ABAP OO Class Methods

BDMT_CONTROL SAP Class - Administers Tree Control for Monitoring

BDMT_CONTROL is a standard SAP object class available within R/3 SAP systems depending on your version and release level. You can view/maintain the class details by entering its name into the relevant SAP transactions such as SE24, SE80 or even SE84.

Below is the documentation available for class BDMT_CONTROL including details of:

  • Interface class implementations
  • Inheritance details
  • Methods defined within class ( including link to full details )
  • Attributes ( including initial values )
  • Class Events

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This OO class has a superclass assigned to it, which means it will inherit its objects and methods. The superclass for BDMT_CONTROL is CL_GUI_COLUMN_TREE


A method is a coding block that performs a certain procedure (i.e. ABAP functionality) on an object within the overall SAP class. In simple terms if the object is an SAP database table a method could be the procedure to add a record or to delete a record. If you are new to OO in many respects, the implementation of a method is similar to a function module and can be called in a very similar way using CALL METHOD.

Instead of "CALL FUNCTION", Methods are referenced using the following syntax: CALL METHOD CL_ABAP_CHAR_UTILITIES=>methodname EXPORTING/IMPORTING...

ADD_M_ITEM - Inserts Item
ADD_M_NODE - Inserts Monitoring Node
BUILD_NODE - Creates Node with Possible Subnodes
CHANGE_M_ITEM - Changes Item Text
CHECK_DATA_COLLECTION - Obsolete? Checks whether data collector has to run
COLLECT_INFO_OBJ - Searches for required info objects
COUNT_IDOCS - Counts how many IDocs there are in the info quantity
GET_FILTER_QUALIFIER - Formulates filter crieria as text
GET_IDOCS_FROM_NODE - Return of IDocs to Node
GET_NEXT_NODE_KEY - Gets New Node Name
GET_NODE_INFO - Provides Details of Node
GET_SEL_NODE - Returns selected node/item
IS_EXPANDABLE - Checsk whether node can expanded (folder)
PRINT_TREE - Prints Tree
PRUNE_TREE - Sets Expanded Flag
PT_PRINTCHILDREN - Recursive Printing of Nodes
REORGANIZE_TREE - Restructure Hierarchy by structure change
SET_FILTER - Sets Filter Criteria for IDocs
SORT_LIST_BY_STATUS - Sorts Info List by Status Lights
STAT_2_STGRP - Assigns Status to Status Group
STGRP_2_STAT - Assigns Status to Status Group
STGRP_INFO - Returns Icon and Text to Status Group
UPDATE_TREE - Refreshes Display


List of attributes within class BDMT_CONTROL. These can be referenced using the following syntax BDMT_CONTROL=>. Although depending on where you are inserting the ABAP code you do need to check if the attribute is public or private.

NameDescriptionInitial Value
C_ICON_CLASSMETHOD Class Method '@7H@'
C_ICON_ERROR Error Icon '@AG@'
C_ICON_EXPORT Outbound Error '@49@'
C_ICON_FILTER Filter Icon '@4G@'
C_ICON_GREEN Green Light Icon '@5B@'
C_ICON_HINT Icon for Hint '@AI@'
C_ICON_IDOC IDoc Icon '@G5@'
C_ICON_IMPORT Inbound Icon '@48@'
C_ICON_LOGSYS Logical System Icon '@6K@'
C_ICON_RED Red Light Icon '@5C@'
C_ICON_WARNING Warning Icon '@AH@'
C_ICON_YELLOW Icon Yellow Light '@5D@'

FILTER_DOCNUM Filter for Doc.Number
FILTER_HAS_CHANGED Flag for Filter Change
FILTER_MESTYP Filter for Message Type
FILTER_OBJKEY Filter for Object Key
FILTER_OBJTYP Filter for Object Type
FILTER_PARTNER Filter for Partner
FILTER_STATUS Filter for Status
FLAG_NO_COUNT Prevent Counting
INITIAL_FLAG General Flag 'X'
ITEM_TABLE Additional Item Table
NODE_COUNTER Counter for Node Names
NODE_TABLE Additional Node Table
NODE_TO_DOCNUM Doc.Numbers Node
REORGANIZE_FLAG Hierarchy has been restructured
TNII_TABLE Info Structure of Hierarchy
TREE_HIERARCHY Hierarchy of Tree

Events of the Class BDMT_CONTROL

Events are created within your class using special event handler methods. These must be registered at runtime for the event and can then be triggered using the ABAP syntax: RAISE EVENT EXPOTING...