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T5DBF SAP Table - Construction Industry Leave

T5DBF is a standard SAP Table which is used to store Construction Industry Leave information. This is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level. Below is the standard documentation available and a few details of the fields which make up this table. You can also view this information if you enter the Table name T5DBF into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE11 or SE80. You can also view the data contained in this database table via these transactions or alternatively use transaction SE16

Delivery Class = C - Customizing table, Maintenance only by customer and not updated by SAP import

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Dictionary fields for SAP Table T5DBF
FieldData ElementData Typelength (Decimals)ChecktableDescription
MOLGAMOLGACHAR2T500LCountry Grouping
MOURAMOURANUMC2Personnel Subarea Grouping for Leave Types
TGG01P01B_TGG01CHAR2T5D0TPay Scale Area Group for Leave in Construction Industry
BAUTYP01B_BAUTYCHAR1Employee Subgroup Grouping for Construction Pay
BAUTUP01B_BAUTUCHAR1Employee Subgroup Subgrouping for Construction Ind. Leave
URALTP01B_URALTNUMC2Minimum Age for Leave Entitlement
URBTZP01B_URBTZNUMC2Minimum Length of Service for Leave Entitlement
BEHGRP01B_BEHGRCHAR2Challenge Group for Leave Entitlement
URKASP01B_URKASCHAR2T5DBALeave Fund for Construction Industry
ERBTGP01B_ERBTGCHAR1Determine Employment Days
ERAGLP01B_ERAGLCHAR1Determine Adjustment Amounts
VORL1P01B_VORLGCHAR1Propose Leave Type?
UTAG1P01B_UTAGEDEC5(2)Leave Entitlement in Days
UDIV1P01B_UDIVSDEC6(4)Leave Entitlement Divisor
GRGL1P01B_GREGLCHAR2Vacation Bonus Rule
GPRZ1P01B_GPRZSDEC4(2)Vacation Bonus Percentage Rate
GBTR1P01B_GBTRGCURR6(2)Vacation Bonus Amount
GLGA1P01B_LGAGDCHAR4T512WWage Type Vacation Bonus
ERGL1P01B_EGRGLCHAR2Vacation Pay Rule
EPRZ1P01B_EGPRZDEC4(2)Percentage Rate for Vacation Pay
ELGA1P01B_LGAEGCHAR4T512WWage Type for Vacation Pay
VORL2P01B_VORLGCHAR1Propose Leave Type?
UTAG2P01B_UTAGEDEC5(2)Leave Entitlement in Days
UDIV2P01B_UDIVSDEC6(4)Leave Entitlement Divisor
GRGL2P01B_GREGLCHAR2Vacation Bonus Rule
GPRZ2P01B_GPRZSDEC4(2)Vacation Bonus Percentage Rate
GBTR2P01B_GBTRGCURR6(2)Vacation Bonus Amount
GLGA2P01B_LGAGDCHAR4T512WWage Type Vacation Bonus
ERGL2P01B_EGRGLCHAR2Vacation Pay Rule
EPRZ2P01B_EGPRZDEC4(2)Percentage Rate for Vacation Pay
ELGA2P01B_LGAEGCHAR4T512WWage Type for Vacation Pay
VORL3P01B_VORLGCHAR1Propose Leave Type?
UTAG3P01B_UTAGEDEC5(2)Leave Entitlement in Days
UDIV3P01B_UDIVSDEC6(4)Leave Entitlement Divisor
GRGL3P01B_GREGLCHAR2Vacation Bonus Rule
GPRZ3P01B_GPRZSDEC4(2)Vacation Bonus Percentage Rate
GBTR3P01B_GBTRGCURR6(2)Vacation Bonus Amount
GLGA3P01B_LGAGDCHAR4T512WWage Type Vacation Bonus
ERGL3P01B_EGRGLCHAR2Vacation Pay Rule
EPRZ3P01B_EGPRZDEC4(2)Percentage Rate for Vacation Pay
ELGA3P01B_LGAEGCHAR4T512WWage Type for Vacation Pay
VORL4P01B_VORLGCHAR1Propose Leave Type?
UTAG4P01B_UTAGEDEC5(2)Leave Entitlement in Days
UDIV4P01B_UDIVSDEC6(4)Leave Entitlement Divisor
GRGL4P01B_GREGLCHAR2Vacation Bonus Rule
GPRZ4P01B_GPRZSDEC4(2)Vacation Bonus Percentage Rate
GBTR4P01B_GBTRGCURR6(2)Vacation Bonus Amount
GLGA4P01B_LGAGDCHAR4T512WWage Type Vacation Bonus
ERGL4P01B_EGRGLCHAR2Vacation Pay Rule
EPRZ4P01B_EGPRZDEC4(2)Percentage Rate for Vacation Pay
ELGA4P01B_LGAEGCHAR4T512WWage Type for Vacation Pay
VORL5P01B_VORLGCHAR1Propose Leave Type?
UTAG5P01B_UTAGEDEC5(2)Leave Entitlement in Days
UDIV5P01B_UDIVSDEC6(4)Leave Entitlement Divisor
GRGL5P01B_GREGLCHAR2Vacation Bonus Rule
GPRZ5P01B_GPRZSDEC4(2)Vacation Bonus Percentage Rate
GBTR5P01B_GBTRGCURR6(2)Vacation Bonus Amount
GLGA5P01B_LGAGDCHAR4T512WWage Type Vacation Bonus
ERGL5P01B_EGRGLCHAR2Vacation Pay Rule
EPRZ5P01B_EGPRZDEC4(2)Percentage Rate for Vacation Pay
ELGA5P01B_LGAEGCHAR4T512WWage Type for Vacation Pay
VORL6P01B_VORLGCHAR1Propose Leave Type?
UTAG6P01B_UTAGEDEC5(2)Leave Entitlement in Days
UDIV6P01B_UDIVSDEC6(4)Leave Entitlement Divisor
GRGL6P01B_GREGLCHAR2Vacation Bonus Rule
GPRZ6P01B_GPRZSDEC4(2)Vacation Bonus Percentage Rate
GBTR6P01B_GBTRGCURR6(2)Vacation Bonus Amount
GLGA6P01B_LGAGDCHAR4T512WWage Type Vacation Bonus
ERGL6P01B_EGRGLCHAR2Vacation Pay Rule
EPRZ6P01B_EGPRZDEC4(2)Percentage Rate for Vacation Pay
ELGA6P01B_LGAEGCHAR4T512WWage Type for Vacation Pay
VORL7P01B_VORLGCHAR1Propose Leave Type?
UTAG7P01B_UTAGEDEC5(2)Leave Entitlement in Days
UDIV7P01B_UDIVSDEC6(4)Leave Entitlement Divisor
GRGL7P01B_GREGLCHAR2Vacation Bonus Rule
GPRZ7P01B_GPRZSDEC4(2)Vacation Bonus Percentage Rate
GBTR7P01B_GBTRGCURR6(2)Vacation Bonus Amount
GLGA7P01B_LGAGDCHAR4T512WWage Type Vacation Bonus
ERGL7P01B_EGRGLCHAR2Vacation Pay Rule
EPRZ7P01B_EGPRZDEC4(2)Percentage Rate for Vacation Pay
ELGA7P01B_LGAEGCHAR4T512WWage Type for Vacation Pay

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