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POPUP_TO_CONFIRM SAP Function module - Standard Dialog Popup

POPUP_TO_CONFIRM is a standard SAP function module that performs Standard Dialog Popup functionality. This is available within standard R/3 SAP systems depending on version and release level.

Below are the pattern details for this FM showing its interface including any import, export and tables parameters. There is also a list of Exceptions and for your convenience any standard documentation available. All this information and more can also be viewed if you enter the function module name POPUP_TO_CONFIRM into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE37 or SE80.

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Associated Function Group: SPO1
Released Date: 27.11.1996
*   titlebar = SPACE            "               Title of dialog box
*   diagnose_object = SPACE     " dokhl-object  Diagnosis text (maintain via SE61)
    text_question =             "               Question text in dialog box
*   text_button_1 = 'Ja'(001)   "               Text on the first pushbutton
*   icon_button_1 = SPACE       " icon-name     Icon on first pushbutton
*   text_button_2 = 'Nein'(002)  "              Text on the second pushbutton
*   icon_button_2 = SPACE       " icon-name     Icon on second pushbutton
*   default_button = '1'        "               Cursor position
*   display_cancel_button = 'X'  "              Button for displaying cancel pushbutton
*   userdefined_f1_help = SPACE  " dokhl-object  User-Defined F1 Help
*   start_column = 25           " sy-cucol      Column in which the POPUP begins
*   start_row = 6               " sy-curow      Line in which the POPUP begins
*   popup_type =                " icon-name     Icon type
*   iv_quickinfo_button_1 = SPACE  " text132    Quick Info on First Pushbutton
*   iv_quickinfo_button_2 = SPACE  " text132    Quick Info on Second Pushbutton
    answer =                    "               Return values: '1', '2', 'A'
*   parameter =                 " spar          Text transfer table for parameter in text
    TEXT_NOT_FOUND = 1          "               Diagnosis text not found

SAP Documentation for FM POPUP_TO_CONFIRM



The new POPUP_TO_CONFIRM includes the functions of the previous POPUP_TO_CONFIRM_..... . The transfer of diagnosis and question texts has been improved. The text length was previously limited to 3 times 35 characters. Diagnosis texts can now be any length, amd around 400 characters can be transferred in the question text.
The diagnosis text must be created as a 'Text in Dialog' in the maintenance transaction SE61. This ensures translation. There is only limited support of formatting (headings, paragraphs and lists). Links are not supported. The document name is transferred in the interface of the function module. Line feed is performed by the function module. If the stored text cannot be found in English or German, the exception TEXT_NOT_FOUND is triggered.
To ensure translation, the question text must be a numbered text literal.
Parameters can also be transferred in the diagnosis text and question text. A label serves as a placeholder. It can be up to 10 characters long. The label must be written in uppercase letters and enclosed in ampersands. Any other form of syntax will go unrecognized and be ignored. The parameters themselves are transferred in an internal table.
To enable the question text and the labelling to be translated, you must use numbered text elements.
New functions:
  • Freely selectable text on two pushbuttons (up to nine characters with icon, up to 12 characters without icon).

  • Maintenance of freely selectable icons on the two pushbuttons. For layout reasons, only one text can be maintained at any one time.

  • Freely selectable quick info texts on two pushbuttons.

  • You can store an additional infotext (maintain in SE61 as dialog in text).

  • For accessibility requirements, we recommend that you create quick info texts for the first two pushbuttons if the meaning of the function is not clear from the pushbutton text alone, but only from a combination of the icon and text.
    The functions of POPUP_TO_CONFIRM are demonstrated in program RSSPO120.

    The following call example matches the function of POPUP_TO_CONFIRM_STEP:
    call function 'POPUP_TO_CONFIRM'
    text_question       = 'Do you want to carry out this
    fantastic test?'(A02)
    answer              = answer
    TEXT_NOT_FOUND      = 1
    others              = 2.

    The following call example uses the full functionality of
    call function 'POPUP_TO_CONFIRM'
    titel               = 'Title for POPUP_TO_CONFIRM'(A01)
    diagnose_object     = 'TEXT1_ZUM_POPUP_TO_CONFIRM'
    text_question       = 'Do you want to carry out this
    fantastic test?'(A02)
    text_button_1       = 'Yes'(A03)
    ICON_BUTTON_1       = 'ICON_OKAY'
    text_button_2       = 'Cancel'(A04)
    DEFAULT_BUTTON      = '1'
    DISPLAY_CANCEL      = ''
    userdefined_f1_help = 'TEST_TEXT_ZUR_SPO1'
    START_COLUMN        = 25
    START_ROW           = 6
    answer              = answer
    TEXT_NOT_FOUND      = 1
    others = 2.
    Documentation extract taken from SAP system, Copyright (c) SAP AG

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