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FPLT SAP Table - Billing Plan: Dates

FPLT is a standard SAP Table which is used to store Billing Plan: Dates information. This is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level. Below is the standard documentation available and a few details of the fields which make up this table. You can also view this information if you enter the Table name FPLT into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE11 or SE80. You can also view the data contained in this database table via these transactions or alternatively use transaction SE16

Delivery Class = A - Application table containing master and transaction data

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Dictionary fields for SAP Table FPLT
FieldData ElementData Typelength (Decimals)ChecktableDescription
Billing plan number / invoicing plan number
FPLTRFPLTRNUMC6Item for billing plan/invoice plan/payment cards
FKDATBFDATDATS8Settlement date for deadline
FPFIXFPFIXCHAR1ID for adopting billing/invoice date
FAREGFAREGCHAR1Rule in billing plan/invoice plan
FPROZFPROZDEC5(2)Percentage of value to be invoiced
WAERSWAERS_CPCUKY5TCURCCurrency Key of Credit Control Area
KURFPKURFPDEC9(5)Exchange rate for date in billing plan
FAKWRFAKWRCURR15(2)Value to be billed/calc. on date in billing/invoice plan
FAKSPFAKSP_FPCHAR2TVFSBilling block for billing plan/invoice plan dates
FKARVFKARACHAR4TVFKProposed billing type for an order-related billing document
FKSAFFKSAFCHAR1Billing status for the billing plan/invoice plan date
PERIOPERIO_FPCHAR2TVRGRule for Origin of Next Billing/Invoice Date
FPLAEFPLAENUMC3Length of a standard period in the billing plan
ZTERMDZTERMCHAR4Terms of Payment Key
Tax classification 1 for customer
Tax classification 2 for customer
Tax classification 3 for customer
Tax Classification 4 Customer
Tax classification 5 for customer
Tax classification 6 for customer
Tax classification 7 for customer
Tax classification 8 for customer
Tax classification 9 for customer
VALTGVALTGNUMC2Additional value days
VALDTVALDTDATS8Fixed value date
NFDATNFDATDATS8Settlement date for deadline
TEMANTEMAN_1CHAR1Process as for manually entered date
FAKCAFAKCACHAR2TFACDCalendar for Defining Days Relevant to Billing/Invoicing
AFDATFKDATDATS8Billing date for billing index and printout
NETWRNETWR_APCURR15(2)Net value of the order item in document currency
WAVWRWAVWRCURR13(2)Cost in document currency
KZWI1KZWI1CURR13(2)Subtotal 1 from pricing procedure for condition
KZWI2KZWI2CURR13(2)Subtotal 2 from pricing procedure for condition
KZWI3KZWI3CURR13(2)Subtotal 3 from pricing procedure for condition
KZWI4KZWI4CURR13(2)Subtotal 4 from pricing procedure for condition
KZWI5KZWI5CURR13(2)Subtotal 5 from pricing procedure for condition
KZWI6KZWI6CURR13(2)Subtotal 6 from pricing procedure for condition
CMPRECMPRECURR11(2)Item credit price
SKFBPSKFBTCURR13(2)Amount Eligible for Cash Discount in Document Currency
BONBABONBACURR13(2)Rebate basis 1
TYPZMTYPZMCHAR1Means of payment for classifying payment card plan lines
CMPRE_FLTCMPRE_FLTFLTP16(16)Item credit price
UELNRUELNRCHAR10FPLAHigher-level payment card plan number for billing
UELTRUELTRNUMC6FPLTHigher-level item in billing plan
KURRFKURRFDEC9(5)Exchange rate for FI postings
CCACTCCACTCHAR10SKA1G/L Account Number for Payment Card Receivables
KORTEKORTECHAR1Indicator for correction date in billing plan
OFKDATOFKDATDATS8Baseline date for determining AFDAT
.APPENDAFM_PEROP_SD_FPLTPeriod of Performance
PEROP_BEGFM_PEROP_SD_LOWDATS8Period of Performance Start Date
PEROP_ENDFM_PEROP_SD_HIGHDATS8Period of Performance End Date

Key field
Non-key field

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