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WS_DELIVERY_MONITOR SAP ABAP Report - Delivery Monitor

WS_DELIVERY_MONITOR is a standard Executable ABAP Report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). Below is the standard documentation available for this report and a few details of other objects it interacts with such as tables, function modules, includes etc. If you would like to see the full code listing simply enter WS_DELIVERY_MONITOR into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE38 or SE80

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SAP Documentation for program WS_DELIVERY_MONITOR

Transaction Code(s):

Below is a list of transaction codes which are relevant to this SAP report

VL06I - Inbound Delivery Monitor
VL06O - Outbound Delivery Monitor
VL06 - Delivery Monitor

The delivery monitor is used to display and process open and completed deliveries. Both inbound and outbound deliveries can be processed.
On the initial screen of the delivery monitor, you can switch between
the outbound delivery view and the inbound delivery view, or activate both simultaneously.
For the individual selection types, you can specify a selection variant on the initial screen of the delivery monitor. By pressing the button "Display variant" you can activate the display and maintenance of the variants. When you first call up the delivery monitor, the individual selection types always start with the SAP standard variant. The delivery monitor records the name of the last variant selected. To maintain the variant of a selection type from the initial screen, enter the name of the variant to be maintained and press the button "Maintain". You branch to the standard functionality of the variant maintenance of a report.
Technical background

The delivery monitor is implemented via function modules from the function group V50Q. Central to this is the function module WS_DELIVERY_MONITOR, which
controls data selection and list output and which can, in principle, be called up from any application.
To call up the delivery monitor in its various processing types, individual reports are used, which allow background execution via standard maintenance report. The reports call up the function module WS_DELIVERY_MONITOR on various screens:
  • WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL_FREE Delivery list outbound deliveries

  • WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL_PICK Outbound deliveries to be picked

  • WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL_CONF Outbound deliveries to be confirmed

  • WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL_TRAN Transportation planning outbound deliveries

  • WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL_LOAD Outbound deliveries to be loaded

  • WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL_GDSI Goods issue for outbound deliveries to be posted

  • WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL_FREE Delivery list outbound deliveries

  • WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL_PICK Stored inbound deliveries

  • WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL_CONF Inbound deliveries to be confirmed WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL_TRAN Transportation planning inbound deliveries

  • WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL_GDRC Goods issue for inbound deliveries to be booked

  • The listed reports are taken from the central report WS_DELIVERY_MONITOR.
    The dictionary structure LIPOV is used as a basis for list issue. The concept of customer enhancements means that customers can complete the include structure LIPOVZ with fields of the same name from tables LIKP, LIPS, VBUP and VBUK, to enhance their display variants with individual fields. These fields are automatically completed by the system. As SAP name space must be used, SAP enhancements to structure LIPOV must make sure that no existing errors from the same name fields are added. In addition there are two user exits:
  • EXIT_SAPLV50Q_001 for reading data that has not come from the above tables,

  • EXIT_SAPLV50Q_002 for reading individual output
    types for processing from the list. The documentation for both modules contains further details.

    ABAP code:

    Includes used within report:


    Tables used within report and the associated select statement:

    No SAP database TABLES are accessed within this report code!

    Function Modules used within report and the associated call statement:

    No SAP FUNCTION MODULES are executed within this report code!

    Text pool values

    Selection Text: LF_SVAR9 = Inbound Delivery Goods Issue
    Selection Text: LF_SVAR8 = Inbound Delivery Picking
    Selection Text: LF_SVAR7 = Inb.Deliv.General Deliv.List
    Selection Text: LF_SVAR6 = Outb.Deliv.General Deliv.List
    Selection Text: LF_SVAR5 = Outbound Delivery Transp.Plan.
    Selection Text: LF_SVAR4 = Outbound Delivery Goods Issue
    Selection Text: LF_SVAR3 = Outbound Delivery Confirmation
    Selection Text: LF_SVAR2 = Load Outbound Delivery
    Selection Text: LF_SVAR1 = Outbound Delivery Picking
    Selection Text: LF_SVA18 = Display Service Parts Returns
    Selection Text: LF_SVA17 = Close Service Parts Returns
    Selection Text: LF_SVA16 = Distrib. Service Parts Returns
    Selection Text: LF_SVA15 = Cancel. Service Parts Returns
    Selection Text: LF_SVA14 = Inbound Delivery Distribution
    Selection Text: LF_SVA13 = Outbound Delivery Distribution
    Selection Text: LF_SVA12 = Outbound Delivery Check
    Selection Text: LF_SVA11 = Inbound Del. Transp. Planning
    Selection Text: LF_SVA10 = Inbound Delivery Confirmation
    Title: Delivery Monitor
    Text Symbol: 028 = Delivery List Returns
    Text Symbol: 027 = for closing
    Text Symbol: 026 = for distribut.
    Text Symbol: 025 = for cancellatn
    Text Symbol: 024 = Svce Parts Returns(SPM)
    Text Symbol: 023 = Maintain Variant
    Text Symbol: 022 = For Distribution
    Text Symbol: 021 = Hide Variants
    Text Symbol: 020 = Display Variants
    Text Symbol: 019 = For Putaway
    Text Symbol: 018 = For Goods Receipt
    Text Symbol: 016 = List Inbound Deliveries
    Text Symbol: 015 = List Outbound Deliveries
    Text Symbol: 014 = Inbound Deliveries
    Text Symbol: 013 = For Checking
    Text Symbol: 012 = Maintenance
    Text Symbol: 010 = Variant
    Text Symbol: 009 = Selection Type
    Text Symbol: 008 = For Goods Issue
    Text Symbol: 007 = For Transport. Planning
    Text Symbol: 006 = For Confirmation
    Text Symbol: 005 = For Loading
    Text Symbol: 004 = For Picking
    Text Symbol: 001 = Outbound Deliveries