ABAP Code Examples

ABAP predefined data types such as Char, Date, Time, integer ABAP Code

*& TITLE: ABAP predefined data types such as Char, Date, Time, integer
*& Simple ABAP code to demonstrate the predefined ABAP data types.
*& Note you would usually have all the WRITE statements after all the data
*& declarations but just makes it clearer to put them together for this example

*Type I (Integer)
*This is the basic numeric integer type which only accepts whole numbers
DATA: ld_int type I.
ld_int = 200.
WRITE:/ ld_int.

*Type F (Floating point number)
*This is a numeric values with decimal places used for calculation results
DATA: ld_float  type f.
ld_float = ld_int / 22.
WRITE:/ ld_float.

*Type P (Packed number)
* This is a numeric value with decimals places, packed data tyoes
* also allow you to define the number of decimal places
DATA: ld_packed type p decimals 2 value '88.345'.
WRITE:/ ld_packed. "notice because it is only 2 decimal places the value is rounded

*Type C (Character)
*This is an alpha numeric text value of what ever lenght you specify up
*to the maximum length
DATA: ld_char      type c, "length = 1
      ld_char2(30) type c value 'Hello'. "length = 30
WRITE:/ ld_char2.

*Type D (Date)
*This field stores a date value in the format YYYYMMDD
DATA: ld_date  type d value '19991230',
      ld_date2 type begda. "using a dictionary type

ld_date2 = sy-datum. "set value to todays date
*Although the value is stored in YYYYMMDD it is displayed in a different
*format either based on the users setting or specifying the put put i.e.
WRITE:/ ld_date2 DD/MM/YYYY,
      / ld_date2 DDMMYY."etc

*Type N (Numeric)
*This stores a numeric text value, fills any unused capacity with zeros
DATA: ld_numc      type n, "1 char long
      ld_numc2(10) type n value 1025. "30 chars long
WRITE:/ ld_numc2. "0000001025

*Type T (Time)
*This stores a time value, the value is stored in seconds but displayed in HHMMSS
DATA: ld_time      type t value 1, "displayed as 00:00:01 i.e. 1 second
      ld_time2     type t value 60, "displayed as 00:01:00 i.e. 1 minute
      ld_time3     type t value 3661. "displayed as 01:01:01 i.e. 1 hour,1 minute & 1 second
WRITE:/ ld_time,  "000001
      / ld_time2, "000100
      / ld_time3. "010101

*Type X (Hexadecimal)
*This stores a hexadecimal values, could be used for creating files and inserting
*hexedecimal characters to insert tabs a new line
DATA: ld_hex type x value '09', "Tab
      ld_hex2 type x value '0D'. "Carriage Return(new line)
WRITE:/ ld_hex,
      / ld_hex2.


Text pool values

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