rsdb/esm/max_objects SAP Parameter attribute - Maximum number of objects in ESM buffer

rsdb/esm/max_objects is a SAP Parameter attribute which is used to control Maximum number of objects in ESM buffer information. This is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level.

Below is the standard documentation available and a few details of the attributes values .

rsdb/esm/max_objects profile paramerter attributes

Parameter Name: rsdb/esm/max_objects
Description: Maximum number of objects in ESM buffer
Default Value: 2000
Parameter Type ( See IF_PARAMETER_TYPES): Integer range(INT_RANGE)
Restriction Values: 0 9223372036854775807
Parameter Unit:
Parameter Group: System
CSN Component: BC-DB-DBI
System-Wide parameter: No
Dynamic Parameter: No
Vector Parameter: No
Has Sub-Parameters: No
Check Function Exists: No

Parameter documentation

Specifies the maximum number of objects that can be simultaneously held in the export to/import from shared memory buffer. If this limit is exceeded, it is not possible to store any more objects in the buffer. To estimate a suitable value for the parameter, divide the size of the buffer (see parameter rsdb/esm/buffersize_kb) by the expected average size of the individual objects. Round up the value produced by this calculation.

See SAP Parameter Documentation for full SAP documentation for this profile parameter.