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SAP RFCDEST Domain Logical RFC Destination elementary ABAP data type


SAP DOMAIN RFCDEST is an elementary data type object within the dictionary that stores Logical RFC Destination information.

Below is the list of domain attribute values including length, data type, description, value list, search help etc... also check the Contribute section for any additional notes about this object. You could also view this information on your SAP system if you enter the data element RFCDEST into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE11 or SE80.

SAP Domain RFCDEST attributes


Domain name: More details...RFCDEST
Language Key: More details...E
Activation Status of a Repository Object: More details...Entry activated or generated in this form
Version of the entry (not used): More details...
Data Type in ABAP Dictionary: More details...CHAR
Short Description of Repository Objects: More details...Logical RFC Destination
Length (No. of Characters): More details...32
Output Length: More details...32
Number of Decimal Places: More details...
Allow lowercase letters or NOT: More details...Yes
As this is set to Yes all text stored within a field associated with domain RFCDEST will NOT be converted to uppercase irrespective of case entered by the user.
Field contains negative values: More details...Yes
Basically saves the first position of the field so that a + or -sign can be displayed when output. Only valid for floating point,Quantity, Decimal and Currency data types
Flag for language-dependent values(not used): More details...
Domain contains fixed values: More details...No
Value table: More details...RFCDES
Conversion Routine: More details...
Converts the field value between the display and internally stored format. The 5 char ID (i.e. ) associates this field with the underlying ABAP function modules that perform the conversion.
Template (not used): More details...
Template length (not used): More details...
Activation flag: More details...Start of activation or activation successful
Application class for DD objects (not used): More details...SAB4
Activation type: More details...No classification
Original Language in Repository objects: More details...
Reserve for domains (not used): More details...
Flag for private DD objects (not used): More details...
Domain name: More details...
DD: Indicator that at least one domain append exists: More details...
DD: Is a generated proxy object: More details...
DD: Output Style (Output Style) for Decfloat Types: More details...Normal
AM/PM time format is required: More details...
Time is displayed using the 24-hour format by default but if this checkbox is set, SAP will use the time format specified in the user master record. These can be either 24 Hour Format (i.e. 12:05:10), 12 Hour Format (i.e. 12:05:10 PM/pm) or Hours from 0 to 11 (i.e. 00:05:10 PM/pm).

Language support for domain RFCDEST within the SAP system

Logical RFC Destination ( Romanian)
Logical RFC Destination ( Slovenian)
Logi#ko RFC odredište ( Croatian)
Logické výstupní za#.RFC ( Czech)
Logische RFC-Destination ( German)
Logical RFC Destination ( English)
Destination logique RFC ( French)
Logical RFC Destination ( Greek)
Logikai RFC-cél ( Hungarian)
Destinazione logica RFC ( Italian)
Logiczne miejsce docelowe RFC ( Polish)
Logische RFC-destination ( Dutch)
Destino RFC lógico ( Portuguese)
Logické výstupné zariadenie RFC ( Slovakian)
Destino RFC lógico ( Spanish)
Logical RFC Destination ( Bulgarian)
Logical RFC Destination ( Customer reserve)
Logical RFC Destination ( Serbian (Latin))

List of Data Elements that reference domain RFCDEST

RFCDEST - Logical Destination (Specified in Function Call)
RFCDESTA - RFC Destination for Analysis
RFCDESTD - RFC Destination for Data Collection
RFCDEST_ALV - Logical RFC Destination
RFCDEST_API - Logical RFC Destination to API
RFCDEST_DIALOG - Logical Destination for Dialog Call
RFCDEST_MAT1 - RFC destination for material search in external catalog
RFCDEST_UD - Logical destination for the UPDATE of an external tax system

List of elementary SAP domain objects

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