ABAP OO Class Methods

J1BCONSI SAP Class - Consignment for Brazil

J1BCONSI is a standard SAP object class available within R/3 SAP systems depending on your version and release level. You can view/maintain the class details by entering its name into the relevant SAP transactions such as SE24, SE80 or even SE84.

Below is the documentation available for class J1BCONSI including details of:

  • Interface class implementations
  • Inheritance details
  • Methods defined within class ( including link to full details )
  • Attributes ( including initial values )
  • Class Events

Also check out the Resources section below to view useful tips, screenshots, links and general information related to this SAP class and its methods, or even add your own for future reference.

Methods of J1BCONSI

A method is a coding block that performs a certain procedure (i.e. ABAP functionality) on an object within the overall SAP class. In simple terms if the object is an SAP database table a method could be the procedure to add a record or to delete a record. If you are new to OO in many respects, the implementation of a method is similar to a function module and can be called in a very similar way using CALL METHOD.

Instead of "CALL FUNCTION", Methods are referenced using the following syntax: CALL METHOD CL_ABAP_CHAR_UTILITIES=>methodname EXPORTING/IMPORTING...

CALCULATE_TAX - Fill taxinterface called from CREATE_NF_ITEM
CALL_NF_CHECK - Call Nota Fiscal Check
CALL_NF_DIALOG - Call Nota Fiscal Dialog
CHECK_SUBTRIB_FOR_CFOP - Check if subtrib is involved to set SPCSTO for CFOP determin
CHECK_UNIQUE_BRANCH - Checks if branch for selected item is unique for Nota Fiscal
CHECK_UNIQUE_LIFNR - Checks if vendor for selected item is unique for Nota Fiscal
CREATE_NF_HEADER - Create NF header called from MAP_DATA_TO_NF
CREATE_NF_ITEM - Create NF item called from MAP_DATA_TO_NF
CREATE_NF_MESSAGES - Create messages for tax laws
CREATE_NF_PARTNER - Create Partner called from MAP_DATA_TO_NF
CREATE_NF_REFERENCE - Create entries in reference table
CREATE_NF_TAX - Create NF tax item called from CREATE_NF_ITEM
F4_HELP_BRANCH - F4 help for branch
GET_BRANCH - get branch data
GET_CALCULATION_PROCEDURE - Get calculation procedure called from PREPARE_TAX_CALCULATIO
GET_CFOP - CFOP Determination
GET_COMPANY_CODE - Get company code data called from PREPARE_TAX_CALCULATIO
GET_TAXLAW_TEXTS - read tax law tables and fill NF message table
GET_TAXSIT_ICMS - Get tax situation for ICMS
GET_TAXSIT_IPI - Get tax situation for IPI
MANUAL_NF_CHANGES - Get manual changes from NF Dialog
MAP_BELNR_TO_NF - Map FI document number to Nota Fiscal
MAP_DATA_TO_NF - Map data to NF structures
READ_J_1BAA - Read table J_1baa
SET_CFOP_DESTINATION - set direction for cfop determination

J1BCONSI Attributes

List of attributes within class J1BCONSI. These can be referenced using the following syntax J1BCONSI=>. Although depending on where you are inserting the ABAP code you do need to check if the attribute is public or private.

NameDescriptionInitial Value
C_LAWICMS Table name 'J_1BATL1T'
C_LAWIPI Table name 'J_1BATL2T'
C_TEXT_001 Mesage for popup F4 help 'BRANCHES FOR COMPANY CODE'
C_TEXT_002 Mesage for popup F4 help 'For selected items Vendor is not unique'
C_TEXT_003 Mesage for popup F4 help 'For selected items Branch is not unique'
ISST_T001 Company Codes
IS_NFDOC Nota Fiscal Header
IS_TAXCOM Communications Work Area for Tax Calculation
ITST_COUNT Internal Table, Current Row Index
ITST_IPILAW ipi laws
ITST_SEQLAW Already processed laws
IT_KOMV Internal table of KOMV

IT_NFFTX NF Header mesages
IT_NFLIN Nota Fiscal line items tab
IT_NFNAD NF partner
IT_NFREF NF iterm reference
IT_NFSTX Nota Fiscal tax per item tab
IVST_BUKRS Company Code
IVST_KALSM Procedure (pricing, output control, acct. det., costing,...)
IVST_SEQNUM Sequence number
LS_RKWA Consignment Withdrawals

Events of the Class J1BCONSI

Events are created within your class using special event handler methods. These must be registered at runtime for the event and can then be triggered using the ABAP syntax: RAISE EVENT EXPOTING...