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ABAP_DOCU_SHOW SAP Function module - Display ABAP Keyword Documentation

ABAP_DOCU_SHOW is a standard SAP function module that performs Display ABAP Keyword Documentation functionality. This is available within standard R/3 SAP systems depending on version and release level.

Below are the pattern details for this FM showing its interface including any import, export and tables parameters. There is also a list of Exceptions and for your convenience any standard documentation available. All this information and more can also be viewed if you enter the function module name ABAP_DOCU_SHOW into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE37 or SE80.

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Associated Function Group: ABAP_DOCU
Released Date: 06.03.2000
CALL FUNCTION 'ABAP_DOCU_SHOW' "Display ABAP Keyword Documentation
*   area = 'ABEN'               " c             Documentation Area
*   name = 'ABAP'               " c             Document Name
*   langu = SY-LANGU            " syst-langu    Language
*   anchor =                    " c             Internal Text Mark for Direct Control
*   searched =                  " standard table  Search Terms for Full Text Search
*   search_mode =               " c             I, F for Index, Full Ttext
*   search_word =               " csequence     Search argument
    docu_container =            " cl_gui_control  Reference to Control
    .  "  ABAP_DOCU_SHOW

SAP Documentation for FM ABAP_DOCU_SHOW


Display of keyword documentation in HTML control. The display depends on the user settings in the table ABDOCMODE (E: modeless dialog box, I: same box, M: one common external session for all external sessions).

Using the function module directly outside of the package SABAPDOCU is obsolete. Use the method SHOW of the CL_ABAP_DOCU class instead.

Optional IMPORTING Parameters

  • AREA, Appropriate values are ABEN, ABAP, DYNP

  • NAME, Appropriate values are names of keywords such as MODULE

  • LANGU, Language key

  • ANCHOR, Internal marker, should be suitably transferred

  • The default values for the IMPORTING parameters are ABEN, ABAP, SY-LANGU.

    EXPORTING Parameter
  • DOCU_CONTAINER, if display mode E (modless dialog box), reference to HTML control, otherwise initial.

  • Note on Use
    It is sensible to set the focus to the HTML control after calling the function module and during the PBO event of the subsequent screen:
      IF NOT docu_container IS INITIAL.
       CALL METHOD cl_gui_control=>set_focus
                    EXPORTING control = docu_container.
        CLEAR docu_container.


    The controls used by the function module require a connection to a screen. Calling outside a screen sequence (for example, in an executable program) is not useful if the documentation is displayed in an amodal window.
    Documentation extract taken from SAP system, Copyright (c) SAP AG

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