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DDUT_DOMVALUE_TEXT_GET SAP Function module - DD: Read information about a single domain fixed value

DDUT_DOMVALUE_TEXT_GET is a standard SAP function module that performs DD: Read information about a single domain fixed value functionality. This is available within standard R/3 SAP systems depending on version and release level.

Below are the pattern details for this FM showing its interface including any import, export and tables parameters. There is also a list of Exceptions and for your convenience any standard documentation available. All this information and more can also be viewed if you enter the function module name DDUT_DOMVALUE_TEXT_GET into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE37 or SE80.

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Associated Function Group: SDTO
Released Date: Not Released
CALL FUNCTION 'DDUT_DOMVALUE_TEXT_GET' "DD: Read information about a single domain fixed value
    name =                      " ddobjname     Domain name
    value =                     " dd07v-domvalue_l  Required fixed value
*   langu = SY-LANGU            " sy-langu      Language in which the text should be read
*   texts_only = ' '            " ddbool_d      Only read entry from text table
    dd07v_wa =                  " dd07v         Information about fixed value
    NOT_FOUND = 1               "               No information found
    ILLEGAL_INPUT = 2           "               Invalid combination of input parameters



This function module reads the fixed value information for a fixed value of a domain. The name of the domain must be specified in the parameter NAME. Parameter VALUE contains the fixed value for which information should be read.
You must specify the language of the fixed value text in parameter LANGU. If this parameter has an initial value, no text will be read. If you set the parameter TEXTS_ONLY, only the information in the text table will be read.
The results are returned in parameter DD07V_WA.


The active information about the domain is always read. If the domain has new or revised status and the corresponding information is to be read, you must use the function module DDIF_DOMA_GET.
The combination LANGU = ' ', TEXTS_ONLY = 'X' makes no sense as it results in the exception ILLEGAL_INPUT.
If no information about the specified fixed value can be determined as a single value, there is an attempt to determine a fixed value interval containing the specified value and then to determine the corresponding information for this interval. If this also fails, the exception NOT_FOUND is triggered.
Use the function module DDUT_DOMVALUES_GET to read the information about all the fixed values of a domain.
Documentation extract taken from SAP system, Copyright (c) SAP AG

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