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HPHRHDM0 SAP ABAP Report - HDMF Membership Registration/Remittance Form

HPHRHDM0 is a standard Executable ABAP Report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). Below is the standard documentation available for this report and a few details of other objects it interacts with such as tables, function modules, includes etc. If you would like to see the full code listing simply enter HPHRHDM0 into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE38 or SE80

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SAP Documentation for program HPHRHDM0

Transaction Code(s):

Below is a list of transaction codes which are relevant to this SAP report

PC00_M48_RHDM - HDMF Monthly Remit.

HDMF Membership Registration/Remittance Form. (HPHRHDM0)

This program displays, prints and creates a data file for the employer and the employees monthly remittances to the Philippines Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF formerly called Pag-IBIG) in the legally prescribed format.
This includes a summary of the monthly HDMF contribution payments. You may also use this program to display and print the employer's and the employee's monthly contribution, that may be used for internal purposes.
All companies are required to submit an Employer Monthly Remittance report or a data file to the HDMF department.

  • Master data records must exist.

  • Payroll results must exist for the employee.

    You can restrict the employees selected by entering an individual or range of :
  • Personnel number

  • Personnel Area

  • Personnel subarea

  • Payroll area

  • Cost center

  • Enter the user parameters :
  • HDMF grouping id

  • Calender month and year

  • Output
    The HDMF Remittance Form with details of the employee(s) and employer's monthly contributions .
    In case , the employee is not yet assigned with a HDMF number, the date of birth is printed in DD/MM/YYYY format.

    Execute the program, choose Human Resources -> Payroll -> Asia/Pacific -> Philippiness -> Subs.Activities -> Per Payroll Period Lists/Statistics -> HDMF Reports -> HDMF Monthly Report.
    Enter the HDMF grouping id and the relevant details to display or print the report.
    Select the Download option to save the monthly remittances data in a file in your local hard disk. Enter the filename and the directory in which you want to store the file.
    Select Execute .

    ABAP code:

    Includes used within report:


    Tables used within report and the associated select statement:

    No SAP database TABLES are accessed within this report code!

    Function Modules used within report and the associated call statement:

    No SAP FUNCTION MODULES are executed within this report code!

    Text pool values

    Selection Text: HDMFGRP = Pag-Ibig Group
    Selection Text: CUMYR_PR = Calendar Month
    Selection Text: CUMNO_PR = Calendar Year
    Title: HDMF Membership Registration/Remittance Form
    Text Symbol: X01 = Employer ID :
    Text Symbol: E02 = Invalid remarks &1
    Text Symbol: E01 = You must specify reason for O remark
    Text Symbol: 072 = Employer's Pag-ibig ID No.
    Text Symbol: 071 = REMARKS
    Text Symbol: 068 = Agency/Branch/Division Code
    Text Symbol: 067 = For Government Agencies
    Text Symbol: 066 = Tin

    Text Symbol: 065 = Pag-Ibig Grouping
    Text Symbol: 061 = Employee has multiple Pag-Ibig groupings.
    Text Symbol: 058 = Period
    Text Symbol: 057 = Download
    Text Symbol: 056 = Directory
    Text Symbol: 055 = Filename
    Text Symbol: 054 = File Download
    Text Symbol: 052 = | | |
    Text Symbol: 051 = APPROVED BY: ___________________ DATE: ________ |OFFICIAL DESIGNATION |PAGE NO. |NO. OF PAGES
    Text Symbol: 050 = | |
    Text Symbol: 049 = POSTED BY: _____________________ DATE: ________ |SIGNATURE OVER PRINTED NAME |DATE
    Text Symbol: 048 = | | | | |
    Text Symbol: X24 = NAME OF MEMBERS
    Text Symbol: X23 = PERIOD
    Text Symbol: X22 = MONTHLY
    Text Symbol: X21 = COMPENSATION
    Text Symbol: X20 = TOTAL
    Text Symbol: X19 = CONTRIBUTIONS
    Text Symbol: X18 = Covered
    Text Symbol: X17 = PROGRAM
    Text Symbol: X16 = No./RTN
    Text Symbol: X15 = REMARKS
    Text Symbol: X14 = ER SHARE
    Text Symbol: X13 = EE SHARE
    Text Symbol: X12 = COVERED
    Text Symbol: X11 = MIDDLE NAME
    Text Symbol: X10 = NAME EXTENSION
    Text Symbol: X09 = FIRST NAME
    Text Symbol: X08 = LAST NAME
    Text Symbol: X07 = MEMBERSHIP
    Text Symbol: X06 = ACCOUNT NO
    Text Symbol: X05 = Pag-IBIG MID
    Text Symbol: X04 = Total Remittance
    Text Symbol: X03 = Address :
    Text Symbol: X02 = Employer Name :
    Text Symbol: 047 = No. of Employees on this page:
    Text Symbol: 023 = June
    Text Symbol: 022 = May
    Text Symbol: 021 = April
    Text Symbol: 020 = March
    Text Symbol: 019 = February
    Text Symbol: 018 = January
    Text Symbol: 017 = Calendar Year
    Text Symbol: 016 = Calendar Month
    Text Symbol: 015 = FOR Pag-IBIG USE ONLY
    Text Symbol: 014 = TOTAL
    Text Symbol: 013 = Employer
    Text Symbol: 012 = Employee
    Text Symbol: 010 = Middle Name
    Text Symbol: 009 = First Name
    Text Symbol: 008 = Last Name
    Text Symbol: 007 = Pag-IBIG No./Birth Date
    Text Symbol: 006 = Agency/Branch/Division Code
    Text Symbol: 005 = Period Covered
    Text Symbol: 004 = SSS Id No.
    Text Symbol: 003 = Address
    Text Symbol: 002 = Employer
    Text Symbol: 001 = Membership Contributions Remittance Form (MCRF)
    Text Symbol: 046 = TOTAL FOR THIS PAGE >
    Text Symbol: 045 = Contact No/s.
    Text Symbol: 044 = Membership Contributions Remittance Form (MCRF)
    Text Symbol: 043 = Comp. Code
    Text Symbol: 042 = Personal Nr
    Text Symbol: 041 = Messages Report
    Text Symbol: 040 = Employee is exempted from Pag-IBIG contributions
    Text Symbol: 039 = Unknown
    Text Symbol: 038 = Government
    Text Symbol: 037 = Private
    Text Symbol: 036 = Could not retrieve complete details for company &1
    Text Symbol: 035 = Total No. of Employees:
    Text Symbol: 034 = GRAND TOTAL >
    Text Symbol: 032 = Could not retrieve payroll results
    Text Symbol: 031 = Could not read table &1
    Text Symbol: 030 = Payroll results for this month exist partially only until payroll period &1 &2 .
    Text Symbol: 029 = December
    Text Symbol: 028 = November
    Text Symbol: 027 = October
    Text Symbol: 026 = September
    Text Symbol: 025 = August
    Text Symbol: 024 = July