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RFVI_RECN_IST SAP Report - Overview: Simulated Settlement Results

RFVI_RECN_IST is a standard ABAP report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). Below is the standard documentation available for this report and a few details of other objects it interacts with such as tables, function modules, includes etc. If you would like to see the full code listing simply enter RFVI_RECN_IST into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE38 or SE80

Although this basic information may have limited use other that for reference, within the comments section below there is also an opportunity for anyone to add useful hints, information and links to existing content specific to this abap report. This page will therfore over time start to contain a useful amount of information that can be found quickly, simply by searching on the object name, RFVI_RECN_IST.

Transaction Code(s):

Below is a list of transaction codes which are relevant to this SAP report

FOJSCS20 - RE Contract:Overview of Act. Revenue

Includes used within report:


Tables used within report and the associated select statement:

No SAP database TABLES are accessed within this report code!

Function Modules used within report and the associated call statement:

No SAP FUNCTION MODULES are executed within this report code!

Text pool values

Selection Text: P_BUKRS = D Company Code
Selection Text: P_DMELDB = D Report To
Selection Text: P_DMELDV = D Report from
Selection Text: S_RECNNR = D Contract number
Selection Text: S_SKOART = D Condition type
Title: Overview: Simulated Settlement Results
Text Symbol: MV1 = Lease-Out
Text Symbol: UMV = Conditions/periods

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