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RFFMDLFM SAP ABAP Report - Deleting Actual Data and Commitment Data in FM

RFFMDLFM is a standard Executable ABAP Report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). Below is the standard documentation available for this report and a few details of other objects it interacts with such as tables, function modules, includes etc. If you would like to see the full code listing simply enter RFFMDLFM into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE38 or SE80

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SAP Documentation for program RFFMDLFM

Transaction Code(s):

Below is a list of transaction codes which are relevant to this SAP report

FM_DLFM - Deletes all FM Data (fast)

Deleting Commitment and Actual Data in Funds Management

This program deletes all commitment and actual data in Funds Management for an FM area. It deletes line items and totals records.
You should only use this program in the test phase or if you want to delete data for an FM area. If you only want to delete individual documents or data of a particular fiscal year, you can use programs RFFMDLFI and RFFMDLOI.
Note: This program also deletes the data for business trip commitments (value type 52). However, there is no SAP program available at the moment for reconstructing this data.

The program resets the following tables:
  • FMIOI (commitment documents in Funds Management)

  • FMIOICCN (locked entries marked for the commitment in Funds Management)
  • Note: This table is only relevant for the Netherlands

  • FMIFIHD (FI header table Funds Management)

  • FMIFIIT (FI line item table Funds Management)

  • FMIT (totals table for Funds Management)

  • If a BW system is connected this OLTP system, the line items for the InfoSourcen "0PU_IS_PS_31" and "0PU_IS_PS_32" are also deleted in BW.

    ABAP code:

    Includes used within report:

    No INCLUDES are used within this report code!

    Tables used within report and the associated select statement:

    No SAP database TABLES are accessed within this report code!

    Function Modules used within report and the associated call statement:

    FM_AUTH_CHECK_FM_AREA call function 'FM_AUTH_CHECK_FM_AREA' exporting i_fikrs = p_fikrs i_actvt = fmau_ac_ini i_msgty = 'E'.

    FMALE_READ_CUST call function 'FMALE_READ_CUST' exceptions central_system_not_defined = 1 others = 2.

    FM_GET_EXPERT_MODE call function 'FM_GET_EXPERT_MODE' importing e_exception_active = l_fmale_show_system.

    Text pool values

    Selection Text: P_BGPC = D Optimize Performance
    Selection Text: P_FIKRS = D Financial Management Area
    Selection Text: P_TEST = Test run
    Selection Text: S_FMBEL = D FM document number
    Title: Deleting Actual Data and Commitment Data in FM
    Text Symbol: 020 = Control
    Text Symbol: 040 = FM area
    Text Symbol: 050 = Deleted
    Text Symbol: 060 = Number of document headers :
    Text Symbol: 070 = Number of line items from FI docs:
    Text Symbol: 080 = Number of line itms from OI docs:
    Text Symbol: 090 = Number of totals records :
    Text Symbol: 100 = Doc. selection