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ABAP report of pernrs and email output as PDF ABAP

Useful ABAP code example to demonstrate how to display an SAP ALV report and then email the output as a PDF document. The code covers the fo [...]

View SAP Query ABAP program created

When working with SAP queries it is often useful to have a look at the ABAP code it generates. This could be to either use it as a basis for [...]

SAP Function Module tables parameter

Using the tables parameter is obsolete and SAP does not really support this any more. You can add a table type parameter to the changing or [...]

Compare two ABAP objects using SE39 Split screen editor

Transaction SE39 is useful if you want edit two programs at the same time or if you just want to compare two ABAP objects on one screen. O [...]

Display URL in SAP ABAP report using class method

*&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& Report  ZDISPLAY_URL *& * [...]

Payroll control record PA03

The payroll information displayed via transaction PA03 is stored within tables T569V, T549A and T549Q. They can also be retrieved using Func [...]
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