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Unfortunately we could not find the <a href="">SAP table</a> infomation you requested, please check you have entered the link correctly or
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<br>If you still can't find the required information please post a request below stating the TABLE name and any other info
you feel would be relevant. Each version
and installation level of SAP has many different tables that are temporary or unique to that version. This may mean that
it has not been documented and published to the community yet.

<br><br><br><b>SAP Tables by Module area</b>
<br> <a href="">Purchase Order Tables</a>
<br> <a href="">Project Systems Tables</a>
<br> <a href="">SAP MM Tables</a> - Material Management
<br> <a href="">SAP BC Tables</a> - Basis Components

<br><br><br><b>Popular SAP tables</b>
<br><a href="">A000</a>
<br>Condition Table for Pricing

<br><br><a href="">PA0000</a>
<BR>HR Master record tables(info types for PNP ldb)

<br><br><a href="">COVP</a>
<BR>CO Object: Line Items (See FM <a href="sapfms/h/hrgp/hrgpbs_drill_read_covp.htm">HRGPBS_DRILL_READ_COVP</a>)

<br><br><a href="">EKKO</a>
<BR>SAP ALV test reports

<br><br><a href="">DD02V</a>
<BR>Data dictionary tables

<br><br><a href="">TRDIR</a>
<BR>Table of SAP programs

<br><br><a href="">USR02</a>
<BR>Logon data