SAP Hana Tables

SAP Hana Tables Index by M


Index of SAP Tables Objects


M000 - Master Table for Portfolio Determination
M007 - Work Fields for MSTT007
M047C - Help fields for edition T047C
M047H - Help fields for edition T047H
M047X - Help fields for maintaining dunning procedure


M60I - Object dependencies tree structure for chars planning
M60I_ENQ - Lock object dependencies tree structure for chars planning
M61BM - Material Master View: MRP/Inventory Management MD
M61DM - Material Master: MRP
M61D_CRHD - Capacity planning in MRP /MPS - list of work centers
M61D_KAKO - Capacity planning in MRP/MPS - capacity categories
M61D_RESO - Capacity planning in MRP/MPS - relation of wk center/capa.
M61GFW_USER - User Settings for Graphic in MRP M61...


MA06V - Generated Table for View
MA07V - Generated Table for View
MA29V - Generated Table for View
MA61V - Generated Table for View
MAANLF - Generated Table for View
MAAPV - Material Master View: Sales Screen 1
MAAVC2 - Structure for Displaying the AVC MiniApp
MAAVC3 - Structure for Displaying AVC MiniApp - Projects
MAAVC3_OR - Structure for Displaying AVC MiniApp: Orders
MAAVC4 - Structure for Displaying Plan/Actual MiniApp: Projects MAA...

MABDR - Material Master View: Print GR/GI Document
MABW - Management of Differently Maintained Material Data in Retail
MABW_DET - Details on the Differently Maintained Fields and Values
MACFD - Matchcode Run-Time Object: Inverted Field String
MACID - Run-time Object 'Matchcode ID'
MACK1 - Material Master View: Costing
MACK2 - MBEW Fields for Material Valuation: Product Costing
MACK3 - Material Master View: Costing
MACK4 - Material Master View: Costing MAC...

MAED1 - All Fields in POPUPs in Engineering Change Management
MAEND - Structure for mass price changes in the price calculation
MAEPV - Material Master View: Sales 2
MAEQ_HELD - Structure: retain main. equip. data after alloc. explosion
MAERG - Material Master View: Forecast/Events
MAEX - Material Master: Legal Control MAE...

MAFIELD - Material structure for order progress report
MAFI_ST_CM_DATA - Configuration Management Data on Material
MAFRUC - Generated Table for View
MAFU - Foreign Trade: Additional Information for Material/Code No.
MAGE - ABAP/4 Dictionary objects for mass generation
MAGVV - Material Master View: Weight, Volume
MAHD - Alternative Required Time Series for the Forecast
MAHD_OVAL - Original Values for Alternative RPM Time Series for Forecast
MAHD_S_AHD_COUPLES - Couples for which Alternative Historical Data Will be Loaded
MAHD_S_CONTEXT_TABNAME - Context Structure for Error Messages in the AHD Scenario
MAHD_S_CONTROL_PACKET_DELETE - Control Structure for Package Processing When Deleting AHD
MAHD_S_CONTROL_PACKET_LOAD - Control Structure for Package Processing During AHD Load MAH...

MAIL - Attributes of a mail

MAKA - Buffer Table for MiniApps of the Costing
MAKG - Material Cost Distribution Groups
MAKGB - Buffer Table for Material Cost Distribution Groups
MAKOF - Material Master View: Account Determination
MAKON - Material Master View: Sales Conditions
MAKT - Material Descriptions MAK...

MALG - Assignment of Layout Modules to Materials
MALG_LIST - MALG Structure for Listing Conditions
MALG_STRUC - Structure: Materials per Layout Module
MALG_UEB - MALG for Data Transfer by ALE (Extended to Include TRANC)
MALH - Header and Item Information in Change Documents
MAM20_ORDER_OPERATION - Order operation
MAM25_ORDER_OPERATION - Order operation
MAM30_DOE_INV_USER - User-inventory customizing data for subscription generation
MAM30_DOE_ORD_VAR_HEADER - single value data for order variant
MAM30_EQUIP_VAR_HEADER - Equipment variant header data for report selection
MAM30_FUNCLOC_VAR_HEADER - Functional location variant header data for report selection MAM...

MANAGERPORTAL_HR_TRAINING - Manager's Portal: ALV Structure for Employee Training Data
MANANSWRT - Indicator for Manual Entry of Acquisition Value
MANDATORY_ASSORTMENT_MV_DS - Structure for the maintenance of attribute MANDAT
MANDATORY_ASSORTMENT_MV_S - Structure for the maintenance of attribute MANDAT
MANDATORY_REMITTANCE_REQUEST - Mandatory Remittance Request
MANDATORY_REMITTANCE_RESPONSE - Mandatory Remittance Response MAN...

MAOR - Return Structure for MiniApp Internal Orders
MAPCRMFITARGET - Target Structure for Mapping Revenue Account
MAPE - Material Master: Export Control File
MAPEWG - Material master: Preference determination: Cross-plant
MAPL - Assignment of Task Lists to Materials
MAPLB - Record structure: Material allocation to task lists
MAPLID_STRUC - Structure for key data of materialplant assignment MAP...

MAR1 - To be deleted, is not used
MARA - General Material Data
MARA1 - Generated Table for View
MARABRAZIL - Material Master Data - Brazil
MARABRAZIL_BI - Material Master Data - Brazil (BTCI)
MARAEXT - MARA Extended MAR...

MASE - Last Serial Number for Material
MASEL - Help fields for line selection in MRP list display; CO06
MASSAENAME - Defined Application Exits
MASSALETAB - Different Assignment of Tables to ALE Segments
MASSAPPEX - Application Exits for an Object
MASSAPPLOG - Interface for Application Log for Mass Maintenance MAS...

MATBEW - Material movements of valuated stock
MATCH_RESULT - Match with Regular Expression
MATCOMP - Structure for Material Component Selection
MATDET_001 - Material determination data for condition table 001
MATDET_001_BAPIRET2 - Material Determination data for condition table 001 bapiret2
MATDET_001_KEY - Material determination data for condition table 001 (key) MAT...

MAU_DOE_MRDATE - Meter Reading Date in Variant Selection
MAU_DOE_MREADER - MAU: Meter Reader in Variant Selection
MAU_DOE_MRREASON - Meter Reading Reason in Variant Selection
MAU_DOE_MRUNIT - Meter Reading Unit in Variant Selection
MAU_DOE_MR_VAR_HEADER - MAU: User and Meter Reader MAU...

MAVA1 - Material Master Fields for KMAT
MAVO1 - Generated Table for View
MAW1 - Material Master: Default Fields and Special Retail Fields
MAW1_UEB - MAW1 for Data Transfer by ALE (Extended to Include TRANC)
MAWE - Material and Plant per Purchasing Document Item
MAWEV - Generated Table for View
MAWM_EXP_IDOCMON_DATA - Transfer Structure for IDoc Monitor
MAWM_EXP_INVPROG_DATA - MiniApp: Transmission structure for inventory progress MAW...

MAX_LOCK_LEVEL_MV_DS - Structure for Maintenance of MAX_LO Attribute
MAX_LOCK_LEVEL_MV_DSI - Structure for Maintenance of MAX_LO Attribute
MAX_LOCK_LEVEL_MV_S - Structure for Maintenance of MAX_LO Attribute
MAX_PROD_QTY_MV_DS - Maintenance Structure for Attribute MAX_PR
MAX_PROD_QTY_MV_S - Maintenance Structure for Attribute MAX_PR
MAZO - Foreign Trade: Customs Law Description


MB5K_ALV1 - Structure for MB5K ALV Version List 1
MB5K_ALV2 - Structure for MB5K ALV Version List 2
MB5K_ALV3 - Structure for MB5K ALV Version List CKMI1
MB5OA - Structure Interface Valuated GR Blocked Stock
MB5SIT - Structure Interface Stock in Transit
MB5TD - Internal Structure Report RM07MTRB_DATE MB5...

MB61V - Generated Table for View
MBADDITONAL_DYN_FIELDS - Dynpro Fields for General Use
MBBAPI_RESB - Item Table for Changed RESB Entries
MBBIWXEBEW - Transfer Structure Evaluation Project Order Stocks by BW
MBBIWXMARC - Transfer Structure for Stock in Transit
MBBIWXMARD - Transfer Structure for Storage Location Stock for BW Content
MBBIWXMBEW - Transfer Structure for Material Valuation for BW Content
MBBIWXMCHA - Transfer Structure Charge MBB...

MBCBINDTL - Output Structure for Report RMCBIN00
MBCBINHDR - Output Structure for Report RMCBIN00
MBCFC003 - Communication Structure Batch Maste Data EXIT_SAPMM07M_003
MBCHDOCS - Changes to Physical Inventory Documents
MBCHGDOC - Change Documents

MBDATA_S - Structure for storing the XML document
MBDATA_T_S - Structure to store collections of XML docs
MBDSDESCR - Used to define / store information of a dataset.
MBDSDESCR_S - Structure for DSDESCR table
MBDSET_CTS - CTS relevant data for Mapbox Datasets
MBDS_GROUP_S - Structure for dataset + group MBD...

MBEFM - Obsolete.. Do not use.
MBEFU - Material Master Record Fields: Inventory Management
MBEFUM - Material master: Stock fields appendix tables
MBEFU_VHU_APPEND - MBEFU Append for Returnable Packaging Logistics
MBEPOH - Transfer Structure: Purchase Order Header
MBEPOI - Transfer Structure: Purchase Order Item MBE...

MBGLOBSTORE - Stores Global Data ( to be transported)
MBGLOBSTORE_T_S - Structure for creating an array of collection
MBGR_PDF - Structure for goods receipt slip, SAPM07DR
MBIF_CONTROL - Control Structure for Function Module for Simulation MI31
MBIF_ITEM - Item Structure for Function Modules Simulation MI31
MBIF_KUNNR_RA - Communication Structure Range for Customer/Debtor Number
MBIF_LGPBE_RA - Communication Structure Range for Storage Bin Description
MBIF_LIFNR_RA - Communication Structure Range for Vendors
MBIF_MTART_RA - Communication Structure Range for Material Type MBI...

MBKEY_GROUP_S - Struct for storing Key/Group pairs
MBKEY_JOBID_S - Key + Jobid
MBLMD - Material Master Record Fields: Inventory Management w/o xBEW
MBLNR_PRE - Material Documents for Order Confirmation
MBLNR_S_RANGE - Range Structure for Data Element MBLNR
MBMANDTSTORE - Stores Client Specific Data (not to be transported)
MBMANTTSTORE - Stores Client Specific Data ( Can be transported )
MBMFKTO_PDF - Structure for the form MB_MFKTO , Program: SAPM07DR
MBM_CLASS_DATA - Class data for material - BOM allocation
MBM_CLASS_DATA_PRINT - Print Structure for Material-Bill of Material Assignments
MBM_CLASS_DATA_VIEW - Descriptions of Material BOM Allocations MBM...

MBO_BO_FIELD - BO Field structure
MBO_BO_FKEY - structure for foeign key
MBO_BO_STRUCT - Container Structure info for bo maint.
MBO_FIELD - BO - Table to maintain key information
MBO_FORKEY - bo foreign key table
MBO_PERS - Business Object persistance information MBO...

MBPAIRSTORE - Storage of pairs Uniqueness of each part w/ Grp & Dataset
MBPART_GROUP_S - Part + Group
MBPR - Stock at Production Storage Bin
MBP_PIPLC - Import Structure for Checking Price Activation at PL Level
MBQSS - Interface between QM and goods receipt posting
MBQSSK - Interface structure for insp. lot account assignment
MBQSSZ - Assignment table for the item number
MBRM07CUFA_ERR - Report RM07CUFA Error Log
MBRM07CUFA_LV1 - Header Line for Report RM07CUFA
MBRM07CUFA_LV2 - Report RM07CUFA Item List
MBSTOCKKEY - List with Keys for APO Stock Selection
MBSTOCKKEY_EXT - List with Keys for APO Stock Selection

MBUZ - Line Allocation: Work Document - Material Document
MBUZZ - Line Allocation: Work Document - Material Document
MBVALUESTORE - Store single values identified by key. Unique w/ Grp&Dataset
MBVBFA - Reference Structure: Material Document for SD Document
MBVEBEW - Generated Table for View
MBVEBEWH - Generated Table for View
MBVEBEWHOLD - Generated Table for View
MBVEBEWOLD - Generated Table for View MBV...

MBX_LANG - Mop Box designer Languages
MBX_MSGCLS - Mop Box designer messages.
MBX_MSGCLS_S - Structure for Mop Box designer messages.
MBX_MSGID - To store the latest message id.
MB_MDBS - Generated Table for View
MB_SIT_OBDLV - Generated Table for View
MB_SIT_OBDLV_INI - Generated Table for View
MB_SIT_PODATA - Generated Table for View


MC02MA0BST - Purchase Order Data
MC02MA1EKO - Purchasing Document Header
MC02MA2EPO - Purchasing Document Item
MC02MA3EKE - Purchasing Document Delivery Schedule
MC02M_0ACC - Extraction Purchasing (Account)
MC02M_0ACCSETUP - Folder: BW Setup for MC02M_0ACC MC0...

MC11VA0HDR - Extraction SD Sales BW: Document Header
MC11VA0HDRSETUP - BW Reorganization Store for MC11VA0HDR
MC11VA0ITM - Extraction SD Sales BW: Document Item
MC11VA0ITMSETUP - BW Reorganization Store for MC11VA0ITM
MC11VA0KON - Extraction SD Sales BW: Document Condition
MC11VA0KONSETUP - Storage BW Reconstruction for MC11VA0KON MC1...

MC29C - Material Master View: MARC Records for Bills of Material
MC29M - Material Master Record Table: BOMs - Group Data
MC29S - Material Master Record Table: Bills of Material
MC29U - Material Master View: BOM Update
MC29V - Generated Table for View
MC40RC0CSH - Extraction POS BW: Cashier Data
MC40RC1CSH - Extraction POS-BW: Cashier Data (MCCSHR)
MC40RP0REV - Extraction Retail BW: Revaluation at Retail
MC40RP0REVSETUP - BW Reorganization Store for MC04PE0ARB
MC40RP1REV - Extraction Retail BW: Revaluation at Retail
MC43RK0CAS - Extraction Retail BW: POS Cashier Data MC4...

MCACS_AB - Generated Table for View
MCACS_BVA - Generated Table for View
MCACS_P - Generated Table for View
MCACS_S - Generated Table for View
MCACS_VA - Generated Table for View
MCACS_VA_NEU - Generated Table for View MCA...

MCBC - Help Table for Standard Settings in Customizing
MCBCOKZ - INVCO: Key Figure Reference Fields for Updating
MCBCOR - R/2 Receiving Structure: INVCO
MCBCOS - R/2 Sending Structure: INVCO
MCBDISMM - INVCO: Structure for MRP Type Selection
MCBDISPO - INVCO: Structure for MRP Controller MCB...

MCCASH - Cash external: Header data, receipts (only LIS)
MCCASHUSR - User Structure: external POS interface
MCCASHZUSA - Counter fields: external POS interface
MCCASPA - SD/CAS: SIS attribute potential analysis
MCCAUFV - Document Table Structure of Order Header with SUPKZ
MCCHAR - Batch Stocks MCC...

MCDATA - Export: Data
MCDDOWN - Structure for Drill-Down in Standard Reporting
MCDEFID - Default matchcode Ids per user
MCDISPLAY - Layout of Multiclient Status Display
MCDISPO - Future Material Movements and Stocks
MCDOK - Document Management I/O Table MCD...

MCEKBE - Communication Structure: Updating: PO History
MCEKBEB - Communication Structure: Updating of PO History
MCEKBEUSR - User Structure: Updates from PO History
MCEKBZ - Communication Structure: Cumulative Updating of Deliv. Costs
MCEKBZB - Communication Structure: Cumulative Updating of Deliv. Costs
MCEKBZUSR - User Structure: Cumulative Updating of Delivery Costs MCE...

MCFIELDCAT - Interface structure for transfering a field catalog
MCFIELDS - Export: Structural Specifications for Table MCDATA
MCFKENNZ - Additional key figures PP
MCFMERKZ - Additional Characteristics PP
MCFPLT - Sales document: Billing plan dates ;
MCFPLTADD - Sales doc. : Add. Bill. Plan ; MCF...

MCH1 - Batches (if Batch Management Cross-Plant)
MCH1A_SH - Batch fields for search help MCH1A
MCH1_KEY - Key Fields of the Table MCH1
MCH1_OKEY - Key Fields of the Table MCH1 (MATNR18)
MCH1_SGT - Generated Table for View
MCHA - Batches MCH...

MCIAUFK - PMIS Communications Structure: Order Header
MCIAUFKADD - PMIS: Additional Fields of Order Header
MCICCONFH - Generated Table for View
MCICCONFV - Generated Table for View
MCIDSEL - Internal table for selection of matchcode IDs
MCIEQ - Equipment master PMIS communication struct. MCI...

MCKALK - Cost Itemization
MCKALKADD - Supplement: Cost Itemization
MCKALKB - Cost Itemization
MCKALKS - R/2 Sender Structure: Costs
MCKALKUSR - User Structure: Cost Itemization
MCKALKV - Versions: Cost Itemization MCK...

MCLI - Key Figures in Information Library
MCLIAK - Shipping notification header
MCLIAKB - PURCHIS: Communication structure: Shpg notification header
MCLIAP - Shipping notification items
MCLIAPB - PURCHIS: Communication structure: Shpg notification item
MCLIK - Grouping of Classifying Attributes in LIL MCL...

MCMACO - Input Parameters for Matchcode Maintenance Programs
MCMAILOBJ - Structure for receiving a type-dep. mail object line
MCMARKED_VALUES - Reference Structure for Transferring Marked Values
MCMISC - Rebate Management: miscenalleous fields for extraction
MCMSEG - Document Segment: Material
MCMSEGADD - Additional Fields: Document Segment for Material MCM...

MCOBJECTS - Multiple Client Analysis: Object List
MCOMPF - Maintenance Table for Material Master Comparison
MCON - Generated Table for View
MCONDITION - Where Clause
MCOUTFLD - Structure for matchcode output fields MCO...

MCP6_ATEL - Display Attributes: Matrix Elements
MCP6_DT - Structural Table: General Planning
MCP6_LI - Lines Index: Planning Matrix
MCP6_MAKRO - Macros
MCP6_RESS - Resources in LIS Planning
MCP6_SCR - Output Attributes MCP...

MCQADDON - Interface for add-ons
MCQALS - Insp.lot: interface to QIS
MCQALSADD - Additional structure: insp.lot
MCQALSB - QIS: communication structure for insp.lot
MCQALSB_BW - Inspection lot with cancellation flag
MCQALSUSR - User structure: insp.lot MCQ...

MCRANGES - Structureless Transfer Structure for Generated Ranges
MCRBCHAR - Characteristics in an Invoice Document
MCRBCO - Controlling data
MCRBHD - Header Data
MCRBITM - Item Data
MCRBKEY - Key Fields at Account Assignment Level MCR...

MCS0 - Reference Structure for Generating Info Structures
MCS01 - Interface Structure for Func.Mod. MC_POPUP_TO_SELECT_FIELDS
MCS02 - Structure of Excluding Tab. for FB MC_POPUP_TO_SELECT_FIELDS
MCS03 - Structure for Key Figures Chosen in Standard Selection
MCS04 - Structure for Table of Drill-Down Function Codes
MCS05 - Transfer of key figure attibutes to FM LIST_ARRAY_STACK MCS...

MCTABFD - Updating fields per info structure characteristic
MCTBAT - Internal Structure for Matchcode Handling
MCTBC_CMSG - Used for transporting text elements to a control
MCTBC_COLN - Mapping between field names and short exts
MCTBC_CTRL - Description of the TAB control (OCX)
MCTBC_DI - Description of a Tab Dialog Box for Matchcode OCX MCT...

MCU1 - Internal table for ABC indicator update
MCU2 - Inttab for Cycle Counting Update - Indicator
MCUKPF - Sales Price Change Header Data
MCUKPFUSR - User Structure: Sales Price Change Header Data
MCUMSCHLAG - LIS Key Figures for Inventory Turnover
MCUNITS - Reference Fields for Unit Fields in Info Structures MCU...

MCVAACAP - Sales Info System Characteristics: Sales Order Header Append
MCVAACHAR - SIS Characteristics: Sales Order - Header
MCVALUES - Reference Structure for Transferring Values
MCVANCAP - SIS Characteristics: Sales Order Item Append
MCVANCHAR - SIS Characteristics: Sales Order - Item
MCVANKAP - SIS Key Figures: Sales Order Item Append MCV...

MCWB2HED - GTM: Hedging Items
MCWBGT - Global Trade Management: Document Information
MCWBHA - Global Trade: Additional Fields TC Item
MCWBHD - Trading Contract: Business Data
MCWBHE - Trading Contract: Schedule Line Data
MCWBHI - Trading Contract: Item Data MCW...

MCY1 - Objects: Early Warning
MCYA - Early Warning: Exceptions
MCYAT - Early Warning: Exception Texts
MCYB - Objects: Early Warning
MCYC - Key Figures: Early Warning
MCYD - Early Warning: Groups of Exceptions MCY...


MD5_FIELDS - MD5 Hash field
MDACCTO - Transfer structure for action codes to be executed
MDAG - Comparison of MRP list with stock/requirements list
MDALV_COMB_DETAIL - Structure for ALV: Details of a Characteristics Combination
MDALV_HISTORY - Structure for Displaying the ALV Grid History
MDALV_LISTREQUIREMENTS - Structure for Output of Usage Probability (Header Table)
MDALV_LISTREQUIREMENTS2 - Structure for Output of Usage Probability (Item Table) MDA...

MDBA - View: purchase requisition for conversion
MDBADI_RESB - Structure for BAdI when importing RESB
MDBEZ - MD: Display texts
MDBF - Stock Determination Results Table
MDBFDK - Dialog Structure for Batch Determination Header/Footer Info
MDBFDP - Dialog Structure for Batch Determination Item Information MDB...

MDCAL - Date fields for accessing calendar
MDCD - Planned order data that can be changed via action
MDCFEEDBACK_DATA1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
MDCFEEDBACK_DATA_IDGROUP1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
MDCFEEDBACK_DATA_OBJECT_INSTA3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
MDCFEEDBACK_DATA_ORIGINATING_1 - Proxy Structure (generated) MDC...

MDDB - Additional data for direct procurement
MDDEL - MRP element indicator: search string
MDDMAP - Mapping Table for External User for MRP Evaluations
MDDMAPT - Mapping Table for External User/Vendor with Default Setting
MDDU - Help structure for processing MDVM dummy records
MDEI - Index to mdezx
MDEL - MPS evaluation: receipts/issues not aggregate
MDEY - Individual Lines of MRP Elements with Quantity Columns
MDEZ - Individual lines of the MRP elements
MDEZFSIZE - Field lengths in table control for MRP lists

MDFA - Generated Table for View
MDFADMINISTRATION - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFATTRIBUTE_DATA - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFATTRIBUTE_ID - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MDFCOMPLEX_OBJECT - Proxy Structure (Generated)

MDG0401 - Enrichment-Mapping of Business Activity and Enrichment Spot
MDG040C - Enrichment Spots and Filter Structures
MDG040T - Text table for Enrichment Spot
MDG041C - Enrichment Adapter Table
MDG042C - Enrichment Adapter Definition
MDG042T - Text table for Enrichment Adapters MDG...

MDHD - Supplier Portal: Header Data Structure for Materials
MDHEAD - BTE Markdown Planning: Header Data
MDHEADER - Header Information for External List Display MD05
MDHI - MPS evaluation: join T457H and T457T
MDHS - Cluster Table BOMs Explosion (Shared Buffer)
MDHY - Evaluation MPS: reference DELKZ --> line evaluation MDH...

MDIE - Index table of MDEZX
MDIFF_LIPS - Help Structure for Quantity Difference Handling in BORGR
MDIFF_MSEG - Help Structure for Quantity Difference Handling in BORGR
MDIF_ALL_DATA_STRUC - All Uploaded Market Data Structure
MDIF_BASIS_SPREADS_STRUC - Basis Spreads Structure
MDIF_CREDIT_SPREADS_STRUC - Credit Spreads Structure MDI...

MDKA - Pegged Capacity in Repetitive Manufacturing
MDKDA - List search, DDIC structure, customer segments
MDKE - Extract of header data for MRP document
MDKEYFIG - Structure for Linking to Workflow
MDKF - Key Structure for Reading MRP List
MDKG - Structure for Graphic Values in the MRP List MDK...

MDLA - Generated Table for View
MDLB - Header data for subcontracting components
MDLFPP - Transf.struct.; order value calculation type LTP-info record
MDLG - Customizing: MRP Area Storage Location
MDLGO - DDIC - help structure search by batches
MDLGORT - Structure for F4 help on stor. location in plnd order header MDL...

MDMA - MRP Area for Material
MDMAT_USER_EXIT - Material Data for User Exit MD04/MF50
MDMA_DQ_RES - Master Data Quality Results of OTC 194, Table MDMA
MDMA_DQ_STR - Key and Attribute Structure for MDMA
MDMA_PRC - Process Records Of OTC 194, Table MDMA
MDMA_SRC - Source Records Of OTC 194, Table MDMA MDM...

MDNB - Net requirements
MDNB_ALT - Include Alternative Quantity Net Requirements
MDNOREAD - Internal Table of the Databases Not Required
MDOBLACLA - Relationship Types Used in Archiving Objects/Classes
MDOBLAOBJ - Relationship Types Used in Archiving Objects/Classes
MDOBLPROP - Model Data: Attribute for Relationship Types
MDOBLREL - Model Data: Relationship Types
MDOBLRO - Model Data: Permitted Object Roles
MDOBLROL - Model Data: Role Types MDO...

MDPA - View of planned order/dummy conponents for BOM explosion
MDPARMAT - Intra-Material Parallelization: Affected Materials MOD
MDPA_APO - Order header for BOM explosion (APO)
MDPB - Generated Table for View
MDPBDB - Generated Table for View
MDPERF - CPU times for the planning run for material MDP...

MDQBRCHNGDVH - Generated Table for View
MDQLTYMINEDRULE_ATTR_S - Mined rule attributes
MDQLTYRULMAP - Generated Table for View
MDQM - Generated Table for View
MDQODBRCREATOR - Generated Table for View
MDQPRODBRCHNGDVH - Generated Table for View MDQ...

MDR1ALVSIMURUNDPROFIL - Structure for Saving Data for the ALV Grid Control
MDR1CONTROLPUR - Control Parameters for Purchasing
MDR1CONTROLSELL - Control Parameters for Sales
MDR1INALLOWEDQTUNIT - Allowed Logistics Unit of Measure for a Material
MDR1INSINGLEROUND - Input Parameter for Rounding
MDR1INSINGLEROUND_MPN - Inbound Parameter for Rounding: Manufacturer Part Number MDR...

MDSA - Generated Table for View
MDSALESQTY - Quantities from Exception Analysis
MDSALESVOL - Business Volumes from an Exception Analysis
MDSAM - Product Grouping for Stock/Requirements List
MDSB - Generated Table for View
MDSB_X - Dependent reqts. from database (SC processing, Purchasing) MDS...

MDTA - MPS evaluation: time-axis
MDTAB - Cluster Table Initial Screen SRList/MRP List (Shared Buffer)
MDTB - MRP Table
MDTC - Aggregated MRP table items
MDTI - MPS evaluation: time intervals
MDTM_TERRITORY_CRMBASIC_DATA_1 - Proxy Structure (generated) MDT...

MDUA - Generated Table for View
MDUB - Generated Table for View
MDUBS - Market Data: Conversion: Basis Spread: Quotation Type
MDUCMCPE - Market Data: Code Conversion Quotation Type Commodities/CPE
MDUCMDCS - Market Data: Price Type Conversion: Commodities / DCS
MDUCMV - Market Data: Code Conversion for Index Type MDU...

MDVA - Availability structure for several items
MDVALUE - Structure for Linking to Workflow
MDVB - Table for planning requirements
MDVBEPKEY - Key Fields for Schedule Line Data in Sales Document (VBEP)
MDVE - Availability check result
MDVL - Planning file entry for long-term planning MDV...

MDWORK - Structure materials processed by parallel planning
MDXMAP - Transfer Structure for Selection Settings External User
MDZB - Allocation requirements table
MDZE - Generated Table for View
MDZU - Pegging: receipts table
MDZUFIELDS - Fields for Additional Planning
MDZUSEL - Substructure Additional Selections for Material Overview
MDZUSTA - Access statistics BOM buffering MDZ...


ME59_OUTTAB - Output Structure for ME59
ME59_S_ITEM - Item Data for ME59
ME59_S_TODO - List with Data and Logs for ME59
ME80FN_EINT - Structure ME80FN_EINT for Schedule Lines
ME80FN_HIST - Structure for ME80FN
ME83_S_LOG - Message Log for ME83
ME83_S_TODO - Work Structure for ME83
MEA1 - Internal Management of EANs for Material: Direct Input
MEA1_TMP - File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input
MEA1_UEB - Data Transfer: EANs
MEA2 - Internal Management of EANs for Material: ALE Retail
MEACCADD - Supplement to Account Assignment in Purchasing
MEACCDATA - Further Data for Account Assignment Check MEA...

MEBANF_QUERY_FIELDS - Structure for Selection Fields in Query MEBANF
MECAT_FIELDMAP - Assignment: Catalog Fields <-> Item Fields
MECCP_DOCFLOW - Document Flow for Cross-Company-Code Procurement
MECCP_TPO_PRICE - Condition Value: Stock Transport Order
MECD2_BUYER - Buyer Approval: View Data
MECDGRID - Change Documents: Purchasing: ALV Display Structure
MECDTDELTA - Delta Text Structure MEC...

MEDCMT_GRID - Text Versions: Grid Structure
MEDEPLCONV - Structure to pass deployment information and conversation ID
MEDEVICE_CONFIG_INTERFACE - Device Profile Interface for Mobile Device Class
MEDICAL_CLAIM - Medical claim structure MED...

MEFSMAP1 - Structure for Screen Layout
MEGUI_MASSCH_ALLOWED_FIELDS - Field for Fast Change, Enjoy Purchase Order
MEGUI_RANGE - Selection of Objects for Fast Change
MEICO - Transfer Structure, Purchasing Info Record
MEICR - Return Structure, Purchasing Info Record
MEIK - Make-to-Order Stock for Customer Order
MEINSTALL_FILE_INTERFACE - Interface for Installation Files
MEINSTALL_SEQUENCE - Structure for Installation Sequence
MEITEMS - ME: Online/Offline DemoItems MEI...

MEKET - Transfer Structure: Schedule Lines for Function Module
MELDU - Forecast Procedural and Error Messages
MELD_EQUI - Structure with Order No. and Equipment No.
MELOG_S_EVENT_CONFIG - Configuration: Event Type
MELOG_S_HANDLER_CONFIG - Configuration: Message Handler
MEMALLOC - Memory class allocation
MEMAPPDEST - RFC Destination for Mobile Engine Mapping
MEMBERREF - Object Relationship Service object identifier with reference
MEMEI - Units of Measure for Info Record
MEMGMT_AGENT_DESCRIPTION - Device Management Agent with Parameter and Value
MEMGMT_APPLICATIONS_EXT_STR - ME: Applications structure(extended) MEM...

MENAMEVALUE - Name-Value Pair of Strings
MENA_CCCR_ASS - Assignment of Certificate to Compnay Code
MENA_CCCR_ASS_V - Generated Table for View
MENA_CCCR_FULL_V - Generated Table for View
MENA_CCCR_V - Generated Table for View
MENA_CR_C_CR - MENA Certificate IDs MEN...

MEORDERS - Mobile Engine: Online Offline Demo
MEOUT1250 - Fields for Screen 1250
MEOUT1410 - Fields for Screen 1410
MEOUT1410GRID - Grid Control Structure für Out ALV Grid
MEOUT1410GRID_DATA - Grid Control Struktur für OUT ALV Grid: Datenteil
MEOUT1419 - Item Details: Material Data MEO...

MEPI_EBAN - Buffer requisition structure for SAPLMEPI
MEPI_PO - Buffer Purchase Order Structure for SAPLMEPI
MEPLATFORM_DEV - Contains the Values of the Device with Native Components
MEPLATFORM_INTERFACE - Interface for the Platform
MEPLATFORM_TEXT - Long Text Assignment
MEPO1110 - Fields for Purchase Order Header MEP...

MEQUERYBESTANALYSE - Auxiliary Structure for Order Analysis Query
MEQUERYEKKOEKPO - Auxiliary Structure for Query Data Transport
MEQU_AFPO - Structure for Update AFPO from Revision of Quota Arrangement
MERCHANDISE_MV_DS - Struct. for Maintaining Attribute MERCHA
MERCHANDISE_MV_S - Struct. for Maintaining Attribute MERCHA
MEREL_S_CODE - Release Code
MEREL_S_CODE_DESC - Description of Release Code
MEREL_S_DATA - Rel. Procedure for Purchasing Docs: Fields Subj. to Release
MEREL_S_FINAL - Final Release MER...

MESAT - Structure for Single Activity Tracing
MESBETS - PO History Totals Structure for APOMS Scheduling Agreements
MESCR_STP_HDR - Header Structure for Display of Forecast Delivery Schedules
MESCR_S_DISPO - Number of Stopped SA Releases per MRP Controller
MESCR_S_VENDOR - Address Key
MESCR_V_PARTNER - Generated Table for View MES...

METADATA_REFERENCE - Proxy Structure (generated)
METADATA_SECTION - Proxy Structure (generated)
METADATA_SECTION_CHOICE - Proxy Structure (generated)
METAL_DATA - Data for METAL - ME Transaction Launcher
METECH_MON_OIP_STR - ME:Technical Monitor - OIP structure MET...

MEUQDYN - Screen Structure
MEUSER - Mobile Device User
MEUSERS - Mobile Client User
MEUSER_LIST - System Measurement: Mobile Engine User List
MEUSVALUES - Authorizations per Client User
MEUTCTIME - Structure for Display and Conversion of Time MEU...

MEVEREV - Auxil. Structure: Cancellation of Notif.: Suppl. Evaluation
MEV_C_CCODE - Period-end valuation: Company code dependent customizing
MEV_C_CCODE_MM - Period-end valuation: Company code dependent customizing MM
MEV_C_CCODE_SD - Period-end valuation: Company code dependent customizing SD
MEV_C_GENCUST_MM - Period-End Valuation: General Customizing MM
MEV_D_AD_ITEM - Period-End Valuation: Accruals Document Item MEV...

MEWFCON - Generated Table for View
MEWICONDITION - Info Record Conditions
MEWICONDITION_TY - Conditions: Table type for Multiple PIR maintenance
MEWIEINA - Display/List Transfer Structure: Purch. Info (General Data)
MEWIEINAX - Info Record General Data (change parameter)
MEWIEINAX_TY - Info Record General Data (change parameter) MEW...

MEXFT - Auxiliary fields, Purchasing, for parameter transfer
MEXH_OUTTAB_EINA - Output Structure for F4 Help for Table EINA
MEXH_OUTTAB_EKPO - Output Structure for F4 Help for Table EKPO
MEXH_OUTTAB_T006_3 - Output Structure for F4 Help for Table T006
MEXH_OUTTAB_T006_6 - Output Structure for F4 Help for Table T006
MEXH_OUTTAB_T163G - Output Structure for F4 Help for Table T163G MEX...

ME_EBUB_RESCHED - Generated Table for View
ME_EKUB_RESCHED - Generated Table for View
ME_HVIEW_T100 - Generated Table for View
ME_HVIEW_T100T - Generated Table for View
ME_VIEW_T100T - Generated Table for View


MF12_ALV - MF12-ALV-Fields Not Included in BLPK/BLPP
MF64H_100 - Structure for Screen Fields in Program MF64H
MF64O - Field string for screen fields without data base
MFAUF - Generated Table for View
MFBUZ - Mat. Doc./Accounting Doc. Lines Assignt in Case of Assets
MFELDBEZ - Visible Fields to Which Descriptions Are Assigned
MFGRUP - Material Master Field Groups
MFGRUPIND - Assignment of Field Group to Field Name in Material Master
MFG_ORDER_FILTER - Explicit Complex Filter Structure for Manufacturing Order
MFHM - Production Resource Tool (PRT) Fields in the Material Master
MFHM_TMP - File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input
MFHM_UEB - Field TRANC Added to MFHM
MFIELDRES - BI (New): Fields That Must Be Initialized for Each Transact.
MFIELDRES_F - DI: Fields to Be Initialized for Each Transaction (Retail)
MFLE_ALM_ORDER_HEADERS_I - Import Structure for ALM Order Headers
MFLE_BOR_MAPPER - BOR Mapping table
MFLE_BOR_STATUS - Processing status of BOR related XPRAs
MFLE_CONV_DAT - Release and date information for upgrade
MFLE_CONV_EXEC - Fields for Materialnumber conversion MFL...

MFORM - Form Structure EDT Memory Version
MFPR_ALV - MFPR Fields Otherwise Not Defined (Icons)
MFRES_TMP - File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input


MG03STEUER - Control Table
MG03STEUMM - Control Table: Purchasing
MGALE - Structure for Obtaining F1 Help
MGAUSWG - Material Maintenance: Selected Screens
MGA_CHARG_RANGE - Ranges Structure for Batch
MGA_VARID - Indicator: Update Variable Object Identification
MGDATA - Structure for material group data
MGDATA_RFC - Structure for material group data RFC
MGDIALOG - Link Between DDIC and Screens in the Material Master
MGEF - Hazardous materials
MGEINE - EINE Extended to Include Full Key for Material Master Maint.
MGEINESGTDATA - Structure for buffering Article InfoRecord Details
MGEINE_KEY - Key of Structure MGEINE = Logical Key of EINE
MGENWA - Application Area for Generic SELECT Statement
MGGETFILE - Classification
MGIR_SSTN - Material / Info Record Sustainability table
MGIR_SSTN_ECOLBL - Material / Vendor Sustainability Eco-Label table
MGLINES - Line Information for Lists
MGLISTPOS - Position of Fields in a List
MGLTFIELDS - Transfer of Fields for List Output
MGLTPERM - Permutation Information for List Display
MGMM_INTAB_OUTPUT - ALV Output Replacement for INTAB
MGROUPS - Structure for interface FM: Movable groups
MGSTAT - Interface for Customer Exit EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001
MGVMAPMATNRALE - Display internal to external numbers in ALE
MGVMARA_ALL - Generated Table for View
MGVMTCOR - Version enhancments for MTCOR
MGVNUM_PRE03 - Structure: Material - Preliminary Step
MGVTYPE - Table of version categories
MGV_BMM00 - LAMA append MGV...

MGW2_GENERIC_ART_SELECT - Structure for Selecting Further Components
MGW2_PACKAGING_SELECT - Selection of Full Products
MGWCOPYRULE - Copy Rules for Matrix Maintenance - Material Master
MGWPICTURE - Customizing Image Data


MHBAPICT - BAPI Context for Messages
MHCONF - Message Handler: Configuration for Message Handling
MHDR - Batch input: Message header
MHFIELDS - Model Message Handler: Fields for Statistics
MHIO - Call Object from Maintenance Order
MHIO_CD - Maintenance Call Objects Maintenance Plan (Change Docs)
MHIO_UNPACKED - Copy of database table MHIO (Data cat.INT4 replaced by NUMC)
MHIS - Maintenance plan history
MHIS_ADDITION - Additional Scheduling History Data: Dialog, Screen, Update
MHIS_ADDITION_AS1 - Append Structure 1 for MHIS_ADDITION Structure MHI...

MHND - Dunning Data
MHNDO - Dunning data version before the next change
MHND_DOC - SQL Selection of Documents (Part of mhnd_doc_master)
MHND_DOC_MASTER - mhnd with Master Data Added
MHND_EXT - mhnd Extended
MHND_EXTL - mhnd Extended MHN...


MIBACKEND_CHECK - Backend Scenario for Authorization (Industry-Specific)
MIBALLOWED_PROPERTY_VALUE_ELEM - Proxy Structure (generated)
MIBATTACHMENT - Proxy Structure (generated) MIB...

MICOND_TYPE - MI-MSD: Valid Values for Dependency Types
MICOND_VALUE - MI-MSD: Valid Values for Dependency Types
MICONFIGINFO - MI Client Configuration Files
MICONFIGINFO_U - Device IDs to Send Configuration Information with Next Sync
MIDEVICEPROFILE - Stores The Attributes Per Device ID
MIDEVICES_LAST_SYNCED_LIST - List of Mobile Devices and Their Users
MIDXC_COMMENT - Customer Mobile Client Index - Comment Table for
MIDXC_DTL - Customer Moblie Client Index details table
MIDXC_DTL1 - Customer Moblie Client Index details table
MIDXC_HDR - Customer Mobile client Index Header table MID...

MIETERADR - RE: Partner - Master Tenant's Address and Additional Fields
MIGC_COM_VALCLS - Derive General Valuation Class for Migration to CFM 1.0
MIGOCONTEXT - MMIM: Context Info for Application Log
MIGO_BADI_EXAMP2 - BADI in MIGO: Example Table (Header)
MIGO_BADI_EXAMPLE_SCREEN_FIELD - MIGO BADI: Transfer Structure to/from External Screen
MIGO_BADI_EXAMPLE_SCREEN_HEAD - MIGO BADI: Transfer Structure to/from External Header Screen MIG...

MIHEADER_T - Memory Snapshot Details
MILLOCCUST - Customizing Table Combination for Selection Profile
MILLOCCUST_DIS - Confirmation Parameters in the Order Combination
MILLOCSPRA - Selection Profile Texts
MILLVAP_ATP_AFPO - Generated Table for View
MILL_AFPO_PC_COMP - Valuation Afpo PB for Target/Actual Comparison
MILL_AFPO_PC_COMP_CHAR - Target/Actual Comparison PB: Char.Valuation per Item PB MIL...

MIMATBA_INPUT - Transfer structure MI_MATBA input
MIMELOIO_HEAD - LOIO Administration Data for Version Management
MIMELOIO_VERS - Version Display: LOIO Properties
MIMEPHCNTASC - Text Document Content from PHIOs MIM...

MINFO - Form Information EDT Memory Version
MINIPERI - Include for Personalization Information on MiniApps
MINIPERS - Personalization Information on MiniApps
MINST - Material Master View: Plant Maintenance
MIN_PROD_QTY_MV_DS - Maintenance Structure for Attribute MIN_PR MIN...

MIPACKAGE_HEAD - Packagegeneration header
MIPACKAGE_HEAD_SEARCH - Package generation header with device name field
MIPACKAGE_ITEM - Items of Package Generation
MIPACKAGE_LOG - Log messages of Package Generation
MIPACKAGE_PROPER - Properties for Client Package
MIPACKAGE_STAT - Status of package generation historical MIP...

MIRERRORCLASS - Structure for Displaying Error Class in Error Log
MIR_MSG - Error Messages for Converting Rights
MISSIDX - List of Missing Indexes
MISSING_MV_DS - Struct. for Maintaining Attribute MISSIN
MISSING_MV_S - Struct. for Maintaining Attribute MISSIN
MISSOBJ - name of missing object on database/ in SAP dictionary
MISTATUS - Status Table for Material Identification on Mat./Batch Level
MISTATUS_VB - Update Structure MISTATUS - Material Identification MIS...

MIXEDTAB - Structure for mixed table
MIXRATIO_LOOK - Generated Table for View


MKAL - Production Versions of Material
MKAL_ADMIN - Production Version Processing: General Fields
MKAL_AEND - Change History of Production Version (Recipes Only)
MKAL_DQ_RES - Master Data Quality Results of OTC 194, Table MKAL
MKAL_DQ_STR - Key and Attribute Structure for MKAL
MKAL_EXPAND - For Buffer and Internal Tables of Production Version MKA...

MKLK - Consignment Stocks and Returnable Packaging with Customer
MKOL - Special Stocks from Supplier
MKOLH - Special Stocks from Vendor: History
MKOLHO1 - MKOLH: Additional quantities appendix
MKOLO1 - Special stocks from vendor additional quantity appendix
MKOLU - Generated Table for View
MKOL_F4HELP - Generated Table for View MKO...

MKPF - Header: Material Document
MKPF_ARIDX - Index table for single doc. access to archive MM_MATBEL
MKPF_AWKEY - Structure of Field AWKEY for Object Type MKPF
MKTATTRIBUTES - Proxy Structure (Generated)
MKTCGPL_PROJECT - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
MKTCGPL_PROJECT_CD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
MKTCGPL_TASK - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
MKTCGPL_TASK_CD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
MKTCGPL_TEXT - Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000 MKT...

MKUB - Material Provided by Customer


ML03N_LECMOFF - Work structure program SAPML03N
ML03T_0152 - Additional fields for screen SAPML03T0152 and subscreens
ML03T_0156 - I/O Fields Screen ML03T 0156 (Preparation Putaway HU)
ML03T_1143_1 - Loop Processing for Pick HUs on Screen 1143
ML03T_LTHU - Structure for Loop Processing of LTHU in SAPML03T
ML4H_CCSVALUES - Cost Component Split Values
ML4H_CDS_VMH_DD - Generated Table for View
ML4H_CDS_VMV_DD - Generated Table for View
ML4H_CDS_VM_DD - Generated Table for View
ML4H_MLDOCCCSHD - Generated Table for View
ML4H_MLDOCHD - Generated Table for View ML4...

MLALLOW_SHOW_LIST_LIST - Structure for Program Ml_allow_show_list
MLAN - Tax Classification for Material
MLAN_DQ_RES - Master Data Quality Results of OTC 194, Table MLAN
MLAN_DQ_STR - Key and Attribute Structure for MLAN
MLAN_PRC - Process Records Of OTC 194, Table MLAN
MLAN_SRC - Source Records Of OTC 194, Table MLAN MLA...

MLBE - Material Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transaction
MLBECR - Material Ledger Currency Table for GR/IR relevant transact.
MLBECRH - Material Ledger Currency Table for GR/IR relevant transact.
MLBEH - Material Ledger FS Item Table for GR/IR relevant transaction
MLBEKEPH - ML: Cost Comp. Split (Elements) for Purchase Order History
MLCCSKEY - Key Fields: Summarization Records + Actual Cost Comp. Split
MLCCS_KEKO_COLLECTFIELDS - Material Ledger: Header Fields to be Added
MLCCS_KEPH_SUBKEY - Cost Component-Specific Key Part
MLCCS_PRKEPH_SUBKEY - Cost Component-Specific Key Part for Price Table
MLCCS_SEL_DYNP - Obsolete MLC...

MLDADR - External Reporting: Address Data Transfer Structure
MLDADR_ABA - External Reporting: Address Data Fields (ABA)
MLDOC - Material Ledger Document
MLDOCCCS - Material Ledger Document Cost Component Split
MLDOCCCS_EXTRACT - Extract of Material Ledger Document Cost Component Split
MLDOC_EXTRACT - Extract of Material Ledger Document MLD...

MLEA - Vendor-Specific EANs
MLEA1 - Supplier-Specific EANs: Data Transfer
MLEAI - Internal Management of Supplier-Specific EANs for Material
MLEA_UEB - Supplier-Specific EANs: Data Transfer
MLEXTRACTTOOLLOG - Log for the execution of the ML ACDOCA extract tool
MLFG - Material Ledger Document: Field Groups
MLF_BATCHCONFIGREQUEST - Use batch config to enable batching in the model server
MLF_GETMODELSERVERRESPONSE - Structure to Get ModelServer Response
MLF_MLPAPIERROR - Error Structure (Machine Learning API) MLF...

MLGN - Material Data for Each Warehouse Number
MLGN_DQ_RES - Master Data Quality Results of OTC 194, Table MLGN
MLGN_DQ_STR - Key and Attribute Structure for MLGN
MLGN_LGNUM - Generated Table for View
MLGN_PRC - Process Records Of OTC 194, Table MLGN
MLGN_SRC - Source Records Of OTC 194, Table MLGN MLG...

MLHD - Material Ledger Document: Header
MLHD_AWKEY - Structure of Field AWKEY for OBJECT Type MLHD
MLIB - Material Provided to Supplier
MLIT - Material Ledger Document: Items
MLITE - Material Ledger Document: Structure for Overview Screen
MLITMB - Material valuation document row information
MLITMB_DATA - Data part table MLITMB
MLKEPH - ML Document: Cost Component Split (Elements) for Values
MLKEY - Material ledger data display: Selection fields
MLKEY_APPEND_ALN - Enhancement Interface ML-Display
MLLIFNR - Generated Table for View
MLMBVAL - New fields for material valuation document
MLMST - Material Ledger Document: Costing Run Header Data
MLORDERHIST - Conversion Table for Order History
MLPP - Material Ledger Document: Posting Periods and Quantities
MLPPF - Material Ledger Document: Field Groups (Posting Periods)
MLPRICES - Price Data
MLPRICES_CCS - Cost Component Split of Prices
MLPRKEKO - ML Document: Cost Component Split (Header)for Prices
MLPRKEPH - ML Document: Cost Component Split (Components)for Prices MLP...

MLREADST - Generated Table for View
MLREPORT - Generated Table for View
MLRUNLIST - Object List for Costing Run
MLRUNLIST_EXT - Object List for Costing Run - Extended
MLST - Milestone
MLSTB - Milestone document table
MLSTD - Milestone I/O Table
MLSTD_ML - Progress and Milestones:Milestones
MLSTD_TIME - Fields from MLSTD with time ref. (for authztn check LDB PSJ)
MLSTD_UPDATE - BAPI Structure Milestones under WBS Elements (Update Fields) MLS...

MLTTSTLOGP - MLT Test Cases: Log Positions
MLTTSTTEM1 - MLT Test Cases: Template for Small Table
MLTTSTTEM2 - MLT Test Cases: Template for Medium-Size Tables
MLTTSTTEM3 - MLT Test Cases: Template for Large Tables
MLTTSTWRK1 - MLT Test Cases: Work Area for Small Table
MLTTSTWRK2 - MLT Test Cases: Work Area for Medium-Size Table MLT...

MLVS - Mat. Master View: WMS (MARA,MARC,MLGN,MAKT,MARM,T141,T141T)
MLVST - Material Master View: WMS (MLGT)
MLVSTN - Material master view (WM), Storage type data for replenish.
MLVSV - Generated Table for View
MLWERE - Conversion Table between Purchasing and Material Ledger
MLWIPCOREF - WIP Document in Material Ledger - Reference to CO Documents
MLWIPHD - WIP Document in Material Ledger - Header
MLWIPIT - WIP Document in Material Ledger - Lines
MLWIPS_ACT - WIP Quantity Per Internal Activity
MLWIPS_EXPORT - WIP Det. Test Run: Export to Memory dur. CALL TA COMLWIPDOC MLW...

MLXXV - Generated Table for View
ML_AUFK_MLAUF - Generated Table for View
ML_ESLL - Generated Table for View
ML_TRAIN_HELP - Generated Table for View


MM60_OUT_S - Output structure for MM60
MMARRANG_APPEND_EKBNK - Additional Fields Volume-Based Rebate
MMA_INCL_EEW_PS - Persistent Include for Display Account Master Data
MMA_INCL_EEW_TR - Transient Fields for Display Account Master Data
MMBE_MARA_V - Generated Table for View
MMBE_MARC_V - Generated Table for View
MMBE_MARD_V - Generated Table for View
MMBE_WERKS_V - Generated Table for View
MMBSD_CONTRACT_ITEM_KEY - Contract details for a central contract
MMBSD_DRSEG - Transfer Structure for Release Documentation MMB...

MMCCORG - Maintenance Table for Material Master Copier
MMCFC_00000598 - Segment Type forE1MARA1
MMCFC_00000599 - Segment Type forE1MAKTM
MMCFC_00000601 - Segment Type forE1MARC1
MMCFC_00000602 - Segment Type forE1MARDM
MMCFC_00000604 - Segment Type forE1MFHMM MMC...

MMDA_IM_S_0IC_C03 - Output Structure after applying Transformation Logic
MMDA_IM_S_BSEG - table similar to BSEG for MMDA Inventory Analysis
MMDA_IM_S_BX_BF_UM - Common structure like structures for BX, BF, UM datasources
MMDA_IM_S_EXTRACT - Output Structure after applying Transformation Logic
MMDA_PUR_LTY_UEKES - Change Document Structure
MMDA_PUR_S_CNF_TS - Time stamp for vendor confirmations MMD...

MMESOD_CONTROL - Customizing table for MM related Enterprise Search content
MMESOV_CONTROL - Generated Table for View
MMFAMSTAND - Marital status and description (MM)
MMFAS133 - Generated Table for View
MMFEADETEVENTLOG - Feature Eventlog Detail for Materials Management Procurement
MMFEADOMEVENTLOG - Feature Eventlog Domain for Materials Management Procurement
MMFEATUREVENTLOG - Feature Eventlog for Materials Management Procurement

MMHIPO_MAINLIST - Main List: PO History
MMIMBATCHVH - Generated Table for View
MMIMINBDELITEMS - Generated Table for View
MMIMINBDELIVVH - Generated Table for View
MMIMINVSPECSTTVH - Generated Table for View
MMIMMATDOCACC - Generated Table for View
MMIMMDOCACCFLOW - Generated Table for View MMI...

MMLISD - LIS communication structure for TMC2D
MMMDALE - Auxiliary Structure ALE Material Master
MMMGTRAG_TEXTAB - Report MMGTRAG Variable TEXTAB for Accessibility
MMORGDATA - MM: Existence Check for Organizational Data
MMPA - Communication Structure: Partners in MM Area
MMPA_DIALOG - Fields for Screen 1224
MMPO_AI_S_A_CWR_PO - Parameter structure for CWR action MMP...

MMREODS - Display Archived Special Stocks
MMREQ_HISTORY - Flat Structure for Purchase Requisition Document Flow

MMSES_APV_ACCOUNTING - Accounting Entity for Service Entry Sheet Approval
MMSES_APV_ACCOUNTING_INCL - Accounting Entity: Customer Enhancement Fields
MMSES_APV_ACC_ASSIGNMENT - Account Assignments for one Service Line
MMSES_APV_ACTION_RESULT - SES Approval App: Function Import Result MMS...

MMTXT - Input/Output Fields: Text Functions: MM Purchasing
MMUE1 - Interface to User Exit for External Number Assignment
MMUE2 - Interface to User Exit for Internal Number Assignment
MMUER1 - Interface: User Exit for External Number Assignment (Retail)
MMUER2 - Interface: User Exit for Internal Number Assignment (Retail)
MMVBAK - Purchase Order Item + Sales Document Header Data
MMVBAP - Purchase Order Item + Sales Document Item Data
MMVBKD - Purchase Order Item + Sales Document Commercial Data
MMVR1 - Internal Table for Materials List


MNB01 - Vol. Rebates (Purchasing): B.V. Comp.: Main Condition Data
MNTCNT - Maintenance Control in Distributed Systems
MNT_S_AFAB - Relationship (subset of AFABB)
MNT_S_AFPO - Position (subset of AFPOB)
MNT_S_AFVG - Activity / Operation (Subset of AFVGD)
MNT_S_AUART_RANGE - Ranges Table Structure for 'Order Type'
MNT_S_AUFNR - Order Number MNT...


MOABW_PERIOD - Personnel Subarea Grouping for Absence Types
MOAF - Communication structure for assembly order
MOB01 - Dialog Structure: Original Batch
MOBCTRL1 - Dialog Structure: Table Control MOB1/MOB2
MOBILE_PHONE1 - Telephone
MOBILE_RCV_LS - Structure for Site_ID, Sitetype_ID and Queue Name
MOBJECT - Definition of Download Objects
MOBMONTREE - Tree Structure for Mobile Monitor MOB...

MOD0 - Dynpro Fields of Projects/Extensions
MODACT - Modifications
MODACTT - Generated Table for View
MODACTV - ABAP/4 Repository Information System: Customer Enhancements
MODATTR - Attributes of Extension Projects
MODD - Dynpro Fields CMOD Text Modifications MOD...

MOFF - Outstanding Material Master Records
MOM052 - Workplace Addresses
MOM052_FS - Workplace Address Usages
MONCOLLSTR - Business Server Pages (BSP) Collection Item for Month
MONI - Monitor table MONI
MONIENVRES - Application Monitor: Reserved Fields for Analysis Environmnt
MONIENVSD - SD Monitor: Analysis Area SD Specific
MONIENVSD1 - SD Monitor: Analysis Area in SD - Specifically Pricing
MONIGLOBAL - Global Information About RSORADLD to Store in MONI MON...

MOPER - Operation for production order - logical DB
MOPGK_PERIOD - Valid Period for Employee Subgroup Grouping
MOVE_WM - WM Goods Movement of a Parameter for Material Reconciliation
MOZKO_PERIOD - Valid Period for Personal Subarea Grouping


MP3_ATTACHMENT - Attachment
MP3_BULK_DYNAMIC - Bulk of Dynamic Configurations
MP3_BULK_LOG - Bulk of Log Entries
MP3_BULK_MAPPINGSTEP - Bulk of Mapping Steps
MP3_BULK_MSG - Error ID MP3...

MPBA - View of purchase requisitions (MPS)
MPCR - Preventive Maintenance Compliance
MPDCD - MPD: OBSOLETE - Counter Data for Maintenance Document Items
MPDCUST_DATA_FLG - Customising table to store the data container flag
MPDCUST_DCO - Table for storing text descriptions for the data collector
MPDCUST_DCOT - Text table for text descriptions for the data collector
MPDCUST_DCO_V - Generated Table for View
MPDCUST_EFFTDOCV - Generated Table for View MPD...

MPESV_RTGP_WORKLIST - Planning Routing Worklist MPE...

MPFA - View of order (MPS)
MPGD - Change Document Structure for Material Master/Product Group
MPGD_MASS - Planning Data
MPGD_TMP - File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input
MPGD_UEB - Field TRANC Added to MPGD
MPGD_V - Generated Table for View
MPG_HEADER - Mapping: Header MPG...


MPLA - Maintenance plan
MPLAN_BUFFER - Buffer Table
MPLAN_HEADER_LIST_OPTIONS - Selection Options for Maintenance Plan List
MPLAN_HEADER_LIST_PARAMS - Parameter(s) for List Selection
MPLAN_ILOA - ILOA for Maintenance Plan
MPLAN_ITEM_LIST_OPTIONS - Selection Options for Maintenance Plan List MPL...

MPNBUFFR - Material Number / Manufacturer Part Number Float (MPN A&D)
MPNCL1 - Dynamic Calls During Processing of Sub-Items
MPNCNV - Customizing: Conversion Exit
MPNMAT - Transfer Structure to Determine Info Record Material No.
MPNPGR - Linking an MPN-MRP Set with a Product Group
MPNSET - MPN-MRP Set: Group of Interchangeable MPNs in MRP MPN...

MPOI - Mgmt Diff. Maint. Retail Material Data (Prior to Rel. 1.2B)
MPOP - Forecast Parameters
MPOP_TMP - File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input
MPOP_UEB - Field TRANC Added to MPOP
MPOP_V - Generated Table for View
MPOS - Maintenance item MPO...

MPPA - View of planned order (MPS)
MPPRSRCITM_D - Generated draft table for core CDS view: I_MPPurchasingSourc
MPPURSL_D - Obsolete
MPP_AUTO - XI Mapping: Automatic Test Cases
MPP_DYNAMIC - Dynamic Configuration
MPP_IIF_CONDITION - Inbound Interface and Condition MPP...

MPR1T_S_FORECAST_VALUES - MPR1 Forecast values
MPRE18 - Auxiliary Structure for Mass Access to T320
MPRO1 - Forecast Structure for Reading Material Master Data
MPRO2 - Forecast Structure for Reading Material Master Data
MPROV - Generated Table for View
MPRP - Forecast Profiles MPR...

MPS_BOOK_TRADE - Book sales
MPS_BOOK_TRADEH - Book sales



MQC_ATINN - Material Quantity Calculation: Columns - Characteristics
MQC_CAUFVD - Material Quantity Calculation, Order Header
MQC_HEADER - Material Quantity Calculation: Header
MQC_ROWDEF - Mat. Quantity Calculation: Indices to Operations, Components
MQUO_VBAPO - Product Allocation:Product Allocation Contents from Document


MR11_BAPI - Flag for MR11 BAPIs
MR11_HEAD - Account Maintenance Document - Header Data Display
MR11_HEADER - Header Data of Account Maintenance
MR21HEAD - Header fields for MR21
MRCIDISPREL - Work Area for CI_disprel
MRCIEABL - Work Area for CI_EABL
MREDSTAT - Relevant Reduced Previous Statuses: Mat. Master Maintenance
MREFPLANT - Reference Plants (Retail)
MREFTAB - Management of Add. Reference Handling: Mat. Master Mainten.
MRELATION - Relationship Between Download Tables
MRENDBILLPER - End of Billing Period of Installation MRE...

MRMIVEXT - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
MRMIVEXT_DATA_HEADER - Enhancement Fields for Incoming Invoice (Header Only)
MRMIVEXT_DATA_ITEM - Enhancement Fields for Incoming Invoice (Item Only)
MRMIVEXT_DATA_ITEMHEADER - Enhancement Fields for Incoming Invoice (Item and Header)
MRMIVEXT_KEY - Enhancement Fields for Incoming Invoice (Key)
MRMPO - Logistics Invoice Verification: Data for Item Screen MRM...

MRNG_BWKEY - RANGE Table for Mass Access to Valuation Keys
MRNG_WERKS - RANGE Table for Mass Access to Plants
MRPA_WA - Work Area Material Master Management with MRP Area
MRPDS_ORD_BUF_TIME_EXT - MRP for DS: Structure for orders, wait and move times
MRPDS_ORD_BUF_TIME_STR - MRP for DS: Structure for orders, wait and move times
MRPENQ - Enqueue Structure for MRP Run (Shared)
MRP_ACC_SHORTAGE - All shortages that are accepted
MRP_ACC_SHORTAGE_DATA - Shortage data for ODATA and database (Accept Shortage) MRP...

MRSTATISTICS - Statistics Data for Meter Reading Data Entry
MRTOLLIMITS - Tolerance Limits for Validations
MRTRSC_10 - Define RFC Destination
MRTRSC_20 - Define Control Parameters for Master Recipe Transformation
MRTRSS_ADMIN - RMS-MRTRS: Administration Data
MRTRSS_API_HDR - RMS-MRTRS: MR Transformation Header (Appl Layer)
MRTRSS_API_POPREL - RMS-MRTRS: GR Operation-MR Phase (Appl Layer) MRT...

MRUPLD_ALERT - Upload Alert for Work Center
MRY_CWM_MAT - Attributes of a Catch Weight Management Material


MSAGLIST - Mask for listing messages
MSAM10_ABC_INDICATORS - ABC Indicators and their texts
MSAM10_ACCOUNT - MSAM-ISU: Contract Account Data
MSAM10_APPLICATION - MSAM Application Object
MSAM10_ATTACHMENTS - MSAM structure to store attachment data
MSAM10_ATTACH_DATA - MSAM Atatchment data structure MSA...

MSBTC - Screen fields for module pool sapmsbtc
MSCA - Sales Orders on Hand with Supplier
MSCAH - Sales Order Stock at Vendor: History
MSCD - Customer stock with vendor
MSCDH - Customer stock with vendor - History
MSCD_MD - Master Data Fields of Customer Stock with Vendor
MSCS - Customer stock with vendor - Total MSC...

MSDAPPLT - MI-MSD: Values for Applications
MSDAUTOSTA - SQL Server Index property autostats
MSDBAKFILE - Sqlserver Backup file information
MSDCCMSJOB - MS SQL server list of CCMS planned tasks
MSDCHKDB - SQL Server download DBCC CHECKDB results MSD...

MSED7CONF - Structure for Configuration of IDoc Test Tool
MSED7PROCE - Structure for further processing of IDoc in test tool
MSED7START - Structure for access to test tool for IDoc inbox
MSEG - Document Segment: Material
MSEGEXT - Message Extended with Material Document Header Data
MSEGK - Account Assignment Fields for Material Segment MSE...

MSFCD - Generated Table for View
MSFCV - Material Master View on Production Orders
MSFD - Sales Order Stock with Vendor
MSFDH - Sales Order Stock at Vendor: History
MSFD_MD - Master Data Fields of Sales Order Stock with Vendor
MSFS - Sales Order Stock with Vendor - Total MSF...

MSG0 - Output Control: Basic Data
MSG01 - Display Outputs
MSG01A - Output list display
MSG1 - Output Control: Object Key (Area)
MSG2 - Output Control: Output Type (Area)
MSG3 - Output Control: Output Medium (Range) MSG...

MSHLP_VBUK - Generated Table for View
MSH_LOYD_CRD_CARD - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
MSH_LOYD_MSH_BNFTS - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
MSH_LOYD_MSH_MEMS - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
MSH_LOYD_MSH_MS_TIER - Change Document Structure; Generated by RSSCD000
MSICHTAUSW - Help Structure for View Selection: Material Master
MSID - Vendor Stock with Vendor
MSIDH - Vendor Stock with Vendor - History
MSID_MD - Master Data Fields of Vendor Stock with Vendor
MSIS - Vendor Stock with Vendor - Total
MSIS_MD - Master Data Fields of Vendor Stock with Vendor - Total MSI...

MSKA - Sales Order Stock
MSKAH - Sales Order Stock: History
MSKAHO1 - MSKAH: Additional quantities appendix
MSKAO1 - Special Stocks Appendix: Additional Quantities
MSKAU - Generated Table for View
MSKA_F4HELP - Generated Table for View MSK...

MSLB - Special Stocks with Supplier
MSLBH - Special Stocks at Vendor: History
MSLBHO1 - MSLB: Additional quantities appendix
MSLBO1 - Appendix for Special Stocks with Vendors: Add. Quantities
MSLBU - Generated Table for View
MSLB_EXT - Stock fields not in MSLB MSL...

MSM_COMMUNICATE - Global communication structure
MSM_COMM_LOG_1 - Communication lof for MSM for paging
MSM_COMM_LOG_2 - Commmunication log for MSM for paging status
MSM_COMM_LOG_SHOW_BOROBJ - Structure for displaying the paging log for a BOR object ID
MSM_COMM_LOG_SHOW_PARNR - Structure for displaying the paging log for a partner ID
MSM_GRAPH_MONITOR_PARMS - Parameter for online control of MSM graphical monitor MSM...

MSOA - Total Sales Orders on Hand with Supplier
MSOE - Sales Orders on Hand with Supplier
MSPCD_S_BREAK - MSP eCATT: Break of a Resource

MSQ10RANGE - MS SQL Server range with CHAR 10
MSQBACKSET - MS SQL server backup list
MSQBAKFILE - Sqlserver Backup file information
MSQBLOLCKS - MS SQL server blocked locks
MSQBLOPROS - MS SQL server blocked processes MSQ...

MSR1_CUSTOMER - MSR: Customer Master
MSR1_CUSTOMER_010 - MSR: Customer Master (010) Placeholder
MSR1_ITEMCATEGORY - MSR: Sales Document Item Category Determination

MSS65BACK - MS SQL Server: Backup history overview
MSSA - Total Customer Orders on Hand
MSSAH - Total Sales Order Stocks: History
MSSALLLOCKS - Lock information from list of all locks on the server
MSSAONREPLICA - Always-On replica information
MSSAONSTATUS - AlwaysOn status checks MSS...

MSTA - Material Master Status
MSTAUTH - Authorization fields for milestones
MSTA_RANGE - Range For Plant-Specific Material Status From MAT-/PPS View
MSTB - Stock in Transit
MSTBH - Stock in Transit - History
MSTB_EXT - Stock fields that are not in MSTB MST...

MSU60 - Select Options for EDM Attribute Display
MSUBST - One-Way and Restricted Interchangeabilities
MSUPDAMD - SRV: Update Table: Master Data
MSUPDAP - Structure: Internal Table for Package Lines
MSV_CMP_WRITE000 - MSV_CMP_WRITE : Message structure MSV_CMP_WRITE000
MSV_COUNTER000 - MSV_COUNTER : Message structure MSV_COUNTER000 MSV...

MSWSRM_IPING_PING_INPUT_MESSA1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
MSWSRM_IPING_PING_INPUT_MESSAG - Proxy Structure (generated)
MSXXLIST - Structure of the system list
MSXXLIST_SUBSYSTEM - Server List with Subsystem Number
MSXXLIST_V6 - Structure of Server List with IPv6 Addresses


MT001W - Generated Table for View
MT001W_RMA - Generated Table for View
MT03S - Material Master View on Special Stocks
MT06A - Material Master View: Group Data for Purchasing
MT06B - Material Master View: Valuation Data for Purchasing
MT06C - Material Master Fields MARA, MAKTX, and MARC MT0...

MT61B - Material Master View: MRP/Inventory Management
MT61D - Material Master: MRP
MT61K - View on the Material Master for Planned Order Components
MT61S - Material Master View: Planning Entries
MTABLES - Download Tables by Download Object
MTART_ONLY - Contains MTART Only
MTBILL_CAT - MT Billing Category
MTBR_SRF_REP_ITM - Information for documents selected per report run
MTB_VERS_ADMIN_DATA - Task List Version: Administration Data
MTB_VERS_ATTR_DB - Task List Version: Persistent attributes of Task Version
MTB_VERS_DATA - Task List Version to Material BOM Version assignment
MTB_VERS_INSTANCE - Task List Version: MBOM version assignment MTB...

MTCHK_OBJECT_NAMES - DDIC MT: objects to be checked
MTCOM - Material Master Communication
MTCOR - Material Master View: Return Codes
MTEXT - Material Description
MTEXT_CL - Material Description
MTE_S_ADVANCE - Structure for Advance entity
MTE_S_ADVANCE_INCL - Dummy structure for Advances in MTE V2
MTE_S_ATTACHMENT - Structure for Attachment entity MTE V2
MTE_S_ATTACHMENT_INCL - Dummy structure for Attachment entity MTE V2 MTE...

MTFW_BDOCXML - Store the MT specific bdoc xml
MTG_TARGET_GROUP_CRMBY_IDQUER2 - Proxy Structure (generated)
MTG_TARGET_GROUP_CRMBY_IDQUER3 - Proxy Structure (generated)
MTG_TARGET_GROUP_CRMBY_IDQUER4 - Proxy Structure (generated)
MTG_TARGET_GROUP_CRMBY_IDQUERY - Proxy Structure (generated)
MTG_TARGET_GROUP_CRMBY_IDRESP1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
MTG_TARGET_GROUP_CRMBY_IDRESP2 - Proxy Structure (generated) MTG...

MTK_CLASS_APPEND_DATA - Assign. of Mat. to Routings for Transfer to Screen Enhanc.
MTK_CLASS_DATA - Data about classes in material-routing assignment
MTK_CLASS_DATA_INTERFACE - Mat.-rtg assign. (int. format) for Direct Input in the EWB
MTK_CLASS_DATA_PLAIN - Mat.-rtg assign. (ext. format) for Direct Input in the EWB
MTK_CLASS_SEL - Selection structure for material attributes
MTK_CLASS_VIEW - Texts, Descripts, Additional Data for Material-Rout. Alloc. MTK...

MTMKA - Structure for Read MKAL, Purchasing
MTMOVEDTABS - MT: Tables which are transfered during system move
MTM_ACC_V_CCODE - MtM Accounting: Default Purchasing Organizations and Groups
MTM_ACC_V_VEND - MtM Accounting: Default Vendors
MTOBLREL - Model Data: Text for Relationship Types
MTOBLROL - Model Data: Texts for Role Types
MTOM_BYTE_ARRAY_HEADER_HELPER - Proxy Structure (generated)
MTOM_BYTE_ARRAY_HEADER_HELPER1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
MTOM_TEST_STR - Proxy Structure (generated)
MTOM_TEST_STRUCT - Proxy Structure (generated) MTO...

MTPER - Periods at Database Level
MTPER_VA - Periods at Database Level for Value-Only Materials
MTQSS - Material master view: QM
MTQUALIFICATION_REQUEST - Proxy Structure (generated)
MTQUALIFICATION_RESPONSE - Proxy Structure (generated)
MTREEITM - Tree Control: Structure TREEV_ITEM + TEXT Field of Length 72
MTREEITMMW - Structure for Column Tree (w. INCLUDE:TREEV_ITEM and TEXT)
MTREEITM_FT - Tree Control Item of Trees (SD_FT)
MTREEPRGITM - Tree Control Item For Report saptrev*
MTREESNODE - Tree Control: Structure TREEV_NODE + TEXT Field of Length 30
MTREESNODECH_T706Z - Hierarchy of Field Control Simple Tree MTR...

MTSHADMIN - Multi Tenancy administrating tables
MTSHADMIN_T - Multi Tenancy administrating tables
MTSHCONTAINER - Multitenancy: Shared Container Names
MTSHTABS - Multitenancy: Shared Tables and Current Versions
MTSHTABS_VERS - Multitenancy: Shared Tables and Current Version
MTSYSTEMSTATE - Holds System state (Standard, Simulated, Shared) MTS...

MTVER_RANGE - Range for Material Group for Export and Import
MTXH - Auxiliary Fields for Matrix Processing: Totals


MUEB_REST - Additional Fields for Data Transfer
MULTIRANGE - Structure for Cross-field RANGES Tables
MULTIRANGE_LONG - Structure for Cross Field RANGES Tables (long)
MUTIL_PARAM - Parameters And Value Table
MUTIL_PARAMETER_S - parameter name and value


MV03V - GI Availability: Construction (-->ORDPAR)
MV08A_SKVB - Reference Structure for Group Processing MV08A
MV08A_XSVB - Reference Structure for Group Processing MV08A (XVBSS)
MV08A_YSVB - Reference Structure for Group Processing MV08A (YVBSS)
MV10A - Cust-Material Info Record-Screen Communications Block
MV12A - MV12A - Condition Generator: Input/Output Fields
MV12D - Input/Output Fields for Total Condition Maintenance
MV13D - Extra Fields for SAPMV13D: Material Determination
MV13N - Free goods: Additional fields for screens
MV45AF0A_AD_BOS_ALV_01 - Structure for MV45AF0A_AD_BOS_ALV
MV50B - Work Fields for SAPMV50B
MV50B_RT01 - Enhancements to MV50B for Rough GR
MV50L - Communication Work Area for VL06
MV689 - Pricing Engine: Download
MV80P - Partner Objects
MV80T - Additional Screen Fields in Text Determination Customizing
MVAL - Material Master Record Fields: Material Valuation reduced
MVAN - Tax Classification for Material
MVARTAB - Assignment of Variants to Configurable Materials
MVEG - Material Master Data Transfer: Total Consumption
MVEG_TMP - File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input
MVEG_UEB - Data Transfer: Consumption Incl. Administration
MVER - Material Consumption
MVER_UEB - Field TRANC Added to MVER
MVEU - Material Master Data Transfer: Unplanned Consumption MVE...

MVGRS - Structure Holding Material Group Info for Pricing
MVKE - Sales Data for Material
MVKE_DQ_RES - Master Data Quality Results of OTC 194, Table MVKE
MVKE_DQ_STR - Key and Attribute Structure for MVKE
MVKE_NKEY - New Key for material sales text
MVKE_OKEY - Old Key for material sales text
MVKE_PRC - Process Records Of OTC 194, Table MVKE MVK...

MVOBLPROP - Generated Table for View
MVOBLREL - Generated Table for View
MVOBLRO - Generated Table for View
MVOBLROL - Generated Table for View
MVPL - Structure for characteristics and values
MVPL1 - Structure for Required Characteristics
MVPLC - Check Price Activation Price List for Matl Grp/Distn Chain
MVRA - Cross-version fields for MARA
MVRC - Cross-version fields for MARC
MVRD - Storage Location Data for Material
MVSCHL - Key for Lease-Out
MVSEARCH - Type Matching for Material Variants
MVSE_SEND_CONFIG - Send Transfer Structure f. Mat. Variants by Change Pointer
MVS_ARD_A - OS/390 Performance Data (Used in SMON)
MVS_LPAR_A - MVS performance data (used in SMON)
MVS_SPAG_A - MVS performance data (used in SMON) MVS...

MVTTYPE_S - Movement Types
MVT_REASONS_S - Goods Movement reasons
MVT_TYPES_S - Goods movement types
MVVE - Sales Data for Material


MW2STR - Backdated Tax Calculation of Customer/Vendor Item
MW3STR - Structure for Tax Breakdown
MWBEVDEF - Transfer Structure for Manager's Desktop Evaluation Paths
MWBFCDDEF - Transfer Structure for Manager's Desktop Function Codes
MWBFCDSTR - Structure for Function Code Hierarchies
MWBFCDTAB - Structure for Function Code
MWBITEM - Tree Control Item of Manager's Desktop
MWBUPDITEM - Update Item for Structure Tree Manager's Desktop MWB...

MWCLNT50 - MWCLNT50 - test table
MWCURM - Customizing: MM Configuration
MWC_ATTACHMENT_LINK_S - MWC: Attachment link
MWC_CA_SUMMARY_S - MWC: Contract Account Summary
MWC_CONTR_END - MWC: Contract End Date
MWC_CONTR_IMAGE - MWC: Contract Images MWC...

MWERT - Characteristic Values (Object List Item)
MWERTK - Item Data Class/Characteristic Values (Object List)
MWLI - Listing (Retail)
MWLOB_MIG_EXCE - Exceptions - No LOB MIGF for these tables
MWLOB_MIG_KEYS - CRM Large Object Migration Status
MWLOB_MIG_LOG - CRM Large Object Migration Log
MWLOB_MIG_PROCES - CRM Large Object Migration Process MWL...

MWMKPF - Header Table for the Interface
MWOG1 - I/O line for RP for perishables
MWO_PROD_PROGRESS_NOT - Proxy Structure (generated)
MWO_S_COMP_PO - Component consumption structure with PO reference
MWSKZ_RAN - Range Structure for Selection of Tax Codes
MWSOHF - Generated Table for View
MWSTATUS - Status of Split Calculation of Value
MWSTB - Internal Table for Taxes on Sales and Purchases
MWSTOR - Reversal Transactions
MWS_CHAR - Characts for prop./prod. units (with attributes and value) MWS...

MWVTB - Internal Tax Clearing Table
MWWS1 - Field Selection MARA / MAKT for MMS
MWWS2 - Material master view on ML: list of all MARM records
MWWS3 - Field Selection from MVKE MMS
MWXMSEG - ZMSEG: Interface for Posting of Value
MWXVM07M - Fields: Update Control of Module Pool SAPMM07M
MWYMBUZ - Line Assignment
MWZMSEG - ZMSEG:Interface for Posting of Value
MWZVM07M - Fields: Update Control of Module Pool SAPMM07M


MXABK - XAB Printout Header Data
MXABP - XAB Item Data
MXITC - Structure for feature MXITC - Intercompany payments
MXML_INCINV_CREATE_ITEM - Transfer Structure for Invoice Item Data (Create)
MXML_INCINV_CREATE_TAX - Transfer Structure for Tax Data (Create)
MXML_INCINV_DETAIL_ITEM - Transfer Structure for Invoice Item Data (GetDetail)
MXML_INCINV_DETAIL_TAX - Transfer Structure for Tax Data XML (GetDetail)
MXML_INCINV_DETAIL_VENDORDATA - Invoicing Party Address Data: Formatted
MXREG - Structure for feature MXREG
MXSOP - Matrix
MXSOP_T - Matrix with Text Instead of Floating Point Column
MXTVO - Mexico:Customizing table: Transaction, Version, Order


MYABK - Bal. Sheet Valuation: Table of Database Commits Carried Out
MYCOM - Bal. Sheet Valuation: Table of Database Commits Carried Out
MYDELTALAUF_ALV - ALV Structure for Delta Run
MYDELTAPOST - Structure for Delta Posting
MYDELTA_ERR - Error Structure for Delta Run
MYGENERIC_OFSTRING - Proxy Structure (generated)
MYGENERIC_OFSTRING1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
MYGENERIC_OF_PERSON_UY_NKIA_1 - Proxy Structure (generated)
MYGENERIC_OF_PERSON_UY_NKIA_N - Proxy Structure (generated)
MYHLP - Individual values chosen by user
MYLAUFCR - Object Table for Delta Run including Ledger and Crcy Type
MYLAUFCUST - Customizing for Balance Sheet Valuation Delta Run by Account
MYLAUFHD - Run for Balance Sheet Values by Account
MYLAUFIT - Object Table for Delta Run Using MRN9
MYLEARNING_MAILFEEDBACK_ST - Structure for oData mail feedback service in My Learning App
MYMBEW_BUKRS - Index Table for Material Company Code
MYMFT - FIFO Results Table
MYMFT_OBJID - Objectid for Table MYMFT
MYMFT_OBJID_LG - Objectid for Table MYMFT
MYML - LIFO Material Layer (Annual)
MYML1 - LIFO: Transaction-Related Material Layer MYM...

MYOBJ_S_OBJ - Transfer Structure for myObjects, Copy from AMYO_S_OBJ
MYPAR - Control Parameters LIFO/FIFO Valuation
MYPICKLISTAWART - Picklist for Absence Type for CATS notebook
MYPL - LIFO Pool Layer (Annual)
MYPLM - LIFO Pool Layer (Monthly)
MYPS1 - Rules for Pool Splitting Method for LIFO Valuation
MYPS2 - Rules for Pool Splitting Method for LIFO Valuation MYP...

MYSDBAHALV - ALV Output List for Transaction DB14 sdbad
MYSEG_EXTRACT - Document Segment: Material
MYSTA - Balance Sheet Valuation: Procedure Statistics Table
MYSTA_KEY - Key Fields of Table mysta


MZDAT - Dunning and interest data for batch input
MZUSFKT - 'Extras' Functions, Internal (Material Master Customizing)
MZUSSTAB - Structure for Special Additional Data
MZUS_TAB - Descriptions for Dynamic Menu Options in the Material Master


M_422E - Generated Table for View
M_AANLA - Generated Table for View
M_AANLC - Generated Table for View
M_AANLI - Generated Table for View
M_AANLM - Generated Table for View
M_AANLP - Generated Table for View
M_AANLR - Generated Table for View M_A...

M_BCONA - Generated Table for View
M_BELWA - Generated Table for View
M_BELWO - Generated Table for View
M_BETKA - Generated Table for View
M_BETRA - Generated Table for View
M_BETRB - Generated Table for View M_B...

M_CAP4I - Generated Table for View
M_CCART - Generated Table for View
M_CLASA - Generated Table for View
M_CLASB - Generated Table for View
M_CLASC - Generated Table for View
M_CLASD - Generated Table for View M_C...

M_DARTD - Generated Table for View M_DARTD
M_DEBIA - Generated Table for View
M_DEBID - Generated Table for View
M_DEBIE - Generated Table for View
M_DEBIK - Generated Table for View
M_DEBIL - Generated Table for View M_D...

M_E419P - Generated Table for View
M_E420A - Generated Table for View
M_E422A - Generated Table for View
M_E422F - Generated Table for View
M_EANLA - Generated Table for View
M_EAUSA - Generated Table for View M_E...

M_FCRKA - Generated Table for View
M_FERCI - Generated Table for View
M_FERCT - Generated Table for View
M_FHMSG - Generated Table for View
M_FHMSS - Generated Table for View
M_FIAPA - Generated Table for View M_F...

M_HIKOA - Generated Table for View
M_HRLCTCN_CNTR - Generated Table for View
M_HRLCTCN_CNTR_A - Generated Table for View
M_HRLCTCN_TERM - Generated Table for View
M_HRPAD99 - Generated Table for View
M_HRPADJP - Generated Table for View M_H...

M_IAM000 - Generated Table for View M_IAM000
M_IAM110 - Generated Table for View
M_IAM130S - Generated Table for View
M_IB3GA - Generated Table for View
M_IB3PA - Generated Table for View
M_IBWGA - Generated Table for View M_I...

M_J1AWA - Generated Table for View
M_J1AWB - Generated Table for View
M_J1AWC - Generated Table for View
M_J1BAA - Generated Table for View
M_J1BAB - Generated Table for View
M_J1BAC - Generated Table for View M_J...

M_KAKMK - Generated Table for View
M_KAKMN - Generated Table for View
M_KAKMO - Generated Table for View
M_KAKMP - Generated Table for View
M_KARTC - Generated Table for View
M_KARTN - Generated Table for View M_K...

M_LARTN - Generated Table for View
M_LARTS - Generated Table for View
M_LOBJA - Generated Table for View
M_LOBJB - Generated Table for View
M_LOBJC - Generated Table for View
M_LOBJD - Generated Table for View M_L...

M_MAT1A - Generated Table for View
M_MAT1B - Generated Table for View
M_MAT1C - Generated Table for View
M_MAT1E - Generated Table for View
M_MAT1F - Generated Table for View
M_MAT1H - Generated Table for View M_M...

M_NWPGA - Generated Table for View
M_OBJEA - Generated Table for View
M_ODPGA - Generated Table for View
M_OIA5A - Generated Table for View
M_OIA6A - Generated Table for View
M_OIA8I - Generated Table for View
M_OIAEA - Generated Table for View M_O...

M_P01CE - Generated Table for View
M_P01CET_ROP - Generated Table for View
M_P01CR - Generated Table for View
M_P01CU - Generated Table for View
M_P01CV - Generated Table for View
M_P0203 - Generated Table for View M_P...

M_QALSA - Generated Table for View
M_QALSD - Generated Table for View
M_QALSK - Generated Table for View
M_QALSM - Generated Table for View
M_QALSO - Generated Table for View
M_QALSS - Generated Table for View M_Q...

M_RECNA - Generated Table for View
M_RECNB - Generated Table for View
M_RECNC - Generated Table for View
M_RECND - Generated Table for View
M_RECNSCS - Generated Table for View
M_RECNTYPE - Generated Table for View M_R...

M_SANVM - Generated Table for View
M_SCENK - Generated Table for View
M_SHAFLAA - Generated Table for View
M_SHARAAA - Generated Table for View
M_SHAROA - Generated Table for View
M_SHAROD - Generated Table for View M_S...

M_T001_FM - Generated Table for View
M_T7PBSWB1D_2J - Generated Table for View
M_TBRF110 - Generated Table for View
M_TBRF120 - Generated Table for View
M_TBRF124 - Generated Table for View
M_TBRF141 - Generated Table for View M_T...

M_UDARU - Generated Table for View M_UDARU
M_VBSGA - Generated Table for View
M_VBSGB - Generated Table for View
M_VEBAN_EOP - Generated Table for View
M_VEBAN_EOP_UPD - Generated Table for View
M_VEINA_EOP - Generated Table for View
M_VEINA_EOP_UPD - Generated Table for View M_V...

M_WAKHA - Generated Table for View
M_WAKHB - Generated Table for View
M_WAKHC - Generated Table for View
M_WAKHD - Generated Table for View
M_WASVA - Generated Table for View
M_WASVB - Generated Table for View M_W...

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