rsdb/max_blocking_factor SAP Parameter attribute - Split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries

rsdb/max_blocking_factor is a SAP Parameter attribute which is used to control Split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries information. This is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level.

Below is the standard documentation available and a few details of the attributes values .

rsdb/max_blocking_factor profile paramerter attributes

Parameter Name: rsdb/max_blocking_factor
Description: Split factor for FOR ALL ENTRIES queries
Default Value: -1
Parameter Type ( See IF_PARAMETER_TYPES): Integer(INT)
Restriction Values:
Parameter Unit:
Parameter Group: Database
CSN Component: BC-DB-DBI
System-Wide parameter: Yes
Dynamic Parameter: Yes
Vector Parameter: No
Has Sub-Parameters: No
Check Function Exists: No

Parameter documentation

This parameter is only intended for internal use and must not be changed without explicit instruction from SAP. An internal table [itab] with entry data is always returned to an ABAP SELECT query with the addition FOR ALL ENTRIES. The profile parameter sets the upper limit for the amount of entries from [itab] to be processed in a statement That is, if the internal table included in the FOR ALL ENTRIES clause contains more than rsdb/max_blocking_factor lines, the Open SQL statement is divivded up into multiple statements with regard to the database whose individual results are collected in the DB interface and then returned as a total result to the ABAP program. For an internal table with N lines, with regard to the database N / "rsdb/max_blocking_factor" + 1 individual SELECT statements are issued. This parameter however does not have any effect in the construction of IN (...) - see the documentation on rsdb/prefer_in_itab_opt. The technical maximim blocking factor is calculated for each statement so that no database system limits are exceeded. If the flocking factor limit is less than max_blocking_factor then this limit is implicitly used.

See SAP Parameter Documentation for full SAP documentation for this profile parameter.