SAP SAP IDOC and EDI Administration tcodes

SAP IDOC and EDI Administration tcodes


*& Report IDOC/EDI Transaction codes

WE02 - Display IDoc
WE21 - Port definition
SM59 - RFC destination
WE46 - IDoc administration Find IDOC's
WE06 - Active Monitoring
WE07 - IDoc statistics
WE09 - In database
WE10 - In archive Display Status
SM58 - Transactional RFC
WE08 - File Interface
WECP - CPIC interface IDOC Testing tcodes + IDOC Processing
WE19 - Test tool
WE15 - Outbound from MC
WE14 - Outbound Processing from IDoc
WE18 - Create Status File
WE17 - Process Status File
WE12 - Modified Outbound File, Inbound
WE16 - Original Inbound File, Inbound Documentation tcodes
WE60 - IDoc types
WE64 - Process Codes IDOC development transactions
WE31 - IDoc segments
WE30 - IDoc types
WE81 - Message types
WE82 - IDoc Type/Message Outbound Processing settings
WE41 - Outbound Process Code Inbound Processing settings
BD51 - ALE Attributes
WE57 - Message/application object
WE42 - Inbound process code IdocControl
WE55 - Create File Name
WE34 - IDoc Styles
WE32 - IDoc views control status
WE47 - Define Status Values
WELI - Define Status Groups
WE43 - Display status record Partner Profile control
WE24 - Outbound Proposals
WE27 - Inbound Proposals
WE44 - Partner Types
WE45 - Forward inbound