login/password_charset SAP Parameter attribute - character set used for passwords

login/password_charset is a SAP Parameter attribute which is used to control character set used for passwords information. This is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level.

Below is the standard documentation available and a few details of the attributes values .

login/password_charset profile paramerter attributes

Parameter Name: login/password_charset
Description: character set used for passwords
Default Value: 1
Parameter Type ( See IF_PARAMETER_TYPES): Integer range(INT_RANGE)
Restriction Values: 0 2
Parameter Unit:
Parameter Group: Login
CSN Component: BC-SEC-LGN
System-Wide parameter: Yes
Dynamic Parameter: Yes
Vector Parameter: No
Has Sub-Parameters: No
Check Function Exists: No

Parameter documentation

This parameter is only evaluated if the profile parameter login/password_downwards_compatibility is set to the value 5. Otherwise, all Unicode characters are permissible in general.
This parameter defines the characters of which a password can consist:
Value 0 The password can only consist of digits, letters, and the following 32 (ASCII) special characters: !"@ $%&/()=?'`*+~#-_.,;:{[]}\<(><<)><(>><)>|
Value 1 The password can consist of any characters, including national special characters (such as ISO Latin-1, 8859-1); however, all characters that are not contained in the set listed above (at login/password_charset = 0) are mapped to the same (special) character and the system therefore does not differentiate between them. This value is the default value (backward-compatible).
Value 2 The password can consist of any characters; it is converted internally to the Unicode format UTF-8. If you are using a non-Unicode-capable system, you should, however, note that it may be the case that it is not possible to enter all characters on the logon screen (restricted due to the codepage determined by the system language).
Caution With login/password_charset = 2, passwords are stored in a format (=<(>><)> code version "D") that cannot be interpreted by systems with an older kernel (=<(>><)> see SAP Note 735356); you should therefore only set the profile parameter to the value 2, if you have ensured that all systems involved support the new password coding.

See SAP Parameter Documentation for full SAP documentation for this profile parameter.