/1ACC/EA_________M81001N SAP Structure - Understanding its fields, table key, data, relationships and ABAP select examples

Dictionary Type: Structure
Description: /1ACC/EA_________M81001N

ABAP Code to SELECT data from /1ACC/EA_________M81001N
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/1ACC/EA_________M81001N data

/1ACC/EA_________M81001N is a standard SAP Structure so does not store data like a database table does. It can be used to define the fields of other actual tables or to process "/1ACC/EA_________M81001N" Information within sap ABAP programs.

This is done by declaring abap internal tables, work areas or database tables based on this Structure. These can then be used to store and process the required data appropriately.

i.e. DATA: wa_/1ACC/EA_________M81001N TYPE /1ACC/EA_________M81001N.

The /1ACC/EA_________M81001N table consists of various fields, each holding specific information or linking keys about /1ACC/EA_________M81001N data available in SAP. These include /1FB/COSTCOMP (Cost Component), UAB_CCS_3RDPARTY (External Costs), CURRENCY (Currency Key).. See below for full list along with technical details, documentation, text table, check tables, foreign key relationships, conversion routines, relevant tcodes and example ABAP select code etc. .

Delivery Class:
Display/Maintenance via tcode SM30: Display/Maintenance Allowed but with Restrictions
SAP enhancement categories: Cannot Be Enhanced

/1ACC/EA_________M81001N structure fields - Full list of fields found in SAP dictionary

Field Description Data Element Data Type length (Dec) Check table Conversion Routine Domain Name MemoryID SHLP
/1FB/CCOMPSTRUCCost Component Structure /1FB/MD_________M8300T7CHAR2
/1FB/COSTCOMPCost Component /1FB/MD_________M8300GHNUMC3
CURRENCYCurrency Key CURRENCYCUKY5Assigned to domainWAERS

Key field Non-key field

How do I retrieve data from SAP structure /1ACC/EA_________M81001N using ABAP code?

As /1ACC/EA_________M81001N is a database structure and not a table it does not store any data in the SAP data dictionary. The ABAP SELECT statement is therefore not appropriate and can not be performed on /1ACC/EA_________M81001N as there is no data to select.

How to access SAP table /1ACC/EA_________M81001N

Within an ECC or HANA version of SAP you can also view further information about /1ACC/EA_________M81001N and the data within it using relevant transactions such as

SE11 (ABAP Dictionary Maintenance)
SM30 (Maintain Table Data)
SE80 (Object Navigator)
SE16 (Data Browser).

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