DDMESS - Message in non-expanded form DDM...

DDNAMECHG - DD. Old and New Name for Name Change
DDNAMECONF - Return structure for function module DD_NAME_CONFLICT_AREA
DDNAMES - Structure for Dictionary Checks
DDNAMETAB - Structure for Display Nametab
DDNMB - DD: Data records per extent (minimum/maximum number)
DDNO_AI1 - Amount item1/ Cancellation item 1 DDN...

DDOBJ - DD: Name of an ABAP Dictionary object
DDOBJCLASS - Classification of ABAP Dictionary objects
DDOBJCOST - DD: Relative costs per DD object type
DDOBJDIR - DD: Structure for Objects in Mass Checks
DDOBJKEY - DD: Key of DD Objects (Type Name)
DDOBJPOS - DD: Position of an object DDO...

DDPAMSCTRL - DD: Controls Parallel Handling during Mass Activation
DDPAR - R/3 Dict: table of internal parameters
DDPARLIST - Control structure for outputting parameter values
DDPART - DD: Partitioned form of TBATG
DDPARTKEY - DD: Global attributes of table DDPART
DDPATH - DD: Definition of access paths DDP...

DDQCM8BUF - Shared Buffer for QCM8 Names and Timestamps
DDRANGE - Reference structure for ranges in the ABAP Dictionary
DDREF - Table/Field and Associated Reference Table/Field
DDREFSTRUC - DD: General Reference Structure in ABAP Dictionary
DDREFTAB - ABAP/4 D: Dependencies Sorted by Referenced Objects
DDRELSTRUC - DD: Relationships between DD objects
DDRELTAB - DD Dict.: structure for relations DDR...

DDSCHEMAMAP - DD: Schema Mapping for Replication Applications
DDSCR - DD Interface: View of Field Attributes in the Nametab
DDSECHKKEY - Structure for Comparing Definition of Log Table
DDSECHKPRT - Log Display Admin. Search Index
DDSERVERIF - DD: Info for Application Server for Parallel Processing
DDSERVPERF - DD: Performance Key Figures of Server for Par. Execution DDS...

DDTABFDS - DD: Structure/table name - field name with lengths
DDTABLE - Structure for Table Information
DDTABNAME - Only table name
DDTABSCHEMA - DD: Schema of a Table
DDTABTVAL - DD: Control string for TABT values checks
DDTBCLASS - DD: Control String for Checking TABCLASS <-> SQLTAB DDT...

DDUDMPAR - Parameters for attribute maintenance / partial objects
DDUDT - DD: Include for user, date, time
DDVACTION - Structure for Distribution Actions
DDVAL - Generated Table for View
DDVIEWDEFINFO - DD: Additional View Information
DDVIEWGET - Generated Table for View
DDWHERECND - DD: Lines of where condition
DDXTF - Nametab Field Structure for Delayed Writing
DDXTT - Nametab header structure for delayed writing DDX...

DDYN - Interface Between ABAPhelp and Help Processor
DDYTF - Substitution Nametab (shadow-shadow-nametab for DDXTF)
DDYTFS - Structure for Shadow DDXTF
DDYTT - Substitution Nametab (shadow-shadow-nametab for DDXTT)
DDYTTS - Structure for Shadow DDXTT
DD_LB_TEST - Generated Table for View DD_LB_TEST


DEABP - Table: Customer Change Header Data for BB Amounts
DEABPS - Customer change table: Logical view of BB amounts
DEA_INFO - Pharma: DEA Information
DEA_INFOH - Pharma: DEA Information
DEA_INFOH_MV - Structure for Maintenance of Set Type DEA_INFO DEA...

DEBIADR - RE: Partner - Address of Customer and Additional Fields
DEBI_F4 - Vendor master data; Work fields for search help
DEBTTR_TABSTRIP_CUSTOMER - Transfer Structure in User Exit for User Tabstrips
DEBUGGING_OPTIONS - S200 Debugging Options
DEB_USR - Table for Debugging Information for CUA DEB...

DECIDEINFO - INFO string for function module DD_DECIDE
DECIMAL_PLACES - Decimal Places in Currencies
DEEDMFORMHEAD - Screen Fields: EDM Formula Header
DEEDMFORMMOD - Screen Fields: EDM Formula - Calc. Mode Input Parameters
DEEDMFORMPARINP - Screen Fields: EDM Formula Input Parameters
DEEDMFORMPAROUT - Screen Fields: EDM Formula Output Parameters
DEEP_STRUC_1 - Test for Deep Table Structures
DEEP_STRUC_2 - Test for Deep Table Nesting DEE...

DEFAULT_FIELDS - Default Fields for Display
DEFCAP_FLOW_TYPES - Flow Types for Payment Agreement DEF...

DEKEYS - Lock Structure for Billing Reversal
DELCONCO - Delivery Confirmation: Basis of Logistic Matching - Item
DELCONDIA - Dialog Structure for Delivery Confirmation
DELCONHD - Delivery Confirmation: Basis of Logistic.Match. - Header
DELCONJITCO - Delivery Confirmation: Result of Logistics Matching - Item
DELCONJITIT - Delivery Confirmation: Result of Log. Matching - Comp. Group

DEMAND_TAB - Table for Demand Extrapolation
DEMOF1HELP - Demonstration of F1 Help on Screens
DEMOF4HELP - Demo. for F4 Help from the ABAP Dictionary on Screens
DEMOFLI - Structure for ALV Demo
DEMOTREE - Demonstration Hierarchy
DEMOTREET - Demonstration Hierarchy: Texts DEM...

DEPCHKS - Control String for Analysis of Checks with Subs. Actions
DEPDAT - Basic Data of Dependency
DEPDATA - Basic Data of Dependency
DEPDESCR - Dependency Descriptions
DEPERROR - DD: Dependent tables with errors
DEPLOY_FILE - File Description for Deployment DEP...

DERCHZ - Structure for Double and Additional Screen Fields FG EA23
DEREG_BVRKO - Generated Table for View
DEREG_BVRKO_VTZS - Generated Table for View
DEREG_VKONT - Generated Table for View
DERIVATIVES_1 - Generated Table for View
DERTPCOMPDEFN - Screen Fields: RTP Component DER...

DESCR - Information for Generating MAKTX for Variants
DESCRIPT - Descriptions (Language-Dependent)
DESCRIPTION15 - Proxy Structure (generated)
DESCRIPTION16 - Proxy Structure (generated)
DESCRIPTION17 - Description DES...

DETAILABG - Detail list for evaluation in leveling
DETAILCUST - Extension for overview in Customizing the flex.detail screen
DETAIL_BASKET - IAC Product Catalog: Product Details Shopping Basket
DETAIL_JOA_LIST - ALV display of JOA detail list DET...

DEVACCESS - Table for development user
DEVCLASS1 - Row Type with Single Field DEVCLASS
DEVCL_INFO - Information about development class
DEVC_APP - Development Class Within the Application Hierarchy
DEVC_APX - Changes Within the Translation Hierarchy (DEVC_APP)
DEVELEM - Structure for Development Element DEV...

DEXDD03P - DD03P Structure with Selection Field
DEX_CONTROL_BULK_IN - Inbound Application Header Data for TIMESERSITMNO
DEX_CONTROL_ITEM_IN - Inbound application item data for TIMESERSITMNO


DF01 - Screen fields for object or structure maintenance
DF03L - Events
DF03T - Event descriptions
DF03T_READ - Generated Table for View
DF03V - Generated Table for View
DF03VD - Generated Table for View DF0...

DF10L - ALE Message Flows
DF10T - Message Flow Names
DF10VD - Generated Table for View
DF11L - Scenario Processes
DF11T - Scenario Names
DF11V - Generated Table for View DF1...

DF30S - Object Relationships
DF30S_KEY - Object Assignments (Object Key Fields)
DF30S_TC - Object use relationships (TC fields)
DF31S - Component dependencies
DF32S - Assignment of IMG chapters to functions
DF33S - Customizing assignment to modeling DF3...

DF40D - Diagam Management Information
DF40_READ - Generated Table for View
DF41S - Nodes
DF42S - Links
DF43S - Link points
DF50D - Variant diagram radio button
DF50L - Variants
DF50O - Variant objects
DF50T - Variant descriptions
DF50VD - Generated Table for View
DF50_READ - Generated Table for View DF5...

DF62S - ID mapping table LM/BE
DF62SV1 - Generated Table for View DF62SV1
DF63S - Business Browser Web Server
DFAXD - Fax information extendable sample SAP-WB
DFBATCH - Screen fields for batch master data transactions
DFBNT - Business Navigator WEB Textpool
DFCHVW - Screen Fields for Batch Where-Used List Transactions
DFCTL - Function model - control flags
DFDOC - Links from R/3 Reference Model objects to mail folder
DFERC - Commitment: Data Definitions
DFIELDS - Transfer: Field Name/Value
DFIES - DD Interface: Table Fields for DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET
DFILE_ORA - ORACLE Data File Information from dba_data_files
DFIT_BC_CHECK - Business Configuration Check
DFIT_BC_CHECKT - Business Configuration Check Description
DFIT_BC_UNIT - Assignment Check Units to Business Configuration Check DFI...

DFK006B - Note to Payee - Texts
DFK006BX - Note to Payee - Texts
DFK006E - Note to Payee - Accounts
DFK006EX - Note to Payee - Accounts New
DFK006X - Indicator for Complete Conversion of DFK006B and DFK006
DFKBANKID - Boleto: interface for transfering bank parameters DFK...

DFLT_USR_STATUS - System Measurement: Status of Default User
DFMCAALOT - Write-Off of Documents with Approval
DFMCACD_FORMDATA - Form Data for Change Object
DFMCADLOT - Document Resubmission
DFMCAILOT - PSCD: Approval List Installment Plans
DFMCAINV - Invoice in IS-PS-CA: Header Data
DFMCAINVPOS - Invoice in IS-PS-CA: Items DFM...

DFPARAM - Display parameter for hierarchy
DFPAYG - Payment date: Grouping
DFPAYHT - Note to Payee and Payment Advice Note Texts
DFPAYMENT_KEY_ID - Contains ID for Payment Data Key
DFPAYV - Payment Medium: Selection Variants
DFPAYV_KEY - Key for Payment Medium: Selection Variants (DFPAYV) DFP...

DFSCICLARIOB - Bal. Int. Calculation at Contract Acct Level: Clarif. Cases
DFSCIHISTIOB - Balance Int. Calculation at Contract Account Level: History
DFSCIHISTIOB_ARCH_IDX - Help Structure for Archiving Acct Bal. Int. Calc. Histories
DFSCIREV - Bal. Int. Calculation at Contract Acct Level: Inverse Pstgs
DFS_RELOC_ID_RANGE - Structure for Ranges Table for Relocation (EA-DFPS)
DFS_RELOC_SEQ_ID_RANGE - Structure for Ranges Table for Relocation Steps (EA-DFPS) DFS...

DFTABELLE - Fields for Order Settlement Default Rules
DFTEXT - EFM: internal structure for import from R/3 Analyzer
DFTNODE01 - Structure repository for process model objects: Node table
DFTNODE01R - Structure repository for process model objects: References
DFTNODE01T - Structure Repository for Process Model Objects: Node Names
DFUSR - Include Structure for FSTUSER and LSTUSER


DGESV - Structure of Total Consumption for Change Documents
DGESV_DB - Structure of Total Consumption for Change Documents
DGFIX_FLDAPP - Append Structure for Field DGFIX (IS2ERP)
DGINFOCUBE - DG: Structure for Dangerous Goods Fld in Transport InfoCube
DGKAT - DD: Size category in technical settings
DGMS2 - DG: Dangerous Goods Document Table (Appendix Table)
DGMSD - DG: Dangerous Goods Document Table DGMSD
DGMSDVB - Reference Structure for X_DGMSD_TAB / Y_DGMSD_TAB
DGREL_LOCK_KEY - Dangerous Goods: Lock Table for CCDUTDGREL
DGTCPD - DG: Last Change Pointer Evaluation (Specification)
DGTEXCCHKMETH - Exceptions to Dangerous Goods Regulations: Check Methods
DGTEXCCNTRIES - Exceptions to Dangerous Goods Regulations: Countries
DGTEXCEPT - Exceptions to DG Regulations - Header Table
DGTEXCTEXTS - Exceptions to DG Regulations: Texts and Documents
DGTEXCUNNO - Exceptions to DG Regulations: UN Numbers DGT...

DGUPS_KEY - Dangerous Goods Master Object Key in UPS
DGV_DFLGCARR - Generated Table for View
DGV_DFLGDGREL - Generated Table for View
DGV_DFLGDGTPK - Generated Table for View
DGV_DFLGPACK - Generated Table for View
DGV_DFLGSPROV - Generated Table for View
DGV_DFLGTRAPPR - Generated Table for View DGV...


DHISTSTRU - History data in db02_db4_get_space_info


DIACL_CLIST - DI CLIST: Component data
DIACL_CNTR_TYPES - Value table for counter types in aircraft logbook
DIACL_CNTR_UPD - Control of Aircraft logbook Counter updates
DIACL_CNTR_VALUE_S - Update structure for counters
DIACL_DIS_SIG - DS : Order operation within Logbook (For Distribution)
DIACL_DIS_SIG_LOG - Structure to be displayed in log of Digital signature DIA...

DICLDAT - Characteristic valuation
DICOM_CMOVEMSG - ISH*MED RAD: Structure with Fields for the DICOM C-MOVE
DICS_T150 - Physical Inventory Stock Types and Allocated Movement Types
DICS_T150F - Stock Types and Allocated Fields in Physical Inventory
DICS_T156 - Backup Table: Movement Type - SAP internal only DIC...

DIDRAD - Document
DIEAPL - Maintenance Task List or General Maintenance Task List
DIEDS - DI-EDS: Append for SD Add-on Developments Automotive
DIEQUI - Equipment
DIEQUIX - Equipment
DIEQUZ - EquipUsagePeriod
DIESL1 - Service packages per operation in the task list (1st level) DIE...

DIFC_DIFFERENT - Differentiation as Entity
DIFC_DIFF_TERM - Differentiation Term
DIFFERENTIATION_KEY - Differentiation Key
DIFFERENTIATION_KEY_COMPONENT1 - Differentiation Key Component ID DIF...

DIGAPL - FL/Equip.task list
DIGEST_METHOD - Proxy Structure (generated)
DIGEST_METHOD1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
DIGEST_METHOD10 - Proxy Structure (generated)
DIGEST_METHOD11 - Proxy Structure (generated)
DIGEST_METHOD2 - Proxy Structure (generated) DIG...

DIHREORG - Auxiliary Structure for Reorganization of Change Documents
DIIA_SYS_SRCHTYP - Dialog Structure for Advanced Search - System Default
DIIFLO - FunctLocation
DIIFLOX - Functional location
DIIHGNS - Permits issued
DIIHPA - Partner PM/QM
DIIHSG - Permits DII...

DIKBED - PM Capacity Requirements
DIKBEDH - Capacity load (logical database AFI)
DIKBEDS - Split/capacity assignment (logical database AFI)
DIMABASIC - Generated Table for View DIMABASIC
DIMABROKER - IO: Broker-Specific Data in FS-CD
DIMACOPAST - Reversal of Contracts in CO-PA
DIMAIOB - IO: Header Data for Insurance Object in FS-CD
DIMAIOBBCON - Contract Data in the Feeder System DIM...

DINNE_DE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Dinner Deduction
DINNE_DE_TIME_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Dinner Deduction Time of Day
DINWATTR - Network Attribute Data, used for multi level network list
DIO02 - R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Output Statement
DIO04 - R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Output Statement
DIO20 - R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Output Statement
DIO22 - R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Output Statement
DIO23 - R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Output Statement
DIO24 - R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Output Statement DIO...

DIP02 - Selection Parameters for SAP Tables
DIP04 - Selection Parameters for Data Elements
DIP17_FKDAT - Update: Billing Date in Single Flow
DIP20 - Selection Parameters for DD20V
DIP22 - Selection Parameters for DD22V
DIP23 - Selection Parameters for DD23V DIP...

DIQMEL - PM Notification
DIQMELX - PM Notification
DIQMFE - PM Notification Item
DIQMMA - Activities for notification item
DIQMMAX - Activity for Notif.
DIQMSM - Notification Tasks DIQ...

DIRECT_DEBIT_MANDATE_ID - Proxy Structure (generated)
DIRESB - PM Materials
DIROT_RSORD - Add. data for Gener. Refurbishment order
DIRTREE - Tree administration
DIR_ALV_OUTPUT_STRUC - Output structure for ds logs from PLM WUI
DIR_SIGNS_STRUC - Structure for Signature information in Document Info Record DIR...

DIS20 - R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Sort Statement
DIS22 - R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Sort Statement
DIS23 - R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Sort Statement
DIS24 - R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Sort Statement
DIS25 - R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Sort Statement
DIS26 - R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Sort Statement DIS...

DIT372I - Network ID
DIT434K - DI-IS Stock determination PM/CS: Header table
DIT434L - Texts for stock determination - header table
DIT434P - Stock determination: FS item table
DITAPL - Funct.location task list
DITAT_D_CCNAME - Content container names DIT...

DIV01 - Loans: External usage types of a rental unit
DIVEDA - Service Contract
DIVISION_TEXTS - Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions: Texts
DIWPS - Work Package
DIWPSD - Work Package Dialog Structure
DIWPSD_RV - Revision Dialog Structure
DIWPS_ATINN - Structure for Configuration Values of Revision
DIWPS_CA - Characteristics for Work Package
DIWPS_CHARAC_6000 - Structure for Screen 6000 of Function Group DIWPS DIW...

DI_V_DIPCS_SDRUL - Generated Table for View
DI_V_T434K - Generated Table for View
DI_V_T434P - Generated Table for View
DI_V_TCO12 - Generated Table for View


DJEST - Individual Status per Object: Key Date Based Management
DJEST_S - Display structure for DJEST in maintenance dialog


DKACB - SAPLKACB screen fields
DKACC - Screen Fields for SAPLKACC - Coding Block Customer Fields
DKACS - Screen Fields SAPLKACS: Maintain Coding Block Subscreens
DKAD2 - Extended Customer or Vendor Address
DKAD2_PDF - Extended Customer or Vendor Address
DKADR - Extended Customer or Vendor Address DKA...

DKC00 - Dynpro fields SAPMKC00
DKC02 - Dynpro fields for module pool SAPMKCO2 / SAPMKBPT
DKC23 - Field String for Feature - DKC23 DK
DKEC0 - EC-PCA: Dynpro fields for Customizing transport SAPMKEC0
DKKOP - Balance Audit Trail
DKKOS - Balance Audit Trail
DKLPF - PME01 & Loans Info
DKNB5 - Change document structure generated by RSSCD000
DKNBK - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
DKO0H - Screen fields for function group
DKOAK - Screen fields for module pool DKOAK
DKOBR - Screen Fields for Settlement Rule Maintenance SAPLKOBS
DKOKP - Open Item Account Balance Audit Trail
DKOKS - Open Item Account Balance Audit Trail Master Record
DKOSK - Screen fields for module pool SAPMKOSK DKO...

DKPKA - Collective Structure for Data Elements of Dev. Class KPKA


DLCNO - Last Delivery Confirmation Number to Vendor
DLCNOCO - Delivery Confirmation JIT Outbound Items
DLCNOHD - Delivery Confirmation for JIT Outbound
DLCNORF - References for Delivery Confirmation Outbound
DLCO07 - SAPLCO07 Screen Fields
DLCO09 - Material Quantity Calculation: Screen Fields DLC...

DLDINSTPAR - Container for DB2 Installation Parameter for EW DLD
DLDQBGB - Summary structure for QBGB
DLDQDBP - Summary structure for QDBP
DLDQWP1 - Summary structure for QWP1
DLDQWP2 - Summary structure for QWP2
DLDQWP3 - Summary structure for QWP3 DLD...

DLFLD - Non-Changeable Delivery Fields
DLFLDVB - Non-Changeable Delivery Fields
DLQTY - Delivery Quantity with Conversion Factors
DLTAB - Structure for Renaming Order Numbers for Shipping Deadlines
DLVRY_SPLT_HEAD - View: Delivery Information for Delivery Split
DLVRY_SPLT_ITEM - View: HU and Items for Delivery Split
DLV_SYSTC - System Change Option for Software Components


DM02H - EDM Help Structure for List Output
DM02I - DM Entity types interface for check FMs
DM02L - DM Entity Type
DM02S - DM Entity Type Definition Variant
DM02T - DM Entity Type Short Text
DM02V - Generated Table for View DM0...

DM25I - DM View-Entity Type Assignment + Short Text
DM25L - DM View-Entity Type Assignment
DM25L_OLD - DM25L with Old Name Lengths
DM26C - DM Auxiliary Structure DM261 for Compare Program
DM26I - DM Table-Entity Type Assignment + Short Text
DM26L - DM Table-Entity Type Assignment DM2...

DM40H - EDM List Output Auxiliary Structure
DM40I - EDM Models with Positions
DM40L - DM Data Model
DM40T - DM Data Model Short Text
DM40V - Generated Table for View
DM40VTC - DM interface to VISIO - data models (outline) DM4...

DM50S - DM ADW Position
DM50T - DM ADW Text on Entity Type
DM99L - DM User Settings
DMAEX - Structure for Change Document: Export Control Data
DMAGE - Dependent tables for an ABAP/4 Dictionary object
DMAKT - Shortened MAKT Structure for Change Documents
DMALG - Assignment of Layout Modules: Materials for Change Documents
DMALG_FULL - Assignment of Layout Modules: Materials for Change Documents
DMAMT - MatMaster Texts for Each Unit and Text ID for Change Docs DMA...

DMBEW - Structure MBEW Without Client or Mat. No.
DMCANALADM - MWB: Verwaltungsdaten zur DB-Analyse im Hintergrund
DMCCALCADM - MWB: admin data for background calculation of access plans
DMCCHCKTBL - Check tables for key fields with stable value area
DMCCONS_KF - Constant key fields for which no interm. ranges are created
DMCCSTYPE - Allowed character types in data record
DMCDTLFORKEYS - foreign key relationship DMC...

DMEAN - Shortened MEAN Structure for Change Documents
DMEBRLHH3 - A/R: DME FEBRABAN - LOT HEADER Febraban version 04
DMEDDFI0 - Batch record for Direct Debiting format: Finnland
DMEDDFI3 - Direct Request record for Direct Debiting format: Finnland
DMEDDFI9 - Sum-Up Record for Direct Debiting format: Finnland
DMEDJP2 - Data Record : domistic bank transfer ZENGINKYO, Japan DME...

DMFCTR - DM Interface to Function Module SDU_FCTR...
DMFHM - Structure MFHM w/o Client or Matl No.
DMF_D_ART - Transfer Status of Articles
DMF_D_ARTHIER - Transfer Status of Material Hierarchy
DMF_D_ART_SITE - Transfer Status of Article/Site Combinations
DMF_D_CUST - DMF Customizing DMF...

DMHELPF - EDM Help Fields for Screens
DMINF - EDM Information Model Interface
DMKAL - Shortened MKAL Structure for Change Documents
DMLAN - Structure for Change Document: Taxes
DMLEA - Vendor-Specific EANs for Change Documents (Material Master)
DMLGN - Structure MLGN Without Client or Mat. No.
DMLGT - Structure MLGT Without Client or Mat. No.

DMNODE - EDM Assign Node ID to DM41S Node
DMPGD - Structure MPGD Without Client or Mat. No.
DMPOP - Structure MPOP w/o Client or Matl No.
DMS1DIDSTA - SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents
DMSCLS_SEARCH_OBJECTS - Objects in Search Result
DMSCLS_SIMPLE_SELECTION - Structure for Selection Table - Value Transfer in Strings -
DMS_ALV_FILES - DMS: ALV Tree for Originals
DMS_ALV_FILES_SMALL - DMS: ALV Tree for Originals
DMS_AUDITS - DVS: Indicator Audits DMS...

DMUPOB - DMU item object (head for DMU transformation matrices)
DMUPOB_DB - DMU item object (head for DMU transform. matrices) DB struc.
DMUSR - Include Structure for FSTUSER and LSTUSER
DMUTMX - Transformation matrix parameter in STEP format(ISO 10303-42)
DMUTMXPARAMS - Transformation matrix parameter in STEP format(ISO 10303-42)
DMUTMX_API - API structure DMU matrix DMU...

DMVKE - Structure MVKE Without Client or Mat. No.
DMWBCONN - DMWB: Structure for ALV Grid for Link List Display


DN1PM - IS-H*MED: I/O fields for SAPMN1PM - patient monitor
DNAST - Output status, display fields
DNIS_COUNT - Structure to store the call count values based on the DNIS
DNL_ACP_AUTHG000 - DNL_ACP_AUTHG : Message structure DNL_ACP_AUTHG000
DNL_AC_ASSIGN000 - DNL_AC_ASSIGN : Message structure DNL_AC_ASSIGN000 DNL...

DNOC_CATEGORY - Message Types
DNOC_CATEGORYT - Message Types
DNOC_FUNCTION - Function Types
DNOC_FUNCTIONT - Function Types
DNOC_FUNC_PAR - Partner func.
DNOC_FUNC_PART - Partner func. DNO...

DNTAB - DD interface: nametab definition for GET_NAMETAB
DNW7AW_S_COMP - Field Name with Field Labels


DOCALTLANG - Alternative language for displaying document
DOCBEDT_PURCHASE_ORDER_LEGAL_D - Proxy Structure (Generated)
DOCBEDT_PURCHASING_CONTRACT_LE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
DOCBEDT_RFQLEGAL_DOCUMENT_REQU - Proxy Structure (Generated)
DOCCHG_BARCODE - Ext. Document Change: Customizing for Barcode Processing
DOCCHG_CLACCT - Customizing: Clearing Account. Required for Transfer Posting DOC...

DOKALTLANG - Assignment of alternative languages for document display
DOKCLASSES - Document class
DOKCLSSTD1 - Document length class-dependent
DOKCR - List of links between documentation objects
DOKCRL - Structure for passing object link lists
DOKCRL_KEY - Key for Object Lists with Transfer Structure DOK...

DOMAINNAMES - Domain Names
DOMREC - Entries from WSEM Domain Table
DOMTAB - Domain Table
DOM_ATTR - BSP: Repository for Attribute Set

DORD - Extract from source list
DOSSH - Documentation: Short Text Statistics History
DOSSI - Documentation: Short Text Statistics History Index
DOSSO - Documentation: Short Text Statistics - Object-Specific
DOST - Document to BOM Link
DOSTA - DOST Phantom
DOSTB - Document Table for DOST Records DOS...

DOWNLOAD_DOCUMENTS - List of Documents To Be Exported
DOWNTIME_ALV - ALV Structure for Downtimes
DOWNTIME_KEY - Downtime Element for the Resource
DOWNTIME_V - Generated Table for View
DOWN_RISK_STR - Downside Risk Calculation : Line Type


DPAYC - Payment program - administrative records
DPAYCHKH - Header: Accounting Using Creation of Payment Media
DPAYCHKH1 - Supplemental Assignments with Creation of Payment Media
DPAYCHKNUM - Check Number Lot: Header
DPAYCHKNUMP - Check Number Lot: Single Numbers
DPAYCHKP - Header: Accounting Using Creation of Payment Media DPA...

DPBAL - IM: Balance of settled downpayment
DPBP_APP_SDSM_HEADER - Append Structure for Structure SDSM_HEADER
DPBP_APP_SDSM_ITEM - Append Structure for Structure SDSM_ITEM
DPBP_APP_VBKDKOM - Append Structure for Table VBKDKOM
DPBP_APP_VBKDKOMX - Append Structure for Table VBKDKOMX

DPCOMMONC_BUPAUI - DP Common: Determine BUPA User Interface
DPCOMMONVMAP_P_S - Generated Table for View
DPCOMMONVMAP_S_R - Generated Table for View
DPCOMMONVMAP_U_P - Generated Table for View
DPCOMMONV_BUPAUI - Generated Table for View
DPCOMMON_ATTACHEDDOC - Structure for the attached docs DPC...

DPE_ATTACH_PO - Attachment structure PO
DPE_BIDDER_COMPANY - Bidder company
DPE_BIDDER_PERSON - Bidder contact person
DPE_BIDDER_RESULT - Bidder result
DPE_CATEGORY - Get category

DPICBATTRI - Additional Characteristics for Billing Between Company Codes
DPICBSELSCRS - DPICB: Fields for Selection Screen DP94
DPICB_ATTRI - Additional Characteristics for Billing Between Company Codes
DPICB_RANGE_AUFNR - RRICB: Range Work Area for Orders
DPICB_RANGE_KOSTL - RRICB: Range Work Area for Cost Centers
DPICB_RANGE_SO_ITEM - RRICB: Range Work Area for Sales Document Items DPI...

DPOP - Forecast Parameters for MRP Area
DPOP_UEB - DPOP Extended by Include MUEB_REST
DPOV - Screen help
DPOV610 - Screen help
DPPROFH - DIP profile: Header
DPPROPS - General property structure for data provider
DPRACO_HR_OBJECT - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
DPRACO_ROLE - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
DPRACO_USER - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
DPRACO_USER_GROUP - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
DPRCGPL_PROJECT_CD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
DPRCGPL_TASK_CD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000 DPR...

DPSCITIZEN - Business Partner: Corresponding Citizen
DPSCITIZENUPDT - BP: Related Person Data (Update)
DPSOB - Contract Object in Collection and Disbursement
DPSOBTYP_CS - Attributes for Citizen Service Products
DPSOB_BILLTRIG - Trigger for TRM Billing DPS...

DPTIMESTAMP_C - Structure DPTIMESTAMP from kernel; can be negative
DPTIMETAB - Internal Scheduler Table of Dispatcher
DPTIMETAB_ABAP - Enhanced DPTIMETAB Scheduling Table
DPTIMETAB_AC - Internal Scheduler Table of Dispatcher
DPTIMETSTAMP - Structure DPTIMETSTAMP for SAPUINT Converted from Kernel BCD
DPVMSC_APPLIDO - VMS DP : Determine Powerlist
DPVMSC_APPLIDO_V - Generated Table for View
DPVMSC_COMP_WIND_S - VMS DP : Components and Windows used for BUPA / Addresses
DPVMSC_FUNCTNI - VMS DP : Interlinking Functions

DPWTYCV_ACTION - Generated Table for View
DPWTYCV_CLAIM - Generated Table for View
DPWTYCV_CLMTY - Generated Table for View
DPWTYCV_MESSAGE - Generated Table for View
DPWTYCV_NAVTAB - Generated Table for View
DPWTYCV_PRINT_F - Generated Table for View DPW...


DQMAT - Shortened QMAT Structure for Change Documents
DQUK - Quota File Header for MRP
DQUM - Cumulated qty in quota argmt per quota for period lot size
DQUP - Item in quota arrangement / MRP


DRAD - Document-Object Link
DRADKEY - Key fields for table DRAD
DRAD_BI - Batch input structure for document links to objects
DRAD_CL - Auxiliary Structure for DRAD -Classification-
DRAD_LAST_CHANGE - DMS: Last Changes to Object Link
DRAD_N - Contains an Object Key DRA...

DRBBOOK - Structure for Search Help Link for Flight Booking (D&R Scen)
DRBKP - Logistics Invoice Verification: Document Header Check
DRBOOK - Structure for Search Help Link for Flight Booking (D&R Scen)
DRCONN - Struct. for Search Help Attach. for Flight Connection (D&R)
DRCREATEURL - Drag&Relate: Transfer Structure - URL Generation
DRDYNFIELDS - Drag&Relate: Screen Fields for Development Class POR4
DREAEXCEP - Screen Structure: Outsorting
DRERZ_RNG - IS-M: Range Table for Publication
DRE_DELIVERY_HEADER_STS - Delivery Header Status
DRE_DELIVERY_ITEM - Delivery Item DRE...

DRFC_APPL - Replication Model
DRFC_APPLT - Description of Replication Model
DRFC_APPL_FILT - Configuration: Filters Used in an Application
DRFC_APPL_FOBJ - Configuration: Filter Objects Used in an Application
DRFC_APPL_IMPL - Configuration: Excluded Filters in a Outbound Implementation
DRFC_APPL_LG - Language Assignments for Outbound Implementations DRF...

DRILLING_DAYS - Alv display of drilling days
DRILLING_STAT_RATIO_DETAIL - Drilling Statostical Ratio
DRIVERATTR - Device Driver Attributes
DRKOSEL01 - Screen fields for programm RKOSEL01
DRKPSEL01 - Screen Field for Report RKPSEL01
DRMSISST - LIS: Key Figures with Different Technical Features for DRM
DRMSMATN - DRM relevant append to EMARA

DROPC - Structure for Dropdown List Sight Currency
DROPP - Structure for Dropdown List Box Periods
DROPT - Structure for Dropdown List Time Period
DROPT2 - Structure for Dropdown List Box: Years Only
DRPBOOK - Structure for Search Help Link for Flight Booking (D&R Scen)
DRPTS - Time Series Structure for Calculating Safety Stock in DRP
DRP_ACQCOV_ALL_S - DEV Reporting: ACQ Coverage Extraction Structure
DRP_ACQCOV_S - DEV Reporting: ACQ Coverage Extraction Structure
DRP_ALGLOBTID_S - DEV Reporting: RZ20 API Structure
DRP_ALGTIDSMO_S - DEV Reporting: RZ20 API Structure DRP...

DRSEG - Invoice Item (Dialog Processing)
DRSEG_CI - Transfer to BAdI for Customer's Own Invoice Item Data
DRSEG_CR - Currency Information for Invoice Item (Online Processing)
DRSEG_SM - Structured Material Invoice Item (Dialog Processing)
DRSEG_WKA - Chain Liability fields in Logistics Invoice DRS...

DRVERSIONINFO - Versions for F4
DRVLOG_FIELDVAL - Derivation: Attributes and values (log file)
DRVLOG_HEADER - Derivation: Header table for log file
DRVLOG_ITEM - Derivation: Item table for log file
DRVLOG_TRAIL - Derivation: Orders / purchase orders in derivation path
DRVNO_RANGE - Derivation: Range Structure for Data Element DRVNO DRV...

DRZA - DDS: Recipient list (document <-> recipient allocations)
DRZAO - DDS: task-specific data for recipient list
DRZAT - DDS: Language-dependent texts for recipient list
DRZO - DDS: Distribution order (DDO)
DRZOC - DDS: partial order
DRZOF - DDS: Original application files of partial order DRZ...


DSAKEY_VALUE - Proxy Structure (generated)
DSAKEY_VALUE1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
DSAKEY_VALUE10 - Proxy Structure (generated)
DSAKEY_VALUE11 - Proxy Structure (generated)
DSAKEY_VALUE2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
DSAKEY_VALUE3 - Proxy Structure (generated) DSA...

DSCHEMAPARA - Parameter for the Downtime Schema
DSDB_TEXT - SDB: Search text structure used for BAPI and RFC
DSEC - Table fields
DSELC - Screen selection from process logic
DSELC_GPA - Screen selection from process logic
DSETATTR - Attributes of Datasets
DSETCHATTI - Indicator Structure for Modifiable Dataset Attributes
DSETCHATTR - Modifiable Dataset Attributes DSE...

DSFHT - Hypertext: Do not use this table
DSFUNOCM - Dialog Structure of Table FUNOCM
DSHCONFIG - Search Help Configuration Parameter
DSH_MEAL - Meal Table for Dictionary Search Helps
DSH_MEALT - Dictionary Search Helps: Text Table for Meals
DSH_S_MEAL_APPEND - Dictionary Search Helps: Meal Append
DSH_S_MEAL_DESSERT_TEXT_APPEND - Dictionary Search Help: Meal Text Append
DSH_S_MEAL_TEXT_APPEND - Meal Text Append DSH...

DSIG_BOOKING_EX - Signature Tool: Sample Database Table with Application Data
DSIG_EXAMPLE_SIGN_LOG - Signature Tool: Log Structure for Example
DSIG_META_EX - Signature Tool: Sample Database Table for Metadata
DSKOP - Balance Audit Trail
DSKOS - Balance Audit Trail
DSK_SINGLE - Data for each disk
DSK_SUM - Data for each disk
DSK_SUM_EX - Data for Each Disk, Extended
DSM_ENQUEUE_MS - Decision Service Management: Managed System Enqueue Table
DSM_GEN_ATTR - Demand Side Management attributes
DSPHDR - ALE Distribution Packet : Header data
DSPIDOCKEY - ALE Distribution Packet : Interface to MW
DSPITM - ALE Distribution Packet : Objects
DSPSTS - ALE Distribution Packet : Status History
DSPTREECTRL - ALE Distribution Packet : Structure of Tree Control
DSP_BEN_KEY - BOM Explosion Number: Key for ALE Unit DSP...

DSQL5COL - Structure for Function Group DYNS
DSR_WS_ACTIVE_COMPONENT - Structure of a DSR Component
DSR_WS_LINKED_SYSTEM - Associated System
DSR_WS_RECORD_CALL - Call Subrecord Type 1
DSR_WS_RECORD_CALL2 - Call Subrecord Type 2
DSR_WS_RECORD_CERT - Client Info Subrecord DSR...

DSTCL - Control Table for Distribution Program Running Parallel
DSVASABAPSOURCES - DSVAS: Administration of generated ABAP programs
DSVASABAPSOURCET - DSVAS: Description of generated ABAP programs
DSVASACTIONLIST - DSVAS: Session step list
DSVASACTSEQ - DSVAS: Action Sequences
DSVASACTSEQT - DSVAS: Description of Action Sequences DSV...

DSYAA - No longer used from 3.0 onwards
DSYAC - Test plan tool: Test catalog directory
DSYAD - Structures: Display Structure Without Text
DSYADEF - Last position in structure display
DSYAH - Structures: Header Data
DSYAI - Structures: Structure Short Text DSY...


DT0KBOB - SDB: Object lists
DT2KAPAR - Downtime for Capacity Category
DTA1AT_DOM - Transfer for customer exit to format AT_DOM (header record)
DTA2AT_DOM - Transfer structure for customer exit to format AT_DOM
DTA3AT_DOM - Transfer for customer exit to format AT_DOM (trailer label)
DTAATV3 - Structure of Internal Table for V3 Format
DTAAVIS - Structure for Table with Payment Advice Note Entries
DTABA - Domestic Tape DME Data Record A (Data Carrier Header Record) DTA...

DTCTID - Downtime Category ID
DTCTI_BW_V - Generated Table for View DTCTI_BW_V
DTCTTX - Downtime Category Text
DTCTT_BW_V - Generated Table for View
DTC_S_DATA - Internal Table DTC...

DTDETAIL - Detail Information about Downtimes
DTEFW - Downtime Values Entered
DTELDOKTL - Documentation - text lines
DTELDOKTL1 - Documentation - text lines
DTELID - Downtime Element ID
DTELINFO - DD: nametab information for data element (elementary type) DTE...

DTFIAA_11 - Data Transfer: Asset Transactions into BW (new)
DTFIAA_12 - Data Transfer: Period Values Posted Depreciation
DTFIAP_1 - Data transfer: Vendor transaction figures to the Warehouse
DTFIAP_2 - Data transfer: Vendor items to the Warehouse
DTFIAP_20 - Vendor Balances
DTFIAP_3 - Data Transfer: Customer Items to BW (New) DTF...

DTHEADVAL - DD: Control string for DTEL header tests
DTILS_OCI_POSTINGS - Treasury: show sum of OCI postings
DTILS_OCI_POSTINGS_DISPLAY - Treasury: Display OCI and P&L postings
DTIMEBWS - Table for Entering Downtimes
DTINFO - Downtime Entered
DTINP - Technical Customizing of Data Source Selection DTIN
DTIP - SIW Demo: Tips DTI...

DTKA3A - Online fields for V_TKA3A and V_TKA3B view maintenance
DTKEY - Help structure for additional field DTKEY in table REGUT
DTLIDOKCR - Set of conflicts for renaming the links to data elem. docu.
DTLIDOKI - Docu index for renaming the links to data element docu.
DTL_MT_STATE - Load status of tables of a mass transfer (for API / DTL)
DTL_MT_STATISTICS - Structure for statistics concerning progress of processing
DTL_PRECALC_OBJ - Precalculation tables for TDMS

DTRE4D - Table for Entering Downtimes
DTRE4W - Table for Entering Downtimes
DTREG - Downtime Entered
DTRESR - Table for Entering Downtimes
DTRULES - Rules for DT editor
DTSCHEMA - Downtime Schema
DTSHTEXT - Downtime Schema Text
DTTEXT - Downtime Text
DTVALUE_BW_V - Generated Table for View
DTYPETEXTH_MV - Structure for Maintaining Set Type DTYPETEXT
DTYPETEXTV - Generated Table for View DTYPETEXTV
DTYPETEXTVH - Generated Table for View DTYPETEXTVH

DTZKN1 - Update structure TZKN1
DTZKN2 - Update structure TZKN2
DTZKN2T - Update structure TZKN2
DTZKN3 - Structure for F4-Account assignment reference help
DTZKN6 - Update structure TZKN6
DTZKN7 - Update structure TZKN7 DTZ...

DT_BW_V - Generated Table for View
DT_TIME_UNIT - Generated Table for View


DUEFL_TAB - Fixing of Source Status or DUEFL at Pre Step Time
DUE_S - Due details for the form F140_CUS_STAT_P1
DUNGV - Structure: Unplanned Consumption for Change Documents
DUNGV_DB - Structure: Unplanned Consumption for Change Documents
DUVMSEG_EXTRACT - duv mseg extract for performance


DV02P1 - Help Fields for SAPDV02P Screen 5555 CAS
DV02P2 - Help Fields for SAPDV02P Screen 5555 CAS
DV02P3 - Help Fields for SAPDV02P Screen 5555 CAS
DV70A - DC Table for SAPDV70A
DVAL - Screen values in process logic
DVAL_GPA - Screen values in process logic
DVER - Material Consumption for MRP Area
DVERS - SAP DOCU Release after upgrade
DVIINFO - Information Data
DVIINFOCLUST - Information Cluster Data
DVIINFOTYPE - General Signature: Information Container
DVIINFO_ALV - Information Container - Structure for ALV
DVIINFO_ARCIDX - Information Data - Structure for Data Object for Archiving
DVIINFO_CT - Information Container: Communication Methods DVI...

DVK00 - unused dummy structure xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DVK01 - R/2-R/3 Link: Delivery Header Data R2 -> R3
DVK02 - R/2-R/3 Link: Delivery Item Data R2 -> R3
DVK03 - R/2-R/3 Link: Delivery Header Data R3->R2
DVK04 - R/2-R/3 Link: Delivery Item Data R3 -> R2
DVKTX - R/2-R/3 Link: Delivery texts R2 -> R3 DVK...

DVM01 - R/2-R/3 Link: R/3 Input Data for Material Master
DVM02 - R/2-R/3 Link: R/3 Input Data Material Master Stor. Locations
DVM_ADMI_FILES_D - Table for DVM archive status extractor file stats delta extr
DVM_ADMI_RUN_LIST - structure of admin_run list
DVM_ARCH_ANA_EVAL_S - Structure of eVAL_ID with its execution date
DVM_ARCH_ANA_FIELDLIST_S - DVM Analysis list of fields DVM...

DVS1CHKF - KW: File Name of Last Check-out
DVS1CHKO - KW: Physical Information Object Check-out Data
DVS1IDXSTA - SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents: IWB1
DVS1LOIO - KEN: Instances of Logical Information Objects
DVS1LOIOT - KEN: Description of Logical Information Objects
DVS1LOPR - KEN: Attributes of Logical Information Objects DVS...

DVTGPAX - Generated Table for View DVTGPAX
DVTOPAX - Generated Table for View DVTOPAX
DVTOPAY - Generated Table for View DVTOPAY
DVTOPAZ - Generated Table for View DVTOPAZ
DVTPPAX - Generated Table for View DVTPPAX
DVTVPAX - Generated Table for View DVTVPAX DVT...

DVWBHF - Generated Table for View
DV_FLIGHTS - Generated Table for View
DV_ICON - Generated Table for View
DV_LICON - Generated Table for View
DV_RDM_WRF3 - Generated Table for View
DV_TLICON - Generated Table for View
DV_TWISPC_PLSCHW - Generated Table for View DV_TWISPC_PLSCHW DV_...


DWA_WARRANTY_EXPIRY_TYPE - Warranty Monitor: Result Structure
DWBEW - Structure of table WBEW for change documents -> delete
DWERK_EXTS_FOUND - Result of Search for Delivering Plants
DWINACTIV - Inactive objects
DWLK2 - Material Master: POS Control Data for Change Documents
DWN01 - Download: HR Mini-Master Record
DWN02 - Download: Attendance/Absence Types
DWN03 - Download: External Wage Types
DWN04 - Download : Operations
DWN05 - Download : Work centers
DWN06 - Download : Variances DWN...

DWTREE - ABAP Workbench Tree Objects
DWWASYNC - Synchronization index for work area
DWZTAB - DWZ Interface file (Market value)


DX040L - Nametab Header, Database Structure DDNTT
DX041L - Nametab Structure, Database Structure DDNTF
DXATTRIB - Task Attributes
DXATTRIB2 - Attributes of Task of Type MAP LSMW
DXATTRIB3 - Attribute of Task of Type Split
DXATTRIB4 - Attributes of Task of Type MAP DMCW
DXFIELDS - Data Transfer Fields
DXFILE - Files for Mass Data Transfer to R/3
DXFILEIO - Files: ID & Application (Input/Output of Task)
DXFILELP - Files: Hierarchy & Name & Type (for ..._COMPLETE)
DXFILEN - Files: Physical File Name (Transfer Structure)
DXFILENOK - Possible Corrupt Error Files in Data Transfer DXF...

DXLFT_COMMENT - Holds translator comments on text level
DXLFT_DELTA_REG - Holds write timestamp per area/object/language
DXLFT_DEV_CMNT - XLIFF Developer Comments
DXLFT_FIPR - Long Text Fingerprints

DXMAP - Table for Saving Conversion Proposal
DXMAP_T - Table for Saving Mapped Selection
DXMSGTYPE - Message Type for DX-WB
DXNODES_AD - DX Administration: Nodes (internal)
DXNODES_LP - DX Registration: Nodes (internal)
DXNO_AD_A - DX Administration: Add Nodes
DXNO_AD_U - DX Administration: Change Nodes
DXOBJTCODE - Table for Maintaining the Tcode for DX Objects
DXPROJ - Projects for Mass Data Transfer to R/3
DXPROJ_T - Project Texts for Mass Data Transfer to R/3
DXRAWDATA - File Targets (Char 5000)
DXRELAT - Assignment of Files to Tasks
DXRETURN - Return Parameters For Data Transfer Workbench
DXRUN - Data Transfer Run to R/3
DXRUNDEF - Run Definition of Mass Data Transfer to R/3
DXRUNDEF_T - Run Definition Texts for Mass Data Transfer DXR...

DXSUBPRO - Sub-Projects for Mass Data Transfer to R/3
DXSUBPRO_T - Sub-Project Texts for Mass Data Transfer to R/3
DXSYNTXFLG - Flags for Syntax Check
DXTASKS - Tasks for Mass Data Transfer to R/3
DXTASKS_T - Task Texts for Mass Data Transfer to R/3


DY20S - Screen Conversion R/2: Screen Header
DY21S - Screen Conversion R/2: Screen Field List
DY23S - Screen Transport Structure R/2: Matchcode Subkeys
DYCBOX - Combobox output control structure
DYELEMTRSL - Screen Translation: Field Name and Length
DYEL_ATTRS - Screen Element: Important Attributes
DYNA - Field names
DYNABAPHDR - Header Table for Dynamic ABAP Coding
DYNABAPSRC - Source Text for Dynamic ABAP Coding
DYNAMIC_FUNCTION - Work Structure for Dynamic Function Texts Customer/Vendor
DYNCTRL_GN - Control Changeable Fields in Delivery (WMS)

DYREQUEST - Parameter description for dy_getobj function
DYSTRUCT - Structure for describing screen objects
DYTOTRANSL - Screen Translation: Program Name and Screen Number


DZINS_DYNP_2060 - Screen Structure Interest 2060
DZV01 - Transfer Structure (Supplementary Pension - Public Sector)


D_DBUKA - Generated Table for View
D_PCCEGPCTEXTRSN - Generated Table for View
D_PCCEGPCTEXTRUL - Generated Table for View
D_PCCEGPRSN_MODF - Generated Table for View
D_PCCEGPRUL_CLSN - Generated Table for View
D_RPM_ARCH_BUC_S - Generated Table for View
D_RPM_ARCH_ITM_S - Generated Table for View
D_RPM_ARCH_RVW_S - Generated Table for View
D_T5FPBS4E - Generated Table for View
D_T5FPBS4G - Generated Table for View
D_T5FPBS5O - Generated Table for View
D_T71CA - Generated Table for View D_T71CA

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