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SAP /FLDQ/AD_ADDRTYPE_STRUC Table Address Type Structure


/FLDQ/AD_ADDRTYPE_STRUC is a standard SAP Table which is used to store Address Type Structure data and is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level.

Below is the standard documentation available and a few details of the fields which make up this Table. You can view further information about SAP /FLDQ/AD_ADDRTYPE_STRUC Table and the data within it using relevant transactions such as SE11, SE80 or SE16. Also check out the Comments section below to view or add related contributions and example screen shots.

SAP /FLDQ/AD_ADDRTYPE_STRUC dictionary attributes

Delivery Class:

Display/Maintenance via SM30: Display/Maintenance Allowed but with Restrictions

Enhancement category: Cannot Be Enhanced
See here for more information about this and other SAP enhancement categories

Dictionary Type: Structure

Description: Address Type Structure

Field list of /FLDQ/AD_ADDRTYPE_STRUC SAP table


Field Data Element Data Type length (Dec) Check table Description Conversion Routine Domain Name MemoryID AppClass SHLP SHLP Field
ADDR_TYPEAD_ADRTYPECHAR1(0) Address type (1=Organization, 2=Person, 3=Contact person)AD_ADRTYPE

/FLDQ/AD_ADRC_QU1 - Address Data for Quarterly Updates
/FLDQ/AD_ADRC_STRUC - Address Data for Postal Validation Online
/FLDQ/AD_ADR_COMPONENTS - Structure used to hold addr components
/FLDQ/AD_ADR_REVIEW_STRUC - Data to display in the address reviewer view
/FLDQ/AD_ADR_TYPE_RANGE_STRUC - Structure for address type range
/FLDQ/AD_AODSMAP - Map AOF package versions to valid DS versions
/FLDQ/AD_ASGN_XT - Assignment Level Exit Configuration
/FLDQ/AD_AUT_FNC - Authorization Validation Function mappings
/FLDQ/AD_CFGPRMS - Maintain Operating parameters
/FLDQ/AD_CFG_RVW - Maintain Address Reviewer Settings

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