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Below is documentation, parameters and attributes of ABAP Method NUMBER_FORMAT_TO_ENDIAN within SAP class IF_RSBOLAP_FLAT_RESULT_SET. There is also a number of example ABAP code snipts to help you use the functionality of this method.

This is a private Method so can only be executed from within the class itself. I.e. You could access it from another method of the class.

This method is available within SAP systems depending on your version and release level, you can view further information by entering the class name IF_RSBOLAP_FLAT_RESULT_SET into the relevant SAP transactions such as SE24 or SE80, and then selecting the method you are interested in.

Method Type

Instance Method - This is an Instance Method so needs to be instantiated first before you can access any of the methods. I.e. you need to create a local variable of TYPE ref to the class.

The following technical details of method FREE can also be found below:

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Parameters of Method FREE

NameTypeData TypeDescriptionDefault Value


Exceptions of Method FREE

This method does not have any exceptions

Example ABAP coding

This is a private Method so the below code can only be executed from within the class itself. I.e. from another method of the class.

DATA: lv_other TYPE c.

CALL METHOD lo_class=>FREE( ).

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