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REUSE_ALV_HIERSEQ_LIST_DISPLAY SAP Function module - Hierarchical sequential list output

REUSE_ALV_HIERSEQ_LIST_DISPLAY is a standard SAP function module that performs Hierarchical sequential list output functionality. This is available within standard R/3 SAP systems depending on version and release level.

Below are the pattern details for this FM showing its interface including any import, export and tables parameters. There is also a list of Exceptions and for your convenience any standard documentation available. All this information and more can also be viewed if you enter the function module name REUSE_ALV_HIERSEQ_LIST_DISPLAY into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE37 or SE80.

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Associated Function Group: SALV
Released Date: 18.07.1997
CALL FUNCTION 'REUSE_ALV_HIERSEQ_LIST_DISPLAY' "Hierarchical sequential list output
*   i_interface_check = SPACE   "               Interface consistency check log output
*   i_callback_program =        " sy-repid      Name of the calling program
*   i_callback_pf_status_set = SPACE  " slis_formname  Set EXIT routine to status
*   i_callback_user_command = SPACE  " slis_formname  EXIT routine for command handling
*   is_layout =                 " slis_layout_alv  List layout specifications
*   it_fieldcat =               " slis_t_fieldcat_alv  Field catalog with field descriptions
*   it_excluding =              " slis_t_extab  Table of inactive function codes
*   it_special_groups =         " slis_t_sp_group_alv  Grouping fields for column selection
*   it_sort =                   " slis_t_sortinfo_alv  Sort criteria for first list display
*   it_filter =                 " slis_t_filter_alv  Filter criteria for first list output
*   is_sel_hide =               " slis_sel_hide_alv  Selection information modification
*   i_screen_start_column = 0   "               Coordinates for list in dialog box
*   i_screen_start_line = 0     "               Coordinates for list in dialog box
*   i_screen_end_column = 0     "               Coordinates for list in dialog box
*   i_screen_end_line = 0       "               Coordinates for list in dialog box
*   i_default = 'X'             "               Initial variant active/inactive logic
*   i_save = SPACE              "               Variants can be saved
*   is_variant =                " disvariant    Variant information
*   it_events =                 " slis_t_event  Table of events to perform
*   it_event_exit =             " slis_t_event_exit  Standard fcode exit requests table
    i_tabname_header =          " slis_tabname  Header Table Name
    i_tabname_item =            " slis_tabname  Item Table Name
*   i_structure_name_header =   " dd02l-tabname  Internal output table (header) structure name
*   i_structure_name_item =     " dd02l-tabname  Internal output table (posit.) structure name
    is_keyinfo =                " slis_keyinfo_alv  Header/posit. table field links
*   is_print =                  " slis_print_alv  Print information
*   is_reprep_id =              " slis_reprep_id  Initialization key for Re/Re interface
*   i_bypassing_buffer =        " char01        Skip All Buffers?
*   i_buffer_active =           " char01        User Buffer A
*   ir_salv_hierseq_adapter =   " cl_salv_hierseq_adapter  Adapter for the Hierseq. Lists
*   i_suppress_empty_data = ABAP_FALSE  " sap_bool  If no data exist, no table is output
    e_exit_caused_by_caller =   "               Delete list in CALLBACK_USER_COMMAND
    es_exit_caused_by_user =    " slis_exit_by_user  How the user left the list
    t_outtab_header =           "               Header table with data to be output
    t_outtab_item =             "               Position table with data to be output
    PROGRAM_ERROR = 1           "               Program errors



This module outputs two internal tables as a formated hierarchical-sequential list.

  • Pass an internal table containing the set of header information to be output.

  • Pass an internal table containing the set of item information to be output.

  • Pass a structure containing the general list layout details

  • Pass a field catalog in the form of an internal table. The field catalog describes the fields to be output in the list.

  • All interactions which are performed on the list refer directly to the internal output tables, e.g. sorting the list also sorts the passed internal output tables (passed by reference).

  • The expected output data quantity is an important consideration for the use of the tool or various generic functions (totals, subtotals).

  • The application must take account of this.
    Documentation extract taken from SAP system, Copyright (c) SAP AG

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