Domain List

List of SAP Domain objects containing


A2_AUSW - IS-H*MED: Type of choice
AAAVALUE - Parameter value
AAA_SELE - Domain for Popup Selection
AAA_STR2 - String for Authorization Assistant
AAA_STRG - String for Authorization Assistant
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B1SUM - Transfer to cluster B1
B530C - Modifier for special payment conditions
BAANR - Financial Document Processing: Ext. No. of Letter of Credit
BAART - P.O./Order type
BABLSORT - Change document sorting (documents)
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C130 - Character field with 130 characters
C15 - !5 characters in length (lower case letters)
C1NUM - C1 split indicator
C2ACTIVE - C2 Server Data Flag: Active/Inactive
C2S_ACT - Action flag for C2Server (DB Update)
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D2DBNAME - Domain for database names (DB2 on OS/390)
D2DSNAME - Dataset name (DB2 on OS/390)
D2DSVOLSER - Volume serial numbers of the dataset (DB2 on OS/390)
D2HEX_RBA - Hexadecimal RBA (relative byte address) (DB2 on OS/390)
D2ICBACKUP - Type of image copy in dataset (DB2 on OS/390)
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