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SAP Tables Index by A


Index of SAP tables


A000 - Condition Table for Pricing $
A001 - Not Used in Standard
A002 - Country/Customer Classification/Material Classification
A003 - Tax Classification
A004 - Material
A005 - Customer/Material A00...

A010 - Additional Selling Plant/Material
A011 - Country/Country of Dest./Customer Classif./Material Classif.
A012 - Additional Selling Plant/Material Group
A013 - Overhead Type
A014 - Overhead Type/Overhead Key
A015 - Not Used in Standard A01...

A020 - Division/Price Group
A021 - Vendor/Material/Unit of Measure
A022 - Material/Unit of Measure
A023 - Additional Selling Plant/Material/Unit of Measure
A024 - Distribution Channel/Material/Unit of Measure
A025 - Info Record for Non-Stock Item (Plant-Specific) A02...

A030 - Customer/Material Pricing Group
A031 - Price Group/Material Pricing Group
A032 - Price group/Material
A033 - Incoterms
A034 - Incoterms Part 1 + 2
A035 - Overhead Type/Plant A03...

A040 - Country/State/Customer Classif.1/Material Classification 1
A041 - Country/State/County/Customer Classif.2/Material Classif.2
A042 - Country/State/City/Customer Classif.3/Material Classif.3
A043 - Purchasing Organization/Material Type
A044 - Vendor
A045 - Vendor Condition Group A04...

A050 - Sales conditions sample structure for pricing
A051 - Invoicing Party
A052 - Invoicing Party (Specific to Info Record)
A053 - Taxes Using Jurisdiction Code
A054 - Market Price for Material Group
A055 - Sales conditions sample structure for pricing A05...

A060 - Controlling Area/Business Area
A061 - Controlling Area/Cost Center Type/Cost Center
A062 - Controlling Area/Company Code/Cost Center
A063 - Controlling Area/Business Area/Cost Center
A064 - Customer Hierarchy
A065 - Customer Hierarchy/Material A06...

A070 - EAN per Plant
A071 - Material per Plant
A072 - EAN per SOrg/DstCh
A073 - Material per SOrg/DstCh
A074 - Plant/Preference Zone/Material
A075 - Master Conditions for SRV with Material Group A07...

A080 - Taxes: Material
A081 - Contract Conditions at Plant Level
A082 - Contract Conditions without Plant
A083 - Vendor Conditions with Plant
A084 - Vendor Conditions without Plant
A085 - Metal Prices A08...

A090 - SD Document/Item/Material
A091 - Wage Type Surcharge at Plant Level
A092 - Wage Type Surcharge without Plant
A093 - Wage Type Surcharge - General
A094 - Taxes: Material, Plant, Origin and Region
A095 - Activities + Purchasing Organization A09...


A100 - SOrg/DstCh/Material_MainItem/Material
A101 - SOrg/DstCh/Material-Main Item/Material Pricing Group
A102 - SOrg/DstCh/Material Pricing Group-Main Item/Material
A103 - SOrg/DstCh/MaterialPricingGroup-MainItem/MatPricingGroup
A104 - Service Conditions (Own Estimate)
A105 - Controlling Area/Company Code/Business Area A10...

A110 - Sales Organization/Destination Country
A112 - Service agent
A113 - Service agent/Dep.cntry/
A114 - Tax Exemption: Customer
A115 - Ser.agnt/Dep.ctry/Dep.PC /Ship-to party
A116 - Tax Exemption - Customer/Tax Classification 2-Material A11...

A120 - Overhead Type/Version
A121 - Legal Control: Values for Calculating Foreign Percentage
A122 - Surch. type /Profit Center
A123 - Discount Type/Resp. Cost Center
A124 - Service agent/Dep.cntry/Dep. PostCode/Tariff zone Dest. loc.
A125 - Service agent/Tariff zone dep./Tariff zone target A12...

A130 - Service agent/tariff zone dep./tariff zone targ/shipping mat
A131 - Service Agent/TariffZnDp/TariffZnDest/Packaging Matl/VSEGR1
A132 - Price per Cost Center
A133 - Mixed Taxes, Domestic
A134 - Vendor
A135 - Transp. service agent/shipping type/bulk group A13...

A140 - Sales Area / Accounting Indicator
A141 - Dependent on material and receiver profit center
A142 - Dependent on material
A143 - Dependent on material group
A144 - Sales Deal Basic Data
A145 - Sales Deal - Customer/Material A14...

A150 - Dest. Ctry/Material
A151 - Dest. Ctry/Comm. code
A152 - Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Plant/Material/Sales Unit/Customer
A153 - Sales Org./Distribution Channel/Plant/Sales Unit/Customer
A154 - SalesOrg./Dist.Channel/PriceList/Material/SalesUnit/Customer
A155 - Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Price List/Material/Sales Unit A15...

A160 - Plant Info Record: Variants
A161 - Info Record: Variants
A162 - Trading Contract: Invoice Recipient
A163 - Number/Material
A172 - Campaign ID/Material
A173 - CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N
A174 - CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N
A175 - CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area
A176 - CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund
A177 - CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area A17...

A180 - Country/Preference Zone/Cross-Plant Grouping
A181 - TaxIndPlnt/Tax type
A182 - Region/PlntRegion/Plant/Tax ind.
A184 - ACRN ID/Material/Version Number/Priority
A185 - Order no./Item/Configuration no./Material/Preference zone
A190 - Condition Table for Pricing A190
A191 - Condition Table for Pricing A191
A192 - Country/Goods Rec./StCla-Mat
A193 - Condition Table for Pricing A193
A194 -
A195 - A19...


A200 - IS-PAM: COA Standing: Booking Unit/Content Component/COA UM
A201 - IS-M: Contract Standing: Booking Unit/Contract UM
A202 - IS-M: Contract Standing: Content Component/Contract UM
A203 - IS-M: Contract Standing: Contract Unit of Measure
A205 - IS-M: Contract Standing: Book.Unit/Cont.Comp./ Contrct Curr.
A206 - IS-M: Contract Standing: Booking Unit/Contract Currency A20...

A210 - IS-M: Commission/Bonus for Media Sales Agent Contract
A211 - IS-M: Commission/Bonus - Purchasing Organization CKey fr MA
A212 - IS-M: DelCtry/BP Tax Classification
A215 - Contract header conditions at outline level without plant
A237 - IS-M: SOrg/DstChannel/Division/BookUnit/ProcessType
A238 - IS-M: Processing Type
A239 - IS-M: SOrg/DistChann/Division/Rec.Country/Payment Method
A240 - IS-M: SOrg/DstChann/Division/Box Number
A241 - IS-M: SOrg/DstChannel/Division/Design Type/Ad Shape
A243 - IS-M: Booking Unit/AI Category
A244 - IS-M: SO/DC/Dv/BU/TSlce
A245 - IS-M: SOrg/DstChannel/Division
A250 - IS-M: SOrg/DstChann/Division/Service
A251 - IS-M: SOrg/DChannel/Division/Advertiser
A254 - Customer or Goods Recipient/Equipment/Material
A255 - Customer/Loading Cost Relevance
A256 - Customer/Catalog Group 2/Material
A257 - Movement Type/Recipient Type A25...

A260 - IS-M: DelCtry/TaxC1
A261 - IS-M: VAT Country/RecLand/Cust.Tax Classification
A262 - IS-M: VAT Country/RecCountry/CustTaxCl/TaxClass
A263 - IS-M: DelCtry/Mat.Tax Class.
A264 - Customer or Goods Recipient/Document Type
A265 - Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type/Material Grp/Material A26...

A270 - Euqipment/Document Type
A271 - Document Category
A272 - Equipment/Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type
A273 - Sales org./Distr. chl/Division/Material/Customer/Item
A274 - Sales org./Distr. chl/Division/Material/Item
A275 - Material/Agreement Data for ATO/MTS Components A27...

A281 - Condition Table for Pricing A281
A290 - IS-M: Condition Index: Booking Unit
A291 -
A292 -
A293 -


A300 - Statistical Value of Subcontracting Components
A301 - Info Record Type and Incoterms
A302 - SD doc./Item/Customer
A303 - SD doc./Item/Material/CompMat/CompSup/CompType
A304 - Material with release status
A305 - Customer/material with release status A30...

A310 - Duty Rate Customs Exemption: Importing Ctry/Code/Material
A311 -
A312 - no.
A313 - SD Doc./Item/Personnel/Sold-to pt/
A315 - Cust.Duty Anti-dumping: Import/Code/Orig.ctry/Manu./Exp./Mat
A316 - Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Ctry/Code/Orig.Ctry/Anti-d. Code A31...

A320 - Third country Duties: Import ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry
A321 - Third Country Duty Rate: Import Country/Code
A325 - Duties Pharma. Products: Import country/Code/CAS/Material
A326 - Pharm. Products Duty Rate: Import Country/Code/Pharma. Code
A330 - Preferential Cust.Duties: Imp.ctry/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry/Matl
A331 - Preference Duty Rate: Import Ctry/Code/Orig.Ctry/Preference
A335 - Quota Duty Rate: Imp.ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Proc./Mat/Quota
A336 - Quota Duty Rate: Import Country/Code/Orig.Ctry/Quota Number
A337 - ContractNr/Plant
A338 - Purch.doc./Plant A33...

A340 - Foreign Trade: CAP: Restitution rates
A341 -
A342 -
A343 -
A344 -
A345 - Ceiling Duty Rate: Import Country/Orig.Country/Ceiling No. A34...

A350 - Sales org.
A352 - ST Code/Post.code/PlntRegion
A353 - ST Code/Region/PlntRegion
A354 - Country/Region/PlntRegion
A355 - Jur. code
A356 - Country/PlntRegion/ST Code/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat A35...

A360 - Location / Service type / Material - Street price
A361 - LocationID/Material - Street price
A362 - Country/NBM-NCM Code
A363 - Plant/Vendor/Material
A364 - Trading Contract/Vendor/Material
A365 - Trading Contract/Vendor/Material A36...

A370 - Customer/Service
A371 - Country/Plant/Ctrl code/Ship-to
A372 - Sales org./Ref.doc./Ref.item
A373 - Country/Plant/Material
A374 - Country/Sales org./Region/PlntRegion/TaxCl3Cust/TaxCl.3Mat
A375 - Country/Sales org./Region/PlntRegion/TaxCl2Cust/TaxCl.2Mat A37...

A382 -
A383 - Category/Partner/Material
A384 - Category/Material
A385 - Sales Org./DChann./Division/Material/Status/Proc.Status
A386 - Sales Org./Dist.Chl./Division/Sold-To Pty
A388 - Country/Tax Class.-Customer A38...

A390 - Brazil: 100% reversals
A392 -
A393 -
A394 -
A395 - Arg.: Country/Fisc.Type
A396 - Arg.: Country/Fisc.Type/Material A39...


A400 - IS-H: External Physician Discount § BPflV Per Service (A400)
A401 - IS-H: Personal Item Discount §8 BPflV Per Service (A401)
A402 - SalesOrg/DistribCh/SDContractNo/Material
A403 - SalesOrg/DistribCh/SDContractNo/Plant/Material
A404 - Customer/Material/Plant
A405 - ContractNr/Well/WC/Material (obsolete -> replaced by A416) A40...

A410 - Customer/ Plant/ Material/ Base Product
A411 - ContractNr/MP ID/Material (obsolete -> replaced by A438)
A412 - Vendor/Plant/Material/Base Product
A413 - Carrier, vehicle type
A414 - Carrier, Bulk Shipment Type
A415 - Carrier, Bulk Shipment Type, Destination Tariff Zone A41...

A420 - SalesOrg/DistCh/CustGrp/ProdHier/PricDRC
A421 - SalesOrg/DistCh/CustGrp/Plant/ProdHier/PricDRC
A422 - DRC: Sales Area/Material/Wide Area Pricing
A423 - Customer Specific Tax (FOB)
A424 - Exception for States (FOB)
A425 - State Tax FOB A42...

A430 - DRC: Sales Area/Material/DRC Country
A431 - DRC: Sales Area/Material/DRC Region
A432 - DRC: Sales Area/Material/DRC Country/DRC Region
A433 - Customer Specific Tax (FOB) - Federal
A434 - Incoterms / Material group 2 - Federal
A435 - Sales org./Distr. chl/Customer/Material/DRM Agr No/DRM Itm A43...

A440 - PRA Pricing - Contract, Material
A441 - CRP Pricing with COND CODE
A442 - Full Rate Excise Duty Company/Plant/Tax Group
A443 - Red Rate Exc Duty Comp/Plant/Tax Group/Handling Type
A444 - Two-step transfer with tracking sign
A445 - Material A44...

A450 -
A451 - Purchase Price
A452 - IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Shipping Costs f.Current Delivery Country
A453 - IS-M/SD: Advance Payment Discount
A454 - IS-M/SD: Sales Promotion Discount
A455 - Customer Discount/Title A45...

A460 - Daily Subscription Prices for Edition Condition Grouping
A461 - IS-M/SD: Employee Bonus for Sales Promotion
A462 - IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement - Renewal Commission
A463 - IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement - Bonus for Up-Front Comm.
A464 - IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement for Up-Front Commission
A465 - IS-M/SD: Special Retail Prices for Customer A46...

A470 - IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Normal Items
A471 - IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Deliverer Sett.for Normal Items: District
A472 - IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Deliv.Sett.for Normal Items: Delivery Type
A473 - IS-M/SD: Gen.Settlement for Purchasing Org./Service Company
A474 - IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Sunday Bonus
A475 - IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Path Compensation A47...

A480 - IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - District Flat Rate
A481 - IS-M/SD: Daily Purchase Prices
A482 - IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement - Bonus for Up-Front Comm.
A483 - IS-M/SD: Payment Method for Employee Bonus for Up-Front Com.
A484 - IS-M/SD: Employee Commission Deposit
A485 - IS-M/SD: SC Hand Delivery Settlement - Normal Item A48...

A490 - IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Public Holiday Bonus
A491 - IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Night Work Bonus
A492 - IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Run Compensation
A493 - IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Key Bonus
A494 - IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - District Lump Sum
A495 - Postal Charges, Inserts in Postal Dist.Items (Insert Type) A49...


A501 - ServcAgent/Incoterms
A502 - Access via Sales organization / Material
A503 - Access to sales organization
A504 - SalesOrg/DistrChannel/Currency/SalesDocType
A505 -
A506 - Access to Plant A50...

A510 - Condition Table for Pricing A510
A511 - Condition Table for Pricing A511
A512 - Condition Table for Pricing A512
A513 - Condition Table for Pricing A513
A514 - ServcAgent/Ship.type
A515 - Condition Table for Pricing A515 A51...

A521 - Campaign/Material
A523 - Camp. ID/Matl grp 1
A524 - Camp. ID/Customer/Material
A525 - Camp. ID/Customer/Matl grp 1
A541 - Customer/Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material
A555 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/MnItm PRM/
A599 - SD doc./Item/Variant
A5C_ATTR000008 - A5C_ATTR000008
A5C_ATTR000008H - A5C_ATTR000008H
A5C_ATTR000009 - A5C_ATTR000009
A5C_ATTR000009H - A5C_ATTR000009H
A5C_ATTR000011 - A5C_ATTR000011
A5C_ATTR000011H - A5C_ATTR000011H A5C...


A600 - IDES_Global Agreement for Valuation, depend on the Catagory
A601 - Plant/Customer
A602 - Condition Table for Pricing A602
A603 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Division/Customer
A605 - Condition Table for Pricing A605
A606 - Material A60...

A610 - Valuation for Campaign
A611 - Sun.Vine Commission Rates
A612 - Sun.Vine - Contingency Rate
A615 - Condition Table for Pricing A615
A616 - Condition Table for Pricing A616
A619 - Condition Table for Pricing A619 A61...

A620 - Condition Table for Pricing A620
A630 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer/Material
A631 - Appl./Version/Status
A632 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material
A633 - Sales Org/Distribution Channel/Division/Shipping Conditions
A634 - Camp. ID/Material
A635 - Camp. ID/PH1/PH2/PH3 A63...

A640 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer/Material/Grid Value
A641 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Grid Value
A643 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer
A651 - Camp. ID/Material
A652 - Camp. ID/PH1/PH2/PH3
A653 - Camp. ID/Matl grp 1
A654 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Division/Material
A667 - SD Doc./Item/Material
A668 - SD Doc./Item/Material/Billable/Grade
A669 - SD Doc./Item/Material/Billable/Country
A670 - SD Doc./Item/Material/Billable/Country/Grade
A671 - SD Doc./Item/Material
A677 - Qed Ed Private Limited
A678 - Bill to/CoCode
A699 - Condition Table for Pricing A699


A700 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID/Customer
A701 - Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID
A702 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID
A703 - Unit/City code
A704 - Order Type/Plant/Sold-to pt/Ship-to/Material
A705 - Material/Plant/Ship-to/Sold-to pt/Distr. Chl/Distribut./Divi A70...

A710 - Surcharge/TradeLane/ServiceType/ContainerTypeSize
A711 - Surcharge/TradeLane/ServiceType/POL/ContainerTypeSize
A712 - Surcharge/TradeLane/ServiceType/POD/ContainerTypeSize
A714 - Sales org./Sold-to pt/Ship-to/Material/Country
A715 - Sold-to pt/Ship-to/Material/Country
A716 - Sold-to pt/Material/Country A71...

A720 - Trade Lane/POR - City/POD - City/ServiceType/Cont.TypeSize
A721 - TradeLane/POR-Countr/POD-Countr/ServiceType/Cont.TypeSize
A722 - TradeLane/POR - City/POD-Countr/ServiceType/Cont.TypeSize
A723 - TradeLane/POR-Countr/POD - City/ServiceType/Cont.TypeSize
A724 - TradeLane/POL/POD/ServiceType/Cont.TypeSize
A725 - Sales org./Ship-to/Sold-to pt/Distr. Chl/Division/Material/C A72...

A730 - TradeLane/ServiceType/ContainerTypeSize
A731 - TradeLane/ServiceType/POL/ContainerTypeSize
A732 - TradeLane/ServiceType/POD/ContainerTypeSize
A733 - Sales org./Ship-to/Sold-to pt/Distr. Chl/Division/Material
A734 - Material/Sales org./Distr. Chl/Division
A740 - SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR - City/POD - City/Shpg Cond./Variant
A741 - SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR-Countr/POD-Countr/Shpg Cond./Variant
A742 - SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR - City/POD-Countr/Shpg Cond./Variant
A743 - SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR-Countr/POD - City/Shpg Cond./Variant
A744 - SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POL/POD/Shpg Cond./Variant
A745 - Customer/Material A74...

A754 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Division/Material
A755 - Sales Org. D.C. Price Group
A760 - Condition Table for Pricing A760
A765 - Order Type/Ship-to/Material
A767 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Division/Material/DocType
A777 - Bill to/City code/Plant city
A778 - Unit/Administr.
A779 - Order Type/Material/Price grp
A780 - Material/Plant/Price grp/SD Doc./Ship-to/Sold-to pt
A783 - Material/Plant/Suppl.Plnt
A788 - Material/Plant/Ship-to
A789 - Order Type/Price grp/Sales org./Ship-to/Sold-to pt
A796 - ServcAgent/DepPostCde/RecipCntry
A797 - ServcAgent/DestCtry/DepPostCde
A799 - ServcAgent/DepPostCde/DestCtry/DestRegion


A800 - Sales Org/ Dis Channel/Incoterms
A801 - Sales Org/ Dis Channel/Ship-to Party
A802 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Version/Status
A803 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Busi. Type/Segment/Version/Status
A804 - Condition Table for Pricing A804
A805 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TfZn P.Dep/Tf zn.dest A80...

A810 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TfZn P.Dep/Tf zn.dest/FreightCl.
A815 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TfZn P.Dep/FreightCl.
A816 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TargPostCd
A817 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TargPostCd/FreightCl.
A818 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/DepPostCde
A819 - ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/DepPostCde/FreightCl. A81...

A820 - Advanced Returns Management - Customer Return Reason
A821 - Advanced Returns Management - Returns Refund Code
A840 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Branch/Module/Version/Status
A841 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Branch/AgreeCat/Version/Status
A844 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Version/Status
A845 - Rateplan Traffic Voice and Data Usage - YTEL05
A846 - Traffic Type Traffic Voice and Data Usage - YTEL05
A850 - Branch dependent valuation
A851 - Branch and Agreement category dependent valuation
A856 - Material/
A858 - Material
A859 - Material/Customer
A860 - Appl./Class/Version/Status
A864 - Material/
A865 - Material/Customer
A866 - Material
A867 - Material
A868 - Material/Customer A86...

A870 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Std.Con.No/Version/Status
A871 - Monthly Incentive Target
A872 - Monthly Transaction Target
A873 - YTD Accelerator
A880 - Appl./Rate Plan/Version/Status
A881 - YTEL01 - Product Multiplier
A882 - YTEL01 - Term Multiplier
A883 - YTEL01 - Discount Multiplier
A884 - YTEL01 - Listprice Multiplier
A885 - YTEL01 - Margin Multiplier A88...

A890 - Sales org./Sold-to pt/Ship-to/Material
A891 - Sales org./Sold-to pt/Material
A892 - Sales org./Material
A896 - Complex Target


A900 - Sales Org/ Dis Channel/Variant
A901 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Sold-to pt/Region
A902 - Condition Table for Pricing A902
A903 - Condition Table for Pricing A903
A904 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Divis./Contr. no./RemBusTrCt/Version/Status
A905 - Appl./AgreemntNo/Contr. no./RemBusTrCt/Version/Status A90...

A910 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Ship-to/Incoterms/Inco. 2
A915 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Matl Group
A920 - Organisation/Practice/Grade
A921 - Organisation/Practice/Client/Grade
A922 - Organisation/Practice/Client/Fee Earner
A923 - Organisation/Practice/Matter/Grade
A925 - Camp. ID/Shpg Cond.
A933 - Sales Organization/Incoterms
A936 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Shpg Cond./Incoterms/Plant/Ship-to
A940 - Condition Table for Pricing A940
A941 - Condition Table for Pricing A941
A942 - Condition Table for Pricing A942
A943 - Sales org./Distr. Chl
A944 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/
A945 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Shp.Cond./Dest. Ctry/Region A94...

A950 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer/PH1/PH2/PH3
A951 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/HierarchyNode/Material
A952 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/HierarchyNode/PH1/PH2/PH3
A960 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Shp.Cond./Dest. Ctry/Region
A963 - Sales Org/Distr.Channel/Shipping Conditions
A972 - Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Material/WBS Element
A973 - Sales ORg/Distr Chan/Material/WBS Elm/PersNr
A976 - Sales Org/DistrChannel/Customer/Material/Personnel NR
A977 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Division/Sold-to pt
A981 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable
A981 - Material
A981 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable
A981 - Material
A982 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable/Country
A983 - Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable/Grade A98...

A990 - CoCode/Dest. Ctry/Material
A991 - ServcAgent/Dlv.Prior./TfZn P.Dep/Tf zn.dest
A992 - DepPostCde/FreightCl.
A993 - DepPostCde/MatlFrtGrp
A994 - SD doc./
A995 - Sales Doc./Item/Pers.No. A99...


AA005 - Customer/Material
AAACC_EXCL - Exception Table for Account Assignment Settings in FI-AA
AAACC_OBJ - Account Assignment Settings in Asset Accounting
AAACC_OBJ_ERR - Types of Error During Check of Acct Assignment in FI-AA
AAACD1 - Standard Change Documents Table (Not Used)
AAACD2 - Standard Change Documents Table (Not Used) AAA...

AAB_ACT_FIELDCAT - AAB: Field Catalog for Variants
AAB_ID_ACT - Activatable IDs for Breakpoints and Assertions: Activation
AAB_ID_PROP - Directory of Checkpoint Groups
AAB_ID_PROPT - Directory of Checkpoint Groups: Description
AAB_ID_SFIELDS - Screen Fields for Activation IDs
AAB_LOGMESSAGE - LOG POINT Message (Internal Use) AAB...

AACCHD_FMFG - US federal fields
AACCHD_PSO - IS-PS: ACCHD Append Structure for Payment Requests
AACCIT_GM - Append for Grants Management
AACCIT_PSO - IS-PS: ACCIT Append Structure for Payment Requests
AACCIT_SSP - Append for Payment Statistical Sampling Process
AACCIT_USFG - Append structure for US federal government AAC...

AAFAB - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFFH - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFFL - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFIH - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFKO - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAFPO - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000 AAF...

AAPM_AA_EQUI_DAT - AA/PM Equip. Data for Managing Equipment in FI-AA
AAPM_SYNC_DATA - PM/AA: Transfer Field Contents Relevant for Synchronization
AASEL1 - Selection Table with Block Size and Field Name
AAT_ROLES - SAP Authorization Assistant - Definition
AAT_USERS - SAP Authorization Assistant - Definition
AAT_VALUES - SAP Authorization Assistant - Values
AAUFK - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AAUSORG - Org. levels for profile generator
AAUSVAR - Possible authorization fields as variables
AAUSZ_CLR_USFG - Clearing information for US Fed (Tresury Confirmation)
AAUUFK - Order master data


ABABUSINESS_PARTNER - Proxy Structure (generated)
ABABUSINESS_PARTNER_EOPCOMPL - Proxy Structure (generated)
ABABUSINESS_PARTNER_EOPINTERIM - Proxy Structure (generated)
ABABUSINESS_PARTNER_EOPREMOTE - Proxy Structure (generated)
ABABUSINESS_PARTNER_EOPRESET - Proxy Structure (generated)
ABABUSINESS_PARTNER_RELATION - Proxy Structure (Generated) ABA...

ABBT - Structure for int.table during partial conversion plan.order
ABCLISINFO - Info/settings/utilities for transfer of LIS key figures
ABC_AFKO - General order information for all environments
ABC_ATYPE - Analysis Strategy for ABC Analysis
ABC_CON - Structure for Constants in Template
ABC_DIVERS - Structure with Different Data Elements
ABC_E_LIHE - Titles (Table + Field + Name) for Fields, Functions ABC...

ABDBG - Communication area for ABAP debugger
ABDBG_ACTIVATION - DO NOT CHANGE: ABAP Debugger Table of Waiting Debuggees
ABDBG_ACT_DBGEEINFO_PMORTEM - Dump Information for 'Post Mortem' Debuggee
ABDBG_ACT_DEBUGGEE - Representation of Debuggee Waiting for Attach
ABDBG_BPS - ABAP Debugger: Breakpoints
ABDBG_EXT - Communication Area for ABAP Debugger (Enhancements) ABD...

ABEIN_RANGE - Structure With Ranges for Meter Reading Unit
ABERL - Retirement revenues on an asset
ABFIELD - DD: DDIC Type and Corresponding ABAP Type
ABFPRLIST - Printer in Possible Printers List
ABGR - Interface to FIMA accrual/deferral
ABIFMPPD_BPD - FM: Budget Period append for BIFMPPD
ABI_AINARCH - Auto-ID Infrastructure Archiving
ABI_DISP - Display Auto ID Retrived Information
ABI_EPC - EPCs (for table VEKP)
ABI_LOGSYS_STR - Logical systems structure
ABKPF - FI Document Header (Including Archive Information)
ABKPF_PSO - IS-PS: BKPF Append Structure for Payment Requests
ABKPF_UMB - IS-PS: Append Structure for Transfer Transaction FMITPO
ABKRS_CD - Select Option for Payroll Area
ABKSSK - Classification: Assignment Change Document
ABLAKSP - Structure: F4 Help for Billing Class/Division in MR Units
ABLAUF_TAB - Schedule Table
ABLEINHINTRVL - IS-U: Meter Reading Unit Interval
ABLE_RANGE - Structure With Ranges for MR Unit
ABMSG - ABAP Error Message
ABORTSTR - SPAM: Termination message
ABORT_TREE - Structure for Nodes of Conversion Tree
ABPAR - System table ABPAR
ABPRLIST - Printer in Possible Printers List
ABPTOKEN - Token Structure of RNDPG in Kernel
ABRLF_RAN - Range table for settlement run number
ABRSCHV - Generated Table for View
ABRSCHV2 - Generated Table for View
ABRUFPERIODE - Periods for Creation of Releases
ABRUFVGL - Compare EKEH old - EKEH new EKEH new - EKET
ABRVW_FLDAPP - Append Structure for Field ABRVW (IS2ERP) ABR...

ABSAD_BAK_PSO - IS-PS: Data Appendix Cleared Items Customers
ABSAD_PSO - IS-PS: Data Appendix Cleared Items Customers
ABSAK_BAK_PSO - IS-PS: Data appendix of cleared items vendor
ABSAK_PSO - IS-PS: Data appendix of cleared items vendor
ABSAS_BAK_PSO - Local Authorities
ABSAS_PSO - Local Authorities ABS...

ABTAB - Table for the Overview Screen in Invoice Verification
ABTREE - Former INDX-Type Table of Deleted ABAP Examples
ABUB - FIAA amounts to be posted per reconciliation posting area
ABUZ - Help Structure for Line Items to be Generated Automatically
ABUZ_KONTO - Accounts for Accounting line items
ABUZ_VALUE - Posting amounts for Accounting line items
ABVG - Comparison of SA Releases - Reference Structure


AC400T001B -
ACAC_ACCDET - Structure with Fields for Account Determination
ACAC_ACE_ACEDSOH_LDB - Structure in Logical DB Node ACEDSOH
ACAC_ACE_ACEDSOI_LDB - Structure in Logical DB Node ACEDSOI
ACAC_ACE_ACEDSOP_LDB - Structure in Logical DB Node ACEDSOP
ACAC_ACE_ACEOBJ_LDB - Structure in the Log. DB Node ACEOBJ for Application ACAC ACA...

ACCACCOUNT0C - G/L account
ACCACCOUNT0T - G/L account
ACCACCOUNT11 - G/L account
ACCACCOUNTEXIT - Callback exits for G/L account by acc. system configuration
ACCACCOUNT_ATTR - Extraction Structure for G/L Account - Attributes ACC...

ACDIAGSHOW - AC Diagnosis Tool: Displayed Fields in AC Document
ACEDSASSGMT - Standard Account Assignments for Accrual Objects
ACEDSASSGMT_LDB - Structure in the Logical DB Nodes ACEDSASSGMT
ACEDSOH - Accrual Subobject Header Data
ACEDSOH_ARG - Arguments in Header Data of Accrual Subobject
ACEDSOH_KEY - Accrual Subobject Key ACE...

ACFES - Advance Claims: Structure for Generic Feature
ACGLRET - Error Messages for HR/CO Account Verification
ACGL_HEAD - Fields for Document Header Entry Screen
ACGL_ITEM - Structure for Table Control: G/L Account Entry
ACGL_ITEM_GEN - Generic Fields for Table Control
ACG_GEN_DEV_REQ - Devclass and request number
ACG_GEN_DEV_REQ1 - Devclass and request number ACG...

ACHEAD - Fields for Document Header Entry Screen
ACHVW - Archiving Structure for Batch Where-Used List
ACIDLPAYCK - COBL Check: Accounting, Invoice Receipt (Load Payable)
ACIDLRECCK - COBL Check: Accounting, Billing Document (Load Receivable)
ACIDPJMMCK - COBL Check: Accounting, Material Posting (Post Journal)
ACID_ACCTG_DOC_ERPNOTIF_ACCTG - Proxy Structure (generated)
ACID_ACCTG_DOC_ERPNOTIF_ACCTG1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
ACID_ACCTG_DOC_ERPNOTIF_ACCTG2 - Proxy Structure (generated) ACI...

ACLACENTR - ACL: Entry for Authorized Users
ACLACTGRP - ACL: Structure with Role
ACLACTVTY - ACL: Structure with Activity
ACLERROR - ACL: Object Error
ACLID - ACL Structure with ACL IDs
ACLIDERR - ACL: Structure with ACL ID and Error Object ACL...

ACMDS_EI_SALES_DATAX_ISMSD - IS-M/SD: Additional Customer Master Sales Data
ACMDS_EI_SALES_DATA_ISMSD - IS-M/SD: Additional Customer Master Sales Data
ACMM_GL_COMP - G/L Accounts Dialog Components Interface FI-MM
ACMM_VENDOR_COMP - Vendor Dialog Component Interface FI-MM
ACNFM_FMFCTR - China Localization Fields
ACO000 - SAP_GP: Communication Data Set Bidder/Vendor/Portal
ACO001 - Classification 'Is Portal' for Communication Data ACO000
ACOEXM_STRU_STRU - Nested example structure
ACO_ACTIVITY - Activities for Authorization Check
ACO_ACTIVITYT - Activities for Authorization Check (Text Table) ACO...

ACPE - Actual periods
ACPOS_TYPE - Maintenance Structure: Value Category Type
ACPTOTLINE - CO Planning: Total Values for Plan Activity BAPIs
ACPTOTLINE_I - CO Planning: Total Values for Plan Activity BAPIs ACP...

ACRELATION - Relationships in Accounting
ACRNUM - Append for CRNUM
ACSCR - Communication Structure for Field Modification SAPLFDCB
ACSPLT - Carrier for Split Information re: Current Account Line Items
ACSPLT_WKA - WKA - fields for structure ACSPLT
ACSPLT_WTNEW - Proportion of New Withholding Tax
ACSPLT_WTOLD - Proportion of Old Withholding Tax
ACST - Analysis of settings in configurator ACS...

ACT01 - Activity for LDB 01
ACT01_CJDB_REP - Reporting str. for ACT01 (for CJDB_GET_PROJECT_FROM_LDB_PSJ)
ACT01_NODEL - Fields from ACT01 also displayed w/o authorizations (PSJ)
ACT01_REF - Reference structure for source and target network activity
ACT01_TIME - Fields from ACT01 with time ref.(for authztn check LDB PSJ)
ACT01_UPDATE_RELEVANT - Fields relevant to update from AFVC,V,V (sim. vers.) ACT...

ACWF_BUFFER_HEAD - Input Interface WF-FI - Header
ACWF_BUFFER_ITEM - WF-FI Input Interface : Items
ACWT_ITEM - Table Control Structure for Withholding Tax


AD00PMCL - Class Table
AD00PMCLT - Text Table for Class
AD00PMEV - Class event table
AD00PMEVT - Text Table for Events
AD01ATTR - All Parameters of Dynamic Items
AD01ATTRD - Derived Parameters of Dynamic Items AD0...

AD1_FLAGS - Address flag transfer structure
AD23_IICOND - BPP: conditions for invoice item
AD23_LAYTYPED - BPP: alternative layout type definition
AD23_LAYTYPET - BPP: alternative layout type texts
AD23_LAYTYPE_CT - BPP: alternative layout type for output type
AD23_LAYTYPE_CTV - Generated Table for View
AD23_OUTA - BPP: output structure for billing - attributes AD2...

AD3DISPLAY - Display structure for hit list: Addresses person in company
AD3_FLAGS - Transfer structure for person in company address flags
ADAA - SAP DB: Directory of Valid DBA Actions
ADACACHE - Information About SAP DB Cache Access
ADACLOG - Logbook fields
ADAGROUPS - Address group (key) list transfer structure
ADAKO - A&D: Comparison Field ADA...

ADBL - Freight List: Extra Fields on the Form
ADBOSSDITM - Communication Fields: Sales and Distribution Document Item

ADC1HEADER - Header Information Structure in DIP Profile Maintenance
ADCNTRYQU - Countries with active quarterly adjustment
ADCOMDATA - Structure with redundant fields for communication data
ADCOMFLAGS - maintenance flag transfer structure
ADCOMKEY - Result table structure of FB ADDR_COMM_FIND_KEY
ADCOMP - PM/PS Reference Element ADC...

ADDATALINE - Transfer structure for initial duplicate index
ADDBEPP - Additional information on VDBEPP
ADDBEPP_ADD - Additionl Information for VDBEPP
ADDELIVER - Transfer Structure for Reason for Non-Delivery
ADDFIELDS - Additional Fields
ADDIAM_STAT - Additionals: Status flags as values and symbols ADD...

ADEBAN - Additional Fields for SPEC2000
ADEFCAP - Payment Agreement Data
ADEKPO - Structure for Additional Fields in SPEC 2000 Items
ADEXS - Dialog structure for Order-Material transfer posting table
ADFAX - Transfer Structure for Fax Numbers (Business Addr. Services)
ADFAXSE - Structure for Address Fax for Ent. Services
ADFAXX - X field structure for Fax Numbers
ADFAX_STR - Communication Type Fax
ADFDR_AIRPORT - Airport Table
ADFDR_CARRIER - Airline Carrier Table ADF...

ADIBIPTLST - IBIP: Task List header A&D enhancements
ADIC_V_HTNM - Generated Table for View
ADINDEXRML - Index structure for inverse search (ADR7)
ADINDEXX40 - Index structure for inverse search (ADR8)
ADINDXPOOL - Key for logical search pool in duplicate index
ADINDX_EXC - Exception record which should not be in duplicate index ADI...

ADJS_TRANSACTION - Treasury: Reconciliation Business Transactions
ADJS_TRANSACTION_ALV - Treasury: SAP List Viewer structure for recon. bus. trans.
ADJS_TRANSACTION_I - Include structure for reconciliation business transactions
ADJTC_DFT_ASSIGN - Update Types for Position Reconciliation
ADJT_TRANSACTION - Treasury: Reconciliation business transactions
ADJV_TRANS_DIF - Generated Table for View ADJ...

ADK0_RA1 - Internal RA Structure
ADK0_RA1X - Internal RA Structure
ADK0_RA2 - CO Subkey Structure in COSB
ADK0_REV1 - Read revenue
ADKEY_INDX - External index addresss key
ADKEY_OBJ - Duplicate Hit: Address Key and Owner Objects ADK...

ADLZSN - Leading Zeroes in Serial Numbers
ADMHEADTAB - KEN: ALV liste management tool header table
ADMINDATA - Administration Data
ADMINDATA2 - OBJRES1 Management Data
ADMINI - Administrative Data
ADMINL - Creation and Change Data
ADMITEMTAB - SKE: ALV list management tool item table ADM...

ADNAMEFLD - Name Fields of Address Screen Type 1
ADNM_STRUC - Include structure with name attributes of the ADRC address
ADNR_STRUC - Address Number and ADRC_STRUC
ADOBJLINE - Initial duplicate index: Object type transfer structure
ADOBJ_KEY - Object Key of an Owner Object
ADOWNERKEY - Address owner information
ADOWNERREF - Temporary reference address storage - Master object (ALE)
ADPAG - Pager Number Transfer Structure (Business Address Services)
ADPAG_STR - Communication Type Pager Numbers
ADPCOMPTYP - Adapter Test: Complex Data Type
ADPGROUPS - Transfer structure for person group (key) list
ADPIC_HOLD_MIGO - Store BADI goitem for MIGO hold / restore functionality
ADPIC_HOLD_MPN - Store MPN subitems for MIGO hold / restore functionality ADP...

ADQUCNTRY - Country code reference structure in quarterly adjustment
ADQUENQREF - Object to be locked for address quarterly adjustment
ADQUINDX - INDX-type table for quarterly adjustment addresses
ADQUUPDRF1 - Address type 1 quarterly adjustment refresh data
ADQUUPDRF2 - Address type 2 quarterly adjustment refresh data
ADR10 - Printer (Business Address Services)
ADR10S - Shadow Table: Printer (Business Address Services)
ADR10S2 - Shadow Table 2: Printer (Business Address Services)
ADR11 - SSF (Business Address Services)
ADR11S - Shadow Table: SSF (Business Address Services)
ADR11S2 - Shadow Table 2: SSF (Business Address Services) ADR...

ADS2KIPBRO_APPL_LOG - SPEC2000 IP Browser: Msg Comm Structure
ADS2KIPBRO_APPL_LOG_CONTEXT - SPEC2000 IP Browser: Msg Comm Structure
ADS2KIPBRO_CMD - SPEC 2000 IP: Key fields for master data creation
ADS2KIPBRO_CSN_RANGES - Range of Catalog Sequence Numbers
ADS2KIPBRO_CUS_RANGES - Range of Customer Code ADS...

ADTASK_LIST_TO_NOTIFICATION - Customer fields for table RIQS5
ADTCF_DETAIL - ADTCF - User Profile Detail
ADTCF_MASTER - ADTCF - User Profile Master
ADTCF_VDETAIL - Generated Table for View ADTCF_VDETAIL
ADTCF_VMASTER - Generated Table for View ADTCF_VMASTER
ADTEL - Telephone Number Data Transfer Structure (BAS) ADT...

ADURI - URI Address Transfer Structure (Business Address Services)
ADURI_STR - Communication Type URI
ADUSE - Transfer Structure for Communication Usages (BAS)
ADVALACAD - Structure for F4 help on field 'Academic Title'
ADVALCOMM - 'Communication type' field F4 help structure
ADVALPREF - Structure for F4 help on field 'Name Prefix'
ADVALREG - Structure for F4 Help to Field 'Region'
ADVALSPPL - Structure for F4 help on field 'Name Affix'
ADVALTITLE - Structure for F4 help on field 'Address' ADV...

ADWPS_RIHPLKO - A&D structure for enhancing report RIHPLKO layout
ADX400 - X.400 Address Data Transfer Structure (Bus. Addr. Services)
ADX400_STR - Communication Type X400
AD_TSACAM1 - Generated Table for View
AD_V_IVROTSUB - Generated Table for View
AD_V_PRIOFFF - Generated Table for View
AD_V_PRIOHD - Generated Table for View AD_V_PRIOHD
AD_V_PRIOPRF - Generated Table for View
AD_V_PRIOSUB - Generated Table for View AD_...


AEAML_D_LFE_CDOC - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AEBAN - General Data: Purchase Requisition
AEBPP_KNBK - Additional Fields Bank Data Biller Direct
AEBPP_LFBK - Additional Fields Bank Data Biller Direct
AEDT - Engineering Change Management: Alternative Dates
AEDTB - Engineering Change Mgmt: Alternative Dates - Document Table
AEDTS - AEDT - Extras
AEDT_API01 - Interface structure for changing table AEDT using API
AEEF - ECM: effectivity
AEEFB - ECM: effectivity - document table
AEEFS - AEEF - Extras
AEEF_API01 - Interface for changing table AEFF using API
AEHFLDS - Fields for Parallel Processing of MR Order Creation
AEHI - Change hierarchy
AEHIB - Change documents for AEN1
AENR - Change Master
AENRB - Change Master Document Table
AENRCNV - Data for Converting Change Numbers
AENRS - AENR - Details
AENRZ - Additional Fields for Change Master
AENR_API01 - Interface for processing table AENR using API AEN...

AEOI - ECH: Object Management Records for Change Master
AEOIB - Object Indexes for Change Master - Document Table
AEOIS - AEOI - Details
AEOIT - Log of Change Objects
AEOI_API01 - Interface for processing table AEOI using API
AEPF - ECM: effectivity
AEPFB - ECM: maintenance values - document structure
AEPFS - AEPF - Extras
AEPLST - Identical object in explosion (item)
AEPREC - Identical object in explosion (header)
AESADDRRFC - Addres + ID for AES (Example: Geocoding) by RFC
AESCHOIRFC - Address Selection List in Geo-Coding
AESCTABRFC - Container Structure for RFCs (flat)
AESC_ADNUM - AES container linked with address number
AESC_CONT - AESC Content Supplied with ID (Flat for RFC)
AESC_STRUC - AES Container Structure Definition (Address Enhancemt Srvc.) AES...

AEXMNT - ALV Example
AEXPM - ALV Example: Printer Maintenance Personnel
AEXPRN - ALV Example: Printer Data
AEXUP - ALV Example: User Printer Connection
AEXUSR - ALV Example: User
AEZU - ECH: Assign Material to Effectivity Profile


AF61E - PP MRP Work fields SAPLM61E
AF61L - Work Fields for Long-Term Planning (SAPMM61L)
AF61O - Work fields for processing planned orders
AF61Q - Work fields for processing components
AF61R - Work fields for SAPFM61R
AF61V - Work Fields for SAPLM61V AF6...

AFAB - Network - Relationships
AFAB01 - Network Relationship (for LDB) - 01
AFAB1_STR - Structure via V_AFAB_1 for dep. posting
AFABB - Network: Document Table for Relationships
AFABD - Network: Dialog table for AFAB
AFABD_UPDATE - Field string AFABD (for editing BAPIs) AFA...

AFBP - CIM order: Batch print requests
AFCHILDFLD - Subsegment of Segment of a Complex Structure
AFDIST - Distribution Information on Production Order
AFDISTD - Distribution Information on Production Order (Dialog)
AFDLD - Order: Dialog Structure for Document Link
AFDLD_P - Order: Dialog Structure for Document Link
AFDLD_SEARCH - Order: Dialog Structure for Document Link
AFEBEPIN_BF_PSO - IS-PS: Additional Data on Line Items on Electr. Statement
AFEBEP_PSO - IS-PS: Additional Data on Line Items on Electr. Statement
AFFH - PRT assignment data for the work order
AFFH01 - Order PRT Data (for LDB) - 01
AFFHB - Structure of the doc. table for PRT allocations in work ord.
AFFHD - Structure of the PRTs in orders
AFFHD_P - Production resources/tools for use in print reports
AFFHI - PSIS - Individual Overviews: Production Resources/Tools AFF...

AFIH - Maintenance order header
AFIHEA - PM Order: PM Order Header I/O Fields
AFIHF - PM Order: Fields AFIH w/o Key
AFIHW - PM Order Include Part of Order Header (Fields from AFIH)
AFILT - Structure of selection filter and display
AFKKFMEF_KBLE - Append for FI-CA Integration
AFKKFMEF_REF - FI-CA Additional Information
AFKO - Order Header Data PP Orders
AFKONET - Structure of Network Classification Data
AFKO_AUTH - Results of mass authorization check for WBS elements

AFLDFIELDS - Generic Field Names, Not Relevant for Field Grouping
AFM01DDY - Append to FM01DDY
AFMACASD2_BPD - FM: Budget Period Append for FMACASD2
AFMACCOUNTS - Account Assignment Elements
AFMAPFLD - Mapping: Int. Structure Field - Segment Field of Compl. Str.
AFMAPTAB - Mapping: Internal Structure - Segment of Complex Structure

AFO_CFUPD_SAVE - Administr. of Generated Payment Flows for Financial Objects
AFO_CF_UPDATE - FOs For Loans, For Which Payment Flows are Generated
AFO_CHAR - Characteristic
AFO_FIELD_EXPT - Exception Handling for Characteristics for a Fin. Object
AFO_FOI_FAIL_ADM - FO Integration: Storage of Admin. Information for Error Logs
AFO_POS2DERI - Derivation Structure: Class Positions in Futures Account AFO...

AFPKB - General Help Fields for SAPLMPKB
AFPKR - Work Fields for SAPLMPKR
AFPO - Order item
AFPOB - Document structure for order items
AFPOD - Order item dialog structure
AFPODGET - Order Item Structure with Update Indicator AFP...

AFQNAMES - Queue Names
AFRC - Incorrect cost calculations from confirmations
AFRCB - Document structure for incorrect table 'Actual cost calc.'
AFRC_S_ALV - ALV Output Structure for Table AFRC
AFRD - Default values for collective confirmation
AFRDI - Structure for screen fields in Retail MRP
AFRH - Header information for confirmation pool AFR...

AFSPLIT - Generated Table for View
AFSPOPR - Split Operations in an Order Split
AFSPOPRB - Buffer Table for Split Operations
AFSPREL - Relation Between Orders in an Order Split
AFSPRELB - Buffer Table Structure for Relation Betw. Parent/Child Order
AFSPRELD - Dialog Structure for Display of Split Relationships AFS...

AFTR_AVG_ASGN - Change Document Structure Assign one flow to many adjustment
AFT_IMAGE - After-Image for Creating Events when Updating Database
AFVC - Operation within an order
AFVCP - Generated Table for View
AFVC_ACTIES - Activity Types of the Operation
AFVC_DIS_SIG - Digital Signature of Order Operation for Distribution
AFVC_DIS_SIG_LOG - Protocol structure for distrib. signature in Order Operation
AFVC_DS - Digital signatures for Order Operation AFV...

AFWBMPH_STR - TRM: Auxiliary Structure for Transaction AFWBMPH
AFWBM_ASS - TRM: Assignment of Benchmarks to Portfolio per Variant
AFWBM_ASSPH_STR - TRM: Structure for Assignment Variants
AFWBM_ASS_BMPH - TRM: Assignment of Benchmarks to Portfolio per Variant
AFWBM_ASS_T - TRM: Text Table for Assignment Variants
AFWBM_ASS_TREE - TRM: Assignment of Benchmark ID to PH Nodes per Variant AFW...

AFX_ACTVT - Activity log
AFX_ACTVTDOC - Activity Log - Archiving Runs
AFX_ACTVTFIL - Activity Log Archive File List
AFX_ACTVTJOB - Activity Log Job List
AFX_ACTVTPAC - Activity Log Package List
AFX_FMOD_CHA - AFX Function Modules: Changing Parameter(s) AFX...


AG1251 - Profile generator: fields
AG1252 - Profile generator: Organizational levels
AGDB - ABAP/4 Generation Tool: Pattern database
AGDETAIL_ITAGCY - Data for Agency Category
AGENCY_FLOW_NODE - Node structure of the document flow tree
AGENCY_MSG_LIST_ADD_DATA - Agency Business: Additional Data for Message List
AGENTINFO - Sqlserver Agent Information
AGGREGATED_RECORDS1 - Proxy Structure (Generated)
AGGUID_RAN_S - Range table for CRM agreement guids
AGING_FI_DOCUMNT_KEY - FI Document Key for Aging
AGING_S - Aging Data
AGKO - Cleared Accounts
AGRPRO - Critical Authorizations and Profiles of Role
AGRR2 - R2 transfer structure
AGRR2T - R2 roles transfer structure - Texts
AGRTIMECOMP_ALV - Time Stamp Comparison
AGR_1016 - Name of the activity group profile
AGR_1016B - Name of the activity group profile AGR...

AGSSEA_OL_ACH_NAME_LINE - SEA OL: line of the table getting with ACH comp name
AGSSEA_OL_LINE - SEA OL: line of the object list table getting SW/ACH comp
AGS_REQ_TST - Document Test Object ZUO
AGS_SMT_TSAT_DYN_FIELD_I_S - Field information AGS...

AGTR_CRMDERIVE_SRC_FIELDS - Append for additional fields of GTRDERIVE
AGTR_CRMDERIVE_SRC_FLDS - Additional fields for derivation tool for Grantor
AGTR_FIAP_3 - Grantor Management: additional fields for extraction
AGTR_FIAR_3 - Grantor Management: additional fields for extraction
AGTR_FIGL_4 - Grantor Management: additional fields for extraction


AICOM - AuC param. for line item selection
AIC_VBRK - Archiving SD_VBRK: Customizing for Index (secondary)
AIDARCH - Obsolete: Auto-ID Infrastructure Archiving
AIDARCI - Obsolete: Auto-ID Infrastructure Archiving Items
AIDEPCDTL - Obsolite: EPC Details
AIDEPCREF - Obsolite: EPC Reference
AIDEPC_V - Generated Table for View AIDEPC_V
AIDIDDATA - AII: ID Detailed Structure AID...

AIFM01D - Append for IFM01D
AIFMBLIN - Additional fields for new budgetary ledger
AIFMCFDY - FM: More Screen Fields for CF
AIHPA - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AII_PROFILES - AII: Profile Files
AILOA - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AIMEL - Change Document Struct. for Master Data of Entry List (IMEL)
AIMEP - Change Document Structure for Meas.Pts for Entry List (IMEP)
AIMEXPERT - Experts for AIM Method Maintenance
AIMTV - AuC line item list
AIND_ARKEY - SAP AS: Reference Structure for Archive Key/Archiveofs
AIND_CONN - Database Connection for Archive Information System
AIND_CONN_STR - Database Connection for an Infostructure
AIND_CONN_STR_UI - Dynpro Structure
AIND_FILES - AS: Archive Indexing
AIND_STATU - Status management of archive information structures AIN...

AIPLOC_KOM01 - AIP: Communication Structure for Determining Logical System
AIP_ESA2_AR_BASIC - Basic Information from Appropriation Requests for ESA
AIP_ESA2_AR_VAL - Planned Values and Approval Status for Approp. Requests
AIP_ESA2_POS_VAL - Plan Values for Investment Program Position
AIP_KOMTXT - Cross-System Flow of Goods Texts
AIP_TKOMTXT - Cross-System Flow of Goods Texts AIP...

AIRLINE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Airline
AIR_ARRIVAL_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Arrival Airport
AIR_CABIN_CLASS_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Cabin Class
AIR_DEPARTURE_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Departure Airport
AIR_TICKET_NR_FIELD_CONTROL - Field Control for Ticket Number
AISB_LIST_FOOT - AISB Runtime Statistics
AISB_RDDTDDAT_ALV - Output Structure for Program RDDTDDAT
AISEM_IP_VAL - IM: SEM Interface for Values of Investment Program Positions
AISEM_IQ_VAL - IM: SEM Interface for Values of Appropriation Requests
AISEM_OR_VAL - IM: SEM Interface for Values of Orders
AISEM_PR_VAL - IM: SEM Interface for Values of WBS Elements AIS...

AIVBK - IVBK change document
AIVBP - IVBP change documents
AIVBZ - IVBZ change documents


AJVA_ACCIT_EXTENSION - Joint Venture Accounting: Additional Account Assignments
AJVA_ACCIT_GLX_EXTENSION - Joint Venture Accountting: Addditional Account Assignments
AJVA_FAGLPOSE - Joint Venture Accounting: Additional Account Assignment
AJVA_FAGL_DOC_LINE_ALV_AAO - Joint Venture Accounting: Additional Account Assignment
AJVA_FAGL_GLT0_ACCIT_EXT - Joint Venture Accounting: Additional Account Assignment
AJVA_FAGL_SPLINFO - Joint Venture Accounting: Additional Account Assignments AJV...


AKBLD_CARD - Append to KBLD for Payment Card (Card Document)
AKBLE_PSO - IS-PS: Append structure KBLE for requests from funds reserv.
AKBLK_CARD - Append to KBLK for Payment Card (Card Document)
AKBLK_USER - User-Append for User Table KBLK_USER
AKBLP_CARD - Append to KBLP for Payment Card (Card Document)
AKB_ACTION - Actions to be executed for object release AKB...

AKKB - Documentary Payment Guarantee: Financial Doc. - Bank Data
AKKBCOM - Documentary Payments: Communication structure banks
AKKBD - Financial Document Master: Dynamic Part of Fin.Doc.Banks
AKKBVB - Financial Doc. Master: Banks - Reference Structure for XAKKB
AKKD - Documentary Paym. Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master-Export Doc.Data
AKKDCOM - Documentary Payments: Communication structure documents AKK...

AKNA1_FMFG - US Federal Government Customer Master Data Additional Fields
AKNA1_PSO - Local Authority Additional Fields
AKNB1_PSO - IS-PS: Customer Master Record, Additional Data (Co.Code)
AKNBK_PSO - Bank Details Dependent on Time and Account Holder
AKNVV_ISMSD - IS-M/SD: Additional Customer Master for Sales Data
AKNVV_ISMSD - IS-M/SD: Additional Customer Master Sales Data AKN...

AKTIVITEM - Activities After Receipt of Work Item from Message
AKTNR_RAN - Range Table for Rebate Arrangement Number
AKURS - Business Event Offered When Booking Business Event


ALACVALAID - Alert: global AID of actual value (to be used in MTypedefval
ALAGENTINFO - Information About CCMS Agents
ALAGENTRFCDEST - Details of a CCMS Agent RFC Destination
ALAGGCTRC - Control Data of an Aggregate Request for Performance DB
ALAGGDATA - Result of Aggregate per Time Slot in Performance Database
ALAGGREQ - Request Structure for Aggregate in Performance Database ALA...

ALBACHDA - Alert: Data for the Bar Chart MiniApp
ALBGMKOBJ - Action Log Change Documents Warranty Assignment
ALBTCMON - Table for Batch Monitoring
ALCACHECNF - Configuration of the SALC Cache
ALCAIDKEY - Alert: Current AID: Key Structure
ALCCMCUST - Customizing settings for CCMS
ALCCMCUSTP - Value table for CCMS Customizing Parameters
ALCCMCUSTT - Text table for customizing settings
ALCCMCUSTV - Value table for possible values of parameters ALC...

ALDAENTB - Alerts: Output Structure for the Data Environment
ALDBOUT - Multi-purpose output fields for selection screen environment
ALDBSCTX - CCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Monitoring Contexts
ALDBSMSEG - CCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Monitoring Segments
ALDBSMTE - CCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: General MTE Data
ALDBSPERF - CCMS Monitoring Arch.: Database Segment: Performance MTE ALD...

ALEMNOTIF - CCMS Mon. Arch.: Type for Table of MarketSet Specto Events
ALEMRESULT - CCMS Mon. Architecture: SPECTO Single Result (ALMSRESULTS)
ALEQUI - Fields Relevant for Change Documents for Equip. (Action Log)
ALESETS - Change Pointer for Sets
ALESUMMARY - Structure of alert sum record ALE...

ALF1DEFLT - CCMS Monitoring Architecture: Default Description Texts
ALFA1_FMFG - US Federal Government Vendor Master Data Additional Fields
ALFA1_PSO - Local Authority Additional Fields (Address)
ALFB1_FMFG - PS fields for company code-specific master data field
ALFB1_PSO - IS-PS: Data Appendix Vendor Master Record (Company Code)
ALFBK_PSO - Bank Details Dependent on Time and Account Holder ALF...

ALGAIDRC - Alert: Global Aid plus RC (Return Code)
ALGENALERT - Alert: general alert structure (expanded message text)
ALGLOBAID - Alert: Global Alert Identifier
ALGLOBEID - Alert: Global Event ID
ALGLOBSYSLGFIL - Central System Log Filter Definition
ALGLOBTID - Alert: global monitoring type identifier ALG...

ALHIALINFO - Information describing a High alert
ALIASINCL1 - Include Structure for Alias (Alias Name)
ALIASINCL2 - Include Structure for Alias (Direction, Area, Search Field)
ALIFLO - Action log change documents functional location
ALIINCL - Test for mass activation, table with include
ALILOA - ILOA Fields Relevant for Changes (Action Log)
ALIMCDATA - Alerts: ABAP-Shared-Buffer for IMC Communication ALI...

ALLAZYMT - ALERTS NEXT GEN: Whole Database Monitoring Tree Infrastr.
ALLAZYMT2 - ALERTS NEXT GEN: NEW (>=4.6A) Database Monitoring Tree
ALLAZYMTST - Reference structure for lazy fubas ...
ALLC - Subnet allocations
ALLC_SGTXT - Allocation: Access structure COEP/COEJ-SGTXT ALL...

ALMATTRIBS - Alerts: Monitor Display Attributes
ALMATTRROW - Alerts: Generate Storage Location for Monitor Attribute
ALMBCADM - CCMS Monitoring Cache: Administration of 'MTEs of one Class'
ALMBCDATA - CCMS Monitoring Cache: Data for 'MTEs of one Class'
ALMBCREQST - CCMS Monitoring Cache: MTEs of one Class: Query Structure
ALMBCRESLT - CCMS Monitoring Cache: MTEs of one Class: Result Structure ALM...

ALNAMEDUSERS - Customizing Settings for CCMS Named Used Data Collector
ALNAMESPLT - Alert: Structure for ALNGiNameSplit
ALNODEKEY - MTEKEY to node mapping
ALOB - Structure for ALOB (Ascii Large OBject)
ALOBJ - ArchiveLink Objects
ALOBJMETH - Alert: Object and Method (for '...GET_POSSIBLE_METHODS')
ALOBJSET - Alerts: An Object Set
ALORDER - Field Selection Change Documents Order
ALPARAMS - Alert: Dummy structure to hold parameter definitions
ALPARANAME - Parameter Name & Reference to Parameter Instance
ALPARENTID - Alert: for MT Create Parents global TID
ALPCUSRECM - Alert: Performance MT Write Customization
ALPDBSYS - Name of actual system or logical system group
ALPDBTRULE - PFDB: Abstract rule or representation for date range ALP...

ALQRFCMON - Define Additional Message Container for qRFC Queue Mon.
ALQRFCMONA - Assign qRFC Queues Application MSC MTEs
ALQRFCMONO - Owner of the Active Queue Group Settings for RZ20
ALQRFCMONQ - Assign qRFC Queues Application MSC MTEs
ALQRFCMTC - List of CCMS Monitoring Architecture MTE Classes (QRFC Mon)
ALQRFCQOUT - Duplicate of QSENDDEST for Compatibility with Older qRFCs ALQ...

ALRCTABLE - Alert: Common Table of return codes for Monitoring Infrastr.
ALREQDESTI - CCMS Monitoring RFC Destination and Some Flags
ALREQTARGET - CCMS Monitoring: Request Target: SIDs and Flags
ALREQUESTCUC - CCMS Monitoring: Request for Class Under Class
ALRESULTCUC - CCMS Monitoring: Request for Class Under Class
ALRFCAID - Alert: RFC Destination plus global Aid plus ALCONSEG ALR...

ALSCUSRECM - Alert: Single Message Type Customize Recommendation
ALSEGINFO - Alerts: Information About a Monitoring Segment
ALSELITEM - Alerts: Describes a Selected Item
ALSFTAGGRE - Stru. returning sft aggre. + return code
ALSFTPOLID - PFDB: ID name & description of shift policy
ALSHTRCU - Alert: Configuration MT tree/detail display (version 1) ALS...

ALTACREATE - MonI: Structure for Txt.attr ceate: MO, name, text, NR, uid
ALTASKLIST - CCMS Monitoring: Task Management for Asynchronous RFC
ALTBL1024 - Buffer Table for Storing Table Data up to Length 1024
ALTD - Asset Accounting: Interface for Legacy Data Transfer
ALTDEFRC - Alert: MT Type Def plus RC (ReturnCode) ALT...

ALVBUFTEST - ALV Test Structure for Buffer
ALVCDIR - Alerts: Directory of Visueller Components in a Framework
ALVCMPDIR - Alerts: Directory of Visueller Components in a Framework
ALVDYNP - ALV dialog screen fields
ALVFDFBR - Alerts: Parameters for Component CL_CCMS_AL_DEFINITION_BAR ALV...

ALXMBALERT - Persistence Table for XMB Alert IDs
ALXMBEMAIL - CCMS: Registration of E-Mail Recipients for Alerts
ALXMBINHERITKEY - Inheritance Hierarchy for XI Monitor Nodes
ALXMBMGUID_ENTRY - CCMS: XMB Message Key Entry for Analysis Tool
ALXMBPFALERT - Exchange Infrastructure: Performance Alerts for XI Messages
ALXMBPFMSGPROC - Exchange Infrastructure: Message Processing Times ALX...


AM07M - Work Fields for Lists (Selection and Output)
AM08R - Workfields for Invoice Verification
AM60M - PP Demand Management XXL Interface Global Var. SAPMM60M
AM60X - Work fields for SAPMM60X
AM61D - Workfields for MRP Record Management
AM61K - Work fields SAPLDATD - F4 Calendar display
AM61P - Work fields for processing planned orders
AM61R - Work fields for module pool SAPMM61R AM6...

AMASCH - Global Performance Analysis: Evaluation Schemata
AMASTA - Global Performance Analysis: Application Statistc (from 7.0)
AMASUR - Global Perf. Analysis: Application Statistic Compressed Data
AMATR - Global Performance Analysis: Extract Data (Attribute View)
AMATRT - Global Performance Analysis: Extract Data Attribut Texts
AMBUCH_PER - Range for posting period
AMBU_CHECK - Interface for function group SPO4
AMB_TEST1 - Messagetyp zum Aufruf von Testfunktionen
AMB_TEST2 - Messagetyp zum Aufruf von Testfunktionen
AMB_TEST_AS - Proxy Structure (generated)
AMB_TEST_AS1 - Proxy Structure (generated) AMB...

AMCCLIENT_STR - Structure with Field AMC-Client
AMC_AOC_CHANNELS - AMC ABAP Online Community Channels
AMC_APPL - Data Table for Workbench Object.
AMC_APPL_TEXT - Text table for AMC Channel
AMC_CHANNEL - ABAP Messaging Channel definition AMC...

AMDES - Global Performance Analysis: Destinations
AMDS - Effective size of tables and indexes in the database
AMDS_CURTP - Choose currencies for display
AMDT - Control Table for Application Monitor / DB Storage
AMDTI - Appication Monitor for Selections, Output
AMESISTA - Global Performance Analysis: Statistics Main Rec + ESI Total
AMESISUB - Global Performance Analysis: ESI Statistics: Single Records
AMFI - Interface AM - FI
AMHD - Global Performance Analysis: Header Data Log Operation
AMHDT - Global Performance Analysis: Texts for Log Operation
AMHIS - Scheduling history table --> Display
AMIDC - Test Case Names for Log ID
AMIDT - Log IDs (Global Performance Analysis)
AMIDTP - Link to Texts for Reference ID (Log Global Perf. Analysis)
AMI_ADDRESS_TYPE - Address definition
AMI_ADDRESS_TYPE1 - Address definition
AMI_AGENCY_TYPE - Rental car company agency definition. AMI...

AMLST - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AMLTX - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AMNT_DIFF - Amount Difference for Posted Payment
AMOKONVKOMP - IS-M/SD: Condition Index for Amortization
AMOKONVKOMPVB - IS-M/SD: Update Structure for Payback Condition Index
AMON70 - Structure for Selection Screen of Report RSAMON70
AMORTCLUST - Cluster for Distributed Data Usage in ALM: P+L Results
AMOUNT15 - Amount
AMOUNT3 - Proxy Struktur (generiert) AMO...

AMPKR - Help Fields for SAPMMPKR Control Cycle Definition
AMPL - Table of Approved Manufacturer Parts
AMPL_ATTEMPTS - Main Structure for AMPL Batch Program
AMPL_REJECTION - Rejection of AMPL Row
AMPRO - Automatic Test: Log Book
AMRFC - Global Perfromance Analysis: RFC Trace Data
AMRH - Application Monitor: Hierarchy acc. to TCODE/REPORT
AMRPC - Work fields for saplmrpc (requirements totaling)
AMSK - SQL trace header info in application monitor
AMSP - SQL trace position info in application monitor
AMSSF - Asset Management Selected Screen Fields (internal use only)
AMSSU - Global Performance Analysis: Trace Summary SQL Statements
AMSTA - Global Performance Analysis: Statistical Data
AMSTANO - Global Performance Analysis: Other Statistics Data AMS...

AMTABFIELDS - Names of table fields (reduced Nametab)
AMTABFIELDS_AFABE - Names of Table Fields with Preceding Depreciation Areas
AMTINFO - Global Performance Analysis: Performance Tests Info Table
AMTSU - Global Performance Analysis: Trace Data SQL, Table View
AMYOTREE - MyObjects Together with Hierarchy
AMYOTREE2 - Help Structure and RAW16 Guid
AMYO_S_OBJ - Transfer Structure for MyObjects
AM_AI_VIEW - Generated Table for View


ANALYSE - Specifies Analysis in Logistics Controlling
ANAR - Asset Types
ANAT - Asset type text
ANA_NAME_FIELDLIST - Analysis Variant FieldNames
ANBW - Period control retirements/transfers
ANBZ - Help structure for asset line item
ANCHOR_FUT_CURR_PREV - Anchor for future, current and previous periods
ANEA - Asset Line Items for Proportional Values
ANEA_KEY - ANEA Key Fields
ANEK - Document Header Asset Posting
ANEKPV - Generated Table for View
ANEK_KEY - ANEK Key Fields
ANEP - Asset Line Items ANE...

ANFM - Error messages from dep. calc.
ANGA - Asset catalog general data
ANGB - Asset catalog deprec. area
ANGT - Asset catalog text table
ANIA - Depr. simulation for invest. projects
ANIA1 - Depr. simulation for invest. projects
ANIA_CHANGE - Structure for Change/Log Table for ANIA
ANIB - Investment projects depr. simulation depr. areas
ANIB1 - Investment projects depr. simulation depr. areas
ANKA - Asset classes: general data
ANKAZ - Asset class: extension for technical fields
ANKAZ_0001 - Structure for Depreciation Re-distribution
ANKA_SVE - Fields, which occur in ANKA and ANKP and are saved
ANKB - Asset class: depreciation area
ANKL - Generation table for generating asset classes from accounts ANK...

ANLA - Asset Master Record Segment
ANLA0 - Intro. Table Logical Database ADA
ANLATXT - Asset Text
ANLAV - Asset Reporting: ANLA Fields Plus Cost Center...
ANLAV_ADDR - Address Data for Asset on the Report Date
ANLAX - Asset master data segement - Update flags ANL...

ANNUALCONSUMPTION_MV_DS - Maintenance Structure for Attribute ANNUAL
ANNUALCONSUMPTION_MV_S - Maintenance Structure for Attribute ANNUAL
ANNUAL_EXCESS_RETURN_STR - Annualized Geometric Excess Returns : Line Type
ANONORD_C - Delta Report 3: Char. Container for Data Transfer of Order
ANONPUOR_C - Delta Report: Char. Container Structure for Data Transfer
ANONSLS_C - Delta Report 3: Char. Container for Data Transfer Sales Ord.
ANONSTCK_C - CCR: Character Container for Data Transfer of Stock
ANONSTKN_C - CCR: Character Container for Data Transfer of Stock
ANONYMIZATION - Defines Anonymizing Table Fields ANO...

ANPTX - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
ANSTRS38T_LIM2 - Runtime Analysis: Measurement Restriction Statements
ANSTSE30LIM0WA - Runtime Analysis: Program Parts of Meas. Restriction Variant
ANST_CUST_OBJ - Objects Customizing
ANST_NOTE_SEA - Trace Notes Search Header
ANST_NOTE_SEA_P - Trace Notes Search Item ANS...

ANTS - Substructure of Asset Master Record (ANLA)
ANTS_TRACE_DATA - Data from Trace customer code
ANW1 - Asset value fields
ANW2 - Asset value fields
ANW3 - Asset value fields
ANW4 - Asset value fields
ANZLT_FLDAPP - Append Structure for Field ANZLT (IS2ERP)


AOBJVERS - ID (Worklist) for Object Type and Object Use
AOBJVERST - ID (Worklist) for Object Type and Object Use
AODATA - ATP: Assembly order data for availability check


APADEF - Definition of application packets
APADEFT - Short text for application packet
APADEVC - Assigning Packages to Application Packages
APAEXCLUDE - Objects for which no external check is executed
APAFOREIGN - Permitted external use of objects
APAREBPP_ACCOUNT_INFO - Biller Direct: Data for Account APA...

APB_ISR_CUST - Scenario Customizing
APB_ISR_CUST_APL - Application of Scenario
APB_ISR_CUST_CHA - Characteristics of Scenario
APB_ISR_CUST_CHT - Characteristics Description
APB_ISR_CUST_EX - Fields of Application (External Data)
APB_ISR_CUST_EXT - Descriptions: Fields of the Application (External Data) APB...

APCUS - Alternative processes: Customers
APC_APPL - ABAP Push Channel application definition
APC_APPL_TEXT - Text table for APC Application
APC_APPL_TEXT_V - Generated Table for View
APC_APPL_V - Generated Table for View APC...

APERB_ITEMS - Log Table for Dep. Areas Posted Directly to FI
APERB_PROT - Log Table for Periodic Posting
APET - Independent requirements schedule lines; split
APICABN - Global Characteristics Data from User Interface
APICABNT - Classification API: Allowed Values
APICAWN - Classification API: Characteristic Values Language-Dep. Also
APITCME - Classification API: Validity of Global Characteristics
APIUB - Overwritten Characteristics Data
APIVEHIACTIONDATA_HEAD - VELO: Transfer Structure for Actions (Header Data) API...

APLZLRANGE - Structure of a Range Table for CO APLZL
APLZL_TAB - Structure only Consists of an APLZL Field
APMREPO - Programs for Component and Key Figure in Application Monitor
APMSDO - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
APNR_RNG - IS-M/SD: Range Table for Order Item
APO20B_ALERT_COUNT_STR - Aggregated alert info
APO20B_ALERT_STR - Structure with Alerts for SIC
APO20B_MATNR_STR - Product number
APO20B_ORDNO_STR - External Order number
APO20B_SCHEDULE_HEAD_STR - Header data struct. of an MRP element for conn. to APO 2.0B
APO20B_SCHEDULE_LINE_STR - Table with schedule lines for transmitting to BBP APO...

APPCHK - DD: Control string for APPEND checks
APPD_TE_SKNA1 - Append structure for Enhancement to SKNA1 table
APPENDAT - Append for PS Austria
APPENDIX8B_IR8A - APPENDIX8B Line Structure for Section A, B, C, D
APPEND_BAPI0002_1 - Append for Inclusion of Foreign Key Check APP...

APQI - Queue info definition
APQL - Batch Input Log Directory
APR_MASK - Mask for archive parameters
APSAP - Alternative Processes: SAP Applications
APSM_FM_POSTING_DATE_VBAK - Append structure for Posting Date in PSM
APSM_FM_POSTING_DATE_VBAKKOM - Append structure for Posting Date in PSM
APSM_FM_POSTING_DATE_VBAKKOMX - Append structure for Posting Date in PSM
APSO_MHNK - Holder for Include PSO
APSRV - Assignment of application servers to groups APS...

APTREE - Application Hierarchy
APTREET - Application Hierarchy: Texts
AP_AUDDV_SFLVIEW - Generated Table for View
AP_ORD_PRE - Generated Table for View
AP_ORD_PRV - Generated Table for View


AQADEF - SAP Query (S): General Definitions
AQAINFO - SAP Query (S): Transfer Structure for Gen. Definitions
AQALVSTR - SAP Query: ALVTREEs Field Selection Columns
AQBWCAT - InfoSource Catalog (SAP Query) Customer
AQBWCAT_SAP - InfoSource Catalog (SAP Query) Used by SAP
AQBWFCAT - InfoSource Catalog (SAP Query) Customer
AQBWFCAT_SAP - Field catalog for InfoSources (SAP Query) used by SAP
AQBWSCREEN - Screen Field for Function Group AQBW
AQCAQL - SAP Query (S): QLCAT Query list catalog
AQCAQU - SAP Query (S): QUCAT Query catalog
AQCASG - SAP Query (S): SUCAT Catalog for functional areas
AQCLQU - SAP Query (S): CLOGQU Query Changes
AQCLSG - SAP Query (S): CLOGSG Change history for a functional area
AQDB - SAP Query: Tables and Data
AQDBAN - SAP Query (S): DBAN Table of Alias Names
AQDBAR - SAP Query (S): DBAR Access References
AQDBBG - SAP Query (S): DBBG User Groups
AQDBBN - SAP Query (S): DBBN Users/User Groups
AQDBBS - SAP Query (S): DBBS User Groups/Functional Areas AQD...

AQERROR - SAP Query: Error table for checks
AQEXBGNAME - SAP Query: Enhanced User Group Name
AQFAINFO - General information for function area
AQFGINFO - General information for function groups
AQFNLIKE - SAP Query (S): LIKE Reference for Field
AQGDB - SAP Query: Tables and Data (Global)
AQGDBBG - SAP Query: User Groups
AQGDBBN - SAP Query: Assigning Users to User Groups
AQGDBBS - SAP Query: Assigning Functional Areas to User Groups
AQGIDOC - SAP Query: InfoSet Documentation (Key)
AQGQCAT - SAP Query: Query Catalog AQG...

AQHDBG - SAP Query (S): HEADBG Headers for User Groups
AQHDQU - SAP Query (S): HEADQU Headers for Queries
AQHDSG - SAP Query (S): HEADSG Headers for Functional Areas
AQHPGTXT - SAP Query (H): Error Texts for Generation Errors
AQHTMLRAW - SAP Query: HTML Templates for Query
AQHTMLTMPL - SAP Query: HTML Templates for Query (Language-dependent) AQH...

AQIF_C - SAP Query: Interfaces (Customer)
AQIF_S - SAP Query: Interfaces (SAP)
AQJOINCNFE - SAP Query: Join Condition
AQJOINCOND - SAP Query: Join Condition
AQJOINFLD - SAP Query: Join Table: Fields (Columns of tables)
AQJOINTAB - SAP Query: Join Table
AQLDB - SAP Query: Tables and Data (Local)
AQLIDOC - SAP Query: InfoSet Documentation (Key)
AQLIEXTR - SAP Query (L): Execution Mode (Internal, Extractor)
AQLIFIELDS - SAP Query (L): Field Names (Internal)
AQLIMODE - SAP Query (L): Execution Mode (Internal)
AQLIQID - SAP Query (L): Internal Identification of a Query AQL...

AQPROP - SAP Query: Property
AQPROT - Query Logging
AQPROTCUST - Query Logging Control
AQP_CMENU - SAP Query : Structure for Context Menu
AQP_FCAT - SAP Query (S) : Field Catalog for Query Painter
AQP_FIELDS - SAP Query (S) : Field Description for Query Painter AQP...

AQQ_S_ICON - Icon and Icon ID
AQQ_S_INFO - EXDBFI: Information
AQQ_S_JOIN - Structure Old Control: Built from dbjc and dbjt
AQQ_S_LINK - Link in Network Graphic
AQQ_S_POS - Position of an Object in Network
AQQ_S_TAB - Old Control: TAB Structure AQQ...

AQRDB - SAP Query: Runtime Objects for Query Reports
AQRLASS - Role Assignment of InfoSet Query Call-up
AQRT_HTEXT - SAP Query : Short texts for Queries (Transfer str. in AQRT)
AQRT_SPRAS - SAP Query : Transfer structure for languages in AQRT
AQSCTXMOBJ - Context Menu Object
AQSEXDBFI - Enhanced Field Information
AQSFOBJJOI - Field Objects for Join Control
AQSFQUNAME - SAP Query (S): Completed Query Name
AQSGDB - SAP Query: Tables and dates (global, trash)
AQSJOINC - SAP Query: Join Condition AQS...

AQTDB - SAP Query: Transport stocks (local)
AQTX132 - Line X132
AQTXBG - SAP Query (S): BGTEXT Text Pool for User Groups
AQTXQU - SAP Query (S): QUTEXT Text Pool for Queries
AQTXQUTI - SAP Query (S): Title Text for Queries
AQTXSG - SAP Query (S): SGTEXT Text Pool for Functional Areas AQT...

AQXINT - SAP Query: Additional functions
AQXINTA - SAP Query: Active additional functions
AQXINTI - Additional SAP Query functions - internal represention
AQXINTT - SAP Query: Additional function texts
AQXINTUG - SAP Query: Enhanced Folders - User Groups


ARBKP - Work Structure for Releasing Invoices Automatically
ARBPL_AFVC - Generated Table for View
ARBPL_ARC - Work center archiving structure from task list view
ARBPL_DT_AFVC - Generated Table for View
ARBPL_TAB - Transfer structure for FB CREATE_WC_IDOC
ARB_SG3 - IDOC work center ARB...

ARCDEL_DEL_STAT - Delete Statistics Data
ARCDEL_OBJ - Control Table for Archiving / Deletion
ARCDEL_S_FUNC - Archiving / Deleting
ARCDEL_S_FUNC_WV - Function for BOR Type
ARCDEL_S_OBJECT - Central Transfer Structure for Application Checks
ARCDEL_S_OBJGUID - Transfer Strukture for Check Function Module ARC...

ARDB_STA3T - Table Analysis: Analysis Variant - Description
ARDB_STA3TN - Table Analysis: Analysis Variant - Description (with TADIR)
ARDB_STA4T - Table Analysis: Description Virtual Field without Data Elem.
ARDB_STAT0 - Table Analysis: Executed Analyses - Header Data
ARDB_STAT1 - Table Analysis: Executed Analyses - Number per Data Set
ARDB_STAT2 - Table Analyses: Executed Analyses - Fields of a Data Set ARD...

AREFXCN_CNTRMAP - Update Module for mapping table of version contract
AREFXCN_MATIL - Change Document Structure Update modules: table REFXCN_MATIL
AREFXCN_MTGROUP - Change Document Structure Update function module for table r
AREFXCN_PROMCAT - Change Document Structure Update Module for refxcn_promcat t
AREFXCN_RETSTORE - Change Document Structure Update Module for Table REFXCN_STR
AREFXCN_RULEMAP - Change Document Structure Update Module for Table REFXCN_RUL ARE...

ARFA_RESIDENCE - Retention Period
ARFCDATA - Data Part (Raw) of ARFC Calls
ARFCERRORS - Output of Exceptions with RFC
ARFCLOG - Description of tRFC States (Create, Send, Delete) ARF...

ARIX_BKPF - FI_DOCUMNT: Header-Oriented Document Index for Archive
ARIX_BSAD - FI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Index for Archiving Customer Accts
ARIX_BSAK - FI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Indx for Archiving Vendor Accounts
ARIX_BSAS - FI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Index for Archiving G/L Accounts
ARIX_BSIS - FI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Index for Archiving G/L Accounts
ARIX_EXIT - Transfer Structure for ARCHIVE_READ_OBJECT User_exit ARI...

ARJ_1A101 - ARGENTINA: Legal rep.historical data for the daily reports
ARKOPF - Archiving run header data

ARPOPLI - Fields for popup menu to archive objects
ARRANGCHKM - Settlement Data, Check Structure User Exit, Condition Record
ARRANGCHKW - Settlement Data, Check Structure User Exit, Tax Codes
ARRANGERR1 - Error Messages Re Rebate Arr. and Condition Records (Header)
ARRANGERR2 - Error Messages Re Reb. Arrangement and Cond. Records (Item)
ARRANGERR4 - List of error messages for update at document item level
ARRANGERR4_DATA_STY - Assignment of Fields to Arrangement + Condition Record ARR...

ARSADD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
ARSEG - Work Structure for Releasing Invoices
ARSTR - Structure for Analysis Report
ARTI - Structure for Selected Materials in Sales Price Calculation
ARTICLE_SITE - Article / Store Combination
ARTNR_LM_LOCNR - Point Of Sales For Articles In Layout Modules
ART_ALE_APPL_LOG_01 - Auxiliary Structure for Displaying ALE Matl Master Appl. Log


AS4ALVPTF - iSeries: PTF Check
AS4DSTCFG - iSeries: Configure DST-Switch
AS4ESMFR - iSeries Extended Memory Management: Free Resources
AS4PTF - iSeries: PTF Status
AS4PTFNEW - iSeries: PTF Status
AS4PTF_1 - iSeries: PTF Level on all Active Application Servers AS4...

ASACCESS01 - Activate Automatic Archive Access via SAP AS
ASADLINE - AS: Aims of the Administration
ASAFBALLRECORDS - Archive File Browser: General Table Row
ASAFBCLUSTER - ArchiveFileBrowser: General Temporary Storage
ASAFBFIELDS - Archive File Browser: Different Fields for GUI etc.
ASAFBLINE - ArchiveFileBrowser: Navigation Row ASA...

ASBAPI6031_SOURCEINFO - Append Structure for BAPI6031_SOURCEINFO
ASBW - Total transactions w/separation of prev. and curr. acquis.
ASCECHADEP - SCECHADEP key fields - transfer IDoc
ASCECHAINP - SCECHAINP key fields - transfer IDoc?
ASCECHAPOS - SCECHAPOS key fields - transfer IDoc
ASCECHARAC - SCECHARAC key fields - transfer IDoc
ASCECHAREF - SCECHAREF key fields - transfer IDoc
ASCECHATX - SCECHATX key fields - transfer IDoc ASC...

ASDATASRC1 - AS: Settings for Choosing the Data Source
ASEXDOM - Domains with external representation
ASFVALUE - SAP AS: Individual Field Value for an Infostructure Record
ASGENFCFLD - AS: Field Catalog Fields for Generation
ASGENFCHD - AS: Field Catalog Header for Generation
ASGENISFLD - AS: Info Structure Fields for Generation
ASGENISHD - AS: Info Structure Header for Generation
ASGENISIDX - AS: Secondary Index Fields for Generation
ASGRP - Assignment of SAP instances to DB instances ASG...

ASHGETS - Document Connections: Determine neighbours
ASHMETHODS - Document Connections: Object types and their methods
ASH_RV_LIKP_S - ASH archive infostructure for deliveries with ERDAT
ASH_TABFIELDS - Info Structure Field Check
ASIX_INVALID_RUN - AS: BC_ASIS Archiving Sessions That Are Not To Be Read
ASIX_SETTINGS - AS: Meta Index Customizing
ASLD15_ALV - ALV-List for the EC Sales List
ASLDEP - Structure for Data Transfer to DMEE (EC Sales List)
ASLDPARAM - Parameters for DMEE (EC Sales List)
ASLM - Fields for the EC Sales List
ASLM_ADOBE - PDF Form for EC Sales List
ASL_DE_PARAM - Additional Parameters for EC Sales List - Germany ASL...

ASMD - Service Master: Basic Data
ASMDDB_CI - For Category Input of Customer Structure CI_ASMDDB
ASMDT - Service Short Texts
ASMD_TREE - Data for Service Master Tree
ASNAPO - Additional fields from ASN for APO
ASORT_ARTNR - Transfer Structure
ASORT_ASSIGN - Structure for Changing WRSZ
ASORT_RAN - Range Table for Assortment
ASOUTPUT - SAP Workload: Output structure for application statistic
ASP00 - I/O variables for sequencing
ASPART_ACT - ArchiveInfoSys: Actual Partitioning
ASPART_CONF - ArchivInfoSys: Partitioning Configuration
ASPART_DB - Archive Information System: Fixed Table Exists on Remote DB
ASPART_FILES - ArchivInfoSys: Information per File
ASP_FIELD_LINE - Aspect and Associated Fields ASP...

ASRCHKF03 - Administrative Services: File Name of Last Check Out
ASRCHKO03 - ASR: Check-Out Data for Physical Information Object
ASRCONT03 - HR - ASR: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)
ASREFIELD - Append Structure SREFIELD for EU
ASRIDXST03 - ASR: Status Table for Indexing Documents
ASRLOIOT03 - Container HR Admin: Inbound Relations of Logical InfoObjects ASR...

ASSEMBLY_BOMKEYS - Assembly Bill of Material
ASSEMBLY_OVERVIEW - Assembly Overview With One Column
ASSESSCOMM - Assessments and Comments for a specified period
ASSET - Help structure for asset objects
ASSET_ALV_TREE_IN - ALV Structure for Asset Accounting India
ASSET_CT - Structure-count master records ASS...

ASTABLEBUFFER - AS: Table Buffer with Type
ASTAT_CONU - Numeric Fields for Summarized Application Statistics
ASTAT_LIST - List structure for application-triggered statistics
ASTAT_OKDF - Definition of OPENKEYS for Application-Triggered Statistics
ASTAT_OKTX - Short Texts for SAP Functions for Appl.-Triggered Statistics


AT001 - Change Document Structure for Company Code (T001)
AT003_XBLNR2 - Append structure for US federal government
AT01 - Transaction Category
AT012 - Change Document Structure for House Bank (T012)
AT012K - Change Document Structure for House Bank Account (T012K)
AT012T - Change Document Structure for House Bank Text (T012T) AT0...

AT10 - Transaction Types
AT100 - Treasury Additions to User Master
AT1016 - Fields for Table Part of Infotype 1016
AT10B - Treasury: Customizing for Valuation
AT10S - Securities
AT10T - Name of Transaction Type AT1...

AT20 - Supplements to Condition Types
AT200 - Rules for Determining a Tax Indicator
AT21 - Generate derived flows
AT210 - Rules for Determining a Taxes for CFM postings
AT22 - Procedure to Generate Derived Flows
AT22T - Procedure to Generate Derived Flows: Name AT2...

AT30 - Formula Table for Financial Mathematics
AT31 - Predefined Variables for FIMA Formulas
AT32 - Control indicators for financial mathematic calculations
AT40 - Calculation Categories of Cash Flow Calculator
AT40T - Calculation Category Texts for the Cash Flow Calculator
AT459K - Append is obsolete - Do not use fields!
AT50 - Future/Option Groups
AT50T - Description of Options/Futures Groups
AT51 - Margin Types
AT51T - Text Table for Margin Types
AT52 - Expiry Date Type
AT52T - Name of expiration date types AT5...

AT60 - Definition of Treasury Functions for Activity Processing
AT60T - Description of Treasury Functions for Activity Editing
AT70 - Hedging Relevance of Currencies
AT72 - Customizing: Unit Types
AT72T - Text for unit types
AT80 - Treasury: Correspondence Control MM, FX, DE, SE
AT80P - Replacement Table for Correspondence Printer
AT81 - Correspondence type
AT81M1 - Assignment Table: SWIFT Code of Sender -> Business Partner
AT81T - Name of correspondence type
AT85 - CMF - Generating pmnt advices (prod./trans.type) AT8...

AT90 - Type of manual reversal of posted flows
AT90T - Name of manual reversal type for posted flows
ATAFS_SIGNATORY - Annual Financial Statement Austria Signatory information
ATALRT - Treasury: Alert Category Assignment
ATARCHIVE00 - Archiving: Minimum retention period per company code
ATARCHIVE01 - Archiving: Minimum retention period of transaction in system
ATBEZ_RA - CRM Marketing: ATBEZ (Range Structure)
ATBNKA - Transfer structure for Austrian bank tape
ATCKONTEXT - Table Control Context Hash Codes
ATCOVO - Commodity Price Volatilities
ATCVC1 - CRM: Assign General Valuation Class to Product Type
ATCVC2 - CRM: Assign General Valuation Class to Product Type
ATCVO - Exchange Rate Volatilities
ATDEALDFT - Update Types for Position Update
ATDR - Date Rule
ATDRT - Date Rule
ATERTVWERKO - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
ATEXTTRANL - Transfer structure for text loggiung of application tab.
ATFTA - CFM: Assign Transaction Flow Type to Update Type
ATFTA_MIGR - Migration: Assignment of Flow Type to Update Type
ATFWDUL - Assignment of Underlying to Transaction

ATJ49 - Auxiliary structure for maintenance of V_TJ49
ATKO1 - Correlation Type
ATKO1T - Text Table Correlation Type
ATLA - Limit Type
ATLAM - Allocation of limit characteristics to limit type
ATLAR - Characteristic Filter for Limit Types
ATLAT - Name of Limit Type
ATLA_DOKU - Limit Type: Text Fields for Customizing
ATLCHAR_MRM - Analysis Characteristics Relevant for Limits ATL...

ATMA - Type of Master Agreement
ATMAT - Type of Master Agreement: Name
ATMTRX_DETAIL - Recipient Matrix in Allocation Table: Detailed Information
ATMTRX_WERTE - Recipient Matrix in Allocation Table: Node Values
ATNAM_RA - CRM Marketing: ATNAM (Range Structure)
ATO1 - Check Table for Option Categories
ATO1T - Text Table for ATO1
ATOR - Table of Limit Types
ATORT - Text Table for Limit Types
ATP00 - ATP Server: Reference Structure for Interfaces
ATP01T_EX - ATP01t for Data Exchange with Linked Systems
ATP01_EX - ATP01 for Data Exchange with Linked Systems
ATP02T_EX - ATP02T for Data Exchange with Linked Systems
ATP02_EX - ATP02 for Data Exchange with Linked Systems
ATP04_EX - ATP04 for data exchange with connected systems ATP...

ATQC - CFM: Assign Volume Change Category to Flow Category
ATR1 - Check table for reference categories
ATR1T - Text table for reference categories
ATRAS - Treasury Rates Table
ATRA_STR_FILE_DIR - File directory ATR...

ATSYC - Default Settings for Risk Evaluations
ATSYCII - Additional Default Settings for Risk Evaluations
ATTABS_ATTRIBUTES_STRUC - Structure of Attributes of Attendances/Absences
ATTABS_TYPE_STRUC - Structure of Attributes of Attendances/Absences
ATTACHMENT1 - Proxy Struktur (generiert)

ATUDF_RA - CRM Marketing: ATUDF (Range Structure)
ATVAL - Attribute_value_table
ATVC1 - Calculation routines
ATVC2 - Descriptions of Calculation Routines
ATVDEALDFT - Generated Table for View
ATVMO - Calculation Methods Risk Management
ATVO0 - Volatilities - Definition of Volatility Name ATV...

ATWVO - Security price volatilities
ATWX2 - Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000
ATXKO - Correlations from Abstract Instruments
ATXKOS - Puffer Structure for Market Data for Correlations
ATXVO - Security Index Volatilities
ATXVOS - Buffer structure for securities index volatilities
ATZVO - Reference Int. Rate Volatilities with Curve Info.
ATZVOS - Buffer Structure for Ref.Int.Rate Volas w/ Curve Info.
ATZWR1 - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
AT_FEB_FUZZY - Generated Table for View


AU61P - Working fields for function pool M61P
AU61X - Work fields for SAPUM61X
AUAA - Settlement Document: Receiver Segment
AUAB - Settlement Document: Distribution Rules
AUAI - Settlement Amounts per Depreciation Area
AUAK - Document Header for Settlement
AUAO - Document Segment: CO Objects to be Settled
AUAP - Settlement document: Total segment - period values AUA...

AUBF - Document Flow SAP Retail (Allocation Table, Promotions...)
AUBFDYN - Doc. flow SAP Retail - dynamic part (alloc tbl / promo)
AUBFSTR - Structure for XAUBF and YAUBF
AUBIDS - eRhein Auctionhouse: bid history table
AUBSI - Worklist for PO (Follow-on Document Generation)
AUBSI_APP600 - Append 600 AUB...

AUCATEGORY - Category masquerading list
AUC_ITEM - Auction item
AUC_OPPORTUNITY - Opportunity details from for webAuctions
AUDCGPL_PROJECT - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
AUDCGPL_PROJECT_CD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AUDCGPL_TASK - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
AUDCGPL_TASK_CD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AUDCGPL_TEXT - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
AUDCGPL_TEXT_CD - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000 AUD...

AUFG - Allocation Table Sub-Item, Store Group
AUFI - Allocation Table, Document Sub-item, Stores
AUFK - Order master data
AUFK2 - Order Master Data for WBS (LDB)
AUFK3 - Network master data (LDB)
AUFKA - Structure for lock object ESCACTIVITY (network activity) AUF...

AUGL_AS_BLART_VK - Structure for Document Type for Clearing Oldest Debt
AUGL_AS_DUMMY_VK - Dummy Structure for Mass Activity V_AUGL_AS
AUKAI - Worklist for Sales Orders (FBG)
AUKAIS - E / A Fields Sales Order Data Index Allocation Table
AUKEY - Key fields, allocation table document access
AUKO - Allocation Table Document Header
AULW - Delivery Phases
AUNIT_PSA_MD_CP - Communication of Parallel Processes in Test
AUNIT_PSA_MD_ST - Table for Locking to Avoid Parallel Tests
AUODESC - Auction Offer Description Cluter Database Table
AUOFFER - Auction Offer Table
AUPBS_PS_DEPT - HR-AU-PS: Store dept details with leave taken for Prior Serv
AUPBS_PS_ENTM - HR-AU-PS: Store calculated entm for Prior Service report
AUPBS_PS_LEAVE - HR-AU-PS: Store all LWOP/BIS that pushes anni date in PS
AUPBS_PS_OVERVIEW - HR-AU-PS: For storing personal data for Prior Service report
AUPBS_PS_TAB2A - Customising table return from function for Prior Service
AUPBS_SENIORITY - HR AUS PS:structure for calculation of seniority AUP...

AUSB - Plant Status Table
AUSOBT - Relation transaction > authorization object
AUSOBT_C - Relation Transaction > Auth. Object (Customer)
AUSP - Characteristic Values
AUSPADDF - Att. structure for ADD fields
AUSPADDX - Include structure for appl.-dependent fields (addnl to AUSP) AUS...

AUTAB - Structure to set up order
AUTAB_PS - Extended AUTAB with flags to control data read used in PS
AUTDEB_ES_GENTOT - Spain:FI-CA: General Total Record
AUTDEB_ES_INDVREC - Spain:FI-CA: Compulsory Individual Record
AUTDEB_ES_ISSHDR - Spain:FI-CA: Issuer Header
AUTDEB_ES_ISSTOT - Spain:FI-CA: Issuer Total Record AUT...

AUUMI - Worklist for Stock Transport Orders (Follow-on Doc. Gen.)
AUUSER - User Table for the eRhine Auction House
AUVDI - Worklist for Deliveries (Follow-on Doc. Generation)
AUVT - Shipping-Specific Data of Plants for Delivery Generation
AUVW - Delivery Phase for Distribution Center
AUVW_APP600 - Append 600
AUVZ - Distribution Center
AUVZ_APP600 - Append 600 AUV...

AUWEI - Index, Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering Doc.


AV03R - Structure of Input Table for Backlog Functions
AV03R_ERROR - Structure for Error Messages in Backlog Functions
AV03R_FIXED_ITEMS - AV03R Fixed Items
AV03R_SELECT_SALES - Structure for Selection of Sales Data in Backlog Functions
AV03V - Structure of the Transfer Table for the Avail.Checkk
AV03VZ - Check Table for User-exit Availability Check AV0...

AVAILABLE_SERVERS - structure of available servers at bp_srv_grp
AVAIL_FLO_DYNP - Screen Structure: Resource Capacity of FLO Node
AVAIL_FUNCT - Available Functions for Characteristic Asgmt Screen API
AVAIL_RES_DYNP - Screen Structure: Resource Capacity of Line Object
AVAIL_STOCK_IKB - Materials Staging: Available Stock - Event-Driven KB level
AVAIL_STOCK_IM - Materials Staging: Available Stock at IM Level AVA...

AVBKPF_FMFG - US federal
AVBKPF_PSO - IS-PS: Append Structure VBKPF for Payment Requests
AVBSEGAPSO - IS-PS: Append structure VBSEGA for payment requests
AVBSEGDPSO - IS-PS: Append Structure VBSEGD for Payment Requests
AVBSEGKPSO - IS-PS: Append Structure VBSEGK for Payment Requests
AVBSEGSPSO - IS-PS: Append Struture VBSEGS for Payment Requests AVB...

AVCT - AVC Summary Table (BCS)
AVERS - Information About Updates of R/3 Add-On Products
AVERS_EXT - Additional Information for Software components (in AVERS)
AVIAJATOBJ - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AVIAJCEAPRESTG - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AVIAJCOMPGRP - Change Document Structure for Comparative Group(VIAJCOMPGRP)
AVIAJEXPENSE - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AVIAJFINPLAN - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AVIAJNEXTADJM - Change Doc. Structure Date of Next Adjustment to Conditions AVI...

AVMOVES - Add-On Moves (Corresponds to IS_MOVES.LST)
AVM_TEXT_ALV - IS-M/AM: Order Archiving
AVORFD0000 - Possible Errors Within Worklist Management
AVORFD0000_ADD - Total Additional Fields (Worklist)
AVORFDMN00 - Fields for Object Type, Subsequent Settlement
AVORFDMN00_ADD - Additional Fields for Object Type, Subsequent Settlement
AVORRAT - Worklist
AVORRAT_DATA - Worklist, Data Part AVO...

AVSELECT_1 - Selection criteria for limiting work list
AVSELECT_2 - Global assignment
AVSELECT_3 - Data basis selection
AVSTATE - Specifying documents by processing status
AVTIDERI - Change Doc. Structure for Table VTIDERI; Created Manually
AVVNOPT - Change document structure for VVNOPT; self-created
AVVTIERLEVEL - Change Document Structure: Manually Created
AVWPAKTI - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AVWPANAN - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AVWPANLE - Change Doc. Structure for Table VWPANLE; Created Manually
AVWPBONO - Change Document Structure: Generated by RSSCD000

AVZBAVF - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
AVZBAVV - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
AVZGPO - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AVZOBJECT - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AVZSKOKO - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
AVZZKOKO - Change Document Struct. for Table VZZKOKO; Created Manually AVZ...


AW01_DEP_PAR - Output Values of Depreciation Terms in Asset Explorer
AWBTCODE - Transactions
AWB_S_DATASOURCE - BW Admin WB: Transfer Structure Datasource and Properties
AWB_S_ICON_NET - BW Admin. WB: Comparison Structure Icon in Text Fields / BMP
AWB_S_LINKTAB - BW Admin. WB: Help Structure for Filling Graphic Containers
AWB_S_OBJECTS_ASC - BW Admin. WB: Transfer Structure for GFW Proxy Objects
AWB_S_RANGE - Admin. WB: Range Structure (Network Graphic) AWB...

AWREF_TAB - awref
AWR_SYS_WAIT_EVT - AWR System Wait Event
AWR_SYS_WAIT_EVT_TOP9 - AWR System Wait Event
AWR_TIME_STAT - AWR System Wait Event
AWU_FI - Linkage open FI with workflow (model function module)
AWU_LIS - Linkage LIS exception with BOR event
AWU_V_LIS - Generated Table for View
AWU_V_LIS_F1 - Generated Table for View


AXCHARACTERISTIC_VALS - CEP: Structure for Importing Offline Classification Data
AXTD_MIGRATION - Active migration
AXTD_MIGRATIONE - Extension in a migration
AXTD_MIGRATIONR - References in a migration
AXTS_ALL_TYPES_PER_FIELD - All Datatypes and Behaviors per enhancement field
AXTS_APPEND_FIELD_DETAILS - Append field details


AZCRMT_HEADER - Order Header Data
AZCRMT_PARTNER - Minimal Partner Data

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