SAP Hana Tables

SAP Hana Tables Index by T


Index of SAP Tables Objects


T000 - Clients
T000ATP - Basic Settings for Availability Check
T000C - Table for Installing FI-SL Customizing
T000CLNT - Client Currency
T000CM - Client-specific FI-AR-CR settings
T000F - Client-Specific FI Settings T00...

T010O - Posting Period Variants
T010P - Posting Period Variant Names
T011 - Financial Statement Versions
T011A - Calendar - task description
T011B - FI financial calendar - job text table
T011E - Calendar of person responsible for unit T01...

T020 - FI/AM Transaction Control
T020A - Acc: Single-Screen Transactions: Existing Tabs Per Transacn
T020R - Program Selection for Program Transactions
T021 - Fields for Line Item and Document Line Layout
T021A - Forms for Additional Information
T021B - Line Item Total Variants T02...

T030 - Standard Accounts Table
T030A - Transaction Keys and Assignment to Groups
T030A_INT - Internal informations enhancing T030A
T030B - Standard Posting Keys
T030C - Global Standard Account Table
T030D - Acct Determ.for Open Item Exch.Rate Differences T03...

T040 - Dunning keys
T040A - Dunning key names
T040S - Blocking reasons for dunning notices
T040T - Dunning block reason names
T041A - Clearing Transactions
T041AR - Residual Item Additional Functions T04...

T050T - General texts
T051A - Account Balances for Statutory Reporting
T052 - Terms of Payment
T052A - Known/Negotiated Leave
T052R - Rules for Issuing Invoices
T052S - Terms of Payment for Holdback/Retainage T05...

T060 - Rules for A/R and A/P information system
T060A - Evaluation types in A/R and A/P information system
T060B - Texts for T060A - evaluatn types in A/R and A/P info system
T060K - FI constants
T060L - FI constant name
T060M - FI constant values T06...

T070 - FI Document Archiving - Document Lives
T071 - FI Document Archiving - Account Lives
T072 - FI Document Archiving - Document Lives
T073 - FI Document Archiving - Account Lives
T074 - Special G/L Accounts
T074A - Special G/L Transaction Type Names T07...

T080A - Structure definition work list suffix
T082 - Field group authorization assets
T082A - Field string asset master record maintenance
T082AVIEW0 - Entity Table for Asset Views
T082AVIEW0T - Text Tables for Asset Views
T082AVIEW1 - View Authorization for Asset Master Data Fields T08...

T090 - Depreciation calculation keys
T090A - Period control dep. calculation
T090C - External depreciation keys
T090I - Depreciation simulation (Reporting)
T090L - Unit-of-production method of depreciation
T090M - Table for maximum depreciation amounts T09...

T0DIAA - IIA: Customizing table for learning engine
T0KBA - SDB: Customizing Symptom Type
T0KBAT - SDB: Customizing Symptom Type Text
T0KBB - SDB: Customizing Solution Type
T0KBBT - SDB: Customizing Solution Type Text
T0KBC - SDB: Customizing Symptom Category
T0KBCT - SDB: Customizing Symptom Category Text T0K...


T100 - Messages
T100A - Message IDs for T100
T100C - Message Control by User
T100I - Screen fields for message transaction
T100O - Assignment of message to object
T100S - Configurable system messages T10...

T110_ACT - Activation for changes in F110 accord. to Israel legislation
T130A - Material master field selection
T130C - Definition of required tables
T130D - Screen data
T130F - Field attributes
T130FT - Texts for ALE Field Groups
T130F_C - Customizing field attributes T13...

T141 - Material Status from Materials Management/PPC View
T141T - Descriptions of Material Status from MM/PP View
T142 - Storage Conditions for Materials
T142T - Storage Condition Texts
T143 - Temperature Conditions for Storing Materials
T143T - Temperature Condition Texts T14...

T150 - Physical Inventory Stock Types and Allocated Movement Types
T150F - Stock Types and Allocated Fields in Physical Inventory
T151 - Customers: Customer Groups
T151T - Customers: Customer groups: Texts
T156 - Movement Type
T156A - Assignment of RP Account Posting Type to Movement Type T15...

T160 - SAP Transaction Control, Purchasing
T160AT - Message Control Allocation Table
T160B - SAP Transaction Control, List Displays, Purchasing
T160C - SAP Transaction Control for List Displays in CALL
T160D - Function Authorizations: Purchase Order
T160E - Function Authorizations: Purchasing: Descriptions T16...

T170 - Copying Control: Texts in Purchasing
T171 - Customers: Sales Districts
T171T - Customers: Sales districts: Texts
T173 - Routes: Mode of Transport for Each Shipping Type
T173T - Routes: Mode of Transport by Shipping Type: Texts
T175DP - Categories of Down Payment Request in Purchasing T17...

T180 - Screen Sequence Control: Transaction Default Values
T180A - Reporting: Access Types according to Field
T180B - Reporting: Totals Variants
T180C - Reporting: Totals Variants: Texts
T180G - Reporting: Totals Variants for each Display Variant
T180L - SD: Valid Logical Databases for Extended Search Help T18...

T190 - Product Allocation: Controlling
T190H - Product Allocation: Planning Structure for this Step
T190HT - Product Allocation: Text for Planning Hierarchy
T190O - Product Allocation: Definition of Product Allocation Object
T190OT - Product Allocation: Text for Product Allocation Object
T190S - Product Allocation: Definition Procedure T19...


T200A - Allowed Stock Types
T200A_HASH - Save the actuell hash of the table T200A
T20_ST02 - ST02: Fields for screens 20, 21, 22, 23
T2207 - Values for Characteristic 'IATA Season '
T2208 - Values for Characteristic 'Day of Operation '
T2209 - Values for Characteristic 'Aircraft Type '
T2210 - Values for Characteristic 'Rotation '
T2211 - Values for Characteristic 'Destination '
T2212 - Values for Characteristic 'Departure Location ' T22...

T237 - Name of report structure
T237A - Display control for T237
T237T - Text table for T237
T239 - Report version table
T239T - Text table for T239
T2410 - Language table system control parameters
T2411 - Description of parameter groups
T241B - Description of Characteristic Values
T241E - Text to sort reports into report portfolio
T241H - Text for report portfolio hierarchy
T241Q - Text table for currency translation type T24...

T2500 -
T2501 -
T2502 - Values for Characteristic 'User Characteristic '
T2503 - Values for Characteristic 'Continent '
T2512 - Table of characteristic values
T2513 - Table of Characteristic Values T25...

T260 - Standard Service Catalog: Structure Definition
T260H - Text Module Description
T260S - Structure Description of Service Type
T260T - Description for Structure Definition of Service Type
T260U - Split Structure of Text Module
T265 - Transaction Control: External Services Management T26...

T27NN - Master Data Table: &
T28NN - Master Data Texts: &


T300 - WM Warehouse Numbers
T300T - Warehouse Number Descriptions
T300T - Warehouse Number Descriptions
T300T - Warehouse Number Descriptions
T300T - Warehouse Number Descriptions
T301 - WM Storage Types T30...

T310 - Pre-Allocated Stock
T310_ENQ - Blocking Term for Access to Table T310
T311 - Definition of WM Groups
T311A - Cross-Reference WM Group for Documents
T311A_1 - Supplement to reference number (T311)
T311A_VB - Transfer structure T311 and T311A for update task T31...

T320 - Assignment IM Storage Location to WM Warehouse Number
T320A - WM: Storage Location Control
T321 - Assignment MM Movement Type --> MM-WM Movement Type
T321B - Stock Types and Special Stocks for External Systems
T321D - Assignment Movement Type RM-WMS Dec. ERP -> HOST Act. (R/2)
T321K - Definition of Accumulated Messages to HOST (R/2) T32...

T330 - Blocking Reasons
T330T - Text for Blocking Reason
T331 - Storage Type Control
T331B - Storage Type Control for Bulk Storage
T331C - Control of storage type for putaway strategy K
T331L - Storage Classes Allowed per Storage Type T33...

T340 - WM Transactions
T340D - WM Default Values
T340D_TRM_APPEND - TRM append structure for T340D
T341 - WM Screen Selection
T342 - Control of Screen Sequence in WM
T342T - Assignment of Title Bar to PF Status T34...

T350 - Maintenance Control Parameters: Client/Order Type
T350E - Access sequence addresses for address proposal purch. data
T350I - Combination of order type and PM activity type allowed
T350W - Maintenance control parameters: Order type plant
T351 - Maintenance strategy
T351P - Maintenance packages T35...

T362 - Service Categories
T362O - Org. Status: Service Category
T362T - Service Category Names
T362U - Name of Org. Status: Service Category
T365 - Initial values for PM notification transactions
T365A - Start values for notification transactions - Customizing T36...

T370 - Start Values for PM Master Data Transactions
T370A - Activity Category for PM Lists
T370B - Technical object authorization group
T370B_T - Language-dependent texts for authorization group
T370C - ABC indicator for technical objects
T370CLC - Fleet Consumption Calculation Keys T37...

T390 - PM: Shop papers for print control
T390D - PM: Destinations and database names for download
T390_O - PM: Shop paper control by order type
T390_OT - Description of shop papers per document type selection
T390_T - PM: Shop paper description
T390_U - Print control by user T39...


T401A - Material: MRP profiles (definition)
T401I - Fields in MRP profile that can be initial
T401M - Transaction control paramters: MRP profiles
T401T - MRP Profile Descriptions
T401Z - Collection of changed profiles for batch framework
T405 - Purchasing Value Key T40...

T410 - Engineering Workbench: Working area
T410T - Engineering Workbench: Working environment (text)
T410_WORKAREA - Engineering Workbench: Structure working envir. (Incl. text)
T411 - Task list usage
T411T - Language-dependent texts for T411: Task list usages
T412 - Task list status T41...

T421 - Wage groups
T421T - Language-dependent texts for T421: Wage groups
T423 - Wage group qualification
T423T - Language-dependent texts for T423: Qualifications/Wage grp.
T425 - Setup group keys
T425T - Language-dependent texts for T425: Setup group keys T42...

T430 - Operation/Activity control key
T430D - Dummy work area of T430 for F4 with PLNAW '*'
T430H - Auxiliary structure for display of T430
T430T - Language-dependent text table for the control key T430
T433 - Milestone Indicator
T433T - Milestone texts T43...

T440A - Change fields for MRP
T440B - Control table for creating MRP record
T440C - Planning file entries for goods movements
T440F - Exception messages for the forecast
T440G - Weighting Groups for Finding the Moving Average Value
T440L - Correction Factors: Forecast T44...

T450 - MRP transaction control
T450A - Control Table of PF Status for Run Schedule Modification
T450C - Table for Controlling the PF Status for Repet.Manufacturing
T450F - Field selection maintaining independent requirements
T450N - Transaction Control MRP With Object
T450P - Transaction control for maintaining ind. requirements T45...

T460A - Special procurement key
T460B - Special Procurement Key Conversion
T460C - Order/Purchase order types for planned order
T460D - Order/Purchase order types for planned order
T460P - Procurement and Special Procurement Check
T460Q - Special Procurement Types per Procurement Type T46...

T476 - Parameterization of the Configuration Editor
T476T - Parameterization of the Configuration Editor
T482 - Table of scheduling types
T482T - Texts for scheduling types
T488 - Assignment of Table Fields to Groups
T488A - Language-dependent texts for Table T488
T488B - Value table for T488: 'Option types for routing history'
T488C - Texts for Table T488B T48...

T490 - Transactions PP - orders - order category
T496B - CIM order: Assigning document types to reference doc. types
T496D - CIM: Destination/lists/spool parameters per user/plant
T496DD - CIM order: Dialog structure for maintaining T496D
T496DD_SUB - Substructure of data per list in structure T496DD
T496D_INC - T496D Data Part T49...


T500C - Currency for Public Service Sector
T500L - Personnel Country Grouping
T500L_ADDON - Indicator Country Grouping Add-On Solution
T500L_CUST - Customer View of Table T500L
T500L_SUBCOMP - Assignment MOLGA -> Subcomponent
T500P - Personnel Areas T50...

T510 - Pay Scale Groups
T510A - Pay Scale Types
T510B - Appraisal Constants
T510C - Adjust Bases for Calculating PScale
T510D - Dynamic Standard Pay Increase
T510E - Dynamic Standard Pay Increase II T51...

T520M - Cash Breakdown List
T520N - Salary Statement in the Purpose: Formatting Options
T520S - Text Key for Data Carrier
T521A - Bank Details: Relevance of Special Fields
T521B - Payee Keys
T521B_PF - T52...

T530 - Reasons for Actions
T530B - Payment Condition (Special Payments)
T530C - Control Table for Special Payments
T530D - Special Payments (Emp.Per.-Dependent Factors)
T530E - Reasons for Changes
T530F - Reasons for Changes T53...

T541A - Types of Guaranteed Net Amount
T541N - Guaranteed Net Amounts
T541T - Texts for Types of Guaranteed Net Amounts
T542A - Work Contract
T542A_DELIMIT - Validity Period of Work Contract
T542C - Work Contract - Other/Previous Employers T54...

T550A - Daily Work Schedule
T550P - Break Schedules
T550S - Daily Work Schedule Texts
T550X - Daily Work Schedule Selection Rules
T551A - Period Work Schedules
T551A_COR_CALE - ESS Correction Scenario: Period Work Schedule for Calendar T55...

T564T - Insurance Company Texts
T569B - Archiving Information for Cluster B2
T569R - Earliest Recalculation Dates for Time Management
T569T - Control Record Texts
T569U - Logs for Control Records
T569V - Control Records T56...

T572B - Illness Texts
T572E - Control table for additional absence data
T572F - Event Texts
T572G - Permitted Values for Events
T572H - Event Value Texts
T574A - Qualification Keys T57...

T582A - Infotypes: Customer-Specific Settings
T582B - Infotypes That Are Created Automatically
T582C - Include Screens for Infotypes
T582G - Infotype: Grouping Reason
T582ITD - Infotype - Dialog Module (CE)
T582ITOPER - HR: Master Data, Infotype Operations T58...

T591A - Subtype Characteristics
T591A_ESSEX - ESS: Deactivation of Subtypes
T591B - Time Constraints for Wage Types
T591C - Recipient Type for Communication Type
T591S - Subtype Texts
T5961 - Area T59...

T5A03 - Employee Groups/Employee Subgroups
T5A09 - Subapplications for Austria
T5A0A - ER Assgmt Unit for Authorities
T5A0A_NEW - Employer Assignment to Tax Authorities (New)
T5A0P - Personnel Area/Subarea AT
T5A1A - SI Groups (Austria) T5A...

T5B01 - SI Categories Employees (B)
T5B02 - SI Categories Employers (B)
T5B03 - SI Specifications Employees (B)
T5B04 - SI Notifications Employees (B)
T5B05 - Function SI Hourly Paid Employee without Regulation (B)
T5B06 - Text Table Country Codes SI/'BELCOTAX' (B) T5B...

T5C03 - Employee Group/Subgroup
T5C0P - HR CH: Personnel Subarea Supplements
T5C10 - FAK Contributions (CH)
T5C11 - Training Bonuses
T5C12 - Bonus Paid After Birth of Child
T5C13 - HR-CH: Additional jobs T5C...

T5D03 - Employee Group/Subgroup
T5D0A - Absence Attributes
T5D0C - Absence Distribution
T5D0D - Part Time Work During ParentalLeave
T5D0F - Fictitious Run Controls
T5D0FT - Fictitious Run Contol Texts T5D...

T5E01 - Personnel areas and subareas
T5E02 - Company tax data
T5E03 - IA/ID and NID healthcare companies
T5E04 - Registered company and work center names
T5E05 - Social Insurance branch offices
T5E06 - Social Insurance contributing companies T5E...

T5F03 - Employee groups/subgroups - special features (France)
T5F16REASN - Contract change reason
T5F16REASNT - Special contract category
T5F1A - SI organizations (France)
T5F1AC - Control of payment offsetting to calculate contributions
T5F1ACI - Payment offsetting modifiers T5F...

T5G01 - Tax Rates
T5G02 - Special Tax Code
T5G03 - Tax Increase and Limit
T5G05 - NIC Limits (obsolete: contains NI rates up to 1998)
T5G06 - NIC Percentages (obsolete: contains NI % up to 1998)
T5G08 - NI Control Data Texts T5G...

T5H11 - Minimum contribution base - reported employees
T5H1A - SI contribution types
T5H1B - SI contributions
T5H1C - SI contribution types texts
T5H1D - SI contribution levels
T5H1E - SI contribution level texts T5H...

T5I30 - Events and Reasons for Italy
T5IE1 - HR-IE: Personal Public Service Number suffix table.
T5IT01 - Company
T5IT1P - HR area/sub-area grouping - HR Italy
T5IT30 - Events and reasons
T5IT31 - Text table for events and reasons T5I...

T5J00 - HR Union JP
T5J01 - HR Union texts JP
T5J02 - HR Union Member Category JP
T5J03 - Person Group/Subgroup JP
T5J04 - HR Union Member Category Text JP
T5J05 - HR Union due calculation master JP T5J...

T5K0C - Absence Breakdown
T5K0P - Personnel Area/Sub Area (Canada)
T5K0Q - Industry Sector Texts
T5K0S - Sickness grouping for absence types
T5K13 - Jobs
T5K14 - Assignment Positions to NOC T5K...

T5L03 - Employee Subgroup grouping for Malaysia
T5L0P - Personnel Areas/Subareas for Malaysia
T5LBA - BIK code table
T5LBC - Bank Code
T5LBT - BIK (EA form) text table Malaysia
T5LCA - Employees' eligibility categories T5L...

T5M03 - Employee Groups/Subgroups (Denmark)
T5M13 - !Not Used: Jobs (Denmark)
T5M15 - Default Values for DA Job Keys (DK)
T5M16 - Official DA Statistics - Job Keys (DK)
T5M17 - DA Statistics - Job Descriptions (DK)
T5M18 - Official DA Statistics - Training Keys (DK) T5M...

T5N05 - Registration of Countries of Birth [Wet SAMEN]
T5N0A - General Data (NL)
T5N0E - Link Between Difference Wage Types and Wage Types
T5N0F - Link back-payment wage types to difference wage types
T5N0G - Control Table for Guaranteed Net Amounts
T5N0_FEATURE - Return matrix for table transfer features T5N...

T5P03 - HR-PT: Employee Groups / Subgroups - Classification
T5P0E - Establishment
T5P0P - HR-PT: Personnel Subarea Supplements
T5P1F - HR-PT: Tax offices
T5P1J - HR-PT: Grouping and characteristics of legal entity (JUPER
T5P1P - HR-PT: Table of tax rates T5P...

T5Q0P - Personnel area, business subsection (Australia)
T5Q30 - Termination Reasons for Actions
T5QGM - Payroll Highlight Messages Australia
T5QGO - Group Certificate Overrides
T5QGP - Personnel area, business subsection (Australia)
T5QGP_CE - AU CE : Define Grouping Value for Australian Business Number T5Q...

T5R01 - Award types
T5R02 - Award type texts
T5R03 - Residency type
T5R04 - Residency type text
T5R05 - Types of Identification
T5R05_ESSEX - ESS:Deactivation of subtypes for Personal IDs (IT0185) T5R...

T5S03 - Employee Group/Subgroup (SE)
T5S0A - Leave year periods - SE
T5S0C - Absence conditions - SE
T5S0P - Swedish attributes of org. structure (level pers. subarea)
T5S0P_CE - Personnel Area/Subarea Groupings and Default Values
T5S0Q - Unpaid leave parameters - SE T5S...

T5T03 - Personal groups/subgroups - extension
T5T04 - Absence types for reports
T5T05 - Action types for reports
T5T0C - Breakdown of absences
T5T10 - Pay scale groups - link to ext.statistics
T5T13 - Jobs x KZAM T5T...

T5U0E - Equal Employment Opportunity Record
T5U0P - Additional organizational data for personnel area/subarea
T5U13 - Jobs
T5U25 - WC: Job Attributes
T5U26 - WC: Assignment of WC to Organizational Units
T5U27 - EEO/AAP: Organizational Unit attributes T5U...

T5V01 - Table of postal codes (postal code/city)
T5V03 - Employee group/subgrouping for employment contracts (NO)
T5V0P - Attributes of the Norwegian organisational structure
T5V13 - SSB Positions code assignment
T5V1C - Period Work Schedules Codes
T5V2A - Municipality Numbers T5V...

T5W0P - (Old) UIF reference number assignment to personnel area/sba.
T5W0S - SIC Code maintainence based on Personnel Area and Subarea
T5W10 - Link pay scale groups to occupational level. - Equity
T5W11 - Link pay scale groups to occupational level. - Equity
T5W12 - Link reason for income diff to occupational level. - Equity
T5W13 - Link job category occupational level Employment equity. T5W...


T604 - Foreign Trade: Commodity Code / Import Code Number
T604A - Preference: Tariff alternation
T604B - Preference: Preference Zone Description
T604C - Preference: Preference Procedure Code
T604D - Preference: Description of Preference Procedure Code
T604F - Import Processing: Control Code T60...

T610A - Import Processing: Anti-dumping Code
T610AT - Import Processing: Anti-dumping Code Descriptions
T610B - Foreign Trade: Customs Approval Numbers
T610BT - Foreign Trade: Customs Approval Number Descriptions
T610C - Import Processing: CAS Number for Pharmaceutical Products
T610CT - Import Processing: CAS No. for Pharmaceut.Products - Descr. T61...

T620 - Allocation Table Document Types
T620T - Texts for Alloc. Tbl Doc. Types
T621 - Item Categories for Allocation Tables
T621T - Texts for Alloc. Tbl Item categories
T622 - Allocation Rule Document Types
T622T - Texts for Allocation Rule Document Types T62...

T630 - Distribution of Over/Underdeliveries in Allocation Tables
T630L - Shipping Determination: Loading Times
T630R - Delivery Scheduling: Pick/Pack Time for Materials
T630T - Texts for Table T630 (Allocation of Over/Underdelivery)
T633K - R/2-R/3 Link: One-Time Customer Determination
T644 - Routes: Transit Route(s) (Country Sequence)
T646A - Aggregate States
T646B - Texts for Aggregate States
T646G - Hazardous Material Warnings
T646H - Texts for Hazardous Material Warnings
T646L - Storage Classes T64...

T661K - Internal and External Conditions Assignment
T661T - Difference Tolerances for External and Internal Conditions
T661W - Determination of Sold-to Party for EDI DlvSched/JIT
T663 - Delivery interval:Sched.agreements for component suppliers
T663A - Dealing with errors:Scheduling agreements with rel.orders
T664A - Special processing for deliveries for ext.agents T66...

T671 - Conditions: Views
T671T - Conditions: Views (Text)
T672 - Conditions: View Sequence
T680M - Condition: Tree Control: Features
T680MT - Condition: Tree Control: Features: Texts?
T680V - Condition: Tree Control: Variants
T680VT - Condition: Tree Control: Variants: Texts
T681 - Conditions: Structures
T681A - Conditions: Applications T68...

T691A - Credit management risk categories
T691B - 'Credit Management Groups'
T691C - Credit management group names
T691D - Credit groups for document types
T691E - Credit Groups Document Type Description
T691F - Control of Automatic Credit Control T69...

T6B1 - Rebate : Rebate Agreement Types
T6B1T - Rebate: Agreement Types : Texts
T6B2 - Rebate : Group of permitted Condition Types/Tables
T6B2F - Rebate : Permitted Condition Types/Tables per Group
T6B2F_LI - Condition Type Group with Descriptions
T6B2F_WCB - Condition Contract: Allowed Condition Types/Tables per Group T6B...

T6I1 - Document Index: Allowed Condition Types/Tables
T6I2 - Document Category WIND Direct Entry
T6I2A - Assignment of Table Fields to Document Category
T6I2S - Structure of the Variable Fields per Doc. Cat.
T6WFG - Degree of Fashion
T6WFGT - Degree of Fashion
T6WL1 - Standard Delivery Cycles
T6WL4 - Check table - label form
T6WL5 - Check Table - Label Type
T6WP1 - Check table, supply source entry T6W...


T702A - Employee Grouping for Travel Expense Type
T702B - Credit Card Clearing Assignment Table
T702C - Name for Employee Grouping for Travel Expense Type
T702E - Vehicle Types
T702G - Statutory trip types
T702H - Caculation Guide Lines: Meals PD/Max.Amounts Scaled by Time T70...

T710 - Pay Grade Levels
T710A - Pay Grade
T710F - Units of Time
T710FT - Texts for Units of Time
T710G - Evaluation Group
T710GT - Valuation Type Text T71...

T72A0 - HR-PF: Account Types
T72A0T - HR-PF: Description of Account Types
T72A1 - HR-PF: Account Types per Fund
T72A2 - HR-PF: Totals Value Types
T72A3 - HR-PF: Schedule Modifiers
T72A3T - HR-PF: Schedule Modifiers (Texts) T72...

T731 - Key Figures in Info Library (Transport Table)
T731N - Info Sets in LIL (Transport Table)
T731O - Info Set Texts in LIL (Transport Table)
T731P - Info Set Assignment in LIL (Transport Table)
T731T - Key Figure Texts (Transport Table)
T74AA - COBRA-qualified dependent/plan type assignment
T74AB - COBRA dependent of qualified beneficiary
T74F1 - Benefit adjustment grouping
T74F2 - Benefits insurance coverage grouping
T74F3 - Benefit employer contribution grouping
T74F4 - Benefit employee contribution grouping T74...

T750A - Vacancy published in advertisement
T750B - Advertisement
T750C - Recruitment instrument
T750D - Medium
T750E - Text for applicant group
T750F - Text for applicant range T75...

T76MGE_ACPI - Derived Compensation Package Items
T76MGE_ADM - International HR Administrator
T76MGE_ASCOL - Mapping Table for COLI Providers and Assignment Types
T76MGE_ASFS - Allowed Family Status for Assignment Types
T76MGE_ASI - Assignment Types
T76MGE_AST - Assignment Types Text Table T76...

T770A - Day Segments
T770AF - HR Query: Function Modules for Customer's Additional Fields
T770B - Assignment of Day Segments to Day Schedules
T770C - Restrictions
T770P - Infotypes with Repeat Field Groups for RP Query
T770Q - Additional Fields and Table Fields HR Query T77...

T787I - Infotypes for Standard Object Types
T787O - Text Table: Standard Object Types
T787T - Text Table: Infotypes for Standard Object Types
T787U - Text Table: Subtypes for Standard Objects
T787V - Text Table: Relationships for Standard Objects
T788E - Check Table for Allowed Standard Relationships T78...

T790 - Warranty Transaction - Initial Values
T790G - Warranty Type
T790G_T - Warranty Type Text
T790T - Warranty Category Functions
T790T_C - Warranty Category Default Values
T790_C - Warranty Default Values - Initial Transactions T79...

T7AE01 - UAE Statutory Social Insurance Fund Table
T7AE01T - UAE Statutory Social Insurance Fund Text Table
T7AE02 - UAE Statutory Social Insurance Contribution Table
T7AE03 - UAE Private Social Insurance Scheme Table
T7AE03T - UAE Private Social Insurance Scheme Text Table
T7AE04 - UAE Private Social Insurance Contribution Table T7A...

T7BG01P - Personnel Area/Subarea Groupings for Bulgaria
T7BG03 - EE Group/subgroup Groupings for Bulgaria
T7BG04 - Classification of absences for legal purposes
T7BG0C - Partitioning of absences
T7BG10 - Insurance Bank transfer
T7BG11 - Insurance Type of payment T7B...

T7CCE_CUM_RT_PER - Cumulate Wage Types from RT in RT_PERSON
T7CCE_DIST_APPL - Distribution application
T7CCE_DIST_APPLT - Distribution Application Text
T7CCE_DIST_BASIS - Distribution basis
T7CCE_DIST_DIST - Distribution Definition (Wage Types)
T7CCE_DIST_METH - Distribution Method T7C...

T7DEPBS25TR - Reason for Time Specification Type
T7DEPBSNV01 - Calculation Types Retroactive Pension Insurance
T7DEPBSNV01T - Calculation Types for Retroactive Pension Insurance - Texts
T7DEPBSNV02 - Calculation Reasons for Retroactive Pension Insurance
T7DEPBSNV02T - Calc. Reason for Retroact. Pension Ins. - Texts
T7DEPBSNV03 - Employment Types for Retroactive Pension Insurance T7D...

T7EG01 - Military Service Status
T7EG01T - Military Service Status
T7EG02 - Social Insurance Fund Attributes
T7EG03 - Social Insurance Salary Pool Base and Attributes
T7EG04 - Salary Pool Wage Types
T7EG05 - Absence Rules for Social Insurance Fund Contributions T7E...

T7F99TQ - Termination: Time quota settlement types
T7FI01 - Finnish tax offices
T7FI02 - Pension insurance table (Finland)
T7FI03 - Pension insurance groups (Finland)
T7FI04 - Pension insurance departments (Finland)
T7FI05 - Insurance codes (Finland) T7F...

T7GP_CC_DATE_R - Date Rule for Currency Conversion
T7GP_CC_DATE_RT - Texts of Date Rules for Currency Conversion
T7GP_CURR_CONV - Currency Conversion Rules
T7GP_CURR_CONVT - Texts for Currency Conversion Rules
T7GP_DATA_EXCNG - Type of Data Exchange Between Payroll Runs
T7GP_PERMO_MAP - Assign Period Parameters for Global Payroll T7G...

T7HK01 - Occupations for familiy members
T7HK02 - Text for familiy members's occupation
T7HK03 - Notice period in time units
T7HK04 - Control table for EOY Payment
T7HK0P - Extension of T001P
T7HK11 - General information of the IR56 forms T7H...

T7ID01 - Jamsostek Modifiers for Personnel Area/Subarea
T7ID02 - Tax Modifiers for Personnel Area/Subarea
T7ID0A - Absence Split Assignment
T7ID0I - Identity Types
T7ID0K - Indonesia Loan Category
T7ID0L - Continued Absence Linking T7I...

T7JPBP_ALLOCS - Allocation Course for Benefit Points
T7JPBP_ALLOCSA - Assign Allocation Course to Retirement Benefit Plan
T7JPBP_ALLOCST - Text Table for Allocation Course for Benefit Points
T7JPBP_ASNPARA - Assign Assignment Period Parameters
T7JPBP_ASNPERD - Benefit Point Assginement Period
T7JPBP_ASNPERP - Assignment Period Parameters T7J...

T7KR0P - HR Personnel area/subarea (KOR)
T7KR21 - HR Combination of entitlement reason & SI code
T7KR23 - HR SI code given from SI authorities (KOR)
T7KR24 - HR Text for SI code given from Labor & Welfare Corp. (KOR)
T7KR25 - HR SI Entitlement Reason (KOR)
T7KR26 - HR Text for SI Entitlement Reason (KOR) T7K...

T7M9Y1 - Round Option Table
T7M9Y2 - GCC Social Insurance Unified Form - Country Specifications
T7M9Y3 - GCC Social Insurance Unified Form - Wage Type Mapping
T7M9Y4 - GCC Social Insurance Unified Form - Country Definition
T7MX01 - Additional Company Informaton
T7MX02 - Mexican reasons for personnel actions T7M...

T7NOADT_PTRN - HRNO - ADT patterns
T7NOADT_PTRN_T - HRNO - Texts table for search help for ADT pattern field
T7NOEDG_AIF - EDAG - Additional information
T7NOEDG_AIF_F - EDAG - Additional information and fields version
T7NOEDG_AIF_FR - EDAG - Additional information version detail
T7NOEDG_AIF_FRL - EDAG - Group of additional information values list T7N...

T7OM01 - Oman PASI Exemption Reason
T7OM01T - Oman PASI Exemption Reason Text
T7OM02 - Oman PASI Type
T7OM02T - Oman PASI Type Text
T7OM03 - OMAN Health Insurance Premium & Eligibility Table
T7OM04 - OMAN Life Insurance Premium T7O...

T7PBS00TRF_BAS - Legal Basis
T7PBS00TRF_BAST - Legal Basis (Text)
T7PBS00TRF_BETRG - Amounts for Constants on Pay Scale Basis or Statutory Basis
T7PBS00TRF_CONST - Constants for Pay Scale Basis or Statutory Basis
T7PBS00TRF_CONTT - Constants for Pay Scale Basis or Statutory Basis Texts
T7PBS00TRF_DAT - Payscale Group-Dependent Data T7P...

T7QA01 - Qatar Statutory Social Insurance Fund Table
T7QA01T - Qatar Statutory Social Insurance Fund Text Table
T7QA02 - Qatar Statutory Social Insurance Contribution Table
T7QA03 - Qatar Private Social Insurance Scheme Table
T7QA03T - Qatar Private Social Insurance Scheme Text Table
T7QA04 - Qatar Private Social Insurance Contribution Table T7Q...

T7RO005 - RO Nationality Names for EE Register
T7RO01P - Personnel Area/Subarea Groupings for Romania
T7RO03 - Employee group/subgrou Groupings Romania
T7RO04 - Classification of absences for legal purposes
T7RO0C - Partitioning of absences
T7RO10 - Insurance institutions T7R...

T7SA01 - Sanction Cycles
T7SA02 - Violations Categories
T7SA02T - Violation Category Description
T7SA03 - Violation Code
T7SA03T - Violation Code Description
T7SA06 - Allowance Contribution Rule T7S...

T7TH03 - Employee Group/Subgrouping for PF THAILAND
T7TH0P - PA/PSA Grouping for Social Security and Tax
T7THBR - Company Branch Codes
T7THCT - Personal Area/Subarea groupings for SS Branches Text Table
T7THDT - Social Security District Text
T7THHP - Social Security Hospital Code T7T...

T7UA0811 - Customizing for 0811 IT
T7UA0811T - Customizing for 0811 IT Text Table
T7UA1656 - Infotype 1656 Fields: Legal properties (Ukraine)
T7UA1656_GRP - sAssignment groups to IT1656: Legal properties (Ukraine)
T7UA1DF - Additional data for Form 1DF T7U...

T7VE01 - Additional Company Data
T7VE02 - Additional Data on Company (Time-dependent)
T7VE03 - SUDEBAN financial codes
T7VE04 - Company financial operators
T7VE0P - Additional Information on Personnel Area/Subarea
T7VE10 - Assignment of date class to absence quota T7V...

T7XAS0 - Wage Type Assignment to Claim Plan
T7XAS2 - Assignment of Claim formula to Program
T7XAS3 - Claim variant for Program
T7XAS4 - Text tabla for Claim formula for Program
T7XAS5 - Claim rule for Program
T7XAS6 - Claim variant for Plan T7X...


T800 - Report Writer: Reports
T800A - FI-SL tables
T800AIS - Directory of InfoSource structures for FI-SL tables
T800AIS_PI - Directory of BW Structures for FI-SL Tables
T800A_KEYFIG - FI-SL: Key Figures for Table Group
T800B - Generated Archive and Database Reports for FI-SL Tables T80...

T810A - Set usage in sets (before Release 4.0)
T811C - Allocations: Cycles
T811CB - Allocation: Transfer Structure for Background Processing
T811CINT - Enter Interval for Allocation Cycles
T811CT - View for T811c and Text
T811D - Allocations: Document Numbers T81...

T820 - Planning Parameters
T820F - Planning Parameters: Field Group Information
T820T - Planning Parameter Descriptions
T821S - Distribution keys
T821T - G/L Distribution Key Description
T821V - User distribution key T82...

T830 - Internal Structure for Blocking T830x Tables
T830A - FI-SL Master Record Table
T830B - FI-SL Master Record Table
T830D - FI-SL Master Record Table
T831A - FI-SL Master data text
T831B - FI-SL Master Record Table T83...

T850 - Company data for Consolidation
T850A - Company sort criteria
T850B - Business segments
T850C - Business segments: texts
T850D - Assignment of business segment
T850F - Upload methods T85...

T862K - Standard reports: Headings
T862L - Standard reports: Header texts
T862Q - Standard reports: Column layout
T862R - Standard reports: Column layout texts
T862S - Standard reports: Column layout
T862T - Standard reports: Headers T86...

T870 - Consolidation method assignment
T871 - Changes in investee equity
T872 - Equity Holdings Adjustments
T872I - Periodic entry for affiliated companies
T873 - Hidden reserves
T874 - Elimination of hidden reserves T87...

T880 - Global Company Data (for KONS Ledger)
T880B - Valuation methods
T880G - Consolidation companies
T880T_BIW - Generated Table for View
T880_BIW - Generated Table for View
T881 - Ledger Master T88...

T890 - FI-SL: Boolean Formulas
T891B - Validation for Special Purpose Ledger / Company Code
T891C - Validation for Special Purpose Ledger / Global Company
T892B - Substitution for Special Purpose Ledger / Company Code
T892C - Substitution for Special Purpose Ledger / Global Company
T892U - Rollup Substitution T89...

T8A00 - Account Determination for Profit Center Accounting
T8A10 - EC-PCA: Substitution for SD: Dependency
T8A20 - Special handling for goods movements between profit centers
T8A30 - EC-PCA: Define Additional Accounts
T8A40 - EC-PCA: Transfer Statistical Key Figures
T8A50 - Acct determination of P+L acct for chrg off valuation diff. T8A...

T8G01 - Splitting method
T8G01T - Splitting method
T8G02 - Item categories
T8G02T - Item categories
T8G03 - Business transaction
T8G031 - Business Transaction Variant T8G...

T8HSPLITACT - Online Split for FI Postprocessing Costs
T8J01 - Supplemental detail sets
T8J02 - JV SDS text
T8J03 - JV Billing levels (non-supplemental)
T8J04 - JV Billing level (non-supplemental) text
T8J09 - JV Billing SDS Elements Description
T8J0A - JV Function T8J...

T8PL00 - FI Planning: Installed Plan Tables
T8PL01 - FI-Planning: Summary Table Dimensions to be Planned
T8PL01DD - FI Planning: Dimensions Table Index - Dictionary Information
T8PL01DP - FI Planning : Field Dependency for Validation
T8PL01S - FI-Planning: Dimensions that Allow Sets
T8PL01SF - FI Planning: Special Handling of Dimensions T8P...


T9COM - Components
T9DEV - Assignment of Components to Development Classes
T9PRO - Products


TA1M - Line Item Schema
TA1MT - Text Table for Line Item Schema
TA1MZ - Line Item Schema
TA1TV - Asset Transfer Variant
TA1TVB - Determination of the Asset Transfer Method
TA1TVT - Asset Transfer Variant TA1...

TA20A - API Server Access Parameters
TA20B - Control Variant for Travel Planning
TA20B1 - Control Variants - Travel Planning (Language-Dependent)
TA20BA - Access Parameters of User Groups per Reservation System
TA20BH - Displayable Hotel Rates of User Groups
TA20BPR - Provider-Specific Reservation Systems TA2...

TAAN_DATA - Table Analysis: Executed Analyses - Data
TAAN_FLDS - Table Analysis: Executed Analyses - Fields
TAAN_HEAD - Table Analysis: Executed Analyses - Header Data
TAAN_NAME_VALUE_PAIR - Table Analysis: Field Name-Field Value Pair
TAAN_RESULT_HEADER - Table Analysis: Header Data
TAAN_RESULT_NVP - Table Analysis: Result as Name-Value Pair TAA...

TAB512 - Table with a 512 byte field
TABA - Depreciation posting documents
TABADR - Characteristic Derivation: Strategies
TABADREXITS - Derivation: Internal Exits
TABADRH - Characteristic Derivation: Header
TABADRIS - Derivation Tool: Industry Exits TAB...

TACAC_ACCDETS4 - Account Determination for Manual Accruals
TACAC_OBJTYP - Accrual Object Types in Accrual Accounting
TACAC_OBJTYPT - Text Table for Accrual Object Types
TACAC_OT_NR_ASS - ACAC Assignment of Object Types and Number Range
TACAC_PO_ASSIGN - ACAC Assignment of Object Types and Parameters
TACCP_ASSIGNKEY - Key for Assigning Accounting Principles TAC...

TADB2 - DB2/390: TABART <-> Table storage parameters
TADB6 - DB6: Current DB2 UDB Tablespaces (Mapp.: Table Type->Table C
TADBM - Table Activation Program: Allowed Database Modifications
TADBOS01 - Valid Reports for BOS Reporting in SD
TADIR - Directory of Repository Objects
TADIR_MOD - Newly Created Repository Objects TAD...

TAETS - Warehouse Sub-Process (Procedure for Warehouse Processes)
TAFI_NAME - Table Name and Field Name
TAFLD - Assignment of Application Fields to Components
TAFO_BASELII - Basel II Additional Information of General Part of FO
TAFWD - CORU: Messages that are not interpreted as errors
TAGARG - BSP: Repository for Extension Element Argument
TAGATTT - Tag: Attribute: Short Description
TAGCO - Extended Scope of Settlement Management Processing
TAGDEFAULT - Workarees with Default Values with Tag Attributes
TAGELEMENT - BSP: Repository for Elements
TAGESTAB - Days Table TAG...

TAI01 - CI Program Position Editing Mask: Control
TAI02 - Editing Masks for CI Program Positions
TAI03 - Texts for CI Program Position Editing Masks
TAI05 - CI Program Types
TAI06 - CI Program Type Texts
TAI07 - Operative objects for inv. programs that can be allocated TAI...

TAJ_DT_STRUC - Proxy Structure (generated)
TAKEOVER - Structure for the transfer of a report to the report portf.
TAKOF - Reconciliation Accounts with Exception Handling
TALIM - Alert Thresholds and Parameters
TALLG - Help Structure for Pool MSTTALLG
TALRTDST - RFC Destination for Central Alert Server
TALTWAR - Alternative Local Currency
TALV_GRIDT - ID for ALV Grid Texts TAL...

TAM0T - Application Monitor: Texts
TAME0 - Application Monitor: Table - Event
TAMLAY0 - Tab pages in master data: Tab layouts
TAMLAY0T - Tab pages in master data: Tab layout descriptions
TAMLAY1 - Tab pages in master data: Tab titles of layout
TAMLAY1T - Tabs in Master Data: Tab Index Titles TAM...

TAOBJTYP - Object Types (Worklist)
TAOBJTYPT - Text for Object Type (Worklist)
TAOBJVWD - Allowed Object Usages per Object Type (Worklist)
TAOBJVWDPF - Allowed Object Usages per Object Type (Worklist)
TAOBJVWDPFT - Allowed Object Usages per Object Type (Worklist)
TAOBJVWDT - Allowed Object Usages per Object Type (Worklist) TAO...

TAPELIST_ORA - List of Tapes
TAPL - Allocation of task lists to functional locations
TAPLB - Document table structure funct.loc.alt.allocation
TAPLP - Applications Directory for Programs, Function Modules, DBs TAP...

TAQTS - SAP Query: Transprt of Queries, Functn. Areas and User Grps
TAR3_CATEGORY_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute TAR3_C
TAR3_CATEGORY_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute TAR3_C
TAR3_ID_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute TAR3_I
TAR3_ID_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute TAR3_I
TAR3_STRUCTURE_CODE_MV_DS - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute TAR3_S
TAR3_STRUCTURE_CODE_MV_S - Structure for Maintaining the Attribute TAR3_S TAR...

TASKLIST_HISTORY - History of Parallel Valuation Jobs in MM-IM
TASKS - structure for tasks
TASKSIZE - DD: Size for Tasks
TASKTYPE_TEXT - Generated Table for View
TASK_ATTR - Task Attributes (Method Context)
TASK_DAEMON_LOG - Logging data for RAL Daemon TAS...

TATAF - Program for implementing ADD FIELDS
TATAF_MIG - Program for implementing ADD FIELDS
TATAF_S - DD: For statement editing
TATAF_SAV - Program for implementing ADD FIELDS
TATAF_SHD - Program for implementing ADD FIELDS
TATAF_STD - Program for implementing ADD FIELDS TAT...

TAUNIT - INTERNAL: Text table 'ABAP Unit Assertions'
TAUNIT_CLT_SETUP - INTERNAL: Customizing of client
TAUNIT_DESCR - INTERNAL: Description of an ABAP Unit Text
TAUNIT_KEY - INTERNAL: Text message definition
TAUNIT_META_DATA - ABAP Unit: Testclass Meta Data
TAUNIT_PROG_INFO - INTERNAL: Cache on test class meta data per program TAU...

TAVG - Warehouse Activities (Operations in Warehouse)
TAVGT - Decsription of Warehouse Activities
TAXAN_ENTRY_EXIT - HR-BE: employee's tax institution exit + entry dates
TAXCD_REPR_IT - Define data for Tax code representative
TAXCOM - Communications Work Area for Tax Calculation
TAXCORR_VK - Open Payments on Account Tax Reporting (Italy)
TAXEXEMPT_F4H - Generated Table for View
TAXIND - Communication Work Area for Tax Code Properties TAX...


TB001 - BP groupings
TB001_TR - Append Structure Groupings
TB002 - BP grouping: Texts
TB002000 - DNL_TB001 : Segment TB002
TB003 - BP Roles
TB003A - BP role categories TB0...

TB102 - SAP BP Field Grouping, Client-Specific
TB102_2 - SAP BP Field Grouping, Client-Dep. Field Group 1751 - 3500
TB102_3 - SAP BP Field Grouping, Client-Dep. Field Group 3501 - 5250
TB102_4 - SAP BP Field Grouping, Client-Dep. Field Group 5251 - 7000
TB103 - BDT: Field Grouping for each Object Part
TB103_2 - BDT: Field Grouping per Object Part Part2 TB1...

TB200 - BP Addresses: Seq. Numbers for Planned Commun. Data
TB201 - BP: Scheduled Changes for each Role (Time-Dependency)
TB210 - Business Partner: Assigned Objects (Entities)
TB210A - Business Partner: Assigned Objects
TB210T - Business Partner: Names of Assigned Objects
TB2BA - Trading Contract: Application Status TB2...

TB300 - BP: Control for Reading Addresses via butadrsearch
TB400 - External Key Table for Business Partner Fragments
TB400T - Text Table for Business Partner Fragments
TB508S - BP Address Determination Transactions
TB508T - BP Address Determination Transactions: Texts
TB508U - BP Workplace: Addr. Determ. Process -> Addr.Type Assigment
TB509 - Address Types of Workplace Addresses
TB510 - BP address types: Texts
TB900 - Field grouping using BP relationship category
TB901 - Business Partner Relationship Categories: Properties
TB901T - Business Partner Roles: Properties, Texts
TB902 - SAP BP Dialog: Layout Module
TB902T - SAP BP Dialog: Layout Module: Texts
TB903 - SAP BP Dialog: Assignment of Rel. Cat. -> Layout Group TB9...

TBACC_BAS_CAT - Basis Categories
TBACC_BAS_CAT_T - Basis Category Texts
TBACC_BAS_ID_T - Basis ID Texts
TBACC_BAS_TYPE - Basis Types
TBACC_BAS_TYPE_D - Basis Type - Period Definition Attributes TBA...

TBC001 - Business Partner: Assignment of Account Groups and Grouping
TBC002 - Business Partner Role: Additional Role Definition
TBCA - Chart types in bar chart
TBCACHCKDIGPROC - Check Digit Calculation Procedure
TBCACHCKDIGPROCT - Text Table for Check Digit Calculation Procedure
TBCALLBY - Value table for Call By TBC...

TBD00 - Views of customer model
TBD001 - Business Partner: Assignment of Account Groups and Grouping
TBD002 - Business Partner: Additional Role Definition
TBD00T - Short Description of View of Distribution Model
TBD03 - Communication relation between systems
TBD05 - Distribution model for message types TBD...

TBE00 - BTE: Switch Off Check for Previous Data Element
TBE01 - Library of the Publish&Subscribe Business Transaction Events
TBE01T - P&S BTE: Language-Specific Descriptions
TBE02 - Publish&Subscribe BTE: Assignment to Selection Criteria
TBE11 - BTE Application Indicator
TBE12 - Complementary Software Partner TBE...

TBGRP - Structure for Feature - TBGRP
TBH01 - Business Partner - Group Hierarchy Category
TBH01_T - BP Group Hierarchy Customizing: Hierarchy Categories, Texts
TBH02 - Miaintain Table Group for Conditions
TBH03 - Activating Delta Download
TBH04 - Alternative Customer Hierarchy Type
TBH05 - Mapping R/3 Customer Hier. Type - CRM Group Hierarchy Categ. TBH...

TBIC1 - Items for new BI
TBICACT - Follow-On Actions in the Batch Information Cockpit
TBICACTT - Follow-Up Actions in Batch Information Cockpit: Texts
TBICACTU - Assign User Group to Follow-Up Actions: BIC
TBICBRO - BIC - Tables: Batch-Related Objects
TBICBROF - BIC - Display Fields: Batch-Related Objects TBI...

TBKBC - Bank Chain from Corresponding Banks
TBKCB - House Bank per Currency
TBKCR - House Bank per Super Region and Currency
TBKDC - Day Difference betw. House Bank and Beneficiary Value Dates
TBKFK - Factory Calendar Identification Using Currency
TBKK00 - Cross-Bank Area Settings TBK...

TBL1024 - Buffer Table for Storing Table Data up to Length 1024
TBL2048 - Empty structure, width 2048 Bytes
TBL256 - Table Container, Remote Client Copy (256 Characters)
TBL32000 - Structure with 32K TYPE X
TBL32768 - Structure for transporting tables with a 32K width
TBL4096 - Container for 4096 wide tables TBL...

TBMOT - Accounting indicators
TBMOTX - Accounting indicator description
TBM_PERS - ALV Toolbar Manager - Personalization
TBNK_CUST_DEFALT - Basic settings
TBNK_MSG_TYP - Message type
TBNK_MSG_TYP_T - Message type
TBNK_PAYMED_OPT - Payment medium create options
TBNK_RSN_EXT - Mapping external to internal reason codes
TBNK_RSN_INT - Reason Codes TBN...

TBO00 - Object type control parameters
TBO01 - Language-specific values for object type
TBO02 - Language-dependent values for the object class
TBOOKSHOP - Table for the Book Shop
TBOS165A - Conditions Determination Procedure for SD Services
TBOS165B - Variable Condition Procedure for Service of Billing Doc. TBO...

TBP0L - Budget/Planning Ledger
TBP0L_COPY - Budget/Planning Ledger
TBP1A - Budget/Plan Profile
TBP1B - Budget / Plan Profile Texts
TBP1C - Budget/Plan Profile
TBP1T - Budget / Plan Profile Texts TBP...

TBRC - Industry Code (Customer Master)
TBRCT - Industry code text (customer master)
TBREFCHK - ABAP/4 Dict.: String with Checks of Referenced Objects
TBRF000 - BRF: Application Class
TBRF000T - BRF: Application Class - Text
TBRF042 - BRF: Text GUIDs for BRF Objects TBR...

TBSELLIST - Structure for table indicator
TBSFC000 - Facts Capture: Question Sequence
TBSFC000T - Facts Capture: Question Sequence Text
TBSFC001 - Facts capture: Question
TBSFC001T - Facts Capture: Question Text
TBSFC002 - Facts Capture: Answer TBS...

TBTC0 - Batch log entries (generic format)
TBTC1 - Batch log entries (coded format)
TBTC2 - Batch log entries (coded format) w/o date/time
TBTC3 - Batch log entries (free text format)
TBTC4 - Batch log entries (free text format) w/o date/time
TBTC5 - Job Log Entries in List Format TBT...

TBUDVG - IS-PS Budget Types for Payment/Commitment Budget
TBUDVGT - IS-PS Budget Types: Texts
TBUKRS - Structure for company codes - F4
TBUPA_BIP - Interfaces for External Business Partner Applications
TBUPA_BIPT - Description of External Business Partner Applications
TBUVTX - Transfer Posting of Tax in a Cross-Company Code Transaction TBU...

TBVIEWER - Table for locking with table indicator
TBVZ - CO-PA report library (no longer used)
TBVZT - CO-PA Report library
TBWART - Table of movement types
TBZ0 - BDT Object Parts
TBZ0A - BDT Applications
TBZ0B - BDT Applications: Texts
TBZ0C - Assign BDT Object Part -> BDT Applications
TBZ0D - BDT Differentiation Types
TBZ0E - BDT Differentiation Types: Texts TBZ...


TC01 - CUA status table
TC01A - Set type of function
TC02 - Check whether an FCode is permitted
TC03 - Control of dynamically suppressed function codes
TC04 - Applic-Specific Criteria for Alternative Determination
TC04T - Application Texts TC0...

TC10 - Initial values for CIM screen sequence
TC20 - 'Formula Parameters'
TC20T - Text for parameter ID
TC21 - Standard value key
TC21T - Language-dependent texts for TC21: Standard value key
TC22 - Field Name of Value from Transport Structure
TC22T - Field Name of Value from Transport Structure TC2...

TC30 - Work center category
TC30A - Work center categories
TC30C - Work center category screen selection
TC30D - Defaults for the work center
TC30T - Text for the work center category
TC31 - Performance Efficiency Rate Key TC3...

TC50 - PP-PI: Proc.Message Categories/ Proc.Instruction Categories
TC50A - Assignment of Message Charact. to Dest.-Spec. Target Fields
TC50C - Characteristics for Process Messages / Process Instructions
TC50D - Process Management: Message Destinations
TC50E - Process Management: Process Characteristics
TC50P - Message Characteristics for Dest.-Specific Target Fields TC5...

TC60 - PP-PI: Assignment of PI Characteristics to Operator Cockpit
TC62 - Sequence of detail screens when processing header externally
TC70 - Digital signature: SSF information about the user
TC71 - Digital Signature
TC71D - Signed Document for Signature
TC72 - Digital Signature for Engineering Change Order
TC73 - Digital Signature for Inspection Lot
TC74 - Digital Signature for PI Sheet TC7...

TC81 - Authorization Group for Digital Signatures
TC82 - Short Text for Authorization Group for Digital Signatures
TC83 - Individual Signature
TC84 - Short Text for Individual Signature
TC85 - Signature Strategy
TC86 - Short Text for Signature Strategy TC8...

TC90 - Release Status/Individual Signature Assignment
TC91 - Setting Up Signature Method for Individual Signature
TC92 - Digital Signature: Signature Object
TCA01 - Task list types
TCA01A - SAP Table for Task List Types
TCA01B - Task List Types
TCA01CLI - User-maintained part of TCA01
TCA01SAP - Customer-dependent fields of TCA01
TCA01_SUBTYPE - Task list subtype (Routing Profile) TCA...

TCB01 - Process Instruction Types
TCB01T - Process Instruction Types: Language-Dependent Texts
TCB02 - Types of Message Destination
TCB02T - Types of Message Destination: Language-Dependent Texts
TCB03 - Internal Characteristic Numbers for PP-PI Characteristics
TCB03_BM - Internal Characteristic Numbers for PP-PI Characteristics TCB...

TCC01 - ECH: Object types
TCC02 - ECH: Object Type Texts
TCC03 - Engineering Change Management: Objects
TCC04 - Engineering Change Management: Object Type Texts
TCC05 - Transaction-Specific Initial Values for EC Management
TCC07 - Field Selection for Engineering Change Management TCC...

TCDATA - Position of a Preorder Tree with HU Proposals in Table Cntrl
TCDATETRG - obsolete: Table for date time triggers
TCDCOUPLES - Check on S_TCODE at call transaction
TCDCOUPLES_S - Check at Call Transaction (Modification Memory)
TCDIR - Control Directory
TCDOB - Objects for change document creation TCD...

TCECHAIN - TMS: Transport Chain
TCECLILY - Standard Transport Layer for Clients
TCECONFIRM - TMS: Type of Quality Confirmation Client - TMSQCONFRM
TCECPSTAT - System Status: Distributed/Activated
TCEDELI - Deliveries
TCEDEPLOYTARGETS - Managing CTS: Deployment Targets TCE...

TCF02 - PRT categories
TCF03 - Texts for the production resources/tools category
TCF04 - Status of the PRT master
TCF05 - Language-dependent text table for PRT status
TCF06 - Field groups in the PRT master for reference
TCF07 - Language-dependent texts for field groups in PRT master TCF...

TCG01 - Specification Value Assignment Category (System Table)
TCG01TAB - Permitted Tab Pages for Value Assignment Category
TCG02 - Description - Specification Value Assignment Category
TCG03 - Table for DDIC Object Names
TCG04 - Table for Names of Son-Type DDIC Objects
TCG05 - Table of Names of Table Key Fields TCG...

TCH01 - Specification system: control data
TCH02 - Specification system: Profile for unit of measure conversion
TCH02T - Specification system: Text for conversion profiles
TCHG_VERS - Table for Transferring Changed Document Versions
TCHLP - Help: Assignment of Books to Packages
TCHS_CONDITION - Hypothetical Derivative Condition TCH...

TCIA - Table Field Name <--> Screen Field Name Link
TCIC - CAD Process and Sub-process Codes
TCID - CAD Field Parameters for Download
TCIM - Set Parameters for CAD Transfer Strings
TCIQ - CAD Control Table for Screens and Field Sets and Tables
TCIQT - CAD Interface Function Texts TCI...

TCJ01 - Project Management Control Parameters
TCJ04 - Person in Responsible for Project
TCJ05 - Project applicant
TCJ1 - 'Project Types'
TCJ1T - 'Project Types'
TCJ41 - Default Values for Work Breakdown Structure TCJ...

TCK01 - Costing Types
TCK02 - Costing Types - Texts
TCK03 - Costing Variants
TCK04 - Costing Variants - Texts
TCK05 - Valuation Variants in Costing
TCK06 - Valuation Variants in Costing - Texts TCK...

TCLA - Class Types
TCLAO - Several Objects in one Class Type
TCLAT - Class Type Texts
TCLAU - Subscreen for Additional Data of Class
TCLAUT - Tab Text for Additional Class Maintenance Screen

TCM01 - Display Type of Preview List in Process Data Evaluation
TCMAC03E - Elements for Pricing Procedure Steps
TCMAC03P - Fee Calculation Procedures
TCMAC03PT - Fee Calculation Procedure Text
TCMAC03S - Fee Calculation Procedure Steps
TCMAC03ST - Fee Calculation Procedure Steps Text TCM...

TCN00 - Key Word ID for PS User Fields
TCN01 - Key Word Text for PS User Fields
TCN02 - Key for the Relationship Type (TCN2T)
TCN03 - PS Text Types
TCN04 - PS Text Types
TCN05 - Distinguishing Item Groups for Network Screen Sequence TCN...

TCO01 - Sequence/operations control in logicstics orders
TCO03 - CIM order: Texts for TCO01, Description of order categories
TCO04 - Table for controlling the screen sequence group
TCO05 - CUA status depending on panel, trans. type, funct. type etc.
TCO06 - Exclusive functions for PP orders
TCO09 - CIM order: Text IDs of objects in orders TCO...

TCP00 - SAP code page catalog
TCP00A - Code Page Attributes
TCP00_4N - TCP00 Extract with 1+3 Names
TCP00_PV1 - Generated Table for View TCP00_PV1
TCP01 - SAP Character Catalog
TCP02 - Character Set Definitions (Simple Hex Codes) TCP...

TCR00 - Installation constants for work center
TCRBF - Determination of Staging Area via Customer/Storage Condition
TCRCOBLFL - Payment Cards: Field Control
TCRCOT - Alternative Texts for Describing an Activity
TCRC_CSPR_TYPE - Credit Spread Type
TCRC_CSPR_TYPE_T - Credit Spread Type - Texts TCR...

TCS01 - Screen Sequence Control for Item Detail Screens
TCS03 - Modification Parameters/Defaults for BOMs
TCS03_ADDL - Additional control data for Bill of Material
TCS05 - Transaction-Specific Defaults for BOMs
TCS07 - Default Sort Sequence for BOM items
TCS09 - BOM Control Depending on Category and Usage TCS...

TCTASK - Structure for task
TCTBF - Determine gate and picked item zone via customer
TCTH - Settings for hierarchy graphic (schedule maint.)
TCTHT - Texts for settings in hierarchy graphic (schedule maint.)
TCTM_ATTR - Table of Attributes for Context Management
TCTM_ATTRT - Context Management Attribute Names TCT...

TCUA - Configuration: Find Layout for Configuration Result
TCUAU - Authorizations for Maintaining Dependencies
TCUAX - Organizational Areas Control Table
TCUB - Authorization Groups for Object Dependencies
TCUBASP - Batch Split Customizing in Production Environment
TCUBN - Customizing: Automatic Batch Number Assignment TCU...

TCV100SWITCH - CV04N Enhancement Switch
TCVAL - Currency and Valuation Types
TCVALCUR - Valuation types and currencies
TCVARID - Table for Storing Variable ID Types
TCVERS - Table control version for user setting
TCVIEW - Table control views (user settings) TCV...

TCWBCO - Process Variant Complaints Processing
TCWBCR - AB-CWB: Reasons for Complaint
TCWBCRBT - Reason for Complaint - Billing types
TCWBCRCF - AB-CWB: Reasons for Complaint - Change Fields
TCWBCRCFT - AB-CWB: Reasons for Complaint - Change Fields
TCWBCRT - AB-CWB: Complaints Reason Texts TCW...

TCX00 - Scheduling: Planning Levels and Control Parameters
TCX01 - Control Table for Scheduling
TCX02 - Scheduling Parameters for Scheduling - Planned Orders
TCX02D - Dialog Structure for V_TCX02
TCX03 - Control Parameters for Scheduling: SOP Orders
TCX0L - Scheduling long term planning: Levels and control parameters TCX...

TCY01 - Combination of selection sets
TCY02 - Combinations of selection sets - descriptions
TCY03 - Kombinations of sel. sets - assignment of sets to combin.
TCY05 - Classification of fields as primary or secondary sel. fields
TCY06 - Overall profiles for capacity planning
TCY07 - Sel. profiles (Sets for sel. screens & interv. for display) TCY...

TCZ01 - Source Files for Application
TCZ02 - Language-dependent source for original application files
TCZ02T - Descriptions for laguage dependent source for originals
TCZGL - Global DMS Settings


TD01 - Table for collateral keys
TD01T - Text elements for TD01 Collat.sec.type
TD02 - Table of Loan Classes
TD02T - Text Table for TD02 Loan Classes
TD03 - Assign Loan Type -> Product Type
TD03A - Define Loan Type TD0...

TD10 - Indicator for special treatment of loan
TD10T - Indicator for special treatment of loan (texts)
TD11 - Home statement
TD110_STRU - Table TD110: Structure (DB02 Main Screen)
TD11T - Home statement (texts)
TD12 - Storage location indicator for file original documents TD1...

TD20 - Allocation of key for wording / Order
TD20T - Texts for TD20
TD21 - Reasons for generating incoming payments immediately
TD21T - Reasons for generating incom.pmnts immed. (texts)
TD22 - Special arrangement indicators
TD22T - Texts for special arrangement indicators TD2...

TD30 - Distribution Channel
TD30T - Distribution Channel
TD31 - Define Loan Classification (Credit Agreements for Consumers)
TD31T - Text Table for TD31 (Loan Classification - DCAC)
TD32 - Define Types of securitisation (AnaCredit)
TD32T - Text Table for Type of securitisation (AnaCredit) TD3...

TD47D - Form selection legal dunning procedure in loans
TD47E - Form selection for dunning notices
TD4ADRC - Test Double for Addresses (Business Address Services)
TD4VKDFS - Test Double for VKDFS
TDA10 - Alloc. of to ok-codes and screen overview
TDA11 - Allocation of OK-codes to the
TDA12 - Loans master data field control
TDA14 - Field Control Loan Master Data Loans for Business Operations
TDA5 - Non-Accept.Reason
TDA5T - Reason for non-acceptance (texts for TDA5) TDA...

TDB08 - Flow Types per Posting Application Additional Data
TDB1 - Flow types for incoming payment rejections
TDB23 - Activity Type - Control of Requirements
TDBAFINGP - Customizing Table for Roles Relevant for BaFin
TDBBB - Allocation of program-internal flow types
TDBILL_CATEG - Invoice categories TDB...

TDCAPTR_GSTEER - General Control Data of Capital Transfer
TDCAPTR_POSTPR - Indicator Manual Postprocessing
TDCAPTR_POSTPRT - Texts for Manual Postprocessing Capital Transfer
TDCAPTR_REASON - Capital Transfer Reasons
TDCAPTR_REASONT - Texts Capital Transfer Reasons
TDCAPTR_REPCH - Repayment Change Indicator Capital Transfer TDC...

TDDAT - Maintenance Areas for Tables
TDDAT_COMPARE_S_API_INFO - Structure for Output of Table Authorization Groups
TDDC_TABSTRIP - Tabstrips Control
TDDC_TABSTRIPT - Tabstrip Text Control
TDDDPRODGROUP - Drawdown product group

TDESC_REASON - Reason Categories
TDESC_REASONT - Reason Descriptions
TDESC_TYPEMAP - Assign a New Key to Escrow Flow Category for FIMA
TDESRT049E - CML Corr.: Assignment Posting Area - ISR Participant Number
TDESRTZB0A - CML Corr.: Sequence When Printing Items
TDESRVDINVIH - CML Corr.: Invoice Header TDE...

TDFACILITYPROD - Facility products
TDFFB_CFHANDLE - Detailed Behavior of Cash Flow
TDFFB_CFHEXEPT_O - Exception Table for Controlling Outflow Behavior
TDFFB_CFHHEAD_O - Header Entry for Controlling Outflow Behavior
TDFIELDCATALOG - Field Catalog - Field Catalog
TDFIELDGROUP - Field Catalog - Field Groups TDF...

TDG03 - DG: Specify Transport Type
TDG04 - DG: Short Description for Transport Type
TDG09 - DG: Define dangerous goods classes
TDG10 - DG: Label for dangerous goods classes
TDG101 - Dangerous Goods Packaging Status
TDG102 - Dangerous Goods Packaging Status Descriptions TDG...

TDHIERKRIT - Evaluation Criteria
TDHIERKRITPRIO - Incoming Payment: Order of Evaluation Criteria
TDHIERKRITPRION - Priority of Evaluation Criteria by Loan Classification
TDHIERKRITSORT - Incoming Payment: Assignment Table
TDHIERKRITSORTN - Incoming Payment: Assignment Table
TDHIERKRITT - Incoming Payments: Assignment Criteria Texts TDH...

TDI01 - Entity Type - View Assignment
TDIARRAY_OF_WSMESSAGE_LINE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TDIA_OPAY_ORD - Outgoing Payment Sequence of Evaluation Criteria
TDIA_ORD_ASSIGN - Outgoing Payment Assignment Table
TDIA_ORD_CRIT - Outgoing Payment Evaluation Criteria
TDIA_ORD_CRITT - Outgoing Payment Evaluation Criteria Texts TDI...

TDKK1 - Definition of Correspondence Class
TDKK2 - Predefine Correspondence Class Assignment for Partner
TDKKT - Correspondence Class Texts
TDKWG - GBA control table-Output
TDKZ - Exception Table for DE, DO, TB in Customer Res. with 'Y'/'Z'
TDL1 - Collat.securities preferential treatment ID table
TDL1T - Collat.securities special treatment ID text table
TDL2 - Indicator Table Guarantee Type 1
TDL21 - Indicator Table Guarantee Type 2
TDL21T - Text Table Indicator Guarantee Type 2
TDL2T - Text Table for Guarantee Type 1 Indicator TDL...

TDM01 - Data Model Conversion Log
TDM02 - Assignment of Entities to SAP Tables
TDM03 - Entity Short/Long Name
TDM04 - Entity Type
TDM04S - Entity interface
TDM05 - Data Model Short/Long Name TDM...

TDNONDUEITEMS - 'Billed but Not Due' Charges
TDNOTEPAY_ACT_C - Define Country for Extension Note to Payee
TDNOTEP_REFTYP - Assign Note to Payee in PMW
TDNOTEP_REFTYPFP - Assign Note to Payee in PMW
TDNOTICE_INTACC - Receivables Interim Account for Business Operation Notice
TDNOTICE_INTACCT - Texts for Receivables Interim Account TDN...

TDO1 - Object construction methods table
TDO10 - Indicator for Condition of Object
TDO10T - Indicator for Condition of Object (Description)
TDO11 - Indicator for Collateral Object Fixtures and Fittings
TDO11T - Indicator for Collateral Object Features (Description)
TDO12 - Indicator: Area Description for Object TDO...

TDP0 - Selection, Modification- and Reference Fields
TDP0T - Selection, Modification and Reference Field Texts
TDP1 - File register definition
TDP1T - File register definition texts
TDP2 - File functions
TDP2T - File Functions Texts TDP...

TDR01 - Valuation of loan contract
TDREFBASE - References to Basis Amounts (Calculation Bases, Cap Amnts)
TDREFBASET - Text Table for References to Basis Amounts
TDREMIT - Remittance Code
TDREMITT - Remittance Code Description
TDREMIT_ZIP - Assignment of Remittance Code to Postal Code TDR...

TDS1 - Possible assignees
TDSELDAYS - One Entry for the Selected Days
TDSEPA_CUST - SEPA Activation per Company Code
TDSETBUDAT - Set Additional Posting Information per Appliation
TDSFALIAS - Alias Name
TDSFBGREXT - Smart Forms: Background Image Enhancement TDS...

TDTA - Help fields Structure for Transaction 'DME Administration'TR
TDTKEY - Help structure for other field DTKEY in table VTBKORTMS
TDTRLE_PARAMETER - CML: Link Parallel Position Management per Company Code
TDTZB0A_CHECK - Internal Checks for Flow Types in Customizing TDT...

TDUMMY - Dummy structure of a table for READ with VERSION
TDUMY - Dummy table for READ VERSION
TDUSEREXIT14T - Pushbutton Text for Loans Master Data Tabstrip(User Exit 14)
TDUV156 - Movement Types That Play a Role in Distribution
TDUVN156 - Movement Types That Play a Role in Distribution
TDV07 - Alloc.of application/role category/dunning parameters
TDV08 - Alloc.of application/role category/dunning parameters
TDVK - Accts to be summarized during data transfer from R/3 -> R/2
TDVZL - Dunnable payment methods for incoming payments in loans
TDWA - Document Types
TDWAI - Internal SAP Document Types
TDWAIVE_BEWA - Flow Types Excluded From Waiver Display
TDWAIVE_REASON - Reasons for Automatic Waiver of Charges
TDWAIVE_REASON_T - Language Table for Automatic Waiver of Charges
TDWAIVE_RULES - Waiver Rules TDW...

TDXBL - Documents not updated which are sent to the R/2 system
TDXLOADP - Programs to Load Data into R/3
TDXLOADPF4 - F4 Help for TDXLOADP (for registration)
TDXTTPT - Interfaces for DX Workbench Tasks
TDXTTPT_T - Texts for Program Types and Task Types
TDZW - IS-IS: Payment terms with adjustment days
TDZWT - IS-IS: Payment terms with adjustment days


TE000 - System Parameters for IS-U
TE001 - Alloc. of Co. Code - Division
TE001R - Rules for Bill Rounding
TE002A - IS-U Specific Attribute for Contract Account Categories
TE003 - Document Number Assignment: Document Type
TE003B - Document Number Assignment: Parallel Number Range TE0...

TE100 - Controls for Device Installation/Removal/Replacement
TE1001 - Power Transformer: Loss Determination Group
TE1001T - Power Transformer: Loss Determination Group (Text)
TE1002 - Combination of Rating, Primary, and Secondary Voltage
TE1002T - Combination of Rating, Primary, and Secondary Voltage (Text)
TE101 - Default Logical Register Allocation TE1...

TE211 - BB: Rounding Parameter
TE217 - Water Press. Areas
TE217T - Water Press. Areas (Texts)
TE218 - Independent Validations (Value Table)
TE218T - Independent Validations (Texts for Value Table)
TE219 - Independent Validations (Control Table) TE2...

TE301 - Backbilling Groups
TE301T - Backbilling Groups (Texts)
TE303 - Pressure-Temperature Ratio for Joule-Thomson Effect
TE304 - Key: Pressure-Temperature Ratio Joule-Thomson Effect
TE304T - Key: Pressure-Temperature Ratio Joule-Thomson Effect
TE305 - Transactions for Company Code and Division TE3...

TE400 - Controls for Meter Reading Order Creation/Entry
TE401 - Transact.Rsns
TE401T - Transact. Rsns (Text)
TE402 - Types of Regist. Relationships
TE402T - Types of Regist. Relationships (Texts)
TE403 - Table for Average Degree Day Coefficients TE4...

TE500 - System Settings: Invoicing/Online Bill Printout
TE501 - Control of bill due date
TE502 - Central Control of Additional Invoicing Functions
TE503 - Control: Invoicing
TE503_TAX - Deifne Tax Determination Procedure Per Company Code Group
TE503_TAX_BR - TE5...

TE608 - MR Reasons (Values) for Which MR Results Can Be Generated
TE608T - MR Reasons (Texts)
TE609 - MR Reasons (Values)
TE609T - MR Reasons (Texts)
TE610 - Priority of MR Reasons for Interval Validation
TE611 - Interpolation of MR Reasons TE6...

TE757 - General Amount Adjustment Factor for BB Plan
TE759 - Reason for Supply Guarantee
TE759T - Reason for Supply Guarantee
TE760 - CO-PA Characteristic Derivation from IS-U Objects
TE761 - Control CO-PA Posting by Consumption Months
TE761_COKEY - Control CO-PA Posting Acc. to Consumption Months per COKEY TE7...

TE809 - Parameter Groups for Mass Changes to MRU
TE809D - Interface MRU meter reading unit
TE810 - Paramter group meter reading unit
TE835 - Line Item Type
TE835T - Line Item Type (Texts)
TE871 - Validity period for PROFEST values TE8...

TE900 - Validations: Check Codes + Funct. Module Names
TE901 - User-Defined Validations
TE902 - Function Modules for Pop Codes (Dependent Validations)
TE903 - User-Defined Dependent Validations
TE907 - Annual Air Pressure
TE921 - Energy Feeding Per Calorific Value District TE9...

TEABSTVOR - Define Debit/Credit ID for BB Amount Subtransactions
TEACTSCHEME - Activity Schema
TEAGLT_PURPOSE_M - Assign Condition Type to Condition Purpose
TEAMIC_EM_ATTR - Customizing Table for Event's Attributes
TEAMIC_EM_ATTRT - Customizing Table for Text of Attribute
TEAMIC_EM_DOCTYP - Customizing Table for Document Type TEA...

TEB036 - Authorization Group Objects
TEB036T - Authorization Group Objects: Texts
TEB037 - Authorization Groups
TEB037T - Authorization Groups: Texts
TEBCO - CO/SD Interface: Product Number Determination from CO
TEBCOS - CO/SD conversion: selection screen TEB...

TECAMIOFLDVIS - IS-U: Pre-entry Variants / Field Visibility
TECAMIOVAR - IS-U: Pre-entry Variants
TECAMIOVARAM - IS-U: Pre-entry Variants / Permitted Master Data Templates
TECAMIOVARAMT - IS-U: Permitted Master Data Templates (Text Tables)
TECAMIOVARAP - IS-U: Pre-entry Variants / Permitted Products
TECAMIOVARAPT - IS-U: Permitted Contract Models (Text Table) TEC...

TEDAAG_OBJ - Data Aging Objects in Utilities
TEDAAG_RSDNCTIME - Data Aging: Residence Times for Utilities Aging Objects
TEDATA - xxxxxxxx
TEDCT - SAP-EDI: Test table for CPIC
TEDE1 - EDI process types (outbound)
TEDE2 - EDI process types (inbound) TED...

TEE000 - Easy Execution Profile
TEE000P - Execution Services
TEE000PT - Text Table Execution Services
TEE000T - Text Table Easy Execution
TEE000Z - Assignment of Execution Profile and Permitted Services
TEE001 - Purchase Requisition from Easy Execution TEE...

TEFKTVOS - Tax Table: Relevant Transactions in Convergent Billing
TEFKTVOSBILL - Contract A/R and A/P items to be transfered for IDoc bill
TEFKTVOSBILLT - Text for contract A/R and A/P items in IDoc bill
TEHENV_SCEN_ROOT - Compliance Scenario - Root - Database Table
TEHENV_SCEN_TEXT - Compliance Scenario - Root Title Text - Database Table
TEIHVOR - IS-U Internal Transactions (Obsolete)
TEIHVORT - IS-U Internal Transactions (Obsolete)
TEIISVOR - Assignment of Internal Transactions to Collective Bill Trans
TEIIVOR - Internal Transactions for Collective Bills
TEIIVORT - Internal Transactions for Collective Bills
TEINFOREL - Release Status for Installations TEI...

TEJFD - Job Scheduler: Screen Fields
TEJOBCO - Job Scheduler: Job Information
TEJOB_APPL - Job Scheduler Applications
TEJOB_APPLT - Application Texts
TEJOB_CONTR - Function Modules for Application
TEJOB_CONTRT - Application Texts TEJ...

TEK000BI - IS-U: Central Settings for BW Extractions
TEK060A - Loan Categories
TEK060T - Installment Plan and Loan Categories
TEKEMAKZ - Seal Indicator (B/NL)
TEKENNZIFF - Register Codes
TEKENNZIFFT - Register Code Texts TEK...

TELEPHONE - Telephone
TELEPHONE_STRUCTURE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TELEPHONE_STRUCTURE1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TELINSEL - Line item categories for communication processing
TELOT_CRDEF - Specifications for Lot Compilation (B/NL)
TELOT_LOCKED - Blocked Devices During Lot Compilation (B/NL) TEL...

TEMA01 - Internal: Structure for Open Item Selection
TEMACT - IS-U migration: Activities for activity groups
TEMACTGRP - IS-U migration: Activity groups for question catalog
TEMACTGRPT - IS-U migration: Text for activity groups in question catalog
TEMAIL - Express mail
TEMANUFCAT - Combination: Manufact./Manufact.Cat.Descr. and DevCat.(B/NL) TEM...

TEN399A - Control: Automatic Creation of Maint./Serv. Notification
TENABP - Assignment of Projects to Enablement Map Nodes
TENOCODE - Allocation of Notification Codes to Notification Profiles
TENOCODES - Notification Codes
TENOCODEST - Notification Codes (Texts)
TENOCODET - Allocation of Notif. Codes to Notif. Profiles (Texts) TEN...

TEOBJRESP - Def. Partner Roles and Note for Persons Responsible for Obj.
TEOBJRESP_PARTNER - Transfer Structure with TEOBJRESP and Partner
TEOPERFIELD - Allocation Operand for Billing-Relevant Field
TEOPOU - Use of Outline Contract Operands
TEPERMITMAP - IS-U: Allocation of Catalog, Code Group, Code to Permit
TEPFC - Payment frequency
TEPFCS - Obsolete- do not use!
TEPFCT - Text for Payment Frequency
TEPPM - Prepayment Meter
TEPPMT - Prepayment Meter Texts TEP...

TEQD_PROC - Quantity Determination Procedure
TEQUIVDOM - Domains with Same Semantic
TEQUIVDOMT - Comments on Equivalent Domains
TEQUI_HIER - Definition of Hierarchies for Equipment
TER10 - Terminology Database Print Area
TER11 - Terminology Protocol
TER12 - Reductions of Terminology Entries
TER13 - List of Stop Words for Terminology
TER14 - Search objects
TER15 - Spell check table TER...

TESERVICE - Alloc. of Service Obj. to Division and Set Level
TESERVICETYPE - Activity Types
TESERVICETYPEAAT - Waste billing categories for service type
TESERVICETYPET - Texts of service types
TESERVICETYPEVAL - Valuation of service types
TESETTFD - Control String for Checking DD03L <-> DD09L/Field Checks TES...

TETECHINST - Allocation of division and technical installation
TETTFGRPGBOX - IS-U: Alloc. of Field Group (Tab) to Group Box (Tab Strip)
TETTOBJGBOX - IS-U Tabl Config.: Allocation of Objects to Tab Strips
TETYP - Workflow Definition: Node Types (Central)
TETYT - Workflow editor: Node types (texts)
TEUBWA - Allowed transaction types BEFORE euro changeover
TEUDB - Comments for Table EUDB
TEUDES - Configuration of upload files
TEUPL - Configuration of upload files
TEUPLT - Name of configuration IDoc for transceiver
TEURA - Reports Supporting Alternative Local Currencies TEU...

TEVEN - Time Events
TEVEN_APL - Different Payment (for Time Events)
TEVEN_MORE - Additional Data for Time Events
TEVEN_REF - FI Assignment Sizes for HR Objects (for Time Events)
TEVPTYPE - Event Period: Appointment Type
TEVPTYPET - Event Period Appointment Type:Language-Dependent Description TEV...

TEWAACTIVATE_OA - Activation for Use of Object and Service Address
TEWAADDTARA - Additional Tare Weight at Weighing
TEWAADDTARAT - Additional Tare Weight at Weighing
TEWABEHGRP - Allocation of Container Categories to Group Types
TEWABEHGRPRCI - Allocation of Container Categories to Group Types
TEWABEHGRPSD - Allocation of Group Types to Material Types TEW...

TEXC_ATTRD_T - Description of free attributes
TEXC_ATTR_L - Attribute values for Long attributes
TEXC_ATTR_L_T - Texts for attribute values of short attributes
TEXC_ATTR_M - Attribute values for short attributes
TEXC_ATTR_M_T - Texts for attribute values of short attributes
TEXC_ATTR_S - Attribute values for short attributes TEX...


TF000 - Timestamp for Generating Consolidation
TF000_GEN_ERR - Consolidation: Logging of Generation Errors
TF000_GEN_TRIG - Consolidation: Trigger for Generation
TF001 - SAP Cons.: Global Specifications
TF002 - SAP Cons.: Assignment of Sets -> Items
TF003 - SAP Cons.: Assignments of Items --> Sets TF0...

TF100 - Financial Statement Items
TF101 - FS Items: Short and Medium Texts
TF102 - FS Items: Long Texts
TF103 - Breakdown Categories
TF103A - Breakdown Categories: Breakdown Info per Subassignment
TF104 - Breakdown Categories: Name TF1...

TF200 - Consolidation Versions
TF201 - Versions: Name
TF202 - Structure Versions
TF203 - Structure Versions: Name
TF204 - Data Entry Versions
TF205 - Data Entry Versions: Name TF2...

TF310 - Data Entry Groups
TF311 - Data Entry Groups: Name
TF320 - Financial Data Types
TF321 - Financial Data Types: Description
TF325 - Period Categories
TF326 - Period Categories: Name TF3...

TF400 - Currency Translation Methods
TF401 - Translation Methods: Name
TF410 - Currency Translation Methods: Entries
TF411 - Translation Methods: Entries for Subassignments
TF415 - FS Items for Posting Trans. Diffs with Effect on Earnings
TF420 - Exchange Rate Indicators TF4...

TF500 - Document Types
TF501 - Document Types: Name
TF502 - Postable Item Categories
TF503 - Chart-Based Document Type Attributes
TF504 - Year- and Version-Dependent Document Type Properties
TF505 - Version-Based Document Type Attributes TF5...

TF600 - Consolidation of Investments Methods
TF602 - C/I Methods: Cons Chart of Accounts-Based Settings
TF605 - C/I Methods: Assignments
TF610 - Tasks for the Consolidation of Investments
TF615 - C/I Tasks: Assignment of Document Types
TF616 - C/I Activities/Acctg Techniques: Document Type Assignments TF6...

TF810 - Top Groups, Organizational Changes
TF820 - Organizational Change Numbers
TF821 - Organizational Changes: Texts
TF822 - Organizational Changes: Version/Time-Dependent
TF823 - Organizational Changes: Group Assignment
TF900 - Assignment of Field Names EC-CS -> SAP S/4HANA
TF90F - Active Field Catalog, Consolidation
TF90FD - Active Field Catalog - Consolidation, Char. Dependencies
TF90M - Migration EC-CS - SEM-BCS: Mapping of Field Names
TF90Q - Active Attributes in Consolidation
TF90QD - Consolidation: Levels of Multilevel Attributes TF9...

TFAAC_ACI_DT - Determine document type from operational document
TFAAD_BSN_FUNC - Validation of Business Function Switches for FI-AA
TFAA_PC_P - Processes
TFAA_PC_PS - Assignment Process -> Subprocess
TFAA_PC_PT - Process Names
TFAA_PC_P_STEP - Assignment of Processes -> Process Steps TFA...

TFB03T - Names of Financial Transactions
TFB05 - Free Financial Transactions
TFB06 - Financial Transaction Reporting
TFBKT - Function blocks in the SAP system
TFBLK - Function blocks for price list
TFBUF - Table for FI Data Puffers TFB...

TFCA - Permitted Field Catalogs for Each Application
TFCF - Fields in Field Catalogs
TFCG - Fields Catalogs for Statistics Fields
TFCS - Permissible Source Tables per Application
TFCT - Field Catalog Description
TFCUPM042F - Payment medium formats: General attributes TFC...

TFDIR - Function Module
TFDIR_EXIT - Generated Table for View
TFDIR_INIM - Assignment of Function Module for Inactive Source Import
TFDIR_OLD - TFDIR with Old Name Lengths
TFDM_BDREASON - FSCM-DM: Default Values for Company Code
TFDM_BDREASONT - FSCM-DM: Default Values for Company Code TFD...

TFE01 - BDF: Currency Key
TFE02 - BDF: Countries
TFE05 - BDF: State CB Indic.
TFE18 - BDF: Identif. of Offsett. Accounts
TFE19 - BDF: Accts Subj. to Report.
TFEATURE - Characteristics Table with Field for Organizational Areas TFE...

TFFILE - Upload data file
TFI01 - Open FI: Events
TFI01T - Open FI: Name of Events
TFI02 - Open FI: Function Modules for Each Call Event
TFI02T - Open FI: Function Key Text for Each Call Event
TFIA - Attribute Table for SAPfind
TFIAT - Attribute Text Table TFI...

TFK000 - Application Area in Contract Accounts Receivable/Payable
TFK000BI - Central Settings for BI Extractions
TFK000BI_ADD - Structure for TFK000BI_ADD
TFK000C - Central settings in contract accounts receivable/payable
TFK000D - Central Technical Settings for Contract Accounts Rec.& Pay.
TFK000DSP - Default Special Periods TFK...

TFLARRAY_OF_COMMUNICATION_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TFLARRAY_OF_DEPLOYABLE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TFLARRAY_OF_GEN_COMMUNICATION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TFLARRAY_OF_GEN_TR_ENTITY - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TFLARRAY_OF_GEN_TR_ENTITY_RESU - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TFLARRAY_OF_MESSAGE - Proxy Structure (Generated) TFL...

TFM01 - Process
TFM02 - Process Long Name
TFM03 - Basic Function
TFM04 - Function Long Name
TFM05 - Process-Function Assignment
TFM06 - Process-Function-Entity Assignment TFM...

TFO01 - Entity table of font families in SAPscript
TFO02 - SAPscript system fonts
TFO03 - SAPscript printer fonts
TFO04 - AFM fontmetrics for SAPscript font maintenance
TFO05 - SAP bar codes
TFO06 - Printer Bar Codes TFO...

TFPLA - Billing Plan Type
TFPLB - Billing Plan Type: Description
TFPLT - Date Type for Billing Plan Type
TFPLU - Date Type in Billing Plan: Description
TFPM042F - Payment medium formats: General attributes
TFPM042FB - Payment medium formats: Events TFP...

TFRC1 - VOFM Cusomizing: Group and Number Ranges
TFRC2 - VOFM Customizing: Characteristic Errors of a Group
TFRC3 - Application Assignments
TFREP - Reports with Form Details and Sender Details
TFRM - Form Routines for Requirements/Formulas/Data Transports TFR...

TFSAVE - DI: INDX-Like Table for Temporarily Storing the Files
TFSBD - Sequence of Procedure for Batch Determination
TFSC01 - Account Determ. IDs
TFSC01T - Account Determination ID Texts
TFSC052 - Terms of Payment
TFSC052T - Terms of Payment TFS...

TFTBT - VarChart Graphics: Texts on Font Type
TFTBY - Font Type in VarChart
TFTE_BSM_CUST - Customizing: Bank Statement Monitor
TFTIT - Function Module Short Text
TFTMP - Table for Time Stamp Comparison
TFTMV - Table for Program Versions TFT...

TFUNCT_LOC_HIER - Definition of Hierarchies for Functional Locations
TFV100 - Internal table: items and their short/medium texts
TFV115 - Internal table: sub-items with short/medium texts
TFWB_EXT - Structure for Hit List of TFW Locator Search
TFWB_FCAT - Output Structure for Hit List of TFW Locator Search
TFWB_FIND_INPUT - Entries in Generic TFW Locator Tab
TFWB_LAST_TEMPL_SETTINGS_UI_S - TFWB User Settings: Load Template Last Processed
TFWB_LOC_SETTINGS_UI_S - TFWB: User Settings for Transaction Type
TFWB_OBJSEL_SETTINGS_UI_S - TFWB: User Settings for Object Selection TFW...

TFZART_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface


TGAF - Freight Code Determination
TGAR - Freight Codes
TGART - Freight codes:descriptions
TGAV - Freight Code Sets
TGAVF - Determine Freight Code Set
TGAVT - Freight code set: descriptions TGA...

TGCDT_VER - GCD Revision Data Names
TGCDT_XBRL - GCD Version Names
TGCD_VER - GCD Revision Data
TGCD_XBRL - GCD Versions TGC...

TGDB2 - DB2/390: TABKAT <-> Table storage parameters
TGDRD - Delivery Relationships for External or Internal Matl Group
TGEOPRO_EXT_ATTR - Text Table for Geoprocessing External Attributes
TGFT - Cashflow types
TGFTT - Texts for cashflow types
TGINF - Assignment of INFORMIX Storage Params to Table Categories
TGLE_ECS_ARC_CST - Customizing for Object GLE_ECS
TGLE_ECS_ARC_PT - Package Templates for Object GLE_ECS
TGLIF - Internal/external assignment for fields in global interface
TGLOBALCUST_CEP - CEP Customizing Table: Gloabal Fields
TGLO_JP_IMP - Depreciation areas to Impairment data mapping
TGLO_JP_IMPDEPR - Depreciation areas to Impairment data mapping TGL...

TGMF - Files for Inclusion as Symbol
TGMFT - Texts for GMF File for Logo
TGMSS - Table Category-Table Memory Parameter Assignment for MSS
TGN_BDOC_E - BDOC header extension
TGN_BDOC_STR_POS - Position information of fields of the BDoc message structure
TGN_CHILD - classes for building up the generation tree
TGN_CHILDT - text table for tgn_child
TGN_CNTXTM - Context menu names of object types of generation workbench
TGN_COPROP - common properties of repository objects TGN...

TGORA - Assigning ORACLE Storage Parameters to Table Categories
TGPM - Graphic control: Platform-specific product control
TGPMT - Product management for graphic control: Name
TGPN - Graphic control: Platform-specific product control
TGPNT - Name in product management for graphic control
TGRAPH - Translation Graphs: General
TGRAPHDEVC - Translation Graphs: General
TGRAPHFUNC - Function Part: Translation Graphs
TGRAPHKEY - Key: Translation Graph Without Development Class
TGSB - Business Areas
TGSBG - Cross-system business areas
TGSBH - Texts for table TGSBG
TGSBK - Consolidation business areas
TGSBL - Text table for TGSBK
TGSBT - Business Area Names TGS...

TGTB - Control table for table converter
TGTDISPL - For Displaying Execution Target for Job
TGTMCOND - Condition Types with Special Properties in GTM
TGTRFINEXEC_VAL - Financial Execution Values - Domain GTR_FIN_EXEC_IF
TGTRFINEXEC_VALT - Financial Execution Values - Domain GTR_FIN_EXEC_IF
TGTY - Graphic types TGT...

TGUI - Local Text of the SAP GUI
TGUMS - FI-SL: Convert Tables


THAC_HD_SETUP - Config for the (Implicit) hypothetical Derivative
THAC_HR_DOCU - E-HA: Documentation Control
THAC_HR_DOCU_SF - Hedge Documentation: Smart Forms for Hedge Docu. Form
THAEXS_EXPOS_CO - E-HA: Display Structure for CO Exposures
THAEXS_PLAN_ID_MAP - Map Temporary Plan ID to Final Plan ID
THAEXS_TRANS_ALV - Display Structure for Exposure Transaction THA...

THCABLK - Communication Area Blocks
THCA_STRUCT - Task Handler CA Structure
THDR - Batch input: Transaction header
THDS_GENCATL - Catalog for Generation
THDS_GENCATLF - Catalog for Generation
THDS_GENCATLF_A - Catalog for Generation
THDS_GENCATLF_S - Catalog for Generation
THDS_GENCATL_A - Catalog for Generation THD...

THEAD - SAPscript: Text Header
THEAD10 - SAPscript: Text Header
THEAD11 - SAPscript: Text Header
THEAD12 - SAPscript: Text Header
THEAD13 - SAPscript: Text Header
THEAD14 - SAPscript: Text Header THE...

THGREP - Results of grep
THIOZ - Customer Hierarchies: Allowed Organizational Assignments
THIST - Table for History
THISTORYEDIT - Wildcard Active: Save Relevant Changes in OPSK, OPSJ
THIT - Customer Hierarchy Types
THITT - Texts for Customer Hierarchy Types
THIZU - Customer Hierarchy: Allowed Account Group Assignments THI...

THKON - Permitted Alternative G/L Accounts
THLDYNS - Standard Erhi on Listtynps override table
THLINES - Table for unformatted text
THLLINES - Table for Unformatted Text - max. 255 Characters
THLPC - Customizing packages for help
THLPF - Assignment: Field - Field-specific Supplement
THLPG - Help: Assignment of Books to Packages THL...

THM003 - DG: Specify Transport Type
THM004 - DG: Short Description for Transport Type
THM009 - Dangerous Goods Classes
THM010 - DG: Description of Dangerous Goods Classes
THM011 - Classification Code
THM012 - Description for Classification Code THM...

THNDLCD - Handling Indicator
THNDLCDT - Handling Indicator Description
THOC - Public Holiday Calendar
THOCD - Public holiday definitions
THOCI - Public holiday calendar index
THOCS - Public holiday calendar (display)
THOCT - Public holiday calendar texts
THOL - Public Holidays THO...

THRCCE_CHGLPT - Description
THRCCE_OCR - Reasons for Off-Cycle and Claims Run
THRCCE_T587D - Infy Subty table for Pop-up copy, of Change of legal person
THREICCHKF - Knowledge Search: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects
THREICCHKO - Knowledge Search: Files of Physical Information Objects THR...

THSCHED_ITEM - A Data Record in Taskhandler Scheduler
THSTC - Documentation: Copy of TSTCT
THTRCLEVEL - Trace level
THTTP - HTTP proxy configuration
THTX - Structure for function group THTX
THUBEW2 - HU: Movement Types for Stock Category Posting Change
THUBEW3 - HU Movement Types for Packing and Unpacking with Posting Chg
THUCONTROL - Handling Unit Control
THUINVBWART - BWART for Posting Inventory Differeneces with HUs
THUTYP - Handling Unit Types
THUTYPT - Handling Unit Type Description THU...

THVNAVBMF - Navigation Box Field Formatting
THVNAVBMF_C - Customer Tab:Navigation Box Field Formatting
THVNAVEVENTS - Navigation Events
THVNAVEVENTS_C - Customer Table: Navigation Events
THVNAVEVENTS_T - Navigation Events
THVNAVEVENTS_TC - Customer Table: Navigation Events THV...

THXC_FLOWTYPE - Treasury: Update types based on a Product Type
THXC_FLOWTYPE_EX - Treasury: Update types for Open and Close
THXC_HINST_PTYPE - Hedge scenerio : List of product types allowed
THXC_HITEM_PTYPE - Hedge scenerio : List of product types allowed
THXC_HR_CLASS - Classes of Hedging Relationships
THXC_HR_CLASS_T - Classes of hedging relationsships THX...


TIA01 - Settlement variants
TIA02 - Settlement periods
TIA1T - Texts for acct settlement variants
TIAC - Issuing Agency Code
TIAC_T - Issuing Agency Code Description
TIAM000 - Activity Management: Application Classes - Basic Data TIA...

TIBAN_APAR - Unconfirmed IBANs and Their Correct Validity Start
TIBAN_APAR_X - Structure as TIBAN_APAR with additional indicator field
TIBAN_CD_KEY - Change Document Key for TIBAN
TIBAN_WO_ACCNO - Activation of 'IBAN without Bank Account Number'
TIBRACTIVITY - Broker Collections Activity TIB...

TICKET_DAAG_CUST - Data Aging: Customization for TSW Ticketing
TICL000 - Claim Header - Screen Sequence Determination
TICL001 - Claim Bundle Type
TICL001T - Claim Bundle Types Text
TICL001_2 - Claim Bundle Type
TICL002 - Subtypes of Claim Bundle Types TIC...

TIDENT - Identification of Progress Tracking Object
TIDIMATTRIB_01 - HR Forms: Attribute Fields in InfoDimensions
TIDX_F4_FLOW_CAT - Generated Table for View
TIDX_FLOW_CAT - Treasury: Flow Categories for Price Indexes
TIDX_FM_FLOW_CAT - Treasury: Calc. Categories of Cash Flow Calculator for PI TID...

TIERCONDITIONS - Condition Control For unit tiering
TIFAB - Internal table for factor calendar
TIFP_ADFORM - Interactive Forms
TIFP_ADFORM_EXE - Specify Class and Method for Data Transfer
TIFP_ADFORM_PAR - Parameters for Data Import
TIG00 - Basic Settings CRE
TIG01 -
TIG01N -
TIG01T - TIG...

TIH01 - Display Fields for PM Reporting
TIH02 - Field Selection for Partner Addresses
TIH_BUSINESSPROCESS_DATA - Time Interval Handler: Master Data Business Process
TIH_BUSINESSPROCESS_TEXT - Time Interval Handler: Master Data Business Process
TIH_CONTROL_STRUCTURE - Control Structure for Time Interval Handler
TIK01 - Condition types additional data for DARWIN Real Estate
TIK02 - Condition categories
TIK03 - Condition type - Condition category allocation
TIK04 - Excluded condition types
TIK05 - Alternative reference areas for condition types
TIK0B - Texts for terms types (TIK02) TIK...

TILG1 - Vacancy reason
TILGA - Texte TILG1 vacancy reasons
TILMSTORCLPROP - ILM DB Store: Container for Client Properties
TILMSTOREVENT - ILM DB Store: Event Recording
TILMSTORRDBLOB_2 - ILM DB Store: Table of Resources for AU Tests
TILMSTOR_CF - ILM DB Store: Class Factory TIL...

TIMA_CNCREASON - Cancellation Reason for Insurance Object
TIMA_CNCREASONT - Text Table for Cancellation Reason for Insurance Object
TIMA_CRT_ACC - IO: Creation Variants for Account Creation
TIMA_CRT_ACCT - IO: Creation Variants Text Table for Automatic Acct Creation
TIMA_CRT_ACC_DEF - IO: Default Values for Automatic Account Creation
TIMA_CRT_EVENT - IO: Events for Account Creation Rules TIM...

TINC - Customers: Incoterms
TINCLOC - Incoterms Location Types
TINCLOCT - Incoterms Location Types Texts
TINCT - Customers: Incoterms: Texts
TINCTRMMAP - Map Incoterms Location Types to Trade Finance Locations
TINCT_KEY - Key Fields: Customers: Incoterms: Texts TIN...

TIPA1 - FI-FVVI: Parameters for tenancy law and adjustment type
TIPAB - Darwin Real Est.: Comp.code-depend. parameters for rent adj.
TIPAL - RE: Tenancy Law/Country-Dependent Parameters for Rent Adj.
TIPAR - Rent Adjustment: Rounding Parameters
TIPAZ - Table was replaced by TIPA1
TIPLMN_OBJ_EQUI - Customizing Table - GHO Object EQUI TIP...

TIS01 - Control of business activities: Real estate depend. activit.
TIS02 - Real estate status control: Set status and subsequent status
TISCRFIELDS_01 - HR Forms: Fields on Selection Screen
TISCRFIELDS_02 - HR Forms: Fields on Selection Screen
TISIS_APPL - Applications
TISIS_APPL_T - Application Texts TIS...

TITAB - Time-related Table Extension for Time Interval Control
TITLES - Titles (Texts)
TITOBPROF - Technical Objects: View Profiles for Tab Index Customizing
TITOBPROFT - Technical Objects: Texts for Profiles from Table TITOBPROF
TITOBPROF_SUB - Technical Objects: Customizing Tab Index in View Profiles TIT...

TIUID_MAN_MSG - IUID Manual Creation of Communication Messages
TIUID_MAN_MSG_T - IUID Communication Messages Types
TIUID_MAN_MSG_TT - Text Table for IUID Communication Messages Types
TIUID_REG_COM - IUID Registry Communication TIU...

TIV00 - Field status definitions for Real Estate object mgmt
TIV01 - External usage types of rental unit
TIV01_APP - Usage Type (TIV01): Append Fields
TIV02 - Debit types
TIV03 - Country-specific tenancy law
TIV04 - Repr.list of rents surcharge/reductions features TIV...

TIWEVENTNOTIF - Properties of Installation/Dismantling Notifications
TIWIOHEAD - Header table for TIWB display table
TIWIOITEM - Item table for TIWB display table
TIWOL - Control table for SAPLIWOL - Object list
TIWREITEM - Item table of relation list
TIWWSACTION - Actions in the Modification List with Follow-Up Function TIW...

TIXBCHTSE - iXML BC Registration Table for HTTP Servers


TJ01 - Business Transactions
TJ01T - Business Transaction Texts
TJ01V - Responsible for business processes
TJ02 - System status
TJ02T - System status texts
TJ02V - Responsible for system status TJ0...

TJ10 - Authorization Keys in Status Management
TJ10T - Texts for Authorization Keys of Status Management
TJ11 - Assigning system statuses -> authorization keys
TJ20 - Status profiles
TJ20T - Texts for Status Profiles
TJ21 - Permitted object types for status profile
TJ22 - Languages, in which a status profile is maintained
TJ30 - User Status
TJ30T - Texts for User Status
TJ31 - Process control (user status)
TJ48 - Check Table for Selection IDs
TJ48T - Text Table for Selection IDs
TJ49 - Table for Selection Conditions per SELID
TJBABC - CO-ABC->CO-PA: Update Characteristics for Summariz.
TJBA_PREP_FACTOR - Prepayment CPR factors used by prepayment BADI -SAP standard
TJBD_CLL_RCH_CST - Object-Specific Customizing for COLL_ARCH
TJBD_COLL_RCH_PT - Object-Specific Package Templates for COLL_ARCH
TJBD_FCTY_ARCH_C - Object-specific Customizing: FCTY_ARCH
TJBD_FCTY_ARC_PT - Object-specific Package Templates: FCTY_ARCH TJB...

TJPESST_INTERVAL - JP ESS IT0559 Interval Description
TJPESS_COM_GROUP - JP ESS IT0559 Subtype Grouping
TJPESS_COM_HELP - JP ESS Help Text or Reference Information about ESS Forms
TJPESS_COM_MEANS - JP ESS IT0559 Means of Transportation Definition
TJPESS_INTERVAL - JP ESS IT0559 Interval Definition
TJPESS_INT_GROUP - JP ESS IT0559 Interval Grouping TJP...


TK01H - Time-based CO master data
TK11 - Relevant packages for Release 1.1
TK180 - Default Values per Transaction (Screen Sequence Control)
TKA00 - Control parameters for controlling areas
TKA00PCA - EC-PCA: Control of actual data transfer
TKA00_AUTH - Include in TKA00 to Control Authorization Hierarchies
TKA00_AUTH_KE - Include in TKA00 to Control Authorization Hier. (PCA)
TKA01 - Controlling Areas
TKA01_AUTH - Include in TKA01 To Control Authorization Hierarchies TKA...

TKB08 - Number Ranges for Settlement Documents
TKB10SA - Strategies for Automatic Generation of SETTC - Header
TKB10SB - Strategies - COBRB Fields
TKB10SC - Possible Strategies for Each Sender Type
TKB10SD - Strategies on Automatic Generation of SETC - Detail
TKB10SLA - Strategy Sequences for Automatic Generation of SETC - Header TKB...

TKCA - Aspects
TKCBOR - EC-EIS: Assignment DDIC - Objects in BOR
TKCC - Formula Constants
TKCCC - EIS: Currency translation with data entry / planning
TKCCO - Comment tables
TKCDA - EC-EIS/BP -> BW: Assignment DataSource -> Aspect TKC...

TKDP - System settings for drill-down reporting
TKE1PP51 - EC-PCA: Application-Specific Extension to TKA51
TKEA1 - CO-PA: Control tab. for managing generated derivation tab.
TKEA2 - CO-PA: Control tab. for managing generated derivation tab.
TKEABC - CO-ABC -> CO-PA: Posting characteristics
TKEABCVGA - CO-PA/CO-ABC:_Selection-Relevant Record Types
TKEADPC00 - Assignment accounts -> value fields for profit center profit TKE...

TKFPA - Transfer Price Document Types
TKFPAT - Texts for Transfer Price Document Types
TKKA1 - Check Table of RA Key for Credit/Debit Results Analysis
TKKA2 - Control/Assignment Table for Credit/Debit Results Analysis
TKKA3 - Text Table for RA Key for Credit/Debit Results Analysis
TKKAA - Check Table for Results Analysis Key of RA for Orders
TKKAB - Posting Rules for Results Analysis Data
TKKAD - Text Table for Results Analysis Keys of Order Results Analys TKK...

TKLCO - Rules for taking over classification data
TKLVAR - Structure for F4 help on costing variants
TKMGB - Business area consolidation: SD assignments
TKMVER_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TKMVER_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TKNUM_LIST - List of Shipment Numbers
TKNUM_SEL - Structure with Shipment Number
TKO01 - Control parameters for order type
TKO03 - Order status
TKO04 - Order Status Descriptions
TKO08 - Processing groups for orders
TKO08V - Generated Table for View
TKO09 - Allocation Group Descriptions TKO...

TKP01 - Persons in charge of availability control
TKP02 - Budget manager for orders
TKRSTR - Transport Resource Prices
TKSA0 - Administration for Cost Center Accrual
TKSACHB_RAN - Trading Contract: Range Structure for Contract Number
TKSB0 - Transaction control CO
TKSBB - Totals Versions
TKSBC - Short Description of Totals Variants
TKSBL - List Classes for Display Variants TKS...

TKT03 - Stat. key figure texts
TKT05 - Cost center type texts
TKT09 - Texts for versions in master table
TKT10 - Master table texts for price indicators
TKT12 - Switching Structure for Cost Component Splitting TKT...

TKUKL - Customers: Customer Classifications
TKUKT - Customers: Customer classification: Texts
TKUNDEBUKRS - Reference Customer per Company Code (Consumer Master)
TKUNDEVTBER - Reference Customer per Sales Area (Consumer Master)
TKUPA - Business Partners: Customer Master Groups
TKV01 - Variance Keys: Cost Centers/Costing
TKV02 - Variance Key Name
TKV03 - Variance Versions
TKV04 - Variance Version Name
TKV05 - Variance Variants
TKV06 - Variance Variant Name TKV...

TKZREA_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TKZSL - Overhead Key
TKZSLT - Name of Overhead Key
TKZTKT_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TKZU1 - Overhead Base Cost Elements
TKZU2 - Overhead Base Origin TKZ...


TL006 - Assign Units of Measure to Unit-Of-Measure Load Category
TLAEOPT001 - Determination of Option ID
TLAEOPT002 - Determine Country-Specific Option Identifier
TLAEOPTID - Lease Accounting Option ID
TLAEOPTIDT - Lease Accounting Option ID Name
TLAEPROFIL - Lease Accounting Profile
TLAEPROFILT - Lease Accounting Profile Descriptions TLA...

TLCS_ASSGMT_RELSHP - Assignment Relationship
TLCS_CHK_SO_CONSTCY_GEN - General Selections of SO Data Consistency Check
TLCS_CHK_SO_CONSTCY_RPT_HDR - Check Sales Order Consistency Report Header
TLCS_CHK_SO_CONSTCY_RPT_ITM - Check Sales Order Consistency Report Item
TLCS_COLLTRL - Structure of Collateral
TLCS_DELUP - Structure for Subsequent Delivery of Sales Order TLC...

TLDA_LOG - HR LDAP: Non-Exportable Data Records
TLDA_MSG - HR LDAP: Error Messages for Data in Table TLDA_LOG
TLDB - ABAP: Directory and Structure of Logical Databases
TLDBT - System Table TLDBT
TLDG - Country Group
TLDGRP - Ledger Group FI-SL TLD...

TLGL - Assignment Table of Countries to Country Groups
TLGR - Routes: Loading Groups
TLGRT - Routes: Loading Groups: Texts
TLHIOZ - Vendor hierarchy: allowed assignments
TLHIT - Vendor Hierarchy Category
TLHITT - Vendor hierarchy category (description)
TLHIZU - Vendor hierarchy: allowed account groups
TLIBG - Person responsible for function class
TLIBT - Function Group Short Texts
TLIBV - Generated Table for View
TLIB_STRU - Structure for Function Group Administration
TLIC - Tax Exemption License
TLIC_GS - Tax Exemption License - Globalization TLI...

TLMGB - Business area consolidation: MM assignments
TLOAD - Service Types
TLOADT - Service Types (Texts)
TLOCK - Change and Transport System: Lock Table
TLOCKCIO - Lock Table for CheckOut-CheckIn
TLOCKP - Project Lock Table for Objects
TLOCKPC - Project Lock Table for Table Key TLO...

TLRC_FICLASS - Financial Instrument Classification used in Report Type
TLRC_MESSAGE - Assignment of Report Type to Message Category
TLRC_REP_TYPE - Legal Report Type
TLRC_REP_TYPE_T - Legal Report Type Description
TLRC_TARO_ALLID - Trade Repository: Allowed ID Categories
TLRC_TARO_COL - Trade Repository: Fields for Collateral TLR...

TLSEP - Control table for list separation
TLSU1 - SAP Structural Graphics: Text Table Export Filter
TLSU2 - SAP Structural Graphics: Text Table Page Size
TLSU3 - SAP Structural Graphics: Text Table Postscript Fonts
TLSU4 - SAP Structural Graphics: Text Table Screen Fonts
TLSU5 - SAP Structural Graphics: Text Table Colors TLS...

TLTTXT - Document Mgmt Relational Structure for Saving Long Texts
TLTYP - Line types in VarChart Graphics
TLTYT - VarChart Graphics: Texts on Line Types
TLT_DEM_PROF01_V - Generated Table for View
TLVC_DFT_ASSGN - Assign Update Types for Valuation
TLVS_COMMON_VALUATOR_VAL - Structure for Common Valuator
TLVS_FTI_LDB_SIM_POSITION - CFM: Simulated Position Values for Reporting
TLVS_POS - Position with Business Transaction
TLVS_POS_DISPLAY - Treasury: Structure for Displaying Positions to be Valued

TLXX004F - Field Status Group for Insurance Add Acct Assignment
TLXXBEB - Organizational area - insurance
TLXXBEBT - Org Area Text - Insurance
TLXXBSA - In-force Bus.Type
TLXXBSAT - Portfolio Type Text
TLXXBSG - Portfolio Groups in Life Ins./Pension Funds TLX...

TLYLOC_V - Generated Table for View TLYLOC_V


TM07I - Table with Fields for Physical Inventory Transaction Control
TMAB - Summarization Level
TMAB1 - Fields, Aggregation Level per Usage and Application
TMABC - Values Table for the ABC Indicator for Materials
TMABCT - Texts for ABC Indicator for Materials
TMABCUS1 - Aggregation Level: Usage Levels per Application
TMABCUS1T - Text for Usage Aggregation Levels TMA...

TMBCO - Table for Counter Readings of R2-R3 Link
TMBG - Material Master: Authorization Groups
TMBGT - Material Master: Descriptions for Authorization Groups
TMBR_C_CST_DIS - Map Cond.Types in MM to Cond.Types in Agency Business
TMBR_C_SHIP_MAP - TM integration: TM shipper to ERP vendor
TMBR_V_CST_DIS - Generated Table for View TMB...

TMC1 - Generated DDIC Structures for LIS, Conditions, Output
TMC1D - Data Elements of Generated DDIC Structures
TMC1DS - Save Versions for Table TMC1D
TMC1K - Key Elements in Generated DDIC Structures
TMC1KS - Save Versions for Table TMC1K
TMC1T - Short Texts on Generated DDIC Structures TMC...

TMDCHGCONFACT_W - Generated Table for View
TMDCHGCONFBRCF_W - Generated Table for View
TMDCHGCONFBRCS_W - Generated Table for View
TMDCHGCONFBRCT_W - Generated Table for View
TMDCHGCONFBRC_W - Generated Table for View
TMDCHGPROCCONF_W - Generated Table for View TMD...

TMED - Purchasing Various Control Parameters
TMEDS - SAPfind structure and text for IMG menu entries
TMEMO - User-specific memory
TMENU01 - Node Table for General Structure Storage
TMENU01R - General Structure Storage References
TMENU01T - General Structure Storage Node Names TME...

TMFA - Markdown Planning - Markdown type
TMFAT - Markdown Planning - markdown plan, short text
TMFG - Material freight groups
TMFGT - Material freight groups: Descriptions
TMFGT_S - Structure for Table TMFGT
TMFILT - Filter for Monitoring Dates TMF...

TMGW2 - Control for Maintaining Structured Materials
TMGW3 - Change Restrictions for structured Materials
TMGW4 - Default Settings and Flags for Prepack Allocation Planning
TMGW5 - Fields from reference prepack, not from generic material
TMIDTC - Identification Object Types Customer
TMIDTCT - Identification Object Types Customer - Descriptions
TMIDTV - Identification Object Types Supplier
TMIDTVT - Identification Object Types Supplier - Descriptions
TMINT - Translation Memory Interface
TMIVAG - Assignment Groups TMI...

TMKE - Group for Calculation Schema (Purchasing Organization)
TMKET - Group for Calculation Schema (Purch. Org.): Description
TMKG - Group of Conditions Table
TMKGT - Description of Condition Group
TMKK - Group for Calculation Schema (Supplier)
TMKK1 - Taxes: Account Assignment (Purchasing) TMK...

TMLCCSCR - Act.Cost Comp. Split: Data Range in Valuation Area (Curr)
TMLCCSHD - Act.Cost Comp. Split: Data Range in Valuation Area (General)
TMLCCSSCOPE - Actual Cost Component Split: Structure of Data Range
TMLCCSSCOPETXT - Actual Cost Component Split: Split for Data Range (Texts)
TMLFG - Activity Reasons
TMLFGT - Activity Reason Descriptions TML...

TMMPURCFOLDERS - cFolders Maintenance
TMM_BWEXT - Administrative Data for Extractors
TMODF - Groups in Field Selection Bar
TMODG - Name of Groups in Field Selection Bar
TMODO - Items in Field Selection Definitions
TMODO_CLOUD - Field status variants - Additional attributes in cloud
TMODP - Name of Items in Field Selection Definitions
TMODU - Cross Reference Field Name - MODIF1 TMO...

TMPA - Control Data Profit Simulation
TMPA1 - Profit Group
TMPA1T - Texts for Profit Group
TMPA2 - Application Status
TMPA2T - Application Status Descriptions
TMPA2_APPEND_CHECK_MANAGER - Additional Fields for Check Manager TMP...

TMQ1 - Number Ranges for Quota Arrangement
TMQ2 - Quota Arrangement Rules
TMR90 - Rate Code Conversion
TMR91 - Rate Code/Vendor
TMR92 - Vendor
TMR93 - Exchange Conversion
TMR94 - Currency Conversion
TMRM007A - Tax Codes: Invoice Verification/Invoice Entry (FI) TMR...

TMSACTDAT - TMS Manager: Current State of Buffered Data
TMSALOG - TMS Alert: Logging Table
TMSALRTNDS - TMS: Alert Monitor: Update Systems
TMSALRTSYS - TMS: Systems Included in the Alert Monitor
TMSANOLOG - TMS: Whitelist Alert Protocol(Function List Without Logging) TMS...

TMTE - Transfer Events
TMTET - Transfer Event Descriptions
TMTG - Transfer Groups
TMTGT - Transfer Group Descriptions
TMTR - Transfer Rules
TMTSS - Source Structures for Data Transfer TMT...

TMUSERG - User Groups
TMUSERG1 - Assignment of Users to User Groups
TMUSERGT - Text for User Group
TMVF - Availability Check Control
TMVFP - Availability Check: Blocks
TMVFT - Availability check control: Texts
TMVFU - Scope of Availability Check (Default Values)
TMVMT - Identification Object Types Material
TMVMTT - Identification Object Types Material - Descriptions TMV...

TMW00 - MRP Default Values per Material Type
TMW01 - Pur. Group/Mat. Group: Objects for Web Scenario (Purchasing)
TMW02 - Allowed Catalogs per Material Group and Plant
TMW03 - Call Structure: Catalogs
TMW3T - Entity Table: Catalogs
TMW3TEXT - Catalog Names TMW...

TMY01 - Procedure Model for Balance Sheet Valuation (LIFO/FIFO)
TMY02 - Balance Sheet Valuation Method (LIFO/FIFO)
TMY03 - Valuation Levels for FIFO Material Valuation
TMY04 - Company Code Parameters for LIFO/FIFO Valuation
TMY05 - Directory for Versions for LIFO Valuation
TMY06 - Balance Sheet Valuation: Constants for DB Commit TMY...

TMZR - Settlement Process Types
TMZRT - Settlement Process Type Descriptions
TMZR_ADDON_FSL - FSL: Append Scenario
TMZR_ADDON_IV - Additional Fields Clearing Workbench
TMZR_APPEND_EHP4 - Additional Fields EHP4
TMZR_APPEND_EHP5 - Additional Fields EHP5 TMZ...


TN00 - Client-Specific Control Parameters
TN00E - Institution-Specific Control Parameters
TN00M - Conversion Table for Phonetic Search
TN00N - Name Elements Excluded from Search Index
TN01 - Institutions
TN02A - Define Appl. and Their Asgmt to a System TN0...

TN10A - Categories of Organizational Units
TN10E - Allowed Organizational Hierarchy
TN10H - Hierarchy of Organizational Units
TN10I - Inter-Dept. Bed Asgmts in an OU by Another OU
TN10S - Text and Keyword Abbreviation for Org. Unit Category
TN11A - Facility Characteristics of a Building Unit TN1...

TN20 - Service Categories
TN20A - Service Catalog Column Determination
TN20T - Text Table for Service Categories
TN21 - Billing Types
TN21P - Condition Types Usage
TN21T - Texts for Billing Types TN2...

TNACHBAR - Field Lists: Label Right or Label Left
TNAD1 - Output Control: Printers by Sales Organization
TNAD2 - Output Control: Printers for Sales Org/Dist.Chan/Division
TNAD3 - Output Control: Printers by Sales Office
TNAD4 - Output Control: Printers by Sales Group
TNAD5 - Output Control: Printers by Shipping Point TNA...

TNBPGROUP - Business Partner Grouping for HC-Specific Roles
TNDBG - Authorization Groups for Screen Modification
TNDBT - Authorization Group Texts for Screen Modifications
TNDYM - Screen Modifications
TNETMAC - Maintenance of mac addresses in SAP network monitor
TNETMONINF - Network Monitor:Configuration data and work information
TNFHIR_CAP - FHIR CapabilityStatement
TNFHIR_CONSTRUCT - FHIR Framework Constructor
TNFHIR_DATA_TYPE - FHIR data type customizing
TNFHIR_DATA_VAL - FHIR filed Map validation TNF...

TNHCF_BO - Business Objects
TNHCF_BOT - HCF: Business Objects - Text table
TNHCF_ID_DESC - Description of Business Object identification
TNII_TYPE - Info Structure of BDMT_CONTROL Monitoring Tree
TNIW3 - Lowest Value: Document Types
TNIW4 - Lowest Value: Movement Types
TNIW5 - Lowest Value: Deval. by Rge of Coverage
TNIW5N - Lowest Value: Devaluation by Range of Coverage (w. Version)
TNIW5W - Lowest Value: Devaluatn by Range of Cov. for Each Val. Area TNI...

TNK01 - Catalogs
TNKFA - Code Specialties
TNKFH - Hierarchy of Specialties
TNKFO - Specialty-to-Organizational Unit Assignment
TNKFT - Text for Specialty Category
TNKOP - Power of Attorney Type TNK...

TNLS - Nielsen ID
TNLST - Description of Nielsen Indicators
TNMAP - Assignment of global to (instance)local table names
TNMAPACT - DD: Contains necessary actions during TNMAP maintainance
TNOBAPI - BAPIs with exceptions that are not checked
TNODE01 - Node Table for General Structure Storage
TNODE01R - General Structure Storage References
TNODE01T - General Structure Storage Node Names
TNODE02 - Test Organizer, Node Table
TNODE02A - Test Organizer, Test Catalog, Plan, Package Attributes TNO...

TNPAPOL - Modules for TNPAPOL Processing
TNPA_BRF_EBM_EXC - BRF+ Exclusion Data
TNPA_BRF_EBM_GEN - BRF+ EBM gender check
TNPA_BRF_EXCL - (obseleted)BRF+ Exclusion Data
TNPA_BRF_NGMD - BRF+ Generator Decission Table With Multi-result TNP...

TNREL - Insurance Provider Assignments
TNRGT - Text for number range object groups
TNRGTS - Text for number range object groups
TNRO - Definition of number range objects
TNROP - Scope of Power of Attorney
TNROPT - Text for Scope of Power of Attorney TNR...

TNS00 - Program Lock When Creating Statistics
TNT0 - Categories of Service Assignments
TNT0T - Texts for Category Table of Service Assignments
TNTP - International Article Number (EAN) Categories
TNTPB - Descriptions of EAN Categories
TNTRABR - Subsequent Settlement: Central Control Table
TNTRARCHIVE - Customizing Settings for Archiving Arrangements TNT...

TNUSR - Fixed Values User Master
TNV_SUBOBJ - Progress Tracking Object:Activities and Networks


TOA01 - Link table 1
TOA02 - Link table 2
TOA03 - Link table 3
TOAAM - SAP ArchiveLink: Methods
TOAANWATT - Link Table for Application Attributes
TOAAP - SAP ArchiveLink value table for TOAAS TOA...

TOBAE - Transfer Times: Control Station Communication
TOBC - Class assignment of authorization objects
TOBCT - Texts for Authorization Object Classes
TOBJ - Authorization Objects
TOBJC - Class assignment of authorization objects
TOBJECTP - Objects assigned to a project TOB...

TODIR - Object List for Switch
TODIR_EXT - Object List for load based upgrade (extension for todir)
TODIR_EXTKF - Nametab-info for R3TRTABU in TODIR_EXT
TODOBAPI - Check Object for BAPI Todo
TODOK - Objects without Documentation
TODORET2 - Return Values for Error Handling in BAPI ToDo TOD...

TOEC_CLASS - Hedging Classification
TOEC_DESIG_TYPE - Designation Type
TOEC_DESIG_TYP_T - Designation Type
TOEC_HA_AUTH_G - Hedging Area Authorization Groups
TOEC_HA_AUTH_G_T - Hedging Area Authorization Groups TOE...

TOI0EV - IS-OIL Master Data Event Types
TOI0EVT - IS-OIL Master Data Event Type Texts
TOI0OBJT - Object status text table (oil cross application)
TOI0SWITCH - General setting (Function on/off switch)
TOI0TWB - IS-OIL Application Test dynamic modifications
TOI0_000 - Client-depend. function inactive flag(no entry=active) TOI...

TOJMB - Objects in the SAP System: methods
TOJMT - Objects in the SAP System: method descriptions
TOJRB - SAP objects: return values for methods
TOJRT - Objects in the SAP System: return value texts
TOJTB - Business object repository: Basic data
TOJTD - Customizing Object Types TOJ...

TOKEN_AUTH_VIEW - Generated Table for View
TOKOM - Technical Parameters for Communications Module
TOLE - OLE Applications
TOLERANCE_LIMIT_VK - Value Limits, up to Which an Item Is Regarded as Cleared
TOLET - Workflow Object Types: Texts OLE Applications
TOLGR_CLEAR_GEN - Tolerance: Item Group and Difference Amount for Each Group
TOLGR_CLEAR_GRP - Tolerance: Difference Amount for Each Item Group
TOLGR_CLEAR_OP - Tolerance: Items for Item Group of Difference Amount TOL...

TONR - Number status: general object number
TOOLBAR_GROUP - save the all the event group tables of a toolbar
TOOLIMPORTS - Toolimports
TOOLSDOCU_HTML_LINE - SAPscript: Text Lines in HTML Format
TOOL_ACT_U - User Fields for Insurance Object in VKTT
TOOL_COST - Costs for Prod.Resource/Tool

TOPDEVV - Process Order - Selection Variants
TOPK_ALV_STR - Structure for Output of Cost Object Info Using ALV
TOPRK - Log Messages
TOP_SINGLE - Recording data for each special record
TORB1 - Incoming Orders: Cost Element Assignment
TORB2 - Incoming Orders: Settings for Key
TORG_PR_RSN - Reason for Original Price Change
TORG_PR_RSNT - Text Table: Reason for Original Price Change
TORS0 - Customizing Time-Dependent Status: Activate Function
TORS1 - Statuses Relevant for Key-Date Based Management TOR...

TOTAL_K003 - Price Catalog
TOTAL_PDF - structure for RFKORDES
TOTAL_V_T056P - Transfer Structure for BAdI FREF_INT_VALUES from V_T056P


TP0001_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TP0001_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TP0017_30 - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TP0017_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TP01 - Business Partner: Form of Address
TP016 - Value for Liability Risks TP0...

TP10 - Business partner: Loan to Manager Indicator
TP103 - BP: Field Modification via BP Role Category
TP105 - BP: Field Modification via Activity Category
TP10T - Business Partner: Name of Loan to Manager
TP11 - Business partner: Employment status
TP11T - Business Partner: Description of Employment Status TP1...

TP22 - Business Partner Additional Information
TP22T - Business Partner Additional Information
TP23 - Differentiation Type Criterion
TP23S - Setting for Differentiation Type Criterion
TP23T - Differentiation Type Criterion: Description
TP24 - BP: Partner Grouping Characteristics TP2...

TP37 - Activation Status for Total Commitment
TP38 - Applications
TP38T - Description for Application
TP39 - Selection Variants
TP39T - Description for Selection Variant
TP40 - Assignment of Selection Variant / Role Set
TP41 - Assignment of Selection Variant / Relationship Category
TP42 - Assignment of Logical System / ID Number Category
TP43 - Call Context
TP43T - Description for Call Context
TP44 - Logical Systems TP4...

TP50 -
TP50T -
TP51 -
TP51T -
TP52 -
TP52T - TP5...

TPAB03 - Replenishment Strategy JIT Call Stock Transfer
TPABAV - BAV internal structure for param. transfer (import/export)
TPACHECK - Checking Table Directory for Check Modules of SD Partner
TPACHECKASSIGN - Checking Module Assignments in SD Partner Processing
TPACHECKRELATION - Dependency Graph for Check Modules in SD Partner Processing

TPBUFCNT - tp Transport Buffer: Summary Information
TPBUFFER - tp Transport Buffer
TPCAACTIV - Indicator of Which Payment Card Master is Active (Obsolete)
TPCA_ALE - Company Code/Field Transfer PCA (ALE)
TPCDATE - Periods for Authorization Check
TPCDATEN - Periods for Authorization Check
TPCOL - Table Painter Column
TPCOLA - Table Painter Column with Attributes TPC...

TPDAADMIN - TPDA: Administration
TPDACTRL - TPDA: Default Settings for Controls

TPERF - Run-time trace data
TPERNR_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TPEXT - Profile for external procurement
TPEXT_T - Text tables for profiles (external procurement)
TPF02 - Profile Table Parameter Names from sapparam.c
TPF03 - Field Names Profile Parameters in TPF01, TPF02
TPFBA - SAP System operation mode
TPFCKPROT - Log entry for profile parameter check
TPFES - Prototype: Table for profile parameters
TPFET - Table of profile parameters TPF...

TPGI_VALUES - Transfer Prices: Transfer Structure for Goods Issue Values
TPGP - ABAP/4 Authorization Groups
TPGPRF - Profile for static pegging and data distribution
TPGPRFT - Text table for pegging profile
TPGPT - Long Texts for ABAP/4 Program Groups
TPHASEP - Project phases
TPHASETP - Project phases text table
TPHCNV - Data for Product Hierarchy Conversion
TPHIN_CF - Configuration for Customer-Specific Fields
TPHIN_CFT - Text Table for Customer-Specific Fields
TPHIN_MPT_EXT - External ID of Supported PHIN Counters TPH...

TPI01 - Interest Profile
TPI01T - Interest Profile
TPI02 - Interest Calculation Profile and Interest Indicator
TPI03 - CO Objects: Date of Last Interest Run
TPI031 - CO Objects: Date of Last Interest Run
TPI04 - Interest Relevance of Cost Element/Commitment Item Groups TPI...

TPK00 - General Fields in KANBAN Replenishment Strategies
TPK01 - Key for Controlling the Control Cycle; In-House Production
TPK02 - Key for Controlling Control Cycle: External Replenishment
TPK02_AS - Append structure for TPK02
TPK03 - Key for Controlling Control Cycle; Stock Transfer
TPK1T - Control Cycle Profile for In-House Production - Text TPK...

TPLHIENODE - Interface: Elements of Hierarchy Technical Location
TPLHIERSEL - Interface: Requested Technical Location Hierarchies
TPLMN_GIS_LAYER - Customizing for GIS Map layer
TPLOG - Logging of tp Calls

TPMA_DERIV_ASSGN - Assignment of Derivation Categories
TPMB_DERIV_AMORT - Assign Amortization Method to Derivation Category
TPMB_DERIV_CAT - Define Derivation Methods
TPMB_LAC_INTERV - Flexible LAC Calculation
TPMCKF - PMIS: customer-specific value and quantity key figures
TPMCKFT - PMIS: texts for cust.-specific value and quantity key figs TPM...

TPNNR - Customizing prima nota
TPNNT - Prima nota customizing texts
TPOACS_ACRCLASS - Accrual Classification of PO Item: SAP-Delivered Values
TPOACS_ACRCLASST - Text Table for Accrual Classification of PO Item, SAP Val.
TPOAC_ACCDET - Account Determination for Purchase Order Accruals
TPOAC_ACRCLASS - Accrual Classification of PO Item: Customer-Defined Values
TPOAC_ACRCLASST - Text Table for Accrual Classification of PO Item, Cust. Val.
TPOAC_PO_ACRTM - Define Accrual Type and Method Based on Purchase Order Item TPO...

TPPARAMS - tp Parameter
TPPARFIL - tp Parameter File
TPPROFIL - tp Profiles
TPPROJECT - tp Projects
TPPROPS - Table Painter Table Property
TPR01 - Low-high values for authorizations
TPR1 - Patner-Object Relationship: Assignment Categories
TPR10 - Partner Object Rel. Assign. BDT Application to Appl. Cat.
TPR1T - Partner-Object Relationship: Assignment Category Texts
TPR1_DYNP - Partner-Object Relationship: Assignment Category Texts
TPR1_U - Patner-Object Relationship: Assignment Categories TPR...

TPS01 - Library of the Process Business Transaction Events
TPS01T - Process BTE: Language-Specific Descriptions
TPS02 - Process BTE: Assignment to Selection Criteria
TPS31 - Process BTE: Alternative Function Modules from SAP
TPS32 - Process BTE: Partner Enhancements
TPS34 - Process BTE: Customer Enhancements TPS...

TPTAB - Table parameters for DB2
TPTAPP - Application Indicator for UI Framework
TPTAPPT - Usage Indicator Text for UI Framework
TPTARCLI - tp Target Clients
TPTARQ_TCALE - ESS Leave Request: Team Calendar Settings TPT...

TPU1 - Conversion: Conversion Projects
TPU1T - Conversion: Conversion Project Texts
TPU2 - Conversion: Assignment of Modules to Time Periods
TPU3 - Conversion: Time periods
TPU3T - Conversion: Time Periods (Texts)
TPU4 - Conversion: Control TPU...

TPVAR1 - Variants for Finding Transfer Prices
TPVAR1T - Variants for Finding Transfer Prices: Texts
TPVAR2 - Variants for Transfer Pricing: Assign Pricing Procedure
TPVD - Product Proposal: Definition of Customer Procedure
TPVDT - Product Proposal: Texts for Customer Procedure
TPVH - Product Proposal: Definition of Source Indicator TPV...

TPZ1 - Business Partner: Find and Replace Strings Phonetic Search
TPZ10 - BP: Business Partner - Screen View - Assignment
TPZ11 - BP: Business Partner - Relationship Type
TPZ11T - BP: Business Partner - Name of Relationship Type
TPZ12 - Business partner: Application category
TPZ12T - Business Partner: Application (Text) TPZ...


TQ01 - QM basis table for transaction-screen control
TQ01A - CUA status and CUA title for QM
TQ01B - Material authorization groups in quality management
TQ01C - Texts for material authorization group in QM
TQ01D - Authorization groups for QM master data
TQ01E - Text authorization groups for QM master data TQ0...

TQ11 - Inspector qualification
TQ11T - Inspector qualification texts
TQ12 - Ind. external numbering for test units in results recording
TQ12T - Texts for the ind. for ext. numbering of units to be insp.
TQ15 - Inspection catalog type index
TQ15T - Language-dependent texts for table TQ15 TQ1...

TQ21 - Assignment of screens to screen groups
TQ25 - QM:screen sequence for master and inspection characteristics
TQ27 - Table of default values for charac. control indicators
TQ27T - RM-QSS: Text table for TQ27
TQ29 - Defaults for target value and tolerances for characteristics
TQ29A - Dependency tolerance key - nominal measurement TQ2...

TQ30 - Inspection types
TQ30T - Texts for inspection types
TQ31 - Inspection Lot Origins
TQ31T - Descriptions of Inspection Lot Origins
TQ32 - Assignment of inspection type to origin
TQ32A - Inspection type to status assignment from status profile TQ3...

TQ40 - Definition of sample types
TQ40T - Text table for sample type
TQ41 - Storage locations for physical samples
TQ41T - Texts for storage locations
TQ42 - Physical sample containers
TQ42T - Texts for phys. sample containers TQ4...

TQ55 - Assign inspection lot origin for update group
TQ56 - Definition of quality score classes
TQ56T - Text table for the definition of quality score classes
TQ57 - Assignment of quality score key to info structure
TQ61 - Result value origin for certificates
TQ61T - Origin of result values for certificates: texts
TQ62 - Output strategy for skip characteristics
TQ62T - Output strategy for skip characteristics: texts
TQ63 - Origin of insp. specs for certificates (function modules)
TQ63T - Origin of inspection specifications for certificates: texts TQ6...

TQ70 - Control table for results recording
TQ70C - Function codes for navigation from the char.overview screen
TQ70E - Screen-based processing tables
TQ70F - Navigation during results recording
TQ70S - Characteristic overview screen for results recording
TQ71 - Input Processing in Results Recording QM TQ7...

TQ80 - Notification Types
TQ80O - Object info parameters
TQ80_DS - Digital Signature for Notifications
TQ80_PR - QM Process
TQ80_PRT - QM Process (Text Table)
TQ80_T - Notification type texts TQ8...

TQ90 - QM Handheld: Applications
TQ90T - QM Handheld: Application Texts
TQBER - Notification: Tabstrip Division
TQBERT - Notification: Tab Strip Distribution Text Table
TQBT - Screen type table for subscreen
TQBTT - Screen category text table for subscreen
TQCOM - Assignment of Communication No. to Logical Queue ID (APPQ)
TQDEFCAT - Defect Category
TQDEFCATT - Defect Category Text
TQDEFCCAT - Defect Category
TQDEFCCATSTTGS - Defect Category Settings
TQDEFCCATT - Defect Category Text
TQEC30 - Settings for Copy Inspection Results Function/Operation UD
TQEC_MAPPING - Process of Charac. Mapping When Copying Inspection Results
TQEC_MAPPINGT - Text Table - Process of Charac. Mapping When Copying Results
TQEC_SELECTION - Data Selection Procedure for Copy Insp. Results Function
TQEC_SELECTIONT - Text Table for Process of Data Selection for Copy of Results
TQGRP - Quality Inspection Group
TQGRPT - Quality Inspection Group Description
TQG_EVAL_DATATYP - Different Data Selection and Data Processing
TQG_EVAL_DATATYT - Different Data Selection and Data Processing
TQG_EVAL_GR_TYP - Graphic Types
TQG_EVAL_GR_TYPT - Text Table for Graphic Types TQG...

TQHU1 - QM control of HU postings (from QM view)
TQHU2 - QM assignment of packing object for inspection lot origin
TQINPPROC_FILTER - Filter for Input Processing
TQINPPROC_FIL_T - Filter for Input Processing
TQLOG - Operator for View Maintenance Query (Obsolete)
TQLOT - Logical operators for view maintenance query (texts)
TQMS1 - Types for Multiple Specification Objects
TQMS1T - Texts for Types of Multiple Specification Objects
TQMS2 - Objects for Multiple Specifications
TQMS2T - Texts for Objects of Multiple Specifications
TQN8DCAT - Assignment of codegroups to disciplines
TQOP - Compare Operators for View Maintenance Query
TQOPT - Compare operators for view maintenance query (texts)
TQPC_CHAORIG - Inspection-Characteristic Origin
TQPC_CHAORIG_T - Inspection-Characteristic Origin
TQPC_CTRMETH - Control Methods
TQPC_CTRMETH_T - Control Methods
TQPC_RESPLAN - Response Plans
TQPC_RESPLAN_T - Response Plans TQP...

TQREO - QM: Archiving Parameter
TQREOS - QM: Archiving Parameter(s) for Physical Samples
TQSCR - Notification: Screen control
TQSCRT - Notification: Text table heading tabstrip
TQSCR_LIST_SHLP - Notification: Tab
TQSS - QM configuration: Client level
TQSS1 - QM configuration: Plant level
TQSS1_AVE - Inspection Type-Specific Settings for Plant TQS...

TQTABS - Notification: Contol table tabstrip function code
TQTABST - Notification: Tabstrip Control
TQTASKORIGIN - Quality Task Origin
TQTASKORIGINTEXT - Quality Task Origin Text
TQTXT - Texts for exit protection window
TQUANTITY - Quantity Results for Parallel Processing Module
TQVDM - QM: Archiving Parameter for Quality Info Record-Sales


TR001 - Correction Requests: Request Header
TR002 - Correction Requests: Object List of a Request/Task
TR003 - Correction Requests: Key Entries of a Request/Task
TR004 - Correction Requests: Error Messages
TR005 - Correction Requests: Create Tasks
TR006 - Correction Requests: Documentation on Requests/Tasks TR0...

TRAA_REALLOC - Obsolete: donot use :Functional accounts Cost Centers
TRACA_ACCIT - Treasury: Append Structure for ACCIT: Differentiation Values
TRACC_AA_REF - Treasury: Account Assignment Reference
TRACC_AA_REF_T - Treasury: Text Table Account Assignment Reference
TRACC_ACCASSREF1 - OLD: TR: Account Assignment Ref. Allocation Old->New
TRACC_ACCSYMBREP - Acct Determination: Replacement of Acct Symbols by G/L Accts TRA...

TRBAC_ASSIGN - Possible values for field ASSIGNMENT
TRBAC_ASSIGN_T - Possible values for field ASSIGNMENT (text table)
TRBAC_CHARAC - Possible values for field CHARACTERISTICS
TRBAC_CHARAC_T - Possible values for field CHARACTERISTICS (text table)
TRBAC_FLDCHK_ACT - Activate Check of Entered Values for Product Types/Fields
TRBAC_INT_REF - Possible values for field 'Internal Reference' TRB...

TRCAS_ACC_ATTRIBUTES - Treasury-Specific Account Assignment for General Ledger
TRCA_BAREA - TR-CA: Interfaces for Transaction Area
TRCA_CBANKACC - TR-CA: Interfaces for Bank Details of a Customer
TRCA_CBANKACC_LIST - TR-CA: Interfaces for Bank Details of a Customer
TRCA_COMPANY - TR-CA: Interfaces for Company Code
TRCA_COMPANY_LIST - TR-CA: Interfaces for Company Code TRC...

TRDABE - TR-EDT: Data Transfer for loans - flows
TRDC_ADM - Loan Document Data Summarization: Administration Table
TRDC_DATES - Summariz.: Start Dates for Generating Cond.-Based Plan. Recs
TRDC_DFLOWTYPE - Definition of Update Types
TRDC_DFLOWTYPE_T - Treasury: Update Type Texts
TRDC_DFT_ASSIGN - Assignment of Flow Types to Update Types TRD...

TRE01 - Copy Template when Creating Funds Reservations
TRE02 - Template for Copying from Funds Reservation Reference Docs
TRE071KX - E071K and Other Fields for Key List Editor
TRE071X - E071 and Other Fields for Object List Editor
TREAC_AGR_FTYPES - TREA: 'Derived' flowtypes for Netting
TREAC_ATTR_DESC - Description Of Free Position Account Attributes TRE...

TRFBT - Language-dep. values for reference document type
TRFB_CLASS_POS - CFM: Backup Table for TRF Class Position
TRFB_FLOW - CFM: Backup Table with TRF Flows
TRFB_SUBTOTAL - CFM: Backup Table with TRF Transaction Figures
TRFB_SUBTRANS - CFM: Backup Table for TRF Business Subtransaction
TRFCPROFILE - RFC Destination and Respective Project Profile TRF...

TRGC_AMORTPROC_T - OLD!! Treasury: Amortization Procedure Texts
TRGC_AMORT_PROC - OLD!! Treasury: Amortization Procedure
TRGC_ASYN_FIX_RG - Asynchronous Fixing for Each Product Type
TRGC_CFG_CNTXT - Configuration Context
TRGC_COM_VALCL - General valuation class
TRGC_COM_VALCL_T - Treasury: General Valuation Class (Text) TRG...

TRHDRPRT - Header Part of All Trace Records
TRHDRPRT2 - Header Part of All Trace Records
TRHEADER - Request Header
TRHTTPCLIENTDESTREC - HTTP Client Destination Trace Record
TRHTTPSERVERDESTREC - HTTP Server Destination Trace Record TRH...

TRIAD_ENTRY - Screen Structure - Manual Int.Rate Adjust. - Initial Screen
TRIAS - Treasury: Int. Rate Adjustment - Registration and Fixing
TRIAS_ACTIVITY - Treasury: Int. Rate Adjustment: Int. Rate Adjust. Activity
TRIAS_BEARER - Structure of Interest Rate Adjustment Bearer
TRIAS_BEARER_CAT - Range Structure for Interest Rate Adjustment Category
TRIAS_BEARER_ID - Range Structure for Interest Rate Adjustment Bearer ID TRI...

TRJOB - Job ID for Coordinating Batch-ABAP/UNIX for Transports
TRJOBS - Job ID for Coordinating Batch-ABAP/UNIX for Transports
TRK00 - Reorg objects: Characteristics
TRK10 - Table for reorg structure
TRK1E - Table of exits for archiving
TRK1S - Fields for reorg statistics per object
TRK1T - Reorg. object names
TRKB1U - Table with 'Customizing settings' for drilldown reporting TRK...

TRLAC_DFT_PMC - Assignment of Update Type to Position Change Category Value
TRLAS_INTERFACE_DOCUMENT - Treasury: Data from TRL Interface Document
TRLAS_INTERFACE_FLOW - Treasury: TRL Interface Flows Data
TRLAS_INTERFACE_TRANSACTION - Treasury: Data from TRL Interface Transaction
TRLAV_AMOUNT_CAT - Generated Table for View
TRLAV_DFT_PMC - Generated Table for View TRL...

TRM001I - Account Balance: List Types for Bills
TRM001J - Text Table for TRM001I (List Types for Bills)
TRM001S - Account Balance: Superior List Types
TRM001T - Text Table for TRM001S (Superior List Types)
TRM020 - Storage for Proposal Pool Texts <= 20 Characters
TRM021 - Account Balance: Line-Layout Variant for Display Level 1 TRM...

TRNAVSYST - Screen Fields for Displaying System Attributes
TRNL_AUTH - Translation Authorizations
TRNL_AUTHT - Texts for Translation Authorizations
TRNL_AV - Translation Evaluations
TRNL_BTC_H - Analysis batch job parameters
TRNL_DC_2 - Package Lists TRN...

TROADMAP - Entity table for Roadmap nodes
TROADMAPIR - Assignment of Info Repository objects to the R/3 Roadmap
TROADMAPT - Text table for Roadmap nodes
TROADMAPVD - Generated Table for View
TROADMAPVM - Assignment of R/3 Roadmap nodes to R/3 ProcModel packages
TROAL - Routes: Allowed Actual Routes for Delivery TRO...

TRPABASES - TR Prive Adjustment: Calculation Bases
TRPAC_CUT_ASSGN - Update Types for Contract Modification
TRPAC_DFLTGRPASG - Assignment of Default Types to Default Type Groups
TRPAC_DFLT_GRP - Default Type Group
TRPAC_DFLT_GRP_T - Default Type Group Text
TRPAC_PM_PROC - Changes to pm procedure due to position classifier TRP...

TRQB_FLOW - CFM: Backup Table for Flow Data in Quantity Ledger
TRQB_LOTFLOW - CFM: Backup Table with Lot Flows
TRQB_POSITION - CFM: Backup Table for Quantity Ledger Position
TRQB_SUBTOTAL - CFM: Backup Table with Quantity Ledger Pos. Transact. Figs
TRQC_CSP_SCHEMA - Treasury: Quantity Ledger Position Description
TRQC_LOT_ACC_1 - Treasury: Quantity Ledger Position Description TRQ...

TRRBF - Determ. of Staging Area via Route Schedule/Storage Condition
TRRC_CA1 - TR Reporting: Definition of Currency Accounts
TRRC_CA2 - TR Reporting: Assign Levels for Currency Accts for Balance
TRRC_CA3 - TR Reporting: Define Revenue Account for Currency Revenues
TRREQPRINT - Request Tool: Select Request Elements for Printing
TRREQSTATE - Administration Data for Request TRR...

TRS35 - Control Table RSSTAT35 Collector Run
TRSAPNAMES - Internal Representation of Sapnames Entries
TRSB_CLASFLO - CFM: Backup Table for Class Flows in Securities Account
TRSB_CLASFLO_REV - CFM: Backup Table for Class Flows in Securities Account
TRSB_NOM_CORR - CFM: Backup Table for Nominal Adjustment
TRSB_POSCHG_FLOW - CFM: Backup Table for Flow Rel. to Change in Sec. Acct Pos. TRS...

TRTAB - Transfer Structure for Download
TRTABKEY - Table, View, Key
TRTABKEY_STR - Table, View, Key
TRTABNAME - Table Name
TRTABSEL - Entry Used to Filter a Table When Using Trace Evaluation
TRTARCHECK - Request, Target Systems of Its Objects and Errors TRT...

TRUG - Reason for variances in completion confirmations
TRUGS - User status caused by deviation
TRUGT - Text describing the reason for a variance in a confirmation
TRUNLOCK - Options for 'Unlock objects of a request'
TRUS - Control table for collective confirmation
TRUSERPRT - USER Part of User Trace Records (Format-Free Trace) TRU...

TRVCC - Structure for Characteristic TRVCC
TRVCD - Structure for Characteristic TRVCC
TRVDA - VDA Form for Shipment
TRVEOP_RFC_DEST - Define destination for EOP check in foreign travel system
TRVOF - Structure for Feature TRVOF TRV...

TRWCA - FI/CO Interface: Active Components
TRWCD - AC Interface: Component Characteristics
TRWCI - FI/CO Interface: Components installed
TRWF_STRUC - Fields for Workflow
TRWLVH - List of variants for FI-SL line item reports (header)
TRWLVHT - List of variants for FI-SL line item reports (texts) TRW...

TRXABAPGET_WPTABLE_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TRXABAPGET_WPTABLE_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TRXABAPREAD_RAW_SYSLOG_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (Generated)
TRXABAPREAD_RAW_SYSLOG_RESPONS - Proxy Structure (Generated) TRX...

TRZPP01 - PS-CM: Payment Planning - Connection for TR


TS001_UMKRS - T001_UMKRS for ALV List Output Without Selected Key Fields
TS3RGENREM - Time Stream: Types for Remote Generation Release 3.*
TS3RGENSEG - Time Stream: Structure TSTRGENSEG Release 3.*
TS3RGENTTS - Time Stream: Structure TTSTR Release 3.*
TS3RMAPPFU - Time Stream: Mapping Generation Functions to Object Type
TSAB - Contact persons: standard departments
TSABT - Contact Person Departments: Texts
TSAC - Communication Methods (Business Address Services)
TSACT - Communication Method Description (Business Address Services)

TSC0A - Table of Structures
TSC0B - Text Table for Structures
TSC0C - Table of selection criteria for assignments
TSC0D - Assignment Table
TSC0E - Text table for assignments
TSC0F - Table of assignments with splitting rules TSC...

TSDB6 - DB6: Table With Tablespaces Allowed for DB2 Universal Databa
TSDDC - OBSOLETE: Packages with Documentation Priorities
TSDDD - Assignment: Technical Writer/Translator->Package
TSDDICREF - Table Search: DDIC Reference of Transfer Value
TSDDT - Assignment: Translator -> Package

TSE00 - Obsolete: ABAP/4 Editor Applications
TSE01 - ABAP/4 Editor application Fcodes
TSE02 - ABAP Editor User Commands
TSE03 - ABAP/4 Editor update functions
TSE04 - Obsolete: ABAP/4 Editor Line Command Meanings
TSE05 - ABAP Editor Template TSE...

TSFDEVTY - Smart Forms: Device Types for Languages
TSFG - Forwarding agent freight group
TSFGH - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TSFGL - Hypertext: Do not use this table
TSFGT - Forward. Agent-Freight Groups:Descriptn
TSFHO - Import/export table SFHO structure TSF...

TSGENOBJX - Administrative Structure for GENOBJ and Status
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_INPUT_POS - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_INPUT_SOU - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_OUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSGET_SESSION_CREATE_OUTPUT_E1 - Proxy Structure (generated) TSG...

TSH01 - Name texts for shared memory segments
TSHCL - List of Shell Classes
TSHM0 - Name texts for shared memory segments
TSHP_CUST - Structure for Special Fields in Customizing
TSHP_MAINTAIN_TABLE - Structure for Special Fields in Customizing
TSIGNATURE - Confirmation of receipt
TSINA - SAPBPT: Configuration Table
TSINB - SAPBPT: Configuration Table (Translations)
TSIND - SAPBPT: Class Descriptions
TSINE - SAPBPT: Valid Classes in Integrated Inbox
TSINF - Value Table for Domain INFDBSNAME TSI...

TSJSTATX - JSTAT with Corresponding Status Texts
TSKAR - SAPcomm: Archive Number
TSKCS - SAPphone: call state information table
TSKD - Customer Taxes
TSKDC - SAPphone: Line device capabilities
TSKDT - Customer Taxes: Texts
TSKEY - Table Search: Entity Table of Individual Search TSK...

TSL1D - System Log Message (Formerly 100S or TSL01)
TSL1T - System Log: Message texts (Formerly T100S, TSL01)
TSL2D - System Log: Classification ID for Messages
TSL2T - System Log: Message Class Names
TSL3D - System Log Entry Types
TSL3T - System Log: Log Entry Types TSL...

TSM01 - Name Texts for Semaphores
TSMT_APPL - Application
TSMT_APPLT - Text Application
TSMT_CHECK - Field Check
TSMT_CHECK_C - Client-Dependent: Field Check
TSMT_CHECK_EXT - Extension: Field Check TSM...

TSNODE - Graphical Editor Toolkit: Node Table
TSOBJADMAPPL - Object Management Records for Display in Applications
TSOBTYPALV - Grid Control Data for Object Type
TSOCX - SAPoffice: SOC3 split
TSOEX - SAPoffice: Trace Table
TSOFA - SAP ArchiveLink - incoming faxes - path conversion
TSOPA - SAPoffice: SET/GET Parameter TSO...

TSP01 - Spool Requests
TSP01P - Spool: Part Table of a Spool Request
TSP01_SP01 - Extended TSP01 for New SP01
TSP01_SP0R - Extended TSP01 for New SP01 TSP...

TSQACCESS_INPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_BOOKING_CHANNE - Specifies the booking channel type and whether it is the pri
TSQACCESS_INPUT_COMPANY_NAME - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_COMPANY_NAME1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSQACCESS_INPUT_DIRECTION - This element allows a user to move forward or backward in a
TSQACCESS_INPUT_LIST - Proxy Structure (generated) TSQ...

TSR01 - Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules
TSR0E - Strategy for Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules
TSR0T - Description of Strategy for Autom.Generation of Settmt Rules
TSRCG - List of tables from which source coding is generated
TSRTB - Sort strings
TSRTT - Sort strings (text) TSR...

TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSINPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSINPUT_REQUE - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSOUTPUT - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSOUTPUT_ERR1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSOUTPUT_ERR2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
TSSABRE_COMMAND_LLSOUTPUT_ERR3 - Proxy Structure (generated) TSS...

TST01 - TemSe: List of objects and parts
TST02 - Obsolete TemSe: Protection Rules
TST03 - TemSe data
TST03M - Generated Table for View TST03M
TST04 - Statistics: Structure for data base information display
TST04ACTLG - Informix Monitor: Action Log Structure TST...

TSUM00 - Common Fields TSUM02 and TSUM03
TSUM02 - Replenishment Strategy SumJC & External Procurement
TSUM03 - Replenishment Strategy JIT Call Stock Transfer
TSUM2T - Control Cycle Profile (External Procurement) - Text
TSUM3T - Control Cycle Profile (Stock Transfer) - Text
TSUMBP - Scheduling Profile for Summarized JIT Calls TSU...

TSVARFB - Table Search: Function Modules of Application
TSVARFBT - Table Search: Function Modules of Application, Texts
TSVARI - Where-Used List: Table for Key Reassignments
TSVARI_S - Table Search: Structure for Variable Definition
TSVER - Text Descriptions for LIFO Layer Versions
TSVIEWS - Structure for TT_VIEWS TSV...

TSWOOBJTYP - Structure with Object Type
TSWS - Business Workflow: Definition of Views
TSWSEKSEL - TSWUSL: Secondary Criteria
TSWST - Business Workflow: Texts for Views on Work Items
TSWUSEDKEYS - Searches Used per Where-Used List TSW...

TSYIMPREQ - Request List
TSYIMPSTAT - Transport Request Import Status
TSYNC - Synchronization table for Dictionary - Processes
TSYPROJVER - Project Versions
TSYREQSYNC - TSY UI: Layout for Transport Synchronization Overview
TSYREQSY_R - TSY UI: Layout for Transport Synchronization (Real Values) TSY...

TSZE1 - Sales data for acct statements


TT3X40 - Form Painter access for 3.X systems
TTAB - Tax Table Dependent Parameters (Foreign Key)
TTABP - Tabs Used in Project
TTABS - Tables with Special Maintenance
TTABSPLIT - Control data for splitting special tables
TTABSTRIPCL - Tabs in Solution Manager
TTADIR - Buffer Memory for Unchecked TADIR Entries TTA...

TTBD - Directory of text module for documents
TTBDT - Texts: Directory of function modules for documents
TTCDS - Assignment: Transaction code for DSYS structure
TTCGR - Assign transaction code to graphics
TTCOICODE - Complementary Identification Code
TTCOICODET - Complementary Identification Code (Text)
TTCOILAND - AT: Complementary Identification Country (obsolte-> use T005
TTCOILANDT - AT: Complementary Identification Code (obsolte-> use T005 TTC...

TTDCF - Table for style sheet conversion
TTDCW - Conversion of abbreviations in MS Word terms
TTDS - Organizational Unit: Transportation Scheduling Point
TTDST - Organizational Unit: Transportation Scheduling Point: Texts
TTDTG - SAPscript: Standard Symbols for Word Processing
TTD_COND_MAP - Time Deposit Conditions to Treasury Conditions TTD...

TTE2C_AGGREG - Country Specific Rule Assignments
TTE2C_AUTHID - Tax Authority
TTE2C_AUTHID_T - Tax Authority Description
TTE2C_BPPRPTYP - Business Partner Property Type
TTE2C_BPPRPTYP_T - Product Property Type Description
TTE2C_BPPRPVAL - Business Partner Properties TTE...

TTFKFBM_SHOW - Display Structure for Report for Search Terms
TTFRISKIND - Trade Finance Risk Control
TTGR - Delivery Scheduling: Transportation Groups
TTGRT - Shipping Scheduling: Transportation Groups: Texts
TTHINFO - Task Handler Tests
TTHTEST - Task Handler Tests
TTKFINFO - DD: nametab information on table type key fields
TTKWGDATA - Work Table for GBA 24c
TTL_ACTIV - Tatal activity of an operation, calculated via formula
TTMC_COPY_UL - Transfer Administration Fields to Excercise Transaction
TTMC_ROUNDING - FX: Rounding Rules
TTMGSSTN_PWL - Material Sustainability Powl
TTMRB - Administration of Risk Management areas (indep. of client)
TTMRF - Field catalog for Risk Management
TTMRFD - Field catalog for Risk Management, chracter. dependencies TTM...

TTOBJECTS - Transport Objects According to Relevance for Translation
TTOBJHIER - Transport Objects According to Relevance for Translation
TTODIR - Object List for Switch
TTONFINFOCOMPARE - Comparison information
TTONFREPORTSELECT - Parameters for Report
TTONFT056P - Reference Interest Rate Table TTO...

TTPDACARRIERID - tpda: System Settings - Container Screens
TTPDACARRIERIDAD - tpda: System Settings - Container Screens - Technic. Details
TTPDACARRIERIDT - tpda: System Settings - Container Screens - Texts
TTPDACARRIERSNEW - tpda: System Settings - Container Screens: New Tool
TTPDACARRIERSUCC - tpda: System Settings - Container Screens - +/- Successors
TTPDASUBFOLDER - TPDA: Tool Directories TTP...

TTRAL - Lock table - objects for SE63 translation tool locked
TTRANS - Control String for Checks for Changing POOL/CLUSTER->TRANSP
TTRCD - Intermediate accts and min. balances for cash concentration
TTREE - Definition table for structures
TTREEBRAEX - Attribute Repository for Structure Nodes: Invalid Industry
TTREEBRAIN - Attribute Repository for Sturcture Nodes: Valid Industry TTR...

TTSEGDURA - Logical Duration of Time Segment
TTSEGDURAT - Text for Logical Duration in Time Segment
TTSEGEVTY - Time Segment for Event Type
TTSEGEVTYT - Time Segment Text for Event Type
TTSEGLOCA - Time Segment Location Time
TTSEGLOCAT - Time Segment Text for Location Time TTS...

TTXAD - User data fields per document
TTXADV - Switch to Advanced US External Indirect Tax Calculation
TTXB - fields that serve as base for maximum tax
TTXBF - Correspondence Interface: Definition of Letter Categories
TTXBFT - Correspondence Interface: Definition of Letter Categories
TTXBR - SAPscript: Letter list for search strings in text modules TTX...

TTYP - Object Types for Accounting
TTYPINFO - DD: nametab information on table type
TTYPS - FI Summarization: Document Fields Allowed
TTYPT - Object Type Names for Accounting
TTYPV - FI Summarization Dependent on the Object Type
TTYPVA - G/L Line Item Table ACDOCA Summarization TTY...

TTZ5 - Assign Time Tones to Countries
TTZ5S - Assign time zones to regions
TTZ5Z - Assign time zones to postal codes in gener. length
TTZAPPOBJ - Time Zones: Objects for Local Date
TTZAPPOBJT - Time Zones: Object Texts for Local Date
TTZCU - Customizing time zones TTZ...


TUAB_ANNOTATION - Annotation Costing
TUAB_WF_TYPE - Workflow Type Costing
TUAB_WF_TYPE_T - Workflow Type Costing - Texts
TUAPP - Applications (such as HR or IS) for System Measurement
TUAPPT - Name of an Application (such as an IBU) for System Meas.
TUAPP_EXCLUDE - Applications of System Measurement Exclusion TUA...

TUBD_BW_GEN - BD Lib: Class Generation for BW Access
TUBD_DOMAIN - Application Lib: Business Domains
TUBD_DOMAIN_HIER - Business Domain Lib: Business Domain Hierarchy
TUBD_DOMAIN_T - Business Domain Lib: Text Table on Business Domains
TUBD_LIGHT - BDLib Light: Generated Methods
TUBD_LIGHT_T - BDLib Light: Text for Generated Methods TUB...

TUCC_TEST_TABLE - Table for TUCC Test Cases
TUCHK - Table for Extended ABAP Checks
TUCHK1 - Starting points for the reengineering analysis jobs
TUCHK2 - ABAP Checks
TUCHK3 - Information on the CHECK Index
TUCM - Trade Union Calculation Method TUC...

TUGRP - Field Assignment for User Types
TUID - UID Handling
TUID_EID - Item Unique Identification Enterprise Identifier
TUID_WC - UID Handling and Work Center Connection
TUJOB - System Measurement Jobs Scheduled and Running
TUJOBSTATE - Job Status (Text) in Table TUJOB
TUJOB_DAC - System Measurement Jobs Scheduled and Running
TUJOB_DAC_RESULT - Results of Tujob_dac
TUKTO - Account Groups Belonging to IS-U
TULAPP_PL - System Measurement: Price List-Dependent Applications
TULTRANS - System Measurement Results
TUL_ACRES - System Measurement: AC Results Table
TUL_ACTTC - System Measurement: AC tables to be checked
TUL_AC_UNIT - System Measurement: Units for System Measurement Objects
TUL_AC_UNITT - Name of a Unit for System Measurement Objects TUL...

TUMRES - System Measurement Results
TUMRES_HIST - Results of System Measurement History
TUMRES_HIST_PDF - Results System Measurement PDF
TUMRES_HIST_PERS - Results of System Measuement: User History
TUMSG - Text Table for System Evaluation Messages
TUNE1 - Tune: Maximum Puffer Sizes/Directory Entries Reached
TUNEHD - Statistical data for internal SAP buffers
TUNEHD64 - Statistical Data for Internal SAP Buffers
TUNEHDHIST - History: Statistical data for internal SAP buffers
TUNEHDWQ - Statistical data re. SAP buffer & quality/hit ratios
TUNEHDWQ64 - Statistical Data About SAP Buffer and Quality/Hit Ratios TUN...

TUPEL - Table of Data Sets
TUPL - Price lists in the SAP System
TUPLT - System measurement: Texts for price lists
TUPRO - System Measurement: Logging of Last Measurements
TUPROF - Assgmnt of SV Revaluation Profile to PV Revaluation Profile
TUPS00 - ALE Distribution Unit: Central Settings TUP...

TUREP - History of the System Evaluation, User and IS
TUREP_HIST - History of the System Evaluation, User and IS
TURLTYPE - URL Types in Table T001URL
TUSTAT - Status of Transfer of a System Measurement to SAP
TUT1 - Control of text calls
TUTLS_DISP_APPROVER_LIST - Display structure for Approver List
TUTYHLP - Mass Maintain Price Categories
TUTYP - SAP System User Type Texts
TUTYPA - System measurement: User types with attributes
TUTYPASYS - CUA: Available Features in Child System TUT...

TUUNT - Units for System Measurement Objects
TUUNTT - Name of a Unit for System Measurement Objects
TUVAPP - Generated Table for View
TUVAPP_UNT - Generated Table for View
TUVD_AUTH - System Measurement Validation: Authorizations Rule
TUVD_PROFILE - System Measurement Validation: Profile
TUVD_PROFILER - System Measurement Validation: Assignment of Profile Rule
TUVD_PROFILET - System Measurement Validation: Profile TUV...

TUWS_DATAT - Descriptions to TUWS_DATA
TUWS_LDAPKEY - Assignment LDAP Server <-> Technical Key and Variant

TUXB_DOC_TYPE - Document Types for XML Framework
TUXP_APPL_PERS - KW Persistence Layer for Transaction Data of Application
TUXP_ENQUEUE - XML Persistence Layer - Lock Table
TUXP_KW_DOC - KW Persistence Layer for Transaction Data of Application
TUXP_KW_DOCT - Text: KW Persistence Layer for Transaction Data of Appl.
TUXS_ATTR_URI - Attribute URIs TUX...

TUZUS - Text for Special Versions
TUZUSSYS - System Measurement: System-Specific Special Versions


TVA01 - Variant for Funds Reservation Copying Template
TVA01T - Variant for Funds Reservation Copying Template
TVA02 - Variant for Transfers from Reference Documents for Fds Rsvn
TVA02T - Variant for Funds Reservation Copying Template
TVAG - Sales Documents: Rejection Reasons
TVAGT - Rejection Reasons for Sales Documents: Texts TVA...

TVBO - Sales Rebate Groups
TVBOT - Sales Rebate Groups: Texts
TVBPROC - Business Transaction for ATP
TVBPROCT - ATP: Texts for Business Transaction
TVBR - Contact Person: Frequency of Visits
TVBRT - Contact person: Frequency of visits: Texts TVB...

TVC1 - Sales Activity Outcome
TVC1T - Sales Activities : Outcome - Text Table
TVC2 - Reasons for Sales Activities
TVC2T - Sales Activity Reasons
TVC3 - Sales Activity Status
TVC3T - Sales Activities : Status - Texts TVC...

TVDC - Delivery Times:Categories
TVDCT - Delivery Times: Texts
TVDIR - View Directory
TVDIR_TC - Supplement for TVDIR for conversion to table control 3.0B
TVDSG - Rules for Groups of Outbound Deliveries (Subsqu. Deliv. Spl)
TVDSP - Profile for Subsequent Outbound Deliv. Split per Deliv. Type TVD...

TVE1 - Shipping Unit Group 1
TVE1T - Shipping Unit Group 1: Texts
TVE2 - Shipping Unit Group 2
TVE2T - Shipping Unit Group 2: Texts
TVE3 - Shipping Unit Group 3
TVE3T - Shipping Unit Group 3: Texts TVE...

TVFAP - Shipment Cost Information Profile Data
TVFAPT - Shipment Cost Information Profile: Descriptions
TVFAW - Shipment Cost Info Profile - Planning Profile Assig. (VT04)
TVFBWA - Minimum Weights for Shipping Units
TVFBWAF - Bulkiness Factors
TVFBWG - Definition of Bulkiness Groups TVF...

TVGA - Record types for CO-PA
TVGAI - Number range table for number range object COPA_IST
TVGAP - Number range table for number range object COPA_PLAN
TVGAR - CO-PA record types (not currently in use)
TVGAT - Texts for Record Types
TVGF - Legal Status (Customer Master) TVG...

TVHB - Sales Document: Screen Sequence Group
TVHBT - SD documents: Screen sequence group texts
TVHF - Sales Document: Field Selection Groups
TVHFT - SD Documents: Field Selection Group Texts
TVIER - Sales Documents Containing Errors
TVIEWNODE - Tree View Structure for Customer Extensions
TVIEWNODE2 - Tree View Structure for Customer Extensions
TVIMF - User routines called from view maintenance
TVIMV - extended table maintenance: Selection variants
TVIMVT - extended table maintenance: Selection variant texts TVI...

TVK0 - Attribute 10 (customer master)
TVK0T - Attribute 10 texts (customer master)
TVK1 - Attribute 1 (customer master)
TVK1T - Attribute 1 texts (customer master)
TVK2 - Attribute 2 (customer master)
TVK2T - Atribute 2 texts (customer master) TVK...

TVLA - Org.unit: Loading points per shipping point
TVLAT - Org.Unit: Loading points per shipping point: Texts
TVLG - Routes: Weight Groups for Deliveries
TVLGT - Routes: Weight Groups for Deliveries: Texts
TVLGZ - Routes: Weights per Weight Group
TVLIZ - Determin. of Deliv. Type for Goods Mvmnts Using Inb. Deliv. TVL...

TVM1 - Material Pricing Group 1
TVM1T - Material pricing group 1: Description
TVM1T_KEY - Key Fields: Material Group 1: Name
TVM2 - Material Pricing Group 2
TVM2T - Material Pricing Group 2: Description
TVM2T_KEY - Key Fields: Material Group 2: Name TVM...

TVNAM - Text Names for Renaming Texts before Posting
TVNFACT - SD: Function Activation on BUKRS Level
TVNFACTC - SD: Function Activation on CLIENT Level
TVOID - Check void reason codes
TVOID_BF - Reasons for invalidity (neutral communication structure)
TVOIT - Check void reason code texts
TVORDATA - Templates: Relation Transaction > Auth. Object
TVORSC_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface
TVORSL_RFC - HR TRIP: Structure for RFC interface TVO...

TVP0 - Contact Person: Attribute 10
TVP0T - Contact person attribute 10: Texts
TVP2 - Contact Person: Attribute 2
TVP2T - Contact person attribute 2: Texts
TVP3 - Contact Person: Attribute 3
TVP3T - Contact person attribute 3: Texts TVP...

TVRAB - Route Stages
TVRABH_ALV - ALV Structure for Output from TVRAB (Header)
TVRABTIM - Duration in Output Format in TVRAB
TVRAB_ALV - ALV Structure for Output from TVRAB (Item)
TVRF_AUSWPARA - Evaluation Parameters for Reading Risk Factor
TVRF_VALUES - Risk Factor: Return Values for a Risk Factor TVR...

TVS010A - IS-IS Scheduling: Payment Option
TVS010AT - IS-IS Scheduling: Paymt Option Texts
TVS010B - IS-IS Scheduling: Paymt Plan
TVS010BT - IS-IS Scheduling: Paymt Plan Texts
TVS010H - IS-IS Scheduling: Percentage Distribution in Paymt Plan
TVS010I - IS-IS Scheduling: Assignment of Activities to Posting Event TVS...

TVTA - Organizational Unit: Sales Area(s)
TVTA_MAT - Material view for TVTA (Operation and Reference Distr.Chain)
TVTB - Billing Plan: Date Description
TVTBT - Sales Documents: Order Reasons: Texts
TVTB_STY - Structure: Invoice Plan Date Description
TVTF - Shipment Cost Types TVT...

TVUV - Incompletion Control: Procedures
TVUVF - Incompletion Control: Fields
TVUVFC - Incompletion Control: Function Codes
TVUVFCT - Incompletion Control: Function Code Texts
TVUVG - Incompletion Control - Object Categories
TVUVO - Incompletion Control: Object Category Texts TVU...

TVV1 - Customer Group 1
TVV1T - Customer group 1: Description
TVV1T_KEY - Key Fields: Customer Group 1: Description
TVV2 - Customer Group 2
TVV2T - Customer group 2: Description
TVV2T_KEY - Key Fields: Customer Group 2: Description TVV...

TVWA - Customers: Goods receiving hours (default values)
TVWAT - Customers: Goods Receiving Hours: Texts
TVZ01 - Control of incoming payments
TVZ02 - Definition of criteria/memo rec. grouping/inc.pmnt distrib.
TVZ03 - Flow control of advance payments and overpayments
TVZ04 - Incoming payment distribution basic configuration
TVZ05 - Inc. Pmnts: Editing per Activity Type (Loans, Real Estate)
TVZ05B - Processing type for internal transaction (account statement) TVZ...

TV_FMITPOC5 - Generated Table for View TV_FMITPOC5


TW01 - Classification of bonds
TW01T - Text table for TW01 (Classification of bonds)
TW02 - Type of shareholding
TW02T - Text table for TW02 (Type of investment)
TW03 - Details about structure of shareholding
TW03T - Text table for TW03 (Investment structure) TW0...

TW10 - Subsection
TW10B - Relationship table TW10 - RANTYP
TW10T - Subsection texts
TW11 - Balance sheet indicator
TW11T - Balance sheet indicator (Text)
TW12 - BAV asset group 501 TW1...

TW20 - Security category
TW20T - Security category (text)
TW21 - Funds category
TW21T - Fund category (text)
TW22 - Securities classification
TW22T - Premium reserve fund (Text) TW2...

TW3W - Parameter for promotion ad. media HTML generator
TW50 - Table for possible deposit types
TW50T - Table for possible deposit types TEXT
TW51 - Securities Account Statistics Key
TW51T - Sec. acct statistics key: Texts
TW52 - Market sectors
TW52T - Market sectors - Text table TW5...

TWAA - Promotion Type, IS-R
TWAAT - Promotion type short text, IS-R
TWAA_PEC_AP01 - Promotion Execution Cockpit
TWAC - Map CRM Campaign Type to Promotion Type
TWAHD - Customizing for Alternative Historical Data for the Forecast
TWAP1 - Appointments: Appointments Profile TWA...

TWB08 - Flow types per securities application subfunction
TWB08A - Permitted other flows (default)
TWB1_EC_SOURCE - Generated Table for View
TWB1_EC_TARGET - Generated Table for View
TWB2BCM - GT: Copying methods on business data level
TWB2BCMT - GT: Copying methods on business data level TWB...

TWCBCATEGORY - Condition Contract Category
TWCBCATEGORYT - Text Condition Contract Category
TWCBCHAIN - Field Chain
TWCBCHAINCHKE - Assignment of Check Classes for Customer Checks on Chains
TWCBCHAINCHKI - Assignment of Check Classes for Standard Chain Checks
TWCBCHAINCHKI_A - Assign check category to reuse key TWC...

TWD01 - Treasury: Securities Account Master Data
TWDESTS - structure of destination info
TWDESTSI - structure of inbound destination options
TWDESTSU - structure of destination info
TWDR - Transactions with Automatic Revaluation at Retail
TWDRD - Profile for Delivery Relationship Determination TWD...

TWEA - IS-R Labeling: Check Table Material Groups
TWEAT - IS-R Labeling: Text Table Material Groups
TWEGO - Sales Price Calculation: Assignment of price point group
TWEK - IS-R Labeling: Check Table Customer/Plant Groups
TWEKT - IS-R Labeling: Text Table Customer/Plant Groups
TWEP - IS-R Labeling: Check Table Label Categories TWE...

TWFAT - Workflow: Transition Table - Lang.-dep. Rule Texts
TWFDB - Workflow: NCI document types
TWFDB1 - Workflow: NCI document types - internal table
TWFDB_C - Generated Table for View
TWFFP - Workflow: parameter for process function modules
TWFF_APPLICATION - Web Financials Forms: Applications TWF...

TWGA - Layout type
TWGAT - Layout type description
TWGF - Area schema
TWGFT - Descriptions for area share
TWGLV - Layout Area
TWGLVD - Screen field string for layout areas TWG...

TWH01 - Stock exchange table
TWHMATGR - Warehouse Material Group
TWHMATGRT - Warehouse Material Group Description
TWHSTC - Warehouse Storage Condition
TWHSTCT - Warehouse Storage Condition Description
TWIC0100 - General Settings for SAP Retail Store Goods Receipt
TWIC0100_ADD - Append Structure for TWIC0100 - SRS PDC, Search Helps,...
TWIC0101 - Grouping of Reference Document Categs and Business Processes
TWIC0110 - Retail Store GR: Basic Settings for Goods Receipt
TWIC0200 - General Settings for SAP Retail Store Goods Movements
TWIC0200_ADD - SRS MDE, Append Structure for TWIC0200 TWI...

TWKAMET - Chain Liability methods
TWKAMETX - Description of Chain Liability methods
TWKAO - Sales Price Calculation: Assignment of pricing type
TWKAO_KEY - Sales price calculation: Key for table TWKAO
TWKG - Sales Price Calculation: Pricing Type
TWKGT - Sales price calculation: Pricing types (texts) TWK...

TWL1 - List sort sequence (Position/Trend/Revenue lists)
TWL1T - Texts for TWL1 (Sort sequence)
TWL2 - Sort sequence lists + control parameters
TWL2S - Special group key sort sequence
TWL3 - List Display Sequence (Position List)
TWL3T - Texts for TWL3 (Position list output sequence) TWL...

TWMB - Competitor: Price Entry Types
TWMBT - Competitor: Price Entry Type (Texts)
TWMEG - Unit of measure group
TWML - Layout module
TWMLT - Layout module descriptions
TWMLT_STRUC - Structure: Layout Module Text TWM...

TWOBL - Control table for SAPLIWOL - Object list
TWORD - Characteristic Sequence
TWORKAREA - Work area for data transfer at LDB call
TWPA - General Parameters for Retail Control
TWPAGRAGRS - Workplace Plug-In: Structure for Table AGR_AGRS
TWPAGRATTS - Workplace Plug-In: Structure for Table AGR_ATTS
TWPAGRBUFF - Workplace Plug-In: Structure for Table AGR_BUFFI
TWPAGRCUST - Workplace Plug-In: Structure for Table AGR_CUSTOM
TWPAGRDEF - Workplace Plug-In: Structure for Table AGR_DEFINE TWP...

TWREB - Promotion Discount: Condition Creation Control
TWRF - Security classes relation types
TWRF1 - Allowed tables per copy rule
TWRF11 - Plant blocking reasons
TWRF11T - Plant blocking reason description
TWRF16 - Group Applications TWR...

TWSAI - (Annual) Seasons
TWSAJ - Annual seasons (distribution chain-specific)
TWSAL - Amount of Work: Contains all Created Amounts (SAPfind)
TWSD - Field Selection Securities Account Master Data
TWSET - Amount of Work: for SAPfind; Paths, Markers etc.
TWSF - Subsequent processing procedure for material discontinuation TWS...

TWT100 - T100 message for info display
TWTASKS - Structure of task from task service
TWTAX_S_KNA1 - TW: Business Partner Extension for TW e-Invoice
TWTCPAF - Additionals: Fields relevant to change analysis
TWTCTRL - Control table for procedures for additionals
TWTEXT - Message Texts TWT...

TWUF_APPL - Application
TWUF_APPLT - Text Application
TWUF_CHECK - Field Check
TWUF_CHECK_C - Client-Dependent: Field Check
TWUF_CONTEXTT - Text: Context TWU...

TWVK - Sales Price Calculation: Allowed pricing levels
TWVMO - Control profiles for transferring material data to vendor
TWVMOP - Stock types per profile for transfer to vendor
TWVMOQ - Info System Access Parameters for Qty Sold and Forecast Data
TWVMOT - Material data transfer: text table for TWVMO
TWWAG - Scales group
TWWAGT - Texts for tables TWWAG
TWWKA - Market-Basket Pricing Type
TWWKAT - Market-Basket Price Calculation Type: Short Text
TWWTK - Definition of currency exchange accounts
TWWV - Layout area / area share TWW...

TWX1 - Class data sec. index numbers
TWX1T - Class data sec. index names
TWX2 - Sec.-index class data
TWYAZ - Price Marking Agreement
TWYAZT - Price Marking Agreement
TWZ03 - Result types text table, texts for summarization types
TWZ10 - Event groups (summarization of values (temporary))
TWZLA - Splitting types for structured materials
TWZLA2 - Control Access to TWZLA


TXALC - Text ID Pointer to BSEG Key
TXA_C_BUKRS - Settings for company codes
TXBC_C_STRC - Segments
TXBC_C_STRCT - Segment Description
TXBC_METADATA - Meta Data for ILM Segments
TXBUF - DDTMP: Tables with Authorization, but without Buffering
TXCLA - Header Table for XCLA
TXCLA_FIELDS - List of Fields Accessed by XCLA
TXCLA_TABLES - List of Tables Accessed by XCLA
TXCLA_VIEWS_TMP - Table of Views Used Temporarily by XCLAs
TXCOM - Communications Table
TXCOMSECU - SNC extension for CPIC destinations TXC...

TXDEBUG_ALL - TXDEBUG: Structure for Excerpt
TXDEBUG_HDR - Header Structure TX Excerpt
TXDEBUG_ITM - Structure Sequence Item
TXDEBUG_SEQ - Structure of Sequences
TXDPCHKF - SAP KW: File Name of Last Check-Out
TXDPCHKO - SAP KW: Check-Out Data of Physical Info Object TXD...

TXHD - Copying texts: Headers of Source and Target Texts
TXI_A074 - Plant/Customs Area/Material
TXI_ACCT_ASSGMT - Account Assignment for Transfer Item Posting
TXI_AD01C_CTT - Apportionment reason text
TXI_ADRC - Addresses (central address admin.)
TXI_AFRU - Order completion confirmations
TXI_AFVC - Operation within an order TXI...

TXJCD_ADDR - Tax Jurisdiction Result Search
TXJCD_LIST - Jurisdiction Code
TXJIARCPAR - Archive params XJI-API (connection of ext. job mgmt systems)
TXJIPRIPAR - Print params XJI-API (connection of ext. job mgmt systems)
TXMILOG - Log Information on Actions of External Management Tools
TXMILOGRAW - Log Information on Actions of External Management Tools
TXMIMSG - Table for Lang.-Depend. Message Texts in XMI Log
TXMIREORG - Criteria for Reorganizing XMI Log
TXMISPOROW - Line in spool list
TXMI_USAGE - Information About Activities of XMI Tools TXM...

TXO_CLUSTER - Obsolete
TXO_GEN_DB - XO-User-Specific Generic Database Table
TXPAR - Work Area: Contact Partner Texts
TXPDASBLR - Assignment of Blocking Reason to Expediting Object
TXPDASSC - Assignment of Event Scenario
TXPDAT - Expediting Data
TXPDBLR - Expediting Blocking Reason
TXPDBLRT - Language-Dependent Name for TXPDBLR TXP...

TXSSCAT_FIELD_C - CATS FACE: Field Selection Customizing
TXSTA - MM Inventory Mngmt: Work Table for Phys. Inv. Doc. Archiving
TXSUP - For WinWord and External DTP
TXSUP2 - OBSOLETE: For WinWord and External DTP
TXS_ACTIVATION - Tax Service Activation Status
TXS_ADDIT_ITEM_INFORMATION - Tax Service Item Additional Information TXS...

TXTPROT - Structure for SD Text Determination Log
TXT_CLASS_DATA_INTERFACE - Long text lines (int. format) for Direct Input in the EWB
TXT_CLASS_DATA_PLAIN - Long text lines (ext. format) for Direct Input in the EWB
TXT_DI - Text in direct input for routings
TXT_HDR_CLASS_DATA_INTERFACE - Text assignment (int. format) for Direct Input in the EWB
TXT_HDR_CLASS_DATA_PLAIN - Text assignment (ext. format) for Direct Input in the EWB TXT...

TXV01 - Forms of address key translations
TXV02 - Translation for saluation key
TXV03 - Translation table for virt. object categories
TXV10 - Translation table for address category
TXV11 - Translation table for partner-partner relationship
TXVCALLSTDG - Generated Table for View TXV...

TXW_A074 - Foreign Trade Add. Information: Plant/Customs Area/Material
TXW_ABZUG - Deductions due to free entertainment
TXW_ACCCAT - Account assignment categories
TXW_ACCDET - Account determination
TXW_ACCTYP - Account types
TXW_ACTIV - Activity master TXW...

TXX_ADMI_EXTR - DART-Administration --- Extract_Data---
TXX_ADMI_PAR - DART-Administration ---Segment-Management---
TXX_ADMI_RES - DART-Administration ---Resource Management ---
TXX_ADMI_SEGMENT - Segments for an Extract Log
TXX_ADMI_SEGS - DART-Administration ---Segment-Management---
TXX_ADMI_VW - DART Administration: Tax View File TXX...

TXZUFT_WB2 - GT: Text Group
TXZUFT_WCB - Text Group Desxription for Condition Contracts
TXZUF_WB2 - GT: Text Group
TXZUF_WCB - Text Group for Condition Contracts


TYAVORG - Operation Structure for Settlement Rule Check (BAPI)
TYCALL_IMP - Call Structure for Settlement Rule
TYC_BSPRD_DEF - Basis Spread Definition
TYC_BSPRD_MD - Basis Spreads: Market Data
TYC_CSPRD_DEF - Credit Spread Definition
TYC_CSPRD_MD - Credit Spreads: Market Data
TYC_REF_ENT_DEF - Reference Unit Definition TYC...

TYFIELDS_DESCR - Condition Fields of a Policy
TYOBJNR_ST - Data Structure for Update Task
TYPATTRIB - Object relationship: attribute of a link
TYPEADIR - Generated Table for View
TYPEHDINFO - DD: header information for types (nametab information)
TYPEINFO - OLE type information
TYPEINTERV - EAN Types with Number Ranges
TYPEOBJC - Rows of an Object List TYP...

TYSM_HGA_MAINSTEPS - Structure for Mainsteps
TYS_ILM_CHECKCONFIG - Check Configuration - Analysis Variants
TYS_ILM_CHECKFIELDS - Fields for Check Sum Creation
TYS_ILM_CHECKTABLES - Table with Description
TYS_LEADER_INFO - Manager/Leader Information TYS...

TYUS_GEMD2 - For DBACockpit-Users-General


TZ01 - Table for maintenance of ratings
TZ01T - Table for the maintenance of ratings (Text)
TZ02 - Legal entity
TZ02B - Relationship table for contracting party classification
TZ02T - Legal Entity (Text)
TZ10 - Customer application type
TZ10T - Customer application type (text)
TZ11 - Stock indicator
TZ11T - Stock indicator (Text)
TZ12 - Changes in net assets
TZ12T - Changes in net assets (Text) TZ1...

TZ21 - Control of cost elements for BAV statements
TZ22 - Asset classes relationship table -- BAV- Sub-section
TZ24 - Relationship key contracting party classification
TZ24T - Relationship key contracting party classification (Text)
TZ25 - Regulatory reporting list control
TZ25T - Indicator for list selection TZ2...

TZ30 - Premium reserve fund list
TZ30T - Premium reserve fund list number / Text
TZ31 - Subsection
TZ31T - Subsection / Text
TZ32 - BAV asset group stmt 102
TZ32T - BAV asset group stmt 102 / Text TZ3...

TZ40 - Customizing regulatory reporting field control for contract
TZ41 - Customizing reg. report. fld. ctrl. for prem. res. fund
TZ43 - Relationship Table for Fund Categories - Pure Bond Funds
TZ45 - Headings for BAV Lists
TZA11 - Output control acc. to circular R96 appendix 11
TZA11R - Values for classifying appendices acc. to R96/11
TZA11R1 - Values for Classifying Appendix 10 According to R5/97
TZAF - Product categories
TZAFT - Product categories text

TZB03 - Flow categories
TZB04 - Flow Type Groups Definition for Cash Flow Display
TZB05 - Trans. type - Trans. type groups allocation for cash flow
TZB06 - Table of relationships between flow types (ref. flow types)
TZB07 - Flow types relationship key
TZB08 - Flow types per posting application TZB...

TZC37 - Financial Assets Management status definition
TZC37_KEY - Key Status Definition Financial Assets Management
TZC3A - Control Report to CCR Austria (Contract/Promissory Note)
TZC3N - Assig. of Credit Type/Class to Value Fld for OeNB CCR Notif.

TZD0A - Darwin: Customer default values per trans. type for KNA1
TZD0B - Darwin: Customer default values per for KNB1
TZD1 - Value table for intra-entity loan groups
TZD1T - Text table for table TZD1
TZD37 - Texts for TZC37
TZDATAPOOL - TestZone: Data Pool Summary TZD...

TZE01 - Incoming Payment: Order of Evaluation Criteria
TZE01N - Incoming Payment: Order of Evaluation Criteria
TZE02 - Incoming Payments: Evaluation Criteria
TZE03 - Incoming payments: Allocation table
TZE03N - Incoming payments: Allocation table
TZE04 - Incoming payments: Name of user-specific structure TZE...

TZFB - Calculation base value table
TZFBT - Text table for TZFB Calculation base
TZFO - Release object for release procedure
TZFO1 - Definition of release objects
TZFOH - Release procedure: Object hierarchy for release TZF...

TZGR - Grouping rules for automatic payments
TZGRT - Name of grouping rules
TZIC - Product Type Investor Contract
TZICT - Product Type Text for Investor Contract
TZIN1 - Document Header Data from Source Document (PS Int.Calc.)
TZIN2 - Interest Document:Segment Int.Indicator & Valuation Category
TZIN3 - Interest Document: Currency Type Segment
TZIN4 - Interest Document: 'Objects Affected' Segment TZI...

TZJOB - TestZone: Job
TZJOB_ALL - Job Overall Structure
TZJOB_EXEC - TestZone: Job Executing IDs TZJ...

TZK01 - Condition types
TZK02 - Condition group, condition group - condition type allocation
TZK03 - Alloc.of VZZKOPO fields to field string items(MODIFY SCREEN)
TZK04 - Condition Groups
TZK05 - Allocation: Calculation type - KOPO fields
TZK06 - Documentation key for condition type-dependent documentation TZK...

TZLOCATION - Locations - Requirements
TZLOC_FILTER - TestZone: Location Filter
TZLOC_SUMMARY - TestZone: Location Summary
TZLOGON - Logon Data
TZM37 - Transition matrix of internal status
TZN01 - Product type numbers
TZN02 - Number components
TZN03 - Number components (Text)
TZN04 - Standard check digit procedure table
TZNDSTYEAR - Summer time start/end of a year/time zone
TZONCOMPDA - Time zones: Start/end times local and UTC
TZONCOMPKY - Time zones: ID for access to shared buffer
TZONE - Customers: Regional zones
TZONECHECK - Time zone structure for consistency checks
TZONREF - Reference fields for ABAP time stamp TZO...

TZPA - Financial Assets Management Product Types
TZPAB - Financial Assets Management product types
TZPAB_ADDON - Addon for Financial Assets Management product types
TZPAB_CHK_COND - Indicator to carry out checks for condition item changes
TZPAT - Financial Assets Management product type texts
TZPA_ADDFUNC - Additional Functions of the Product Type TZP...

TZR1 - Convert Roles between Applications
TZR3 - Application area / external role allocation
TZR4 - Allocation of external roles to various application areas
TZR96 - Circular R5/97 Control Table for Report Program RFVZBR00
TZR96A11 - Text table for circular R96 Appendix 11
TZRCL - Treasury: Valuation Classes TZR...

TZS01 - Screen control: Possible control fields per module pool
TZS02 - Screen control: Field val.-specific cntrl customer setting
TZS03 - Screen control: Field val.-specific control default values
TZS12 - Sort strings for object
TZS13 - Real estate objects acct settlement profile proposal
TZSBW - Valuation methods TZS...

TZT01 - Derivation rules for tax flows
TZT15 - Info. in acc.with §18 German banking act (Texts)
TZTABLE_KEYS - TestZone: Structure for Display Check
TZTF_CMD - Time Field Table of Existing Commands
TZTF_CMD_L - Time Field Language-Dependent Tokens for Commands
TZTF_CMD_USER - Time Field: User-Dependent Descriptions for Tokens TZT...

TZUN - Rules for 'Allocation' Field Layout
TZUNI - Currency units
TZUNIT - Currency Units - Texts
TZUNT - Assignment Rule Names
TZUSA - Price notations
TZUSAT - Price notations - Text table TZU...

TZV01 - Form-of-Address Key
TZV02 - Salutation key
TZV03 - Object categ.for objects which addresses can be assigned to
TZV04 - Key for partner share types in objects
TZV05 - Types of restraint on drawing
TZV06 - Internal position/employee group TZV...

TZW01 - Resubmission periods (Deadline reminder)
TZW01T - Text table for TZW01 Application areas for resubmission
TZW02 - User <-> Determine message
TZWR0 - Valuation in cross-depot
TZWR1 - Valuation in sec.acct position
TZZKD - IS-IS: Business trans./Role alloc. --> Doc.category
TZZTG - Transaction code - Correspondence activity allocation

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