SAP Tcode NACE to create Custom NAST output

Tcode NACE to create Custom NAST output


 *& This is an example NAST program that can be trigger from your custom

*& output type by referencing the program and form. Setup via Tcode NACE

*& *& To debug you need to process the output via RSNAST00. If print the *& output prints immediately automatically then select send again option. *& *& When executed live it will happen in update mode so it might not always *& trigger your break-points *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* REPORT ZNACE_OUTPUT. * Declare NAST here and you will have access to all the NAST values, * Contains all the OUT/Print values TABLES: NAST. **&---------------------------------------------------------------------*

**& Form entry neu

**&---------------------------------------------------------------------* ** Subroutine to Link NACE Configuration and Custom Program ** You need to declare two USING parameters but can be called anything *---------------------------------------------------------------------------------* FORM entry USING cv_retcode TYPE sysubrc cv_val TYPE c. "#EC NEEDED "cv_return_code = 0. * Set this value to 0 to denote that the output has processed correctly. * If you don't set it to 0 it will show as failed cv_retcode = 0. * Break point Probably won't work unless you rerun via RSNAST00 BREAK-POINT. ENDFORM.

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