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Course Description

SAP Security & Authorizations is a course specially designed for students who are willing to take quality training into SAP Security and Authorizations. As i don’t believe in slide show, i have made this course a practical one demonstrating the subject on live system. The course also discuss about possible interview questions that you might face for that particular topic and also it unfolds some unknown technical secret tips and tricks about SAP Security which will help you to work smartly.

This course not only describes the subject in detail but also explain you the topics technically and theoretically in detail with real time examples thus making it easy for you to understand them soon.

As a gist i would say this is best course to start with if you want to learn “SAP Security”.


What are the requirements?

  • Just the very basic stuff like what is a computer and what is software? That’s it. But if you don’t have this then you probably would not be reading this

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Respond to various SAP Security and Authorizations interview questions
  • Learn several tips and tricks to work smartly as a SAP Security consultant
  • Students will feel confident enough about SAP authorization concepts
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