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CO_WRTTP SAP Data Element referenced by Value Type ABAP dictionary fields

CO_WRTTP is a standard DATA Element within the SAP ABAP dictionary and is associated with fields that store Value Type information.

Below is the list of data element attribute values including length, data type, description, domain, search help etc... also check the Contribute section for any additional notes that have been added You could also view this information on your SAP system if you enter the data element /XPPM/FW_SOL_NAME into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE11 or SE80.

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  • Data Element /XPPM/FW_SOL_NAME Attributes
  • Domain CO_WRTTP Attributes
  • All SAP tables with fields that use this Data Element
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Attributes of SAP Data Element CO_WRTTP

Domain name:CO_WRTTP
Get/Set parameter ID:
This field does not have a parameter ID associated with it so you can't use the GET PARAMETER ID ABAP syntax to retrieve its value from memory and the SET PARAMETER ID to update its value.
Flag for writing change documents:No
Change document history is not recorded for this FIELD AND NO ENTRIES WILL BE MADE IN TABLES CDHDR AND CDPOS.
Short Description:Value Type
Short Label(Max length):Value Type(10)
Medium Label(Max length):Value Type(15)

Long Label(Max length):Value Type(20)
Heading(Max length):VT(20)
Name of a Search Help:
Name of a search help parameter:
Data type/ Length / Decimals See Domain details
Category of Dictionary Type:Domain Type
Type of Object Referenced:N/A
Not relevant as this field is an Elementary Domain Type rather than a reference type.
Force write direction to be LTR:No
If this flag is set the field content is always displayed using the left to right writing direction, even if the write direction of the screen/user is right to left. Maybe useful for digit based data such as phone numbers which may be un-readable using RTL direction. See OSS note 1291845
No Filtering of BIDI Characters:No
Deactivate Input History in Screen Field:No

Attributes of SAP Domain CO_WRTTP

Character String
Output Length:2
Number of Decimal Places:None
Allow lowercase letters:No
As this is set to "No" all text stored within field SOLNAME will be converted to uppercase irrespective of case entered by the user.
Field contains negative values:No
Basically saves the first position of the field so that a + or -sign can be displayed when output. Only valid for floating point,Quantity, Decimal and Currency data types
Domain contains fixed values:Yes
01 N/A Plan
02 N/A Plan: Splitting Among Activity Types
03 N/A Actual: Splitting Among Activity Types
04 N/A Actual
05 N/A Target
06 N/A Target (WIP)
07 N/A Target: Splitting Among Activity Types
08 N/A Plan: Correction for Internal Bus.Vol Between Cost Centers
09 N/A Actual: Correction for IBV Between Cost Centers
10 N/A Statistical Plan
11 N/A Statistical Actual
12 N/A Down Payment as Operating Expense
13 N/A Statistical Down Payments as Expense
19 N/A Order Receipt/Orders Balance
21 N/A Commitments from Purchase Requisition
22 N/A Purchase Order Commitment
23 N/A Reservation Commitment
24 N/A Funds Commitment
25 N/A Remainder from Apportioned Orders/Networks (Order Commitmts)
26 N/A Commitments from Transfer Price Agreement
28 N/A Value from Customer Quotation
29 N/A Value from Sales Order
2A N/A Funds Reservation
2B N/A Funds Precommitment
30 N/A Scrap
31 N/A Variances
32 N/A Results Analysis and WIP Calculation
33 N/A Results Analysis: Credit Side/Debit Side
34 N/A Results Analysis: Cost of Sales from Resource-Rel. Billing
35 N/A Plan for True Investments
36 N/A Budget for True Investments
37 N/A Program Budget for True Investments
38 N/A Program Plan for True Investments
39 N/A Request Plan
40 N/A Request Plan for True Investments
41 N/A Budget
42 N/A Assigned Budget
43 N/A Payment Budget
44 N/A Payment Budget: Assigned Funds
45 N/A Payment budget: Releases
46 N/A Cash Release
47 N/A Program Budget
48 N/A Program Plan
49 N/A Planned Accrual Calculations: Results Analysis, WIP Calc.
4A N/A Payment Budget: Statistical
4B N/A Budget Balance
4C N/A Payment Budget: Clear on Revenue Item
50 N/A Purchase Requisitions
5A N/A Payment Obligations from Purchasing Down Payments
51 N/A Purchase Orders
52 N/A Business Trip Commitments
53 N/A User-Defined Payment Commitment (Financial Transaction 50)
54 N/A Invoices
55 N/A Bank clearings
56 N/A User-Defined Payment Obligation (Financial Transaction 70)
57 N/A Payments
58 N/A Down Payment Requests
59 N/A Down Payments for Bank Clearing
60 N/A Parked Document
61 N/A Down Payments
62 N/A Planned Payments
6A N/A Planned Down Payments
6B N/A Clarification Worklist FI-CA
63 N/A Down Payment Clearings
64 N/A Funds Transfers
65 N/A Funds Commitment
66 N/A Profit Transfer Postings
67 N/A Other Statistical Documents
68 N/A Other Non-Statistical Document
69 N/A Commitment Budget: Funds Reservations
70 N/A Commitment Budget
71 N/A Commitment Budget - Assigned Funds
72 N/A Commitment Budget: Releases
73 N/A Purchase Order: Cycle Counting Blocking Amount
74 N/A Funds Reservation: Cycle Counting Blocking Amount
75 N/A Commitment Budget: Funds Reservation Cycle Cntg Blckng Amt
76 N/A Commitment Budget: Purchase Orders, Cycle Counting Blckg Amt
77 N/A Commitment Budget: Purchase Orders
7C N/A Commitment Budget: Expense Type Budget for Revenue Item
80 N/A Funds Block
81 N/A Funds Reservation
82 N/A Funds Precommitment
83 N/A Forecast of Revenue
84 N/A Payment Reservation
85 N/A Payment Budget: Reservations
86 N/A Payment Budget: Earmarked Funds
87 N/A Payment Budget: Reserved Releases
88 N/A Payment Budget: Earmarked Releases
89 N/A Commitment Budget: Reservations
90 N/A Commitment Budget: Earmarked Funds
91 N/A Commitment Budget: Reserved Releases
92 N/A Commitment Budget: Earmarked Releases
93 N/A Financial Budget
94 N/A Payment Budget: Adjustment Field
95 N/A Actual CO Postings
96 N/A Purchase Order Overhead
97 N/A Purchase Requisition Overhead
98 N/A Funds Reservation (CO)
99 N/A Financial Result
9A N/A Financial Result: Statistical
9B N/A Financial Budget: Statistical
9C N/A Financial Budget Plan Balance
9D N/A Funds Management: HR Integration
9E N/A Approved Total Costs/Revenue
D1 N/A Distribution of Actual Costs (By Source Assignment)
D2 N/A Distribution of Commitments (By Source Assignment)
D3 N/A Distribution of Work-in-Process (By Source Assignment)
D4 N/A Distribution of Earned Value (By Source Assignment)
D5 N/A Distribution of Payments (By Source Assignment)
D6 N/A Distribution of Down Payments (By Source Assignment)
P1 N/A Earned Value (Plan)
P2 N/A Earned Value (Actual)
P3 N/A Capitalized Remainder Costs
3C N/A Control Costs
Value table:
Conversion Routine:
Converts the field value between the display and internally stored format. The 5 char ID (i.e. ALPHA ) associates this field with the underlying ABAP function modules that perform the conversion. THESE HAVE A FIXED NAMING CONVENTION THAT INCLUDES THIS ID.

CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT -Conversion exit ALPHA, external->internal
CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_OUTPUT -Conversion exit ALPHA, internal->external

Activation Status:Entry activated or generated in this form
Partial activity info:Start of activation or activation successful
Activation type:No classification
Maintenance language of
Repository object:
Contains domain append:No
Is a generated proxy object:No
Output Style for Decfloat Types:Normal
AM/PM time format is required:No
Time is displayed using the 24-hour format by default but if this checkbox is set, SAP will use the time format specified in the user master record. These can be either 24 Hour Format (i.e. 12:05:10), 12 Hour Format (i.e. 12:05:10 PM/pm) or Hours from 0 to 11 (i.e. 00:05:10 PM/pm).

Data Element CO_WRTTP Where-Used list of table Fields

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