SAP /ACCGO/CCK_GET_COPY_TKONN Function Module for Get copy contract number and item number

/ACCGO/CCK_GET_COPY_TKONN is a standard /accgo/cck get copy tkonn SAP function module available within SAP R/3 or S/4 Hana systems, depending on your version and release level. It is used for Get copy contract number and item number processing and below is the pattern details for this FM, showing its interface including any import and export parameters, exceptions etc. there is also a full "cut and paste" ABAP pattern code example, along with implementation ABAP coding, documentation and contribution comments specific to this or related objects.

See here to view full function module documentation and code listing for /accgo/cck get copy tkonn FM, simply by entering the name /ACCGO/CCK_GET_COPY_TKONN into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE37 or SE38.

Appliation area:
Release date: N/A
Mode(Normal, Remote etc): Normal Function Module

Function /ACCGO/CCK_GET_COPY_TKONN pattern details

In-order to call this FM within your sap programs, simply using the below ABAP pattern details to trigger the function call...or see the full ABAP code listing at the end of this article. You can simply cut and paste this code into your ABAP progrom as it is, including variable declarations.
CALL FUNCTION '/ACCGO/CCK_GET_COPY_TKONN'"Get copy contract number and item number
EX_TKONN = "Trading Contract: Trading Contract Number
EX_TPOSN = "Trading Contract: Item Number


EX_TKONN - Trading Contract: Trading Contract Number

Data type: TKONN
Optional: No
Call by Reference: Yes

EX_TPOSN - Trading Contract: Item Number

Data type: TPOSN
Optional: No
Call by Reference: Yes

Copy and paste ABAP code example for /ACCGO/CCK_GET_COPY_TKONN Function Module

The ABAP code below is a full code listing to execute function module POPUP_TO_CONFIRM including all data declarations. The code uses the original data declarations rather than the latest in-line data DECLARATION SYNTAX but I have included an ABAP code snippet at the end to show how declarations would look using the newer method of declaring data variables on the fly. This will allow you to compare and fully understand the new inline method. Please note some of the newer syntax such as the @DATA is not available until a later 4.70 service pack (SP8), which i why i have stuck to the origianl for this example.

lv_ex_tkonn  TYPE TKONN, "   
lv_ex_tposn  TYPE TPOSN. "   

  CALL FUNCTION '/ACCGO/CCK_GET_COPY_TKONN'  "Get copy contract number and item number
         EX_TKONN = lv_ex_tkonn
         EX_TPOSN = lv_ex_tposn

ABAP code using 7.40 inline data declarations to call FM /ACCGO/CCK_GET_COPY_TKONN

The below ABAP code uses the newer in-line data declarations. This allows you to see the coding differences/benefits of the later inline syntax. Please note some of the newer syntax below, such as the @DATA is not available until 4.70 EHP 8.


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