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RQEWWM10 SAP ABAP Report - Results Recording on Web

RQEWWM10 is a standard Executable ABAP Report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). Below is the standard documentation available for this report and a few details of other objects it interacts with such as tables, function modules, includes etc. If you would like to see the full code listing simply enter RQEWWM10 into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE38 or SE80

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SAP Documentation for program RQEWWM10

Transaction Code(s):

Below is a list of transaction codes which are relevant to this SAP report

QEW01 - Results Recording on Web

Results recording on the WEB

This report can be used for results recording on the Internet or Intranet. You can start this report in SAP, but you cannot record results in SAP.

This report gives you another way to record results. There are restrictions for the recording forms.

The report is started using the Internet service QEW01 if the following prerequisites are met:
  • An Internet Transaction Server is available.

  • An alias for a SAP user has been created.

  • A user variant for the SAP user has been created.
  • The user variant is U_x (x represents the name of the SAP user). You
    cannot record results without a user variant.
    The user variant must be created for report 'RQEWWM00'.

  • The single role 'SAP_QM_IM_RESULTSVIAWEB_EXT' can be used as a copy model for authorization assignment. The single role is needed for the
    SAP user in whose system results are recorded. For more information, see the role description.

  • The single role 'SAP_QM_IM_RESULTSVIAWEB_INT' contains the required web link for recording inspection results using the web in an external system. The user of the internet service QEW01 must have the authorization for executing the web link. For more information, see the role descriptions.


    Selection occurs after logging on using the service QEW01. The selection is made using the user variant of report 'RQEWWM00'.
    The following inspection lots cannot be selected:
  • Inspection lots with inspection point processing, for example, inspection points in production, physical samples, equipment, or functional locations

  • SD inspection lots with partial lots

  • Inspection lots that require a digital signature

  • You can see which selection limits can still be made when you call up transaction QEW01V.

    There is no variant for the current program 'RQEWWM10'.
    The standard variant for program 'RQEWWM00' is called: SAP
    This standard variant is created for inspection lots that are defined for a source inspection.

    If you access the report using the internet service QEW01, a worklist appears after the logon screen. After you have selected an inspection lot, another recording table appears. This contains all the characteristics for the inspection lot.
    If you access this report in SAP, it is not advisable to issue the information for results recording.
    You can record summarized and single results using the internet service QEW01.
    Summarized results can be:
  • A single measured value or the mean value

  • An attribute code from a selection list

  • The number of nonconforming units

  • The number of defects

  • Single results can be:
  • A single measured value

  • The number of defects

  • For other recording forms, you cannot enter data in the results field or the field for the description.
    Results confirmation occurs for each characteristic in a field that is 200 characters in length. This field is also defined for recording single results. The single values must be separated using a separator. This can be specified in the variant of program 'RQEWWM00'. The default separator is a semicolon.
    The following attributes from the recording transaction QE01 can still be set for a given measured value (summarized or single value).
  • < True value is less than or equal to; valid result

  • > True value is greater than or equal to; valid result

  • ~ Result negligible; valid result

  • # Result not determinable; valid result

  • Single values can no longer be deleted, if they are saved to the database. You can overwrite the single values. A measured value can be set to invalid using the attribute "/".
    The description field has space for 40 characters. This description is an inspection description for the characteristic.
    Only the fields result and description are transported to SAP from the browser.
    There is no "valuation" function. You use an indicator to control whether the inspection is finished when you save the recording.
    After you have set the indicator and the safety operation is run, all
    characteristics with an existing inspection result or calculated characteristics are closed. You can then no longer enter data in the current recording list.
    The valuation or closing of a characteristic cannot be performed:
  • During manual valuation

  • If errors occur during valuation

  • If an inspection description is required and yet none exists

  • You can only recognize whether the calculated characteristic was calculated successfully, when you next select the inspection lot from the inspection lot list. The calculation is performed in SAP and not in the browser. This is why the inspection lot must be called up again.
    When the worklist is updated, inspection lots can disappear from the worklist, if in the user variant for selection (transaction QEW01V):
  • The processing mode for outstanding required characteristics has been entered.

  • A selection profile is assigned, which covers all inspection lots that do not have user status 'ICW3'. This status may be different in different languages. However, it must always be translated into English and then be 'ICW3'.
  • You may also define your own user status and the language for the status
    in the template (program 'SAPLQEW2', screen number '3000') of service QEW01.
    The following steps are required for the last point:
  • Create status profile (example for status profile: 'QM_L_002').

  • Assign a status profile to the inspection type.

  • Create a selection profile with the status profile (example for selection profile: 'SAPQL02').

  • Store selection profile in the selection variant for transaction QEW01V.

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    Title: Results Recording on Web